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  • Doom
    Sharp inhalation
    There's smoke in the air
    Something is burning
    Ashes fall
    Bootsteps crunch as skulls shatter
    Skittering footsteps scatter remains
    A metallic shift as a shell is chambered
    Footsteps quicken as a shriek rings out
    Explosive discharge, forceful evacuation
    A soul leaves a body with more inbound
    Step now, crush the bones
    Remember to breathe as you chamber another shell
    They leap, you shoot
    Unexpected, claws dig into your back
    Fall now as they shriek again in supposed triumph
    A motor revs as their flesh and blood shower the area
    Saw blade of pure energy glows as it erupts from your forearm
    Tear and rip, rip and tear--they're not done
    Best move, the bones are unstable footing
    Slippery now as you spill more blood
    Along your path the foes are endless
    But so is your rage
    This is the folly of threatening you
    How many times have you awakened to this nightmare?
    No matter, there are more dead walking
    Chamber a shell, rev the blade,
    Shower of sparks and crimson
    Cave in the skull, dismember the soul
    Baptize this blaze in blood
    Settle the score
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