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Fandom Jurassic world: Outsiders

Sub Genres
Action, LGTBQ, Realistic

Knight boi

snek angy
Greetings survivors, let's go over the story again just to remind you of what happen to this corrupted island
It was just a normal day at the incredible island, kids and family's having fun at the quite impressive theme park i mean like they had actually made live dinosaurs, then it escaped a giant beast had escaped it's cage and destroyed the island in matter of days, we're stuck on this hell of a island and we must survive from these horrifying beasts......

Hello and welcome to this rp!
if your wondering, i have decided that you can rp as a dinosaur in this rp though i had a few discliamers in the rp..
If you rp as a dinosaur, i would enjoy it if your descriptive of their actions and that I don't want them to be to OP and that other dinosaurs can attack each other.......

(including proper grammar, at least 3 sentences, pun cation
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