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Fandom Manhatten Hero High School AU Enrollment Thread [Accepting]

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Merry christmas

  • I am making a manhatten hero high school AU roleplay! It is set in a made up school loosely based on Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (with a little bit of Young Justice thrown in but it isnt the xmen school so please don't mention that). It is a large campus hidden away in New York. A large brick built building with a large pathway for cars and people to walk on and a large iron gate at the front, this acadamy has dorms, gym, classrooms, cafeteria, library and much more including two hideouts somewhere around the school or forest.

    Basically teenaged superheroes and vigilantes (either Original Characters or Canon Characters) join the school and learn how to be a hero!

    Right now I am letting people choose student characters and faculty characters are now available.

    You can request a character in this thread or by pming Miasmith17 Miasmith17 .

    Also when you request a character please also include your roleplay availability
    (how often you can reply and roughly when your available to reply).

    This will help me keep the roleplay moving forward.
    gm: Miasmith17 Miasmith17
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Merry christmas
Silly question.... Can I be Wanda and then... Wanda's daughter?
For wanda i will need to know how she found out about the school and which subject will she teach.
history and algebra are the only ones taken, it also can be magic related if you wish like magic defense or etc

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