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Active The Witches Inferno

This RP is an episode of the witch Scylla whom in search of power delves into the not so friendliest of places. Having lost her best friend and mentor Renee, Scylla seeks to piece the remnants of her legacy through her own exploits.

The players:


The sun had begun to set in at the Lock and Key tavern in Ryke. As the crimson sky showed no mercy to the waning daylight many of the residents and travelers alike who would conduct their business under the cover of night entered here for meetups or a nights drink before heading elsewhere. Some, even conducted their shady business here. The Lock and Key was a place of immunity, not just for criminals but for law abiding types as well. It was a place that was allowed to function due to its ties to the Underbelly. It was where the law could speak face to face with criminals, mostly to find out information about weak points in the various gangs and who to leverage in dealings when the captain of the guard did so. The tavern, as it appeared, was much more than that. It was a fort of sorts, not just physically but politically. Ledgers were kept about who was the most wanted, and such information was public and could be seen behind the bar. The tavern was also connected with bounty hunters scattered throughout the world and they kept close tabs on the most wanted criminals.


It was here that Scylla, the half demon witch fiddled with her drink as she waited for her friends and acquaintances to arrive. Entertaining a few others she'd just met and indulging in conversation. The witch was relatively a social butterfly, a trait easily given away as laughter erupted the loudest at her table and soon a small crowd gathered as she rolled dice in a sort of gambling tournament. "AAHAHAH!!" the witch laughed hysterically, "I WIN AGAIN! I CANT BELIEVE IT!" Resting her head on her palms she fluttered her eyelashes. "Are you taking it easy on me, Ferdinand?"

The bounty hunter elf got up and slammed his fists onto the table. "AGAIN!" Scylla smiled brightly. "Oh.. oh! Please don't be upset! It's just a game!" She said as she licked her lips in a taunting manner.

Ignoring the elfs glare she took a few pouches of gold before turning to the barkeeper, "Hey barkeep! Drinks for the entire tavern on me for the rest of the night!" Everyone in the tavern looked over and whispered and muttered but some laughed too and lifted their mugs in thanks.


Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere a few cloaked individuals would approach the witch, they weren't here for entertainment or drinks for that matter. They were rather the ominous
pair.. Their faces couldn't be seen and when they spoke it almost seemed like their voices were far to raspy and whispery to make out. Perhaps it was intentional, or maybe it was magic.

Whispering in her ear she looked over to the hooded figure, "I.. they should be here soon.. please be patient." It was then that Scylla was becoming rather anxious as she looked out the window for her friends. "Where are they?" She muttered. A bit of worry accumulating in her demeanor.
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Kalina hadn't needed much time to debate whether to join Scylla. Not only did she want to help out the witch by default, she'd even learned it was somewhat related to aftermath of how things ended with her former 'sister' and that entire nightmare. She did worry the [Sister's Shattering] might start occurring again, but that'd be a problem for later.

For now, she'd decided to travel to her destination as none other than Edith Ryker. The existence of the type of place she was going was 'shady' at best, a death-trap at worst, but she'd manage. So long as she wasn't one of the most wanted criminals, she'd be able to get in without much issue. After all, it'd be a tad problematic to join a place that had your own picture on a wanted board with a lot of reward money offered on it.

She arrived just in time to hear a familiar voice calling out that drinks were on her. She chuckled. It sounded like someone was making friends already. The cloaked individuals she spotted near Scylla, however, put her on edge. Decided to 'show dominance' in her own manner, she'd approach Scylla as nothing was going on. “Ah, there you are, cutie~” She'd open, sticking with the name that Scylla was being addressed with by Viokii. “I heard you mention something about free drinks for the entire tavern?” She'd ask, as she leaned in, her mouth dangerously close to Scylla's neck, as she whispered. “Would that include a drink for me, later today?”

With a chuckle, she'd back off, before even awaiting an answer. Only then did she turn to the two cloaked fellows. “Are these two with you?” She'd ask Scylla. However, she figured she'd go a step further. “Can't imagine it's easy getting into a place like this whilst masked. It's almost as if screaming that you're right on that pretty board over there...” she pointed at the bounty board “... just waiting for someone to tail you out of this place and cash in.”
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It looked like Zolgen was out to find some more people to work with, this time instead of meeting a certain barrier caster at some hole in the wall to discuss swapping titles and scheming against the Eastern Empire he was discretely rolling up into a place which was most curious. Thankfully the underbelly provided the way for even beings like him to get into. After all his kind could be used for all sorts of expendable missions pretty easily, of course with that caveat that one needed to be on their toes if they were deciding to work with monsters, but the same could be said for any one who was harboring high criminal titles which these sorts of areas tended to attract.

If he was fortunate sometimes he passed off a strange looking Fae with how confidently and natural he strolled into places. Hearing the ‘merriment’ around and seeing ‘Edith’ and Scylla, he got a most unusual feeling, like Velvet wasn’t all that far away, and it was very apparent that it was radiating from Scylla. When he got visual contact and saw that the robed figures had appeared he made his way over.

“Is there a problem I could help you out with Miss?” He’d ask matter of fact, sounding ever so casual about it, looking to Scylla and then the cloaked figures. It didn’t take a genius to see that she was being bothered, and (Thanks to narrator permission) he sensed the familiarness of Velvet within this form then of course he wouldn’t mind helping another demon out if need be. If he was fortunate enough he'd be able to ellict a response from her, herself to confirm his suspicion Despite his less than conventional appearance hopefully not having the goblins with him in an obvious way would help him even if just a bit to avoid unnecessary conflict as fun as he was sure that would be.
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Having opted to come based on the fact that she had agreed to Kalina's invite for a place to stay while she got her own life set up, it felt like a good idea to come and continue assisting her and Scylla since she also agreed to continue sticking around and spending time with said demon girl for a while. She was held up elsewhere with something else for a little momemt, eventually making her way to the tavern she had believed they would be at. It wasn't too hard to spot the amidst the patrons considering they also had multiple people woth them, that being whatever Zolgen was and the hooded figures that accompanied them.

Since they were probably busy and looked as stand-out as they did, she supposed they could have the chance to talk out whatever it was they would be up to as she'd wait for them to be better done with their conversation before abruptly joining them since they were already busy and all.

'Recompiling User Preference data profiles... reading User Preference data profiles... running Profile information... ' Viokii silently processed internally, looking amongst the place and noticing a bounty board. Curious about the kinds of people that might find themselves to be a desired target of one, she took the time while waiting to wander over and give it a look, waiting if she overheard any of the details bespoke by the group so she'd have an idea what was going on. While she also didn't know how much trouble bounty-hunting work could put her in, any sorts of options could have been a potential interest at this point while she was scouting for her choices.​

As the last of the suns rays trickled out of the sky, murdered by the the night the influx of people coming into the tavern increased. More so, with unsavory types. Pirates, brigands, ruffians, drunks, gamblers and even assassins for hire dotted the outskirts of the tavern. The Lock and Key was open for business, and business was bustling as hooded messengers brought notes to tables, coin purses were exchanged and all manner of rooms were purchased for hours.

It was then that Kalina, disguised as Edith approached the witch. Kalina would hardly notice but through her more direct approach a hand of the cloaked individuals would evaporate to her touch as if they were some sort of ghost. Scylla, was just about to pick up the dice once more, but then dropped them suddenly when called 'cutie'. "Oops!!" She exclaimed as the elf looked down and grinned before looking up at her, "heh, looks like your luck is starting to run out."


"Oh! Don't be silly!" The witch replied with a giggle, then looking back up at Edith, she had leaned in closer to which she shivered. "Oooo! Yes, yes it does mean you get a drink too! Who would I be if I didn't also allow my beloved to have fun too!" A wink, then picking up the dice she shook them in her hand and rolled. "Gimme!!"

Alas, the elf was right, the witches luck did appear to run out, to which the elf man chuckled. "Pay up, witch!"

"No no no!! Agh!! You cheated!" She said with accusation. "You're lucky I have to to be somewhere or else I'd.. i'd.." she stuttered and seemed to loose determination, before the elf got up threateningly. "You'd what?"
"I'd.. i'd.. bet you a kiss for another round!" The elf laughed. "Hahaha!! Disgusting! An elf kiss a possessed human? Not on my ever lasting life!"

Scylla pouted, at least she'd gotten herself out of trouble. All on her own too. She'd pay the elf a satchel of silver coins and get up. "Well! Let's play again soon?" The elf grunted with a nod l, took his money and drank from his mug.

When Edith then began to interrogate the cloaked figures she'd pinch her lips together, extremely anxiously she'd click her tongue hastily, "Tch tch tch!! No no no no.. phew!" Scylla would let go and lean into her speaking between her teeth. "Criminals or not, they're all immune here and you don't want to be on THEIR bad side, trust me." Then she'd suddenly exclaim. "OH! Edith it's so wonderful you're here!!" Her mood suddenly lifting to its usual over the top heights. "Why, it's been years! No, we just got out of that dreadful Underbelly! That was soooo wild!" She was clearly trying to cover up something and Scylla, being the bubblegum girl she was said it all through her worried eyes.

Then, a not so familiar to Scylla sight appeared before her. Velvets presence suddenly seemed to awaken within the witch. So much so that she was having a hard time NOT transforming. She only hoped this figure would not mention Velvet by name. Velvet, quickly described to the witch the presence before her was Zolgen, a demon known to her in the demon realms, and she quite frankly wanted to meet him personally. Yet, this wasn't quite the place for it. "E-excuse me?" She stuttered and held her stomach as the witch felt Velvet trying to force her way through. Attempting to reason with the demon curse, she finally managed to convince it and her struggle would be easily visibly better. "N-no.. I.. they are with me.." she said glancing at the hooded cloaked figures that didn't speak, but stood behind Scylla no matter where she walked. "Uhm, you must be Zolgen.." she inquired. "..thank you for coming on such short notice. I am Scylla, and it seems you know Velvet. Please, follow me, and don't mention her by name." Her voice nearly with a begging like tone.

Scylla would then notice Viokii, suddenly taking her by the hand, sticking her tongue out in her best funny face. "Beep boop! Hi you! Please come with me! I'm so happy you came! Oh! And don't mind any of these people for now." She winked and pulled her towards the furthest part of the tavern, then the witch ushered everyone up a large set of stairs, reaching a long hall then finally, Scylla summoned a set of keys. To which she nervously opened and let everyone inside.

"Phew! Okay! We're all here!" She said with a bit of relief in her voice. "Everyone, I must confess a few things. I'm.. well.. in very very VERY big trouble. You see, I've been given a boon or a curse, however you want to put it, and I've been sorta, kinda.. well.. not keeping my end of the deal.." She chuckled nervously as she looked at the cloaked figures. "..these two are here to open a portal to get me to speak with Belial A.K.A 'daddy'.. ahem.. and he's probably going to make me hurt or yell at me.. or.. or.. well, I really don't know whats going to happen but I need you all to just, let me do the talking and.. the suffering." Again chuckling nervously. "Before we go in I also need to reveal this other form of mine I rarely reveal due to obvious reasons of likely getting killed by do gooders." She shrugged and suddenly, she'd throw up a brown acid, heaving her face was covered by her hair and suddenly horns grew from her head, her clothes changed and her hair color too.


The visage before the group was not Scylla any longer, this was Velvet. Composed, stern and serious. "It's.. been quite some time." She said before opening her eyes which burned like coals briefly before setting, "I have grown impatient with this witch and I seek to rid myself of her once and for all. She's not seeking anything other than her own foolish ventures which lead to nowhere, and no one." Her tone was cold as her gaze rested upon the cloaked eerie individuals. "I care not whether anyone comes with- ugh.." her hand came up to her forehead before continuing. "..Scylla, requests your.. participation." Velvet grunts before looking at Zolgen. "You.. I recognize your gait, were you not he who broke through the hells to spill terror into this mortal realm?" She grinned. "Perhaps, this journey might be worth my while after all."


Suddenly, the cloaked figures became engulfed in flames, they screeched like specters as they raised their hands towards each other until the very fabric of the shades became a new reality. They swirled into a single fiery point, almost as if the very dimension they were in was being flushed into the void. As the burning fabric of the wraiths spun, the room appeared to peel and glow fiery like burning coals, then without warning the room transformed. They were now in the realm between realms, the Void as it was known.


Velvet, then stepped forward, her feet bare with nails like talons and her movements graceful as the heat of the hellish realms kissed her demonic skin. "Yes, I recollect the serene sounds of my home. How I've longed to return
." She started forward but then suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked back at the party, "Scylla, pathetically begs for you all to enter." She shook her head with disappointment closing her eyes briefly with contempt as she gestured they enter first. "Please, there is nothing to fear.. but fear itself." She grinned, and glanced at Zolgen who would likely be very much unafraid. Scylla however, knew that Viokii and Kalina were courageous beyond even herself. Velvet however, shared a different opinion yet, for all of her hatred to the living she obeyed the witch and by default was forced however begrudgingly, her empathy.
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“What the fuck?” She called out in surprise upon seeing Zolgen casually walk in. That was confusing as fuck. Every single species on the planet was normally all about 'kill-monster-on-sight' except for a few weirdo's (some of which she'd been lucky to meet), as even criminals considered monsters to be the worst possible things in existence everand without exception. For someone to look so monstrous to casually barge in was odd at best. Was he just some extremely ugly construct instead? “Before that...” She replied to him asking if Scylla needed help. “... who are you, what are you and how did you get here so casually?” Honestly, she was almost jealous. She'd gone through so much trouble, stealth, sneaking, shady connections, having alternate identities and whatnot, just to move about. How could she not want to know why this dude was so confidently wandering around looking as he did? Especially as they weren't even in the Underbelly, but in a place with merely some ties to it.

She was happier to see Viokii again. Then again, she hadn't revealed this identity to Viokii yet, she realised, so she figured she'd leave saying 'hi' for later, when she'd have a chance to more discreetly fill in the construct on the details.

Returning her attention to Scylla, she chuckled. “That's a promise I'll keep you too.” She replied, before stepping back a bit to let Scylla wrap up her game of dice.

She raised an eyebrow when she got told she'd not want to be on the cloaked folk's bad side. Considering the powerful foes' to whom she was already 'on the bad' side, she highly doubted two more would matter. “Do I now?” She asked, eyeing them a bit more. “Yeah... wild it was.” She replied, being distracted by Scylla's sudden change of tone.

Surprise filled her when Scylla admitted she'd asked the monster-looking one to come. “Huh...” She uttered. Not expecting that. The one demon 'friend' of Scylla's that Kalina was familiar with was a lot prettier an cute.

Kalina sighed a little at Scylla's explanation. “Well, at least you're telling us.” She figured the witch would get into trouble sooner rather than later. That said, she wasn't amused by the next bit. “Letting you do the talking, sure, letting you do the suffering...” She wasn't really on board with that. If anything, she was already wondering if she could kill this 'daddy' to help Scylla get out of the deal.

Upon seeing Scylla bring forth Velvet, however, she was a tad annoyed. She'd need to speak with Velvet, but without Velvet knowing who she was, that wouldn't be easy. In the end, she felt force to just drop her alternate identity altogether.

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“It's been a while, yeah. How've you been Vel?” She asked the half-demon. “Also, is it just me, or do you look even prettier than last time around?” She asked with some (Seduction B), figuring she'd try get in good wit the half-demon. It might be useful. That, and she really did look pretty.

However, upon hearing Velvet recognise Zolgen as the one who 'spilled terror' she was not amused. Having fought against her monstrous nature for a very long time, she was not fond of those who gave in to it. If anything, the hatred she already had as a monster-hunter and vampire-hunter had only grown stronger after having been one herself. That was to say, it even made her rethink how to handle Velvet. So far she'd not noticed any criminal titles on her or on Scylla, but... well... She'd rather not see that change in order to avoid things getting ugly.

She sighed upon seeing the portal open. “Another day, another portal.” She'd gone through a lot of these by now. “Shame we won't have Iberis, Hope, Sophia or Cayde along.” Those would've all been useful allies on a trip like this. “Ah well... at least it's nothing new.”

Although she wasn't sure how to treat Velvet in the future, for now, however she was still fair game. “Of course there's nothing to fear with a cutie like you around~” She wondered if the word would have a different effect on Velvet than it had on Scylla. Either way, the result should be fun.

“Ah, by the way, nice to see you again Viokii~” She quickly pulled the construct in for a hug, sort-off curious how it'd feel with the silicone skin and assets on her. “Let's get our cutie out of trouble, shall we?”
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Feeling the touch of someone's hand meeting her own, Viokii looked down to meet Scylla's eyes. The construct would've smiled or done a silly little face in response if she had the face to do so, but simply gently twitched her ears and made a light little 'beep boop' robot sound in response to the girl's own beeping and booping.
"Greetings Cutie, of course I came. I would reciprocate your human emoticons in kind, but I currently lack the hardware or digital imagery mapping software currently online to do so. You are free to take me where need be" Viokii answered to the girl's sudden introduction and holding of the hand, joining along with her and the others to find out what they were up to.

Having come along and had listened to everything, it was a whole lot to take in all at once. That, and Scylla's sudden change to Velvet who it appeared acted as a different person entirely. At least her chaotic and powerful side made a lot more sense where, or rather who, it came from. The trip they were going to be taking now made a lot more descriptive sense on why someone like Zolgen was here, even if she didn't know the exact reasoning why, and chose that perhaps questioning him could come later when things weren't as serious or busy. If Kalina had to sneak around and be secretive, how come someone like him could so freely walk about?

Not saying anything on Velvet's rather harsh attitude for the moment, she chose to just stay silent and wonder if there was some way to break apart the two entities. Scylla didn't at all seem like the kind of person who wanted to be attached to Velvet, and at this point it seemed probably unconsensual that they were stuck together. Though, maybe she'd have to ask Kalina about it.

Speaking of Kalina, said person they hadn't seen in a short moment had just greeted her.
'Running Profile Information... ' she briefly repeated internally, doing a little beep boop upon being hugged as she eventually timidly lowered her ears, reluctantly leaning back for a moment.
"I-it's... good to see you too, your highness, t-thank you... " she spoke, eventually returning the hug yet leaning into it a lot more, as if it was in her code to want to be hugged by Kalina in specific. She did lean into it and hug perhaps awkwardly a lot longer than she should have, like she was enjoying it, before eventually realising how long she had been and letting to.
"O-oh, pardon me, mistress, I got... a bit distracted and lost focus... ".​
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Zolgen looked back as curiously as his rather unorthodox head could, there wasn't much emotion to be shown on a skull head like his. He hadn't quite been expecting such a struggle on this woman to unfold, but the fact there was one going meant that his suspicions were likely correct. He knew full well it was possible to possess people and this was likely why he had been sensing Velvet. When she told him not to say Velvet's name and that the figures weren't a problem, he'd simply nod and say more softly. "If the situation changes just let me know."

There wasn't much reason for him to stir up trouble right now even if it might have been a bit fun. "No problem. course I'll follow, just show me the way." His voice sounded agreeable rather than cold or hostile, a voice which arguably contrasted his body, with the way he spoke common he could have sounded like any other man. He also nodded to confirm he was in fact Zolgen.

Zolgen was a bit intrigued by Viokii's appearance was that a construct? It looked sort of like something out of a graphic novel. Regardless someone who could prove to be an ally of Velvet could hopefully be considered one of his for the time being.

The demon couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle when he heard Edith make that exclamation his way.

He turned to her, not wanting to get too close should that send off any problematic vibes, instead he stood his ground and spoke. "The name's Zolgen, a warrior who has some skills that wouldn't mind lending a hand to someone who seems familiar. For that last question you'd probably be pretty surprised what some people are willing to do for some coin, walking around like you own the place doesn't hurt too much either." He spoke very honestly and openly. He didn't really see a point in trying to deceive anyone for the time being, if they were willing to associate with Velvet, he was willing to accept some additional risk.

When it came time to follow Scylla, he did, staying in a respectful proximity. He went up the stairs and reached the long hall, looking around curiously, before continuing until the keys came into play and he came in too.

He couldn't help but notice some peculiarities like how Viokii seemed so subservient to Kalina , and the very fact that Edith had an alt or something of the like with how convincingly she changed to Kalina. Or perhaps Zolgen was assuming wrong? Either way he was more aware of the sort he would be working with, someone who lived multiple facets probably. Regardless of these developments, he'd go with the flow, ever so casually.

He was careful to listen to what the situation was concerning Scylla and Velvet. Had Scylla made a deal with some demon? That could definitely get you in a bad situation, he almost chuckled at hearing what she had gotten herself into but he resisted, knowing that might not go over well with his current company. When he saw Velvet was there, who he thought would be he felt a bit relieved he wasn't wasting his time.

"Tch, I agree, being held back in this way just simply isn't right with someone like yourself. I'd be more than happy to help remedy the situation." Zolgen replied sounding rather agreeable once more, particularly toward the latter part.

He did chuckle some once again at hearing the way she described him. "You certainly got a way with words! I like that. If thats my reputation, hopefully I won't disappoint then." He replied once again, feeling pleased at the prospect of finally personally meeting Velvet. This was a demon of disease and sickness for crying out loud! Why should someone who had been prolific enough he had heard about her be chained down like this?

Zolgen was likely less phased by the transitions that were happening to the void because it was somewhere he knew well,

"Heh, I sure hope a little portal isn't going to be holding anyone back." He spoke a smirk probably would have been on his face , knowing full well what was beyond would be a lot 'worse' for anyone who found this scary. Looking back to Velvet, he was more than ready to enter and would do so when the time was right.


At the gate from The Void to the Demon Realms..


Shortly after transforming, Velvet would scoff at Kalinas inquiry. Mostly due to the open flirting which was happening. However, she wouldn't press further and answer her questions. "Yes indeed.." her delicate hand caressing her own face. "..being forced to keep hidden for so long is amongst the most hellish thing I've ever been succumbed to do." Considering [Seduction B] was used, Velvet would have to bite. "Prettier?" She repeated with a rising smirk, "Perhaps prettier than Scylla?" She was clearly not holding back in her aggression. "Yet, if I must explain, due to my possession of the witch, I've taken it upon myself to sap her maturity. You see, the longer i posses her, the more unstable she becomes. And the more beautiful I appear." She'd wink at Kalina, but not the same way Scylla would, this was a rather less quirky act, an act that would be intended to maim in some way.

It was then she'd notice Viokii, yet, she didn't feel compelled to speak ill of her. "Scylla speaks highly of you, and quite frankly, I owe you a bit of thanks for leading Scylla to act upon her duties and responsibilities. One of which is to attempt to separate us from one another." Placing a hand over her chest she bowed her head some.

As the portal opened though, it would quite sour the little ground Kalina had gained. Evident by the demoness eyebrow twitch upon being referred to as 'cutie'. "Cutie?" She repeated once more. "Don't ever refer to me by such.. degenerate pet names i-" she bit her tongue upon being screamed at by Scylla. "Forgive me. I.. hmph." She stood there, clearly battling with whatever argument could be happening. However, before Velvet could say another word she simply broke away from the damphirs gaze and ushered everyone towards the blazing portal. "Shall we?" She suggested with a hint of annoyance.

Turning to Zolgen she replied, "It's indeed, quite refreshing for you to be here. I'll need someone powerful to break me free of this slavery. The sooner we get this over with the better. Perhaps, Belial will see to the witch's punishment." A grin formed upon her lips as she spoke.

As the party entered the portal within the Void, they'd briefly be licked by flames and exposed to immense heat before the portal brought them all to the entrance of the castle of Belial. Velvet was the last one to pass through the portal. "I'm sure none of you, with the exception of Zolgen know of this dimension. We are at the fourth level of the demon realms. If you could imagine a world twisted like a spiral upwards and downwards as levels you'd understand it better. Each level, is ruled by a demon lord of a particular sin. Belial, is different he's somewhat illegitimate as he's the lord of hatred." She chuckled some, "This will be most amusing for me to witness."


It was then as if on queue that the gates would open and a group of gargoyles would approach them. Made of stone, their bodies emulated that of upright standing winged demons. Made of alabaster and marble they'd stand behind the party as if ushering then forward. If anyone would inquire or observe them their eyes would glow green as their eyes remained fixed on the gate opening.
When the party finally did move forward, the gates would close behind them, and suddenly there was no way to turn back as the portal closed if anyone would look back.


The castle stood above a high mountain side overlooking a river of flame beneath them. The scent of ash, and brimstone penetrated the air as their feet rapped and tapped upon the marble floors and halls lit by torches.
Suddenly, screaming could be heard from down below. Velvet closed her eyes gleefully, "And that the sound of someone who died without overcoming his hatred for a lover. It is here that such a soul is cleansed by a fiery whip. For all eternity."


Being escorted by Velvet, the party followed and the gargoyle guards behind them. Their stone bodies echoing through the castles walls. They continued to be ominous and expressionless.

At last, they reached a great steel door, ornate with fell seals and curses of a language long forgotten save for a few demonologists and of course the elder dragons by whom they were written. Velvet would reach out and touch the door with her hand and the gate spurred alive and opened. Within was a most horrid sight, the cruelest and most deceitful of the human race were tortured here. The screams of traitors and those most hated in life squirmed and begged for mercy. To which no mercy came.

It was within this vast ocean of punishment that the demon lord Belial stood at its center. Standing up from his throne he beckoned the party near. "Please, come in." The demon echoed, his voice like that of thousands of voices speaking in unison. "It isn't everyday earth worlders delve to these depths. Who are you and what brings you here?" The party would introduce themselves, or not however, Velvet would step forward eventually. "Master, I have come to request that my time possessing this witch has run it's course. She won't keep her end of the bargain, therefore my-"


The demon stood up and pointed at Velvet, "You're telling me after all of this time you still haven't obtained the talisman?! And you seek liberation?!" The demon would begin to make a fist. "Bring Scylla to me at once."

WIthout another word, Velvet returned her body to Scylla, to which she gasped. "Uhh.. Velvet?" She stuttered before looking up at the demon lord. "Well, master daddy, I haven't got the talisman okay? It's too difficult to get past that sea monster! You can't expect me to be a starship captain, a scholar, navigator AND possessed by a crabby demon who always negatively affirms me to do all of the above alone!"

The demon sat back down and chuckled, "I suppose not, however, may I remind you that it was your choice. Therefore, your claims are null and void. Which means.." the demon lord then waved his hand and everyone in the party suddenly found themselves locked in a cage. "..you must pay with your screams." Suddenly, Scylla fell to her knees, and held her stomach as she began to feel an intense burning from within her insides. It felt as if a hot coal what put within her insides to which she'd begin to slither in pain on the ground. Her shrieks would follow and echo throughout the feat chamber of suffering.

Once enough time had passed, which seemed like an eternity the curse would cease and the demon lord would dialogue once more. "Vocal cords can only scream so loud." Scylla, panting, remained in the ground before muttering. "Velvet." And she transformed back to Velvet. "Hmph. I can offer a deal master. Once which you could not refuse."

"I'm listening."

"You've long desired to destroy the demon of ice, Hasufer. What if me and Scylla were to destroy him and return with his head in exchange of you accepting my request to separate us once and for all?"

"Hm. As to be expected of the demon of disease.." He pondered , and his expression changed. "I hate unkept deals but I hate Hasufer more. Yes, bring me back his head and you shall be forgiven and the possession could be reversed. Now, as for your friends, are they a sacrifice?"

"No, no.. these people are very important to my success. They must be spared lest I fail once again to fulfil my bargain."

"Indeed. Take them away."

WIthout another word, Velvet stepped out along with the party. "We must leave as soon as we can, help yourself to the wardrobe here, you're going to need coats."

allows th
Kalina Chivernu

Languages: {Sylvan} | Common
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Kalina was a tad surprised when the construct was even more into the hug than she was. However, she was quick to make the fullest use of it, leaning forwards even more so her head rested against Viokii's cheek, just above her assets and right at fluffy collar she was wearing. She didn't mind that the hug lasted long, as it gave her some time to drag a finger along one of Viokii's ears, wondering if the metallic things had any sensors in it that could 'feel' such an action or not. “Don't worry love, that was nice~” Considering her face was already close to Viokii's ears, she'd continue to whisper. “Perhaps you'd like to join me in my bed tonight and we can cuddle throughout the entire night?” She was really curious how the construct would react to such a thing. That said, the construct also felt a lot more comfortable than she at first assumed, so she wouldn't mind living up to such a promise, although she'd probably invite Scylla in as well.

As for the other person there, Zolgen, she was rather unsure what to think. “Kalina, rogue.” She introduced herself in turn, figuring she'd at least do that, but leaving out a surname as she didn't want to be too well-known. She'd even consider hiding her first name, but past experiences taught her that Scylla or perhaps even Velvet would likely spill it sooner rather than later. His statement that all it took with some coin was met with a scoff. “I'd like to believe I know how dangerous and unreliable such avenues can be, as those you pay can be paid more by your enemies in no-time..” It was clear she didn't entirely believe him, but at least she was honest enough not to pretend otherwise.

“Hmm. Being proud of having a reputation of spilling terror? I guess I don't even need to appraise you to confirm you're not just an ugly construct.” She had no qualms about insulting him at this rate. If anything, she disliked the fact that, for some reason, Scylla seemed to think they needed this guy. “You're lucky Scylla and Velvet seem to need you. Play nice and we won't have problems.” She stated, not liking such a deal, but figuring Scylla wasn't too far gone to get a thing Zolgen involved without reason. Especially as Scylla would know how difficult it would be for someone fighting their own inner-monster like Kalina.

Her opinion on Velvet was also mixed. So far, she'd assumed the Demon was 'evil' but limited to the demon society. Meaning she'd been evil to the evil, so to say. Yet she was suddenly confronted with facets of the demon that seemed to make her far more foul than Kalina had originally assumed. The latter was a good enough reason to help Scylla get rid of her.

For now, Kalina would keep playing nice, however, which was made easier by the fact that Velvet was pleasing on the eyes. “Adorable as Scylla is, I'd say yes, you're the prettier one~” She had no qualms saying that aloud right now, especially as Scylla was making her work with demons. She could have some fun whilst at it, right? “Sapping her maturity...? That might explain some things...” It might even explain a lot. She'd wink back, either being fearless or overly confident. “I'd tell you to keep at it, but you're already more than beautiful enough and I love Scylla too much to risk getting her more unstable, so I'd say let's get you two split up soon~”

She chuckled at Velvet's anger regarding the nickname. “You're right, force of habit. Gorgeous would be far more fitting now, wouldn't it be?” She smiled at Velvet.

She didn't exactly like the intense heat going through the portal, but she hadn't expected much less, she she was able to brace herself and move through without much issue. “This one in particular, no, although I've been to a few of these before.” She replied to Velvet. It reminded her of the one that she knew Iberis wanted to revisit. Except perhaps a bit more fiery.

“Illegitimate, huh?” She smirked. That was good information. It meant she could attempt to kill him with less risk of angering all of these demonic realms. Always good to have a few windfalls like that at the start of an adventure.

“What a rocky welcome.” She'd mention, spotting the gargoyles. There wasn't much else to say or do, as she followed along the castle.

She wasn't all that fun of the 'music' that Velvet was praising. “All eternity? Sounds like your cleansing methods are rather ineffective.” She pointed out the logical fallacy in those statements, forgetting to play nice for a moment.

“Hmmm... Reminds me of Dahak's experiment dungeon.” She stated, upon seeing the torture chambers they were let into. She didn't like it.

Maybe it's because of all the trauma she'd been through, but somehow, the demon lord didn't even strike her all that much. Just another monstrosity. She'd let Velvet do the talking for a bit.

Until she was locked in a cage, that was. She clicked her tongue. Her first instinct was to break out, but someone that could instantly get them in a cage probably made it so they couldn't break out just as instantly. She could still attack him from here, but if she didn't one-shot him, she'd not be able to dodge a possible counter-attack. How obnoxious. In the end, she was forced to wait it out, although she figured she'd use the time to fantasize about how she'd murder a demon lord. Considering it was the 'hatred' one, he sure was bringing up the appropriate emotion.

When Velvet returned as if nothing had just happened, Kalina couldn't refrain from another comment. “That demon really didn't seem to know how to mix in a little pleasure with the pain, did he?” She stated, as her own way of voicing her displeasure at having to see Scylla go through a thing like that, deserved or not.

She'd play along and do as suggested, picking up some coat. That said, she'd did use [Appraisal B] on it first. Wouldn't harm being cautious in dealing with demons. “So, were meant to be butchering some Ice Demon?” She asked. “How's he rank up against the dude we just say? Half his strength, more, less, the same?” She'd continue.. “Just wondering why the dude didn't take out said ice demon himself.”


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Viokii remained silent for a moment as Kalina took the time to tease the construct, the robot's bunny-like ears remaining still for a moment although twitching when they had been touched long enough. Before she could say something, she heard the vampire's tantalous whispers and felt like her internals were heating up from increased processing power. Looking like for a moment the offer had broken her, she reacted in a small handful of twitches and confused beeping and booping like the robot version of being a nervous wreck. Her ears flattened as she tried to stammer a response.

"Uh, w-well, sure, I'd love to- you know normally your highness, not that I'm- you know I can if it'll make you happy mistress-" she answered, the feline-like tail that was on her as well as the bunny-like ears were straightened out as she held one hand up to her cheek resting on it like she was overwhelmed.
"I'm sure it'd be fun and all, n-not like I've thought about such a thing or anything- y-you know normal things, like- uh- organic b-being p-part- processes I-I mean-" she tried to excuse, before blatantly making a loud dial-up sound as she looked up, holding her face within her hands as her ears drooped with embarrassment.

Though, when Velvet was talking, she listened to what she said, pondering much on the side-effects between Velvet 'sapping maturity' from Scylla and if was this side that was the true reasoning behind the questionable behaviour. Though, that would feel a bit weird and unfair why Scylla would be to blame or in trouble if she was attached to a being that was intentionally hindering her, considering the pink-haired girl seemed very powerful and capable to begin with. Uncovering her face and turning her attention to Velvet like nothing had happened at all.

"Thank you, I consider it partially my duty to make sure Scylla can capably handle and overcome her obstacles without trouble. She is a trusted user of mine and it is a primary concern to make sure my users do not get stuck with trouble, and to lend my support in any way I can. Thank you for your acknowlegement," she answered in a very stale, monotone method, treating her truly like they'd never met before and wasn't fulfilling any special requirements for her. Speaking of such special requirements, she gave a glance to Zolgen, whom she hadn't introduced herself to yet.

"Greetings, user Zolgen. I am Viokii, an Artifical Intelligence designed to adapt and fulfil given roles and objectives in order to benefit and assist. Since you are willing to be here and grant your assistance to my companions, I wish to consider you a User. If there are any questions or requests you may have, you are free to make them. I am free to adjust how I may act, treat or acknowledge you much better to you liking in order to provide you the optimal interaction experience and maximum satisfaction as you may want to be treated or acknowledged by someone" Viokii answered in the same blank tone, unlike she had spoken to Scylla and Kalina, giving a small bow of her head.

Though, after all the exposition was given and their new goal was set, it was pretty clear that trying to split the two women in the same being into separate people was the optimal outcome. Wondering how they were going to get through all of the trouble that may come their way, following Velvet as she suggested the need for coats. Considering where an 'Ice Demon' would probably reside, she gave a glance at her own current wear.
"Considering the potential destination, that is most likely a good suggestion" she murmured, even though she was a robot it was probably a good idea to try to stay warm just in case freezing temperatures messed with her insides even if Kalina or maybe Scylla preferred what she was wearing now. An extra layer couldn't hurt.​

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Whatever Velvet was describing to Kalina regarding the possession sounded perfectly devious to him. He wasn’t sure about cutie but sure Velvet was attractive in his mind, even if he wasn’t going to express that, after all he had only been human in his past life, that much perhaps hadn’t entirely left him, even if Gra had been something else entirely. However his mind would not wander long on that.

He would chuckle when Kalina called him ugly. “I can’t say I am.” He had been called a lot worse than ugly, something which he wasn’t terribly concerned about, Gra had found something appealing about him, never mind the fact he was given the body of an absolute predator in exchange something more than worth it in his opinion.

“Of course.” He replied to her comment about playing nice. Other than the prospect being entertaining and maybe getting some free stuff there wasn’t much incentive to try to kill this group because the risks were far too high to make such a prospect worth it, if he died that’d be pretty bad news, and the odds weren’t favorable, plus he doubted Velvet would be thrilled, so he had no issue with playing nice.

He didn’t pay too much attention to the commentary made as they moved through the area, but he did pay close attention to what Velvet said.

“Perhaps you met the right person then, I can take and deal out a real beating if need be.” He’d reply with a dark chuckle. Zolgen would have likely have been relatively unbothered during the shift between the heat and the transition.

He looked to Velvet curiously, an illegitimate lord of hatred? How did he manage that? The demon with his swords still at his back sized up the large stone gargoyles, didn’t look like they were going to need to fight them, plus that was marginally less fun for him, there was some satisfaction in destruction but killing and destroying things that bled and had innards was a deal more fun for the demon.

“Guess they really never got over that one huh?” He spoke casually upon hearing the screaming. He couldn’t help but wonder how many hated him in that moment, maybe there’d even be some plotting to get stronger to kill him, that was quite a thought, perhaps he’d find someone powerful to fight yet through those means. When Zolgen encountered the lord he gave a small bowing gesture of acknowledgement. Even when he was caged he wasn’t terribly worried, this was more of an annoyance than anything he highly doubted he was going to be killed. And given how small Zolgen’s empathy was to many he had little reaction to Scylla’s suffering at least outwardly, he knew better than to goad the party except for Velvet into disliking him more, so he would keep any desire of chuckling at the suffering to himself. He wondered how much of this was theatrics and how much power this ‘illegitimate’ hatred lord had..Hopefully he’d be strong enough to truly split Scylla and Velvet.

When all was said and done they had a job to do. “Consider it done.” He replied confidently. Of course he’d like to make it out like he could handle this ice demon himself but truthfully he had no clue, and it was better to be safe than sorry as he had learned when he tried to take on those five guards at once when he was super under prepared. Nevertheless Kalina did raise a pretty good question. How strong was this guy? Perhaps it had nothing to do with power and there were reasons this lord couldn’t do it himself beyond that.

He was a bit surprised to hear Viokii consider him a user of all people like that. “Uh…thanks, I’ll keep that in mind Viokii. What I’m hoping is that you’ll be able to help us kill this ice demon guy if anything, I take it you got some fighting skills?” He’d ask rather casually as if he wasn’t actually a monster.

He would then take a coat himself, figuring there was a good reason for it.


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Zolgen made a good point about the necessary requirement of fighting skills that may have been needed for their future confrontation. Stopping from grabbing a coat for just a moment, she was reminded of something she had yet to try in any situation or around others. While trying to get her inner files and memory all sorted to return herself back to her original fully functional self, she managed to uncover fragments of a capability that she was allowed to do on a small-scale.

"Skilful combat isn't a command I have decrypted and recovered corrupted data from in order to excel at on a high level, but I will do my best to provide support wherever I may possibly do so. The success of my companions and Scylla's safety and wellbeing are of top priority, so it is important to me that this mission goes smoothly. Though, your point has made me recall of a recently discovered ability. It is likely not of a strong capability, but should perhaps prove to add distraction and extra perception to help keep myself and others covered. My predictive algorithms assume that Scylla would have likely desired to be in control of herself for being present with my discoveries of my capabilities, but unfortunately she is rather held up right now. At least we will have free time later to spend..." she said, knowing that this might have been the kind of thing to distract the girl and make her happy, but unfortunately it wasn't really possible since they were dealing with Velvet. Giving a gentle wiggle of her fingers and twitching her ears, she tried to focus and will some new companions into making an appearance.

Action used:
  • Command Unit - Minions (F)(Minibots), Steady Hands (F), Leadership (F), - Viokii spawns (or continues to maintain the existence of) up to five 'Minibots' (Character-controlled) that follow and perform simple commands - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
Spawning to life one after the other with teeny holographic cube particles appeared eventually five little Viokii's, only hitting a mere height of 2' as they tightly clutched little SMGs in their arms. The majority of them having to push up their little yet oversized hats to look up at the unit that spawned them, Viokii crossed her arms.
"Attention cadets, this is your first given mission. You will be assisting on this trip to help keep people out of danger, though I am sure you should be aware of that. Keep out of trouble with your swift movement and overwhelm targets with distraction via numbers and automatic fire rate. Don't stray from your accompanied user or command unit" she instructed to them, the five little Minibots lined up in formation from shoulder to shoulder as they listened intently. At the least, she could simply respawn them or new ones, so they were truly expendable resources. Even if they were small and Viokii-like and had tiny little hats too big for their heads.

"Do I make myself clear?" she asked, eyeing one of the bots who was distracted with something on the floor before flicking their gaze back when asked. All of them gave semi-synchronised little beeps as they saluted in unison, willing to follow their command unit into the depths of hell literally. At the least, Viokii knew that she was reawakening her locked capabilities one step at a time. Though, she was somewhat convinced that they weren't supposed to be so... small. While they looked like her, she had already figured out that they didn't have to be and she had creative control over their appearance, yet making more capable bots would have to come later. Moving to grab said coat, hopefully said Minibots would prove more use than becoming potential playthings for Kalina and Scylla another day.​
As the damphir spoke, it was clear there was simply no getting through to the half monster. It's feelings seemed impossible to harm no matter how nasty Velvet would act towards her. It was indeed Scylla however, who really kept her in check. Velvet would have likely said much worse things by now, or even acted upon such things considering the demon of disease was finally let loose, and nonetheless in her own realm of lordship.
Upon crowning Velvet as the prettier one, Scylla was hurt but not defeated. To much of Velvets pleasure, a detail made obvious as the demoness crossed her arms and claws with a devious grin. She very much delighted in Scyllas anguish. "The truth both on earth and in the hells, hurts." She replied with cynically as Scyllas tears dripped through Velvets manifestation. "Oh come on, dear.." Velvet giggled, delighted as she wiped her tears. "..your lover simply states the truth, you've truly been naughty and quite aloof to your responsibilities." Shaking her head Velvet, went to the chambers outside of the headmaster Belials throne. Taking an aforementioned coat she wrapped herself in it.
She'd simply smile at Viokiis statements. For what it mattered, it was indeed a genuine smile.
Seeing the altercation, and the blunt comments made by Kalina she began, "You two, do play nice will you? I can do this on my own quite fine but I'd hate to have to abandon you for the sake of this mission. You see, I'm frankly quite, sickened by this curse. I desire to spread sickness and disease amongst the mortal realm. Winter, is nearly here, and it wouldn't be complete without me."
Overhearing the conversation between Zolgen and Viokii she thought to have some input on the matter. "This.. ice 'guy' is none other that Hasufer.. the ice demon of regret. I bet you never considered living in the past a sin did you?" She chuckled as she made her way out of the castle, the gargoyles shortly behind the party along with her. "You see, the demon lords, although all enemies to one another, are prohibited to face each other in direct combat. It is through their servants that they wage war. And in perpetual war we all find ourselves here. I.. dislike such crude upfront conflict resolutions, I prefer the slow death of an enemy. I digress however, this demon of regret has been winning the war with Belial. Thus, in the world above, regret reigns supreme among the mortals over hatred." As the party followed out into harsh, hit, fiery and windy environment outside she glanced back indifferently. "I suppose it doesn't help to add the detail that this demon is roughly twenty fold our height. How we'll manage is anyone's guess but I suppose a mixture of brute force.." she looked at Zolgen, "..and cunning.." She looked to Kalina and Viokii. "..will see us successful in the end."
The party would travel by foot kept going by potions given to Velvet to keep them all moving should they desire it. Such potions made anyone feel hot and separated if only briefly of the connections of the nervous system to the rest of the body.
Nevertheless, the party marched up the great mountain, up the incredible spiral of the demon realms. As they approached the peak, Velvet would point out below, a great battle between the powers of Hasufer and Belial. "That battle has been ongoing for eons. Quite frankly, since the day I was born!" Blasts of ice were mixed with blasts of fire, catapults, war machines and all manner of weaponry were employed. It was with this backdrop that the party continued forward.
After days, and days of moving, they eventually reached the blizzard that was the realm of Hasufer. It came to a point they couldn't see an inch Infront of them and due to such conditions Velvet picked up her legs above the snow and lead the party to a cave. Lighting a fire in the cave, kept alive by pure mana Velvet sat down and on her knees and drew a deep breath. "It was quite wise to bring coats." She said assuring them, yet it was more of a comment that would be made by Scylla.
"I suppose we'll rest here.' She stated as she looked around. The cave seemed to go deeper, to which she though to look within. However, something was gazing back at them and before long a growl was heard. Velvet, suddenly murmured with a tinge of fear and surprise. "Scylla." And it was suddenly the witch, ready to fight before them. "Uhm.. uh.. hi! So there's something BAD in there!" She warned pointing into the cave.
As if on queue, a monstrosity appeared before them all, smashing through enormous boulders and spitting icicles towards them. "It's.. it's.. a yeti!" She shrieked but then suddenly giggled. "Hilarious right?! Right?!" She shook her head as she giggled. "Right. So what's the plan dears?"
Yeti - D grade encounter
Kalina Chivernu

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Teasing Viokii turned out to be one of the most fun things to do in a long while. She was already finding it difficult to stop herself. “Sounds like we've got a date, love~ Although you do disappoint me, as I've certainly thought about such things a lot myself~” She'd reply to Viokii with a wink. She looked as Viokii brought out the tiny Viokii's. “Oh my, those are adorable~” She commented, resisting the urge to pick one up.

Kalina scoffed a bit when Velvet started to rub in her victory over Scylla. “You know, Scylla is still the nicer, lovelier, tastier and cuddlier one. Besides... if it's her maturity you're leeching from her, I'll have to figure out how to give it back, as now I know she'd grow into someone stunning and gorgeous in no-time with it.”

Being unable to detect anything wrong with the coat through appraisal and seeing all the others put a coat on, she eventually followed suit. Or well, she'd bring it along until they left the fiery hotness for blistering cold. “How's it look on me?” She asked eventually, as they reached the cold places, deciding to try keep some sort of good mood going, or try to at least.

She scoffed at Velvet's next remark. “Such a shame that someone as pretty as you has such a nasty pastime. Don't you want to join me and make some people lovesick instead or something? It'll be fun~” She wasn't entirely serious, but she did wish to try to gauche if some parts of Velvet might be redeemable.

The part about the demon lords using servants bugged her a bit. “They're not allowed to, or are they scared to get their hands dirty?” She already disliked them, but that wasn't too surprising, if it was demons they were dealing with. “Great. Killing a giant demon of ice just because another demon is jealous. Makes for a lovely date.” She stated, not the most pleased, but figuring that if this was all for Scylla. She'd see it through.

On the topic of seeing it through, she wasn't having the most fun. “So bloody cold...” She'd look at Viokii again. “Viokii... please warm me up, love...” She'd state, wanting to go in for another hug in the hopes that the robot had some heating systems going. It was a shame Scylla wasn't being Scylla right now, otherwise she'd have been able to group-hug for warmth. Zolgen wasn't even considered.

She was surprised when Scylla turned back up. “Oh, Scylla, please join me for a hug!” She'd immediately call out, hoping for the warmth of not one, but two love's.

It's why her face soured upon the mention of a yeti. “I could probably sneak off and surprise it after, then kill it on one go, but why don't we leave it to mister Zolgen. I'm sure he's eager to get some action going, aren't you, mister?” It'd also meant that she could group-hug her half-living body back to temperature with Scylla and Viokii, so it'd be be a win-win by far.


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Viokii was surprised to hear that such thoughts were something Kalina thought about on a regular, though for now such silly matters would have to wait as the current task at hand was significantly more important. Putting on the coat she had grabbed, it was likely best if they got moving before they spent too much time talking and ruminating over questionable organic being matters. Especially with the long road ahead of them.

Which would seemingly push into multiple days of trekking, she had even brought back her mini Viokii minions for the time being since there seemed little point to forcing them through such cold environments. As things got chillier, she felt that the coat she grabbed and her running systems were truly just keeping her warm enough that it didn't feel like her visor would freeze over and crack. At least, it was surely good enough to withstand the cold on its own for the time being that they were here. Twitching her ears and audibly hearing Kalina's complaints of the cold, she turned to look to the woman as she was asked for warmth.
"I do not have a way to suddenly or abruptly provide satisfactory warmth as a capability at the current moment, apologies love. I may suggest as a compromise that my internal systems are constantly running and generating heat as a bi-product of all times, which are performing at a higher rate in such a low-temperature environment which is only generating more of the bi-product. Considering my outer layer is much sealed, it helps me regulate and maintain internal temperatures to a high level at a capable enough level. I am sure you will be able to feel such heat through physical contact" she offered, having not been as focused on being in 'the act' as per her instructions for the severity of the mission felt extremely important. Besides, someone had to be capable of wrangling such off-topic thoughts when it was necessary. Though, she hadn't yet offered a hug as there were other things on her mind.

Though, her attention would turn to Velvet when she appeared to suddenly change back to Scylla whom had warned them of a danger. It only made VIokii feel rather curious why Velvet gave herself such a serious appearance and took interest in dark things, though appeared to tag out the moment a confrontation that suggested danger had occurred.
"I wonder if the second part of our two-faced companion isn't as capable as they claim to be... " she murmured to herself in thought, since she also didn't know why Velvet and Scylla were together in the same person in the first place. For her to complain that Scylla didn't get things done, then to back out when something needed doing, seemed strangely hypocritical.

Sighing softly at Kalina's proposal, Viokii answered on it.
"Lady Kalina, I understand that it may be of an interest or desire to spend some affectionate time, but now appears to be an important time to focus on the matter at hand. I'm sure both you and Cutie are more than capable of assisting User Zolgen in the felling of the beast, which would only make things go faster and give you more and better time to do such desired activities afterwards. I will be willing to give you hugs or any of the affection you desire, after this current issue is dealt with. Prioritising is very important, and crucial to the success of helping our Cutie, and Velvet's, overall mission. User Zolgen has come along to assist with such matters, but that doesn't mean everyone shouldn't be trying to contribute too" Viokii said as she clasped her sniper rifle in both hands. Snapping her fingers in order to let the little Viokii's back into existence beside her legs, she looked to Zolgen.

"User Zolgen, you will be able to assist in combatting the creature, yes? May I ask as to rely that you take the front lines and are able to directly contest the beast? Cutie, may I ask that you assist me in providing covering fire for User Zolgen if he takes combat to ensure he does not get struck and to provide trouble for the creature?" Viokii asked, turning her attention to Kalina.
"My lady, you should have free leeway to attempt to assassinate or strike at the yeti from secrecy. Dealing with the issue fast would be much appreciated" the construct asked, hoping that the people present would be willing enough to successfully cooperate.

1. Command Unit - Minions (F)(Minibots), Steady Hands (F), Leadership (F), - Viokii spawns (or continues to maintain the existence of) up to five 'Minibots' (Character-controlled) that follow and perform simple commands - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
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“Alright so you got these things which can deal some damage, works with me.” He would have grinned if his face was capable of it, his tone sounding positive enough. He decided not to emote one way or another during the back and forth. Had it just been him and Velvet and Scylla he might have had no trouble but he still didn’t trust the majority of those there, he and Velvet were different, outliers in a world which had the same desire to stamp them out as they did to enforce their will upon it. So for now he refrained from relishing in Velvet’s words openly. The tallish demon would finalize his coat for protection purposes not foolish enough to not wear that if it was given for the operation.

Disease along the mortal realm would only allow the monsters there to get stronger, some of whom who he considered friends so he almost had half a notion to thank Velvet, but here and now was not the time.

“Hasufer..regret..I see so they’re a big guy, the larger they are the harder they fall..perhaps we’ll have an entertaining fight yet then.” He replied. That was one thing he wouldn’t agree with, violence was something which Zolgen had always adored even in his past life, violence for the sake of violence even, the way he could make people suffer if he desired because of his power, the thrill of fighting powerful enemies, all of it, was practically intoxicating. Though inflicting a slow death could be entertaining if it was done on an opponent who wasn’t worthy to be fighting him to begin with, so he did see that appeal. Through this dialogue from Velvet he also got to learn more about how some demons worked in this world and the how the ones did from this realm, since he wasn’t a native there had always been quite a bit to learn.

“Heh, of course we’ll be successful.” He reaffirmed, giving a bit of a playful flex of his musculature toward Velvet since brute force had been mentioned.

Then there was the battle scene which intrigued Zolgen, as he looked out at it, wondering what sorts of powerful foes he could fight there if he got strong enough and joined the fray, perhaps for another time should he come back here again.

By the point they were discussing the lovey dovey stuff Zolgen was largely tuning that stuff out, at least the construct sounded much more capable than he might have expected, perhaps she’d have some use. The fact she saw him as a user too was certainly nice for a change, that was not to have someone trying to kill you on site. He could have done without the days of traveling in the winter wonderland too but that was beside the point as it looked like they were finally going to get into action.

He looked at the Yeti and would appraise it if it had gotten closer but at that point he’d pull out his double blades off of his back. “While I’m more than happy to fight what comes our way, you know she’s right the sooner we kill this thing the sooner we get this little predicament with Velvet and Scylla over with.”
Regardless of what happened next Zolgen would charge the Yeti until he was within at least 10 ft striking range and use his Advanced Demonic Traveling Twin Slash ability, quickly sending forth a single traveling slash from his blade, which if connected he’d send another one immediately after, up to 10 ft in front of him in a 10x10 ft box, attempting to at least inflict some serious damage on the Yeti.

1.Zolgen move to Yeti as many ft needed to be in range
2. Zolgen uses ability Advanced Demonic Traveling Twin Slash Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade D, Linked F, Range F, Selective F, Energized D -Grade D- 1 post cooldown. (Energized)
Zolgen slashes his blade at a single target sending forth a traveling slash, can strike a target up to 10 ft away in a 10 ft x 10 ft box front of him, if first traveling slash connects he quickly follows up with a second. On the Yeti.
"Lovesick?!" Velvet responded to the damphir as the blizzard thickened, closing her eyes, she pompously looked down at Kalina, tilting her head upward. "I have no desire to do any such embarrassing things. I want to be out of this body at once and go back to my home." Velvet rolled her eyes.

It was then that they had found the cave. After lighting the fire, Velvet overheard Viokiis statements about her generating heat. The demon Velvet however suddenly grew curious and placed her clawed hand upon her shoulder. "Hm. She's right." She stated before taking her hand back.

Turning to Zolgen, she recalled the demons statements and general outlook on the matter of Hasufer. "That's the sort of attitude we'll need to defeat that restless demon lord. I must confess, of all the demons that have come and gone Hasufers reign has stood the longest. Perhaps.. that will change." A slight smile would crack through Velvets mouth, but soon dissipated, like the sun briefly shining through a storm.


Then, Velvet changed back to Scylla upon discovering the snow monster. Scylla, taking a few steps back as she inquired about the plan of action once again heard Viokii. "Uh.. Velvet? She can't fight with magic. Only up close, not very smart to go in there and start cutting at it when you can call upon a, wonderful, cute, playful and adorable witch like MUAH!" she giggled briefly before it was interrupted by the Yetis roar. It's eyes red like burning coals which revealed a sudden rage.

Zolgen, would draw his crude yet mighty blades forward, his mighty arms carrying the strength of legions as he dashed within range and with a roar brought down his buster blades upon the creature of cold. The Yeti, would the emit a sub zero cold blast out if it's mouth, it came out like a sudden wind and slowed Zolgens arms as they were slowly frozen, albeit not completely. The Yeti still had to deal with the blades, using it's hands he would hold up the demons blades as they came down, effectively cutting into its hands oozing blueish blood onto the cave floor. The Yeti shrieked most horribly, but with its hands partly chopped into he shoved Zolgen back and roared. The Yeti, in a frenzy would emit the familiar frozen blast onto its hands and come dashing forward.

Scylla would then jump with a gasp as the yeti suddenly darted forward towards the party, Zolgen being the first line of defense would be tackled into but would meet the bodily strike with equal measure, effectively locking the yeti in place.

The witch would scramble as she stuttered to begin her spell before glancing st Viokii, unable to take her eyes off thr monster "R-right. Y-yes.. I'll I'll.. I'll.. do my best.. h.. has.. hasur oblemi thanduir.." And before long the fiery spell Fire Arrows D activated, sending a volley of five fiery arrows to various spots on the yeti.

The creature roared and screeched as the flames agitated the monsters cold body. It would noticably loosen it's grip on Zolgen to which the demon pushed back. Yet, instead of backing off, it would jump over Zolgen and smash the ground Infront of Scylla sending her flying. "Eeeek!!" She shrieked as she landed on Kalina. As it appeared, Scylla landed right on her lovers lap. The witch giggled some, "You have beautiful eyes!" She jested before scrambling off the damphir. "Excuse me!"

As it now stood in the middle of the party, the yeti seemed to pant. The fiery magic now smouldering upon its flesh as its gaze pierced directly at Scylla, ready to bite her head off. For this instant it appeared anything could happen. Scylla the half witch however, stood terrified as she gazed into the monsters eyes.
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Although it was nice to have good things thrown at you in life, getting Scylla flung at her was not in her planning right now. “Got to give me dinner first, before jumping me.” She'd quickly reply, drawing her rapier upon noticing things got a tad more heated than expected.

Noticing the Yeti try to go for Scylla, she decided to pierce the monster with a [Precision Strike C] (although leaving out the contagion bit as to not infect allies), which should be more than enough to kill it thrice over. Just to be safe, she'd use the remaining two actions to stab it through its head (combo bonus) and ensure it'd be dead and that it'd stay dead.

Precision Strike C: – Fighting Style [Specialized] [Precision Strikes] C, Accurate C, Penetrating C, Range C, Continuing [Vampiric Infection] C, Contagion C. Character attacks with their fighting style, ignoring 4 grades of speed, 4 grades of armour, reaching 1000ft (304m), continuing to deal 1 hp damage for 4 posts and spreading to up to 4 others. - Grade C – 3 Post Cooldown

Assuming that finished off the annoying interruption, she'd get back to more important topics. Like replying to Viokii's earlier suggestion to provide warmth. “I figured Zolgen would be able to handle a simple Yeti, but sure... Although that sounds like a lovely way to get some warmth back~” Having had to hold her rapier out, her hands were particularly cold. “Worst part about being half-undead is that my blood flow still isn't the best. My hands feel like they can freeze off at any moment, among other things.”

She clicked her tongue. “In all seriousness, I do feel like this cold might make it more difficult to face the ice demon later.” She replied, now surprisingly serious. “If I were to attempt to sneak up on him, I'm not sure how well I could withstand being spotted and caught in cold blast without freezing.”

If this thing was an indication of what was awaiting them, that might be their biggest issue. “I'm open to any clever plans one of you might have to deal with it. Otherwise I'll just have to make the most of it and hope to perform despite the freezing.”

C- CD 0/3


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"Thank you for your cooperation, User Zolgen" Viokii briefly added as she saw the being had willingly stepped forth to do combat, witnessing what had went down as Zolgen made his first strikes and Scylla rained fire on the opposing yeti. Considering they had two other melee combatants alongside them and Velvet put on such a tough act the entire time, it was still rather interesting how fast they were willing to avoid a situation. It had also been Scylla who suffered the punishment prior to setting out into the freezing cold, so much of the work being done felt so one-sided that it seemed only Scylla's fault because Velvet hadn't much raised a finger when it came to helping. Seeing as the mage had casted such a successful attack, she chose to think it'd keep the girl's spirits high if she was met with praise.

"You did well Cutie, I believe in you that you can do this. We are all here to support you too" Viokii added, looking to the yeti. Although the added on efforts of the others may have been enough to slay it, she gave the personal order for her little Viokii's to attack whilst preparing a shot of her own.

Afterwards, also assuming that the yeti would have been defeated, she looked to Kalina who spoke of the cold.
"It is not about whether or not User Zolgen could, but that it would take longer and be a detriment to us all. Most organic beings could not survive inhabiting locations of this low temperature for long, your highness. You have done well so far, although if it will help you perform better, I would be more than happy to assist your heating issue" she offered. If it was so troubling for Kalina to preserve and generate warmth then it might do her rather bad to stay exposed to freezing temperatures even with a coat.

"Come, Mistress Kalina, the safety and health of all my users is of top priority, I am willing to assist if you still want the embrace you initially asked for" the construct offered, opening her coat so that it'd probably feel a lot nicer and toastier for Kalina. It was pretty default by now that she was willing to put others before herself, even if it meant she was going to bear more of the cold. Lowering herself a little and holding her arms open, she invited Kalina for the warmth the dhampir desired. Giving a look to Scylla and Zolgen, she would also add.

"Cutie, User Zolgen, I am fully capable and happy to assist with helping warm and comfort you both if it would help you feel better and more capable. It is of no trouble, your health and safety is of high importance to me and I am happy to assist with anything wherever possible" Viokii said, having additionally offered said treatment and kindness to Zolgen too but also Scylla just in case Velvet desired to take back control.

1. Maintain Command Unit minions and order them to Go, Do a Crime at the Yeti.
  • Command Unit - Minions (F)(Minibots), Steady Hands (F), Leadership (F), - Viokii spawns (or continues to maintain the existence of) up to five 'Minibots' (Character-controlled) that follow and perform simple commands. The minions destroy once the Post Duration ends (lasts 1 Post without Spell Duration), unless used in succession. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
  • (Minion's Ability) Go, Do a Crime: Steady Hands (F), Fast (F), Fighting Style [Mini-SMG Datafiles] (F), Range Core (F) - Run around as fast as possible like a little gremlin to be annoying and evasive, shooting at whatsoever - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
2. No-Scope the Yeti.
  • No-Scope - Steady Hands (E), Fighting Style [Sniping Montage Datafiles](E), Quickscope(F)(Accurate), Snipe(E)(Range) - Viokii saves time and takes a fast shot by hipfiring, or through quickscoping, an enemy in close quarters - Grade E - 1 Post Cooldown
3. Use Feature [Body Temperature Control] to be all nice and warm and toasty.
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“Looks like we’ll need to make it so even if it takes a bit of force.” Zolgen replied regarding the Hasufer comment, he would have grinned if it were possible.
When it came to the Yeti combat, taking this wild beast down was proving a bit more difficult than Zolgen had assumed. He made sure to unleash one of his most powerful attacks from the get go on it. More specifically the incredibly cold blast was somewhat problematic when it partially froze his arms, with frozen arms he’d have a greater difficulty inflicting the amount of force he needed to in order to deal more damage. After being knocked with the Yeti’s shoving he was locked into some sort of melee scuffle after being tackled, he wasn’t willing to let the Yeti by just yet trying his best to hold it in place, even if his arms were partially frozen he had quite a bit of leveraging to do with his demonic musculature. He wouldn’t have said much to the ongoing dialogue around him, much more focused on the fight and dispatching the enemy. Whatever pleasant comments he heard that didn’t concern him concerned him even less now.

What he was more surprised with was how Scylla just stood there after the impressive fire spell..fear..a weakness which he had exploited many times in his past life, once the Yeti lept over him, he was getting ready to counter but from that point it wasn’t long before the others came in for the assist, with quite a bit of force so at that point, he just focused on trying to move his arms so he could get his burning blood circulating more which would hopefully help take some of the edge off and restore them to normal functionality.

“You heard her, it’s about efficiency, I would love to go off and kill whatever needs killing but even I can admit it’ll be a lot more efficient and even safer for everyone if we work together, even if I end up acting as a piece of the puzzle which can stall and lets you move in and finish it off easier, it’s ultimately less risky for whoever is dispatching whatever foe.”

“And I must admit I’m pretty impressed with what I saw. You're fortunate you got such skillful friends. ” He said looking to Scylla when he said that. It looked like Zolgen was once again flexing some of his gabbing abilities which had gotten him through so much in his past life despite his nefarious actions.

Zolgen spoke to the truth after the fact. Presuming the Yeti was most definitely dead at that point Zolgen sauntered his way over to Viokii the winter wonderland and held his arms out. “I’m not sure if this coat thing has any special abilities, but my arms are pretty chilly, It’d be great if there was a quicker way of dealing with this..”
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The Yeti monster would stagger shortly after storming forward towards Scylla. "I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" She begged, but suddenly a swift rapier would pierce the Yetis belly, yet, before it could act further the same rapier slashed it's skull.
It was then that the minibots would appear at Viokiis command, charging towsrds the yeti. The monster would then smash one to bits whilst the others scrambled and dashed forward and backward shooting randomly until one would strike him directly. Right at a spot where Scylla had previously burned. The ice monster shrieked as it held its face and gut.
Zolgens arms would thaw rather quickly, and he was ready to follow up.

However the finishing blow belonged to Kalina as she thrusted her precise rapier with impeccable accuracy into the Yetis skull. A crack was heard and the yeti went silent, before making a strange snoring like sound before crashing onto the ground stop a few more of Viokiis gremlins.

"PeeYew!!" Scylla exclaimed as she fanned her hands over her face. "Very scary, mhm, scary
I'm so happy you're all here to help me!" She walked over to the yeti, examining it's features. [Appraisal A] ( She'd see that the yeti monster had a crystal tooth, an artifact that usually gave a portion of its power onto the wielder or wearer. ) "How peculiar!! Seems I was right! This IS an elemental creature! Pfft! That spell it used where it froze it's hands and used them like punching gloves totally gave it away!" She shrugged indifferently. "Well! I already command water magic, ice magic, eh.. I'm not too interested." Turning to the others. "If any of you want an ice tooth now is your chance!" She giggled.

"Uhm.. are you all alright?" Scylla inquired as she put her coat back on. "Uhm, I need to call Velvet back, I don't know the way. And.
. well.. I'm sorry she's so rude. It's so hard to get her to play nicely, I think once we're separated everything will be okay!"

The storm outside would ease up, and the party was free to continue. However, in the cold distance a loud serpent like roar would boom and echo through the snowy mountains.
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Seeing the Yeti fall, she'd sigh in relief. “That's one bastard down. I'll admit it was a bit tougher than I figured.” She'd smile at Scylla. “Of course I'm here to help.” She had no clue what she'd do with an ice tooth. “Perhaps we can try sell it later?” She offered, also not the most interested in learning ice magic. It was too cold for her liking and she barely knew anything about her current Moon magic. On that note... “Could you teach me some fire magic once all this is done, to warm myself the next time I end up in a situation like this?” She asked Scylla.

She'd nod at Scylla. “No worries, Velvet is nice enough.” Upon hearing the serpent, she'd look in the direction of the sound. “Is that the sound of what we're up against? Or his pet perhaps?” She wasn't sure. Either option didn't sound the most promising.

After a sigh, she'd agree with the monster. “Fine, fine. Efficiency it is.” To be lectured by another, or worse, a full-blooded monster. How annoying. “Might a well state so in advance. Even if I disappear from sight, I'm probably still around, waiting for a good opening.” She figured she might as well give a little bit about her stealth tactics away.

With the more necessary things done, however, she could turn to Viokii. With the construct opening her coat, she'd gladly make use of the heating offer. Putting her hands right where it seemed like they would be warmest without having much shame, she'd lean in further. “Oh, that's nice, you really are pretty warm. You're amazing love~” That said, after a short warming break, they'd likely have to continue onwards to go beat the ice demon.

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“My, my. Are you sure you aren’t the predator, even in this realm?” Zolgen would chuckle a bit darkly at Kalina’s display of violence making work of the Yeti which had seemingly been stronger than any of them had been counting on. Even so they had defeated it and hopefully now with his arms warmed from the construct generating some heat, he’d get full range and power back between that and his coat. What interested the demon next was the crystal tooth which Scylla had so helpfully appraised for him and said what it did. Better yet it sounded like she was offering it up.

"Nice putting in the work too Viokii, hope those little things can come back easy enough, they seem pretty useful."

While he did hear Kalina express disinterest and then bring up the possibility of selling, Zolgen saw it as something which he could possibly use to be more effective in what he did best. He went right up to the corpse and would attempt to seize the crystal tooth out of the yeti.

“Well if you’re offering it up Scylla, and the others don’t need it, don’t mind if I do. Maybe it’ll be useful for our cause.” Perhaps albeit indirectly revealing the fact that he was capable of using magic. He also paid attention to what Kalina had said regarding her stealth strategy.

“Very well, perhaps I can help create some more openings for you.” He added.

“I think she’s appropriately forthright."

Zolgen vouched for Velvet with a positive intonation in his voice. He did hear the serpent roar and would have his blades at the ready once more, at that point after taking the tooth, ready to move onto the next place now that he was in better shape than before.


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It seemed they were at least at peace for a while now that their yeti foe had been fully slain, letting her Minibots be relinquished of having to spend further time in the freezing cold for the time being. Well, at least the ones that survived if at all any. At least glad that everyone else in the group was doing fine and safe for the time being, looking to the ice tooth that Scylla had pointed out. It would have made an interesting subject on research behind the magic of the world and perhaps information of the denizens of the depths they found themselves in, though it appeared as if Zolgen had allowed himself to it having ideas for it himself.

"Perhaps I will have better chances acquiring such a kind of thing later or elsewhere, but it is fine... " she mumbled, changing her focus to Kalina who had accepted the offer for warmth. Letting the vampire enjoy access to such warmth for the moment, she was at least pleased that they were enjoying it.
"I'm glad that it is to your liking mistress. You need only ask if you require aid of it more" she spoke as she turned her attention to Zolgen who had originally spoke about assisting in warming their arms. While she didn't have a way to generate fire or such, at least for the moment, she obviously still had the body warmth being produced that Kalina had also partaken in.

"It is okay, they will be back if I have need of them" she answered about the Minibots, looking to his arms that he had said about them being cold.
"Here, it is not much, but it should at least be a small token of gratitude for your assistance in combat along the way" the construct spoke as she gently embraced her arms around one of his for a moment, hugging him close to her body in hopes it would at least make him feel warmer than what the coat was likely providing him.

"Having the low temperatures negatively impact your performance will be a high hinderance, while I cannot provide much more than this to assist for the moment, I would hope that it would at least give you some desired respite from the low temperatures. It is a good idea to keep active in order to increase your blood flow circulation, and to help stay warm. I recommend active movement and exercises, though layers and keeping your coats and such on at all times is a good way to help with that" Viokii spoke as she hugged his arm close to her body tightly so that he could make sure he kept all the feeling and strength he'd need in his arms to stay prepared for combat, it'd be rather inconvenient if he wasn't able to do so.

"Do feel free to ask if you require further assistance, User Zolgen" she added, holding his arm close for a little moment longer as she looked to Scylla.
"It is okay, do what you must Cutie. We will get through such troubles soon enough, and back to more peaceful times" she answered, hearing the loud roar in the distance and having such concerns. Obviously, such a loud sound was not a good sign.

"May I ask as to what that may be?" Viokii questioned, likely to Velvet if she was appeared back by now.

1. Use Feature [Body Temperature Control] to be all nice and warm and toasty.

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