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anime obsessed and always needing hugs
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hi, i'm nephilim, i'm nineteen and i've been roleplaying for probably longer than i should have, eleven years at this point. i am autistic and chronically ill just so ya know. i do have another interest check but this one is a bit different because i am looking for a specific thing at the moment. perhaps it stems from loneliness (but we don't talk about that!)

i am looking for a roleplay where my character is taken care of/looked after. i have various fandoms i love and they are generally where i prefer to lie (canon characters or ocs) but i am not against doing non-fandom either! i am adaptable! i can adapt my writing style to others too, i love to write long responses but if that's not what you prefer that's fine too!

fandoms i have knowledge of are:

- mha
- haikyuu!!
- kuroko no basuke
- jujutsu kaisen
- tokyo revengers
- sk8 the infinity
- young justice
- x-men
- percy jackson
- bleach
- supernatural

i prefer mxm roleplays and i love rare pairs!

topics that i would be interested in being within the rp (not neccessarily all of them in one):

- chronic pain/chronic illness
- eating disorders
- mental illness
- disabilities

i can't think of anything else to say except from if anyone is interested feel free to pm me or comment below!

i hope you've had a wonderful day!

- nephi
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