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> alton's curiosity urges him to ask about fernand's original task.
magic's serious business but I'm at least a little curious what's up
Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 16 - 17 (MORNING)
AMP Headquarters

Driven by sheer curiosity, Alton inquired the two about the task that Fernand, initially, had in store for him. "What was it?", he said.

"What was what?", Henry replied.

"The task.", Alton answered.

Henry paused, which Sen took as an opportunity to intervene. "Tell him.", she said. "Sooner or later, he'll know it anyway."

"And what give you the right to decide about that?"

"Because it is my job.", Sen raised her voice slightly. "And not long enough, it will be his too."

The exchange between the two only added fuel to the rapidly growing fire that is Alton's curiosity.

"Tell me what?", he asked, the tone of his voice slowly sounding desperate. "What is it that I should know? What is the task exactly?"

Meanwhile, Fernand, after leaving the room, draws a magic circle on the corridor's wall, and mumbled a few inaudible words. Within a few seconds, a portion of the wall, specifically where the circle once was, became a door - which opened itself and revealed entry to a seemingly secret storage room. Fernand entered it, without even bothering to close the door behind him. Perhaps things such as these are quite common in the AMP Headquarters, especially since the Association is all about magic.

Once in the room, Fernand didn't take much time scouring for the object he was looking for. In fact, it went as if he knew exactly where it would be - just below the top level of the leftmost shelf. He grabbed the object by his hand, and took a thorough look at it, as if studying its every detail.

It was a strange artifact - it looked much like an amulet, but had no strings to hang it on one's neck like a necklace. The center was a large, red gem, but it wasn't polished to appear refined at all, in fact, it seemed to be much like a stone - with a rough and uneven surface. Said gem was held by silver, molded into a strange pattern that would make it look like it was metallic tendrils wrapping around the gem.

But in the middle of his analysis on the artifact, Fernand felt a strange feeling - it was as if he was being compelled by the forces of nature to do something which he had not done in ages.

As if fate itself was telling him to use a form of magic that he deliberately kept himself away from.

What happens between the three?
Harvey is convinced, and tells Alton about the task.
Harvey doesn't do it, forcing Sen to bluntly tell Alton the truth.

What does Fernand do?
He resists "temptation", and returns to the room.
Fernand does what he must do, as fate has declared.

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vRH here.

In case you're wondering about the choices on the first question, what you vote on will affect Alton's relation between the two, and his outlook on magic-related things, but more specifically, the Association. While both Harvey and Sen will tell Alton "technically" the same thing, they will do it differently.

The choices regarding Fernand, however, aren't as minor as the first ones. Whichever wins will affect Alton's fate, and most importantly, drive the Quest down to a different route that you're one (since this was initially planned as a VN-esque story).

That being said, there is no right or wrong choices. Vote on whichever you think is best!

Anyways, the next update will arrive by Friday this week. If votes come quick, then maybe I can do it earlier.

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Due date has arrived. Do you guys want to settle this - via a coin toss? Or you want to wait another day for a tie-breaker vote?


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Might as well go with the coin toss, to keep the story moving and keep you motivated. :)

(I'm the person who's always going to pick the option that pushes characters outside of their boundaries.)
vRH here.

Update postponed 'till tomorrow. I have an event to attend to, and I can't squeeze in a post within the small time I have. Sorry guys, but the spicy stuff will come tomorrow.

Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 16 - 17 (MORNING)
AMP Headquarters

Fernand grunted. He didn't want to do this, but he just couldn't resist the pull of fate. He placed the amulet on the pocket of his coat, then rolled up his sleeves a bit. He, then, took a deep breath before performing the act.

"Memoria.", he chanted, and as he did, using his left fingers, he traced an imaginary line from the tip of his right middle finger, down to his elbow. "Time and space intact, I call upon forces of cosmos. I shall be the vessel of all that has existed. All that exists. And all that shall exist."

"Locus.", he continued, and did the same to his left hand, this time, with his right arm. "The taboo of all things known, the curse of all things that must be known. There shall be nothing but the inevitable, and change shall be removed from the flow of everything. Bear the burden, I will. Carry the weight, I shall."

Finally, he placed his hands over his eyes - the left atop his left eye, and the right above the other. "Aevum.", he said with a heavy voice. "My hands are chained by my duty. My body is bound by existence. My mouth shall speak of the truth. My eyes...my sight - reveal to me the very threads of fate!"

Fernand removed his hands from his eyes. After a short, yet deep breath, he opened his eyes - now which glowed in an ever-changing spectrum of colors. He remained silent, and stood still. However, it was clear in his look that he was seeing something - no, it was more of watching something. In about a thirty seconds or so, he spoke with a grim tone.

"No.", he said, and immediately closed his eyes.

The next moment that he opened his eyes, they were no longer glowing. He clenched his fist, and paused for a short while. Then, he took the artifact out of his pocket and held it with his right hand, and left the room shortly.

Ignoring Alton, Harvey and Sen continued to argue until Sen decided to shut him down.

"You've never been to the field since that incident!", she said. "After what you did, you no longer have a say in anything that we do! Now tell it to him, or I will do it!"

Harvey paused in silence for a few seconds. "Right.", he said. "Okay. I will tell him."

The exchange that happened before him only gave Alton far so many questions, but he knew they wouldn't be answered immediately, or even be answered at all. So, he simply decided that at least one question should be enough. For now, that is.

Harvey looked at Alton and sighed. Of course, Alton was already paying full attention, since he has witnessed the conversation, if one would call it that, between the two.

"The task was going to make you apprehend a certain individual. A mage, who has broken the laws of the Association., Harvey said.

"Like what a police does with criminals?"

"...In a way, yes.", Harvey replied. "You see Alton, while you, and all those who are capable of using magic, aren't really allowed to use that gift in public. Ordinary people, the regular folk you'd see on a daily basis, shouldn't know that magic is real."

"But why? Magic is so helpful! We should be using it to make life better!"

"We should, but-"

Fernand entered the room, and interrupted their discussion. "But there are laws that must be followed.", he said, as he approached Alton and placed the amulet-like artifact on Alton's hands. "This is a special magical artifact. Hold on to it, and when the clock strikes five, whispers onto it these words - 'I seek that which cannot be found'. It will lead you to a certain item that has been missing, and your task is to bring it back here, safely."

"But what about-", Alton still had unanswered questions.

"There is no time for your questions!", Fernand said. "Do this task, then you can ask."

Alton fell silent.

"Now, when you get your hands on the missing item, you need to whisper into that amulet these words - 'There is nothing to be seek, when nothing is lost.'. It will bring you back here, along with the item you carry. Of course, it will bring your Grand Familiar as well, if she is with you.", Fernand continued. "Remember, you must carefully handle both that amulet and the item you need to find. There should not be any damage to the two of them."

Alton, while he paid attention and attempted to remember all of the things Fernand has said to him, he still had the urge to ask questions. "Wai-", he said, but with a forceful clap pointing towards Alton, he and Bradmante disappeared in a puff of smoke - the next moment, they find themselves back at Alton's apartment unit.

Meanwhile, back at the AMP headquarters, in the same room Alton and Bradmante were once were, Sen was called by Fernand.

"Yes, Sir Fernand?"

"Follow them."

"Alton and his Supporter?"

"Yes.", Fernand said with a serious tone. "Bring Raiki with you, and get yourselves ready for a fight."

Sen paused for a second. "Understood.", she said, before leaving the room hurriedly.

Once left alone with Fernand, Harvey approached the tall, intimidating man in a suit. Fernand, who stood silently, grunted and closed his eyes - and red fluid began to flow drop from the edges of his closed eyelids.

Upon seeing this, Harvey's eyes widened. "What did you do?!"

"You know what I did."

"Tch.", Harvey clenched his fist. "You do know that what you've done cannot be undone, don't you?!"


"Then tell me, what exactly did you see?!"

"A battle without an outcome."

"Don't lie to me, Fernand!"

Fernand sighed. "I saw them lose the fight."

What will Harvey ask next?
Who they fought against.
If someone dies.

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Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 16 - 17 (MORNING)
AMP Headquarters

Harvey fell silent for a few seconds. He knew exactly who Fernand meant when he said 'they lost'. "Who did they fight?", he asked.

Fernand breathed deeply, but did not answer.

"Fernand!", Harvey said in a louder voice. "Who did they fight?!"

Fernand sighed. "You would not wish to know."

Harvey clenched his fist. Fernand finally uses the very magic he avoided for so many years, and yet he chooses to keep what he knows to himself. Sure, knowing certain things about what is to come may affect them, but ultimately, they cannot change the inevitable - the cost of Fernand's magic.

"Answer me!"

"Cayden.", Fernand said, his voice initially sounding with hesitation. "They fought Cayden and his Grand Familiar."

Harvey's eyes widened. He had heard such a name for decades. Moreover, he did not expect to hear such a thing. "That's...impossible.", he said. "I saw him die with my own eyes. You saw him die!"

"I was met with the same disbelie-", Fernand said, before falling unconscious and falling to the ground. Fortunately, Harvey caught him before his body struck the floor.

Harvey's eyes glowed, then he touched the side of Fernand's neck. "...not good.", he said. With a quick wave of his arm, several runes appeared around the two of them, and within a few seconds, these runes glowed in a brilliant light. The next moment, they were gone - leaving the room empty once more.

Time has passed, and it is but a few more minutes before the clock strikes five.

Alton spent most of his time contemplating on whether or not to should continue down this twisted side of the world. His unanswered questions made him doubt his choices so far, but his resolve to see the truth behind it all grows stronger than ever. He must decide soon.

Bradamante, on the other hand, has left Alton back at his apartment - she says that she will prepare herself for what is to come. It seems that her intuition is warning her of something unexpected. She will return when the clock strikes five.

Sen has finished her preparations, with the inclusion of Fernand's orders. She watches over Alton's home from a safe distance, waiting for them to depart - so she could follow them discreetly.

What is Alton's decision?
He continues down the road.
He decides to return to the regular society.

BONUS: Where does the artifact lead them?
A run-down building, resembling an old church.
A secluded area in the slums of Blancrete, where not even the slumdogs dare go.

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✧ he continues down the road

i doubt he'd be able to easily come back with everything that's been happening. additionally:

✧ a run-down building, resembling an old church
Moonlit Crusade

Magus's Fault

10 - 16 - 17 (EVENING)
Alton's Apartment

Still in his room, Alton's time to choose has come to a close. For a short moment, he placed one hand over his forehead - as if he was thinking. After taking a deep breath, he stands up. He had made his decision. Diving headfirst into it, he has chosen to continue down the road he was in - no matter how twisted in may be. He will find the answers to his questions, even if it would come with a cost he cannot pay.

The doorbell rings, just as Alton leaves his room. Immediately, he opens the door - welcomed with the sight of a very familiar face.

"Good evening, master."

It was Bradamante. After leaving Alton's side for a few hours, with the reason of 'preparing for what is to come', she has finally returned. While she looks the same, her presence seems to have changed a bit - sure, she still radiates of grace and elegance, but there's something different about her. Perhaps it's her slightly stern face, or maybe it's simply the atmosphere of their current situation. Nevertheless, Alton greeted her as he would usually.

"Good evening, Bradamante."

Alton lets Bradamante in the apartment, before closing the door.

"Are you ready master?", she immediately asked.

Alton, without any hesitation, answered. "Yes."

Finally, the clock strikes five.

Alton takes the amulet-like artifact from his pocket, and holds it a few inches just before him. Then, after a deep breath, he whispers the same words he heard from Fernand.

"I seek that which cannot be found."

Expecting an immediate reaction, Alton moved the amulet away from his face and stared at it. After waiting for more than ten minutes, much to his dismay, nothing happened.

"Nothing's happening.", he said.

Alton thought for a short moment. "I did what he told me to do.", he said. "It should be working."

Bradamante, then, opened the door. "Then let us see if it does."

Alton nodded, then the two finally went outside, leaving the apartment. Once they were on the streets, they walked aimlessly, trying to see if the artifact would actually work. And yet, it still remained the same - no magical glow, no sound, nothing.

That was, until they went into an alley where the light of the moon, which apparently was still in its mysterious blue color, struck the gem of the amulet. And within the blink of an eye, a light began to flicker within the gem, slowly growing brighter and brighter as the two moved onward.

"It works!", Alton exclaimed. "It finally did!"

"Indeed, master.", Bradamante commented. "It seems that it glows brighter as we move further towards our destination."

Alton walked a few meters forward, and watched the glow slightly brighten. "You're right."

They continued to walk through the alley, until they arrived at a crossroad. Of course, Alton tried to check which way is the right one, but the amulet was of the same glow when he pointed towards each of the two paths presented to them.

Which one do they choose?
The path on the right.
The path on the left.

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Hello everyone, vRH here.

Bad news - I've decided to put this QL down for various reasons. It's been a good run. Thank you all for your unwavering support to this story, I truly appreciate it.

@Epiphany @Copykat @pioca

Still, I am thinking of running a new QL in the same setting, albeit with the lore mostly altered

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