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Finished The Witches Inferno

Scylla smiled at her companions brightly as they seemed content to help the witch through her predicament. She let out a shallow sigh and placed a hand over her heart. "Phew, well.. now let's see, sir Zolgen super strong fella! Let me obtain said tooth!" She pulled up her sleeves and walked to the yeti corpse. She hesitated a bit as she made a disgusted look before putting her hands around a large tooth. "Aha! Now, release thine canine!" She tugged and tugged, and pulled and yanked until she became exhausted and let her hat drop to the ground as she panted. Her hair messy and over her face as Scylla turned to look at Zolgen with a nervous chuckle. "Heh, it's a little tuff." She then whispered the demons name and she was once again Velvet.

She stood silent for a few moments, listening to the others before inquiring herself. "Hm. An ice tooth?" She chuckled sarcastically before pulling out her katana and with a few slashes and blue blood flung through the air the tooth came loose and fell at her feet. She'd pick it up and examine it briefly before offering it up to the monster. "Consider this, a gift."

"Shall we continue?" Velvet asked before starting on her way answering Viokii, "Yes, that's the ice drake.." she'd look up and around the skies for a bit. "..it commands the blizzards in this realm of ice. He is why we bring these coats, if it desired to freeze this whole region it would do so and us in it. We must hurry, we're close now." The demons pace quickened, as such so did the parties. The terrain was treacherous, one had to lift their feet a bit to catch their next step, however, this wasn't a natural snow Velvets very presence seemed to melt the way forward which made it easier for the others to follow. "Come now, beyond that frozen lake!" She called out and pointed. The frozen lake was slippery and would make one lose their balance quite easily. It was here, that at the parties most vulnerable moment the ice drake loomed over, shading over its giant silhouette over the group.

"Outmaneuvered." Velvet said under her breath, as the ice drake released a blast of ice onto the lake, effectively breaking the ice and sending the party slipping down a large network of tunnels. The party slid as if on a slide, down and down they went, and further down still until the ice around them grew darker and darker until they were sliding in pitch black darkness. Then suddenly, a blueish glow could be seen, it grew brighter and suddenly the entire group fell onto the surface of this realm. The party was piled atop one another for a few moments and they regained their bearings on their surroundings.

Velvets leg was on Kalinas stomach while the rest of her was tangled in between Zolgen and Viokii in strange and awkward ways. "Agh! Release me!" She screeched as her horns were caught at the back of the demons blades.

When they'd finally work their entanglements out, Velvet got up and dusted herself. "Hm. It seems the drake purposefully missed to get us down here, it could only explain our presence here, unless we died, and were now about to be tortured for all eternity." She chuckled evily for a moment but shook her head with disbelief and amusement. "I jest, but keep your hopes low, we will not be welcomed here."

When they got close to their destination, a massive underground city could be seen, it would rival the Underbelly in its scope and magnitude yet, seemingly better planned and kept. A strange feeling was felt here, that of ones regrets, and ones woes which Scylla felt all too deeply here. "Scylla wants you all to know that she's.. she's.. " she seemed bothered suddenly before rolling her eyes, "..sad that.. okay thats enough." Velvet clearly not interested in sharing feelings and emotions at the moment.

Turning around she addressed everyone, "Very well, so it seems we made it this far, but we're not done yet. I.. have a plan." She closed her eyes and sighed. "It's our only chance, but I'm going to turn myself in, while the entire kingdom is distracted, I want you all to take these.." she'd pull eight small beacons that seemed could be pressed and activated somehow. "These are explosives I brought from Belials kingdom, you are to place these around the throne room there.." velvet would point towards the highest point on the icy mountain. "..I'll give you the signal, I.. I'm not sure what it will be but you'll know.. then.. if it all goes well, we'll take the demon lords head and bring it back, and be done with this!" Velvet again drew a deep breath unable to contain her excitement. "Any questions before we begin?"
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“Did I ever say I wasn't?” She'd ask Zolgen, unsure what made him think she was more prey than predator. “I'm more surprised the blasted thing didn't die in just the first hit. Might've been some more magic to it than just a tooth.” She'd add with a click of her tongue. It seemed like they'd need the monster's aid after all. “That'd be neat.” She'd reply with a chuckle, imagining how easy it'd be if he created openings against himself. That said, she'd play 'nice' now, as they still might need him.

“Hmmmmm.... that's nice.” She's state, feeling the warmth creep back into her fingers, limbs and body by leeching it off of the construct. She'd be inclined to feel annoyed at Viokii helping Zolgen as well, but she just looked away. It was warranted enough.

Scylla didn't reply to her question on teaching her magic, which was a shame. She did somewhat mean that. Now that she got part of her Fae heritage back, she was interested in the topic.

Instead, she watched Scylla struggle to get the tooth out. She'd offer to just cut it out with her rapier, but Velvet already got to it.

“Ice drake... Hmm.” That didn't bode well. She was cold enough already, didn't need a flying blizzard on top of it. “Yikes, that would be one of the worst ways to go.” Somehow, the thought of freezing to death was even less appealing than dying in battle.

“FUUUUUUCK!!!!” She cursed upon being sent tumbling down in a pile of snow, ice and cold. This was not on the menu. Pulling herself up and away from the others, she'd grown. “Ugh... and I'd just started to warm up again.” A shiver ran down her spine. “Tell Scylla to make deals with a beach demon next. Or perhaps... not at all.” She told Velvet.

“Keeping my hopes low is what this cold is definitely making me do already.” She'd reply to Velvet. “An Underbelly of ice...” She mumbled upon taking in the sights.

“I hate this place.” She stated, as one particular title instantly flared up in a place of sadness and regret. “Don't start this... Don't.” She spoke to something only she was seeing. (Sister's Shattering).

[Sister's Shattering] - With the death of her sister on Kalina's hands, the trauma remains. She will sometimes see random appearances of her sister that she can interact with. This vision of Renee can offer aid to Kalina if she is in a rut. Although it may appear like she is crazy. The aid offered may or may not actually be helpful.

Trying to keep it together, she turned to Velvet. “Good.” She'd state when the latter said she had a plan. She felt like Velvet was hiding something from her. “Tell us what it is.” She's state (Persuasion B) when the latter claimed to not know the signal. Something felt off about that. “What are you keeping from us?” She didn't like having information withheld from her when going into something so dangerous.

As for the explosives, she trusted her stealth to be great enough to place them with little to no issue.

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“Well no I suppose you didn’t. You actually kind of remind me of..a past friend.” Zolgen spoke carefully, his mind going to think about Gra..ah yes, the one who got away..who was slain. He’d have his revenge one day, and he’d bring those who stood in his way the same feelings he felt when she had been killed tenfold.

The demon man was pleased to see that his acquisition of the tooth was not being contested, with Scylla being willing to help him, seeing her struggle was a bit pathetic, knowing that Velvet was stuck dealing with a vessel like that, but even so this had been part of the reason why he had been planning to lop the tooth out if need be himself. Thankfully the half who was stronger and knew what she was doing made an appearance not long after.

“I’ll gladly accept such a gift from you.” Zolgen replied, still rather pleased. He accepted the tooth from her after she expertly harvested it.

“Indeed dealing with beings like these on a regular basis really does toughen you up..” He said regarding the Ice Drake to no one in particular. He would diligently follow the group to the best of his ability, to not end up getting stuck or impeded by any environmental hazard while he did so, thankfully Velvet melting away at it some.
He’d nod, “Lead the way.”

If I was just a bit stronger..I could cleave it from the skies... Zolgen thought to himself as the ice drake did its attack like he expected an Apex predator too as they made their way onto the treacherous terrain unfortunately from that point everything went to hell in a hand basket in a rather problematic way as far as meeting their goal went. The group went tumbling into the tunnels below Then there was a strange blue glow until they were on land again..and then a most awkward entanglement commenced. Zolgen might have chuckled under different circumstances but this was serious, so he’d carefully work to remove his blades from Velvet, and get untangled himself from the rest of the group.

“Hah, you jest, I would assume our kind would go somewhere far less pleasant after they were slain..it would only be fitting.”

“Only an idealist would believe hope alone could get them through what we’’ll be facing..”
He further commented this time, a bit softer. Though he did look over skeptically at Kalina when she was having a bit of a PTSD moment for all intensive purposes wondering what was wrong there.

But it wasn’t long before the large underground city came into view. “Sad?..” Zolgen questioned why she felt that was so important to share at a time like this, and it seemed Velvet agreed.

A terrorist plot of sorts? It wasn’t like Zolgen hadn’t hung out with the types who liked to organize those sorts of plans so he wasn’t against it, It actually did sound a deal easier than tying to beat this guy in hand to hand combat, even if it was a bit less on the fun factor. But Zolgen knew he needed to get much stronger, The fact he couldn’t cleave that drake out of the sky was unacceptable..so hopefully between the tooth he had gained and the experience here it would help him toward his goal.

For all intensive purposes he was ready to break in and plant the explosives and generally speaking he figured that Velvet could take care of herself and wouldn't lead them astray, but it didn’t seem Kalina was satisfied. Of course Zolgen was aware that Velvet could be doing something to further her own agenda beyond what they were aware of, that wasn’t lost on him, so perhaps Kalina’s forthrightness wasn’t unfounded, for now he would await to see how Velvet would respond if she did.


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The encounter with the ice drake and what ensued further having been forcefully sent on a trip down a slide of ice into the dark depths was... not at all fun, to be honest. Getting her whereabouts rather quickly and realising the uncomfortable tangle that they were all caught up in, Viokii remained calm until they were all free and fine as she followed along until they were given the sight of the city. Though, the suggested plan with the explosives and Velvet turning themselves in was rather concerning.

"Are you sure that will be safe for both you and Scylla? It's likely there could perhaps be a better idea if it puts you at too much danger and nobody can assist you in your time of need," Viokii asked, them being put into trouble leaving the rest of the group without an answer on something going wrong sounded highy dangerous. Especially since the plan sounded to involve acts of terrorism, not much questioning the thoughts going on behind the minds of the others right now since the predicament sounded rather serious.

"My terms of service do not so willingly permit to commit such acts involving the destruction of others' property and assaulting foreign locations using weapons of mass destruction. I do not condone such behaviour nor should one be wanting to do such an action" Viokii answered, not entirely wanting to take part in something like this now that she had heard what the true plan was since they had gotten close enough. Although...

"Though, said terms can be bypassed for suitable users of high enough credential, and in severe requirement of the confirmation of one's health and safety. My participation in this plan is solely alone for Cutie Scylla and to assist Mistress Kalina, I would never condone such an action under normal circumstances for my own sake. I would personally request if it be possible to avoid related confrontations like this in the future to avoid jeopardizing the safety of yourselves and your companions. This protocol is severely going against the Geneva Convention. I best hope you are satisfied with this decision, this does not bring joy to myself to do so. I cannot comprehend the feeling of 'joy', but from what I understand lacking it is not at all a good feeling" Viokii answered, while she was capable of the logics and ability to do such actions it was not something she actively wanted to do. Since it put the lives of others in danger and harms' way, but if it was her given instruction and motivation especially for a User's sake, then so be it.​
As the party unmade their entanglements, Velvet felt her head released and pulled herself out of the pile. Replying to Kalina in the process, "I share in your sentiment, Kalina. I too would much rather be treated to all the spoils of all of these realms by my very own servants, being rowed on a boat floating about the River of Souls as im fed the hearts of sinners." She chuckled. "I suppose it would be.." she pondered at Scyllas insatiable appetite moments, "..strawberries, or grapes, or sugar blood. What have you." She shrugged, and looked on towards the massive kingdom before being called out by Zolgen.
"Oh, absolutely, therefore it is why we must possess human vessels, if they die we simply come back here and try again. Surely, eternal beings such as us couldn't possibly be afforded death. It would destroy the balance, and in that process, you see, if one of us dies, a heavenly equivalent in the heavens turns to dust as well." She chuckled as she fixed her hair a bit before then being startled by a confrontational Kalina.
"Excuse me?" She raised an eyebrow as she crossed her arms. "I supposed the signal is what we would be improvising, I'm not quite sure how the demon lord would react to being given a high servant of Belial as a gift. As in.. mind.. BODY.. and soul." A smirk drew upon her face, she was enjoying this perhaps a bit much, but this wasn't time for enjoyment. "I simply don't know
. It could be a call, a shriek, a demon flying out a window perhaps?" Velvet would shrug again.
Then Velvet would turn to Viokii. "Safe?" She repeated, "There's nothing quite safe about any of this.. miss.. V.." she looked away a bit annoyed and being made to call Viokii by her nickname. "..all I.. WE.. can assure is that we'll do our best to succeed. Quite frankly for both mine and Scyllas sake we both could use some time apart, as you can quite obviously tell."
Suddenly, Scylla would re appear in place of Velvet. "Hey! Don't you worry, okay? After all of this we'll get to go home and have cake, and tea parties, and go dancing with bunnies ! Pfft! This is sorta like.. the last roller coaster ride before going home! OH.. oh!! And Kalina, I would LOVE to teach you fire magic.. why, we could start.." then she noticed Kalina a bit distraught. Her face, the way she looked was familiar. The last time she saw her like this was when Renee passed away. She suddenly ran up to Kalina and held her hands in hers. "Can you see her? What is she doing? T-tell.. tell her I miss her, and that someday I'll be everything she wanted me to be." A tear went down the witches face and mixed with her pink hair. Then Velvet returned. "It's true that all roads lead to the next world. Some sooner than others I suppose."
It was then that Viokii would appear to have some reservations against the suggested plan. "If there are better ideas to walk into a heavily guarded kingdom full of cold magic demons, I shall consider it. However, me and Scylla have given this plan quite some thought. Probably one if not the ONLY time we've ever agreed on anything." She'd scoff lightly before starting her way towards the kingdom gates, addressing everyone. "I must suggest you leave the talking to me."
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“Do I now?” She'd flash Zolgen a fanged smile. Not necessarily because she liked him, but the idea that a [monster] type 'monster' was apparently able to have friends was humorous. She knew the desire to destroy from a monster nature well enough to wonder how you'd not want to destroy friend and foe alike the moment you started giving into those feelings. He was probably just lying.

“Less pleasant?” She thought for a moment. “If demons are meant to make things unpleasant for the regulars, who or what makes it unpleasant for the demons?” She asked a question that was perhaps too philosophical for their situation, but she had no reason not too, for the time being.

She was a tad annoyed when Viokii suddenly started acting up, but when she changed her mind, she smiled. “I've got no clue what the Geneva Convention is, but if breaking it helps out Scylla, we should do so. Don't worry though, I don't plan to make this a regular occurrence.” She shivered, having cooled down a lot after her previous tumble. “It's far too cold either way...” She mumbled. At this rate she'd even consider trying to leech warmth from Zolgen, which was a testament of how much she hated the cold.

“Oh my... you've got some good taste. Well, I'd prefer a normal river and some fresh Fae blood, but close enough.” She replied to Velvet. “Tough sugar blood might be worth a try.”

Something Velvet said made her wonder. “A celestial dies when a demon dies? Who came up with that?” It sounded rather trivial and she had no clue if she beloved it in the slightest.

“No.” She replied to the next part. “She's suffered enough. We go with another plan.” She made it very clear she didn't plan on debating having Scylla be the sacrificial pawn for a distraction.

She clicked her tongue. “What you're saying is the kind-off tragic farewell things people say to set themselves up for death. I hate it.” She commented. Unhappy to be making such promises.

“SHUT IT!” She called out to something behind Scylla. “I'm not going to let her get her way.” She told Scylla, upon being asked if she was alright, which she clearly wasn't. “No, you won't be. You'll be better than what she wanted. Far better.” She replied, angry at … things.

“I thought you knew me better. The moment the big bastard cries out, you'll have all the distraction you need to come back me up.” She's say, before [Stealth B] starting to fade away from their sight.

Something about what Velvet and Scylla kept saying sounded far too ominous to her. Like they were settling on just having Scylla die, be tormented, or worse. She didn't want to risk it. Even if that meant trying to sneak into the Ice Demon's palace alone. Besides, how difficult could it really be? She'd been sneaking around for ages. She was [Expert Rogue] and [Roguish] for a reason. She'd kill the fucker before he'd even notice she was there. The good old fashioned way.
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Viokii still wasn't very pleased with the chosen plan they had come to, though if it had to be then so be it.
"I understand that it is not safe, but your safety is still paramount. Please, do not forcibly place yourself or Scylla in any more danger than you have to. This entire mission is for the sake of freeing you both apart, after all" the construct added. Velvet and Scylla, at least if they both agreed on it like Velvet said, were pushing themselves into very dangerous territory for a mission that was for the sake of their survival and safety to begin with. She still didn't understand the reasoning of why the two were in the same shared body, having not yet been informed but desiring to split them apart for good.

"I should likely investigate if this reality has a version of the Geneva Convention in place" Viokii simply stated on Kalina not knowing what it was, staying rather silent up until Velvet had headed off towards the gates. Looking to Kalina as if they and Zolgen were about to go through with the plan, she watched as the girl faded away with stealth abilities blankly looking for a few seconds. After some brief hesitation and consideration, she spoke to herself.

"It feels like there might be some... past motivation, and lack of communication occurring... " Viokii softly said, even if Kalina was just going to stealth along with them it still felt a bit isolating, unless the vampire had other intentions now that they had gotten this far and the plans seemed rather questionable. With that, she looked to Zolgen.
"I suppose it may rather just be us now, since Kalina can cloak herself capably and Velvet has already went ahead. Should I even ask if you have any stealth experience or if blatant combat is your primary option? I am not particularly sure on the success of this mission, multiple members of the group feel highly on edge due to past experience" Viokii asked of Zolgen, not even sure if she'd be able to hold a conversation with Kalina at this point.​
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The fact someone had created the construct with some kind of moral protocol could come into advantage.He had definitely heard of the Geneva convention and unless there was something called the same thing in this world, thenIt likely meant that she wouldn’t likely try to kill him unless he was deemed posing a threat to her and or to the rest of the group, which was pretty nice. It wasn’t lost on him that he was pretty much the odd one out, besides for Velvet who seemed to get preferential treatment from the group so far. While Kalina had been thinking about dispatching him if she deemed it appropriate, Zolgen would have very much been likely thinking about the scenarios where he might need to figure out a way to do the same thing. But so far so good, after they got this demon guy killed and Velvet was separated he would certainly be on his way, not particularly interested in staying around and finding out, knowing full well he needed to get much stronger.

He would chuckle at some of Kalina’s responses like when she asked him rhetorically.

Zolgen wasn’t sure if he knew about everything that Velvet was mentioning as far as if one of them died some heavenly being died as well, whether it was truthful or not was of little consequence to him. He had no intention of dying yet.

But then there was the whole strange mental thing he didn't get with Kalina, one moment she seemed composed and even somewhat entertaining another moment it was as if she was speaking to someone who wasn’t there at all. Of course truthfully Zolgen really didn’t care that deeply who died here as long as it wasn’t Velvet, he hardly knew any of them, but out of the non Velvet lot, Scylla wasn’t as bad as he thought since she had been more than willing to fetch him that tooth. Regardless he had no problem playing along if it Kalina had enough sway in the plan that she was proposing. With the demon man contributing very little verbally to the ongoing conversation about what to do, with Velvet/Scylla and Kalina determined to go ahead, he was left with Viokii who was speaking to him.

He turned back to her. “I believe that our rogue is going to attempt to assassinate the head honcho we’re after regardless. Before we even consider running in there we need to wait for the appropriate signs, whether either scenario takes place it’ll become clear soon enough if this place is in chaos or not, whether or not she manages to reach and strike him, or if Velvet and Scylla managed to bait. With how she handled that Yeti, I think perhaps Kalina is correct, that if she can simply sneak by and strike we can provide back up if need be, and it will potentially increase the odds of a successful separation ofV Velvet and Scylla.”

He chuckled when she asked if he was stealthy. “About as stealthy as I get these days is waiting to ambush or kicking down a door to unknowing enemies..Let’s get into a suitable position and not get caught so we can jump into action to support when things get exciting, alright? Worst case scenario I guess I can try to act like I belong.” Zolgen proposed, ready to do just that to the best of his ability.
Velvet listening intently at Viokiis concerns, then closing her eyes softly she began, "Your worry about us is admirable, however, this is a risk worth taking. Scylla desires power, and I desire liberation." She smiled and placed a gentle hand on the constructs shoulder. "Of all of Scyllas friends, you might be becoming my favorite."

Velvet would scoff at Kalinas imposing comments holding up her hand, "No. Now is not the time for this." However, Velvet would close her eyes and pinch the bridge of her nose a bit. "I suppose I can't stop you either way. Let's just get out of this in one piece." She'd sigh shallowly before explaining. "Whatever we do we must be quick. I'll get us through the gates and after that I shall make my way to the kings throne. As long as the rest of you don't begin turmoil prematurely it should all be fine. I.. don't know what will happen exactly but if we're cunning and quick, we just might see this through. Now, let's begin."


As the great frozen kingdom of Zerun came into clear sight with every step forward the dread was felt heavier and heavier. Once at the gates, the party was met by a pair of frost elementals. Their bodies appeared to be some sort of living blizzing contained in some sort of windy silhouette of a human body. It's voice whispery, speaking in common but with an airy aspect. "Whoooo.. approaches?" The elemental inquired as he stepped forward. Velvet, would do the same, her bare clawed pale feet nearly blending with the snow other than her toe nails being red. "I am Velvet, agent of blood and disease. I am here on behalf of Belial whom the throne of ice is at war against. The others before you have escorted me here upon my request. Shall Hasufer meet with me?"

The elementals seemed to laugh at something, "Victory.. draws.. close." It said before opening the frozen steel gates and let the party through. As they did so, they wouldn't be able to detect Kalina whom under her cloaking abilities would move freely and unseen considering her grade of abilities. She would be free to roam about the kingdom as such, yet as if now would follow about with the party.

After the elementals revealed to them the great throne room doors the elementals would search the party for weaponry. "No... Weapons... Here.."

(if any other characters would follow after Scylla this is where any form of weaponry would have to be given up. Considering Kalina is actively under stealth she'd be able to sneak in. )

Once within the chambers a group of heavily armed white minotaurs would lead the way in front and behind the party. The marching was loud and thunderous, each carrying axes, halberds, spears, swords and maces. These were the elite guards that protected the king.

When finally in the throne room, a great, massive figure stood at its center. It was demonic in nature, yet human in some strange way. His wings stretched far and wide and it's horns towered above the crest upon his forehead. His eyes were peculiar however, one appeared normal whilst the other seemed to emminate some sort of dark power, apparent by the corruption that appeared throughout his face. "Hmm. Guests." Hasufer spoke, his voice echoing throughout the frozen chamber that resembled a cathedral. "I know what brings you here, Velvet. I felt when you entered my kingdom. Tell me, is Belial ready to have terms?" Velvet would nod and step forward, "Lord Hasufer, I am here on Belials command. I am to be given to you as a token of peace." Velvet bowed and took her coat off, exposing her fair skin to the frozen throne. Upon the news, Hasufer brought a hand to his chin. "Interesting, it's unlike Belial to desire peace. Much less give up his strongest agent to appease me. Yet, I am tempted to avenge the countless legions I've seen you slain before my very eyes." Hasufer would then starts towards Velvet. "It is finally, time.. for revenge."
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Kalina would stick to the shadows, as she followed along Velvet, sticking in the corners of the room and along the edges. Upon entering the room with the big boss 'Hasufer' if she recalled anywhere near correctly, she realised just how fed up she was with these demons. Why did all of these bastards just want to torture and harm folk? Was that really what the [monster] nature was all about? She knew she'd struggled with some foul desires of her own, but she'd fought hard to get rid of them. To banish them from her mind each and every time, to not give in to them and to eventually overcome them by recovering some of her [Fae] nature. Eventually, she'd figure out how to become fully [Fae] again.

Yet all these bastards. Their domain games, their bullshit about torture, hurting people, sending in subjects as presents... She'd almost forgotten how cold it was due to her blood boiling in rage when her heard the bastard speak. Those fucking bastards and their torture. She had a bit of a love to hate and hate to love relation with Velvet, but she did like Scylla and figured that neither of them deserved to be hurt all over again.

Luckily enough, the giant demon seemed utterly and entirely focussed upon Velvet right now. Which would (hopefully) allow Kalina to sneak up behind him. She'd not even have to try get close, luckily enough, as the (Range) in her fighting style allowed her to attack just as efficiently from a distance than she would from up-close.

Now that she had a shot at a surprise attack, she wasn't going to waste it by holding back. No. She'd go with her strongest attack from the get-go, as she would put all her hatred for these demons, all her desire to help Syclla, all her frustrations with the cold and with seeing other [monsters] giving in to their [monster] nature so easily into her attack.

Precision Strike B: – Fighting Style [Specialized] [Precision Strikes] B, Accurate B, Penetrating B, Range C, Continuing [Vampiric Infection] B, Contagion B. Character attacks with their fighting style, ignoring 5 grades of speed, 5 grades of armour, reaching 1000ft (304m), continuing to deal 1 hp damage for 5 posts and spreading to up to 5 others. - Grade B – 4 Post Cooldown

Few would be able to survive attack that strong, but Kalina wasn't foolish. These were demons they were dealing with. She wouldn't take any chance. Luckily enough she was [Agile] as a [Striker]. (Strikers can combine one attack action (which may be an offensive ability worth 1 action or a basic attack) with one movement action (which may be 1 movement ability worth 1 action or a basic movement) without expending additional action economy once per round as long as they are wearing light armour and wielding a one handed weapon (natural weapons accepted).)

She'd follow-up on her surprise attack from a distance by attempting to reach the demon and jamming her rapier into whatever weak-spot she'd be able to reach. His head if her earlier attack brought it down. His knees if it hadn't. She'd continue on her offensive by striking immediately after that as well.

[Action 1] – Precision Strike B
[Action 2] – Agile – Move + Normal attack.
[Action 3] – Normal attack.

B – 0/4


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At least she was good at getting a good reception from people, first Kalina and Scylla, then Zolgen appreciating her presence from what it appeared like, and now an originally moody Velvet had warmed up to her. Her purpose and existence was evidently going successfully, even when they were in the freezing depths of one of this universe's inhabited hells.
"I'm glad I could be of assistance, Velvet" Viokii added in response, knowing that it was time for them to start on their mission before it lingered for too long and something were to happen against them. Looking to Zolgen, she quietly nodded before speaking.

"Hopefully our companions won't get themselves into too much trouble for their independently crafted plans to fulfil their own chosen part of the mission, while I don't have proper information and research on this location I can only hope that they are capably aware of what they are doing. I may fear that they have not fully considered the risk they leave us at due to their desire to complete their own part on their lonesome, though things should hopefully go fine. I wouldn't imagine they would be able to manage getting themselves into situations like this without a possibility of managing to complete or get out of them" Viokii answered, choosing to just follow along since it seemed best for the moment. Trying to sneak off themselves would probably create more trouble for her and Zolgen if they were noticed, since explanations would likely be more unreasonable.

Remaining rather silent all the way up to the throne room doors, it would seem they were at an impass when it came to entering. For her and Zolgen to be able to pass without weapons would create much more trouble for them when it came to helping or fending for themselves, though she wasn't completely dismissing Zolgen's combat potential without his primary battle weapons. Thinking on it for a moment, she suggested.
"I think we should stay and wait, User Zolgen. Our companion Velvet should be able to handle herself, it shouldn't take too long being a little patient" Viokii suggested as she looked to the demon, she remained with her weapon kept holstered on her back and didn't take it out yet. As for now, they weren't garnering any trouble and the elementals appeared to take Velvet's supposedly peaceful rival as a victory for them. If Velvet and, likely Kalina, were to be in there, then they could wait until they could go right in.

"User Zolgen, perhaps we can discuss other things while we wait for our companion to do what they have to. What underworld or realm do you come from, if it's okay to ask? I can only suppose it's not from this one considering... " she spoke, giving a silent look to all the frosty-frozen surroundings. As she stood around waiting, she offered her held out hands. and arms gently.
"Do you require to hold hands or embrace so you can be assisted with heating for the moment? Remaining not very active in such cold temperatures will not do you well, at least the heat I may provide is something to assist you with" Viokii offered. Considering he hadn't accepted or acknowledged her first offer of it, she wasn't sure if it was something he felt weirded out or concerned by that he wished not to even answer on it.

1. Feature [Body Temperature Control] to heat up.

Mentions: Elvario Elvario Femboy Femboy RavenSong RavenSong

Zolgen waited and looked to Viokii “Hah, I think we got quite a bit of fire power between the all of us, I mean I don’t know that much about the witch, but I know that Velvet is strong, and that pale lass is incredibly impressive..a real predator she could be, I haven’t seen too many mortals who are capable of felling a Yeti the way she did..hopefully she can use that power against our target and it’ll be easy enough.”

“If it all starts going poorly, that’s what we’re here for I guess.”
Zolgen of course would do his best to act like he belonged/was just visit at the bit when their weapons might be taken, and nodded, “I gotcha, there’ll be time for fun, I’m sure.” He responded when she suggested they wait, presumably there wasn’t anyone of interest nearby who was listening who would be problematic to hear their dialogue.

He was a bit surprised the construct was interested in talking to him further.

“Ask whatever you feel like, the answer is pretty straight forward, to my understanding I Was, like many of my kind all over this realm, created from an unstable amount of mana on the place some call the dark continent. It’s why I look the way I do, created from that high amount of energy which..I Suppose the word I’m looking for is corrupts…But that’s fine with me this form suits me well enough.” Not feeling like disclosing the fact he had been Isekaied into this world and still had his past memories of his last life.

“What about you, where are you from? How were you created?” He asked mostly to reciprocate and hopefully be in better graces with who he was working with.

“Hey if you wanna give me a hug for warmth go right ahead. It's pretty chilly out here after all.” He chuckled, seemingly amused at the idea, it would probably be one of the only one’s he’d get since his last life, so why the hell not? He would accept. He would of course he on standby to start fighting things when the time seemed right as well.
Velvet would bow deeply, "I am flattered that I'm desirable in spite of being neusance against your armies my lord." The half demons head would rise, "It is only fitting that you would desire vengeance upon me."

Suddenly a great gust would overwhelm the giant chamber, Hasufers wings beat the freezing air like thunder flying up and then suddenly bringing down his claws upon Velvet, sending her flying along with the talons grasping her torso. As the great demon lord smashed her into the snowy ground the half demon cried out in pain as a clawed hand began reaching towards her face as the fiends voice echoed throughout. "First, I shall defile your face.." he demon laughed, "..yes, then.. I'll turn you inside out and set you about the frozen wasteland
. Your curse will be your very own immortality. Then once you've suffered enough, my dear.." the clawed hand would crudely caress Velvets face as the obsidian like shards for fingers would cut her so finely that the cuts could hardly be felt yet bled profusely.

It was at this very moment, that the damphir Kalina would draw her rapier. And with a valiant and precise strike would strike the demons side. The demon felt the rapier cut through his insides. Instantly he would let go of Velvet, who would begin to catch her breath as the weight of the demon gave away.

Hasufer demon of regret and grief would scream so loudly he was heard throughout his entire kingdom. And, likely, throughout the planes themselves. Kalina would not be able to follow up her strikes, he was simply too fast and due to the gust he would kick up as he flew to the other side of the chamber would blow Kalina back.

Hasufer would place a hand over his side as bluish, sparkly liquid would become tar when touching the chamber floors. "KILL HER!!" He boomed as he pointed at Kalina. However, it was here Hasufer would take an elemental from his army and seemingly absorb the magical creature. The wound would close slightly, but he needed another elemental maybe two to fully heal from Kalinas decisive strike.

At the doors, the guards would leave their posts and make their way to the kings chambers. Viokii and Zolgen would obviously hear the loud screech as well as the commotion coming from everywhere around the kingdom.

Velvet, too stunned from Hasufers sudden attack, would change back to Scylla. "You're.. up.. witch." Velvet said, hurt, before changing.

Scylla, would then rise up hastily. "By the demon lords and queens. Kalina! You missy, are koo koo!" Making a silly face as she jested with her lover briefly. "Right! Time for fire!" Scyllas spell was now well practiced and with a sudden boom her wand exploded with trails of fire towards Hasufer and the elementals around him which negated his ability to recover. The demon roared as it then beat the air with his massive bat like wings and sent a blizzard throughout the chamber. Scylla would then reach for Kalina and pull her behind one of the few pillars that held the top of the throne room up. The demons however would become slower for a few moments, although they weren't afflicted and continued towards the pair.
Kalina Chivernu

Languages: {Sylvan} | Common | #Abyssal#
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The [monster] in her, no matter how badly she might wish to deny it, was rejoicing a lot when she heard Hasufer scream. Having her rapier pierce through the bastards innards just felt good in all the wrong ways. Sadly enough, however, he dodged the follow-ups, as she slid away after being blown back by a gust of chilling wind.

“#Ordering others to kill me? Are you too scared to do it yourself?#” She'd call out to Hasufer in the monster's native language, Abyssal. “#Aren't you supposed to be a big shot, rather than a some wimpy snowflake?#” She challenged him, hoping to make him act rashly. Yet also hoping to get his guards to hesitate, knowing that their demonic nature might be triggered enough to steer clear now that the frost giant had shown weakness.

Seeing him heal up, she'd scoff. “#Coward.#” She'd state through gritting teeth. She could heal up herself as well, but probably not that quickly, so she'd best finish this up as quickly as she could.

“Burn the bastard!” She'd call out to Scylla, upon hearing the words of encouragement. She was a tad bit caught off guard when Scylla suddenly pulled her behind a pillar. “Tssk.” She clicked her tongue, seeing how the fire attack hadn't finished them off. “Guess we'll have to go more all-out and see if the others come back us up.” She stated.

Deciding to take a bit of a risk, she would ignore all demons except for the big guy himself, sending a [Precision Strike C] his way. If she was any lucky, he'd still be suffering from the [Continuing] and [Contagion] effects of her previous hit, but she'd rather not take her chances and attempt to add-on to it even more. The more harmed and the quicker he was dying, the better it was for them. It's why she would pull her Hand Crossbow out and attempt to shoot two bolts at him as well.

In her peripherals, she could see her sister, looking rather satisfied for some reason. Trying to shake off the visions, she'd put up a wry smile. She couldn't help herself, as she spoke up to Scylla. “You think I can tame his underlings if I bring him down?” She asked, not sure what made her desire it. Perhaps her [monster] nature, perhaps the hierarchy going on, perhaps just a plain desire for power that anyone might have. Yet she no longer just wanted to kill this bastard. She wanted to humiliate him and take everything from him...

Yet, well, she started to realise another thing. If they could beat this one, they would also be able to defeat the one that sent them to kill this one. Perhaps she should become a demon huntress and get rid of all these bastards and take over all this realm. Yet, for now... She should probably survive a fight against this giant frosty bastard.

Precision Strike C: – Fighting Style [Specialized] [Precision Strikes] C, Accurate C, Penetrating C, Range C, Continuing [Vampiric Infection] C, Contagion C. Character attacks with their fighting style, ignoring 4 grades of speed, 4 grades of armour, reaching 1000ft (304m), continuing to deal 1 hp damage for 4 posts and spreading to up to 4 others. - Grade C – 3 Post Cooldown

[Action 1] – Precision Strike C
[Action 2&3] – Hand Crossbow attack x2

B – 1/4
B – 0/3


RavenSong RavenSong TheTimePiece TheTimePiece Elvario Elvario
Character Sheet
Titles: Construct, Otherworlder, All-Purpose Intelligence, Servile, VeeVee
Languages: %Analogue%, Common

"That is interesting to know. I do not understand why your terminology and referencing of your origins uses such negative terms as 'dark' and 'corrupt'. You seem to be an example that, despite originating from potentially controversial sources that may give you a non-humanlike appearance, you still possess the same ability to act and make your own moral decisions. From my understanding, it seems that the common world may not get along with you, of which is something I do not understand. I apologise if it is your appearance or such which may give you struggles with the outside world" Viokii answered, not seeing anything inherently wrong and thinking Zolgen was pretty much one of the most normal people she had ever met. When she was asked in return about her origins, she hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"I originate from another worldly location not of these depths of planes, or the one we started at before we travelled here. I was created by a special team in order to fulfil the perfect role of an artificial intelligence assistant that could match for any required job or role when suited necessary. Though, how I ended up here is a mystery, it is to the assistance of Kalina and Scylla alongside two others that I encountered that I was assisted out of the hands of scrappers and looters in Ryke's Underbelly" the construct answered. She wasn't entirely sure how much information of her background she should ever be speaking upon, especially since there were people like the Professor in the Underbelly who wished to know of the secrets of parts of her creation. If advanced technology were to be understood and utilised in this world, it would likely prove untrustworthy and dangerous in most hands. She could only silently hope that there were no other futuristic kinds like her in the world that didn't share the same ideal.

On the topic of being hugged however, Viokii obliged. Walking over to him for a moment, she kept herself heated with her own internal systems and wrapped her arms around him to embrace him for a hug. She didn't think anything of it, knowing that it was a good way to provide the warmth her internals generated, and that hugs and physical affection were a thing that many living organic beings derived enjoyment and happiness from.
"I hope this is enjoyable and up to your standard, I am not sure how much demons get hugged in any world or plane of existence" she said, remaining in such moment for a little moment before the sound of distress came from inside the gates. Watching as eventually the guard elementals moved to head inside to deal with whatever commotion was going on, either they had killed their target or he was annoyed and very upset about it. Either way, she glanced to Zolgen.

"I can only suppose this is the cue to go in, it may be best to deal with said guards first in case they are still in the way. I trust that you will be able to handle yourself and whomever may need assistance inside? This should likely be done before more trouble arrives, and I can only assume Velvet may be our best chance to escape" Viokii spoke as she unsheathed and pulled her gun, moving to go inside the gates to see what had happened. Taking a look around, she supposed it would be best for Zolgen to move first before she attracted attention to herself by firing at someone. Looking around the Throne Room, this seemed like a good time to try and set up some of those explosive charges that Velvet had in mind. Concentrating to spawn some little VeeVee's (Command Unit), she planned to give them some charges so they could go and seek out some places to put them. If at least, maybe they could find a place to put them where she could effectively shoot them for a trap.

1. Feature [Body Temperature Control] to heat up and hug Zolgen
2. Move to enter
3. Command Unit - Minions (F)(Minibots), Steady Hands (F), Leadership (F), - Viokii spawns (or continues to maintain the existence of) up to five 'Minibots' (Character-controlled) that follow and perform simple commands. The minions destroy once the Post Duration ends (lasts 1 Post without Spell Duration), unless used in succession. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

Mentions: Femboy Femboy RavenSong RavenSong Elvario Elvario

“Hah, it’s more than that, the common world wishes to see all of my kind destroyed.” He figured he reiterate to Viokii.

“The appearance doesn’t help much for being buddy buddy with non monsters and nor does all the title reading that goes on around these parts.”

The demon man would actually listen carefully at the construct’s origins…so she had one which paralleled his own to an extent, he did not naturally belong to this world and in fact was from another.

“So you’re pretty special then huh? Well I guess all I gotta say to that is I’m glad we’re on the same team here in this mission I have appreciated your assistance so far.” He said sort of sounding as warm as a demon like him could sound.

He couldn’ help but chuckle robustly when she said she hoped the hug was enjoyable. “Yeah this is just fine, it’s helping me warm me right up thanks. I think you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find demons that look like me getting many hugs!” He further chuckled.

During the hugging however it wasn’t long before Zolgen heard the grand commotion coming from the inside which could only mean that whatever had happened inside triggered what they thought it might, Kalina attacked or perhaps Velvet did something or maybe both but whatever it was it was go time, as he also broke away from the hug.

“Very well then, I’ll engage the guards so they have a harder time supporting our allies on the inside then while I add to the commotion you should do what you gotta do.”

When the time looked right, the tall demon would brandish his Demonic Cleaver #1 and Demonic Cleaver #2 swords, and he would rush up to the elementals, and strike first before saying a word, not caring if they weren’t facing toward him.

He would attempt to strike all of them within range of 5 ft radius during his spin with his Demonic Twin Sweep E ability, swinging his blades out and around him violently.

He would then follow up on the nearest one and attempt to attack them with traveling slashes from his swords using his Advanced Demonic Traveling Twin Slash ability.

Zolgen actions:
  1. Rush up behind and move into range of elementals.
  2. Try to hit both with Demonic Twin Sweep E
    Demonic Twin Sweep - Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade E, Linked F, Area F, Energized F
Zolgen attempts to strike his target with one sword before quickly following up with the other slashing in a 5 ft radius around him. Grade E- 0 Post Cooldown.
  1. Try to hit nearest elemental with Advanced Demonic Traveling Twin Slash.
    Advanced Demonic Traveling Twin Slash Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade D, Linked F, Range F, Selective F, Energized D -Grade D- 1 post cooldown.
Zolgen slashes his blade at a single target sending forth a traveling slash, can strike a target up to 10 ft away in a 10 ft x 10 ft box front of him, if first traveling slash connects he quickly follows up with a second.
Scylla suddenly started to freak out, "O.M.G we are soooo dead! What are we going to do?! Wh-" she peeked through the side of the frozen pillar to reveal a large group of frosted demonic creatures heading towards her. They roared as their eyes glowed blue and their wings beat the air like thunder.

"Well! At least we get to die together right?" She looked over to Kalina with but a glimmer of hope in her eyes which suddenly faded as Kalina spoke in another language. "Uhm
.. yeah not very comforting." She closed her eyes and sighed.

As the demon lord Hasufer smashed through the various pillars and crushed tortured souls as he did so he began to cast a spell. Chanting in some other language. The tortured souls began to scream as their suffering seemed to empower the demon. Then the demons mouth opened to let out a mighty roar that absorbed the elementals nearest to him, essentially recovering him completely and bolstering his strength. Without further delay, the demon flew back to meet Kalina dead on.

As Kalina caught sight of the demon Hasufer she decided to ignore the incoming army. "Wait Kalina no!" Scylla begged, but she was gone without further notice. As Kalina left the temporary safety of the pillar the ice mage demons behind the front line would emit a stream of frost from the gapped mouths, essentially slowing Kalinas movements and efforts.

Scylla, pressed to act would jump behind Kalina and cast her newest spell Experimental Elemental. "EXPERIMENTAL ELEMENTAL!!" Scylla cried out her ability before an explosion emitted from all around the witch sending homic arcs of electrical energy from the wind magic, ice bolts which didn't do much, and fire which proved highly effective. The demons groaned as they were harmed and pushed back by the wind
. The mages were mostly destroyed yet the frontline was mostly intact still. "Eek!" Scylla squeaked as she looked behind her and noticed Kalina in ill footing as Hasufer, darting full speed towards them landed a mighty strike upon thr damphir sending her along with Scylla flying sending pieces of frozen ground with them.

Kalina would notice a few cuts, not deep enough for concern but the impact of the demons hand and claws was impossible to ignore. Scylla got up quickly but staggered as she stood stunned. "Wh.. am I dead?" She asked as her eyes spun.

Hasufer would then raise his hands and wings up towards the sky, and with a bone chilling shriek a horde of ice elementals appeared to bolster his crippled army.

It was here Scylla snapped out of her confusion and looked towards the door. "Satchels! On the pillars Veevee!"

Once Zolgen entered, his massive cleavers would enter the fray, due to the element of surprise Hasufers elementals were struck and a moderate amount of elementals were then destroyed. Soon there would be two fronts the party would defend itself from as the horde divided itself in two and made their charge towards the intruders.
Kalina Chivernu

Languages: {Sylvan} | Common | #Abyssal#
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“I've already been dead and I'm still half-dead anyway, we'll be good~” She replied back to Scylla. She was a fair bit more confident about her abilities. “Dying together is lame. Let's conquer this demon realm together instead!” She offered.

That said, she was forced to grit her teeth in annoyance and frustration. The demon didn't seem to take her bait, instead just healing itself. Lame. To make matters worse, her entire plan to use her [Deflect] ability or her duellist ability didn't play out in the slightest. Taking the freezing head-on was the calculated bit, hoping to lure out the Demon's strongest attack so that she could sent it straight back at his face.

Yet, well, that certainly didn't happen. “Tssk.” She clicked her tongue, upon recovering from having hit back towards the other side of the room along with Scylla. “My bad, figured I could lure him out to sent that attack right back at him. Seems the frost me too slow to react.” She admitted to Scylla.

“We're not dead yet love. We're just getting started.” She replied. “Help me out a bit. Lure him into sending his strongest attack at me and help me ensure I won't freeze up so that I'll be able to counter him. Set me on fire if you have too; I'll regenerate regardless and I'm pretty sure you'll keep me warm if my clothing burns off.” She added; some humour, some [monstrous] joy, finding its way into her behaviour.

“#Eating your followers to heal up and not even answering me? You're a fucking coward you overgrown ice-cream!#” She called at Hasufer. “#At this rate I'm going to die of boredom instead!#” Hopefully that'd help lure him out a bit more.

[Action 1] – Taunt
[Action 2] – Prepare ability?
[Action 3] – Hoping for a shot to use the Duelist's [Honourable Duel] class Park.

B – 2/4
C – 1/3

Honourable Duel - In a duel of honour, any play is fair game to be used back against you. Reading into their opponent’s moves, once per role-play, if a targeted opponent exhibits an ability of higher effectiveness than the duellist and is within their melee range (5ft by default, increased with Range C to 1000 ft), the duellist is able to Reflect its effects back onto the target, putting their attack back against them and putting their opponent’s ability on cooldown..

Mentions: RavenSong RavenSong Femboy Femboy Elvario Elvario

Everything was quickly going to hell in a hand basket from the sound of things, something that the tall demon man didn’t usually particularly mind but in this case wasn’t the best, He could now probably see that some really intense fighting was and had been going on with all the roaring, exclamations of attacks and things screaming in pain, Thankfully he felt invigorated as his strikes landed true on the elemental enemies.

“#I’ll show you who's the real predator here!#" He’d cackle in abyssal, hoping to leverage the effective violence he had caused to maybe cause the beings he was fighting against to be a bit disconcerted by him at the very least. He felt confident with this choice since it didn’t particularly matter now that his element of surprise was gone as he decided a good course of action was to support the other front and keep attacking, just distract the demon guy’s soldiers enough so that Kalina and Scylla and Velvet could finish the deed, and now so that the construct could assist as well with the charges from the sound of things.

The demon man would swing his swords in a 5 ft radius around him again to hit any enemies he could, with his stronger E strike.
Demonic Twin Sweep - Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade E, Linked F, Area F, Energized E
Zolgen attempts to strike his target with one sword before quickly following up with the other slashing in a 5 ft radius around him. Grade E- 0 Post Cooldown.

He would then go into a Lesser Demonic Twin Sweep - Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade F, Linked F, Area F, Energized F
Zolgen attempts to strike his target with one sword before quickly following up with the other slashing in a 5 ft radius around him. Grade F- 0 Post Cooldown.

He would then basically strike whatever got in his vicinity after the fact if applicable with his sword. All he could do was hope this would do some damage and buy more time.

Actions: 1-3: Use abilities to attack near by enemies to support and buy time against lesser threats.


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Character Sheet
Titles: Construct, Otherworlder, All-Purpose Intelligence, Servile, VeeVee
Languages: %Analogue%, Common

On Scylla's call to place satchels on the pillars, the construct gave a nod and turned her attention to them.
"Yes, Cutie, I'll get on that" Viokii agreed, giving some satchels to her own Minibots and instructing them order to go and seek out pillars to place them on. In the meanwhile, she would do the same while the other three held their own in combat, seeing as the opening to fulfil the original plan of placing explosives around was open to sneakily do while companions and opponents were busy fighting with eachother. Hopefully, everything would go to plan and the others would be ready for whatever was to come next if all the satchels were to be able to be put into place. She hoped that her current moment of not providing assistance to combat was worth the chance to place satchels, although considering Scylla had given the order it was likely already thought of between her and Velvet to be a good idea.

1. Command Unit - Minions (F)(Minibots), Steady Hands (F), Leadership (F), - Viokii spawns (or continues to maintain the existence of) up to five 'Minibots' (Character-controlled) that follow and perform simple commands. The minions destroy once the Post Duration ends (lasts 1 Post without Spell Duration), unless used in succession. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown (Use Minions help to place satchels on pillars)
2. Move to pillars.
3. Place satchels.
The icy horde of demons and elementals would then charge towards the party at two different fronts. One towards Zolgen and Viokii at the entrance, and the other deeper in Hasufers Chambers.

Scylla, trying not to panic would listen to Kalina who appeared to be the best leader in that very moment. She nodded along to her words as she spoke, "Okay, okay. Right!" Placing a sassy hand on her waist she'd mutter as she tapped her chin. "Gee.. that's a tall order." Yet in spite of her ever crippling self doubt she stepped out into the fray behind Kalina who seemed to have her own plan. She just hoped it would work.

It was here that she'd wave her wand along with her free hand, taking a few steps in different directions as she attempted to remember a very old spell in her arsenal. In fact, it was one that Renee had taught her. It seemed fitting.
When releasing the incantation it would produce a purple lightning ring that would attempt to paralyze the demon lord.

  • Static Shock - Magic affinity E - Lightning Affinity F - Duration Magic F - Incapacitating Affinity F - Energized E - Focus E Super charges the air around a target, paralyzing the victim. - Grade E - 1 Cooldown

Shortly after signaling his orders, Hasufer beat his icy wings and took flight through the chamber, suddenly his wings would flicker and paralyze as the purple rings of lightning fried thr nerves and ability to control his wings sending him crashing upon part of his army. He roared as he rose from the ground atop his fallen servants, "Magic?! Bah!! I'll show YOU magic!!" his eye would suddenly glow brightly, necrotic energy unlike anything seen from the demon radiated about him. A flash of twisted black energy concentrated upon the demons eye and sent a beam straight towards Kalina. However, whether by fate, luck or practical tactical intellect Kalina somehow reflected the beam strike.

"WHAT?!" the demon roared as his body was pierced in a perfect cylinder circle through his abdomen. "AHHHHH!! GRAAAAAAHHH!!" the demon lord agonized as his life force poured out. He attempted to reach for an elemental, and he would have had it not been for Zolgen slashing his way through the stampeding horde. "YOU TRAITOR!!" he roared at Zolgen. Then as the demon lord crawled and staggered Scylla casted her fire arrows spell which ignited all of the remaining elementals.

The demon lord, now defeated awaited his death.

Viokii, by now would have set up all of the charges, with help from her mini robots they did a great job. Upon placing the final one, Scylla would change back to Velvet. Who in turn pulled out an amulet from around her neck, and slightly touching the center jewel, would suddenly ignite every charge.

Explosions were heard through the chamber and the remaining demons rushed to their dying demon leader. But not before Velvet got to him first. "Hasufer, you've been bested. I now take what is mine, yet not without payment to the other demon lords." Hasufer, now pale and twitching as he began to look more and more like a giant skeleton would behold Velvet as she unsheathed her katana.

Yet, Velvet would do the unexpected and instead placed the butt of the sword upon the ground and with a painful movement and motion would gauge out her left eye. Yet, Velvet wouldn't show any signs of pain but a shivering of her hand as she fed her eye into the dying demons mouth. Then suddenly, in one motion would slice out the demons necrotic eye picked it up and placed it in her eye socket. The demon eye instantly took hold and Hasufer, demon of regret would turn to dust save for Velvets eye which slowly evaporated into the other demon realms.

As the explosions around the pillars took their toll the entire throne room was on the brink of collapse. Velvet would then return to bring Scylla.

"Phew! That was weird and fun.. but.. let's like.. RUN!!" Taking Kalina by the hand she would storm out of the chamber as pieces of the frozen roof began to collapse throughout the throne room.

The party would run towards the exit, effectively making it out with little casualty other than the rush of being under an unstable ceiling.

Once outside though, Scylla would begin to feel odd. She'd hold onto Kalina for a bit but then would fall to her knees. "I.. something is.. wrong.." she whispered as she felt herself changing again back to Velvet. "I.. do believe.. we might just seperate.. now." She managed. Yet what would have otherwise resulted in a complete separation instead created a fusion. Scylla and Velvet then became one.


As the half demon witch rose she chuckled, "Tehe.. weird. But I suppose I'll accept it." She said out loud as a different entity was revealed. She blinked for a bit when realizing she was in presence of the party. "Heh.. greetings.. I'm uh.. Scylla?" She shrugged indifferently and looked out towards the incoming hordes of demons approaching them at full speed and stepped Infront of them raising her hand. "Hasufer is no more! The bearer of the Eye of Foresight is now before you. My first decree as demon lord, is that all demons of this kingdom must now join the fight upon Belial! His time, has come!"

Turning around to meet eyes with the others she would bite her bottom lip in a sort of shy display. "Uhm, yeah.. I.." yet before she could continue a portal appeared, one very familiar in hue and structure as the one that brought them here. "..uhm.. shall we.. depart?" She smiled innocently.

Languages: "Common" "#Abyssal#"
Mentions: RavenSong RavenSong Femboy Femboy Elvario Elvario
The demon man Saw that Viokii came in clutch when she got her little constructs to put the charges around where they needed to go. What happened next was ever entertaining for the demon however. It looked like Zolgen’s plan to act as a distraction worked out perfectly fighting on that front, while the others worked on defeating the demon lord more directly. His blades cut through them and he was getting quite involved in the slaughter, wanting to keep it up as long as possible. Finding himself chuckling,

“#Now this is a proper slaughter!#” Very much enjoying the damage he was inflicting from the looks of things on the horde.

It was perfectly understandable why this lord was so confident when he lashed out since he had tanked a very powerful strike from Kalina not that much earlier, but when his magic was basically sent back right at him that was when the fun started, as Hasufer was clearly completely caught off guard by it happening meaning he was wide open for critical damage. Zolgen would have grinned in satisfaction if his skull head was capable of demonstrating such a face.

He’d chuckle more upon being called a traitor and would scoff. “#I owe no loyalty to a loser like you! You know that only the strong survive in our world and soon you’ll be nothing but dust of the abyss!!#” He said after the fire magic had wiped out the elementals and he was freed up.

Zolgen turned to face the dying demon, and what happened next was sort of strange but he was unfazed due to the level of violence he had been exposed too frequently enough in this life and his last, as Velvet for some reason harvested the Demon lord’s necrotic eye and replaced her own with it. There surely was a benefit to her power if she was deciding to do that..Something which didn’t strike Zolgen as unfounded with how this world works.

With the booming and collapsing it was clear it was time to get out of there like what was said as Zolgen made his way out as quickly as his body would let him, not wanting to get crushed by the building.

By the time Scylla said something was wrong and fell over, Zolgen stood and watched with anticipation. Would Velvet finally be free? Once she was he could be on his merry way since he doubted these people wanted to hang around him any longer than they had too, well except maybe for the construct, Scylla felt a bit more iffy even if she had let him help,and Kalina had clearly for the most part just tolerated him for the mission since her friend deemed him valuable enough. He needed to get much stronger based on what he had seen, he knew that more than ever now.

Fortunately..or unfortunately? Zolgen was left confused What had happened? They..fused together? All he could do was hope that Velvet was okay with that arrangement, being part of Scylla. Thankfully the demons who were approaching heeded her words.

“...Very well then, you both have been saved it would seem and your predicament has been solved. Thanks for allowing me to help out, that was..quite a battle, I can see with capable friends like these you’ll be just fine.” He further added, giving a look and nod of acknowledgement to Kalina and Viokii.

“And thank you both for allowing me to work alongside you.” He paused momentarily before continuing,

“ Yes I imagine we should be departing then Scylla.” He finally spoke matter of fact. Looking to the portal and back to her much like he had when he interacted with Velvet, ready to depart when the rest of the group was, putting his blades back on his back.
Kalina Chivernu

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“You got it~” She'd encourage Scylla, upon the latter mentioning it was a tall order. “She's applauding you.” Kalina stated, seeing visions of her [Sister's Shattering] of Renee laughing and clapping at Scylla using the magic taught by Renee. For better or worse.

[Sister's Shattering] - With the death of her sister on Kalina's hands, the trauma remains. She will sometimes see random appearances of her sister that she can interact with. This vision of Renee can offer aid to Kalina if she is in a rut. Although it may appear like she is crazy. The aid offered may or may not actually be helpful.

Upon witnessing the demons wing's paralysed, she chuckled. Good. The fact that it lured him into using magic was even better. “#Can't even handle what you dish out?#” She laughed back at the demon, delighted when seeing him suffer from his own attack. “#Seems like my buddies are more reliable than your pawns.#” She added, noticing he failed to heal up thanks to Zolgen.

The one thing that got her somewhat out of her [monster] frenzy was the fact that the whole place was being blown up. “Uhm... shouldn't we have done that without being inside?” She asked, not liking where this seemed to be heading.

It seemed like Velvet had beaten her to Hasufer, as she was closing in on him to finish him off. “What the...” She uttered, upon seeing Velvet take out her own eye. Then replacing it when Hasufer's. “... right. That just happened.” She concluded, wondering how Velvet made it look like a casual business exchange.

Still surprised, she'd allow Scylla to lead her out. “Right... getting cold.” She'd mumble, realising she was, in fact, growing pretty cold yet again.

Kalina would gladly allow Scylla to hold on to her. If anything, she enjoyed the warmth. It was rather concerning when Scylla fell to her knees and changed into Velvet, but upon hearing they were splitting, she was relieved. That sounded like their plan had worked...

Yet it hadn't. Upon seeing their fusion, she had no clue hot to react. “What?” The confused word escaped her lips. Upon hearing Scylla... Velvet... Scylvet? Velca? Whatever she was now accept it so easily, it only confused her more. “Wait... This is going too fast. Are you really Scylla?” She asked, placing a hand upon Scylla's cheek and turning her face towards her own, looking her deep into the eyes from up close as if trying to peer directly into her soul. “You're really Scylla, right?” She asked again, genuinely concerned.

The next actions made the [monster] in her very excited, but the rest of her was still awfully concerned. “I mean, that sounds like an amazing idea, taking down that bastard and I'd love to help out and I'm all in favour, but... Please, just, you know. Explain?” She tried again, hoping to pierce through to what was going on. “You're rather worrying me, love.”

She clicked her tongue, then sighed, upon hearing Zolgen. She knew hanging with such a being would bring out the worst in her. “You weren't too shabby yourself. Well done.” She had to admit, even though she never wished to see him again.


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Hurrying out from the collapsing building, she reconvened with the rest of the group as she hoped that all that had transpired was finally over. While she didn't doubt that they could do it, the peace that they had managed to finish their mission was still much desired and appreciated. Though, her concern would quickly rise once more when something appeared to be wrong with Scylla and quickly turning her attention to the witch. Wondering if what was going to happen was the splitting of the two people as she had anticipated, something else had happened as a visage not of either Scylla and Velvet had appeared in place. She held the same confusion that Kalina also had.

"I am too confused by this development and feel like answers should be sought, are you okay? For two different entities to so suddenly become a third is clearly not a natural occurence. You are definitely the Scylla we came with and set out to assist, correct?" the construct asked, if something were to have happened to Scylla then it would have made the entire mission a monumentally incredible failure. The fact that Kalina didn't have any idea on the situation made it all the more concerning.

"Scylla, Cutie, if it remains to still be you, then I will say that your new appearance is very cute, attractive and works for you, but so did your appearance prior. It is a very good idea to make our leave, but I do think from either you, or Velvet, or both, is owed a great explanation here. This does not feel like the end goal that was in mind" Viokii said, though for one thing she knew she owed thanks to someone for lending their help. Looking to Zolgen, she continued.

"Thank you for your assistance on this trip, User Zolgen. While I am unsure how likely we are to encounter eachother again due to our highly different circumstances, I would not at all be disappointed if I were to cooperate with you again. Things are slightly strange right now, but I am thankful for you to have come along to lend your aid for likely not much gain. If you may have anything you wish to ask, or assistance with anything in the future, please do feel free to seek me out if you possibly can. I will owe you my aid" Viokii mentioned with a positive tone to the demon. But yes, leaving was a very good idea.​
The demons continued to charge, until Scylla raised her hand as her eye sent a wave of light before the horde. They'd suddenly stop, look at the fallen Hasufer, then as their orders were received bowed briefly before exploding in a roaring frenzy out of the chambers and onto the Eternal Battlefield.

Scylla chuckled a bit, then a familiar hand held her face and the usual orbs of Kalina gazed back at her. She puckered her lips a bit at Kalinas worry then smiled brightly. Her face was slightly different, her features accented in ways that resembled Velvet and Scylla. Yet, behind her eyes, Scylla was on the throne. "Why of course it's me!" She assured, "If I wasn't Scylla would I do this?" She'd stick her tongue out and raised her nose as she made a cockeyed face. "Hm? HM?!" She'd giggle a bit. "Don't worry, I feel we both got what we wanted. You see, I tricked Velvet into thinking the eye would separate us, because only SHE knew how to get us here, and well.." her face a bit more worried. "..there's a small group of people who want to reeeeally mess up the balance."

It was here that Zolgen would inquire upon the witch to which she turned to, as she held Kalinas hand and gave it back to her with a smile. "Zolgen! You were magnificent! Oh! And yes, of course! I'm as good as new! See?" She gave a little spin and curtsied as she fluttered her eyes exaggeratedly. "As charming, and poetic, and CUTE as ever! Well, with the only exception that Ive now set a foothold in the demon realm as Hasufers replacement! Now, you have somewhere to stay if you so desired safe haven!"

Then to Viokii which she ran up to and squeezed. "Oh! You funny gibberish speaking thing! Of course! You see, I tricked Velvet." She giggled. "I knew she wanted to just skiddle away but she was entrusted to me. And well, she's now in my eye instead of my soul. Which quite frankly, is any demons ukti ate goal! What an honor!"

As then the portal opened. The party would enter through it, however on the other side there'd be a group of shrouded entities waiting for them in the very room they'd depart from. They began to chant some strange words until a whispery raspy voice suddenly called out an order. "KILL THEM!!" without another word, the cultists pulled out poisoned daggers and would attempt to destroy any member of the party. (E grade attack incoming)

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