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  • hey! im sorry I havent been active, ive been working ALOT. ill be replying to our RPs shortly! (:
    Since Liliya is watching the fight, we can do the scene we planned with Castor and Liliya after the fight is over.
    Actually... I have a question. Your girl character seems like a studious one... is it possible that she will be aware of the legend of the vampires' creator? Maybe if Castor approaches her and asks for her help to find out what he is, she'll jokingly mention the legend of the creator. That might lead into Castor's own discovery of his status.
    Oh! My mistake, sorry. Yeah, I'll have him take out a town nearby. As it is, it won't be enough. Without some pure blood, he'll die soon. So, I'm gonna go have him fight w/ Evangeline and Bram. I'll probably have him collapse after the fight. The Headmistress can then treat him, and perhaps she'll find something different about him than normal vampires...
    Hey! So, sorry that I was gone, I had a ton of homework. Anyway, I'm back. Is there a suitable way to get Castor back into the mix of things? What I'm thinking is explaining that Castor blanked out and massacred another town because he regurgitated all that other blood and he didn't feed from the Headmistress or Evangeline. Also, I hear something about ruins? I might have an idea about that...
    Heya! Just so you know, one of my charries are in the ruins, and the other is going there soon. Rain will have something to do. Lol
    Lol noticed :) but yea I've been following the RP so I knew where she was at. He'll think of something to get her attention. She seems like a very good compliment character for him, I'm hoping things can develop nicely. I am new to this though so we'll see how I do lol... Speaking of What do you think?. I am open to reviews, I like to know what people think :).
    Well, there ya go! I finally got around to posting my charrie's skelly. I hope you like and accept him because I can't wait to start posting!
    (Continuation of Previous Message) Visually, he looks like a vampire. He feeds on humans to sustain himself. But, here's the twist: he will die soon unless he can drink the blood of pure blood vampire as that is originally what they were made for. So, basically, he'll start getting very sick, etc. Also, he'd be a combat vampire, but when he drinks pure blood, he is both a combat and magic vampire. However, to sustain the state of being both, he'd have to drain/kill pure bloods, which he wouldn't do. So, what do ya think? I know I took some liberties in creating some lore since you didn't have to much. Feel free to change some history and comment! :)
    Ok! So, I've gotten a great idea. So, my background for my charrie is as follows. He and his partner were of a dying species that needed blood to function. However, they couldn't consume pure human blood as it would only sustain them for short amounts of time. Thus, they were trying to create a breed of creatures that could "process" the blood for them. Thus came the vampires. However, the partner died during the creation, and my charrie was angry and left without a trace. Now, he's come back, and he's lost his memory.
    When does Evangeline get to go into your office? >.> She has been waiting, and I don't know if your office is occupied right now or not.
    Hey! So, my idea was for one of the original progenitors of the vampire race have somehow lost his memory. Although he is probably quite a bit older than even the original Rominov, he stopped physically aging at a teenish age. Perhaps the current Headmistress recognizes what he is and takes him into the academy to help him bring back his memories. He'd be a combat vampire because the magic vampires probably developed after he was made. Perhaps he is a bit stronger than other combat vampires, or maybe he has some small magic ability. That last part is just to distinguish him a little bit. Anyway, what do you think?
    ohh, well, dear, we can always do the storyline from one of the movies, or we can make an own random quest that could've happened between the third and fourth movie or between the first and second one? there are both time gaps~
    ohh, yes? I'd love to do a PotC rp :'D
    It's been a while since I had a good PotC rp u////u
    so, will we be rping through mail or will we make a thread here (if that's possible >////
    You know that you can still join "The Little Town Of Everlott".
    I only closed the thread because I didn't want any NEW people joining. But you can still make your characters. We've barely started the roleplay anyway. x3
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