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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] So Much for the Greater Good...



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This is a Roleplay set in the Isekai Hell universe. It takes place in the North Eastern part of the Protectorate of Ryke, in the sprawling country side that is home to many small towns and villages existing peacefully, ignorant of the greater troubles that toil outside their mundane reality. It will follow Yuganachi, a cold and indifferent Neko Beastfolk, hell-bent on recovering what was lost to her, and Saint, an eccentric Avian Beastfolk determined to prove he's more than he seems and willing to burn the world to do so. This is a closed RP. We are not taking on any more characters without my approval. Anyone who enjoys this RP and would like to learn more about the Isekai Hell universe is encouraged to follow the links. <3

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Mentions: Vaudivolt Vaudivolt
Languages: Common | <Beastial>​

She stumbled through the monochrome twilight, unfocused and numb to everything around her. The trees, and grass, and sky, and road all blend together into a grey haze, unsure of which way is up, or forward, or within. She couldn't even remember when she started walking. Had a day passed? Had anyone else passed? Did it even matter... She could still feel it's weight on her neck. So it must not have been a dream. Unless she was still dreaming. But if this was a dream, then her actions had no consequences. That was a comforting thought. She smiled.

Ahead of her, something broke through the haze. A shining shape that sparkled with gold like a cloud formed of glitter. It startled her at first, but it also stirred a memory. "You will know them by their splendor." That's what the thing had said to her. Then this was... a person? And it was marked? It hardly looked like a person. Surely it wouldn't feel any pain or suffering or anguish or fear? Then why shouldn't she kill it? It if is nothing, and killing it shall return her husband, shall bring her happiness, why should it live while he does not? Her hand clutched the broken sword within her attire.

As she stumbled closer, the shape seemed to react to her approach. It hesitated a moment, then moved toward her. It seemed cautious of her, but then moved to embrace her, as if aiding the infirm. It was so close, it's glistening form crying out to her. It was nothing. She was real, he was real. It was nothing. In a flash she drew her sword and struck.

Action 1: Devour Soul - Effectiveness 4

Current HP: V=1 S=2 CG=1

Devour Soul - Essence Eater F - Yuganachi stabs an enemy and if the blow is lethal, their soul is pulled from their body, allowing her to consume it. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
Devour Soul F (1) + Husband's Sword F (1) + Strength E (2) = 4 Effectiveness


Somewhere in Isolde County, Ryke
Just Passed Noon
Gellan stared at the Avian in the back of the Wagon with a frown on his face as he walked. Were they really doing the right thing? Ironwright County had a bounty out on the Beastkin, and they would be paid if they turned him over to the authorities. So why were they taking him to the East Empire Slavers? It didn't seem right... The cart suddenly halted, breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Hey! Freshie! Watch the prisoner. Gotta take a piss." Gellan looked to the older man, nervousness on his face. "Are you sure tha-" The man scowled. "Don't argue with me. It's fine, I'll be gone but a minute. What, you so useless you can't watch a captive prisoner?" Gellan straightened out. "No, sir. I can handle it." The man stared at him, then wandered off towards a small collection of trees.

Gellan slumped against the cart. When he had joined the Iron Wolves, he had imagined days of bringing justice to the county, fighting side by side with his brothers in arms, drinking and feasting in celebration after a days work. And maybe it would be that one day. Stay positive, Gellan. But it was hard at the bottom. His second day on the job and he was selling a slave. He knew that the East Empire allowed slavery and he knew that Ryke overlooked it under certain occasions, but this wasn't right. This beast... no, this person was a criminal, but still a person... he had a right to a trial and punishment, and proper justice, not this shady business. Not being dehumanized for a little extra coin. He eyed the keys hanging on the back of the wagons bench. He could free him. Sure he'd probably be kicked out, maybe even punished, legally or not so legally. But his conscience would be clear. But what about Pheaty? Would this come back on her, too? What would she think if she saw what he was doing? Was that the kind of man she would still want to marry one day? He groaned out loud and rubbed his head in frustration. He couldn't do it. He had to let him go. He grabbed the key ring and turned to head to the back of the wagon. That's when he saw her.

He set the key down and put his hand on his sword. "Hey, you need to stay back, we're transporting a cri-" She moved erratically, like she was wounded, stumbling down the road. If she was hurt, he should help her, right? "Ma'am? Are you okay?" She continued to walk closer, muttering something. She seems like she's in distress. He looked to the copse where the older man had disappeared to, and then back at the woman. What should he do? He stepped closer, hand still on his sword. "Ma'am? Do you need help?" He could see her ears now. A Neko. Like Pheaty. She stumbled again and moved her hand to her side, as if she were clutching a wound. Gellan took his hand from his sword and stepped forward to catch her in his arms. "It's okay. I've got you. Just take a seat by the-" He never even saw the blade.

A sharp sting radiated up from his neck, and his chest began to feel warm. He stumbled back confused, moving his hand to his throat and looking down at it stained red. He looked back up only to be forced to the ground by the woman, his arms struggling to hold her at bay as she struck his neck over and over, a spray of red coating her face and clothing as a puddle of blood collected under him. He stared wide eyed, pain and fear and anguish and suffering in his eyes. Through his blood filled mouth he managed one final gurgled plea. "Ph-Pheaty...?" Like a viper her arms reared back and struck, one last time. And Gellan was gone.

Surprised - No Effectiveness Vs. Devour Soul - Effectiveness 4 = Gellan takes 4 Damage from Devour Soul

Current HP: V=1 S=0 [Death] CG=1

Health Calculations: Speed E (2) - 4 Damage from Devour Soul = -2/Death
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Saint_the_Firebird.jpgKnelt before his captors and surrounded by a cage of steel, Saint flexed his claws. The wooden stocks binding his wrists kept him from clasping them together in prayer. It denied him communion with the twisted shadow of his self-envisioned God. Divinity that had been born from anguish instead of reverence. And should he choose to revere his God with words alone, he could not. The heretic men, the wolves in iron, had locked his blackened beak behind a mask of iron to limit his vision and silence his tongue. Yet, it could not prevent him from noticing the pair of eyes trained on him. And Saint twisted his head toward the staring captor.

The blond wolf before him could stare until he lost his sight. He could think until the thoughts in his head had rotted away. Heretics could never comprehend the chosen divinity knelt before their eyes. They had been foolish to entrust themselves with the gift of fire, but Saint was no wrathful aspect of the Lord. He twisted his head repeatedly, seeking new angles to peer through the iron mask. Saint could offer these lost souls a baptism in fire, and they would only need to change their hearts and set him free. Perhaps he could find the heart to reason with foolishness once more...

Without breaking eye contact, Saint brought himself before the cold steel. Once more, he would attempt to find reason in the unreasonable. But, it seemed Saint had been too late. Unable to ignite morality within the blond wolf, the leader barked orders to distract the lost soul. Saint's head twisted toward the leader of the pack, moving his head around to get a good look at him through the confines of the mask. The pack leader had to leave, and now the wolves were one. He caught himself wondering about the blond wolf's intentions. Perhaps this one had no ill intentions, only a mind poisoned by his superiors. It was a fate Saint understood better than any. Those who follow others would burn by others' hands. But, not all hands that burned would cleanse.

Curiously, Saint followed the blond wolf's movements, and his faith in him was rewarded. With a ring of keys in hand, the blond wolf approached the cage's steel lock. He would release the divine raven, and the raven would free him in return - an unspoken understanding. Yet, another soul approached from down the path. As she stumbled forward, Saint caught a glance at her animal features. Twitching ears that made his eyes light up. His beak would have twisted into a grin if the iron had allowed it. She denied the heretic wolf a reply to his questions. And her unspoken determination to approach the fangs of wolves fanned the flames of Saint's curiosity.

When she disposed of the lone wolf, Saint understood it all. She had been sent here with a higher purpose in mind. Delighted, Saint brought himself against the steel cage and set the stocks against the bars so his claws would reach through. It would be her trial by fire. He twisted his wrists against the wooden stocks to face his empty palms upwards - a testament to his twisted belief that he was of a non-threatening nature. Yet, through the cold iron of his mask, something glinted in his golden eyes. The cinders hinted at the monster within the cage. Unphased by a cold-blooded murder before his eyes. And numb to the risk of getting his claws cut at the wrist. He trusted in his self-envisioned God to bestow upon him this silent disciple.

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The haze begin to lift as her arm moved mechanically, stabbing downward again and again. Each time, more flecks of red coated her face, until she could fully see and understand the extent of her work. She begin to panic at the gruesome scene, letting go of the sword... But it was all she had left of her husband and she reached out, withdrawing it to her. As it left the young man's neck, it seemed to draw with it a silvery blue wisp. She stared at it curiously as it begin to collect on the tip of the broken blade. The words of the demon ran through her head once more. "Consume one-hundred marked souls and I shall reunite you with him." She stared at it, turning the blade slowly in her hand. If this is what must be done, then there must be no hesitation. As if the will to make it happen alone were enough, the essence passed to her lips and she took it in, her eyes shining that same silvery blue for a moment. She felt a change within herself and knew that she was stained. She could never go back. So she would continue forward. By any means necessary.

Suddenly her attention was drawn to the person in the cage. She wasn't sure what to make of him. He was caged, shackled, and his face bound in iron. Surely he was a dangerous criminal? But... wasn't she? And he seemed so calm and resolute, his hands out stretched for aid. If he was innocent, there was no reason not to free him, and if he wasn't, perhaps he could prove a useful ally on this new path she found herself. She grabbed the key of the shelf on the side of the cart and removed the wooden restraints, then unlocked the cage door, handing him the key and stepping back to see how he responded.
Saint_the_Firebird.jpgSaint's eyes glinted against the shadows of the mask. His golden gaze created a stark contrast against the cold iron of his facial prison. He was beyond intrigued by the silent disciple's response to her act of bloodshed. Yet, the act of violence by itself had left no lasting impression. Only a silent acknowledgment of its reason when he noticed the key to his freedom held within the woman's grasp. The sight made him flex his claws further outward. His talons curled toward the woman's hand like a flytrap awaiting prey. And when the woman turned the key, and the restraints fell apart onto the floor, the trap snapped shut. His claws wrapped around the hand that freed them, and Saint bowed his head for her – thankful for the gesture of good faith.

He did not hold on tight, and the woman slipped free to further assist the divine bird by unlocking the cage that held him. Then, she placed the key to his freedom in his hand. In response, his claws slowly closed around the key, and golden eyes peered intensely at his savior. Accepting the offer, he brought the key to the side of the mask and twisted it into the lock. The sound of the mechanism compelled Saint to take a deep breath and release it into a sigh when the iron prison fell from his beak. “Blessed be thy deeds...” He spoke amongst his sigh, and his beak curved into a crooked grin. “Open with me, child of faith. What did bring you before mine eyes?

StarPrincessVal StarPrincessVal
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"I... I am not completely certain. I have bargained with dark forces and they set me upon the path. But I have very little recollection of how I ended up before you... I think I was drawn to this one..." She gestures to the corpse on the ground. "It seems I will be making enemies and you have a few already... Perhaps w-" Before she can finish, a shout comes from behind them. She turns to look as the older Mercenary runs toward them, weapon drawn, from the nearby copse. "It seems we shall have to put this discussion on hold." She grips the blade in her hand and a shadowy aura envelops her, her pupils seeming to vanish.

Actions 1: Demonic Aura

Current HP: V=1 S=2 CG=1

Demonic Aura - Magic F, Spell Duration F, Bolster [Strength] F, Bolster [Speed] F - Demonic energy enhances Yuganachi's natural abilities. - Duration 1 hr - Grade F - 4 Post Cooldown

Somewhere in Isolde County, Ryke
Just Passed Noon
Feton puled his trousers up and stepped through the trees back toward the cart. It would still be nearly a day before they reached the meeting spot. Nearly a day stuck with the freshie and the freak. He'd almost wished the damn bird had been killed during capture. Less coin but it would make his job easier. Not like he ended up with much of that extra coin anyway, after the higher ups cut it to shreds. A bug flew into his mouth as he walked, and he spit wildly getting it out. He stepped from the trees continuing to clear his mouth before finally looking up and seeing a Neko woman talking to the prisoner with the kid no where in sight. Panicked he drew his blade and charged. Maybe he wouldn't have to finish this trip after all.

Action 1: Movement
Action 2: Sword swing - Effectiveness 4

Current HP: V=2 S=1 CG=1

Sword Swing - Fighting Style [Swords] F - The attacker swings their sword with a minimum amount of training and skill.
Sword Swing F (1) + Sword F (1) + Strength E (2) = 4 Effectiveness
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Saint_the_Firebird.jpgFrom the moment she spoke of dark forces guiding her path, her lips held Saint's undivided attention. Her choice of words, like an admission of guilt, awakened a sense of intrigue toward the tainted disciple seeking a return to the righteous path. Seeking more, Saint tilted his head to better observe the willing confessor. The golden glint in his eyes flared up like torches lit in the dark of night as he closely monitored Yuganachi's movements.

It is as it were meant to be...” Saint spoke with the cawing of crows infused in his every breath, his deranged excitement tainting the air, “Upon your path you found me, child of faith...

Your salvation in the flesh!” He cawed loudly and spread his arms apart. His claws bent upward toward the heavens, compelling his robes to fan out like faux wings.

There be no further enemies for you,” he preached on as his arms changed position, extending forward with open palms, inviting the sinner before him to place her hands within, “You may repent thy sins through a cleansing of--

He paused as Yuganachi turned her back on him, her attention left in favor of another. Glancing over her shoulder, he saw the wolf pack leader had returned – and immediately bared his fangs at them. It did not matter. He would receive his cleansing in due time, but no amount of barking demands would give him priority over Yuganachi. His needs were lesser than the disciple plagued by swirling shadows.

Worry not, ye child of faith...” Saint murmured as he reached for the back of Yuganachi's head, his claws bending towards her like the maw of fanged beasts. “...May you repelleth your darkness before the radiance of holy fire--

But nothing happened. Saint flexed his claws, but no heat flowed through them. And he retracted his arms away from Yuganachi's head. Glancing at his palms, he stood still. Had he been mistaken? Was this one not meant for the flame? His beak curled up into a wicked smirk upon realization. She had to be the exception, the apostle.

StarPrincessVal StarPrincessVal
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Yuganachi's attention was focused on the approaching assailant, unaware of what the ex-captive was doing behind her. As the mercenary's blade drew closer, Yuganachi stepped aside at the last moment, but not quite enough taking the sword to the shoulder. While painful, the demonic energies coursing through her prevented any substantial damage. But the move was enough to leave the man open to retaliation. She thrust her hand forward with super natural speed and strength, the blade catching the sun and glinting brightly.

Action 1: Dodge - Effectiveness 3 vs Sword Swing - Effectiveness 4 = Yuganachi takes 1 Damage [Speed]
Action 2: Sword Thrust - Effectiveness 7

Current HP: V=1 S=2 CG=1

Dodge - Speed E (2) + Light Armor F (1) + No Ability (0) = 3 Effectiveness

Sword Thrust - Strength A (6) + Sword F (1) + No Ability (0) = 7 Effectiveness

Health Calculations: Speed E (2) - 1 Damage from Sword Swing = 1 HP

Feton, Member of the Iron Wolves

He wasn't sure what was going on or who this woman who had freed the prisoner was, but he would handle this quick. That boy would get a firm hand across the cheek for abandoning his post momentarily, as soon as these animals were dealt with. As his sword made its final descent, he grinned anticipating the feel of flesh being cut down. Not just any flesh, but beast flesh. They sickened him. He was cordial enough when he had to be, and sure there were a few in the Wolves themselves, but they were all beneath him. He would enjoy this. But suddenly, the blade seemed to lose its momentum as it connected with the woman's shoulder, as if he had struck heavy layers of padding. Her simple outfit shouldn't offer that level of protection. It was then that out of the corner of his eye he saw the body of his comrade behind the cart. His eyes went wide and panicked confusion filled him momentarily. But it didn't last long as a blade suddenly pierced his chest, going through layers of steel and all, sending an eruption of blood out his back. He looked at the cold emotionless face of the woman, the last thing he saw before everything went dark.

Action 1: Basic Defense - Effectiveness 3 vs. Sword Thrust - Effectiveness 7 = Feton takes 4 Damage [Vitality]

Current HP: V=0 [Death] S=1 CG=1

Basic Defense - Vitality E (2) + Heavy Armor F (1) + No Ability (0) = 3 Effectiveness

Health Calculations: Vitality E (2) + Heavy Armor F (1) = 3 - 4 Damage from Sword Thrust = -1 HP/Death + Damaged Heavy Armor

black hair violet eyes cat ears samurai woman snow forest s-2512455227.png

She grabbed the limp body of the man and pushed it backward off her blade and onto the ground with a thud. She had needed to be rough to get the blade through his armor, but the sword was now in troubling condition. She gripped it tightly, resolving to insure it was repaired. It was all she had left of him. For now. Turning back the prisoner, she flicked the blood from the broken sword and returned it to her inner waist band. "As I was saying before we were interrupted, perhaps it would benefit us both to remain together for the time being? Though, may I ask for what you were imprisoned? Your restraints seemed to imply a certain level of danger, though I have yet to perceive it from you." Yuganachi looked at the Avian curiously, trying to take a measure of what he was capable of.
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Saint_the_Firebird.jpgSaint quietly observed the spectacle of combat with a gleeful smirk. His apostle, steeped in sin, had proven herself with a brief glint of steel. Perhaps because she, like many others, was more susceptible to the demands of an iron wolf, but that did not matter. She had allowed herself to experience personal sin to cleanse the sins of another. She had fought fire with fire and feared not the burn. She was perfect.

I shalt not deny no call for guidance, child of faith, nay, apostle to the divin--” Saint's head suddenly cocked to the side, and his eyes ensnared hers with unbreaking contact. “Imprisoned... Danger?” His disbelief was tangible through the intonation of the words. “Ah, but you see not what were never there,” Saint explained, a clawed gesture flowing freely toward the limp body resting on the ground. “These heretic wolves branded me when divinity cleansed sin from their flock.

Perhaps you shall then perceive divinity,” Saint suggested and finally broke eye contact in favor of the now abandoned cart. He let his recollection guide his hand, and his claw sought out the compartment within the cart bench – retrieving a damaged book. It was a charred tome, tarnished by flame to the point the illegible pages were falling apart to the touch of his claw. Still, he held the book as if it were deserving of protection. It was the most prized possession within his twisted world, held tight by the claws of deranged divinity.

With the bound remnants of holy text before him, Saint knelt over Feton's lifeless corpse. Even with his life stolen, his sins remained within this world. They would taint another if not cleansed. “You too may repent thy sins through a cleansing of flame, Iron Wolf,” Saint spoke in a hushed tone and brought an open palm above the man's chest. And within his grasp, a flame ignited. [1]

Saint's eyes lit up against the dancing embers. The warmth against his black feathers proved that – unlike Yuganachi – this man was meant to be cleansed by his divine fire. “May you repelleth your darkness before the radiance of holy fire...” Saint added before he turned his claw over and calmly pushed the magical flame into the corpse. With the body unable to resist after death, the flame frenzied freely within the remains. Eating away at the corpse until nothing but iron-infused ashes remained.

Action [1] : Pyrothesia E

• Pyrothesia E
• Magic E, Magic Domain [Immolation] F – Range Touch, Target 1, Blight [Flames], Contagion, Continuing, Hot Shot, Penetrating​
• Grade E - 1 Post Cooldown​

StarPrincessVal StarPrincessVal
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Mentions: Vaudivolt Vaudivolt
Languages: Common | <Beastial>
Yuga looked over the ritual, taking in the Avian's words as the fire grew and consumed the corpse of the offender. "I see. So you too have been beset by those who aim to impede your purpose. I don't perceive many allies in my future, this opportunity may not come again. I'll aide you in accomplishing your endeavor, if you should help me with mine." She extended her hand forward, the soft dainty hand of a housewife who had never toiled or wanted for anything, though from it rose a sinister dark aura. "I know not where my ordeal will take me, though towns seem like a good pace to start. Perhaps one a distance from men like these two. You called him "Iron Wolf". Who were they? Did you know them?" She glanced to the body of the young man and the pile of ash that was once a person.
Saint_the_Firebird.jpgAs the flames turned to embers and embers to ash, Saint nodded in quiet reverence. The warmth of the ashes was fleeting, but he cherished every moment the lingering warmth brushed his feathers. “None shall impede divinity,” Saint retorted, displeased by the reality that anyone would aim to impede his holy task. He thought it unthinkable as he rose to his feet and stood over the ashen remains. “and many yet try, apostle of faith...

Know them, I did not, these Iron Wolves,” Saint admitted while his golden eyes remained as if entranced by the sight of the ashen remains. The glint in his eyes was the true reflection of the act of arson that had brought forth the wrath of these soldiers.

They were merely misguided by their superiors, blink their ignorance and praise them for their selfless devotion instead, yet foolish still...” He added, then turned his gaze toward his cursed apostle and finally noticed the sinister air surrounding her extended hand. In response to such a vile sight, Saint placed his palms against either side of Yuga's hand and interlocked his claws – carefully clasping her hand. “My endeavor is ridding the sin from men, guide our path to this conclusion, and I shalt rid thy sins alike.

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Yuganachi smiled as Saint clasped her hand. At least she believed she did, though her face felt no different. She had never bothered getting close to anyone after she awoke in this world, aside from her husband. She didn't want anyone else. She didn't need anyone else. But now, in what was likely to be the final stretch of her journey, she had found another being who understood.

"I only need a fraction of the people in existence to meet my goal, but the sinful abound. We shall no doubt run into them on our journey, and I shall assist in their cleansing. What better gift for my returning husband than a clean house." She held her free hand to her mouth to cover her soft laugh. "I am called Yuganachi. May our work be efficient and our efforts rewarded."

She looked around her, finally able to take in everything. "It seems we are on a road, and we have a wagon and horse, with a fair few supplies. Roads often lead to places filled with men, many likely wicked. Shall we see where this one leads?"
As he sought to quell the darkness that rose from Yuga's hand, Saint held on. The devoted focus of his gaze boring a hole into her words disrupted his concentration. He glanced up, cocking his head and shifting his gaze until he found eye contact. There, his golden eyes calmly settled as he listened before he spoke. “Your husband may well hold pride for a partner just and dutiful.

His compliments were genuine, yet his expression hinted at confusion. “Yuganachi... may you be foreign?” Saint asked, unfamiliar with such a name and unapologetic in his blunt delivery. He stared at her with burning curiosity as he pondered the name. It was unlike any he had heard before - perhaps it was the name of an angel. Whatever it may be, it was unlike his own name. His name...

For a moment, Saint's clasped claws tightened, then released Yuga's hand. “You may call me St. Alastair Laurent, the divine soul unburdened--” He paused for a moment, letting his words settle before he continued, “--and, to use your words, apostle of faith, may our endeavor 'clean house'.

In our search, let us follow where the wolves sought to guide.” Saint suggested in response to Yuga's assessment of their situation - and gestured toward the direction the stranded cart was facing, “If they bid true, ahead be a settlement desperate for salvation. And theirs shalt mark the second cleansing, devoting themselves to my radiance alike.

StarPrincessVal StarPrincessVal
Somewhere in Isolde County, Ryke
Just Passed Noon
The pair climbed aboard the cart and started their journey east toward Eldrin County. In their wake remained a set of discarded restraints, a pile of ashes, and a soulless husk that once showed promise of a bright future. Regardless, the sun shone just as bright and the day was just as fair, as though the world stood indifferent to their actions. The cart squeaked and groaned as it travelled into the distance, the pair appearing rather unassuming to any who might come across them.

End: So Much for the Greater Good...
A Small Town in Northern Ironwright County, Ryke
5 Days Later
Pheaty held the gloves in her hand as her tears fell from her face to darken the leather. They were obviously Gellan's gloves, the ones she made him herself when he had begun his training. The seam work was iffy and they were slightly too small for him. He could have bought a new pair, but he had continued to wear them. She squeezed them in her hands as she sobbed harder, barely registering the words coming from the other woman's mouth. They hadn't even let her see him. They said he had been out in the elements too long. She raised the gloves to her mouth and bit down on them to muffle her scream, the tears increasing as her world and her future came crashing down around her. She suddenly snapped to attention at the sound of a bag of Rykes jingling next to her head, her ears twitching. She looked at it quizzically with red eyes and up at the woman who stood before her, clad in iron armor with a wolf motif. "Your compensation for his death. Plus a little extra from some of the others. He had friends." Pheaty stared for a moment before taking the bag slowly and silently, a vacant defeated expression on her face. The human woman turned to leave, when Pheaty finally spoke. "Wait!" The woman stopped at the door and turned to face the small Neko. "You're mercenaries, right? I-I want to hire you!" She ran over and thrust the bag back into the woman's hands. "I have more, too! We were saving up, to buy our own place... to start our life together..." She ran to a desk and opened a hidden drawer, pulling out a larger sack of Rykes and offering it to the woman. "Please, take it. I want you to find them! The ones who did this! And I want you to kill them." The woman pushed the bag away and smiled gently at the Neko. "Keep it. And don't worry... They killed a wolf. They'll answer to the pack."
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Narrator Recomendations

Optional Title Acquired - [Hell Bent] - character has a goal and is determined to accomplish it. It is harder to convince them to sway from this path, though they are more likely to act recklessly toward this end.
Narrator Grade A Award - Gear D - The Iron Wolves' cart contained a nice variety of supplies that now at Saint's disposal.

Essence Eater Activated
Criminal Act Commited [Murder]

Optional Title Acquired - [Hell Bent] - character has a goal and is determined to accomplish it. It is harder to convince them to sway from this path, though they are more likely to act recklessly toward this end.
Isekai Hell Grade

StarPrincessVal StarPrincessVal Vaudivolt Vaudivolt Clyvelle Clyvelle

Short rp but it does explore the ideas of redemption, morality, and the consequences of ones actions. What will come of bad deeds done for good reasons? Or were they good reasons at all? Perhaps some additional character reflection is in order to process this and future efforts.

The Iron Wolves, as a faction, will not take kindly to this incident and will be on the lookout for the opportunity of dealing with the ones responsible. Will not be so easily engaged in the region with fortified alertness and strength. Beastmen, in general, will be made to suffer most with anyone suspected of being connected to the incident also being made to pay.



Yuganichi - 64pts (essence eater applied)
Mandatory skill acquired [Murderer F] - character has slain non-criminals and/or non-monsters. Character is now a criminal until slain or redeemed. Will be banned from entering most towns and cities. May be killed on sight.

Saint - 21pts
Optional Title acquired [Zealous Purifier] - character has displayed a religious fervor and belief in cleansing through fire.
Optional skill acquired [Item D (Mercenary set)] - this specific set of items are those common in bags among mercenaries. Traveling rations, wetstones and metal polish, and a few other keepsakes or luxury items to make life on the road easier. If this reward is taken, add 21pts to Earned and Spent stats.

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