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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] The Redder Snow



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This RP is the 2nd part of Fantasy - [Isekai Hell] Red Snow.

Please link your character sheet in your opening post.

RP Goal: Concluding the narratives started in Part 1.

Lucius Cypher Lucius Cypher

Night Guard Captain Robert Hoyles & Kane Blackburne

The gleam of the yellow energy began to fill up the office space as Night Guard Captain Robert Hoyles advanced with a steely glint of conviction in his eyes, as his sword looked like it was turning an orangy glow at the edges around the blade, as if it was getting hotter and hotter, as the electrical like current crackled through it more intensely, he raised his blade up after his exclamation about how he would liberate his uncle. As he raised his blade a large white hollow armor figure appeared, instead transparent where there would be a person. More of the same energy crackling all around when it phased into the space into a white blinding light, the figure raised it's hand up, and formed what appeared to be some sort of large lightning bolt much like Zeus was often depicted holding, generating a field of energy which engulfed the tendrils.

When this happened suddenly a white smooth blob of sorts appeared visibly on Lord Hoyle's back, as if it had been driven out of hiding. More unexpected than that was when it opened up a hole in it's body which revealed multiple sets of small sharp teeth going down it's throat, and it let out an ear piercing scream which went throughout the house.

This screech caused Kane to immediately recoil in pain trying to cover his ears, his inexperience showing with this situation. Meanwhile on the other hand Robert stood clear holding his resolve even with a look of discomfort on his face as when he brought his sword down, the armored energy figure brought down it's large electrical energy source which homed into the white blob and caused it to stop screaming and become blackened and steaming.

The energy figure then disappeared as Lord Hoyles collapsed to the ground seemingly unconscious. Meanwhile the guard who had been smashed was still bleeding out of the mouth seemingly unresponsive.

Immediately after this Robert when to his Uncle's side and checked on him, not to see if his ability had hurt him, since it had been strategic but to see if defeating the white blob had inadvertently caused him harm

"Thank the gods he's still breathing, we need someone more qualified to come and see what happened..as far as I can tell he doesn't have any other affliction than his energy being drained..I'll start a communication line to make it so." Robert spoke with great relief in his voice, having appeared quite tense and urgent before.

"But with that vile creature overwhelming him then that means his family could very well be in danger in this house as we speak.."

Kane nodded back, "Why don't you stay here with him, make the call and I'll go secure the area."

Robert nodded, "Very well." While Kane was exiting looked like Robert was pulling out some sort of small stone with runes on it, presumably to call for help in some capacity.

Kane felt it was the least he could do given the circumstances, and he figured Robert probably wasn't going to trust leaving someone like him alone with the unconscious Lord Hoyles...

So for now Kane headed to check out the other rooms, unaware that Victorique had been looking around.

After seeing the various evidence in the prior scenes from the blood all over the room, tiny holes much like she had seen in the ground at the crime scene, and the disturbing drawings and symbols which were in a language which was foreign, by the point she was coming across the pounding at the door, the flash of light from what had been going on in the fight in the office entered her space too, as had the loud shrieking sound which was probably even more unpleasant on account of her more attuned hearing. During the screech, the hitting against the closet door had stopped as a muffled sound of pain could be heard coming from the other side, it sounded possibly human rather than anything else. Was Victorique going to risk opening the door up for a possibly unfortunate surprise or in doing so would she end up helping someone who was currently in a precarious situation, or was she going to play it safe and leave whatever was behind there until she could get more support.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM.png
When Victorique opened the door there was a woman on the ground dressed in an elegant dress. There was a strange white hard substance which looked very similar to the sheen on teh tendrils which had been used to restrict her movement around her arms and legs, as well as a strip of the stuff which appeared to have been put over her mouth similar to a gag, which explained why there had been muffled sounds. It looked like she was overtired and distraught, hardly having enough energy to do the tapping she had it looked like. When she saw Victorique her struggle became more invigorated as she let out some muffled sounds of urgency.

(Narrator Note: Feel free to respond to information obtained in last post of first part of Red Snow too)
Elvario Elvario

Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png
The good professor let out a chuckle at the owlbear’s comment about looking good wet. “I’m pleased to hear that you’ll be joining us then Gyld, your expertise is much appreciated, as I am most inclined to agree with Phoebe there.” Truthfully as excited as the owlbear was about the prospect of fighting creatures on the coast, it was likely that the rest of the company probably wasn’t so thrilled at the idea after that last epic fight.

“Who knows maybe you’re right and we’ll encounter something else grand that you can vanquish, If it comes to it I wouldn’t mind something rarer to dissect and study.” He said casually at that thought.

“Since moving here from Kuridan for my research I can certainly agree with you there, if you are seeking adventure and can handle harsh environments this land has plenty to offer, why I’d say it’s very likely there are other monsters and beasts very similar to what we encountered earlier..and there must be many more unexplored or forgotten areas with grand loot, so at the very least the adventurers around these parts have things to aspire for..”

“Now that you seem to be more suited for this area perhaps it’d be worth your time checking out more at some point.”

After that point when Gyld had gone off shifting his form some, to be more like the material the snakes had been made off, it looked like that move triggered some flight response from the icy crabs as they immediately began to scurry away from the shifting owlbear. While Gyld did indeed feel more harmony and resilient to his current environment, like he belonged there alongside the natural white cold expanse, when he shifted into the White Bear form suddenly a few sizable large dog sized icy looking lobster creatures with large claws that appeared to be laced with some sort of frosty venom, similar to the ones the icy snakes had possessed, emerged from the nearby shore, with cracking sounds, breaking through the ice and began to back away from him defensively too, the large bear form triggering this survival reaction it seemed, snapping their claws with similar force to a snapping turtle’s mouth. However from a look they didn’t look like they were keen on attacking Gyld or the other two, just keeping their defensive stance and distance for the time being.

Icy Lobster Trio
Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 11.31.24 PM.png

gmimperfecti gmimperfecti

While this started to transpire the Professor was still focused on assisting Phoebe.

Professor Neco kept up his look of warmth at Phoebe’s reciprocation. As Phoebe was more at ease it was clear to her that the professor was too, it was certainly nice for the group to just be able to take in their environment without some deadly threat on the horizon.

“Right..then that’s just about perfect, I’ll assist in making a copy of a record of your results so I’ll have a set on my end of things too..” Professor Neco replied as he focused on the way and direction that Phoebe was holding the amulet, one of his eyes now glowing that same greenish color which his energy had been when he cut those snakes with his magical slashes.

“Are you certain you haven’t done this before? To me you look like a natural~” He complimented her field work abilities.

He focused carefully on the way the amulet eye started to glow and seemingly respond to the mana which had ‘washed up’ suddenly the basilisk eye dilated some, and at first Phoebe and the professor would see a strong red glow coming from the eye, and a transparent but strong line of mana showing up on where the sightline of the eye would be if the creature that owned it had been alive.

“About what I expected..that reddish tone from the perspective of this eye means monster, and since the color is intense..that means that it’s quite potent too..as we were both expecting and as your hypothesis you told me earlier suggested..but..”

Professor Neko’s brows furrowed a bit when suddenly the energy line shifted to more of a darkish brown color..

“So..it looks like there’s some Fae mana in this area too on the shoreline..I can’t say I was expecting that..most of the fae around these parts are adventurers trying to make a name for themselves..and of course there are some minority populations but truthfully I’m not entirely sure why there’s enough to register here..encase you were wondering the reason it’s presenting that that color is because it’s detecting a mix..perhaps you should try moving the eye down the line further to see if there’s anything else of interest..”

Even when the professor noticed the lobsters he didn’t seem to react, focused on the task at hand still, afterall Gyld was there and he had taken down a legendary beast, or perhaps it was because the professor knew that species wasn’t something to be particularly worried about, either way, he awaited for Phoebe to shift the gaze if she desired, as he inquired,

“Any thought as to why this..concentration is mixed the way it is?” He seemed genuinely curious in her thoughts on the matter.

(Narrator Note: Did some minor edits on these parts.)

Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic
Phoebe Penrose
Equipped Titles: Human, Mage, Compassionate, Bibliophile
Interactions: Professor Neco ( TheTimePiece TheTimePiece )
Languages: Common | [Terran]

Phoebe gave a light chuckle at the Professor's compliment of her field research abilities. "Well truth be told I did help out a little with my parents' research while they were teaching me magic back then. It wasn't anything like this in the field though or as extensive as a project, mind you. It was mainly just indoor research on a few artifacts." Her focus on guiding the amulet's gaze didn't waver as she responded to the Professor's comment, the color of its eye changing in her hand into a bright red glow.

Phoebe nodded along as the Professor explained the what the red color indicated the presence of, being more or less what she was expecting with her theory from earlier. What wasn't expected however was the glow from the amulet shifted from a bright red to a darkish brown, a sign of Fae mana as the Professor explained. How curious, especially when taking into account the Professor said about the lack of a significant Fae population around these parts. She thought the situation over for a few moments before responding to the Professor's question. "Hmmm, perhaps there was a powerful group of Fae here in recent times? That would be my immediate thought. I can't imagine there being much expeditions to the other continent, what with all the powerful monsters judging by how bright that red glow was, though I suppose it could be a possibility."

Her hands guided the amulet's gaze further down the coastline as she finished voicing her thoughts, following the Professor's suggestion. It was looking like this phenomenon had a more nuanced story behind it than she previously thought.
Victorique Sopheana
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She was glad she'd gotten out, as it sounded like it was a rather big scuffle starting out back in the office. She'd definitely just gotten in the way there. Without her, the others would be fine. That's what she told herself at least. That said, without someone to fight for her, she'd have to move cautiously. She'd carefully open all doors, glossing into them a bit to get an idea of what to expect.

The parchment caught her eyes. A language she didn't read? That was odd, as she spoke all the mayor ones. She figured she'd put the parchment in her [Pocket Dimension] so that she'd be able to figure out how to translate it later. It looked an awful lot like monster, but that one she spoke, so perhaps it was a dialect of it? That'd allow her to figure it out later, with some time.

The next room had even more of a paper trail. “Monsters preparing a massive ritualistic sacrifice to some sort of Eldritch god... I guess I can add that to the list of options now...” She mumbled to herself, as she decided to pick up the second parchment as well and put in her [Pocket Dimension].

Arriving at the main dude's bedroom, she honestly wanted to close the door as quickly as she'd opened it. If they were summoning some monstrosity, perhaps they'd tried summoning one here first? Yikes. She'd seen enough horror movies to know how bad of a vibe summoning demons could be. The dried up blood didn't help either. Maybe this is where those tendrils were first summoned from? The small holes in the floor and bed suggest as much.

That's when she heard and smelled something in the closet. She was about to just turn around, close the door and fuck off out of the house altogether, when she realised it was fairly human smelling and sounding. What was her duty of care in this situation? Ugh. She hated the fact she'd watched so many horror movies in her past life, as she was anticipating just about every possible angel of attack and jump-scare that could come at her from right then and there.

That's when she had an idea. Using [Halfling Parkour B], she quickly parkour her way atop the closet. That way, nothing could approach her from behind as she was opening it and nothing could jump out of the closet to catch her! Hah! The foolproof way to open up a closet was definitely from on top of it. The only question was, how, as there wasn't really a door handle to reach to from up here. She'd try to pry it open from up-top, or if that failed, she'd try to use her [Danger Instinct B] to further sense what might be in the closet. If all else failed, she could still use [Ultimate Future Detective] to predict what would happen were she to open the closet before actually doing so. Hopefully.

Halfling Parkour - Fast B, Water Speed B, Wall Bouncing F, Wall Running F, Appraisal B, Heightened Senses [Hearing/Sight/Smell/Taste/Balance] B, Acrobatics D, Perception C, Energised B - Character uses their senses and movement abilities to parkour through the environment. - Grade B - 3 Post Cooldown

Danger Instinct – Appraisal B, Heightened Senses [Hearing/Sight/Smell/Taste/Balance] B, Energised B – Character relies on their ability to pick up on details that might be harmful to them, giving them a stronger awareness of all sorts of details regarding people, creatures and environments that might indicate danger. - Grade B – 3 post Cooldown

Ultimate Future Detective – Appraisal B, Heightened Senses [Hearing/Sight/Smell/Taste/Balance] B, Insight D, Investigation D, Perception C, Precognition F, Energised B – Character peers a few seconds into the future and combines all their applicable senses and knowledge to get to the bottom of a mysteries or to be on high alert for clues, dangers or hints. Also gives a +1 speed boost. – Grade B – 3 Post Cooldown.
Gyld’s form shone under the influence of his new ability, his fur reflecting the flickers of icy light, an embodiment of the essence of the North mingled with the resilient energy of the Eternal Glade. It was a harmonious concoction of both his origins and his recent triumphs. Gyld contemplated, his eyes reflecting the seamless integration of the two seemingly opposing forces. His musings revolved around the newfound capabilities, the extension of his being resonating with the harmonious synchronization of the North and the Glade.

He felt the sturdy transformation taking place, his body swelling in size, evolving into the robust form of the White Bear of the North, albeit with minor alterations, intertwining his being with the Eternal Glade's essence. The icy fur shimmered, encased in a layer of crystalline frost, reflective of the serenity and the enduring nature of his new form. His mind, still a whirl of adventurous thoughts, was now marked with a trace of serene wisdom, the byproduct of integrating the bear's heart.

The air around Gyld thrummed with power as he summoned his newfound Domain Ability, [Northern Bear of the Eternal Glade]. His large paws, laced with frost and layered with sturdy armor, were now imprints of both his and the bear's essence on the snow-clad ground. A gentle hum resonated around him, a sonorous melody of the forest’s stride, representing his newfound unity with the environment. He felt a rush of vitality, the regenerative powers embedded in his new form coursing through his veins, making him feel invulnerable to the trivial wounds of the environment.

His every step exuded an aura of commanding presence, the mighty form instigating a flight response among the icy inhabitants of the shore. His senses, heightened and refined, could perceive every scuttle of the crabs, every flicker of the icy sparks around him. The large dog-sized icy lobster creatures seemed to respect his imposing form, maintaining a cautious distance, their actions indicating a reluctant deference to his newfound might.

However, his contemplative demeanor was retained under the sturdy and imposing appearance. His thoughts were swarmed with the ponderings of the harmony he felt within the Eternal Glade. It was as if the icy demeanor of the North had found a sanctuary within the lush and vibrant spirit of the Glade. He sensed a philosophical enrichment in his thoughts, contemplating the unity of seemingly contrasting elements. The majestic bear, now a harmonious blend of frost and foliage, was an embodiment of the tranquil might and resilient spirit of his entwined realms.

This delicate equilibrium between his inherent boisterous nature and the serene contemplations marked a significant evolution in Gyld's journey. His eyes, while still sparkling with unyielding zest for adventures and challenges, now held a glimpse of harmonious wisdom, reflecting his growth and the unified spirit of the North and the Glade.

Gyld’s imposing form, a symphony of frost and glade, towered over the crabs. His large form radiated an energy mingled with boredom and a hint of mischief. His eyes, holding the sparkles of both ice and forest, glanced towards the little creatures, holding a certain eagerness and determination. He heaved a sigh, his breath creating a small swirl of frost in the air.

He then vocalized his command, his voice echoing in the ancient language of animals and spirit beasts, the words a symphony of growls, roars, and harmonious tones, each syllable resonating with the essence of the eternal and the icy. “Summon your guardian,” Gyld’s voice reverberated across the shore, the waves seemingly pausing to convey his words to the unseen depths. “I seek discourse with the Sire of the North, the immortal guardian of these frost-laden shores.”

His gaze, fixed on the crabs, held a hint of anticipation, a restless spirit wishing for a dialogue with a being of equivalent or superior standing. His mind swirled with thoughts of what such an entity would possess in terms of knowledge and power, and the possible dialogues and, perhaps, confrontations that might ensue stirred his spirit.
Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png

Professor Neco gave a nod at Phoebe’s explanation that she had some experience helping with research prior. “That certainly explains some of the mindset you’re carrying into this activity then, I appreciate it, I think your parents have done you well.” He said with a smile.

He thought for a moment before nodding, “That’s perfectly possible there were fae adventurers nearby on the other side even one particularly strong one could do it which is a variable for consideration certainly because as you say most do not..but if your combat abilities are elite enough..there are some who take the risk..Regardless of that most Fae’s mana tends to be pretty strong given their inherent magical nature, so even if there weren’t all too many around in a way it makes sense they’re showing up on the reading in some capacity..There may be others I am not aware of too within the snowy depths..they do tend to be a pretty diverse group after all..”

The professor’s one eye continued to glow green, to show that he was in fact still recording what they were seeing with the amulet.

Finally the amulet eye would shift to a slight yellowy hue as she brought it even farther along.

Professor Neco gave a nod at seeing it, “This seems pretty typical for this area, that mana originates from beasts, which makes perfect sense, there are plenty of non hostile animals as well as monsters which could have wandered over there or are even from around here, so it’s perfectly accounted for..I’d definitely say the fae energy is what’s the most surprising..now then unless you’d like to continue to sample more shoreline, I think the sample for this area is sufficient enough to get a general sense of what the rest of it will probably look like nearby this stretch at least…We can certainly start writing up some thoughts, I think in order to get a more complete picture you’ll want to come back here and again, and to other parts of the shoreline with possibly even more advanced information gathering magic, I believe that eye amulet you have could be tweaked to be even more powerful and descriptive with someone who knows the craft well, It’d be particularly helpful if we could get even more specific and see the type of monster(s) fae(s) and beast(s) which are leaving these signatures, but this’ll get you started nicely on your research.”

Professor Neco advised and said with a smile once more.

“I’d also certainly be agreeable to coming back here again with you if you’d like at some point.”

After this interaction Professor Neco did look over toward the direction of Gyld., as it was a bit hard to ignore with him being large and booming.

“Well that's certainly an impressive display hm? Gyld continues to amaze me, after that encounter and that consumption of the heart, he’s already gained the ability to do this..I have a feeling that he’ll be quite the force to reckon with..” Professor Neco asked rhetorically at the the sight. Professor Neco looked a bit visibly surprised to hear Gyld speak the strange language and he would have been even more so if he understood what his command was, as he would have wondered how Gyld even knew who that was, not understanding that Gyld had gained quite a bit of what the Great White Bear of the North knew.

It was as if Gyld was one with this environment in the form he held. There were similarities to the White Bear of the North which only added to the organic form looking at home in the harsh expanse. The hum and stance, the intertwining of the environment and him, this form demanded respect of the wild of the Kingdom of Rotia.

Icy Lobsters
Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 11.31.24 PM-1.png

Upon hearing the booming command the smaller crabs and larger icy lobsters seemed to turn to him and get into a line, it was quite a sight to behold, these creatures now seemingly diligent, they then suddenly started to gather around in a circle moving in and out in some sort of strange motion, like they were performing some sort of ritual on the ice, as strange blue energized runic symbols appeared on the land.

Sire of the North

The ground then began to shake as a large blue appendage broke through the center of the circle, and then another and another until a [Large] figure who appeared to be made of ice was standing before Gyld, if the Great White Bear of the North had made the air cold it was as if the land froze over again in proximity of this figure. It was definitely in a size class which would have been disconcerting to most who would dare to face off against it. One could only guess how much a figure like that weighed.

Without really any discernible facial features body language wasn’t the easiest to read, and this time it spoke like how one might expect a very ancient being to speak, in the strange language which Gyld had spoken.

“”# It is bold for you to reach out to me. As you have freed one of my children, It is only fair that I hear your request. What do you wish to discuss with me, great warrior?#”

After the summon the icy creatures stayed around the guardian in a circle of sorts spread out.
Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic gmimperfecti gmimperfecti
Kane Blackburne

Kane found himself moving through the house to secure it, with his axe out. Who knew if there was anything else hostile around here? Worst case scenario there could be another one of those monsters which he had no idea if he’d be able to deal with it alone, given how strong the other one was probably not, since he was pretty sure the guard it smashed instantly was probably more adept at this situation than he was. On his way booking around when he glanced out of the wavy glass window, since it was done in the old way, he saw what appeared to be a larger group of guards as well as some what he could only presume was a magic caster based on the staff, making their way on foot toward the building in the far distance, which let him let out a small sigh of relief as he continued to move throughout, that meant that Robert’s message had gone through.

Kane ended up freezing up a bit when he reached the area with all the doors that Victorique had been exploring, not realizing that she was so close by as he too heard the hitting against the door which Victorique was currently being cautious about..he had to weigh his options if he should rush into that room or not, it might be better just to wait for the guards to arrive before engaging others.. For now he was on standby outside the room that Victorique was in..looking tense.
Victorique’s ability to get on top of the closest was successful thanks to her light weight and agility. Her danger instinct didn’t appear to reveal anything that was immediately dangerous near her, Since she didn't have a way to see through the door or to enhance her range the appraisal part of her ability didn’t really reveal anything while looking at the door, which was probably a good thing since it meant there wasn’t a trap there.

At that point however she was able to reach and open the door up, revealing something which was probably quite a bit of a relief given just how dangerous everything had been leading up to this point with potential threats around every corner in this environment after what had transpired here.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1.png
When Victorique opened the door there was a woman on the ground dressed in an elegant dress. There was a strange white hard substance which looked very similar to the sheen on the tendrils which had been used to restrict her movement around her arms and legs, as well as a strip of the stuff which appeared to have been put over her mouth similar to a gag, which explained why there had been muffled sounds. Based on her eyes it looked like she was overtired and distraught, hardly having enough energy to do the tapping she had it looked like. Not seeing any one immediately seemed to puzzle her as she looked around the room sounding further panicked now after the doors concealing her opened before she fell forward out of the closet. She eventually managed to roll a bit and when she saw Victorique her struggle became more invigorated as she let out some muffled sounds of urgency. She couldn’t very well speak to her in her current condition. The woman would need to be freed by Victorique in order to tell her anything of value.

At the very least her high appraisal level had also revealed unless it had been an extremely high grade that there were no illusions at play at the moment either.
Elvario Elvario
Victorique Sopheana
Mentions: Kane/Guard TheTimePiece TheTimePiece
Languages: Common | <Beastial> | [Terran] | {Sylvan}

Perched atop the closet like a tiny gargoyle, Victorique observed what came falling out of it. When she spotted the tendril-like stuff that'd bound the woman, she did a double-check to see if those weren't going to suddenly start moving. It didn't seem like they would. Upon confirming as much, she'd hop down from the closet, landing next to the woman and removing the gag. She didn't really have any sharp objects to cut the ropes with, so she'd have to check if she could otherwise remove those whilst she'd ask some questions. Or well... she honestly didn't expect to get in any questions. This woman looked like she'd start talking her ears off the moment that gag was removed, so perhaps it was best to let her do so and filter out the information from that. That'd probably give her more coherent and useful answers later.

That's when she spotted Kane at the door. “Oi, don't just stand there. Help me untie her.” She told him. “Also, how did things wrap up on your end?” She purposefully kept it vague, not wanting to scare this woman with horror about what she assumed to be her husband. Hopefully Kane would catch up on that. Actually, come to think on it, those twins would've been her daughters? Yikes. That might mean that she'd have to tell a woman her daughters were horrible slain by some monsters in their plans to wipe out the entire town. That wasn't exactly ideal.
Gyld, encompassed by the frosty embrace of the North, felt a spark of ancestral might ignite within his spirit as the entity emerged, towering and resplendent in its icy grandeur. The frosted air, now a symphony of millennia and primordial power, seemed to hum with the whispers of time-forgotten eras, the unseen threads of his past weaving into his being. Gyld, though his body was different, felt the echoes of his former glory resonate within his core, a guardian of lands where the glade was eternal and the dawn of spirituality danced with the whispers of enlightenment. Each tremor from the entity before him seemed to strum the chords of his inherent might, a dance of ancient energies and timeless reverence.

His bear form, entrenched in the revelations of the North, felt the winds whisper the long-lost symphonies of his erstwhile reign, the Guardian of the East, where his might was unrivaled and his wisdom untainted. But now, reborn, stripped of his ancient eminence, he was a wanderer on the path of re-discovery, his spirits buoyed by aspirations unfulfilled and visions unexplored. The air, a weave of frost and power, was a mirror to his soul, reflecting his unyielding quest to evolve, to ascend once again to the hierophant's throne, to guard and guide his kin through the tapestry of existence.

His mind, a cascade of untold stories and undying zeal, reveled in the hierarchy of the hunt, the pursuit of the exotic, the consumption of the unknown. It was a dance, a rhythm of life that fueled his adventurous spirit, the zest of exploration, the unraveling of the unseen. His eyes, portals to his relentless soul, glimpsed into the visions of the White Bear, a journey into understanding, a convergence of natures, a synergy of the bear essence.

His form, a silhouette against the icy radiance of the entity, stood as a beacon of tranquil might and restless curiosity. His voice, a concoction of ancient roars and harmonious tones, resonated in the primordial language, replying to the entity with a sense of reverence and challenge. “#I seek the dance of destinies, the convergence of spirits. I, once the Guardian of the Eternal Glade, seek understanding, a discourse of existences and aspirations. Your children, echoes of your icy might, are witnesses to our dialogue, a blend of the untold and the known. What wisdom do you hold, Ancient of the Ice, that can quench my thirst for evolution, that can guide my steps on the path to the hierophant's ascendancy? Our spirits, a weave of time and power, can converse in the rhythm of existence, revealing the unseen threads of our beings.#

The air, now a ballet of frost and echoes, danced around them, the icy creatures encircling the entity in a symphonic ritual of ancient energies. Gyld, his essence a stream of untold might and undying zeal, awaited the entity’s response, his spirit dancing on the edges of revelation and renaissance.

TheTimePiece TheTimePiece Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic
Phoebe Penrose
Equipped Titles: Human, Mage, Compassionate, Bibliophile
Interactions: Professor Neco ( TheTimePiece TheTimePiece ) Gyld ( gmimperfecti gmimperfecti )
Languages: Common | [Terran]

"Fae magic is that strong huh?" Phoebe commented after the Professor gave his thoughts on her theory. It's common knowledge that Fae possess incredible magical capabilities not seen in the other races, but the notion that a small handful of Fae could leave that much residual mana on the shores really puts it into perspective. The glow emanating from the amulet would soon change color again into a yellowish hue, residual mana from beasts as the Professor explained. Nothing too surprising there, there were plenty of beasts around these parts if Gyld's fight with the White Bear was anything to go by.

In any case, Phoebe stowed away the amulet and took out her journal to write some notes about her findings. She didn't get far in writing before Gyld, in his new form that greatly resembled the White Bear from just a short while ago, drew her attention from out of the corner of her eye. That sight made the entire ice serpent and heart eating thing suddenly make sense in the mage's head.

What came next wasn't as easy to wrap her head around. She tilted her head quizzically as Gyld started speaking to the ice lobsters in a strange language she'd never heard before. She was about to direct her attention back to her note taking when, surprisingly, it seemed that the lobsters responded to, if not understood, whatever Gyld had said. She'd never heard of any ordinary animal understanding spoken language beyond simple commands. Given their strange movements, it doesn't seem like whatever Gyld had said was simple at all.

Indeed, when runic symbols appeared around the land, it became clear to Phoebe that whatever was happening was magical in nature and those lobsters some kind of catalysts for the event. As the ground shook beneath their feet, the pinkette steadied her stance and readied herself, if not for a fight then to run if things went south. What emerged from the ground she could only describe as an ice golem from fairy tales her parents used to tell her as a kid in her old life. Thankfully, it didn't seem immediately hostile to the party, so Phoebe allowed herself to relax a bit as it spoke to Gyld in what was most likely the same language he had used to speak to the lobsters. She made sure to keep up a respectful demeanor for the ice being. She may not understand what was going on or what that thing was, but she sure knows to not aggravate something that towered many feet above them. Her eyes went to the Professor, the expression on her face being that of confusion and a silent transmission of "what is that and what do we do?"
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1.png
When Victorique broke the gag on the woman she immediately began to speak a slurry of words, panting. Thankfully it didn't seem like anything else was being triggered when she came down.

“I’ve been here for days! I don’t know what’s going on! There were all these horrible sounds of screaming and things falling over for days The sounds just wouldn’t stop! Who are you?!, wheres my husband?!, what happened!? Are the townspeople okay?! There were white strands all over the house, I don't..know It all happened so fast. I don't even know how many days have gone by.”

She’d ask frantically, unable to keep herself upright on account of being hogtied the way she had been, it was quite a scene to behold truly. It was miraculous that she hadn’t just started screaming on the spot after all it looked like she would have heard and seen, but she looked incredibly physically exhausted, all things considered. Strangely enough the woman didn’t say a word about children.

Kane Blackburne

Kane on the other hand looked guarded before he perked up at hearing Victorique speak up to him. Frankly he was a bit surprised to see that she hadn’t gotten far away from the house now to go and get help or something of the like, but no instead she was still in the danger zone as far as he could tell. That was pretty gutsy for someone who said they were a runner and not a fighter..he could respect that, no doubt she had been gathering information if his assessment of her was accurate for the time he’d gotten to know her.

“We took care of it, nobody got killed as far as I can tell, Robert called for help, and I saw them coming.” Kane replied, knowing better than to just start talking about how Lord Hoyles probably almost got killed earlier. It didn’t take a genius to tell this lady was probably related to the guy somehow, how he didn’t know, but one would assume wife based on the way she looked. He said that while he came over to the woman and took his executioner ax and carefully got down close to her before he used the blade to cut the binds on her body.

The woman then immediately spread herself after she was cut free spreading out of the ground and just laid down breathing heavily, before she let out what sounded like a sigh of relief after Kane said help was coming. "So Robert made it." She let out wearily.

“We should probably just stick tight and make sure she’s safe until they get here so we can fill them in on what happened.” Kane replied. Afterall it was Lord Hoyles who still needed to call off the gathering, if he could get consciousness back that was anyway, probably wouldn’t be the best look if they were seen fleeing either, Kane figured to himself.

Elvario Elvario

The icy owlbear who had consumed one of the hearts of the great white bear of the North stood before the primordial ice guardian. He had come so far in his dance to acquire more knowledge and power to become an even better guardian himself of his own domain. To get an audience with such a being was a great feet in its own right, not many man or beast could say they even had laid their eyes on a being so old and enormous. There was a certain tranquility which could be felt to those all around for a moment even the animals nearby had become calm as if they had truly felt inner peace beyond their own constant dance of survival of the fittest in nature. The lobsters and crabs didn’t move from their position instead standing still and looking at the Sire of the North. There wasn’t a sound around besides the wind blowing on the white expanse, dust moving, not even the pounding of mechs could be heard in the distance, this was truly a sight to behold.

Sire of the North

Gyld spoke the ancient tongue to the Sire of the North, who appeared receptive to it, looking down at Gyld, in an even somewhat larger size class than him at the moment. Instead the Sire of the North was witness to two bears before them. The essence of one of his children and this guardian from far away intertwined into one harmonious force of tranquility.

“#You are but two parts you are a Guardian of the Eternal Glade, and my child has deemed you worthy of becoming a guardian of the North as well, I can sense both of you, here before me.#”

“#You have helped liberate our kind, we, beings of nature, from man, who has taken away from us what is ours, and has tried to control what they do not understand.#”

“#I can tell that you Gyld, you will go far, and make your aspirations true. Wisdom I can share with you, Wisdom of a domain you had not experienced until today, even far beyond my child.#”

“#Fight you however, I shall not.#”
Suddenly, one of the Sire of the North’s icy spikes at the edge of it’s arm broke off into a sizable piece of it, before another one regenerated in it’s place.

“#Take this Gyld, Guardian of the Eternal Glade and the Northern Expanse, may it serve you well. You will know when the time is right to make the use of it most suitable for your needs.#”

The mystic ancient ice piece was levitated over to Gyld as if it was carried by the wind, and was set down before him, it was large enough to be used like a sizable two handed bludgeoning tool in his standard form.

Not long after that the Sire of the North began to glow a faint blue, as did Gyld, and suddenly the knowledge which he received from the Great Bear of the North became much more refined, and complete with a much more advanced understanding as if he had lived the life of the Great Bear of the North in a more direct way, he now received the perspective of the parent of the Great Bear of the North.

“#If you wish to reach me again, you may use that part of me which I have bestowed upon you to do so.May it aid you in your dance forward.#”

Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png
“Why yes it can be quite strong, especially the higher grade ones which would dare venture out this far I’d reckon.” Her confirmed what Phoebe had to say on that front of things. The good professor had been very much on task assisting Phoebe. He was getting ready to help her with the note taking until suddenly Gyld started interacting with the lobsters the way he had, Professor Neco’s jaw visibly dropped open in shock momentarily, as his eyes widened at what he was seeing..as he looked over when Phoebe looked over since he was curious to see what she had been looking at. He paused for a moment before he saw the runes appear on the earth and the shaking took place.

The professor was quick to get on one knee at seeing this presumably out of respect facing the direction of what was transpiring, as he witnessed the earth break and the large icy figure began to make their way into view.

“Phoebe..” he said, turning to her excitedly, “This..this is just my like vision..I’ve seen this entity before..in my visions! They’re here now..truly..this..this figure is surely legendary, I’ve only heard of them through ancient stories of spoken tradition in this area.. I can’t believe that we’re both witness to this natural phenomenon..and it’s speaking this language..I must get footage of this interaction for documentation immediately!”

Professor Neco exclaimed excitedly as his eye began to glow the greenish color yet again somehow presumably magically recording what was transpiring in this moment.

He’d also gesture for her to get down as well, “We shouldn’t have anything to fear, If this is what I believe it to be this being is a protector of the nature here, and those who respect the land, you and I have not transgressed against nature, we came here to help and your field research was peaceful in nature, so as long as we do not show aggression I believe we should be okay.” He reaffirmed.

“It sure would be easier if we could just ask a being like that as a primary source about what you’re exploring..but I’m afraid I’ve never heard that language spoken in my life..” The professor said, indeed once again proving hhe was truly a man of science even now in the face of a great legendary creature the reason they had come there originally was on his mind.

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Victorique Sopheana
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Oh boy. As expected, the woman started talking like her life depended on it. “For days?” She asked aloud, wondering how the woman had the energy to speak this much if she hadn't eaten or drank in days. “Your husband is fine. The townsfolk will soon be fine.” She confirmed what Kane had already told the woman.

“Although it'd help us if you told us what exactly happened here. I've found a fair few stages of what seems to be something akin to a ritualistic summoning and had to deal with these nasty white tendrils more than I'd like, so I'd very much like to know what happened here.” A hint of accusation could be observed in her voice, as she was slightly gravitating to the idea that these nobles might've brought this all upon themselves by messing with powers they shouldn't have touched.

For a moment she hesitated, but her curiosity was stronger than her empathy, so she asked the most prying question straight and without holding back. “Most of all, however, I'd like to know what's up with your daughters. Or why you didn't even ask about them. Do you know where they are or what was happening in their rooms?” As she stated the latter, she'd use [Ultimate Detective] on the woman's reply, as she was highly suspicious of her trying to cover-up or lie about being concerned.

Ultimate Detective – Appraisal A, Heightened Senses [Hearing/Sight/Smell/Taste/Balance] B, Insight D, Investigation D, Perception C, Law D, Energised B – Character combines all their applicable senses and knowledge to get to the bottom of a mysteries or to be on high alert for clues, dangers or hints. - Grade A – 5 Post Cooldown.
Gyld felt a momentous force pulling and tugging at the very fabric of his existence. The memories, experiences, and emotions of the Great Bear of the North intertwined and merged with his own, creating a tapestry of understanding that spanned epochs. His vision was flooded with icy landscapes, the calls of ancient tribes, and the very dance of life and death on the frigid expanse of the North.

As the Sire's memories filled Gyld's consciousness, he experienced lifetimes of guardianship, fierce battles to protect the sacred grounds of the North, and the profound connection between the spiritual realm and the natural world. Visions of ancient ceremonies, the reverence of tribes, and the dance of the seasons played out in his mind's eye. The culmination of these experiences formed a deep bond between Gyld and the Sire, forging a pact of mutual respect and understanding.

The icy shard presented to Gyld was not just a physical gift but a symbol of their newfound connection, a beacon that would guide him in his journey forward. It held within it the essence of the North, a reservoir of wisdom and strength that would serve Gyld in times of need. As he touched the shard, a rush of energy surged through him, further solidifying the bond between them.

With a nod of appreciation, Gyld reverently took the shard, feeling its cool weight in his grasp. The pulsing energy within it harmonized with the rhythm of his heart, reminding him of the responsibility and honor he now held as a guardian of both the Eternal Glade and the North. Perhaps Northern Eternal Glade or Eternal Northern Glade? A three word domain would be quite powerful if more specialized. Gyld heaved as he ruminated.

Gyld padded over to the pair watching and heaved again. A portion of his youthful exuberance momentarily washed away by the lifetimes in the shard making him reflect on his own past life, millions of years spent watching over the Core Glade Ever Eternal, which he'd felt like he could once more attain only to find this lifetime twisting in a different direction. A new path.
Kane Blackburne

Even Kane raised a brow when Victorique repeated what the woman had said about it being days.
Sirena Hoyles
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1.png

Whilst the woman was laying on the ground looking exhausted, she let out another audible sigh of relief when she heard Victorique say that her husband was fine and that the townsfolk would be okay too.

“What do you mean by ritual?” She asked back, sounding confused enough, before she eventually sat herself upright. The woman’s eyes narrowed momentarily.

As Victorique asked the latter and most important question, before she had answered the first she spoke of later three, “Why would I ask about them, they’ve been off studying at the capital with private tutors long before what happened here happened, are you saying there’s a possibility they’re in danger? And what do you mean what happened in their rooms?! All I know is that some figures wearing gray hoods barged their way into my home and overpowered my husband and myself! Before I knew it they tied me in whatever that was and threw me where you found me! There were all these horrible sounds of things breaking, and terrible screams in languages I couldn’t recognize. Anything beyond that I don’t know a thing about!” She exclaimed.

Victorique’s ability tipped her off to several things, her appraisal revealed that the woman was in fact Lord Hoyles’ wife. Sirena Hoyles. The insight portion of her ability set off some red flags however, the way Sirena Hoyles responded, the alarm almost seemed artificial, like she was playing it up to garner additional sympathy to her plight. The way she looked to the side every now and again in the room..to one particular corner. If one looked there they’d see that there was an envelope sitting on a desk which was near to where she had been evidently trapped in, the way she looked almost suggested she was perhaps a bit nervous before she recomposed herself and made occasional eye contact with Victorique. There was also the fact that given how wealthy the Hoyles were, there was an argument to be made as to why they didn't just hire tutors to come out to them to give their daughters private instruct.

However when Sirena’s eyes fell on Kane it looked like there was a hint of disdain in her face which she didn’t verbally express. Perhaps it was similar to way that some of the Taltons had looked his way before, but from what Victorique could realistically gather, It was likely Sirena saw Kane as beneath her in some form.

Kane not possessing the same abilities as Victorique shrugged a bit and simply said,

“Seems reasonable enough to me, I mean she was tied up here, she wasn’t sure how long, being in there in the dark all alone, sounds like we might have been mistaken about the daughters situation, cause I can tell you right now Victorique the capital is really far away from this place.”

“Maybe we’re dealing with something which is capable of using illusion magic, at least I heard it was possible, I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert on the stuff though.”
He continued.

Sirena seemed a bit too eager to agree with Kane as she spoke up, “That must be it, I mean, he’s right you know! I haven’t gotten a faintest clue how long I’ve been tied up here, and I find it hard to believe you would have seen my daughters around here like this or otherwise unescorted anyway!"

After some time while this was going on the sound of footsteps outside could be heard on the lower floor, it looked like help was finally near arrival.
Elvario Elvario
The knowledge seamlessly intertwined while it provided its more nuanced picture of the situation. It became apparent as Gyld absorbed the information that in a way the Sire of the North and the Great Bear of the North were like interconnected beings. Like a parent and child who shared memories and experiences. Or more accurately it was as if the bear had been created from a piece of the Sire of the North. This was in part why by sharing these memories Gyld gained the much more complete picture which he could see of this most unforgiving land.

It became more evident that the Sire of the North had created more children beyond the great bear who were of equal or greater strength through many years, shards and fragments of great magical energy which eventually became life. While not a divine being, the Sire of the North appeared to have a deep connection with a realm which was of a higher plain than Gyld, Phoebe or Professor Neco had experienced in quite this way before.
After Gyld nodded and accepted the gift, The Sire spoke once more.
Sire of The North

“#Go forth Gyld, and continue to do this world well so that future generations are protected and may prosper.#”

After Gyld left to return to the pair suddenly the bluish runes returned and the ice broke apart yet again as the lobsters circled up and The Sire of the North began to descend back into the ground from which they came, and the whole area closed up as if nothing had happened. Then the lobsters from before scurried off.

Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png
Professor Neco appeared to be relatively transfixed during this interaction, his one eye still glowing a green presumably to document the whole process, between the gifting, and exchange between the guardian and the sire.

“Well I’ll say, I was not expecting something quite so amazing to transpire here today, the bear was one thing, but this was something else entirely beyond my wildest expectations.”

“And you could understand the language which was being spoken and speak it back..what a phenomena, Gyld, It’s not a language I’ve ever heard before, and I presume you hadn’t heard it until now either. I’ve only heard of that being in legend before, what you both witnessed here today was vital indeed.”

“Under different circumstances I would be most intrigued to analyze that piece of ice which you received since it’s such a rarity , but given it’s an important gift I couldn’t possibly ask that of you, and I wouldn’t want to disrespect the Sire of the North.”

“What today has informed me of is that my visions are only becoming more profound as they lead me to greater and greater things..I’m most fortunate to have experienced so much in this early of a life..”

Professor Neco seemed to pause just to take it all in, before he turned to Phoebe,

“Very well then one in a lifetime event or not, we should finish taking notes, and given we will have all met our objectives being out here, we should probably head back before it gets too dark, the night time isn’t as forgiving around these parts. Of course I suspect I should formally process the data I’ve gathered, and then you can use my lab to look at other relevant findings back at my lab to see if a pattern or some correlation can be found between the data sets you just collected and what I have available Phoebe.”

Once the group had finished up what they needed too presumably, Professor Neco was ready to lead them back toward civilization over the white expanse.

“Since you’ve come all this way, you should consider enjoying yourself some, there are interesting things to see back in town and in the surrounding areas, if you don’t need to return immediately.” The good Professor said while looking toward Gyld.

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Phoebe Penrose
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Excitement was certainly not the reaction Phoebe was expecting from the Professor, but at the very least that demeanor in combination with all that protector of nature explanation conveyed that they weren't in any immediate danger. Still, even if this occurrence wasn't immediately related to her research, she'd follow the gesture from the Professor to write some notes on the encounter down. Perhaps it might connect to the mana washing on the shores somehow?

Phoebe opened her journal and began to write.

[ Shortly after I'd taken measurements of the mana washing up on the beaches under the guidance of Professor Neco, our companion, Gyld, seemed to trigger some sort of phenomenon. He'd conversed with a few ice lobsters in an unfamiliar language very unlike the more commonly spoken languages of this world. Whatever he said, it had caused the lobsters to perform some kind of ritual movement with themselves seemingly as the catalysts.

The ritual seemed to be of the summoning kind of sort, from the appearance of what I could only describe as a very large ice golem, a protector of nature around this area. Gyld now seems to be having a conversation with this protector... and now it seems it has given him a gift of sorts in the form of a shard from its own body? Does this have something to do with the White Bear ritual fight I wonder? ]

She stopped her scribing as Gyld returned to where she and the Professor were standing. Her eyes looked over the shard he was gifted as the Professor spoke. It was indeed a truly unexpected turn of events. She was still trying to process everything that had occurred in the past short while when the Professor faced and spoke to her, bringing her back to reality. "Ah, yes of course. I'll just be a few minutes."

Phoebe began writing once more in her journal just below the section that the Professor had gestured for her to write down when Gyld was conversing with this "Sire of the North," being sure to take record of the colors and luminosity the amulet had glowed during the sampling procedure. After getting her observations down, Phoebe quickly jotted down some theories, notes, and follow up questions.

[ Possible residue from Fae adventurers on the other continent? Cross-reference of historical records on adventurers in this area needed. ]

[ How recent was this? Rate of decay for residual mana? Difference between rates of decay for mana types? Need texts on mana research. ]

She flipped her journal shut, returning it to her bag along with her quill, pulling her wand out of her bag once more. "Thanks for waiting, I'm ready to head back when you two are." Her eyes drifted towards Gyld and the ice shard he had received from the Sire of the North. "By the way... if you don't mind me asking Gyld, what did you say back there? To the Sire of the North and those... lobsters?"
Victorique Sopheana
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The woman's testimony was suspicious in many ways. For example, the fact that she didn't ask for water after (presumably) having been locked away in a closet without something to drink for days. Although she didn't like to do what she was about to do, she figured it was the easiest way to confirm whether or not she was being lied to or not. If this woman had truly been in there for days (rather than just exaggerating or unjustly believing it), there would definitely be certain types of unpleasant odours originating from her by now. Ones that Heightened Sense [Smell] B would easily pick up on and that a combination of Perception C and Investigation B should be able to identify with ease. Fearing for the worst, she took a deeper than normal breath and prepared to hold back this day's meals just in case.

There were more odd things going on, however, like the woman denying knowing about any type of ritual. However, when she mentioned her daughters studying at the capital, she clicked her tongue. Were there imposters at play, in that case, rather than them being taken over? That'd certainly be a lot better than the two girls having been taken over and one of them, possibly both, being dead by now. “When was the last time you heart from them? If you're certain they are still in the capital, we might've been dealing with imposters of them. You'd best not hold information back on me though, as anything you know might be crucial to their well-being.” She didn't wonder about why they wouldn't hire tutors, being too unfamiliar with the workings of Kingdom nobles and assuming that sending them off to a prestigious school was the standard. Even so, she figured she'd add the warning, feeling like this woman was clearly hiding things. Not like she didn't do the same, figuring that now wasn't the time to mention the murder of a girl that might or might not be one of her daughters.

As for what happened in their rooms, she sighed. “The usual cult-like stuff. Disturbing drawings and symbols in foreign languages and the likes. Although they might be from the invaders you just described.”

After replying that, she headed off to pick up and read the envelop that Sirena Hoyles had been eyeing. It was clear that this (likely to be) drama queen thought it of some importance, yet didn't mention it. All the more reason to read it. To that extend, the woman's eagerness to to agree with Kane on the matter of her daughters was only more important. It sounded like she was eager to deny it. Was she in denial or was she trying to cover something up? Either of those were plausible options. Perhaps the letter she was about to read would tell her more.
Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png

From what the professor could make out, he seemed pleased based on the expression on his face; to see that Phoebe had been scribing for the major events which had been taking place in addition to the notes about her research project. He then gave her a friendly understanding nod as she said it’d be a few minutes,

“Of course today..has been truly a spectacle.” The professor commented.

“Not a problem, and very well then, Implore that you keep the amulets I gave you both at the beginning of the trip close to you, Gyld I would have said the same..but given your transformation it appears to be much less necessary now.” He replied

“As it gets later it’ll only start to get colder, and they’ll help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm as we head back. I believe if we keep a good pace we should be fine before it starts to get much riskier.”

“Truthfully I am also curious, Gyld, what exactly transpired there? It was quite a natural phenomenon to be audience too , and I would be quite curious to know what happened from your perspective at that point, it would be a valuable primary source for our records.”

“I am also very curious about that..object you received.”

Presumably at that point, when everyone was ready to go, Professor Neco would start walking back toward the settlement they had come from on the white expanse. He knew just where to go as to avoid their chance of more monster encounters. In addition Gyld would find that any of the lesser beasts and monsters which were native to the realm were not nearly as likely to attack the group thanks to the title and everything else he had received.

Eventually as the group continued they’d see yet another Mech from the Kingdom lumbering in the distance, this time it looked like it was dragging the body of what could only be described as a very large icy looking worm, presumably the same way they were going. Despite the mech turning to them at one point, the pilot didn’t say anything to them but continued onward.

The elevation shifted every now and again as they traveled.
Eventually Professor Neco spoke up,

“I believe I have some additional resources which will be of much help after what we’ve seen today Phoebe, I’ll make sure to get them to you when we get back to my place.”

After a significant amount of time, the group eventually could see the walls of Evergate in the distance. As well as the Mech guards from before to which they passed easily enough once again. The guards would react differently depending on the form Gyld took at that point, a bit surprised if he maintained his new form. The streets themselves looked much emptier than when they left, reflecting how many people had congregated for the execution or were currently at home or place of business for what was supposed to come that day.

Professor Neco’s Lab

The trio then found themselves moving through Evergate the way they had came for the arguably successful trip, until Professor Neco’s Lab was in view, and he headed to the door offering to let the pair through first, the space looking unchanged since they last visited.
Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic gmimperfecti gmimperfecti

Perhaps surprisingly or not, Victorique’s attempt to pick up any odor with her enhanced sense just put great emphasis on the probably extremely expensive floral perfume that Sirena had been wearing. Given the degree of her sensory skills, if she really had been there for days struggling, her body odor was not reflecting that since it would have surely been evident even with the perfume given how perceptive Victorique was.

Indeed while it wouldn’t have been unheard of to send their daughters to a prestigious school, given how far away they were from the capital, and the fact the capital had one of the MOST prestigious and expensive schools available in all of the Kingdom, and while they were well off as a family, they weren’t exactly the highest in the pecking order nor were they As well off as others like the Taltons, it might have raised a question to one who was more familiar with the area as to how they acquire enough funds and prestige to get their daughters into being educated at the capital rather than being tutored or being sent to a still good school that was more within the range which would have been expected for their class, but nevertheless Victorique was not as familiar with the Kingdom of Rotia so this information was not coming to mind.

Kane Blackburne

However Kane looked a bit curious when this bit had been said, like something sounded kind of fishy, but he didn’t speak on it for now, not in front of her at least..

Sirena Hoyles
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1-1.png

“I got a letter from them a couple weeks ago or so..If I remember correctly.” Sirena responded, “It sounded like they were doing well, if you need documentation of their enrollment I can assure you I can provide it..” She continued, speaking a bit more calmly, perhaps more than one might expect given how upset she had been just earlier.

“R-really?! Who would do such a thing..It must have been whoever broke in!” She replied, sounding alarmed by this news, as if it was the first time she was hearing it.

When Victorique took the letter however the demeanor of the woman shifted completely as it became incredibly indignant quickly even starting to meld into disdain toward the end, “Now wait just a minute you, I could tolerate the executioner since you've helped me so far..but now you’re rummaging through belongings which are not yours! Give that here!” She exclaimed sternly, attempting to right herself up. It seemed that whatever the contents were it was something that she perhaps didn’t want to propagated. However Kane moved himself between Victorique and her for the time being.

“Listen lady, we're here looking for evidence, for all you know those intruders left evidence around here.”

Upon opening the letter it was in a dainty, fancy, Terran text, the seal on it looked rather ornate and like it had been shaped as a heart.

To my dearest Alfy,

I yearn for when this will all be over. I need you in my life more than ever. To think that I’ll finally rid myself of this burden. When the deed is done I’ll meet you over at the statue so that we can finally be together forever. May you have Varek’s blessing for the days to come.

As Victorique was reading that it became apparent from the sounds that help had finally arrived, Kane went to the door and exclaimed,

“Over here! We found the Lord’s wife tied up, Lord Hoyles and his nephew are up in Lord Hoyle’s Office currently, you should get the healer over there as soon as possible.” While he assumed Robert would have said that already in the message he just wanted to reiterate the emergency, and even so Robert didn’t know about what Victorique had discovered.

Eventually some familiar looking spear wielding guards made their way over to the door. At that point Kane stepped aside. While he had been looking out the door he saw what could only be described as some more ornate looking Valcorism faith healer make their way toward the office.

Evergate Guard

“What happened? Explain.” The guard who entered the room first inquired, looking about the room.

Elvario Elvario
Victorique Sopheana
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All she could smell was perfume. No scent of body odour or 'waste' on the woman. It annoyed her. This woman was either confused or lying. Which was it? She did recall having to be a bit careful around nobles as to not get her head on the chopping block, so perhaps she shouldn't immediately start accusing her? Ugh. How annoying. Perhaps she could bring it a bit more sensitively? “If you'd been in there for days, your clothes would be soiled and I'd smell it. You'd also be begging for water. I don't know if you'd been under an illusion or if you're straight up lying, but try to stick to the truth or you'll only make this worse for everyone involved.” Ah great... that wasn't really sensitive at all, was it? Well, in a worst case, she could run and flee the country.

The woman sounded a bit more sincere about her girls being enrolled and about being confused by the cult-like sights. How odd. That said, when the woman demanded to be given the letter, Victorique could only do one thing. Which was to take the letter and slowly open it in front of her. Reading the lines of it right then and there. She wasn't sure why, but that felt way better than it should. Was it the thrill of angering nobles that could kill her, the fact she might finally have a clue, or just some suicidal madness? She didn't even know it herself.

“Tssk.” She clicked her tongue. “You got any clue who or what Varek is, Kane? Some deity or something here?” She asked.

After, she looked at the woman again. “Please don't tell me that all of this happened because you were getting yourself charmed by some monster or criminal.” She sighed, as she was fearing the worst. “Confess what's been going on and stop holding things back now, and I promise it'll be a lot better for everyone involved.” She added, hoping the woman could be brought to her senses with some [Ultimate Argument A] backing her words.

Ultimate Argument – Appraisal A, Heightened Senses [Hearing/Sight/Smell/Taste/Balance] B, Insight D, Perception C, Persuasion B, Law D, Energised B – Character takes in any information they can from someone and uses it when carefully picking their tone of voice and mannerisms to convey their argument in the most persuasive manner, tailored to whatever might suit the person they're trying to convince. - Grade A – 5 Post Cooldown.

When they were asked to explain, she just pointed to the noblewoman. “We found her tied up in a closet and lord Hoyle's under some monster's influence in his office. More of them might be infiltrating town as we speak and readying themselves to cause a massacre during the planned executions.” She spoke. “It's why this noblewoman, should she care in the slightest about preventing such a horrible event, would be best to start explaining to us the rest of what happened.” Was the latter a threat or a fact? Both. It's why she yet again brought it with [Ultimate Argument] to back her up. Not only was she running out of patience, she also wondered if she wasn't running out of time.
From what the professor could make out, he seemed pleased based on the expression on his face; to see that Phoebe had been scribing for the major events which had been taking place in addition to the notes about her research project. He then gave her a friendly understanding nod as she said it’d be a few minutes,

“Of course today..has been truly a spectacle.” The professor commented.

“Not a problem, and very well then, Implore that you keep the amulets I gave you both at the beginning of the trip close to you, Gyld I would have said the same..but given your transformation it appears to be much less necessary now.” He replied

“As it gets later it’ll only start to get colder, and they’ll help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm as we head back. I believe if we keep a good pace we should be fine before it starts to get much riskier.”

“Truthfully I am also curious, Gyld, what exactly transpired there? It was quite a natural phenomenon to be audience too , and I would be quite curious to know what happened from your perspective at that point, it would be a valuable primary source for our records.”

“I am also very curious about that..object you received.”

Gyld, the icy owlbear, exhaled deeply, steam rising from his nostrils. His golden owl eyes now twinkled with flecks of mischievous white like a shaken snow globes, as he tried to process all that had transpired. "Ah, Professor, every day is a gamble, and today," he glanced at the mystic shard, its icy blue sheen reflecting the fading daylight, "I think I hit the jackpot."

Rashly, he scooped up the shard, holding it aloft for the Professor to see. The thrill of the adventure had charged him, and he couldn't resist showing off just a bit. "This? This is a piece of history, of legacy," he said, the weight of the Sire of the North's words still heavy on his mind, but his voice playful, "And probably the biggest chip to add to my gamble."

He grinned, running a claw gently over the shard, as if remembering the deep resonance he had felt with the ancient Sire. "When I stood before the Sire, it was like staring into the vast history of the North, a tapestry of wisdom and ancient guardianship. As for the specifics of our little chat, let's just say, I've gained a clearer perspective. The North and I... we're intertwined now, in ways I'm only beginning to grasp."

With a smirk, he added, "Here take a look for yourself," he tossed the shard over to the Professor. "If you were a threat the Sire would have devoured your soul anyway." Gyld watched the professor as he tossed over the shard, curious about the Professor's actions and eager to continue to show off.

"As for the amulet, appreciate the sentiment, but I reckon with my new upgrades, cold's got nothing on me." He paused to flex his new Title [Blizzardy Bear's Blessing]. "Unless there's fell intent behind the cold, it won't bother me nor will the minor beasts and monsters of the White." Twisting his head in owlish thought, he added, "Still, if you think it's gonna get chillier, let's find a little waif and recruit a believer in me and the North. It's always nice to add to one's crew? I bet there's someone out there shivering in their boots."

Presumably at that point, when everyone was ready to go, Professor Neco would start walking back toward the settlement they had come from on the white expanse. He knew just where to go as to avoid their chance of more monster encounters. In addition Gyld would find that any of the lesser beasts and monsters which were native to the realm were not nearly as likely to attack the group thanks to the title and everything else he had received.

Eventually as the group continued they’d see yet another Mech from the Kingdom lumbering in the distance, this time it looked like it was dragging the body of what could only be described as a very large icy looking worm, presumably the same way they were going. Despite the mech turning to them at one point, the pilot didn’t say anything to them but continued onward.

Gyld loped over to sniff the worm. "I'm with the professor over there," Gyld jerked his head toward the professor, "If you don't mind I'd love to help! I'm a guardian of a portion of the North and hear to help dispose of anything that might further..." He racked his brains trying hard to remember what Phoebe and the Professor had been talking about, "...Ah magical radiation...it's....uh......." his head twisted around like an owl to regard the Professor, "Causing like bad magical stuff to happen. Here, just drop it here..."

Gyld's proud chest puffed up even further at the professor's words of endorsement. "See? Told ya. Now, let's get this thing handled."

After the massive mech bent down, releasing the icy worm's carcass, which landed with a thud on the snowy expanse. As Gyld approached the gigantic icy worm, he took a moment to connect with his Domain of the Northern Eternal Forest. The power he felt from the domain coursed through him, making his body bristle with energy. This connection amplified his abilities manifold, allowing him to adapt to the situation. He'd just recently figured or remembered how to layer multiple abilities on top of each other, thus keeping his [North and Glade Bear Form] he layered on another more powerful magical domain ability [Hunger of the North].

Suddenly, he began his transformation. Those watching saw his mouth start to expand, growing much larger than should be possible. His jaws unhinged, reminiscent of a snake devouring its prey whole. Not only that, but a shimmering portal, akin to a pocket dimension, formed just within the entrance of his maw, ready to store the massive creature.

Gyld then lunged at the icy worm, his gaping maw enveloping the creature steadily. It was an astonishing and slightly unnerving sight, watching the guardian consume something the [Large] Bear so big and long, but it was clear that Gyld was drawing from a power that few could comprehend. Now with the assistance of the pocket dimension in his stomach, Gyld attempted to consume the entire worm without gaining any noticeable mass. Every inch of the worm hopefully disappearing within Gyld's maw, and as soon as the last of it was inside, Gyld's mouth returned to its usual size, leaving no trace of the massive creature he had just consumed.

Gyld, licking his lips, replied with a chuckle, "Well, always good to have a little extra room for a snack. And with this, the magical radiation from the worm won't be a concern. It'll be safely contained and processed within me."

The elevation shifted every now and again as they traveled.
Eventually Professor Neco spoke up,

“I believe I have some additional resources which will be of much help after what we’ve seen today Phoebe, I’ll make sure to get them to you when we get back to my place.”

After a significant amount of time, the group eventually could see the walls of Evergate in the distance. As well as the Mech guards from before to which they passed easily enough once again. The guards would react differently depending on the form Gyld took at that point, a bit surprised if he maintained his new form. The streets themselves looked much emptier than when they left, reflecting how many people had congregated for the execution or were currently at home or place of business for what was supposed to come that day.

As the distant spires of Evergate came into view, the Gyld perked up. The massive walls that protected the city loomed ahead, acting as a beacon to guide them home? Gyld, reflecting on his newfound insights and strength, debated the form he should take upon their return. Curiosity winning out, he opted to maintain his newly acquired form, wanting to gauge the reactions of the city folk and the guards.

The mech guards, stationed at regular intervals along the city walls, looked up as the group approached. Their initial nonchalance transformed into visible surprise and caution as they took in Gyld's imposing new form. Their gazes lingered on him, exchanging wary glances amongst themselves.

"Ooh," Gyld grunted forgetting he was still in his large form and he dismissed the ability to transform back into his medium sized owlbear form. "Is that better?"

Once inside the city, the streets of Evergate felt eerily calm. The normally bustling avenues were quieter, the vendors fewer, and the general populace seemed to have retreated to their homes or places of business. The events of the day, from the looming execution to the unexpected encounters in the icy expanse, weighed heavily on the group. The city's stillness only served as a stark reminder of the events that had transpired and what lay ahead.

Gyld, ever the thrill-seeker, felt the adrenaline of the upcoming challenges. "Whatever comes next, we're ready for it. Evergate won't know what hit it!"

The trio then found themselves moving through Evergate the way they had came for the arguably successful trip, until Professor Neco’s Lab was in view, and he headed to the door offering to let the pair through first, the space looking unchanged since they last visited.

Gyld shrugged, transforming into a green owl to fly jump through the door and land on a suitable perch.

OOC Skills Used out of combat

  • [Hunger of the North] with Magic D + Domain F
    • Pocket Dimension with Devour to swallow and hold the Ice Worm while it is "digested"
  • [North and Glade Form - Refreshed hourly] with Magic E + Domain F
    • Transform F (28pts)
      • Forest Stride F: When running on the forest floor and through natural environments, he can run without problem (Fast F 12mph / 60ft per move) and faster than usual
      • Regenerate F - Regenerate damage and lost body parts in 6 rounds.
      • Resilient F - Forest and Plant-based Plane
      • Sixth Sense F: Forest Realm and Plant Essence
    • Size Change Size F: Large (35pts)
      • Large - These are creatures that are around 8 feet to 16 feet tall/long and weighing between 500lbs and 2 tons. they can generally still squeeze into sturdy doorways and halls meant for smaller creatures with comedic effect, but tend to prefer dwellings and wilderness that are more open.
      • Strength - D Grade
      • Vitality - D Grade
      • Super Strength skill - E grade - 600lbs (average grizzly bear)
      • Feature: Large skill - E grade - Grants character natural E grade heavy armor in equipment
      • Natural Weapons - E grade - Claws and Teeth.
  • Owl's Form: Transform F.
    • Intelligence (C->B)
    • Jump F->E - vertically 10yrds/horizontally 33yrds
    • Heighten Sense (Eye Booster x2)
    • Feature [360 degree sight]
    • [Ability: Panoramic Scene]: Using his Jump to get an aerial view, he processes the scene with heightened intelligence C, through his understanding of Nature F and Survival F with insanely boosted Heightened Senses to see every microscopic detail at a distance with his 360 degree sight.
Sirena Hoyles
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1.png

Sirena Hoyles upon hearing Victorique’s commentary made a sound like she had just been punched in the gut. Before it shifted into indignance,

“Why, I’ve never heard of a victim, A lady like myself no less having so many questions to my answers!! How should I know how long I”ve been here? My home was invaded and I was bound and thrown in there for who knows how long and my poor poor husband was almost killed! Have you no concern?!” She let out a huff apparently offended by how straight forward Victorique was despite her bringing up good points. Due to Victorque’s high grade skills she could tell that some of this reaction was being intentionally drama’d up.

Her gaze shifted into venomous daggers not long after Victorique defied her previous words, if one was observant they’d see that she was clenching her right fist quite a bit now, like she was holding back some kind of unsavory outburst which would not be pleasant for anyone to hear. Victorique was privy to this thanks to her perception and insight.

Kane Blackburne

Kane looked a bit surprised when Victorique asked him who Varek was, like he hadn’t been expecting her to address him

“Varek? Uh yeah, he’s a pretty well known Valcori, or as you’d say god in the Valcorism faith, which is the main faith of the Kingdom of Rotia. He’s the Tactician god, one of wisdom, strategy, and cunning, someone you might pray to if you need to overcome great adversity and you’re in a leadership position, To be fair I really only know the basics, if you want to learn more you’d be better off speaking to a religious figure, I can’t say I was too involved growing up.” He said the last line with a bit of a semi smirk.

“One would wonder why..” Sirena said with clenched teeth in response to Kane’s latter line presumably.

The body language and glare that Sirena was holding onto wasn’t fading away as she stood herself up. Unfortunately for her, Vicorique’s Ultimate Argument A was quite potent, a look of conflict falling upon the woman’s face now, like she wanted to speak but was trying desperately to stop herself from doing so.

Before she could properly get words to Victorique that was at the point the guard came in and listened to what she had to say on the matter of what happened. Kane gave a nod of affirmation to what Victorique had to say.

“She’d be right by my accounts with all due respect that something seriously suspicious is going on and the evidence Victorique has gathered really shows a picture that it isn’t looking great for this village right now, less some serious actions are taken quickly.” Kane said, backing up Victorique’s words and stressing the urgency to the guard.

Sirena’s face then shifted to one of what appeared to be genuine surprise when Victorique mentioned the bit about the massacre. “NO YOU’RE LYING!” She’d exclaim a tone of righteous anger flaring up in her voice. “Alfy..wouldn't do that! I don’t believe you. The plan wasn’t anything like that! Why would he do something..!” It sounded like from what Victorique could read that letter was in fact revealing insight into there being some plan involving her and this ‘alfy” as well as her words very well confirming it.

“You wouldn’t understand! We had to..stop that rat…from hurting him! This was the only way!, and it was right and just self defense!”

Kane wasn’t expecting this sudden outburst and looked a bit surprised himself but his eyes widened a bit like he had a revelation.

“Hey..Victorique didn’t Eliza..call Affonso Alfy at one point?” He asked seemingly to verify if his memory had been correct.

Upon hearing this Sirena looked to Kane, “Why you... Why did you have to bring filthy people like him here!” She lashed out again.

Evergate Guard

The guard then looked to Sirena Hoyles before continuing, “Lady Hoyles, she’s right you best be very careful what you say next, as I..I never thought I'd be saying this but ..It will be a determining factor in whether or not I”ll have to place you under arrest you.” He said with a solemn tone. It became apparent there were a few more guards outside the door now who were dressed similarly also wielding spears.

Sirena was looking increasingly cornered now.

“Fine I’ll speak but it’s because you’ll have to see things my way! Affonso Talton and I have….I mean we’ve been..t-that’s besides the point!” She said her face a bit red now,

“The main point is that I have evidence that Adriano was plotting against my Alfy! Affonso is the next in line for succession and he informed me he found that his brother was plotting to take his life! He told me that working with that monster was essential to ensure not only his safety but our future! He had nothing to do with those girls who were harmed! That was Adriano acting out like the brute he is! He told me as much himself! ” Now there was quite a bit of information being dropped.

The guard shook his head sadly, “Lady Hoyles..” with a tone of deep disappointment.
Elvario Elvario
Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png
Thankfully for Gyld the good Professor was able to grab the sizable shard as it was tossed over to him despite it being somewhat lofty, the amulet on his neck helping to offset the cold which came off of the shard.

HIs eyes were one of intrigue as he looked over it carefully. “You don’t say, it’s been a very eventful day If I were you I’d continue to take advantage of this luck which seems to have been bestowed upon you.”

He said chuckling a bit, "Truly a day unlike any other I’ve seen at that..so many things to be thankful for, my visions came into fruition just as I believed they would and you’ve gained immensely from this expedition as well, I truly do believe it was all meant to be my friend.” The Professor said with a smile toward the Owlbear.

As Gyld further detailed what had transpired, the professor’s same eye from before lit up like it had been when he was recording during the field research.

“Fascinating..It sounds like you truly had a dialogue that seldom can say they partook in this will be a story preserved for the ages.” The professor said with excitement in his voice. The professor then attempted to use some sort of appraisal magic on the shard a surprised look on his face, “Yes..this is very much genuine..and made of an incredibly ancient ice..”

“It’s really capable of that..well for a lack of a better words that sounds like a chilling ability.”
The Professor said semi light heartedly, truthfully being able to devour souls sounded pretty dangerous.

“ And to think the day's events aren’t over with that execution looming..many will be gathering, personally I’m not sure if I need to see it myself.” He replied as he passed the shard back to Gyld after spending a good amount of time recording information about it.

“I have a good feeling about the prospect of you gathering followers if today’s been a sign of what’s to come.” He replied optimistically.

Then there was the scene with the large worm. Professor Neco didn’t appear to have any objections to Gyld offering to help transport the worm as he could only assume Gyld had the skills to do such. “I think it’s worth a shot, it’s always nice to help out.”

The pilot of the suit looked back to Gyld, stopping, “Oh you are?” A masculine voice responded through the magical machine.

“Well you definitely look the part of some guardian hah, knock yourself out. It’d be pretty helpful, this wriggler here is gonna pay the taxes for a while thanks to the guild.”

Whoever had been in the suit seemed pretty casual, all things considered sounding like an adult male who was in his prime, speaking with a Kingdom of Rotia dialect, an adventurer from the sound of things. At that the adventure dropped the large worm and stepped back and let Gyld do his thing.

“Woah you weren’t kidding!” He’d exclaim light heartedly giving a bit of a clap with his suit as Gyld swallowed the very sizable worm.

“Good show!” The professor also exclaimed encouragingly.
By the point they were back at the gates and Gyld had presumably gotten the worm to where it needed to go for processing with the mech adventurer, one of the guards gave him a thumbs up when he asked if it was better after shifting back, certainly a form which drew less attention to travel in the village streets with.

Which were considerably less busy with so many doing as observed, either going back to

“Right you are, we all make a great team.” The Professor agreed.

Professor Neco’s Lab Interior

Gyld was able to find a suitable place to perch within the space which supported his weight in that form in a wooden fixture.

Upon reentry the first order of business for the professor was taking off all the stuff he had been carrying on his person for the trip near the door in an orderly fashion, gesturing for the others to also do so should it be applicable for what they no longer needed.

He then made his way over to the area he and Phoebe had discussed before pulling out an empty scroll which looked like it was from Kuridan and he began to transcribe with very quick speed, his eye glowing again, what information he wanted in written form.

“Is there anything else in particular you think is worth mentioning for the record about what transpired today Gyld?”

“You too Phoebe if you had anything you wanted to add."

After that process was done the professor took out a small crystal from his shelf and his eye lit up again and a small green beam left it and entered the crystal making it take on the hue.

“This archives what I saw today from my perspective.” He clarified to the two. He then started to pull a few books off his shelf and set them down near Phoebe, strategically knowing where each one was.

“These will help for reference in your studies, an almanac for what I’ve encountered in the area, a book about geography and weather patterns, as well as a book about the nearby sea.” He said stacking them down.

“Once we’ve finished compiling our information, iIt’d be my honor to go out with the both of you for a celebration of our journey. I can also show either of you around at some point. And finally, should either of you need somewhere to stay the night I could offer some accommodations if you haven’t already if you’re planning on staying longer, as I can assure you there are some things of interest around this area, despite how remote it may feel which you may want to investigate further, and I like to think that Evergate is a nice base of operations.”

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Victorique Sopheana
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Her patience was already very thin, so the woman starting to play more and more into a drama queen act wasn't helping at all. “My only concern right now is with those that are still in danger.” She grumbled back at the woman's drama acting.

Upon hearing Kane confirm who, or what, Varek was, she nodded. “Right.” Nothing of use at all right now. She was clearly not on top of her game right now.

Thankfully, with some aid from Kane, the next batch of information they got out of her was a lot more useful. “Now we're getting somewhere. So....” She mumbled, trying to put pieces together. When Kane noted the similar nickname, one of them clicked. “Right, good point.” She affirmed.

Sadly enough, the woman was still uncooperative. Even the guards had to pressure her. Luckily enough, that did move the investigation a bit closer to its conclusion. Or so she hoped. “Having an affair.” She conclude. “Wait.. what?” The next part confused her. Enough so for her to start walking around the room in circles, wondering how this all could fit together. She started thinking aloud.

“When we met Affonso, he seemed to do what he could to break Adriano out of prison.” Was that an entirely wrong conclusion right from the get-go? “He never directly said he was going to free him... yet he also never seemed to show any signs he was going against him or plotted his arrest...” She'd interrogated him, yet her insight hadn't picked up on anything suggesting otherwise. Had she missed that? She clicked her tongue.

“No, no. That's not the issue. Even if he was intend to free Adriano now, he could've still set him up in the past after regretting his actions.” Still, was that true? “Yet Adriano himself never expected his brother of anything... So why did Affonso's own men go against his orders?” This was annoying. Things didn't seem to add up.

“Unless...” She perked up. “What if it's true, and the two girls aren't here at all. What if there's a shapeshifter. A second Affonso. One that charmed the noblewoman into this murder plot. One that wanted to free his brother, having no clue what happened?” That might be possible, right?

She turned to the noblewoman again, her gaze seeming to try to pierce straight through her. “Did you ever see Affonso's eyes look reddish? Perhaps even just for a short moment, before fading into gray or into their natural colour?” She asked her. “If so, your Alfy might be in danger, so you'd best speak honestly. Besides, who told you what himself? I'm not here to play annoying pronoun games and guessing. We're too short on time for that.” She figured that alone, with a bit of [Ultimate Argument] might get the noblewoman to spill even more.

In fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea to just go by that theory and keep going for a bit more. “What type of monster was he talking about? An actual [monster] or what? The thing that causes those white tendrils?” She clicked her tongue. “We've already confirmed it's likely that that thing works together with an insider, perhaps another monster, yet I'm not sure if it's truly Affonso that's taken up that task.”

She sighed. “Either way, you'd best tell us every single thing you know. Two good things can happen. We clear Affonso's name and save the town, or we figure out he was involved, yet stop him before he does something that'll get his head on the chopping block. All other options seem like they'd lead to the death of him and a considerable amount of residents of this town.” She figured she'd lay it on thick to add a bit more weight to the ultimate argument.

Next, she turned to Kane. “We'll have to look for Affonso again, I fear. Well, either him or whatever might be posing as him.” She then turned to the guard. “I'd put her under house arrest. We can't confirm that she's free of whomever or whatever seemed to have manipulated her, so you'll want to keep an eye on her for now to make sure he or it doesn't contact her again.” She stated, in front of Sirena, with no hesitation. She was rather fed-up with this situation and didn't shy away from making that known.
Phoebe Penrose
Equipped Titles: Human, Mage, Compassionate, Bibliophile
Interactions: Professor Neco ( TheTimePiece TheTimePiece ) Gyld ( gmimperfecti gmimperfecti )
Languages: Common | [Terran]

The walk back to civilization was, thankfully, free of monster encounters, which allowed the young mage to take more time to take in the snowy wilderness around her more now that she didn't have to worry too much about. The sight of one of the Kingdom's mechs was a welcome one indeed, another sign that they were nearing the relative safety of civilization, though the encounter did serve to raise an entirely different concern. Namely, the big ice worm the mech was hauling. This part of the continent is prone to monsters that are larger in size than other regions it seems. Perhaps as a side effect of the mana washing up?

Phoebe listened intently as Glyd began speaking about his interaction with the Sire of the North and the shard that was gifted to him. She wondered what he meant by him now being intwined with the North. Too bad he didn't go further into detail, but if he wasn't willing to disclose that then she won't pry into that subject any further. Made for some good food for thought at least during the walk back in absence of monsters attacking them.

Phoebe allowed herself to relax as they returned within the walls of Evergate, the streets looking much emptier than when she first went to that magic store earlier in the day. The relative warmth of the Professor's lab was another welcome sensation as they entered the building once more. After having left her travel gear and supplies neatly near the entrance, she made her way to one of the tables and opened her journal. She looked over the notes she had taken during their little adventure, briefly looking up to the Professor as he asked her and Gyld about what to include in the records of their journey.

"Hmm, it seemed to me that those ice lobsters Gyld was talking to on the beach acted as the catalysts to summon the Sire of the North to our location. Given their movements when the Sire was there, perhaps they could also be catalysts for sustaining his presence there? Although... they just seemed like normal creatures to me before and after the Sire had appeared... Maybe it wasn't those lobsters specifically and could have been any ice creature? oing off of how Gyld has been talking about the North, it seems like life around here is all connected in some way, though do correct me if I'm wrong, Gyld. Aside from that, I don't believe I have any more to add to the record."

Pheobe gave the Professor a small appreciative bow of the head as he placed a few books in front of her. "Ah, thank you Professor." She started off with the book about geography and weather patterns. If she could make sense of the ocean currents in the area it might be possible to pinpoint a rough area on the other continent where most of the mana could have originated. Phoebe looked up from the book as the Professor proposed a celebration for their successful journey. "A celebration sounds wonderful Professor! Getting familiarized with the town does sound nice as well. I've already booked myself at the inn for a few weeks, but thank you for the offer on accommodations."

She paused for a brief moment before continuing. "On a side note, would you happen to have anything or know anything relating to residual mana decay or anything about the passage of adventurers through this area in recent times, Professor? I was thinking those might be helpful in determining where that Fae mana came from."
Perched with the distinctive poise of his owl form, Gyld turned to face the Professor and Phoebe, his eyes gleaming with the thrill of recent events. His voice, though now tinged with a more sonorous quality, held the same bold tenor as he began his recount.

"Ah, Professor, the dance I had with the powers of the North was one of both might and mind. I confronted the White Bear, yes, but it was more than a mere skirmish—it was a clash of spirits. And what I've gained," he gestured to himself, his feathers rustling with pride, "is a testament to that encounter."

Gyld continued watching to see if he had their rapt attention or not. When asked by Phoebe for more clarification, her pen poised above her notepad, her eyes upon Gyld, he delved deeper into the mystical aspects of his tge North.

"You see, a Domain, Phoebe, is not just a sanctuary or realm. It's an extension of oneself, a manifestation of one's essence and authority. When I speak of the Northern Eternal Forest, I speak not just of a territory, but of a power that flows into me, a connection to the land and its creatures that is as real as the flesh and blood we bear. It is both a physical place here and a so spiritual one, whose nature can influence the world with mana."

His words hung in the air, carrying the weight of his newfound wisdom and the awe-inspiring experiences that shaped it. It was clear to all present that Gyld, through his trials, had become more than just a guardian—he had become a force intertwined with the very fabric of the world he vowed to protect.
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Sirena Hoyles
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1.png
Sirena Hoyles looked less than thrilled at Victorique’s response to her ‘drama performance’ still sending some dagger eyes Victorique’s way practically the whole time.

Unfortunately understanding who Varek was supposed to be alone wasn’t exactly going to reveal a ton other than perhaps the individual praying to the being was supposedly facing off against great odds, but much of the evidence was pointing to some kind of conspiracy, even if the specifics weren’t all there yet anyway.

Kane Blackburne

Kane gave a bit of a grin at hearing Victorique compliment the information he gave. He felt like he was at least getting somewhere, the soon to be executioner giving a look toward Sirena like he was somewhat enjoying the upsetting way he was making her feel just by being there. Indeed Kane really wasn’t all too fond of most of these sorts, particularly not after learning more about what was potentially happening with this woman.

Lady Hoyles did not look particularly happy to hear Victorique out things for what they were very likely, an affair, but she did not speak on that issue even if it looked like she was about to exclaim something before she paused and continued to give a disdainful look.

Kane looked over curiously at Victorique as she started to pace, looking like she was in thought at what she had heard.

He and the guards listened to what she had to say, and Lady Hoyles looked visibly surprised at some of what she was saying, like some of this was information she had not heard.

“Whatever it was he didn’t tell me any children would be hurt, and I doubt he would do anything like that!” Lady Hoyle asserted.

“That’s..that would actually explain some of the weird things that have been happening huh Victorique?” Kane posed after hearing the possibility of their being two Affonsos.

“I mean isn’t it possible that those girls were shapeshifters themselves as well as Affonso? I guess it wouldn’t exactly explain the murderer title..I mean they might not have been monsters or criminals up until that point.” Kane decided to speak his thoughts even if he didn’t feel the most equipped.

Lady Hoyles looked a bit less confident when Victorique gazed right into her back, like her mental defenses were being cut through.

“As much as i despise to admit it..you said he might be in danger so..I’m afraid I must admit I might have seen something like that happen..Alfy said he was just using magic..”
She spoke, and from what Victorique could gather from her ability usage Sirena seemed to be telling the truth, that she had seen his eyes turn a reddish hue at, at least one point.

“He’s also the one who told me all I know now.to my understanding he’s talking about a real monster..but one who he claimed would ensure his protection from his brother, one which he claims to be in mutually beneficial relationship with..you can’t possibly fault him for that can you?! If his own brother wants him dead and no one else believes him then what else was he supposed to do?! .” Sirena exclaimed dramatically toward the end.

Sirena looked conflicted until she eventually spoke once again. “If you need to investigate his whereabouts sooner there’s a portal which can be accessed from a memorial statue of one of those large combat suits near the town square..”

“But I can guarantee you you’ll see that I’ve been nothing but honest and you’ll see that he’s innocent!”
She readded. Either she truly believed this or was delusional in some form.

Kane gave Victorique a bit of a thumbs up, “Got it, Sounds like we might as well check out that statue huh? Doesn’t sound like it’d hurt, if she’s lying we’ll know pretty quick.”

Evergate Guard

The guard who looked disappointed before gave a reluctant nod. “Lady Hoyles, I’m afraid that you are temporarily under arrest for suspicion of conspiracy against the crown’s people until this investigation has concluded and we can determine you were not at fault and that none of this monster’s influence is lingering on you.” The guard said matter of fact, The other guards are now blocking the door.

“W-What! You dare treat ME this way?! Do you know who I am? You can’t keep me here!” Sirena let out dramatically once more.

Kane looked to Victrorique after the fact, “Shall we get going then? I have a good gut feeling about what you’ve uncovered so far.”

“And even though my fine investigator friend here didn’t mention it, it’d be great if you guys could supply one of the magic users I saw you bringing over here, finding the access to a portal in a statue sounds like someone with that skillset could be useful.”

Kane added in to which one the guards looked like they were in thought before allowing Kane and Victorique through.

“Jez, accompany them, they might need your skill set for the rest of this investigation ”


A young woman who looked like she had seen better days as far as sleep went was standing nearby, she didn’t appear to have a catalyst on her, and her clothing strangely looked more suited for the Empire than somewhere like the Kingdom of Rotia where it was so cold, but it didn’t look like she was bothered by it if she was cold. More interestingly was the lack of obvious catalyst on her.
“Understood.” She said plainly with seemingly very little emotion. Kane looked to this woman and then back to Victorique a bit confused before shrugging “Alrighty then.”

Presuming Victorique was agreeable and ready to go it was time for the trek back, however there was an opportunity for her to do any last things there at the house before they left if she wanted too.

Since the guards hadn’t given her trouble it looked like some word had gone around that she had the Talton seal and was formally on the job.
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Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1.png

As Professor Neco continued to record information down, he listened to what Phoebe had to say with a nod.

“Catalysts you say for the sire of the North? That’s certainly possible, there are others places of this realm where life appears to be interconnected in various ways.”

The good professor gave the owl bear his attention when he spoke. He looked intrigued by his words, and impressed by how mature Gyld sounded in the way he spoke, there was a feeling of wisdom, the combination of great knowledge and whimsical youth which had been so fascinating to see take hold since Gyld’s encounter with these great old beings.

It sounded like with Gyld’s explanation of what had taken place that only confirmed Phoebe’s and the professors words that the life of this northern expanse was interconnected somehow..perhaps to this domain, at the very least Gyld stated he was somehow now connected to the life of this region.

“A true mix of mysticism and science..but I suppose that is how this world tends to work. Thank you for clarifying Gyld, I believe that supports what Phoebe was saying nicely.”

“And I also believe that it is unlikely that it is those lobsters specifically, as interesting creatures as they are based on the way that Gyld described his experience, I think than any animal of the north would have served the purpose just as well as they did, of course this is just a hypothesis Of course feel free to correct me if I am wrong too, Gyld.”

“You’re more than welcome Phoebe, I appreciate your academic aspirations.”

Professor Neco smiled upon hearing her enthusiasm.

“Very well then! I think I know just the place, would you like to accompany us Gyld? I’ll buy, after all your assistance not only in protecting us but in data collection was essential and I would be most honored to thank and celebrate your success appropriately.”

“And understood, the offer still stands should you want a change of scenery.”
He replied regarding the inn comment. Truthfully they were lucky to have an inn around here this far out to begin with, but it made sense for the adventurer sorts to have one, who were some of the most likely to come all the way out there anyway.

The professor looked like he was in thought for a moment at her next question before he ceased recording setting the writing instrument he had brought out down, and his eye stopped glowing, before he turned to the many shelves of books and pawed through them swiftly until he brought out a local book of history.

“Well I do have some sources which people wrote, due to Rotia’s relatively high number of adventurers, books have been written on some of the more well known ones who have traveled through here and when they came.”

“You of course could also find more recent information from the adventurer guild archives I’m certain, I believe that could be of use to your research.”

“I do have this book in my library.”

He pulled out an academic book about magic basics and mana which was staggered into beginner and more advanced sections sort of like a school textbook might be.

“In general, the stronger the source of the mana, the longer it lingers, it’s also stronger if it was caused recently compared to longer ago..this book has more specifics, and if you wanted to know even more I’m sure that the local magic shop owner who I believe you must have gotten that eye from will have even more information on the topic.”

“I do think that your thought is correct, irrespectively finding this information out will help you find out where the fae mana came from and even potentially others..to my knowledge Fae originating mana can be pretty potent on the basis that many of those from that tree tend to have quite a bit..of magic potential.”

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Victorique Sopheana
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Victorique flawlessly countered any daggers Sirena sent her way by glaring daggers right back at her. She didn't like this woman. “I'm still trying to figure out how titles work, it's a long term goal of mine, but I can't exclude the option that they might be faked. Alternatively, possession is still an option. Perhaps... Hmmm.” This was a long stretch, but not an impossible one. “We don't know who Adriano killed. Perhaps he killed someone else and we all just assumed it was the death of the girl that gave him the murder title. He could've even killed the real Affonso if the one we met was a shapeshifter. Now that we know that shapeshifters and mind-control might both be at play, it's difficult to take anything at face value, including what we previously assumed to be facts... Yet to have some semblance of a theory, let's assume both the Affonso we met and the Adriano we met were real, for now. That would still make it possible that Affonso was possessed when dealing with her or that a shapeshifter did so...”

It was a rather annoying thing to deal with and even more annoying to admit too. Luckily enough, Hoyles finally added something useful of her own accord. “There you go...” She mumbled. “Did he say he was just using magic before or after his eyes turned colour?” That was an important one. If he was a shapeshifter, he'd warn her ahead of time. If he was possessed, he'd have to explain it away after the fact. Perhaps this might give them a clue leaning one way or the other.

“Monsters always lie.” She replied simply yet firmly. “I can fault him for that, believing the lies of a monster and being lured in to work with one is among one of the most stupid things one can do. Yet even so, I'll try to get him out of this alive if I can track him down and figure out what might've happened.” She left out the part where she wondered if they wouldn't just execute him even if she did save him. “A portal... Near the town square...”

She sighed. “Are you fucking...” She said angrily. “Never mind, you did well by telling us. You might've just saved countless lives.” She turned to Kane and the guards. “A portal at the town square, an execution set-up with a noble to draw people there. One plus one makes two. It seems like they have a way to draw in the people and a backdoor to go through to come slaughter them. Another piece pointing at an impending massacre in the town's square.”

She ignored her claims about his innocence. “Let's go, but I'm not sure we should go through that portal if we find. We have every reason to believe a small army of monsters is waiting on the other side for a sign to come butcher people at the square. Heck, we should even be extra careful if we decide to open it. We might need some of those fancy armoured suits...” There was a tad bit of bias the last sentence of that statement. She still wanted to ride one.

Considering she was no longer interested in lady Hoyles, her attention shifted to Kane and the new woman they'd got hooked up with. Even so, her pride as a [Fae] unable to do much magic was a tad bit hurt, even though it was normal among Halflings. As they'd head towards that statue, she figured she might as well ask the woman what she was about. “So... Jez? What type of mage are you?” She figured the woman would've already picked up on her name, so she didn't bother introducing herself.
When brought into the magical philosophical discussions between the Professor and Phoebe, Gyld, embodying the serene wisdom of his owl form, turned his glowing eyes towards the Professor and Phoebe. His voice, calm and enigmatic, carried the depth of ancient forests and the stillness of a moonlit night.

"The nature of the North," he began, "is like the moon's reflection on a tranquil lake. The lobsters, like the water, are but the medium. It is not the creature that summons, but the essence it mirrors."

He paused, allowing the words to hang in the air like mist. "To understand the Sire's summoning is to understand the breeze that bends the boughs. It moves unseen, yet its presence is felt through its manifestations. The lobsters, the ice, the wind – they are all whispers of the same voice."

Gyld’s gaze then shifted skyward, as if drawing wisdom from the stars themselves. "In the grand dance of the North, each creature plays its part unknowingly, like leaves floating down a stream. They do not guide the water, yet they follow its course, revealing its flow."

He looked back at his companions, his eyes deep pools of knowing. "So, when you ask why the lobsters, ponder this: Does the falcon choose the wind upon which it soars? The North calls, and its children respond, not as catalysts, but as echoes of a deeper song."

With that, Gyld fell silent, his cryptic words leaving a trail of thought for the Professor and Phoebe to ponder. His response, like a Zen koan, was not meant to provide direct answers, but to inspire reflection on the interconnectedness and mysteries of nature and existence.

Gyld, perched gracefully with his feathers shimmering in hues of green, listened intently as Professor Neco and Phoebe spoke. His owl form, though diminutive compared to his powerful bear and owlbear forms, carried an air of enigmatic charm and intelligence. The idea of a celebration ignited a spark of excitement in his eyes, and the mention of food made his stomach rumble audibly.

"Ah, Professor, you know the way to an owlbear's heart," Gyld quipped, his voice carrying the jovial tone that was so characteristic of him. "A celebration sounds splendid! And the prospect of exploring this town and indulging in its culinary delights? Count me in!" His eyes gleamed with anticipation.

He hopped closer to the Professor, the agility of his owl form on full display. "And as for your offer of a meal, how could I possibly refuse? You have my deepest thanks, Professor. And Phoebe," he turned his glowing eyes towards her, "your company has been invaluable. I am eager to see more of this town with both of you."

Gyld's thoughts also lingered on the amulet of protection against cold that he had been given earlier. With his new resistance to cold thanks to his transformations, the amulet was unnecessary for him. He pondered who among the townsfolk could benefit from it, his mind already scanning through potential candidates as they walked.

As they made their way through the quiet streets of Evergate, Gyld's keen owl eyes observed the environment, taking in the details of the architecture, the layout of the streets, and the few townsfolk who were still out and about. The town, with its unique charm and character, presented a new terrain for Gyld to explore and understand—a small adventure in itself. His instinctive and impulsive nature, combined with his aspirations of becoming a true hierophant, made him eager to immerse himself in the new experiences that Evergate had to offer.
Sirena Hoyles
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.36.21 PM-1-1-1.png

Eye daggers countered eye daggers as Sirena looked back.

Kane Black Burne
Kane looked curious when Victorique mentioned it might be possible to fake titles. He really hoped that wasn’t possible, it would make his branch of ‘work’ more complex if those above him had to worry about titles being faked. Part of him doubted that proper process would be followed in a place like Rotia to verify they were genuine. If someone rich and powerful enough wanted someone gone Rotia was definitely an easier place to make it happen.

Sirena looked even less pleased at the possible suggestion that the real Affonso had been killed by Adriano. Unfortunately for them everything which Victorique spoke of was in fact a possibility which could be considered. Her assumption that they were both real until further evidence was a valid safer approach.

“As many uncertainties as there are, and as damning as that report scene sounded like from what I heard, I do know that it’s possible for people to get murder titles even if the killing was accidental.” Kane figured he’d throw it out there. His background of being witness to his father’s craft and the many who had died being advantageous in this situation as far as knowledge went. Even so the answers felt so close, almost palpable on the tongue.

Sirena had continued to look at Victorique during this dialogue, still clenching her fist. She looked like she was in thought before she replied bitterly.

“I think he told me after.”

Kane was curious as to why Victorique asked a question like that but he had no doubt she had a method at this point.

Monsters aren’t the only things that lie Kane couldn’t help but think to himself at that line, regardless he agreed with Victroique’s words, even he knew not to work with monsters unless in dire straits and even then he wouldn’t trust them for a second, not that Kane really needed additional help not trusting other people.

The guards and Kane looked like they were following what Victorique was saying.

Sirena let out a ‘hmph’ type sort sound when Victorique was obviously annoyed and then backtracked acknowledging that at least Sirena had done something right, presuming she was telling the truth of course.

Evergate Guard

“ I’ll send word for an increased military presence near the identified site.” The guard replied.

“We may very well need to deploy suits to breach if you believe there may be dangerous monsters behind the portal.”
When that dialogue back at the house had concluded Victorique, Jez, and Kane were on their way toward the town square once again. Some of the soldiers were leaving the house as well, as it appeared a full presence was no longer needed at the site, and they were being redirected toward where the trio were headed.

“For not being around here I gotta give it to ya, you learn pretty quick. I know that It might not mean a lot coming from a guy like me but I think you’re onto something big that's probably going to save a lot of lives.” Kane said with a grin which looked more celebratory than anything toward Victorique.


Jez looked to Victorique as they moved, the same neutral expression on her face. She spoke clearly, without much intonation.

“I’m with the Adventurer’s guild and I’ve studied light and dark magic for years, if there are dark arts being used there’s a high probability I’ll be able to determine what was used and which counter measures are appropriate.”

The fact she was an adventurer wasn’t surprising at all to Kane, as she didn’t really strike him as the business owner type, nor of the local religion, which narrowed down what was common.

One notable distinguisher besides her clothing was If Jez was bothered by Kane’s presence she didn’t vocalize it and she moved in relatively close proximity to him.

“So I’m no magic genius but why would you want to wear something like that out here, aren’t you cold?”

“Temperature regulation requires only a small portion of my abilities.”

“And what about you Victorique, what is your skillset?”
She inquired, sounding a bit more social than she might have initially seemed before.

They got across the training grounds and out the door easy enough back into the civilian section of the guarded community.

Then they were back on the streets, evidence of Victorique’s words making an impact on what the local militia was doing, as when they arrived back in the square there were a few large suits like they had seen during the training holding what looked like sizable energy spears.

Then there was the statute not far off from the center which was looking less populated. At the very least it sounded like some word had gotten around of possible dangers and it had dissuaded people from sticking around, the execution possibly having been canceled being propagated, in lieu of the uncertain situation with Lord Hoyles, which while not wide spread was influencing what was being told to the public, out of them not wanting to create unnecessary unrest or panic undoubtedly.

Once they were there Jez approached the statue which depicted the large suited Hero which one of Victorique's companions had gotten some guards to investigate earlier, perhaps abeit inadequately, now there was finally someone present who was skilled enough to get a proper reading.

“This is the one right?” She asked Victorique for confirmation before she raised her hands out and the whole thing was illuminated in some kind of dark glow, Jez’s eyes shifting to a glowy amber color.

She then shook her head. “Something is wrong with this statue..something dark has imprinted upon it.” Gesturing to a strange symbol which was now illuminated vi magic which looked very similar to some of the ones which Victorique had seen on the parchment evidence she had taken from the daughters' room.
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Professor Neco
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.35 PM-1-1-1-1.png

As Gyld provided some more comments about the North Professor Neco seemed inclined to record them in some capacity, his one eye glowing that greenish magical hue once more.

“So the creature matters not..fascinating.”

Neco nodded, “I suppose you are indicating they are all connected if they are the same voice.”

“Not..as catalysts.. I hadn’t considered that from my first thoughts.I will include your insightful words in my archive..I am certain with your unusual experience it will be most important to keep note of for further research.”

While the professor could appreciate mysticism for what it was, if there was a chance that someone like him could help unravel the mysteries of the world then he was quite intent on helping Phoebe where he could.

Then there was Gyld hungry as perusal, he had no qualms about going out to eat with them, which made the Professor smile warmly upon hearing this.

“Very well then, with how you are able to shift size, especially after our experience today, I can only imagine you benefit from plenty of energy to keep yourself in optimal condition.”

“I am charmed to have you accompany us then.”

Since everyone had agreed and was ready, after the professor grabbed his coin they were on their way out on the streets of Evergate once more. The people they passed was less frequent than before, thankfully despite the events unfolding which they were not privy too so far, the downtown business area street did have quite a few people, who had opted to go and have a good time out and about rather than head home, likely unaware to the extent of potential danger a certain Halfing was currently investigating.

As for Gyld looking for someone to hand off the accessory he deemed no longer necessary, perhaps one of the adventurers would be suitable.

“I believe i Know just the place too!” In fact it was a restaurant which a certain orc had stopped at earlier to enjoy a balcony view.

“I think they have the most pleasant seasonal menu which I think we’ll all be able to find something which matches our tastes.”

As they drew closer to the multi-leveled restaurant, composed of a lower level and upper one with a balcony, the faint sounds of talking, music, and merriment could be heard.

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 2.13.14 AM-1.png

Upon entering the interior space it was notably more bustling than surrounding areas but not completely filled to capacity. Guests were predominantly enjoying themselves both indoors and outdoors. It was evident that many of them were adorned in battle attire, possibly returning from a day of monster-slaying. There was a diverse mix of individuals in terms of height, physique, and occupation. Many younger faces were among the group.. Most seemed to be having a sufficiently good time, with mead and beer flowing, accompanied by the scents of spices.

A nearby bard was strumming and singing a popular tale about how the people of Rotia were defiant in the face of monstrous hordes. After being welcomed in the group would find themselves at a table with a nice balcony view. Professor Neco and Gyld perhaps getting some glances on their way through on account of being beasts, but nothing that was inherently discriminatory, some were just surprised, particularly by Gyld.

On the menus they were provided there were of course several alcoholic beverage options meads, and beers, as well as the aforementioned seasonal offerings, even frost spider legs made an appearance on the menu as meat presumably from the type of lobsters they had seen earlier. Breads with butter, honeys, and winter berry jam, root vegetable meat stews, much of what could be ordered was hearty but accessible to most palettes. There was even something for vegetarians or those with less of a budget. The view was nice and so were the seats, all things considered. As Professor Neco took a gander he set down his parchment menu, and looked to his companions. The interior decor had a certain handcrafted element too it, using what materials were locally accessible, from the furniture to building itself.

“Please feel free to order whatever you’d like this is a celebration after all.” his gaze looking over toward the upper floor fireplace which emitted a nice glow, providing some additional warmth.

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