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Hello hello!
I’m Gal, They/She, 20!

I write 2-4+ paragraphs per reply in 3rd person!

I’m looking for a more niche rp!

I’d really love to do a long term rp where I write Hatsune Miku!

I’d be open and down to most universes and the like! Be it casual slice of life, high school, college/university, super futuristic/cyberpunk/sci-fi, ect ect! Im down for it all!

I’m open and happy for you to play whomever! Be it OC, fellow Vocaloid, or a canon character from another piece of media!

Im open to FxF, MxF, and NBxF!!

Id love and prefer it to be romantic, but can be open to something platonic!

Im happy to stay here or move to discord! If you’d be interested please shoot me a message!!

hatsune miku GIF
Yo Yo!!
I can also write for Miku, GUMI, Rin, and Luka! Just hmu if you're interested^^

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