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Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?
Todo sawl

"I'll be fine, thank you everyone." The pigman gave s a small bow, but winced heavily from the movement, he elected to stand still for a moment. "You are.. Quite strong lord Sage. Much stronger than me, I'd think your adventures have proven you very well suited to your goals... Whatever they may be.." Todo reponded abit thoughtfully, he had been.. Thinking for abit... He winced under the bandages, but it was necessary.

"To travel.. To adventure... I think i've felt the power within that tonight. Quite.. litterally... It put some sense into me I dare say. I think... I think I should as well... To better myself, and my strengths. I've spent a few years here, lost and alone.. But.. I think I can face the world now... If I am allowed, my lady..." he pauses to think.

"I would like to journey, much like these two. I love this place, and call it home, but if I'm to get anywhere with myself... I need to stretch my feet... And... Maybe.. lose a few pounds...

...Gain some muscle...

Try not to cry as much..." he started to get stuck in the cycle of self disparaging, but he straightened up quickly like a snap, winceing hard.

"But its what I must do! Oww! To grow! Double oww..." he grimaced and bent over holding his belly, in truth, it sort of made a sight of the man looking abit like a kid trying to pretend to be an adult. "..if allowed... of course..."


Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
She had spent the night with perhaps the most impressive people to have ever visit, The Forbidden City Brothel. Ninelle was a sweet, kind fairy who she enjoyed the company of and wouldn't mind speaking with more often and for longer periods of time. But Sage, he was an adventurer and with the strength he possessed, the world was his oyster. He was brave enough to stare death in the face, repeatedly. Todo who she was not supposed to befriend, was her only friend and her confidant in this refuge that she had built for herself. So when he spoke of leaving and traveling as Ninelle and Sage do...how could she say anything but yes? "Of course, Todo." Tears formed in the woman's eyes and despite trying to fight them back, they streamed down her cheek, to the creases of her soft smile.

"You have been too good to me and you deserve far more than the Empire will permit you to have." Manicured nails slipped over Zetian's face as she wiped away her tears. "Sage, Ninelle, if I may make a request of the two of you? I know that you both have your own paths to follow, but please, see my friend safely from these lands." Zetian bowed her head to the two fairies, hoping that they might accept her request.

The fights would continue without incident, giving Orrius plenty to watch. The staff would supply everyone with free drinks to keep everyone relaxed and happy.

The festivities would be elevated for the night, in honor of her new friends. At her command, the kitchen packed food for the three of them and the other staff packed supplies like medicine for the group. Zetian would send the Whole Hog off with a kiss on his cheek and a prayer to the Jade Emperor for his safety. She would also pray for Sage's eventual return so that she could see what become of the fierce fairy. She would send Ninelle off with a moon petal seed and an open invitation to return to the brothel. She promised them all a permanent room under her roof.

(Thank you everyone for joining!! This turned out to be a great bonding rp and something that was super emotional. I really, really loved learning about all your characters and can't wait to rp with them again.)

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Isekai Hell RP Grade

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH, this was a fun thread to read! I loved the interactions of playable characters and NPCs alike, seeing Todo have some sort of trauma, Zetian dealing with her position and those around her. Sage being, uh, Sage. It was great to see, as well as the small fight between Todo and Sage, who is the champion now. These stories you come up with Luna are great. Keep it up y'all! Now for your rewards!

Wu Zetian (GM) - 46 Points

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