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Fandom Monster Hunter: Horizon

Fifty years ago, the Research Commission uncovered what they thought were the greatest secrets of the New World, with their highest ranks felling the likes of the devourer of Elder Dragons, the Old Everwyrm and even the legendary Fatalis itself.
But the quest for new horizons never ceased. As the flow of time continued, so to did the hunger for new sights, new adventures. The New World had not offered all that it had to give. A new generation of hunters now takes centre stage; what will you discover?

Welcome to Monster Hunter: Horizon! Based on the best selling Monster Hunter series, this roleplay focuses on story building moreso than its source material, but the themes of exploration and adventure are just a prevalent!

What We Offer
- A story focused roleplay, with an emphasis on character building and exploration of the world.
-A small group of 18+ friendly, experienced and committed roleplayers.
- A custom wiki, where we house all of our roleplay information, biographies and logs.

Please see the link to the wiki here: Monster Hunter Horizon Wiki

If you are interested in joining, please head on over to the Discord! There is a vetting process as to ensure we receive only genuine interest, but we would love to hear from you!: Join the Monster Hunter: Horizon Discord Server!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!

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