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Fandom A Few Fandoms

Welcome to my RT!

I hope you find something you like here!

First, my Roleplay Rules and Partner Expectations:
1. I have acquired a parttime job, so I won't be on in the mornings when I'm at work.
2. Be warned that I have learning and comprehension disorder(s) so I may not always understand what you are trying to tell me right at first, even though it may seem simple.
3. Be courteous.
4. I am ditch friendly.
5. I am looking for literate to advanced partners; those who can provide at least 2 - 3 + paragraphs per post.
6. I ONLY write over Private Messages.
7. I will NOT write as real-life-famous people.
8. I ask that THIRD person be used during roleplay; first is awkward for me.
9. NEVER control my character(s) without my permission first.
10. For character images / face claims, I prefer them to be anime or digital style.
11. I ONLY write M/F gender-paired-romances.
12. I have no issues with including dark and gritty subjects, so long as they stay within forum rules.
13. I DO NOT write pure romantic roleplays - they get VERY boring VERY fast.
14. I don't share characters.
15. I WILL ask for a writing sample.
16. I am 32 in age and would prefer my partners to be at least 18 - 21 or older.



James Cameron's Avatar I & II
OC / CC or OC / OC

Naruto (I have not yet seen any of Shippuden or Boruto.)

Harry Potter

OC / OC​

If interested in roleplaying, please let me know which fandom and provide a writing sample.


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