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Multiple Settings Literate | Lost Boys or Only Lovers Left Alive Inspired

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About me

I’m a twenty-five year old female who goes by EST. I’m not new to the site but haven’t really been active in a while and decided to get a fresh start with a new account. If you think we may have written together before and would like to continue, please feel free to message me. I’m okay with single or multiple characters, though I do have a preference for multiple characters in instances where platonic friendships, or even hostilities, can form organically in addition to romantic pairings. That is to say, while it’s not always necessary, I do double, and quite enjoy it when it’s done well. I can write up to four characters in a story, though I usually stick to one to three. I’m an absolute wreck for romance so romantic pairings do need to be included for me to be interested. My interests mainly lie with heterosexual or sapphic relationships. I write both men and women. My preference really depends on the particular pairing more than it does a specific gender. Though in the past I’ve stuck to around fifteen hundred words per reply, I’m looking for something shorter and faster than I usually write, preferably when I can write five hundred word replies per character on average. I adore plotting, playlists, and such— while it’s definitely not necessary, I’d love a partner I can really get excited about our characters together with. I’m most available to chat and plot using Discord, but I’m fine with messages on site as well. As for writing, I prefer using threads, PMs, or Google Docs. Due to my age, I’m not comfortable writing underage characters or with partners under the age of eighteen.

What I’m Looking For

Lost Boys

I've always loved the original film, and I've gotten really in to it again over the past summer. I'd prefer original characters, but I think the premise would be really fun. One or two characters move to new beach town, end up getting involved with a group that kind of runs it or terrorizes it, if there's even a difference, figures out they're vampires or another group of supernatural creatures, lots of different directions to take it from there.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Another rather obscure vampire fandom, but I adore it anyways. Again, original characters, but I would love to write immortal lovers taking on the centuries together, or even just tackling a new threat or problem together.

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