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Graded [Kingdom of Rotia, Traveling through the Sky] The Little Airship That Could


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Time: Mid Morning

Temperature: Cool

Place: Talton Owned Land, Kingdom of Rotia

Experimental Passenger Airship

It was a cool day in an open field in the kingdom of Rotia. The field had a large stone circular patch and on that patch was a very unusual looking ship. Many in the realm would not get to gaze upon an aircraft like it never mind ride in it. However for a select group that would change this very day.

While it was sizable, the ship was not all much larger than a passenger ship that one might find out at sea. What made it so different was not only the the blimp like structure above it, but was the combination of technology which had gone into it making it capable of what it was.

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM.png

Eliza Talton, a family member of the Rotian Noble House Talton was waiting nearby the airship out on the field. She looked like she was well off enough, if perhaps a bit nervous. It was understandable why this might be the case, today was a big day. It wouldn’t only be Victorique and Kane who would be accompanying her as a form of protection and as a proclaimed friend of Victorique, but Eliza had recently found out that there were others who would be joining. She had relayed this information ahead of time to Victorique and Kane that just her Fuller alone might not be sufficient to get up to the Sky Kingdom safely alone given the distance, so that this while a safer option would mean that it wouldn’t be a private trip if that was agreeable.

The reason was because while the engineer had modified an airship to be theoretically capable of reaching the sky kingdom, said engineer wanted to get feedback from the passengers if it was the sort of vehicle they could imagine the masses riding in to get around in the skies. So the lucky chosen participants who had responded to the advertised offer for passengers who met the criteria had been given this opportunity to not only ride in the ship but also take a round trip to the Sky Kingdom itself. Those who qualified had been told to prepare their belongings as much as they needed to ahead of time for making a journey to the sky kingdom. While food and drink would be provided, provisions were not guaranteed outside of the ship. They were also informed with a disclaimer that the operators of the ship nor the Talton family would be held liable for anything that may go astray on the ride up or anything that happened once those who rode the ship departed for the Sky Kingdom, and that the journey was in fact at their own risk. They had also been provided the invitation and coordinates to arrive at the field where the ship was currently. For now there was an opportunity for those already there or arriving to chat with who would be their passengers as well as gain more information on the trip and where they were heading.

Kane Blackburne

Kane was wondering when this engineer would show themselves. He recalled that Eliza had said something about someone from Widersia but then later clarified they grew up in Widersia but now were in the magic duchy? It was all a bit mixed up for Kane but he was sure it’d be clarified soon enough when others arrived. If Victorique was there yet, Kane would stand by her, ready to act at a moment’s notice to protect her even if the need for that felt pretty unlikely during this section. Thankfully there hadn’t been problems with him leaving his post for awhile on the surface as there were other executioners to fill, given his low level he wasn’t exactly the most essential at the crown fo the moment either. Frankly he was sort of glad to be out of Evergate and in a more centralized area of the Kingdom which felt a bit less risky, or as less risky as someone could get if they were in the Kingdom of Rotia. This land belonging to the Taltons certainly helped with that, nobles tended to be pretty good at ensuring their property was secure.
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Victorique Sopheana
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She'd been surprised to learn that even a king or emperor could be murdered without the murderer incurring a criminal title so long as the king/emperor had committed as much as a minor offence to earn one of their own. There seemed to be only black and white in that regard. No grey area. Still, they'd likely earn a fugitive or enemy of the state type of title instead, which made her wonder more than ever who or what mechanism were behind these titles. It only further sparked her desire to go to the Sky Kingdom in the hopes of learning more.

The best part of ending her adventure had been the fact the bartender accepted her species without question. Honestly, the luxury of not having to convince someone she was an adult was about as good as the top shelf whiskey itself was. She'd been surprised Kane went for something relatively light, like a mead, which was a bit of a contrast to his rougher image. She enjoyed her time, having a bit more of a chat with Jez and Kane in a more relaxed setting...

Yet to all good things came an end.

Onto the present:​

Right now, she had woken up a bit grouchy, only to immediately learn they weren't going to fly by the cool mecha, but instead taking an airship... Talk about waking up to bad news. Although she was too prideful to admit to the reason, she'd been a tad more grouchy and salty ever since.

When she spotted Eliza, she was quick to file her complaint. “Good morning, to you at least... What's with all these changes? How did we go from a simple flight in an awesome mecha to having to risk our lives boarding some experimental vessel for some weird mechanic dude with some random strangers...?” It was clear the halfling was rather grumpy and not really happy with the explanation she'd been given prior. “If I didn't really want to get to the Sky Kingdom, I might not have even been up for something like this...” She mumbled to herself.

Still, upon seeing Kane watch over her like a guard dog, she couldn't help smirk a bit. “Are you sure about tagging along? There won't be many folk to execute all the way up there and we might go out in a blazing crashing airship before you could even get your next head lined up on the chopping block.” She stated, a tad bit of sarcasm in her voice, as it did seem like she at least somewhat appreciated the protection.
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Squink hadn't been expecting that she would get the opportunity to ride on an airship of such design, having found out about and chosen to join on the test flight out of curiosity since it gave her an opportunity to check out the world she was interested in seeing the sights of from a view she wouldn't normally be able to see from. Plus, she was a little bit of a geek and fangirl for cool technological vehicles and mechs that she hadn't gotten a chance to see anywhere else in the world. Looking for where it seemed people were to gather for the trip, Squink was a little underprepared for the trip despite everything but for once compared to her last travels wasn't letting the worry of new-place anxiety get to her.

"Hello! Hi, is this the airship test thingy to the Sky Kingdom? Hi, I'm Squink, I thiiiink I'm supposed to be coming too, if that's okay, I will promise not to touch or ruin anything-" Squink introduced in a much more chipper tone and bubbly personality that she was normally in, since recent events have gone memorably positive and as far as she understood she was in for yet another meeting with Oden. As a small person called Amice taught, Oden was basically the most and only family Squink ever have and also admittedly basically her best friend even if she hadn't actually ever said it to the owlkin nor heard it back. Well, sort of besides the attractive-but-she's-too-embarrassed-to-admit-that-allowed musclebound male ilithid she met back in Yasaki but you know it's only first meeting shocker like, another ilithid oh wow, and it's a bit early to call them family or like that you know maybe a few dates first before saying that haha-

Squink interrupted her off-track questionable thoughts about muscular ilithid men with many buff tentacles remembering she was here for an airship ride for reasons not related to going on a honeymoon with her tentacle-related thoughts. Remembering whom she wanted to ask about, she questioned it.
"Have you seen an owlkin called Oden around, like this tall, like a sweet grandmother you wanna hug and always acts like she's relaxed but is very serious and smart and also like maybe my bestie in a way- w-we've known eachother a little bit- don't tell her I said that she might think I'm weird" Squink rambled before getting worried about her personal image to the bird person she found as such a nice person. Hopefully the sights would be very epic and she'd get to hear or see more about the world and its vehicles and similar creations. She was going to be responsible and calm and very serious, as Squink tried to keep in her mind that she should calm down and act responsibly, withholding any childish acts or fangirling in. How long that was going to last, would probably not be very long.​
Finnegan Huttman

images (9).jpeg

"Another adventure."

The young man stood full of vigor in the field, gazing up at the flying contraption that would be carrying him skyward. The kingdom of the sky, what was up there? What adventures would he have...?

He wanted nothing more than to head on up and see what awaits him, but, seems getting up there was a trial and a half.

"A rocky trip upwards, like my trip to the Northern Kingdoms, heres hoping I wont have to cleanse a curse off me after the ascent." The blonde knight's smile was graced by the sunlight, warming him up abit before the colds winds take the warmth away. "Wonder whos coming... I'm remiss to make myself at hand for some noble house but... Needs must. Perhaps my ventures north and into the sky may bare fruit...?" He mused idly, more or less just standing around waiting for something to happen...


Was... That Regula...? No... Just another soft looking white haired girl... Yhere was another girl too, Blonde, green eyes, no clue who either of them were but the strangest of the bunch he could see at the moment was... Well...

It... It was definitly a woman, unless males... or if they have any dimorphism have chests too... Her skin was purple, and looks really... squishy. Like squishier than your average squish. But... what... was that face? She had wiggly... things on her face. And her yes were featureless. He had no clue what she was... A... Beastfolk? Surely. Aquatic? Yea? But what animal he had no clue...

Then there was the man, he had the stance of a fighter... Hrmm...

"What a odd assembly. I do hope no trouble occurs..."
Time: Mid Morning

Temperature: Cool

Place: Talton Owned Land, Kingdom of Rotia

Mention: Elvario Elvario Femboy Femboy Orikanyo Orikanyo

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM.png

“Good morning and, I’m really sorry Victorique honest, my contact said that they weren’t convinced that my aerial fuller alone would be sufficient to travel the sustained distance needed to get us to the Sky Kingdom Kingdom safely, and while they said theoretically with the correct modifications it’d be possible, despite being experimental they felt strongly that this was supposedly a safer alternative.” She said, sounding genuinely regretful.

“ When all of this is said and done please feel free to come back by my place soon and we can have that honorary celebration I mentioned and or of course you can still ride in my fuller, I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Eliza seemed genuinely apologetic enough as Victorique’s dissatisfaction with the recent developments was pretty apparent to her.

Kane Blackburne

“I feel like I’d be pretty crazy not to go, as far as the danger level goes, I mean I’m from the Kingdom of Rotia.” Saying that as if it was equivalent enough.

“Also not that many can say they got to go to the Sky Kingdom, kind of makes me feel like I’m going on one of those adventures I thought would have been neat to go on.”

“Since I’m not some major leagues guy yet, shouldn’t matter too much if I’m gone for awhile.”

“Even if the whole sharing and caring thing isn’t exactly something i’ve gotten to practice much in the Kingdom of Rotia.”

He replied with a snicker, mostly referencing Victorique’s statement and his own understanding that they would in fact be sharing the ride up to the Sky Kingdom with other people. Kane himself had brought some essentials for such an occasion which he had stored on his robe, mostly some water and food rations for after they got dropped off just in case.

“Plus I can’t very well let my first and only friend go off alone somewhere new and dangerous alone now can I?” He spoke back looking at her with a bit of a grin, evidently appreciating the bit of sarcastic tint which she brought.

Upon seeing Squink and hearing her out, Eliza gave her a nod,

“NIce to meet you Squink I’m Eliza Talton, Yes if you’re here for the airship ride you’ve come to the right place, and thank you I’d really appreciate it if you stayed true to your words there, creating this opportunity was far from easy.”

Eliza said not missing a beat with a soft smile.

However Eliza’s expression shifted to one which looked like it was in thought when she asked her about the Owlkin named Oden.

“ As lovely as she sounds I have not yet, but from the sound of things perhaps we’ll be expecting her?” Eliza replied, going off the fact it sounded like Squink was expecting Oden to be there with them.

“Name’s Kane and nah I haven’t seen any night birds around here yet..” Kane replied, looking over to Squink. Truthfully He was rather intrigued by the way she looked, he hadn’t ever seen llithid before nor heard of them, the way she spoke..even if he wasn’t going to admit it, it was rather endearing.

“Regardless I do hope you’ll bare with us, Squink dear, there are still some more who are yet to come, so I’m certain if you were told she would be coming too she’ll be here.” Eliza said with a soft smile.

“In the meantime would you care to share about yourself? Where are you from? Any interests?” Eliza inquired, it seemed the Noble knew how to be friendly enough.

Presumably if Squink should answer afterward, there was the next person who caught the Rotian Noble’s attention and that person was a certain young man, her gaze meeting him.

Eliza smiled some when she looked Finn up and down. “And you there! I don’t think I got your name yet, who would you be? You wouldn’t happen to be a brave, strong, adventurer would you?” She asked warmly.

She then looked to Victorique and with a bit of a giggle said a bit more softly, “See? perhaps we’re fated for some pleasant company yet~”

Kane looked over at Finn, his expression wasn’t exactly the most friendly but it also wasn’t hostile. He was looking at him like one might assess whether or not someone was a threat, but Kane became a bit more lax when it was pretty apparent Finn didn’t look like he was there to start trouble.

He couldn’t help but almost roll his eyes a bit upon hearing what Eliza said at the latter part.

While this was taking place, a certain clanking sound started to become apparent, Victorique likely the first one to notice, it sounded sort of like footsteps…descending down from the airship ramp on the back before the figure made themselves known.


They were a construct who looked rather human like in form with arms, hands, and legs, about 5’8 or so. They were wearing similar apparel that someone who was from the magic duchy or at a school of magic might wear with a blue spellcaster type garment on top, and below they wore a utility belt with a variety of tools, and metallic 'boots' which went around their 'feet'. Their ‘eyes’ looked reminiscent of an active forge.

“Saaaaaaaalllutations ladies and gentlemen!” the construct exclaimed with somewhat stilted speech in common.

“I’m so pleased that you’ll be joining me in my test ride of this most maaaarveeelous flying machine which I’ve put together using only the highest quality techniques from around the realm!” It spoke sounding excited.

"And before I forget since I just know you organics are really partial on formalities, the name’s Copper, there should be others joining us presuming all has gone well, but I am here and ready to answer your questions now that i’ve made the necessary preparations for ascent.”

Kane almost had a bit of a double take as he saw the construct roll up, watching cautiously, staying close to Victorique, like he was ready to put himself between her and the construct at a moments notice if necessary.
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Victorique Sopheana
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Eliza's apologies didn't mean a lot to Victorique, but she couldn't fault the explanation. The more worrying part was the next bit. She didn't want her promised fuller ride to be tied to a celebration like that, as the celebration might take a long time to happen due to her own self-imposed requirements to be met for it. “If I get back down from the Sky Kingdom alive, I'd rather have just the ride...” She mumbled. “Celebrations can wait until I also figure out whom or what influenced the mushroom's corruption.” She reminded Eliza of how she wanted the case to be even further solved before taking any public credit for solving it.

Kane's mention of being from Rotia got a chuckle out of Victorique. “Fair enough, although last time I checked, at you couldn't fall to your death as easily in this place.” His desire for adventure was more surprising. “I told you, it's not that tough to be more than some puppet.” She recalled him being of mind that he'd always be a low-tier dude that could only work on executions at some point, so it was good to see he was broadening his mind and options.

His next statement made her mood sour a bit again. “You'd not be the first one...” She mumbled. Rachael had pretty much vanished from the world, despite being her first friend and trusty exhibitionist guard for a bit. Orchid had apparently left at some point, without Victorique really knowing what was up there. She hadn't even been aware that Phoebe had been around in the same village... Arthur had never been all that much about loyalty and such, but he'd still been somewhat of a guard/friend, although by now he might as well be dead. The only other person that came to mind was Dayle. He'd been a good mate. “There's this guy from Ryken, bit of a thug, Dayle Keller. I should introduce your sometimes. You two might get along nicely.” She stated out of the blue. “Unless he vanished as well by now... anyhow, you tagging along.. it's eh... it's appreciated.” It was clear she was being 'nice' despite not really being too used to it, which showed she truly cared.

That brought her attention to the newcomers. “Squink..?” An odd name for an odd person. “You must be from the Continental Lake?” She asked it as much as she stated it as fact. “What's a waterfolk like you wanting to go to the Sky Kingdom for?” She couldn't help feeling sceptical, perhaps even a tad annoyed, at this weird interloper. The fact she'd already been in a sour mood since morning wasn't helping either.

Some knight dude (Finn) showed up next. For some reason, he was monologuing to himself and staring off into the sunset like some sort of anime protagonist, which only further annoyed her. “An odd assembly, sure, sure. You're here to play protagonist, I'm assuming?” She scoffed. “Clearly you're too much of a heroic protagonist to introduce yourself before calling others odd, so I think I'll just refrain from doing so as well.” Her sour mood had made her a tad too eager to find fault with others, perhaps.

In fact, her sour mood soured even more when Eliza was being nice to all the newcomers. She felt like she'd had to struggle to get the noble's favour and now some random folk were getting the exact same treatment. That made some jealousy kick in for sure. She'd not even get the mecha ride! She was grumbling and fuming to the side, before she decided to just light up her pipe to breath in some smoke and relax an little. It was clear she was pretending not to care when Eliza asked them to introduce themselves, even though she was curious enough to listen attentively with her heightened senses. When Finn's protagonist vibes attracted Eliza in what could be assumed to be flirting, Victorique got only more annoyed. She was already imagining pushing him off an air-ship and watching him tumble to his death... She'd really woken up on the wrong side of her bed this morning.

Looking at the construct that greeted them, she instantly... well, her mood couldn't get worse, so she just sighed. “I didn't know this experimental ship was going to be engineered by an experimental being.” She mumbled. Upon questions, she decided to go for the 'rude' one fist and test the waters with this thing. “I'm Victorique Sopheana. As for questions, I do have one first and fore-most. Who build you? ” Depending on the reply, this thing might be easier or more difficult to pretty much entrust her life too the moment she'd step onto the flying ship.

Finn was soon approached, this young lady was certainly forward, a friendly sort was something Finn liked. He hoped this one isn't a dagger waiting for his back, or a friend who would end up in a tragedy... Again... "My name is-" he was interupted from continueing, as a short... Woman, seemed to take up stage. She was pointed, rude, grumpy, and seemed like she had a bone to pick. But... gods seeing someone so small... So angry... It... just...

"...pff...snrk... heheHahahahahahahahaha!!! Your a sharp tongued one ain'tchyea! No holding back eh? Could feel my skin cut from the flensing your giving hahaha!" Finn's laughter was boisterous and proud as a lion's roar. "Give me another lovely, I don't think i'm fully done yet, bit more just to make it count." He motioned with his hands for Victorique to keep coming, was.. was he truely having fun from her snappyness?

But he regarded the white haired girl woth more mirth now. "But, yea i'm an adventurer, been round the continent a few times. From the frozen north to the deep forests of the See, Finnegan Huttman, pleasure to meet yea." He gave the girl a gauntleted wave, but gave a look towards Kane, he could feel the sizing up and Finn did the same to the man. Not bothering with the skill to check him, Finn gave him a once over... One step in towards Eliza and Kane he gauged the minor things in the man's stature... He was a fighter... good strength... Perceptive...?

He regarded Kane with a nod, a thing that meant a good deal from a man to a man. It was this.. unspoken thing between men, noding. Acknowledgment of presence, knowing what their about... Theres alot that can be said without words.

Finn was strong, very, very strong, and boisterous enough to match. His pride was not without the foundation, he was a warrior and a damn good one.

Though, the strange automaton came out to speak now, he had not much else to do but listen and look at the strange thing... But the small one's question was on his mind to.. So.. best just wait for that answer.
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Squink was delighted to hear that she found herself in the right place, although disheartened to hear that they hadn't seen Oden yet. Hopefully she should show up before they departed otherwise she would have to do the trip alone and probably suffer through a lot more awkwardness than she would wish to. Her reaction to both Eliza and Kane not knowing aught of the owlkin sounded and even slightly looked like a small amount of air deflating out of something rubber and squishy in an almost comedic sense, returning to attention when Eliza asked a little about the ilithid. Humming softly, as her tentacles recoiled closer to her face in thought, Squink thought about what to say in response.

"Uuh, I'm from some place far away, I'm not really sure yet I kinda don't remember the name. I've just been travelling around for a while... " Squink answered softly in an unsure way as she tried to think about interests to make conversation.
"Well I think this airship and all the cool techy-stuff this place uses, I've heard that there's mech-like stuff but I haven't really seen any of them. I kinda just like making friends and seeing the world in general" Squink chimed as she hesitantly let her mind drift off elsewhere while thinking of what else to say.


"A cooking date sounds good to me." Jaru chuckled lowly, with squinting narrowed eyes. "You're quite cute yourself, Squink." He smiled before laughing to ease the mood, booping her playfully on the non-existent nose with a tentacle.


"It feels like it was 29 hours and 43 minutes ago... " she mumbled, daydreaming about something. Squink was blatantly fantasizing about something with a visible delight and blush expressive on her face, gleefully shaking her fists excitedly. If this were an anime or cartoon, she would most definitely have little hearts popping in the air space around her up until the moment she was way distracted about something else.

"O-oh, nothing else" she sheepishly murmured as she stopped and awkwardly glanced away hoping that nobody would witness or think too much about it. She turned her attention to the smaller blonde girl who was questioning about her business in the Sky Kingdom, confused why everyone kept calling her aquatic.

"Oh, I just thought it'd be cool to ride an airship and explore around. I think the Sky Kingdom might have some smart people, so maybe it'll give me a chance for some research and training. I want to better learn how to use my pyschic abilities but I don't wish to hurt anyone at all. Things like mind control and reading, and picking stuff up with your thoughts isn't easy you know? A-and people don't like if you can do that or doing it around them. I-I won't do them anywhere around here, I promise, really! I-I'm also, not aquatic..." Squink explained to her, worried that the girl might find such things weird or suspicious as soon enough she found Finn talking to her in order to attempt to what seemed like getting some annoyance out of her for his own entertainment, which didn't seem very nice. Hopefully he'd knock it off soon enough.

She saw the arrival of a construct whom confirmed himself as the creator of the creation itself, which was rather reassuring to see them present. She chose to be that person who was actually interested in asking questions.
"H-how many airships have you made before? Do you make or work on any other stuff? How long have you been doing this kind of work for?".​
Oden (#ACA9A7)

The Kingdom of Rotia. The eastern continent's stronghold and main line of defence against the monsters across and from the west. Oden thought her first visit to such a land would be a memorable and insightful one. However, she didn't expect that she and Squink would be lucky enough to win tickets to the fabled Sky Kingdom, on an experimental airship no less, as soon as they arrived. Looks like exploring the land of Fullers and Valcorism would have to wait. Still, 'experimental' wasn't exactly a word one wanted to be put before a vehicle they were going to ride. But, well, should anything fail, she'd just grab Squink and use her old wings to slow any catastrophic descents. They'd probably still sustain heavy injuries, but at least they wouldn't die.

Moving away from such morbid and pessimistic thoughts, the old owl slowly soared over the wide open fields before reaching the gathering, landing carefully off to the side with a flutter of grey feathers. Noticing the bright purply ilithid on first glance, she lightly trotted on over with a smile. "Sorry that I couldn't accompany you on the journey here Squink, had some things to wrap up." She mentioned briefly, patting her dear friend on the shoulder before looking towards the others.

Of the varied group of humanoids, it was the boisterous and arcane robot that caught her attention most. Constructs were a rare sight in Kuridan, so she couldn't help but stare, though not in any malicious fashion. Thoughts of the Otenzian Empire's war machines during the war of the races 50 years ago haunted her mind briefly, but she had enough sense to know that era was long over.

"Greetings everyone. I'm Oden." She bowed simply. "Do we know how long the journey will take? Where roughly in the Sky Kingdom are we due to land?" She inquired briefly, moving her gaze to scrutinize the giant airship they were about to ride.
Time: Mid Morning

Temperature: Cool

Place: Experimental Airship, Talton Owned Land, Kingdom of Rotia

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Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM.png

Eliza nodded, “Very well, I can make it so and I understand.” She reaffirmed not sounding like she particularly wanted to debate with Victorique given the circumstances and feeling that she was not being able to deliver in the way she had hoped for Victorique in repaying her.

Kane Blackburne

Upon hearing her chuckle his face took on a bit more of a friendly smile, “Guess you got me there.” He admitted, the chance of falling out of the sky to your death was considerably less true in the Kingdom of Rotia no doubt.

“It’ll be a lot less like puppetry when I get farther along. I can assure you that at least, I know that much from watching my old man.” He responded.

Kane looked back curiously as to what Victorique had meant there when she said he was not the first one, not entirely getting the tonal shift as he didn’t know her history on the matter.

“Dayle Keller huh? If they’re a friend of yours, sure I’ll meet him sometime.”

Kane was a bit more than surprised to hear Victorique say him tagging a long so much so that he almost chuckled a bit in disbelief.

“You know it’s not so often I hear someone say something like that, thanks for something different Victorique, glad to be here with ya.” He said back with a grin.

Kane thought that Victorique’s reasoning that Squink could be from the continental lake was solid, she did look kind of aquatic when Victorique brought it up. For now he stayed quiet on that wanting to hear if Squink had a response, that's what he would have done had Victorique and this adventurer type guy not started going at it. He had no desire to intervene

Eliza looked back at Finn still smiling, but the expression shifted when Victorique was popping off on him.

“Oh, apologies I’m afraid that I’m in large part to blame, for I’ve in part failed to do what I told her I’d deliver on..due to these circumstances, but I’m trying my best to deliver on this part which is a ride to the Sky Kingdom!” Eliza reaffirmed looking to Finn. Without the added context it was probably not a complete picture for Finn, but at the very least it would let him know what Eliza thought was in part cause of Victorique’s sour mood.

Kane was however quick to give Finn a non verbal ‘ the nod’ back, it was actually pretty nice to get from someone, Kane couldn’t remember many times he’d gotten that, but he had a gut feeling Finn was strong.

Eliza was quick to then give Finn a curtsy.

Before looking at him.

“So it sounds like I was right! It’s a pleasure to meet you Finnegan Huttman, You are a most established adventurer then!, just the sort I was hoping would be on our trip, there’s nothing that makes a lady minded like myself feel safer than having a heroic warrior close b-”

Kane looked at Eliza like she had two heads, interrupting, “Uh, I don’t really see what the big deal is, didn’t you bring a few of your family’s guards along?”

Eliza looked back at Kane with an annoyed expression, “Oh hush you, to say that they’re comparable simply isn’t proper.”

To this Kane rolled his eyes a bit.

Eliza then looked back to Finn with a smile.

“As you may have overheard, I’m Eliza Talton, a member of house Talton in the Kingdom of Rotia, I’m here because I’ve helped to arrange for this expedition.”

When Squink spoke, Eliza’s attention fell on her and so did Kane’s.

She giggled a bit once more, “Well Squink cool techy stuff is certainly one way to put it. Based on what we know of the tribes of the Sky Kingdom I have a good feeling you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. There are many incredibly bright people there or so I’ve heard. I also have no reason to believe you’d misuse your abilities, but I do thank you for your disclosure and assurance.”

Kane on the other hand looked to Victorique and then back to Squink like he was giving her a sort of ‘are you thinking what I’m thinking or maybe a you've got to be kidding on account of Eliza being so friendly apparently’ sort of look given their pretty poor experience with mind control type beings not all so long ago.

“Right..not aquatic then,” he commented, looking more neutral again. Regardless, the abilities which Squink described were a bit concerning for him. Even with these initial feelings It wasn’t lost on Kane that Squink didn’t exactly seem terribly harmful she also appeared..distracted? That was probably right.

But that wasn’t the only one who had made Kane a bit wary based on what they said as he eyed Copper. He had seen very few constructs in his own life and seeing one as eccentric as this say that it built the experimental ship they were supposed to ride in, made him in a similar thought to Victorique, feeling a bit more concerned now about the safety of what they were about to ride in.


“Ohhhhhh who built me?! Well I can see we’re getting right down to the nitttyy gritttty then aren’t we?”

Copper exclaimed still sounding a bit stilted here and there.

“Nice to meet you Victorique Sopheana! As for your question, I am surprised that good Eliza did not tell you all about me already! I was built by the most illustrious self-proclaimed genius tinkering magician Merasmus Juepreld from the Grand Duchy of Roran! I’m certain you’ve heard of him! Why it would practically be a crime if you had not!”

“And you!”
he said, turning to Squink excitedly.

“I have made a total of zero airships before this one unless you count the test models! Which I can assure you I did not build this one until I got a model which worked consistently! I have however worked on other magic infused wonders much like my creator has! From sundials, clocks, backpacks which propel, even mechanical wings! I can tell you that I’ve been working on this work since my creation, pretty impressive no?!”

Copper said these not exactly the most reassuring details like they were all positives.

“However there are some things I can show you which I think will be most useful on our travels shortly!”

Kane looked over to Oden who had arrived, so a beast would be joining them as well.

He gave a nod of acknowledgement “The Name’s Kane Blackburne.”

Copper looked over to Oden.

“Oh I’m so glad you could make it! Understanding the [Beast] perspective is valuable information for myself! While my origin point’s population isn’t grand there are others not unlike yourself there Oden!”

“As for your question, I estimate it will take us about two days of travel given where we are taking off from. Presuming that my coordinates are correct we will be landing on one of the more Northern islands to meet one of the tribes which are at least open to visitors from the surface!”

“Now then if you would all like to follow me we can embark!”

Kane, stopped at first thinking it through, “Oh what the heck the thing said they didn’t build it till it got a model that worked right? I mean theoretically a construct made well with this type of work in mind should make less errors at this type of thing then not right?” He reasoned out loud, maybe it was just because he really wanted to still see the Sky Kingdom if anything, before looking like he decided to join in. Eliza was also receptive and looked ready to head in, however Eliza strategically positioned herself near Finn.

For those who decided to come in the airship interior was neat and functional a fusion of steampunk and magic tech running throughout it looked like between the pipes and glowing energy above. It was a main entrance hall type area to start which led into other rooms which had metallic sliding doors. The metal color scheme similar to the exterior of the ship.

In the entrance hall of the ship was perhaps what Copper had been talking about which they could show them soon, it appeared to be a short construct, probably comparable to Victorique in height, if a bit less. It's interior had some similarities to Copper with the forge like glow.

Unit #1
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM.png

“Salllllutations! I am Unit #1, how may I be of assistance?”

“Yes Unit #1 please show our guests wherever they’d like to go first, you may enlist the help of Unit #2 and Unit #3 if need be if there is not a group consensus."

“Understood boss! So, would you like to be shown to your rooms first? Or perhaps the common area? Dining? Maybe the observation deck,?” The smaller construct asked excitedly, also a bit stilted.
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Victorique Sopheana
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Laughter?!? Really?!? LAUGHTER?!? What kind off response was that to being rightfully called out for obnoxious protagonist behaviour? She was fuming at the level of disrespect and felt her blood pressure rise in utter annoyance. When he asked for more, however, she was silent for a bit. Her look of anger turned into one of disgust. “Oh no... Kane, I changed my mind. I need you to defend me with your life after all. He's one of those guys that get off from girls insulting him.”

She took a few generous steps away from Finn. “Although Kane, I also think that guy's neck is just begging for you to test out if you axe is still as sharp as it should be. Why don't you quickly test it? I'm sure Justice Corbyn will be wise enough to excuse you from any aftermath that might occur and I'll double-vouch on your behalf.” For what it was worth, she didn't sound like she genuinely wanted Finn dead, but she did sound genuinely annoyed, insulted and a tad angry at him. Even though her continued remarks might end up giving him exactly what he wanted...

When Eliza apologised on her behalf, however, she got angry all over again. “Hey, don't! I'm not some bloody child! If I want to point out how obnoxious it is for someone to start pretending like he's some big-shot main hero to whom the rest is a background, I don't need someone apologising for that on my behalf!” She scoffed. This day was getting more and more annoying by the minute.

Luckily enough, the purple one was a tad more interesting.“Oh? You're also going there for research? I'm personally hoping to find out more about [titles] and how they're given. I've already been travelling half the world in pursuit of new information, but I've got a good feeling that I might finally find more in the Sky Kingdom.” The next part Squink said was also very interesting. “Psychic abilities? Oh, that's pretty cool.” She finally had something to distract herself from today's many disappointments. “It'd be so much easier to solve crimes if I could read thoughts and control minds...”

In fact, it was interesting enough for Victorique to want to get to know this girl a bit better. “Oh, I can make a deal! If you want to train your mind-reading abilities, I'll allow you to try reading my mind during our entire trip, whenever you want, but in turn you have to tell me the results and how you did it afterward! I want to learn more about this as well!” That sounded like it'd be a fun enough arrangement. “Although I'll admit the thought of being mind-controlled is not appealing. So I'd rather you keep that for if we ever run into someone problematic.”

The last part took her by surprise as well. “You're not aquatic? Then, no offence, but what are you? I could swear those tentacles on your face look just like a squid or perhaps even more like an octopus, which I also saw people having when I went on a trip the to bottom of the Continental Lake.”

Thanks to Squink, Victorique was in a better mood by the time Oden arrived. That likely helped her withhold from asking Oden if she was too old to fly there herself or something. “I'm Victorique Sopheana, investigator. I current wish to visit the Sky Kingdom's libraries to learn more about titles, in particular about the mechanisms that grant them to people.”

Her attention switched back to the construct. If he was to be believed, it sounded like he was made by someone clever enough at least. She'd gotten some good impression about what the Duchy of Roran folk were up too. The fact that this was his first airship was a tad disheartening. “Do tell me where the parachutes are and how to use the emergency exit without plummeting to my death.” She remarked after he told them this was his first aircraft.

She almost missed it. Almost. “Wait, hold stop. You guys heard that as well, right?” She looked around, questioning if she was the only one to pick up on it. “He totally said leas open to visitors? He totally did, right? Why in the world would we go to the one that's least likely to welcome us?!?” That made no sense. It'd also make her finding information on titles a lot less likely.

That said, she needed to get up there one way or another, so she eventually got on board. Figuratively and literally. As some sort of small bot asked her where she wanted to go, she had two demands. “First, show me what to do in case of an emergency. Second, I'd like to know where I can light up my pipe in peace.” Those were the things she felt she needed the most right now, in that order.
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Squink fiddled with her hands as the familiar sound of Oden's voice ended up reaching her ears, slightly surprising her as she suddenly turned to see their familiar friend. Positively delighted, she ended up showing her expression when Oden had came close to her and gently hugging the owlkin for a moment before abruptly retracting and keeping her hands to her self nervously.
"O-oh, sorry I got excited for a moment" she sheepishly mumbled as her facial tentacles curled up, the ilithid facing elsewhere embarrassed as eventually all of the questions she had sent Copper's way were soon enough given answer. The fact that he hadn't actually made an airship yet and was publically inviting people to test it for reasons other than to make sure it could actually fly was extremely unnerving however, of which Squink just mumbled a quiet "oh" and awkwardly refrained from asking any more questions. Hopefully it shouldn't be that bad, for it seemed like there were a lot of super serious people also attending this flight.

Despite the fact that Victorique was clearly having a little big of a frustrating time with Finn entertaining himself with the things he said to the little one, Squink was at least at peace that same annoyance wasn't inadvertently directed at her. Listening on the girl's questions as well as her interests in the ilithid's capabilities, she answered on them.

"Ah, a-a lot of people say I look like that, but I'm not. I-I'm from what I think must be a very far away place, it feels like I could definitely recognise it if I saw it on a map or something, but it's never been on any map I've seen so far" Squink nervously answered before Victorique's interest in having mind-reading tested on her was a rather strange prompt Squink never thought she would hear. The ilithid wanted to test her greater capabilities now that she felt she had grasped enough to start practicing and training with them, however without the ease of a reliable catalyst it felt quite dangerous if she was to try and do it using her mind alone.

"I would actually enjoy if someone let me try that, b-but a little problem, I think it might hurt me a little if I was to, at least right now. Maybe y-you have an okay catalyst I can borrow, or there's one around we can use? A-and it's okay, I wouldn't dare mind control anyone for bad reasons! I-I know I should be able to, I just haven't properly figured it out yet... " Squink answered as she turned to Copper while Unit #1 was asking about where to go. Personally, she would probably be interested in going to the resting quarters first just to know where they were, but staying around other people for the moment was most likely preferred priority. On fully realising that Victorique was an inspector, the ilithid wasn't sure what the girl was supposed to be an inspector of but it sounded very professional. Maybe she was just playing the part of airship inspection, or that was her actual profession. Though, she did say about crime-solving, so she must have been some sort of detective! Now that was truly a fascinating thing. Squink hadn't even considered how good such powers would make her at detective and deduction work, which gave her an entire new perspective on it.

"Do you potentially have a spare catalyst or such around that I can borrow, just for the trip? I'll give it back the exact way, I promise, I-I just want to practice something during my time. It won't cause any trouble, I promise!" Squink asked of Copper just in case he managed to have one, totally unsure if there would be anyone who just had spare catalysts lying around.

1. Asking on the off-chance of spare catalyst(s) (E-grade desired if possible)​

Ah, Rotia nobility, he didn't know jack and all about Rotia nobility beyond the one he met abit ago... But this one was paying him good lip service, was she trying to get on his good side? For what reason...? Perhaps shes heard something about him...?


Maybe shes smitten with him?

He thought about it for a second, having an in with the kingdom would be good... He DID want to do work up here against the monster threat...

"Aye, I recieved an invitation to come not too long ago, I only recently arrived in Rotia, so it suprised me to say the least." Finn scratched his chin then remembered. "The roads to here... Their certainly dangerous. I was attacked three times ony my way up, the caravan was lucky to have myself and others amongst them, that abyssal knight could have swallowed them whole in that storm of crows without a thought... Then there was the undead, that worm that bled salt and was big as four carriages...

Not to mention that ice lemental, stuck in place and cursed horribly, managed to cleanse it but got cursed myself for my efforts." He recounted these things like one might speak of a tree fallen on the road. "Ah, cleansed the curse already so no need to fret." The young man now considered the little mouthy lady who was asking questions to the robots.

"A protagonist hmm? I swear she must be imagining I'll sweep her off her feet riding atop a pure white steed...

Ah, perhaps today I shall see one of those fuller things i've heard so much about!

I had expected to see one by now..." the blonde knight seemed abit dissappointed by the lack of giant armored mecha knights...
Time: Mid Morning

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Kane Blackburne
Kane gave a bit of a grim grin once again when Victorique mentioned that she changed her mind about wanting him to defend her life to the full extent. “Course I’ll protect ya. Wouldn’t be the best friend if I didn’t.” Snickering a bit at her line about this guy getting off on girls insulting him.

“Hah glad to have a vouch if things get dicey, if he ends up on some list in the Kingdom I’ll be the first to let you know.” Kane said light heartedly.

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM.png

Instead of directly responding to Victorique’s indignant response to being apologized for, she just smiled a bit awkwardly toward Finn, whilst she was verbally lambasted for the offense, deciding against

He listened to Victorique and Squink’s interaction to which she wasn’t nearly as concerned as he felt initially upon hearing about Squink’s possible abilities, perhaps it was a Fae thing to be more comfortable with powers like that? He had heard that there were many beings with unique powers from those sorts of areas afterall. He didn’t really know, but since Victorique didn’t appear particularly worried, Kane felt a bit more at ease.

Granted Squink did seem innocent enough all things considered. Kane while not verbally expressing it was in a similar boat to what Victorique expressed regarding Squink’s appearance matching to something he might expect to be aquatic but she was saying she wasn’t.

“Parrrrachutes? What do you take me for, some construct from Widersia? Ha Ha, we do not use something so basic as parachutes, you’ll see what I crafted soon enough.”

Copper did not appear to respond to Victorique’s comment regarding the word choice there.

Kane looked a bit confused himself when Victorique brought that bit up, “Yeah..Copper did didn’t he?”

Copper looked to Squink at her question, “Offf course, I wouldn’t be caught without spare catalysts! How could I be among the most advanced constructs at engineering, Tinkering, AND magic, if I did not have many from my workshop?”

Copper then reached into the utility belt on his person and pulled out some sort of long scrap metal looking piece with a smoothed out metallic handle at the bottom, which had occasional blue sparks of energy coming off of the tip and presented it to Squink, the catalyst looking a lot like a metal wand might. (Grade E)

Eliza on the other hand looked to Finn by the time they presumably boarded and he was speaking.

“My you must have gone through some risky areas then! Certainly commendable I can’t say traveling through Rotia is the safest unfortunately with how close we are to the dark continent, portal travel really is preferable if going long distances..but even with that said Finnegan, from the sounds of things you went up against many monsters and vanquished each one even a curse!, that’s very impressive~”

Eliza looked a bit surprised however, “You truly haven’t seen a Fuller before? They’re quite prominent here, perhaps after I’ve met my obligation to Victorique you’d like to see my own or one of my brother’s fullers, they’re rather grand in their own right and certainly not something you should miss if you plan to be here again."

Eliza simply smiled a bit with a bit of a giggle when Finn mentioned the prospect of Victorique being sweeped up.

Unit #1
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png
Unit #1 let out an excited “Okay! Follow me!”

Given no one else had given their input on where to go Kane shrugged a bit and decided to follow Victorique, While Copper would follow presuming she followed the bot, Eliza would presuming Finn did.

The first area Unit #1 went to show Victorique and whoever else followed was a metallic hatch like area on the side of the vehicle and within the hatch was sizable metal orb escape pods with blue energy fields surrounding them near what looked like circular metal doors doors which could theoretically be opened up and allow the orbs to roll out. Within the orbs looked like an area to sit and straps for safety. The hatch had a series of pipes running along the walls, as well as a few colorful floating crystals being held in place by dark metal cylinders behind glass and tinted fluid behind the glass which every now and again became illuminated, looking like they were possibly part of the ship's energy supply or perhaps a back up of sorts to one who was more in the know.

“These are the ‘parachutes’!” Unit #1 exclaimed.

“If the ships being compromised get into one of those and it’ll launch you out! Copper said that you won’t be harmed if you do.”

“Huh?..can’t say I’ve seen anything like those before.” Kane commented.

“As for your pipe habit you are permitted to smoke on the observation deck as it has some ventilation which we can show you next if you’d like, I’m also taking any other questions!” Copper chimed in.
Victorique Sopheana
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“Far away place huh..?” Victorique wondered about what Squink told her. “Could it be outer space? That'd be fun.” She mumbled. Aliens were sort-off interesting. This world was perhaps even more likely to have them than her past world.

She shook her head at the next request. “I'm afraid I don't have one.” Truthfully the thought of mind-controlling someone was a fun one, but the thought of being mind-controlled was horrible, so she figured she'd remain silent. “No worries, if you do find a catalyst, you'll still be free to try your mind-reading.” All in all, Victorique didn't think she had any thoughts to be too embarrassed aloud to risk being read... or believed herself to be able to at least focus on not having those.

Far more annoying was the knightly-looking guy. Finn was really speed-running the annoying her strategy. Eliza wasn't helping either, for that matter, as the nicer she was to Finn, the more Victorique felt like all the praise of her good work from before wasn't worth all that much and Eliza was just easy to please and trying too hard to be nice. That and she was a tad jealous, perhaps, but only mind-reading could ever reveal that much. Or, you know, some basic insight.

She scoffed at his remark of Fullers. “Don't get your hopes up.” She'd seen them, sure, but not even saving noble's lives was enough to get to ride one, it seemed. Clearly, this man wasn't even worthy of seeing them, at this rate.

The construct was also starting to annoy her. “They're tried and tested. If the basics work, why change them?” She countered. As she later saw the parachutes, she groaned in annoyance. “These look even more experimental than the ship itself...” How in the world would that ever save them?

She sighed. “Fine, let's go to the observation deck. Although, should I die thanks to this, know that you've killed off one of the world's few [Lightfoot Halflings] and possibly one of the world's finest detectives.” She stated, alluding to her [Evolved] status and previous accomplishments as a detective.

Needlessly to say, having heard Eliza offer to show Finn the mecha's just like that, without him needing to do anything for it, as well as hearing how it was just a 'later obligation' to her now, not even something that they could do for fun together, Victorique had gotten even more salty. Between flares of jealousy and an already groggy mood...

She realised something. “Perhaps I went too hard on the whiskey... I thought my kind was better suited to it.” That also explained why her head was starting to hurt a bit. Then again, she had gone through an entire bottle of top shelf stuff, hadn't she? Or was it two? She couldn't quite remember.
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Squink looked to the given catalyst she received, surprised he so simply had one on hand although questioning the safety of it since it didn't look like any normal and completely trustable catalyst with its sparking and all. Nevertheless, if he had so many and was so confident in his abilities then surely it would be reliable, especially if he was giving her the ability to use powers on the experimental airship of his.

"Oh, thanks, I just thought people would usually only have the one for their own use" Squink sheepishly mumbled over his probably rhetorical question, making sure to only hold it by what felt like the 'safe side' to hold it since she didn't trust putting the side that emitted sparks anywhere near herself just in case it gave a mean little shock or something. Slipping it into some back pocket or something for safe keeping because Squink is wearing a dress and I haven't thought about where she's supposed to keep it until she actually wants to use it so she doesn't just have this silly metal wand in her hands for the next 20 minutes, clearly a little more cheerful that she now had acquired access to the usage of a catalyst. Deciding to just let Victorique continue to be bothered by Finn for a little while instead of trying to tell her about the fact that she acquired a catalyst, Squink followed along to see what they were looking at a little surprised when the first thing that was asked about was an escape method off of the ship in case things go awry. It was a logical thing to want to know about, but possibly felt a little insensitive to immediately question it.

"If I'm able to ask, are there any other amenities of interest or is this just for transporting people and stuff to places? And where are and what are the rooms like?.." Squink asked curiously since she didn't know if she was gonna get bored or run out of things to do on the flight. She had no idea how interesting riding on an airship and seeing things from above was going to be the entire trip, especially if other people were gonna be busy or more interested in other important things that pertained to them. She also couldn't spend a lot of the trip probing Victorique's mind even if she allowed Squink to, it would probably be really rude to do so, so maybe only one or twice.

"Also, is there any way to wash on this airship, or is that all before-stuff? I-I'm okay I'm not bad but I'm just curious..." Squink asked. She could probably test telekinesis and lifting stuff in her own privacy alone, but was interested to know what the quarters situation was like and how many people were gonna be housed per room. Then again, there were probably enough rooms to house everyone individually if they didn't want to share, but she was a little unsure if there was going to be no actual way to clean or attend to hygiene on the entire ride. Didn't seem ideal to end up in a brand new, high and fancy place of smart people being all stinky of 2-day sky smell.

- Catalyst get :3 has an E-Grade Catalyst
images (9).jpeg

"Really? Hmm, guess we went a less travelled area then...?" Well, its clear now, but he wondered where Tyrmar and that noble brat went to...? Though his attention was on the ship, he would add one last part on the fuller conversation.

"Yea, I really want to try my hand against one, the size difference may be difficult but i'm certain I can take a Rotian warrior in one." He spoke in good nature on the matter, but inside it almost felt like he was more than willing to call that a challenge! Hell he looked more excited by the prospect than solemnly challenging... Just how confident was this young man?

"Hmm? Launched out...?" Finn asked, looking at the parachutes with curiosity... Or.. maybe because he wanted to try one...?
Oden (#ACA9A7)
Squink's warm greeting was met with some gentle pats on the back by the old owl as she hugged her back. It felt like it had been a long while since Oden last received any such physical affection, though she had to admit hugging the squishy and smooth ilithid was a very peculiar feeling compared to hugging fellow owls. Thinking back to those days where the little feather balls she used to tutor ran up to her, completed homework and the like in hand, for cuddles, pats and praise made her smile at the nostalgia.

Peacefully listening in on all the bickering and queries, Oden silently noted the names mentioned. Finn, a proclaimed heroic warrior, Eliza, a Rotian noble, Kane, a human-esque guard, and Victorique, a grumpy halfling researcher. She had unfortunately missed the robot's name, but had at least figured out he was the airship owner and creator.

Hearing that the ship had been at least successfully prototyped prior was slightly reassuring. His focal mention of desiring a [Beast]'s perspective from herself was quite peculiar however. "I hope I can garner you some useful feedback then." She stated simply after some musing, unsure if there were more specifics he desired from her.

Two days of travel didn't sound that bad. In all honesty, she had expected the journey to be significantly longer, considering the seeming lack of interaction between the land and sky nations. Noting that it sounded as if not all islands were open to visitors, also made her muse and speculate on their culture as they were led into the airship's interior.

The metallic sliding doors strangely reminded her of the shoji of the traditional homes back in Kuridan, giving her a peculiar sense of familiarity as she looked around. Oden silently applauded Squink's request for a catalyst, surprised but impressed by her diligence toward practice. If it was anyone else, Oden likely would've feared more the intentions of one to request a catalyst so bluntly, but since it was Squink, she did not have much worry in that regard.

Finn on the other hand, was rambling on about his heroic journeys on the side, sounding like he had quite the hectic adventure stories to tell. His consecutive mention of fullers made Oden curious as well, but Unit #1's introduction and tour queries quickly diverted her attention.

"Seems the most logical of a first destination as any." She commented on the side after the halfling, following after Unit #1 alongside the rest of the group, even if she wasn't quite sure how much to trust the mentioned emergency parachutes. Victorique's voiced concerns echoed her thoughts, eliciting a chuckle from the old owl. "I understand your concerns, but we should probably try to maintain a somewhat optimistic and harmonious atmosphere if we're all set on travelling together for the next few days." She spoke sideways towards the halfling, understanding but also contemplative.

As much as Victorique complained, she didn't make any move of disembarking. So at this point, it seemed as if she was just complaining for the sake of complaining, which was amusing for now, but would likely wear the group down with time.

Lightfoot halfling? Finest detective? It was difficult to discern whether her and Finn were just exaggerating or were actual bigshots. She wasn't sure if the mention of alcohol helped or harmed their case either. Shaking her head, the old owl focused her attention back on the robot pair as Squink probed some good questions. Nodding along, she opted for listening to the answers before adding any more questions of her own. She felt it was fine to not be too hasty and take it easy, there was plenty of time to settle in.
Time: Mid Morning

Temperature: Cool

Place: Experimental Airship, Talton Owned Land, Kingdom of Rotia

Mentions: Elvario Elvario Femboy Femboy Orikanyo Orikanyo SilverFeathers SilverFeathers

Kane Blackburne

“Listen I don’t really know a lot about this kind of thing but..I think Victorique’s right on the mark for this one like usual, why complicate something that works?”

He added in, having passively listened to the ongoing conversations, as they didn’t really involve him too much, whilst staying near here after they arrived at the apparent escape type area. Kane wasn’t even really sure how those orbs were supposed to save someone from dying in the case the ship was going to go down and crash, so it was supposed to launch you out in the orb and somehow it was supposed to protect you for a crash landing? It looked needlessly complicated in his opinion, as Victorique suggested. Kane did smirk a bit however when Victoriqe said don’t get your hopes up to Finn, wasn’t that just his life? Regardless Kane was ready to follow Victorique to the observation deck.


“Beeecauuuuseee Why risk getting shot down after you jump out when you can careen down back to the tethers of the ground all safely contained in heavy armor? It’ll be ideal for evacuation when you’re under attack or falling from a high height!” Copper explained back to Victorique and Kane, not particularly caring and or noticing their skepticism.

“I will take it into consideration that you are a rarity then, I assure you that you will make it to our destination in one piece!” Copper then reaffirmed confidently enough, even though there wasn’t really a way to guarantee that.

“I mean you definitely can drink, heh, even better than some of the guys I’ve met, maybe I’ll have to try something a bit harder next time.” Kane commented in response to Victorique’s drinking comment.

“But if you start feeling a bit woozy just let me know if I can help ya out.”

“I will say first and foremost I am not most people I think you’ll find! I am beyond many!” Copper responded to Squink.

“And good questions my Ilithid friend! While this ship may differ from the final version, It does have some amenities for showering with a magic induced water source and a dining area with a platform which could be used for performing, there is also a reading room with some games and texts for your playing and viewing pleasure on the central level. The rooms I believe are more than adequate with everything you’d expect in a place to stay, a bed, chest, desk, and closet for belongings if you would like to see for yourself I can direct Unit #1 to show you the rooms unless you’d like to join the rest of the group toward the observation deck.”

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM.png

Eliza looked to Finn as he spoke, it didn’t seem like she had too much to say regarding the ship, presumably she had already been on board and seen in it in detail given this was her contact.

“Based on your many accomplishments from the sounds of things I bet if any adventurer could do it it’d be you Finneagan hm?~ Should you get the opportunity I’d certainly be interested in seeing you spar against a Fuller, so long as you promise you’d come out on top, but I’m sure you would.” She said with a smile, getting a bit closer to him as she spoke.

Unit #1
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM.png

Unit #1 piped up at hearing Finn,

“Yes launched out! During an emergency the orb doors open up, you get in, then through the use of energy the orb is launched out of the side of the ship after you are secured inside and you hit the signal for the orb door to close again!”

Copper perhaps a bit slow on the uptake did eventually turn to Oden and nod, “I’m certain you’ll provide excellent feedback, not a bad deal to get to the sky kingdom is it?”

And by the point Oden was bringing up they should try to get along for a harmonious flight Copper was also pleased, “While I cannot control that element of the trip, I do hope you all get along splendidly! As Oden says it’ll make for a much more enjoyable experience for all of you if you do get along! Now then onto the observation deck!”

Copper would lead the way and all could follow if they desired. Kane stayed close to Victorique once again.

Eventually after moving through the ship they came to a large glass panel viewing wall toward the front of the ship which curved around it. It looked like the glass had some kind of magic being used on it as it had a faint light glow to it. The observation dec roomk itself had a variety of comfortable enough looking cushioned wooden chairs facing the area which would supposedly give them a nice view, and few tables spread out. There were some metallic vents as Copper had mentioned above on the ceiling, alongside some more piping which ran throughout above.

Some of the vents were for circulation and other vents for temperature control, as well as a potted plant which looked metallic in the corner for additional decoration near the entrance of the room.

“This is one of the rooms I invite you to gather and look at the amazing view, or perhaps socialize during our trip! Smoking is permitted near the vent in that seating area over there.”

Copper would point. There was also a tray for particulates near that designated 'smoking' area.

"WIth all of this said we should be departing soon enough now that it’s been warming up, I’ll take any other questions before I go and do my duties for the ship,”

Copper appeared to do some sort of gesture and their eyes seemed to dim slightly and become smaller before going back to the full intensity and suddenly two more essentially identical small bots appeared not all too long after that looked like Unit #1 had. Unless magic was involved It seemed like the small bots had a way of getting around the ship quick that the others weren’t privy too obviously.

“In my place I’ll keep Units #2 and #3 also at your service feel free to ask them any questions as well, or to show you where you’d like to go, I hope that the showing so far has been moooooost satisssssfactory so far.”

Kane shrugged a bit, "Well Victorique, I'm cool heading wherever to be honest, I didn't bring too much."

Copper would stay on scene to answer any current questions before being ready to leave next scene.

Eliza for the time being looked pretty intent on either following Victorique or Finn at this point.

(Narrator Note: Feel free to travel or hangout wherever you like on the ship in this time, as far as mentioned places or if you want to try to explore some, just denote your intention in your next posts, we will be departing into the sky soon.)
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Illya Melondew
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Above the others, perched on a rafter in the ceiling of the ship; a tiny figure watched curiously. She scurried along the beams, trotting to walk and keep up with the others unbeknownst to them. The tiny figure remained quiet as she listened to the short blonde banter with the blonde male. Tilted her head, studying the interaction between Squink and Oden. It was quite the eclectic group here. But she didn't quite mind. They were better than the goons who'd chased her all the way to Rotia. When Copper asked if they had any other questions, she decided she'd hid long enough. It'd been a while since she'd crept onto the ship. Surely if the goons that had chased her had suspected her coming here, they would have come looking by now. Her tiny mechanical wings began to buzz a very small and high-pitched whine. From the rafters above Illya began to descend. her dark green hair pulled up in a bun, with her goggles pushed up above her forehead. Her big pink eyes flicked back and forth between everyone. When she finally landed, she perched on the back of a comfortable looking wooden chair. The little figure stood a full six inches tall, with a pair of mechanical dragon fly wings, attached to her back.

"Hello there I suppose. I hope you don't mind me catching a ride with you all. Promise I won't start no trouble. I suppose." The stretched her arms out and yawned, before grinning to the lot of them. Seeming to think her words were amiable and trustworthy.
Victorique Sopheana
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She clicked her tongue. “Okay, seriously, between going to the least welcoming Sky Island and needing to not be shot down even when we're evacuating, what in the world is our destination and why there of all places?” Her patience had ran a bit thin in that regard. She didn't like being left out of crucial information, perhaps the detective part in her acting up.

“Huh... indoor smoking area. Well done.” She stated, having an actual thing she liked pop up that'd make this trip significantly more doable. She sighed. “Okay, fine, other than the fact that I don't get the reason for our current choice of Sky Island as final destination, I'll admit this ship looks pretty neat.” She eventually caved in, even though she was still a bit salty about the change, it at least didn't look like she'd get a horrible alternative.

As she watched Eliza looking at her and Finn, a smile crept onto her face, as she had a fun idea right then and there. Heading up to Eliza, she'd speak at somewhat hushed voice. “You know, I can see you coming off strong enough on Finn to normally break through solid steel, but that man seems to either be dense as diamond or seriously into girls that scold him a lot. I'd say you try out the latter. Then again, don't hold back on my behalf either way, just make sure he doesn't destroy your Fuller in a sparring match before I get a chance to ride it and we should be good, so go get him.” She smirked as she spoke up, not even needing her detective skills to know what was up right there. Honestly, she was still salty about various things, but seeing Eliza's attempts at trying to seduce Finn might be a fun enough way to keep busy during the next two days.

Upon seeing the small bots appearing out of seemingly nowhere, however, she was rather curious. “How are you three getting around like that..?” She asked, checking the ship for vents or tubes or something. Perhaps she might fit them as well, which could be useful in an emergency.

Before she got her answer, she was surprised by a voice from above. “Huh... You're the first person I've met in a very long while that's smaller than me...” She stated, in mild surprise, upon spotting the fairy. “Also, 'I won't start no trouble' is a double negative, suggesting you're planning to start trouble.” She couldn't help point it out. In particular because this fairly looked like she could do exactly that. A tiny girl like her could likely sneak into some places, press some buttons, switch some gears, get some springs stuck... Perfect size for a saboteur. Deciding not to start off on a bad foot with everyone, however, she ignored it for now. “Anyhow, I'm Victorique Sopheana, investigator. You are?” She asked the fairy.

Presumably after introductions were had, she'd speak up again. “Well, if one of you units could show me that reading room, I'm curious to see if there's anything of worth in the books there.” She stated. She highly doubted it, but it was better to check out first and realise there was nothing worth reading than to realise there'd be a lot she'd wanted to read in there when the trip was almost over.
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Getting back a response from Copper that told her all she wanted to know about the airship, she joyfully delighted in the pleasantries that even such a little test flight had excited that this would potentially be like a little vacation for all her hard work with everywhere she's been going. Humming softly at the delightful little thoughts of the trip she got to luckily be on, she was distracted by the arrival of a little technological fairy who was also to be joining them on the trip. Squink, having not expected to see the little one, looked upon them with such admiration as she gently clasped her hands together.

"O-oh, hello there ma'am. I'm Squink, I'm sorry but I couldn't ever notice you to introduce myself. Your little wings and goggles and stuff are so cute! Do you come from around here? It seems like things would be awfully scary or dangerous to be that small, I couldn't imagine. Most small people or children I see aren't fully missable, like Miss Victorique. D-do you need help at all or are you okay by yourself? I-I wouldn't want to imagine the trouble of getting lost on your shoulders since it might be a little harder, but then again I didn't notice you show up" Squink introduced herself as she was finding the size of the little pixie quite adorable, wondering if her person meant she could end up getting trapped into difficulties that were problematic.

Looking out the glass while they were at the observation deck, she had overheard stuff talking about sparring and Fullers, unsure if the prospect of fighting some super-robot was ridiculously idiotic or commonly achievable by the others present feeling just slightly self conscious that she kept encountering people who seemed so comfortable and confident with their ways and positions in their own lives.
"Ah, I'm not sure about e-everyone else, but this seems really delightful so far. Thank you for this chance" Squink responded to Copper as she just took the time to enjoy the Observation Deck for a little while even though they hadn't actually taken off yet. She didn't exactly know how long she was gonna stay around, but Squink wanted to watch them depart from a good place.
"Oden, have you seen this window? I bet you could see so super far when we leave the ground, I haven't seen the world from that high before!" Squink asked Oden rather excitedly, clearly enjoying the trip already even if the potential safety hazards were concerning to others. Perhaps it was childish in comparison and not a very thrilling adventure to the others present, but for her this was the most exciting thing she'd gotten to do.​
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"Hmm, we'll have to see then huh?" Finn gave Eliza a nod, the bright sunny smile never faded, even as Victorique pulled the girl aside for a chat. Though Finn was distracted by the... Trash can's explanation of the drop pods, interesting thing those, but... Something about it still felt abit off... Something about dropping from the sky onto the ground in a metal pod felt... Unsafe? But he was no artificer, maybe it was magic? He wasn't much of a magician either really, he could only make his aura last for an hour...

The young man continued to think of this, looking deep in thought as he looked over the side of the ship.

How high was the sky kingdom...? How many people go there...? Are they all self sufficent?

Maybe they were going to a dead land and they don't even know it?

Part of him... feels...

Excited for the prospect.

Not for the death but the adventure, maybe there'd be a hidden treasure up there!!

Really he figured he should go on a proper adventure one day but many things kept tripping him up... But... What he really wanted was to see to that monster issue... The Kingdom of Rotia... Has been under siege forever, it was time folks got together to do something about it...


"Oh goodness you are adorable!!" Finn finally spotted Illya ( Moonberry Moonberry ) and got on his knees down to her level. "So dainty and small, a fairy! How lovely!"
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Copper seemed to not be terribly receptive to Victorique’s founded concern in how they sounded.. “We are heading to the nearest Sky Kingdom tribe’s Island from our location which will be least likely to react in a hostile way according to my research!” Copper explained.

Copper lit up upon hearing that Victorique was pleased with the indoor smoking area and that the ship was ‘neat’. “Of course it’s neat! I made it after all! I hope that your feedback reflects it’s neatness when our trip is all done!, and yes I know that is a habit which many organics who will likely be in the economic class to ride this machine partake in, so it is only natural!”

Kane Blackburne

Kane looked up a bit surprised hearing the small figure, watching her descend. She didn’t appear particularly threatening as far as he could tell, not that he was probably going to admit to anyone but she was actually pretty cute at that.

He shrugged a bit. “Doesn’t bother me.” He said in response. “The name’s Kane Blackburne.” introducing himself to Illya, not that he necessarily expected her to be terribly interested in him, but he figured giving a name was a pretty typical thing to do.

Copper looked up “Ooooohhhh hello there! Yes! I can gather more data on those who are in a different size class if you ride with us, and you should not be terribly resource intensive because of your size! Welcome! I’m sure that you’ll start no trouble!”

Eliza Talton
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“I suppose we will Finn~”

Eliza listened to Victorique, a bit of a pout forming when she mentioned how Finn was being pretty unreceptive to her words, that much was true so far. The pout shifted into a bit of a smirk and then a giggle,

“You don’t really think he actually likes that do you? I guess the only way to find out is to try like you say…if it’d be a tad well..improper..but I’ve already hung around an executioner and dont’ think it gets too much more improper than that..and of course not, if he duels one it’ll be against one of the guards or my brothers, I haven’t forgotten about our special time…thank you for the support.” She replied back softly to Victorique as a means to be somewhat reassuring it seemed.

For now Eliza stayed near Finn, looking observing as he greeted the smoll winged one. “Salutations, traveler, I’m Eliza Talton.” She’d give a curtsey Illya’s way. “And she is darling isn’t she?~” She said looking between her and Finn.

Through Victorique’s observation skills she’d see a small bluish magical outline for what sort of looked like the outline of some sort of hatch or door nearby where the bots had come through that definitely looked like she could fit through if she so desired.

Kane chuckled a bit when Victorique said it was a double negative, this was the sort of thing which frankly he wasn’t that good at figuring out. He wasn’t the best at reading, nor writing, so as far as Victorique’s observations they were generally pretty interesting to him and sometimes entertaining like this.
After Victorique finished speaking to Illya,

Unit #2 piped up in response “There are travel paths throughout the ship we can use!”

Unit #3 replied sounding even a bit more stilted than the others, “oooh me meeeee Let me show you where the reading room is!”

“Ha Ha! You’re welcome! I hope you find the journey pleasant! Just make sure to keep in mind feedback! There are writing utensils and parchment located in the reading room should you want to record any thoughts Squink!” Copper replied before eventually they were off.

Kane promptly followed Victorique presumably and Unit #3 to the reading room.
The space was a decent size enough to fit multiple people if need be but not a full scale library, instead a carpeted room with some comfy chairs, a lower table between them, a fireplace like area with some shelves on either side of the walls with books of all sorts of topics some on magic, machines, Duchy history, some Philosophical classic works, poems, nation’s bestiaries, as well as a decent collection of novels from action and mystery, to romance. It was pretty clear whoever made Copper was monied or perhaps Copper was themselves as texts like this weren’t exactly inexpensive, more signs that this ship was intended for a wealthier audience to ride between the smoking area and now reading area.

As Copper said there was a small wooden receptacle on the table with lots of parchment pages stacked neatly and some interesting looking runic decorated pens. For lighting the room had some magitech lamps which could be adjusted through a dial.

Unit #3 opened the door to the space and announced, “This is the reading room! I hope you’ll find something you’d like to read! If you really can’t find anything there might be some more books in storage.”

“Please make yourself at home, is there anything else I can assist you with?”
The short bot asked diligently.

“Even I gotta admit pretty nice place huh? At least it looks like they thought about the design? Not really my area of forte but even I can tell that much.” Kane commented to no one in particular looking around.

Those on the airship would have some time to go where they pleased as Copper left the scene and got the ship ready as they said they were going too. Rather than a proper intercom system in the main areas people would be there was a sort of metallic horn which jutted out of the wall and from that the stilted voice of Copper which was somewhat muffled could be heard.

“Ladies, Gentlemen and everything else! We will be departing very shortly, I would suggest you find somewhere comfortable during ascent!”

With the warning put in place those who heard would have time to get ready if they weren’t already and the airship would begin to hum faintly, all the systems lighting up and it wasn’t long before it felt like for those who were on board the ship was moving, that much was clear as the outside environment began to move from the windows and then the airship was heading upwards at a slight angle, as the tether to the earth had been severed, they were now airborne at a steady trajectory.

(Narrator Note: Feel free to denote wherever you went pre ascent if you did.)
Victorique Sopheana
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Victorique was pretty glad she wasn't the focus point of repeated 'oh, so tiny, so cute' comments and sentiments. Honestly, those were pretty bloody annoying. She felt a tad bad for the fairy having to suffer through folk being like that. Then again, perhaps because this one was extraordinarily tiny, she'd learned to cope with it even better than Victorique did? She'd probably figure that out from the fairy's response sooner or later.

Coopers next reply confused her. “Least... didn't you say most first... what?” Did he have some screws loose or was he lying? She had no clue and it annoyed her. As if there weren't enough annoying things already. “I'll definitely need it.” She stated upon the smoking vent. That much was a given.

Then there was Eliza. She didn't even hide the fact she was trying to flirt. No style at all. “I'm an investigator, not a love doctor, but even still, I wouldn't be surprised. Isn't it always true that the stronger they are, the weirder the stuff they're into? Being into getting scolded might be the most innocent of his likes.” She theorised. “Then again, I'd wager the chance of him being dense are fairly high as well. When you reach a certain level of capabilities you might become unapproachable and if you're not used to being approached you'll stop seeing the signs of someone actually trying to do so.” She sighed, how much was this possible entertainment worth? A fair bit, she reckoned. “I'd say go for it, be a bit playful, make him laugh. Stuff like that might get his attention. Or treat him like a dog. He does give off some golden retriever vibes, no?” She added the latter, hiding the fact whether she was serious or not.

Honestly, she was growing more and more interested in just hopping into the Unit network to see how that'd go, but decided against it. For now at least. As she followed the unit to the reading room, which was surprisingly neat. “I don't suppose you unites serve tea, or do you?” She figured she might as well ask, as the unit asked what else it could help with. Meanwhile, she headed over to some of the books. “It's pretty nice indeed.”

She took out some crime novel, read through the first pages, then sighed. “Make you think it's the gardener, reveal it's the butler.” She skipped to the last pages. “Yep.” She picked up another one. “The classic. It's the writer's perspective themselves that committed the murder.” She flipped to the end. “Yep.” She sighed. “Even in my early career I wrote better stuff than this...” She grumbled, suddenly realising she'd been talking about her previous life. “Eh, never mind, I guess I'll browse the educational stuff.” She quickly brushed it off.

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