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  • Status #9: Wisdom
    I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out in the morning, so I’ll unfortunately be offline everywhere tomorrow…I’m not supposed to eat anything six hours before nor after the surgery, so I’m gonna try to sleep off the day until I finally get something to eat!!
    Status #8: A desire for poetics <3

    It’s quite difficult to describe what it is that you want, I’ve realized.

    It’s difficult to express how much you desire, what it is that you seek, to admit simply that you want it to exist. All in a manner, a form therethat all will understand with a singular attentive glance.

    I wish to be wrong, but wrong I am not.

    As such, I seek poetics. For the sake of feigning wrong.

    Status #7: A Fun Day of BBCode <3

    ...I'll be completely honest: I mostly only joined the forum to play with BBCode, but so far, it's feeling nice and good to be here~! Staff are looking nice and the roleplay I joined seems to have some genuinely nice, caring, and thoughtful people. It's quite cozy here, at least so far.

    I wanna make a bunch of codes to let my friends borrow whenever, and I wanna see if I can make some cute little layouts for the sake of making cute layouts, ehe...I just need to make sure I have the time to actually do it in the first place~

    Anyway, I have something to tell you all that have chosen so kindly to read this~


    <+Status #4: As they would begin to be tracked~!+>

    I wanted to play around a bit with BBcodes—ehe…they’re kinda hard, though…

    I’m seeing a lot of really nice aesthetics from other people, and it’s making me want to join the fun whether by simply partaking in playing with them or making my own little aesthetics~! Perhaps I should make efforts to consolidate down to a specific theme or mannerism bywhich I would like to present myself…!

    Still!! It is very, very important to remember the importance thereof babysteps!! Of open arms and resets!!

    Life is full of opportunities…! But work and play don’t always go together. I’d better go back to studying…:ghostxx:

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