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"You must have an awful time as a lillit," the snatch continued to whisper as they walked. "You see, we've been dancing with people nonstop. There were a few humans that may have been lillits, but we decided not to go after them due to the event. Now, if it had been on the streets at night, we wouldn't have cared. Lillit or human, if you seem magical, we'll attempt to take it. Death is a fickle thing. But you, you have, by far, the worst lillit we had ever seen. Touch wouldn't be terrible if it hadn't made you so ill. We could tell you were a lillit almost instantly. Shame. Shame. Shame. And the Hallowed Council hired you. Shame. Shame. Shame. You must be the last choice for any team."

Relief overwhelmed the maiden as she spotted Jack's shadow melt into the silhouette of her own. Not only was she filled with gladness that a team member was literally at her tail, but she could also feel a burst of energy wash over her. Mercy took in a deep breath, sucking in all the oxygen that she could in order to realign her abilities and strength. She wanted to pour words of gratitude, but restrained for fear of the snatches noticing the lillit in her shadow.

The snatches followed the butler out of two, heavy doors and down a corridor decorated in portraits and items of gold. The butler did give the snatch an odd look as he whispered to Mercy, and his eyebrows only raised as he spotted the other two snatches following behind.

"They are with me. They help protect my fiancée and myself. They always keep close, but are sure to camouflage with the rest of the bodies nearby, else they'll be attacked before they come after us." The snatch gestured to the others that were its kind, they nodded and the butler put it to rest.

The four (well five) were guided to a luxurious room. It matched the hallway decor. Pristine yet gaudy. The mansion the team lived in was far more quaint. There was a bed and the butler let the snatch know that Mercy could rest there as needed. And then, the doors shut and the snatch finally let go of Mercy's hand.

There were two lillits in the room. They could defend themselves well enough until others arrived. If they arrived. If they didn't, then Burne could dismiss the entire group and gather a new team. Stalling. Mercy needed to stall. "Some way to treat a lady," she said and eyed her shadow. She extended her fingers with her palm down, as if to say, 'stay where you are'. "And here I thought I might have met my prince charming."
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Reaching Val and Aria with Luna, Shaun immediately spoke, with a worried tone. "We got big trouble guys!" Not long after Kayla showed up. Shaun put his hand to his head, he manged to stop everyone thoughts from shooting into his head but he still felt dizzy. Kayla suggested to retreat to a private room, Shaun was shocked at calm she was, she must not know about the Snatches, he thought. "This is madness! We can't go to a private room Mercy is being abducted by monsters!" Luna as well as Aria telling him he was drunk now. "I'm not drunk! I've hardly had any to drink! I swear it." Though right after he said that his head throbbed and he leaned in putting his hand on his forehead. Val suggested going drinking with Jack. "We can't go drinking with Jack! There are monsters!"


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Luna gave a huge mental sigh as Shaun continued to panic a bit. She could feel the stares of nearby people looking as Shaun began to shout a bit. Did he really not get the obvious hints everyone was giving, or was he so out of it that he couldn't understand what everyone's words really meant. "You could've fooled me friend." She gave a forced giggle as she patted his back and began speaking in a quiet tone. "I assure you that we're going to 'get to work' soon, but making a big deal about it-" Luna paused for a moment as she tried to hold back some of her frustration while looking up at Shaun with almost a glare. "Isn't going to help."


It seemed that most of the group had picked up on what she was hinting, which gave her hope, but Shaun seemed as though he hadn't understood and was getting visibly agitated. Seeing the people around them starting to look their way Kayla stepped in close to him and whispered to him to try and soothe him. "I know you're not drunk Shaun, please try to calm down. We need to get to Mercy as quick as we can without causing a scene" she said carefully, after Luna had attempted to play off his panic for a drunken outburst. People matters weren't necessarily her strong suit though so she wasn't sure how well her attempt would be received.

All she could do for now was hope as she looked at the door that Mercy and Jack had left through. The least suspicious way through would probably be to ask a butler to escort them but that would be taking an innocent person into the dangerous situation that lay ahead of them. Maybe if they walked with confidence and purpose as they went through, no one would bother them? It was a good thought but with Shaun as jumpy as he was now, there was no guarantee that they would make it.

First things first, we need to calm Shaun down. Then, we need to hurry to where the others are. She thought, feeling nervous. Acutely aware of whether people were looking, she stood back and gave her most sympathetic smile "I know that you're worried but it'll be okay. I'm sure that if we go to see Jack, he'll be able to put your mind at ease" she said and, hoping that Shaun would follow, turned back t o the others "I'd really like to take a break as soon as possible, should we go?" she asked before starting to walk.

She told herself that a butler had suggested that she go this way and kept her back straight and her head high as she walked and had made it almost to the door when the butler that had escorted Mercy and the three Snatches away came back through the door and she had made eye contact before she could stop herself. Stifling a nervous gulp she approached him "thank you for your assistance earlier" she said, doing her best impression of a woman not freaking out "I was appalled at my dance partners behaviour earlier and would like to apologise to the people that he wronged" she lied, the words sounding slightly further away than usual "could you point me to where they went so that I can make sure they are alright?" she asked with a small smile.

The butler seemed to pause for a long time but finally nodded and gave her a rough set of directions. After giving what she hoped was a natural thank you, she stepped through the door and started walking down the hall, sighing with relief as the door behind her closed. Now, should she wait fro the others, or push ahead and be ready for when they arrived? For now, she settled for a slow walk.


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Oh sweet, well-meaning Shaun. Aria had suspected that her fellow Communicator had been reaching his limits earlier, and this current display of extreme indiscretion pretty much confirmed it. Well, at least her fellow teammates were quick to help smooth the situation over - in all honesty, if Aria had to keep stepping in to resolve every social gaffe the team made, the chances of someone recognizing her would keep increasing, and then the whole mission would be a bust. Speaking of missions...

"Very well then, dear Kayla! Please, lead the way."

The blonde then quickly began to follow after Kayla, keeping a discrete eye out for anybody that may be observing them more than they should. There was a moment where she could've sworn she felt eyes on her, but trying to find the source proved futile. Considering the gaze didn't feel all that hostile, though, she ended up assuming that it was probably just the administrator that the letter had mentioned. .... Hopefully.

She will admit, though, that when the butler that had unwittingly led Mercy (and, by proxy, Jack) to her potential doom with three Snatchers following after her appeared, she was concerned that he would not let anybody pass. However, just as she was mentally concocting a few scenarios to use in order to convince him to let her team pass, Kayla had already managed to gain access on her own. While Aria was impressed by this result, she did notice a couple of ways that the older woman could've improved her performance... but now isn't really the time to dwell on such things. She'll bring it up later, when everyone is back at the mansion. With that, and taking a moment to gather herself accordingly, the blonde approached the butler with an embarrassed smile on her face.

"Ah, good evening dear sir! May I ask for your assistance in locating a private room near here? One of my companions this evening had a bit too much to drink, you see..."

She paused at the end, waiting for Luna and Shaun to catch up to help validate her story.


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With Luna's heavy sigh and glare at Shaun, a rush of colour came over his cheeks. She knew the danger more then anyone since she found the Snatch affecting Mercy first, he felt guilty about not having as much faith in his teammates as he should. Kayla then reassured him that they all had Mercy's safety in their thoughts. "I'm right behind you Kayla." He responded to her. He followed behind at the rest of the girls in back. Aria then told Steven, a butler, that he was drunk again, he wished everyone would stop saying that. He didn't want to gain the reputation of an alcoholic, its for the team Shaun told himself.

On their way to the room in confined halls Shaun spoke up. "Looks like Mercy has gone into one of the more fancy rooms, I don't know much about this mansion but I think we should look to find out the layout of the rooms for our plan." He then looked to the rest of his team waiting to hear their plan.
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Luna scanned the main ballroom confirming that there aren't any snatches, that she could hear at least, remaining in the ballroom. She then turned to her teammates and followed them into the hall of private rooms. She lingered a bit behind the group and glanced around the different rooms and listening to her teammates. "There definitely are a lot of rooms back here. Maybe you could draw a map or something Shaun? That might help."


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Content that the rest of the team had caught up, Aria began to walk forward at a brisk pace, determined to catch up to Kayla. As she did, the blonde began talk over her shoulder at Shaun and Luna, determination lighting up her blue eyes.

"I don't believe we have enough time to map out the rooms, you two. We need to act quickly - Mercy may not have much more time left before these Snatchers take her Lillit, and though I'm confident that Jack will put up quite a fight, I somehow doubt he's able to take down three Snatchers on his own."

She paused for a moment, waiting until Kayla was in earshot, before continuing on, a certain tone of confidence creeping into her voice.

"Besides that, I've been to enough events like this to know that almost every private room follows the same general layout - there will most likely be a large bed located in the relative center of the room, at least one settee off to the side, and a nightstand on each side of the bed. Considering the grandiosity of the rest of this mansion, there will almost definitely be a chandelier in the center. Overall, there really isn't that much available in terms of terrain advantages - we will probably have to play this by ear. Does this sound alright?"


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Shaun started to look around for some paper and pen but before he got to off the rails Aria spoke up. Shaun still had no idea what happened to Jack, he thought he was out drinking. "Has Jack invited the Snatches to drink with him? That's a master plan, he got them away from Mercy already." He now thought that Jack was leading the Snatches back to them. "I agree that we don't have time to map out the room but I think it is best for a plan of attack. I'm better in a race then I am a fight, I was on my schools track team fastest in my year. We still have an element of surprise to our advantage."


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Luna looked over at Aria and scratched her head a bit. "I guess you're right." There was probably only a matter of time before Mercy and Jack would've been completely left alone with the three Snatches. The quicker they acted the better of a chance their two teammates would come out unharmed. "That's alright then. That's probably how most of our missions are going to come down to in the end."

She wasn't a fan of the idea, but it's what they were going to have to do for the sake of the team. Luna caught up with her teammates and walked with them rather than behind. She looked at Kayla and the butler as they walked a bit further ahead while crossing her arms. They had to come up with some plan at least, right?


Kayla's mind had begun to spin in unhelpful circles as she tried to come up with a plan. This was her very first mission so she was at a disadvantage in terms of experience and was having trouble finding a way to victory with just two healing and one detection lillit. She was still walking slowly, when she heard Aria's voice behind her. A small smile of relief spread on her face with a sigh as her mind started to work in a more relaxed way.

Now, how to get out of this situation? She thought first about the entrance, the best way in. Jack could make for ample surprise? Could any of the others make a surprise entrance? She was pretty limited in that respect and as she walked she imitated smoothing wrinkles the from her dress and made sure that her guns were in reach and could be drawn quickly. Being a little distracted at feeling the cold metal in her hands, she almost walked right past the door that the butler had described for her earlier. Stooping in time, she just looked at the door, not sure what the next move should be.

Turning to look at the teammates that she heard before and waiting for them to reach her. She whispered to them when they were in earshot "I'm glad you all came so quickly. Does anybody have an idea for how to proceed?" She asked.


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Aria was a bit surprised that Kayla hadn't come up with her own strategy, if she was being honest. The older woman had done a remarkable job handling the butler from earlier, which proves that she does possess a keen intellect... But then again, social intelligence and combat intelligence are two entirely different realms of knowledge, and not many people are well-versed in both. Oh well, it's another thing that Aria will try to help her teammates with in the future - if they accept her offer, of course.

At any rate, this was also another thing for Aria to consider under much less dire circumstances. Placing a mental bookmark on her half-formed plans for the future, the blonde, Luna, and Shaun approached Kayla in record time. She took a moment to glance back at the other two to confirm their presence (and idly wonder when Val was going to get past the butler) before turning back to address the brunette, her voice also lowered to a whisper.

"At the moment, I believe our best strategy is to strike quickly. Shaun pointed out that our only advantage is the element of surprise - the Snatchers don't know we're here, and I somehow doubt that they've found out about Jack yet."

Aria paused, a sudden thought occurring to her, and she quickly looked over at Luna, worry lacing her expression.

"Luna, are you able to listen to what's going on inside this room? If I'm wrong and Jack has already been revealed, we're going to have to go in immediately."


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Luna sighed a bit at the fact that Kayla didn't have some type of plan for them to follow. While she did agree that right now, their biggest advantage was the element of surprise she thought that maybe they could try to quickly coordinate their attack. But before she could suggest something she was pulled away from her thoughts at the sound of her name being called.

She listened to Aria's request and nodded. "Of course I can do that." She quickly responded with a whisper as she glanced at the room where their teammates and the snatches are. "Although I'm pretty sure Jack has not shown himself yet. It's too quiet in the room. All I can hear now is a bit of shuffling and a few voices. Mercy's and some other voice." She looked away from the direction of the room and back to her teammates.

"Before we head in though." She started quietly. "I think we should coordinate our attack. Nothing too fancy, but something so that everyone has one thing to focus on." Luna rubbed her head a bit.

"There's three snatches in the room currently, and seven of us. So we also have the advantage in numbers. I think if we have make two pairs of fighters go after two of the snatches. I assume Jack will happily start a fight with whatever snatch is left and if Mercy is well enough I would think that she would support him or another group. And whoever is left without a partner would act as a support to the three pairs. That way everyone has one clear target or goal and there's a low chance of the snatches getting away."

Luna had a small spark of confidence in her eyes. But then she quickly realized a few flaws in her plan. What if the snatches team up? Or a snatch managed to wipe out a team and escape? Her head slowly began filling up with terrible ends to the plan. However she just had to have faith in her teammates strength and abilities. "Did anyone else have an idea though?"


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Shaun looked to all his teammates trying to move the gears in his head. Back in the track team his teachers would always pair the slowest runners with the fastest. Not only that but they make the slower runners go first to trick the other team into thinking they where the faster ones then the fast ones would catch them off guard. Shaun still had no idea the extent of teammates psychical powers as well as magical.

"There's still so much we just don't know about each other. I say we can do this one of two ways if were going pairs, pair up the most physical skills with the most magically skilled and send in magical ones in the front line to trick them. Or send in all the physical strongest first then hit them with magic. I do better in magic then I do physical power."


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Valentine smiled in response to Shaun's clueless behavior. Her teammates were clearly annoyed, but for her it was a lighthearted interlude which momentarily diverted her attention from the dangerous situation. Her relief was short-lived, as the other Lillits wasted no time in following through with their intentions. Val put all of her effort into appearing calm and confident as she addressed the others.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll watch our rear, see if anyone suspicious tries to follow. I'll join you shortly." She stood watch inconspicuously, and when the rest of the group turned their attention towards the butler, she allowed panic to settle in. Her heart seemed to shake her to the core as it thrummed inside her chest. She licked her lips to prevent them from getting dry, and she felt a chilling feeling of fear leeching her gut as cool sweat slowly trailed across her back. She started breathing a little harder as she settled her unfocused gaze to her wrist, fidgeting with a white, beaded bracelet in order to prevent her fingers from trembling.

Valentine had joined the Hallowed Council to defend the population, but she hadn't expected to encounter an enemy on the very first mission—and a Snatch, no less. She had been a vagabond for most of her life, and she gathered a lot of combat experience taking on dangerous quests to slay hostile creatures. She was used to dealing with monsters, but the small amount of exposure she had to Snatches were the ugliest encounters she'd ever had. Case in point, she felt a growing despair as she considered just how badly things could end up going, especially when her relatively inexperienced comrades didn't truly understand the threat they were about to face. She felt a growing paranoia as she wondered what might go wrong—what if they were somehow surrounded by Snatches despite their use of Detection-based Lillit magic, and they were already cornered without even realizing it? What if Mercy had discovered a particularly powerful enemy, and they were all walking straight into their deaths?

Val took deep breaths to calm herself down, and her neutral state gradually returned. She reminded herself of what she fought for: to defend the people against the magic-stealing monsters that would consume the lives of her friends without any hesitation. Acting briskly, she ripped a single bead from the bracelet on her wrist and imbued it with her magic essence, giving it a faint red aura surrounding it. She thrust it sharply enough to instantly soar across the ground and beneath the door that the butler guarded, and made sure that it would be hard to notice unless someone were staring directly at the floor. She took a final deep breath to brace herself, and made the leap from her current location to that of the bead, which lost its red aura as soon as she arrived near it. She ended up positioning herself closely behind the rest of the group.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. It seems the path is clear, so we should be able to fight without interruptions." Val's eyes betrayed what her neutral tone didn't; a close observer would find newfound conviction that seemed much more hostile and serious than her usual demeanor.


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Luna looked at Val and nodded. "That's good." She started. Luna was a bit too distracted at the situation at hand to notice the more aggressive look in her eyes than before. Luna turned to Shaun and scratched her head. "I personally think the physically attackers should go first, then the magic users can follow up the attack from a distance." She paused for a moment and looked at the entire team. "Shaun's right though. For this to really work we at least have to know the basics of each others fighting skill."

Luna crossed her arms before speaking again. "I'm much better at physical attacks compared to magic attacks. However my weapon is suited more for immobilizing enemies rather than doing damage to them. Just putting that out there." Luna glanced from person to person before back in the direction of the room filled with the snatches.


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"Prince Charming? You must be insane. How could someone like you could even fantasize such ideas? You're a lillit, one who works for the Hallowed Council no less. Your kind never find happiness. You either die or suffer in a family. That's why your silly teams are the closest you'll ever have. Pity. You should just let us take your lillit. Your magic." The snatch's voice changed again, "Let us wipe away your miserable life."

Mercy frowned and put her hand against her thigh. She could feel her sword there. It was an onerous task to heat up the metal beyond the plumage of skirts the Hallowed Council had made her wear. Lillits hired by the council always needed to figure a way out, even in the circumstances they were forced to face. Gradually, the metal vibrated from her fingertips. Heating with every second, but, as the snatch stepped forward, along with the others, she lifted her other hand in protest. "W-wait," she burst out.

And, much to her surprise, they stopped. She knew that the one who spoke was a level one, she was unsure of the others. The fact that they stopped though showed that they weren't in the high tiers. Any seasoned snatch wouldn't hesitate. In that way, more relief filled her up.

"What if I sought you out?"

"Well, that is what all lillits do, is it not?" It took another step.

"I mean," she let out a nervous chuckle, "what if I sought you out to know more of snatches in general? Unless you guys do not like being called that. That's what the Hallowed Council calls you."

"We're aware," it hissed. "We don't much care. You have some guts to try such and exchange with three snatches and no one to help you."

Mercy winced. She shot her gaze to her thigh, the metal was beginning to grow uncomfortably hot. She was prepared for it. With it right against her leg, its heat burned at her skin. If she kept the temperature where it was at, then she'd only have minor burns and the cloth from her dress wouldn't set ablaze. She took a deep, quaking breath. Even with Jack there, the discomfort still caused her ache.

"What if I wanted to join your ranks?"

The level one lillit didn't say anything. Nor did the other two. They stood there. The atmosphere was heavy, filled with a tremendous amount of insidious feelings. Mercy opened her mouth to speak, but shut it right up when the snatches skin began to peel off from their bodies. The first she saw was the giant eye peering at her. The level one.

As far as she knew, no one was aware how the snatches were made or where they came from. From what she could grasp, one thing was sure, a lillit couldn't become a snatch. For what she said obliterated her stand against them. They weren't happy. A level one was silent. Even though she knew she could take the creature on herself (if it was one on one), she still trembled. Mercy had messed up.

As the skin peeled off the creatures, the fibers of the fake humanity that they placed on themselves turned into steam. That was another thing. No one knew how they could look like humans, or where they got the disguises from. They could invade places, even marry if they were clever and witty enough. A snatch could be a human their entire life and no one would know.

Burne, she thought, if you're reading my mind, you better be nearby. You know as well as I do that I haven't a single idea on what this new team can handle. And if you stand by and let them die, I'll never forgive you.

"Wait till I get closer," she whispered, hoping that Jack knew it was directed toward him.

All the skin had vanished from the monsters. The level one stood in the middle. To its left was the opposite of the level one, a large, crater-like mouth without a single eye. A level two. That was fine. The two of them could take a level ones and twos. She turned her gaze to the right, and saw what appeared to be the exact same man she had seen before the skin peeled off, except for his long, claw-like fingers. That's when Mercy tsked. A level three on their own wasn't the toughest fight. So long as a lillit kept their distance and guarded their collarbone, they were safe. But they were splendid at guiding lower lillits.

Finally, Mercy lifted up the sides of skirts, took up her sword and pulled it away from her thigh. She kept her mouth closed, but an undeniable scream fell through as she ripped the blade from her skin. She heaved heavy breaths and lifted it. Using only one sword was strange, but it'd do. And, if she could get close, Jack could throw them off guard due to the surprise of another body being there.

So, she spilled into a sprint. Her skirts flaring behind her as she pulled back her arm, ready to slash at the level three.

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As Mercy attempted to converse with the Snatches, Jack focused on the room itself, particularly the amount of lights illuminating the area. It was obvious that social activity and letting his guard down weren't his strong suits. However, tactical strategy and combat were his home field advantages. At the moment, he seemed to have the element of surprise. That theory was confirmed when the level one snatch said there was "no one to help" her. This meant that Jack had a few extra seconds to set up a few traps in advance, so he got to work.

It was a bit unnerving seeing the Snatches reveal themselves. The talkative one had a giant eye and a hundred mouths. That explains a lot. The second creature had no eyes. It did have a mouth that was big enough to eat a whole person in one bite. As gruesome as the twosome looked, it was the third one that held Jack's attention. It still appeared to be human. Well, a human that hadn't trimmed their fingernails in a century. That was Bannetto's target. Of course, he'd have to deal with the other two as well untill reinforcements arrive. He smirked in Mercy's shadow when she whispered for him to wait until she got closer to attack. It was like they were on the same page in this situation without either of them knowing it.

Alright, Jack, time to make a move. The first part of his opening strategy was to immobilize two of the Snatches. He carefully focused on their shadows and sent out snares from his own shadow to rest by theirs. Normally, it would be difficult to use his shadow powers on multiple targets at once while fighting. Fortunately, the traps didn't take much energy and he didn't have to rush to set them up since he was still undetected. His other targets were the lights. Not all of them. Just two. He didn't want to knock out all of the lights as that would potentially put Mercy at a disadvantage. If he could take out part of the lights, it would create more shadows, letting him use even more of his abilities without immediately burning himself out. With the pieces in place, Jack was ready. All he had to do now was wait for Mercy to decide who she was going after and Jack could set his plans into motion.

He didn't have to wait long either. Little time had passed before she drew her sword, possibly hurting herself a bit in the process considering the shout. Jack waited for her to get in range as she charged at the level three Snatch. When she got within four meters of it, Jacques went on the offensive. He started off by activating two of the snares. They snagged the ankles of the other two creatures in an attempt to prevent them from stopping her. He figured the level three had at least somewhat prepared to either block or evade Mercy's attack, so this was a perfect chance to disrupt it. Her shadow expanded and a silhouette of a bull charged from out of the ground. It tackles the Snatch and rams it into a wall hard enough for it to be heard by the rest of the team outside of the door. The impact also eases a bit of the pain in Mercy's leg as Jack was still in posession of her shadow. Finally, the bull disappears and Jack emerges with his knives drawn. He immediately tosses them upwards with shadow strings attached to them, shattering part of the lights in the room before he pulls them back to him. It cost him quite a bit of his energy to use the bull rush, but the extra shade in the room should help him get his lost stamina back a little quicker. For now, he would have to stick to physical combat unless he absolutely needed his shadow powers again or enough time passes for him to be back at full strength.

"Was that close enough?" He asks Mercy without looking at her as his attention is still focused on the Snatch he just attacked.

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