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Graded [Kingdom of Rotia, Traveling through the Sky] The Little Airship That Could


Illyas fuschia colored eyes studied Victorique as she corrected her speech. She nodded slowly and thoughtfully. She hopped so that she was now sitting on the back of the chair, swinging her feet as she listened to those around her speak and introduce themselves.

"I won't be trying to cause trouble. I suppose." She gave her best smile to the short blonde. "But it sure seems to like me. Just my luck I suppose." She chuckled, looking at Squink and shrugging. "Aye it's a terrible world out there I suppose. But people tend not to notice me." She smiled and nodded to Kane and Copper. Then blinked when Finn crouched down to get a closer look. With his proximity, she did the first thing that came to her mind. Since he was close enough, she leaned foward, staring at him with her big eyes. Then reached out and, "Boop!" She touched his nose with her tiny finger. Laughing as soon as she did. "My names Illya Melondew. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She pushed herself up then, getting a running start and jumping off the back of the chair. For a split second she fell, before the mechanism kicked in and the little filigree wings began to buzz and lift her up. She moved to hover near Eliza, tilting her head curiously. "Ms. Thalton....I can't tell. Are you trying to court the blonde Finn? And Ms. Investigator disapproves of him?" The little fae genuinely seemed curious.

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Pleased to have gotten to meet the pixie, Squink awaited the experience of the airship's launch as she momentarily remembered that things might be shakily on lift-off and cautiously sat herself at one of the seats at the observation window so that she could get to see the take-off without any worry of falling over or whatever else could happen. Nodding to Copper once he told her about the writing material in the reading room, perhaps she would go for a little walk-about later in order to tour the airship at her own rate to see what it would have to offer. Otherwise she would just have to catch up or go looking for the others who was also on the trip. Not sure where Oden was going to go, Squink looked to the owlkin with a soft expression as she sat.

"It's okay if you have somewhere else if you're interested in going, I'm probably just gonna sit here for a little while until I've seen enough. I'll have to find that detective girl later as well so I can do a mind-thing, plus I wanna see everything else this airship has to offer. I'll surely have time though, I don't wanna be a burden on your trip, I'm sure you wanna enjoy it or spend it the way you want... " Squink said, since she had been around Oden for an awfully long time already and did enjoy her presence greatly, but perhaps others weren't gonna have the same excitement or motivations for the trip as she did.

"I'll probably come looking or walking around later, I'll make sure to remember all my notes to tell you about it, Mr. Copper sir! I'll be just here for a few minutes or so until I've enjoyed the sights for a bit!" Squink answered to him before he had left, giving a quaint little wave in delight to him and the others in the group. She'd have time to talk and get to know them better later, but there was only one chance she got to enjoy take-off. She peacefully awaited watching through the window, hoping that this trip was truly a sign of better things to come to her. Well, that and meeting another ilithid back in the Republic too. That was probably the initial sign of her luck starting to rise and better things to come. Oh, the exciting stories she could tell about the things she experienced and people she met once she went back! Hopefully things would have gone swell for the refugees of Natori Village by the time she returned from her adventure to the Sky Kingdom.​

The man was booped, and his heart nearly stopped, his face stayed serene and happy... Until he coughed and abit of blood broke out from his lips. The cuteness was lethal, and it damn well near punctured his heart... He rubbed the blood away and stood up once more. Ah... it reminded him of how mimi was just so unreasonably cute all the time, he missed the girl now... BUT! She had her own adventures to do and she couldn't be under his wing forever!

He had to be a good big brother!


Even if he missed her ever so terribly.

In his thoughts, he totally didn't hear the whole courting thing the little fairy mentioned, but he looked to be rather happy at the moment due to the fairy's favor. "Well, I guess i'll have to be on watch for any trouble, we have so much precious cargo aboard after all hahaha!" the man spoke openly, looking quite jolly at the moment as he.. seemed to apply a small healing spell on his chest for... an odd reason totally not related to cuteness caused internal bleeding.

(-1 hp from cuteness attack)
(+1 hp from F grade heal spell.)
Time: Noon

Temperature: Cool

Place: Experimental Airship, Kingdom of Rotia Airspace

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Kane Blackburne

Kane couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when Victorique said she’d need the smoking area. If she couldn’t figure out what Copper meant, Kane felt pretty dubious that he’d do all that much better and from the looks of things Copper hadn’t been the best at clarifying what he meant exactly nor was picking up on how Victorique wasn’t the most satisfied with his responses.

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM-1.png

Eliza perked up ever so slightly when Victorique continued to speak to her, looking down at her with attention.

A small blush fell upon Eliza’s face as her bit of a smirk continued, leaning in a bit closer, “Oh Victorique you didn’t tell me you had this side of you, I find it most curious that you’re privy to these kinds of interests. She giggled some more after.

Her expression shifted to a bit more of a dejected one when Victorique mentioned how Finn was being pretty dense which was pretty accurate, she let out a bit of a sigh before a bit of a pout developed.

“It doesn’t take a detective to realize that, I simply don’t understand, I’m doing just as I always have, It shouldn’t be too difficult to tell when a lovely lady of noble rights with my abilities is going at it, if he’s having a hard time with me then he must have a most difficult time realizing these signals from the less experienced common folk..”

“The poor guy, I can’t imagine how much harder life must be for him in social interactions..but that’s okay, so he’s a fixer upper, that’s nothing my most noble tutelage cannot correct~”
She said looking more confident and determined.

“Oooh Victorique.” She’d giggle some more.

“You simply mustn’t say things about him like that, He’s a distinguished adventurer, not a dog, but..perhaps there’s some truth to your statement, and your feedback is..taken well, with this mind should I get some results, perhaps I’ll need to help reciprocate and find you someone whose most appropriate~” She said with a bit of suggestion about playing match maker with Victorique.

Kane gave a nod back to Illya unsure of what Victorique and Eliza had been speaking about.
What he was a bit confused about was how violent the reaction was from Finn at this occurring, it looked like some of those sensitive guys he had seen when someone they found attractive said something directed toward them they liked.

Eliza on the other hand actually lit up a bit pink once more as Illya said this. “W-Whatever gave you that idea Illya? I’ve just met him haha.” She responded, waving her hands around a bit in front of her, a bashful almost closed eyed smiling expression falling on her face.

Kane almost instinctively shrugged but paused. “Well then, I’m sure I’ll see you around Illya, goes the same for the rest of you..” He said with a signature grin, before walking off with Victorique to the reading room.

However it wasn’t long before she too noticed that Finn was once again completely oblivious, and it was pretty clear that he was..rather enjoying Illya’s attention.

“Oh look!” She said her eyes lighting up excitedly again, coming back to Finn’s side near where Illya was and she gestured toward the window.

“Well isn’t that a mighty fine view! I imagine it’ll be the best that it’s at now until we return, so we might as well take it in now! I Can’t imagine there’ll be all that much to look at for a while besides the clouds when we get so high..”

Copper had been receptive to Squink’s words giving a thumbs up and words of encouragement “Delighted to hear. You are welcome.” before he was in fact completely gone.

Unit #2 approached the group who remained before announcing stitledly, “If there is anywhere else any of you would like to go, Iii cannnn be of assistance. If not, I can also provide complimentary refreshments for the start of our flight, beverage or sustenance.” It reaffirmed, taking some formalities from Copper it appeared in its use of words.

Unit #2 then made it’s way over to Squink looking curiously at her, “If you do not mind me asking where are you from? You are different then who I usually see.” It spoke matter of fact.

Not all too far off from the doors of the room, four men in blue uniforms came into view with one handed short swords holstered at their sides.
They appeared calm enough as if they were waiting patiently for something.
The airship got higher as time went on, still heading in an upward trajectory. For those who were privy to a view the surrounding buildings in the Kingdom of Rotia became visible over time as the airship went higher and higher gradually. It gave a great view of the landscape and some of the more affluent buildings which were near the Talton owned land.

Even higher and distant villages came into view, roads, the magic gates for transportation, and the more secure routes afforded to those who were privileged and wealthy enough to move through the Kingdom despite the challenges with monsters.

In response to Victorique’s quiry Unit #3 was at attention. “I can do that miss! I can bring some other refreshments if you are interested too.”

Unit #3 then went through some hatch again and after some time came back with a modest sized rectangular menu which had language translations for all the main civilized ones as well as common, which listed a variety of teas, as well as some diverse baked goods, pretty much what you’d want for a proper tea party, behind on the menu there was a reduced alcohol menu.

UNit #3 placed it down on the table before going to stand by.

In the reading room Kane watched Victorique once again partake in activities which he did not feel particularly skilled at, he doubted he would have predicted any of this. The educational section was pretty diverse between offensive, defensive, utility, and practical magic, the aforementioned Roran history, the Beastearies however there was a smaller older looking more ornate book which might have been of interest, it seemed to be related to the Sky Kingdom, discussing how the tribal groups were on different floating islands and certain tribes were more racially mixed than others, and that attitudes varied between tribes. It was pretty clear the book was written by someone who had asked adventurers and those who had traveled there and compiled the information so it might have been dubious how much of it all was exactly true but it was still a semi helpful resource of the bunch. If Victorique was interested in reading into it there was probably some more information there to be had specifically.

“Hm, must be helpful being able to read like that.” Kane said, not exactly outright saying he was challenged by it, since Victorique was well advanced beyond many.

“Your mind is sharp as ever too..”

“Anything interesting?”
He’d ask after a while of being quiet, sort of just taking a seat in one of the chairs in contemplation, setting his ax aside.

"Hmhmhm, it really is lovely. Though it also makes me abit fearful of the drop... At least the ship seems stable on its launch." He tapped his foot on the floor, giving the fairy and Eliza and appraising, not the skill, look. "You seem fine with this height Ms Talton, I suppous with the Fuller you can attain this easy enough." The young knight noticed something... A glimmer in her eye... her stance... The light fading blush...

With how close she was... It seems...

Its possible...

Thats shes infatuated with the cute little fairy to!

Thats relieving, he was worried he might be alone in appreciation for the small and cute!

Though, wait, Noble of Rotia, he had a chance here to talk about getting in on the war effort with the monsters... Hrmm...

The blonde knight stared into Eliza's eyes for a moment, his baby blues sparkling in the light coming from the window, the light draft within the ship tosseling his locks... A hand scratched his chin before he spoke... His tone soft and albeit abit cautious.

"Ms.Talton, may I ask a question?"
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Squink was busy watching the sights as one of the units had asked the question about her origin once more, a thing that so many people always seemed inclined to ask even though so many also assumed she was of aquatic origin. Sighing softly, it felt like she was likely never going to escape the curious ire of onlookers, even constructs who were supposed to be present of assistance. As Eliza had put, there might be a time where the view became naught but clouds and obscured vision so it was best to enjoy it while it lasted. Since it appeared the other flight passengers were already planning to spend their time elsewhere, or as seen with Finn that they were distracted by Illya or their own whims amidst one another, she supposed perhaps at least talking to the unit provided with something to spend her mind doing. That, and it wasn't like she had properly talked about her origin with anyone else yet. She couldn't put a finger on it when Oden had first asked but remembered more during her time waltzing and wandering about, but hadn't thought to talk about or bring it up yet since there didn't seem to be any reason to.

"Uh, w-well, I'm not from the water or stuff, because people keep saying I look like I am. I guess I'm from somewhere, l-like really far away, that I can't really go now? I-I think it's somewhere maybe like way up... there? B-but I'm not sure" Squink nervously mumbled, unsure if such a thing even seemed credible at all to say as she awkwardly pointed out the window up at the sky, much higher than they were.
"U-up there where it's really dark and stuff, but I don't know or remember how I got down here. At least, I think that's what I remember... There was really big cities, and night forever, and people were... " she hesitated in thought, looking at the unit and the other people in comparison.

"I guess, a-a lot more roboty, o-or squishy or slimy. Maybe like me, w-well not the slimy part. It's a little weird to explain, I haven't found out really anything about it... maybe the Sky Kingdom will know something... " the ilithid pondered quietly to themself as they looked towards the men in blue who had arrived. Not having recognised them earlier, she softly asked Unit 2 in a quiet tone.

"Who are they? I-I don't recall seeing them earlier. Is it really okay to allow people to just, have weapons and stuff, on a public airship ride?.. " Squink asked.​

Illya hovered in the air, following Eliza around. She waved to Kane as he left for another area with Victorique. Although she flinched and made her self a little less noticable when she glimpsed the men with swords at the entrance of the ship. But as she witnessed the oblivious denseness of the puppy dog like blonde boy. She crossed her arms and sighed, shaking her head. After a moment she pointed to Finns shoulder and asked,

"Do you mind if I sit on your shoulder? It's best not to make the mechanics work unnecessarily. I suppose." She waited a few seconds, blinking up at him, before she went ahead and made herself comfortable on his shoulder. Sitting crisscross style, the small humming of her wings coming to a stop. She smiled up at Eliza. Waiting for her to respond to Finn. She gave a small thumbs up and a rather obvious wink.
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Time: Afternoon

Temperature: Outside Cool, Inside Airship comfortable.

Place: Experimental Airship, The Sky

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Kane Blackburne

For the time being Kane idled around the reading room, deciding to go where Victorique felt like. She was someone who he knew and someone who he had gotten along with before, causing him to gravitate toward her to begin with. He partook in some tea himself, it being something he associated with those in higher classes drinking, so he figured he might as well enjoy that, the Unit bringing some over upon request.

Beyond that he was in thought. What was he going to do in this Sky Kingdom besides protect Victorique? There was more to do than that he knew that much. So many would never make it ot the Sky Kingdom to begin with, never would he have imagined an opportunity like this with the type of job which he had to go anywhere like this. Maybe they’d have some interesting technology in the Sky Kingdom or equipment he could use to enhance his capabilities, it wasn’t a bad idea to be well geared if the crown suddenly decided you needed to go and carry out an execution order on someone dangerous, even if he knew for now he was pretty much going to be on block duty as many in the lower ranks were.

For now he got to relax a tad as it seemed like the ship was working properly. He sipped the tea and leaned back in one of the chairs, yeah this stuff was pretty good, he could see why wealthy people liked having this sort of stuff at social events.

Eliza Talton
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9.34.13 PM-1-1.png

“Awh, that's no problem at all Finnegan, it’s a completely understandable concern! Not even many accomplished adventurers like yourself can say that rode in something like this so high up, but I have good faith in Copper besides his..somewhat eccentric personality, the person who constructed him, Merasmus Juepreld, is truly rather accomplished in the Duchy of Roran, I’ve met him myself and my family has had him over as a guest.”

“But right you actually are!! My Fuller is quite good at flying. The main reason Victorique, myself, and Kane didn’t take it up to the Sky Kingdom was due to energy consumption concerns and not having an easy place for it to rest properly, it would certainly strain the system to be active in the air for two days or so, perhaps with some modifications it’d be doable...”

Eliza took notice of Illya moving and asking to go to Finn’s shoulder. She actually had a bit of a skeptical look almost arise on her face, between how Finn had reacted to Illya first and now this..but the skepticism was quelled when she saw Illya give her a thumbs up and a wink to which she resumed smiling and gave a bit of a nod back, and a mouthed ‘thank you’ in common.

When she saw Finn looking at her like that she paused for a moment as if she had been in thought and a warm smile formed on her face, as she admired his face,

“Of course you may, what’s on your mind?” She inquired with a warm tone with perhaps a tinge of nervousness, outwardly looking pretty pleased.

Unit #2
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png

“Oh? I would not have known either way, I assumed you were from the [Beast] classification, so I thought perhaps you were from one of the known places within the realm under a clan or family I was unaware of.”

“That does sound reallllllllllly far away!”
Unit #2 exclaimed further at hearing her explain that.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember! It sounds like a neat place! Roboty is good! It sounds more like where my creator and others like me come from than other places!”

“If anyone will know anything about a far away place even higher up, The sky Kingdom is not a bad place to search, so I can understand why you came on this journey!”

Unit two tilted it’s head when she spoke more softly as it looked over at the men in blue with the weapons before it responded,

“To my understanding with what the boss said, it’s okay because this is a test flight, normally we would ask people for any sorts of weapons for secure storage, as well as appraise them but in their case even if this was a normal flight that wouldn’t be required, you see those are actually Miss Talton’s family body guards so they shouldn’t be of any harm unless you endanger her.”

Unit #2 spoke with confidence at this , getting closer to squink.

“Were there any roboty ones like me from where you came from?” getting a bit sidetracked, sounding excited as it asked her.

For now the armed men stayed idling in the room.
For now the journey was going smoothly as the airship had successfully ascended into the sky, with a much more gradually increase every now and again, seeming to hold up well enough. The view of what was below eventually getting covered by some clouds every now and again. The Sky gradually shifting to a later in the day hue as it was shifting to the afternoon. From what those on board could tell everything was on schedule and going to plan, as the air ship continued to head toward the Sky Kingdom.
Victorique Sopheana
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All things considered, Victorique had been somewhat confused by Eliza's replies. Was she privy to those types of interests? Mostly not, she just hoped it'd be a good sort of entertainment. Although perhaps that was what being privy to them entailed in this case? She held back a chuckle at Eliza's lack of self-awareness that her noble status likely didn't matter much to a dense guy like the one she was shooting for. She didn't warn her either, as that confusion might only make her attempts more fun to observe for now. Only when Eliza offered to reciprocate the 'aid' did she answer as to not time-bend too much to Eliza's statement... “Perhaps.” She honestly wasn't that eager to look for a partner, but she also considered the idea of Eliza trying to hook her up to be a chance of some good entertainment, so she didn't want to let that thought of hers die instantly.

Truthfully, Victorique was highly positively surprised by the 'menu' she was offered. “Seems like we won't be starved for quality food and drinks here.” A slight smile displayed on her face. She normally didn't bother (or earn) enough to get some decent quality products, so this was a really nice change of pace. Ordering one of the fancier sounding tea types and a croissant, she'd wait for the Unit to return, hoping the quality was as good as the menu suggested it to be.

She was a tad surprised when Kane mentioned reading. “I guess I could try teaching you?” She asked, not sure how great of a teacher she'd be, but still willing to give it a go at least. When he asked of there was anything interesting, she shrugged. “Magic types, Roran history, Beastearies... Oh! Here's one on the Sky Kingdom. That's probably a good one to read, seeing we're going there.” She stated, taking out the book. “Seems like it's a compilation of what other adventures told the writer about their experiences there... hmm, it's also topical about the different tribes, but considering Cooper was really unclear about which one we were going too... wait...” She figured she might as well try something. “Unit, do you know which of these tribes we're going to? If not, can you attempt to get Cooper to tell you so you can inform us?” She figured the constructs might be a tad less dodging the question amongst themselves.

She turned back to Kane. “Anyhow, let me try to commit this to memory.” She stated, glossing through the pages using her [Eidetic Memory] feature to ensure she'd pretty much backed up all that seemed relevant from this book.
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TheTimePiece TheTimePiece

Squink wasn't all that surprised by any assumptions the bot had about her, listening to what he had to say about the place she described as she nodded.
"Roboty is probably good, it means they're smart and stuff right? That makes sense?.. " she mumbled awkwardly as she looked to the bot, before curiously looking over to who were introduced as being bodyguards for Ms. Talton, thinking that she tended to run into a lot of powerful or famous people it felt like for how little and insignificant she was in the grand scheme of everything going on in the world. Michael made it sound like it was sure easy to have confidence and find purpose, but it felt like something that she could spend her entire life running around trying to find.

She was a little surprised to hear that the bot unit was so interested in hearing about where she was from, but more expectant that it was about the possibility of bots the likes of itself. Stifling a small, soft giggle at the bot's cute interest, she intently thought about it for a moment as she looked to him.
"Hmm, I suppose so. Maybe they'd be a bit more glowy or have more lights since it was, usually really dark and there had to be a lot of lights? But I can imagine there being robots like yourself" Squink answered with a small smile, letting into her urge to gently lean down and pat the unit on the head like it was a child. Glancing out the window, it would seem like good viewing wasn't going to be as easy for the time being, so she just put her hands on her hips as she looked to the unit in thinking.

"I guess you don't have a name, hmm... you really look like you should have a name. I'm gonna call you... not Sparky, that's too overdone. What abooouut.... Iro! I'll call you Iro when you're here, I'm not gonna remember all the numbers he calls you by. A-are you allowed to have names?... " Squink smiled with delight, before being unsure if she was gonna get into a lot of trouble by naming one of the units just because she thought it was a cute little funny robot guy.​

The knight sighed lightly, closing his eyes for a moment, then opening them with a smile that vould only really be home on a hapylpy dog.

"I mean to join the effort on pushing back the monsters upon the front, but I lack a true introduction to the Kingdom... I have some measure of ability, and reknown, but I fear I've little experience with nobility...

As much as I could simply throw myself into the fight, I've learned... I must apply myself correctly and find good allies...

I hope to call you one, though I wouldn't simply say to be so so suddenly, I am willing to prove myself as needed...


He paused a moment and sighed.

"I wish to protect, but find myself often lead astray... I need good friends to help me see which way is up, I have strength but no understanding of what i'm walking into..." the man lowered his eyes now, looking abit saddened now by his own inability to underatand politics. "I have... A good feeling about you however, and thats not me saying i'm asking you because your beautiful." He definitly clarifies that, though a little blush appears on the bridge of his nose.

Though he spoke, his eyes glanced toward the little friend on his shoulder, he couldn't help but... Look a little giddy, a hand laid lightly near his shoulder, just on his chest. "Kindness, is rarer than most would believe these days."
Illya Melondew

TheTimePiece TheTimePiece Orikanyo Orikanyo
The little fairy sat on Finns shoulder, arms folded neatly across her chest. As she listened, she found herself nodding along to his words, her lips slowly spreading into a wide smile. By the time he was finished with his question, Illya was letting out a small laugh.

"Ohohoho! And here I'd presumed the young maiden required mine aid. But behold! Your words filled with the grace of the wind itself. Continue, Do continue your sweet adulations! In the world of word play, earning new allies through a symphony of praise is a most potent spell of binding. I suppose." She chuckled and kicked her feet rhythmically and lightly against Finns shoulders. She looked over to Eliza then, with an almost feline grin. Watching how Ms. Talton handled the praise and attention. Hopefully she didn't pass out from all the blood rushing to her rosy cheeks.
Time: Later Afternoon

Temperature: Outside Cool, Inside Airship comfortable.

Place: Experimental Airship, The Sky

Mention: Elvario Elvario Moonberry Moonberry Orikanyo Orikanyo Femboy Femboy SilverFeathers SilverFeathers

Kane Blackburne

“You don’t say, I was pretty impressed by the looks myself, but I guess it’s expected for the types who’ll be able to afford to ride in this kind of thing.”

Kane replied, looking over to her. The warm tea he was drinking had some nice herbal notes to it.

Unit #3 would also bring a variety of teas and the croissant which she desired. Thankfully it didn’t look like Copper or whoever was responsible for the menu had been lying as all things considered it was pretty easy to tell the pleasantly warmed croissant was created from high quality ingredients. The teas themselves were as what they were described to be on the menu.

When Victorique mentioned she could try teaching him, Kane looked a bit surprised. “Huh? Who said I couldn’t read?” He picked up one of the books off the shelf seemingly randomly and opened it up to a random page as if to prove a point.

“A…potion..of..poly...polymo..polymor..” Kane was rather slow to get through the words he did and when he got to the word polymorph it was clear he wasn’t sure how to say it or what sounds were supposed to be made.

He eventually paused after an extended period of time trying to get through the sentence and stopped, letting out a bit of a sigh. “Well..if you’d like to help since we’re friends and all I guess that’d be okay…” He reluctantly replied.

He did perk up a bit when she mentioned the Sky Kingdom, yeah that one sounded pretty good and topical.

“...That’d be pretty good to know about right about now..”

Unit #3
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png

“Huh!? The boss didn’t tell you? We’re heading to the sky island which has the Hallsson tribe on it!” Unit #3 exclaimed excitedly after its genuine sounding tone of surprise.

“Hallsson? Interesting name.”

Should Victorique look for information on the Hallsson tribe in the book across accounts while committing it to memory:
The Hallsson tribe is a tribe known for mighty warriors across multiple accounts. It is composed mostly of Winged humans, Fae, and beasts. People’s first contact described them as being hospitable and friendly to some and not very friendly to others. There were a couple experiences mentioning experiencing discrimination based on being from the plains of the ground but not nearly enough to conclude that is an opinion held in the majority. Impressive information archiving and record keeping was also mentioned.

Kane waited patiently while Victorique did that continuing to have at his tea meanwhile Unit #3 waited by at attention encase there was anything else it could do for them or answer.

Unit #2 “Iro”
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png

Unit #2 nodded it’s head yes enthusiastically when Squink equated roboty with good meaning they were smart, it seemed ot make sense to Unit #2 at least.

It did a little hop in place when she giggled. “More glowy? I think it’d be pretty awesome if the boss made it so I could glow differently than I do! If I stand in a dark room the areas where my insides are exposed glow but why not make the metal on my body be able to glow optionally too? With the right magic i bet you could do it, maybe even change colors!”

It looked pleased to hear her say she could imagine there being bots like itself. “Of course there are! Any place that’s advanced enough should have constructs like me! I’m very useful after all!” he reasserted.

“Which reminds me, despite our current conversation, I’ll reiterate just let me know if you’d like anything.”

It was even more excitable when she patted it.

“I never heard the boss say it wasn’t okay for someone else to call us someeeething elseeee, so I dunno what the problem would be, you can call me Iro if you like, I like the name, it sounds cool like me.” Iro Chortled with a bit of stiltedness in the voice once again.

“I hope you can find out more then! I am still learning to socialize so I hope that I didn’t ask anything too personal there, feel free to correct me if need be!”

Regardless Iro seemed pretty content to chat as long as Squink felt inclined.

Eliza Talton

Eliza looked pretty pleased when Victorique had essentially consented to matchmaking efforts before she left.
In the present however Eliza looked at Finn, focused, a bit of concern developing visibly on her face when she heard him sigh, however it was relieved when she saw that incredibly warm smile.

Her expression was a bit more serious when he mentioned joining the effort on pushing back monsters on the front.

She nodded when he mentioned his ability and renown and the fact that he had little experience with the nobility.

When Finn was speaking so retrospectively, Eliza was actually a bit visibly surprised, before her expression shifted back to one of serious listening.

She continued to look up at him a bit, but what seemed to get her well beyond the one who gave off serious anime protagonist vibes, was how he was admitting his own lack of expertise which wasn’t easy to do he clinched it by saying she was beautiful which caused her relatively more serious look to shift into a more bashful one with a pinkish red hue forming on her relatively fair skinned face.

“R-right..well..you say that you have little experience with nobility but..you’re doing just fine with me Finnegan. You’re being honest.. With that said, I’d be..more than happy to get to know you better and.. assist you with this noble goal of yours.” She finally got out, with a warm smile, the blush becoming a bit less pronounced over time as she spoke.

“I am sure you understand the gravity of what you are suggesting, however, working toward such a goal will be dangerous, even if it is for the good of people, but I’m certain you know that much already..just, please like you’ve acknowledged areas which you wish to work on, even if you are renown in your combat abilities..some of these monsters and enemies of the Kingdom of Rotia are incredibly dangerous, just make sure you know what you’re getting into before doing something bold..as you say, applying yourself properly is essential in matters like these.” She replied, her face looking a bit more serious again.

“If you still feel this admirable conviction when we have returned from this journey we can certainly work toward what needs to be accomplished so that you can meet more of the right people and make more connections, I can help you meet some of these people and assist you in learning the etiquette required if you feel you are lacking…the Kingdom of Rotia could certainly use more such as yourself, and I will agree, kindness is a virtue, and I have a good feeling about you too.” She finally paused.

Then looking to Illya with a smile too, “Oh come now Illya..naturally he was capable of such words, I’m certain you can sense as I can there is something about him most profound, something about the way I feel even now..he’s already developed himself well beyond where many do.” She stated as if she thought from the get go Finn was capable of being a compelling speaker despite how his lack of awareness at the start wouldn’t have yielded that assessment to most

“And what about yourself?..If you don’t mind me asking Illya, do you have a greater ambition you are working toward? Perhaps you are looking for allies yourself?” She asked with a smile, sounding genuinely interested in the questions she posed.
Eventually the cloudy area would pass and a view of the shifting ground below would come into view again, the light in the sky shifting to suggest the day was getting later as more dynamic warm and sparing cool colors became apparent in the sky.
Victorique Sopheana
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“It definitely has a lot of upper-class vibes to it.” Victorique replied to Kane. That said, she chuckled a bit when he reacted surprised on the topic of him not reading. “I wasn't, I was intending to refer to the fact that, and these were your own words 'must be helpful being able to read like that', and help you get your speed-reading down. Yet it sounds like I'd have to start at the very basics then?” She slightly teased him, as his attempt to read polymorph was already enough of a sign of his current reading level.

Upon his reluctant reply, she couldn't help chuckle again. “It's better to be unable to do something and willing to learn it than to be able to do something but unwilling to improve upon it.” She figured that might fly over his head without some context. “What I'm saying is that you shouldn't feel ashamed and that I'd gladly teach you.”

Luckily enough, the Unit finally have her an answer. “Thanks, good unit.” She stated, unsure if their intellect was dog-level, but it sort-off seemed like treating them as good-boys would be the way to go.

She'd share her findings with Kane. “Seems like they are warrior types of various winged race trees. It also seems they are pretty selective in whom they welcome and whom they won't, but it doesn't mention a lot of the how or why. Well, I guess it suggest they don't like folk from plains? Perhaps they're racist against non-winged people or something. Worst case I'll have to ask the [Spirit of Wind] for some help impressing them.” She mentioned the spirit companion she'd gotten after reaching her Lightfoot Halfling status. She hadn't interact all that much with it, but it was nice to know it'd likely be there if needed. She lit up at the next bit. “Great, they're known for their record keeping and information archiving. That sounds like the ideal place to finally learn more about titles again!” She was actually sounding more excited than normal at that bit.

However, having gone through most of the books, having finished her tea and croissant, she sighed. “I'm already getting bored...” She mumbled, until she recalled something. “I'm going to find the tentacled gal. I'm still curious what that mind-reading is about.” She stated as she hopped off of her chair.

The purple gal in black wasn't difficult to find again, as the ship wasn't that big and she stood out a lot. “Hey, Squink, did you get your stuff sorted to try that mind-reading thing?” She asked, getting straight down to business.
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"That would be really cool, maybe he'd agree with it if he thought making the airship all colourful and pretty would make it nicer. Imagine a bright, glowing airship flying across the night sky, I'm sure everyone who would see that would want to ride it. Giving you guys to be able to be different colours would help tell you apart from eachother. N-no offense, you look a bit similar to me... " Squink answered about the glowy thing, sheepishly fidgeting with her hands as her facial tentacles recoiled to her face in embarrassment over the idea of not being able to tell robots of the same model apart. She didn't know how much a robot would feel badly about being told that even if they were made the same, since she also wasn't expecting this unit to be so cheerful and joyous in talking and hearing from her.

Glad that it wouldn't be of any trouble if the unit had a name, Squink shook her head.
"It's okay, you're doing fine. Thank you for talking to me and being helpful. I think you're the cutest bot I've met, w-which probably isn't saying much but I think you are. Do you get to talk to people or do other things often? How long have you been working with Mr. Copper for? I'm sure you've probably gotten to do a lot of exciting stuff" she asked curiously as she hesitated a moment.
"Now you ask, I maybe haven't eaten much on the way here and could use a little something to eat or drink if that's okay. I-it doesn't have to be a lot or much or anything, I don't want to be a burden or seem gluttonous or anything... " she answered, quieting her voice not wanting to ask for a whole lot just so it wouldn't be troublesome. Whilst she was asking this, she heard a voice asking her name as she looked to Victorique who was asking about mind reading. Looking down to the other small being, she remembered the catalyst thingy that Copper gave her.

"O-oh, yes, I did. I should be able to try that now! Please uh, maybe be a little careful what you choose to think about. Maybe there's something you don't like other people knowing or you're thinking mean and rude things about someone" she smiled with a small gleeful delight, since this was the first time she was getting to try and read someone's mind. Taking and gently clutching the metal wand-rod thingy that Copper had given her earlier, she tried to pry into the mind of Victorique since she had already said about letting the ilithid try to do so at any point earlier. Hopefully she shouldn't find or hear something in the short girl's head that she wasn't supposed to know.

1. Use Gaslight to read Victorique's mind. (Using E-Grade Catalyst)​
  • Gaslight: Magic (E) + Psionic Magic Domain (F)(Indirect Affinity) + Telepathy (F) + Seduction (F) - Use enhanced capabilities to invade the mind of a target using mental powers in order to converse, listen in or even just speak into their mind. Seduction assists with convincing and gaslighting people into doing things. (Range=30ft) (E Grade) (1 Post Cooldown)
Victorique Sopheana
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She chuckled a bit at being told to be careful what to think about. “No worries, I'll come up with something.” The last part in particular almost made her laugh. “I'm honest enough to say the rude parts, rather than just think them.” She stated, knowing herself well enough to know she wasn't always the most tactically polite with others. “Well then, give it your best.” She'd encourage Squink, as she thought up a topic to focus upon.

First, she recalled the visit to Edric's place in Widersia. The food she'd shared with her fellow halflings. Just a general recollection of what it looked, smelled at tasted like.

Second, she'd let her mind wander to the scenery around Norroburry lake. The mountain, the lake, the large boarding house. Just some of the cool nature impressions she'd gotten there.

As she did so, she was also recalling Rachael. The half-giant girl dressed in a bunny outfit. Of course, knowing her mind was read, she didn't want to think about that one particular moment Rachael had stopped directly in front of her and ended up accidentally giving her a lot more of a view than she bargained for when she looked up from her particular height-challenged angle and realised just how relatively short Rachael's skirt was. Needlessly to say, the moment she realised she shouldn't recall it, she did recall it, which made her sigh as she activated [Mind Shield B] to shut Squink out. Best not to linger on such things.

“Well, I'm not sure how much you managed to mind-read, but that last one wasn't intended. It seems to be more difficult not to focus on something when you know you shouldn't be recalling it.” She clicked her tongue. “Still, though, how much of it all did you see?” She was less annoyed by having shared a memory not entirely fit for sharing than she was curious to learn what Squink had been able to pick up on.

"Oh I'm certain our little friend is quite the capable sort!" a finger tapped the tip of the fairy's boot, he seemed to be quite happy to have her on his shoulder... Though he might be abit boteing upon the little one. "Ah if I had a cookie i'd love to watch..." the blonde man was lost in the cuteness... before he cleared his head.

"Many thanks, lady Talton. I'll be certain to have myself at your disposal after this so we can keep up the good work.

...Or.. however it's suppoused to go, blast... i should have asked Regula about how to speak to people in upper society.. Feel so stiff..." the knight admitted, looking abit embaressed with himself... Though he started to notice he hadn't actually looked to see what the skies looked like from above.

...Or wait... Was he above or within the skies?

What did clouds feel like?

All this time he had been...


Thats why he was here in the first place!

He had to taste the clouds, this was very important.

"Was.. There anyway to get on deck of this ship..? touch a cloud perhaps..? I need to for... Erhm..." he cleared his throat...

"...Scientific... reasoning..."

The little fairy pushed a boot against Finns finger as she listened to the pair speak. Wincing slightly when Ms. Talton asked about her purpose. She spared a nervous glance towards the entrance, where the men with swords had been. It took her a moment to think on what exactly she should say. As 'Oh just running from some hired goonies of an insane racist fairy enthusiast.' Didn't sound like it would mesh well with the conversation topic. She was greatful for Finn filling in the silence, but finally she cleared her throat, nodding along with Finns words.

"Well...since my wings got torn off, I haven't been able to fly very far I suppose. I was hoping that this height would indeed raise my spirits. " She crossed her arms and nodded assuredly. Better than "I hid on board so I'm technically a stowaway."
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Busy for the moment waiting for her answers from Iro since she was currently doing mind-reading stuff with Victorique, she tried her best to focus on the contents of the girl's minds with her capabilities as she tried to give an understanding of what she saw. She didn't exactly know at all the location or reasoning behind what she could tell, but she did her best to describe while it was happening. Squink witnessed the first memory she had witnessed through Victorique's mind.

"W-well, I see what looks like a big dinner table and feast in some cosy indoor place. It's very... brown and wooden, I guess. I-I don't really know how else to say what I'm looking at. I guess it's maybe more... y-you sized or, something, I-I don't know don't think about that, no offense... " Squink sheepishly mumbled, unsure if describing that things and furniture she could tell felt like they were more fit for the size of people like Victorique. Nevertheless, she eventually saw what she was seeing change to something else. The moments she was describing it could possibly be very reasonably a little lagged behind from the exact moment Victorique was thinking of it just behind newly practicing and reaction time.

"O-oh, it's not the same anymore. I see a bunch of pretty outdoors now, there's a big lake, and mountains, and a really big building in a quaint little town with a blue roooof. This looks very pretty!... " she spoke with a cheerful tone since she felt like the sighting was something that felt a lot more graspable and understandable, which would soon come to an end as eventually she would catch just a glimpse of a surprising sight before finding that her powers suddenly faltered or didn't go along any longer. Faintly blushing and twiddling her thumbs, she awkwardly mumbled a small stutter.

"I d-didn't think they made outfits like that around here. I w-wonder where she got it and in that size... " Squink nervously mumbled before coming back to her own senses, realising she'd just been listing everything out loud.
"N-nothing, I saw those places, I-I don't know anything about a big outfit" she stammered before giving Victorique a nervous look.
"D-do those mean anything? I guess it's maybe not the best description, I-I don't recognise those places at all if they're real or not. O-or people, I guess... " Squink asked.​
Victorique Sopheana
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Upon Squink's description, she nodded. “The first was a place in Widersia, in the Shire, as I was invited for a dinner there by some local celebrity. It was called the Second Breakfast Club. If you'd ever want to try some real food, let me know, I think I'm allowed to bring along some guests the next time I go there.” She'd look at Kane as well, assuming he came along to meet Squink. “Same goes for you, if you'd ever be interested.” As for the 'her-sized' part, she scoffed. “It's not that bad. Just some of the furniture is more appropriately sized, but unlike the other way around, halflings often accommodate for more than just people of their own size.”

“The second place was Norroburry village in Ryke. I went there to catch some bandits and free some hostages.” Truth be told, although it was a bit awkward, she did chuckle at Squink's reaction to the final 'sighting' she'd shared. “I think she had it hand-tailored, although it seems even I can't think about it without my mind straying to the more... inappropriate angle I ended up facing... It's odd how the moment you realise you shouldn't recall something, it's exactly what ends up being on your mind. Not that she seemed to mind having people look at her like that... ” She mumbled the latter sentence. “Anyhow, enough on that topic. You've convinced me that this mind-reading of yours works, so... would you debate working for me? Interrogating and investigating would be so much easier with someone whom can pull the information directly from someone's thoughts.”

On that note, she really figured it'd be great to keep friendly relations with this girl, if only to be able to one day call her in for aid or something. “If you want to try again later, you're welcome to. I can show you some of my trip to the Continental Lake, among other things. Or perhaps I can put up a bit more of a mental barrier to see how much you can break through?” There were definitely options there.
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Kane Blackburne

Thankfully for Kane despite how it might have been embarrassing under different circumstances Victorique was actually pretty nice about it. He wasn’t sure how a noble would have behaved in the same position as she did there, so he could give her kudos for that.

“...If you don’t go to school, and reading more isn’t essential for work, and your parents don’t know how, well you know..uh, that’d be good, I..appreciate it Victorique. I mean I think it’d be pretty useful..It’s not like I can’t read anything but, it’s..not that great in Terran or Common if i’m being honest.”

Unit #3
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png

Unit #3 on the other hand looked pretty ecstatic, “You are saying that my service is satisfactory? Thank you very much! That is the highest form of praise, I was created for this very purpose!” It responded a bit stilted.

Kane listened curiously when Victorique described what she had learned from the book. “Hey long as they don’t start attacking or antagonizing us, shouldn’t be too much of a problem, no more than having to deal with stuck up nobles..” Kane grumbled a bit toward the latter part.

“But sounds like you got a way to help us out like usual, so I’m even less worried.” he continued with a bit of a grin once more.

He chuckled a bit when she mentioned the bored bit, If that was all she went through in such a short period of time he could only imagine how Victorique managed on long trips, it was impressive all things considered.

Kane shrugged before he followed after Victorique. While he had been a bit skeptical upon hearing that Squink had mind reading abilities as far as it being a good idea to let her use them, Victorique seemed to be getting along well with her and had assessed she was safe.

That was good enough for Kane for the time being.

Unit #3 wandered off after the pair left, going into one of the chutes.

Unit #2 “Iro”
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.20.26 PM-1.png

Iro was going to respond but by the time Victorique came in and was interacting with her, the small bot waited patiently and at attention, not wanting to disturb what was transpiring, going from overly excited to collected and polite. However it did not wait all too long

“ Of course! I’ll fetch something nice for you!” Iro then went off to go and get something for Squink to drink and eat presumably.

Kane on the other hand stayed nearby Victroique and watched, every now and again shifting the weight from one leg to the other, keeping a bit of a distance. While Kane was glad Victorique felt fine having her memories read, he on the other hand knew full well that there were memories that wouldn’t be pleasant to be read in the slightest.

He was interested in what would happen though naturally. Well, if Victorique had some control in what was shared, that made things a bit better he reasoned in his mind, with what Squink described.

As Kane listened to the conversation it sounded like pretty mundane stuff, all things considered as far as what Squink had been mind reading except he did raise a brow when Victorique mentioned showing something she shouldn’t have and at the last description which Squink gave.

A bit of a humored smirk forming when she claimed not to know anything and Victorique’s follow up explanation.

“Well I’ll be damned, you can read minds, that’s a pretty useful ability. She’s right though that sort of ability would be pretty useful for the type of work that Victorique gets into, would have been a deal easier if we could have extracted information from Lady Hoyles mind instead…”

“And of course, I’m not gonna turn down some grub with good company, let's plan to meet there at some point then, I’m sure I could get a reason to make my way out to Widersia, and we could all meet up then.”

Kane now spoke to Squink with a more engaged perhaps warmer tone.

Iro came back with a few Orange and Fennel scones as well as a pot of fruity tea and a nice tea cup, carrying it like a waiter would, making their way over beside Squink. Offering them over.

“I hope you’ll find these to be most appropriate! And thank you for your high praise! No one has called me cute before. Maybe if you include in your feedback that glowy metal would look nice, perhaps the boss will take it into consideration! Also I am hardly offended, I am pleased to get to talk to you! He is the one who created me and the others so I have been working with him since I was created! So awhile now, about as long as it took to construct this ship! It can be exciting, I get to travel where he travels, sometimes I and the others get used for demonstrative purposes, it these times when I get to speak to many, and for tests like these depending on how interested they are in talking with me!”
Eliza Talton

“Of course she is~!” Eliza replied with a smile looking to Illya once more. She’d giggle a bit with Finn correcting himself,

“My that’s very bold, I look forward to having you at my disposal then Finnegan." She added light heatedly. Before clarifying "But it’s also quite alright, as I said It’s no problem, I can help you navigate these interactions which you’ll need too if you wish to garner the support of those in power and see your ambitions through.”

“Oh, is that so Illya? Well if that’s so you certainly picked the right place to do just that, You’re more than welcome to join Finnegan and myself once we reach the Sky Kingdom, isn’t that right?”
She’d inquired.

"And if you don't mind me asking Illya, what part of the continent are you from? Would it be the Fae See. or perhaps Widersia? Maybe the Duchy? There are certainly plenty of places which I still wish to visit..when I think of it."

Upon Finn asking if there was an area to access the deck, it seemed like Iro was very with it, as it’s head turned to face Finn.

“Yes Actually! There is an area to go outside, it’s safer than it sounds with the magic that the boss leveraged to make sure organics can still breathe well and so that you won’t fall off the sides! I can guide you there when you find it to be appropriate." Iro asserted.
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Squink was delighted to hear that the things she had spoken of seeing appeared to be correct after all, unsure why she would need the usage of such powers in future for good-hearted things since peeping into people's minds didn't seem all that kind.
"I think that sounds like it'd be nice... i-if I was free to go, of course" she answered sheepishly, quietly laughing a nervous giggle, hearing Kane's praise of her capability and nodding with a small hum.
"Yep, it seems like it, would probably be bad if I didn't use it without permission or good intent. Some things are also better left unknown after all... " Squink said, her mind going back to the big sight she saw in Victorique's mind when she accidentally recalled it, surprised when the girl offered her a place of work with her. Hesitating it on a moment, it did seem like a rather interesting thing and she didn't exactly have anywhere else to go after the airship ride was over. It also wasn't like Natori Village was gonna get cleaned up and all set in such a sort time, so perhaps she had a while before trying to visit her future boyfriend NICE PERSON WHO SHE WANTS TO SEE AGAIN BECAUSE IT WOULD BE NICE. Plus it would give an actual good story and training for, whatever it was she was gonna end up doing.

"I can think about that, since we're going to the same place after all. I don't really have plans after this so maybe it'll be a good experience helping you, I don't know a whole lot of anything about detectivey work and being smart though, is that alright?" Squink asked, twiddling her thumbs as the girl offered her more chances to see stuff later and nodding in agreement.
"Yeah, I'd like to see that, it's a bit like going there and seeing it although from someone else's point of view" she delightfully chimed as eventually Iro had come back with what she requested. Surprised by the kind service of the bot, she took and tried one of the scones with a cheerful expression.

"This is so nice! Thank you so much, Iro. You really are a cute, great little robot. You make me wish I had a little robot like you to adventure and explore places with" Squink smiled as she politely nibbled on her scone, which she was holding up to her mouth with two hands underneath her facial tentacles that obscured her eating.
"I'll make sure to tell Mr. Copper all about your good service and the glowy bits! It's so nice to hear that you get to have a good time with your own work, it must feel nice to understand where you're supposed to be and what to do" Squink spoke with a soft sigh, finishing her scone as she allowed herself to some tea since it was being offered to her anyway and on a platter no less.

Gently sipping some tea, she smiled and looked to Victorique.
"Maybe doing stuff with you could be a fun idea after all, although you don't get into a lot of bad trouble doing that stuff, do you? I don't really like getting anywhere near violent people or going into places that I shouldn't be going in... " she questioned, not knowing much about what the little one actually did in her line of work to solve mysteries or whatever as she glanced to Iro.
"Iro, what way are the quarters just to ask? Thank you for your assistance so far".​
Victorique Sopheana
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Victorique laughed a bit when Squink asked about detective work. “That'd be my part, of course. Otherwise you'd put me out of a job, rather than help me.” That said, the next part did have a less optimal reply. Even so, Victorique figured she'd be honest. “Truth be told, I sort-off do. Most folk don't like getting their dirty business researched and I've been in a fair bit of danger a fair few times. Getting near violent people or into places you're not wanted is sort-off part of the job... then again, just having you as a consultant might be valuable, as mind-reading is just too good for figuring out what people really think to skip out on.”

She pointed at Kane. “Although I normally try to hire or bring someone to do the fighting. I'm more of a runner myself. The bunny you saw was one. For a while I even hired some sort-off shady folk as guards. I hired an Orc for a while as well. Now Kane's the muscle. Then again, I'm rather good at running, so I should be good either way...” She sighed, realising she got off track. “... what I'm trying to say, is that I do get into dangerous situations, but I at least try to be prepared and have some hired muscle or friends back me up if needed.”

Upon hearing Kane's approval of visiting the Second Breakfast club, she nodded. It looked like she'd be back there one day after all. Let's hope it would be without halfling-assaulting rats this time around.

"T-torn... of.....Off....?" The words of Ms.Talton fell on deaf ears with Finn, as he young man's eyes narrowed... She did look curious... But... To have suffered so and be forced to replace them with machinations like them... Finn's gritted his teeth, the young man's fists tensed... He knew this rage well, empathy, sympathies, consideration. Many see these things as good things, but there lies beneath and righteous fury they can spark. The desire of justice for those wronged so horribly as this small fairy had.

What horrible, revolting world like this could produce so much evil...

Perhaps its better to cut the damned world in two and be gone with it...

No, its not its fault evil has settled so neatly in it's crust.

He will see to it soon, the disgusting wretches will be removed and burned soon...

He just needs to secure support... Then, a true crusade for good shall begin. One people shall flock to... One that none can besmirch.

He blinked a few times, returning to the world; he then started tapping the tip of Illya's foot with a finger. "Were it up to me, none would have to suffer such a thing... My dear condolences, my lady..." the young knight looked at the fairy sadly. "I swear naught shall happen to you under my wing."

Illya scratched her cheek a little nervously as Finn gave a sympathetic apology. Truth be told it felt a little odd sitting amongst a bunch of humans and chatting like it was nothing. When she was supposed to be a soldier in the Fae See army. But really, she didn't have anything against humans. It'd always just been a duty to her family name. She continued to bump Finns fingers with her feet, simply out of idol nervousness at this point.

"Well...A bit of both I suppose." She stopped nudging Finns fingers, and pushed herself up to a standing position, Coming to about the top of Finns ear on his shoulder. But I spent the last year or so working with a nice gentleman. He did make these spiffy wings for me. I suppose." She thumbed over her shoulder with a somewhat proud smile. Despite her handicap she didn't seem to let it keep her down much. She stretched her arm out and gave a bit of a dramatic yawn. "My my, I am sleepy though, I suppose." Ending that conversation as gracefully as she could manage, she glanced between Eliza and Finn. She wasn't sure how much more she should be yapping about. So many things could turn the conversation south too quickly. "I am certain Ms. Talton will feel a lot safer with you nearby to aid if things go south, Sir Finn." She managed to tease

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