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10 - 15 - 17 (AFTERNOON)
AMP Headquarters - Blancrete City

"...hope for the best.", Harvey said.

Bradamante's gaze turned towards the ground, her look slightly tinged with disappointment. Perhaps that was not the answer she was seeking for. "I see.", she sighs.

"But with what you've encountered so far, nothing bad has happened to those who experience the 'Link Reinforcement', right?"

Harvey nodded. "Yes.", he said. "There has been no casualties or severe damages to anyone who had experienced it. I'm expecting that it would be the same for the two of you."

Alton leaned back to his chair, with a lighter expression. "Then there is no need to worry!"

"It is still necessary to exercise caution, master.", Bradamante said. "We still do not know what awaits for us in this Link Reinforcement."

"She's right.", Harvey replied. "Every instance of Link Reinforcement is unique. While it has not possessed any form of threat to those who experience it, we still do not know what it holds for you. It'd be better for you to be wary of it, rather than to ignore the possibilities it can realize."

Bradamante nodded to Harvey in acknowledgement of the man's words, as Harvey did the same. Silence filled the air for a short while, but it was clear that the tension between Bradamante and Harvey was no longer there. It would be safe to assume that the two may have found some sort of mutual respect for each other.

Soon enough, the silent moment was broken by Harvey. After clearing his throat, he continued the lecture he had planned.

"Anyways, back to the topic.", he said, as he rose from his seat and closed the book. "Stand up, Alton. "

Of course, Alton did as instructed and rose from his seat as well. Harvey cleared the area, removing the table and the chairs just like he brought them in - with the wave of his hand and a little sprinkle of magecraft. Now, there was ample space for whatever it is that they would be doing.

"Am I right to assume that you have not done any form of magecraft before?"

Bradamante was about to speak up, but decided not to, and left Alton's side. From a distance, whilst leaning against a wall, she watched over her master.

"Does summoning Bradamante count?"

"Yes.", Harvey looked at him with intrigue. "How did you summon her, anyway? Summoning a familiar is already quite a difficult ritual, more so when it's a Grand Familiar."

How will Alton respond?
Tell Harvey the truth.
Lie about the summoning.

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Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 15 - 17 (AFTERNOON)
AMP Headquarters - Blancrete City
It was quite surprising to witness Bradamante simply stand by and watch from afar, despite being so obviously against this decision. Still, Alton revealed to Harvey the truth about her summoning.

"I see.", Harvey said. "Your mana nodes must have been awakened by the blue moon's presence, allowing you to call upon Bradamante. But since it was accidental, you don't know what her anchor is."

"Mana nodes? Anchor?"

"I'll explain them to you later, for now, just be careful with your things.", Harvey replied. "It would be best if you could prevent any of them getting damaged, or worse, broken."

Alton was confused. Take care of his belongings? While such an advice does sound normal, he simply could not understand its relation to magic. "Why? What would happen if they were to break?"

"I will disappear and return to the World Altar.", Bradamante intervened, which Harvey acknowledged with a quick nod.

"Enough of that for now. You don't need to fill your mind with too many worries at such an early stage.", Harvey said. "Let's get back to where we were."

"Right. Sure.", Alton said, the enthusiasm in his voice clearly reduced.

"Before we get to you learning spells, you need to first learn how to control your mana."

Harvey instructed Alton to take deep breaths and clear his mind, and of course, the young lad complied. It was obvious that he was having a rather difficult time trying to clear his mind, and so, Harvey gave him yet another advice.

"Just try to relax.", Harvey said. "Think of something that's calming. Picture something serene, something soothing to you."

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Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 15 - 17 (AFTERNOON)
AMP Headquarters - Blancrete City
Heeding Harvey's advice, Alton closed his eyes, and tried to picture an image that could make him get relaxed. At first, there was nothing but an empty black slate, but as seconds passed by, a familiar scene was slowly pieced together by Alton's imagination.

A dim sky. Covered with numerous clouds whose white color fade into a dark blue. It was a scene set in nighttime. As the winds blew and the clouds inched slowly, something emerged at the center, dispersing the thin veil of the clouds and showing the scene in a brilliant blue light. Circular in form, and glowing in a brilliant pale blue color that seemed to radiate with an aura that soothed Alton's disturbed mind.

For some reason, as Alton gazed upon the image conceived by his imagination, he felt as if he had seen such a thing before. It was only a few moments until he realized that it was almost the same thing to what he had witnessed about two days ago - a literal blue moon amidst the night sky.

He stared into it, slowly getting mesmerized by its unnatural allure. It was then that something inside him was sparked anew.

He felt powerful. Refreshed. Like he had just taken a delightful bath and started the day with a nutritious meal. No, upon feeling it a bit longer, it was not anything like that. It was just raw energy. He felt it, surging through every inch of his body - his arms, his legs, even a single strand of his hair. Alton could feel energy flowing all around him, some even extending and forming an outline of his figure.

But when he opened his eyes, there was nothing. And yet he still felt such a strange phenomena. His eyes were clearly filled with awe, but his expression showed confusion.

Harvey took note of this. "That's mana, flowing through and around you right now.", Harvey said, his eyes glowing just like earlier. "It is invisible to the naked eye, but with the right spell, you can get to see it."

Hearing those words only fueled Alton's growing curiosity and thirst for knowledge. "Can you-", Alton said enthusiastically, only to be cut off by Harvey.

"I will teach it to you, but not now.", he said. "First, you need to learn to control your mana. What you've done is simply turn on your mana nodes to make a smoother flow and replenish your reserves. You might feel re-energized, but that is simply because your mana is being replenished. Previously you are unable to do so, and with Bradamante draining on your reserves, your mana has been running low for quite a while. Doing this will not rejuvenate any actual energy you've spent through the day."

Harvey paused for a short while. "You must remember that mana is a separate thing from a regular person's needs such as nutrients, energy, and the like."

Alton nodded his head.

On the far corner, Bradamante seemed to be livened up - her skin was more radiant than before, and she didn't seem to be a bit gloomy like earlier. More specifically, she emanated of elegance and honor just like when she first appeared before Alton. Perhaps she was running low on mana as well and decided not to bother Alton about it due to his stature.

"Now...", Harvey said, snapping his fingers. A medium sized book flew from across the room and floated a few inches just before the west wall. "Try to direct your mana towards that book."


"You have to figure it out yourself. Spoon-feeding is not my style, but I will assist you if necessary. For now, just try out any method you can think of."

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As for the write-in above, think of something would make Alton accomplish the task. Perhaps he could form a finger-gun to point to the book, or he could simply face his open palm towards it. Even dialogue would do. Go wild!
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Concentrate on that feeling of sensing mana in his body, concentrate on the feeling of it through his arm, down to his hand, down to his fingertips and visualize that energy flowing through the air to the book like it does through his arm.
Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 15 - 17 (AFTERNOON)
AMP Headquarters - Blancrete City
Closing his eyes, Alton focused on what he had felt - raw energy circling through him, outlining his entire figure. In his mind, he envisioned that the same energy would flow from his core, to the tips of his hands, until it leaves him and heads straight towards the book. With a few deep breaths, he opened his eyes and extended an open palm towards his target.

And within a mere split-second, he felt energy leave his body through his fingertips. Though he could not see how it truly played out, he could sense that he had successfully directed his mana towards the book, despite the latter showing no physical change or reaction to the magical energy.

"Huh.", Harvey said, his eyebrows slightly raised. "Impressive." Through Harvey's magical sight, one would be able to witness a straight line of energy, linking Alton and the book together. Of course, the direction of the energy's movement was heading straight towards the book, but what surprised the trained mage was that it wasn't like the average first time spell.

Instead, the line was smooth and fine, without any rough edges or bumps that would cause mana to leak out or the spell to falter. The mana also outlined the book in a glowing light, though it was done with unnatural precision that it would seem that the book was merely highlighted by some random light.

Unlike most mages, Alton has excellent control on his mana, despite being only recently introduced into the world of magic. Clearly, the young lad shows promise in the field of the arcane.

Harvey told Alton to cease. "Alright, that's enough for now.", he said, as the magical glow of his eyes faded away. He dunked his hand into the pocket of his vest, and took out a small pocket watch. With a quick peek, he returned it back where it belonged and gave his attention back to Alton. "I would have taught you more, but my time is limited. I still have to work."

"That's fine.", Alton responded positively. Although after having experienced such a mystical thing, he knew that he could only get so far, especially since he has yet a lot to learn. Thus, he decided to hold onto his curious tendencies.

"If you can, try to practice repeating the same thing at home."

"Which one?", Alton asked. "The one where I open my mana nodes? Or the one where I directed my mana to the book?"

Harvey huffed with a smile. "Both of them. You'll need to get used to controlling your mana before you can learn some spells."

"You're going to teach me some spells?" The enthusiasm was evident both in Alton's voice and looks.

Harvey chuckled softly. "If I find you ready for it, the next time we meet.", he said, as he turned to the door.

"Pardon me.", Bradamante finally intervened, as she closed in on Alton's location. "What are we to do in your absence?"

"Oh. Right.", Harvey scratched the side of his cheek. A tiny object flew towards Bradamante, which she caught in her hands with ease. The object seemed to be like a medallion, with a round, green stone at the center, surrounded by two layers of gold circles. On the stone were various runic engravings, too tiny to be recognized by the naked eye.

"What is this?"

"A home-porter.", Harvey replied. "If you hold it firmly in your hands, and think of your home, you will be sent there in a few seconds."

"So we're going back home?"

"Well, there's nothing for you to do here.", Harvey said. "And I think you deserve to rest for now. Enough has transpired for the day."

Bradamante agreed to his statement. "Indeed, master.", she turned to Alton, extending her hand towards him - the same hand that held the home-porter. "You must rest and recover from all that has occurred."

"I guess.", Alton said, as he grabbed Bradamante's hand.

"I'll see you soon, take care!", Harvey said, as he exited the room.

With them left behind, the two nodded. Both closing their eyes, and picturing in their minds Alton's home - the apartment unit. Alton could feel energy flowing up and down, encircling the two of them repeatedly in a quickly accelerating manner. By the moment he decided to open his eyes, they were back at his apartment.

Of course, it was still the same. There was the mess he left behind, since he was unable to fix it before they involuntarily left.

Bradamante immediately took her hand off of Alton's, and the home-porter disappeared into dust. She gently tapped his shoulder. "I shall take care of this, master.", she gestured towards the mess. "Take a rest."

Alton smiled and nodded, then entered his room and closed the door. The moment he was in front of the bed, he fell flat on the soft cushion, face first. He closed his eyes slowly, and soon enough, drifted in to sleep.

By the time Alton woke up, it was already nearing sunset. He rose from the bed, feeling refreshed. But, he had nothing in mind.

What does Alton do?
Practice magic.
As Harvey said, he needs to get used to controlling mana.
Invite Bradamante for dinner.
She'd need to get replenished as well.
Hang out with a friend.
Alton should clear his mind and relax for now.

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Magus's Fault

10 - 15 - 17 (EVENING)
First Floor, Liberty Square
"Bradamante.", Alton called the attention of his Grand Familiar as he walked out of his room.

"Yes, master?", Bradamante turned to face him.

"I'm going to go grab some dinner.", he said. "Want to come?"

Bradamante subtly smiled, then nodded. "I'd be honored to accompany you, master."

The two headed to the nearest mall, Liberty Square - where they would be given the privilege of being able to choose from several different options where they would grab dinner. Fast food chains, restaurants, and the like were abundant on the first floor of the mall. Alton roamed around, searching for which place to eat, while asking for Bradamante's opinion - making sure that where they would end up would both suit their tastes.

Of course, being the duty-oriented character that she is, Bradamante gives Alton's preferences greater priority than hers, making their journey last a bit longer - as her answers to Alton's inquiries don't really give that much substance.

Until the two bumped onto someone - who apparently was familiar with Alton, just as he was with the person.

"Alton! Didn't expect to see you here." The person greets him.

Of course, Alton returned the greeting with a chuckle. "I didn't know you go here, _____!"

What is this person's name?
Write-in. *Include gender.

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Magus's Fault

10 - 15 - 17 (EVENING)
Whammy's, Liberty Square
"I thought you were still overseas?", Alton added to his greeting.

Warren laughed. "I was in Germany, but I no longer have business over there so I decided to come back here."


"Not literally."

The two caught up with each other, eventually having Alton drag Bradamante into a fancy dinner with Warren.

They headed into a restaurant called Whammy's. It was a sophisticated restaurant, specializing on serving fresh, meaty meals on a refined atmosphere. A duo of a pianist and violinist played live on the stage, located at the far eastern corner of the place. The three sat on a table near the windows.

"So, when are you going to introduce her to me?", Warren pointed his left index finger towards Bradamante.

"Oh, right."

What will happen next?
Alton lies about Bradamante's identity. *Include fake identity.*
Alton introduces Bradamante as is.

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