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Fantasy [Isekai hell] Ryke



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Isekai Hell - Ryke

The starter country for this roleplay and likely the one to have the most content in the beginning. Most of this information will have already been present in the lore page for new members. That information and more will also be made available here. Any persons, places, things, or events of note may go here so long as it came from a graded roleplay that was deemed acceptable to add to canon.


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Country - Protectorate of Ryke
Sporting several rivers, some of which are massive in size, the country is rich in plant life and animals. Most of the country is covered in temperate decidious forests and grassy fields. A few of the water ways are encased in temperate rainforest. Surrounded on all sides by powerful nations larger than they are, the protectorate of Ryke walks a narrow line of neutrality and diplomacy. A series of mostly wise rulers has allowed for the country to see a boom in trade and culture as it acts as the buffer zone between the 3 countries that surround it as well as countries from even further away thanks to intercontinental waterways. Located in the eastern continent and north east of the eastern continent's central lake.

To the far east of the country there is hill country mostly covered in Tiagas with a few Tundra areas.


Population - <1,000,000
The small country unsurprisingly has a smaller population than the kingdoms and empires it sits by. Most of the populate are humans with a healthy amount of faefolk like the elves, dwarves, and others. To a lesser degree, but notable, there are also many of the Beastfolk. Lizardmen and Predator feline species being fairly abundant among their number.

Capital - Ryken
A city built and kept alive by the countries largest river: Kabnak, it sees several tons of goods flowing in and out of its ports on a regular basis. It is by far the most prosperous city in the country and where most of the nobility reside. The massive palace of the royal family sits overall and is able to survey the lifeline of the city and country with ease: its water and road ways. Despite being the capital of a protectorate, what the city and country lacks in military might, it makes up for with its wealth. Making money enough from trade to rival other nations, the country is able to afford its talented Adventurers and mercenaries. The official currency of Ryken is called Rykes.

Common in several major cities, especially in the Protectorate of Ryke, as well as smaller towns, a magical item known as Black Orb is in circulation. Possessed by the law enforcing body of the area, the black orb is used to determine criminals and monsters from normal travelers. Titles will appear on the black orbs surface when used. When a user places their hand on the orb, the titles that show will be specifically theirs. The titles shown will only be criminal titles or monster titles. No other titles will be shown. Monsters and criminals will be prevented entry into city or town and in some cases killed on the spot or hunted down with the discovery.

While the predominant forms of travel are on boats in the water ways and animal drawn wagon/carriages, there is a 2nd option: Portals. Magic portals cover the world. Most are hidden away in dungeons, deep forests, and treacherous mountains, but a few towns and all major cities have one. Portals allow for travel between any 2 portals instantly. However, they are limited in size, can act as borders between some nations, and can only warp and individual to another portal location they have already been to. Due to the constraints of its use and potential for abuse, most portals are heavily guarded. Black Orbs tend to be used on those passing through portals. Portal travel is not cheap, costing several Rykes per leg of the journey.

Major groups of individuals working together to influence events in Ryke and beyond are listed here. This is not a complete list, but can give a starting point to those interested in involving their characters in such things. Among those not listed, there are whispers of various criminal and monstrous groups as well:
  • Nobles: Ryke has a diverse faction of nobles responsible for the governing of the protectorate. Among the nobles, there are many sub functions that answer to one foreign body or special interest or another. Nobles purely interested in the governing of just Ryke's people are far and few between. With the power to levee taxes, raise armies, and get audiences with local leaders of other factions including other nobles, they are some of the most powerful people in the country on paper.
  • Adventurer's Guild: The guild spans the globe but has country specific branches that answer to the rules and authorities therein. It is a place respected as the goto to request things done and have them done. The ranks of the guild are made up of warriors, mages, and many other talents from around the world. Just about any task that comes with a financial reward will get done. Due to their military might, they are closely monitored by the Noble factions. Their vast needs for equipment and supplies make the patron favorites with the Merchant's guild.
  • Merchant's Guild: a loose association of trade groups that control the trade and commerce of a region. They are responsible for the acquisition, distribution and create of many goods the world over. Most companies and businessmen are affiliated with the Merchant's guild or one of its affiliates. While the Nobles can set taxes on trade, travel, and entry among other things, it si the merchant's guild that determines base pricing and where shops are allowed to open and do business. More than one town has had its supply of necessary commodities shortened by a displeased Merchant's guild. They regularly hire the Adventurer's guild as protectors and escorts.
  • Church: while there are several faiths in Ryke, there is an organized body of believers that establishes which faiths are worthy of worship and which are heresies, cults, and extremist groups. This faction generally has the favor of the people and is one respected by all other factions for one reason or another. Supported predominantly by the donations of the people and other factions, they dole out miracles and blessings in good measure. It is said they have performed such feats as bringing a [god] to meetings and raised the dead back to life.

Religion - Many
As a melting pot for several cultures and peoples from the country and those beyond, the religious beliefs of many a people have seeped into the country. As such, the country and cities have taken an open minded approach to most beliefs. However, there is an active effort by zealots of a few orders to proselytize to the country's more savage populations. Citizens and Sentient monster folk are regularly engaged by the zealots to try and convert them from their believes to ones of the broader and more tolerate beliefs of the cities.

Ryke is one of the freest trading nations in the world. Anyone can start up a business and sell off their creations or goods they buy of producers. The competition is fierce, but there is not government intervention. Ryke, as a country, has certain stipulations placed on it by its neighbors that they must give favorable trade deals equally and in abundance.
The currency in Ryke and accepted in the 3 major nations is called Rykes. While the surrounding nations may have their own currencies or thoughts on trade, Rykes are considered most stable, widely circulated, and accepted at this time. Rykes are metal elongated coins that come in copper, silver, gold, and platinum versions. The average peasant working a skilled job generally lives on 100 Rykes a day (food, lodging, basic purchases). 1 ryke = 1 copper ryke. 10 rykes = 1 silver ryke. 100 rykes = 1 gold ryke. 1000 rykes = 1 platinum ryke. Due to advantageous trading arrangements for other nations, Ryke is a better place for merchants than it is craftspeople. Better and more specialized crafts are imported from other nations, but Ryke has a wide variety of goods to offer as well. Making money on every transaction that passes through her, Ryke is a prosperous country acting as the trade up for the eastern half of the continent.

IH Gods


The world is filled with hostile creatures and other antagonistic forces. Here are a few lists to hint at the types of creatures one might find in the wilderness of the world. While variations between monsters and their capabilities exist, most are Graded based on their overall capability. (list will grow over time...)


Animals - Grade F - Most animals from Earth are also present in Isekai Hell. They are as docile or hostile as usual. However, in addition to mundane animals, you also have their Giant versions. Badgers and hogs as big as horses. Snakes big enough to swallow men. Frogs that could treat wolves like flies. Giant spiders that make it a habit to feed on predatory feline beasts. Stupid and generally easier to slay than elephants, they are a common hunting target of human rangers and low level adventurers.

Bandits - Grade F - A country rich in natural resources and trade goods is also a prime candidate for banditry. Humanoids driven by desperation or greed. While some are more skilled than others, most are not particularly threatening unless ambushing and/or in greater numbers.

Goblinoids - Grade F - humanoids of varying size and intelligence. They typically enjoy violence and pillaging and prefer taking from others rather than creating anything of their own. Their most plentiful form are child sized idiots easily dispatched. Their hardier forms being larger and stronger than humans with some cunning. None of the variations are particularly well armed or particularly skilled. Often the servants of stronger Monster races.

Zealots - Grade F - whether for religious or environmental reasons, humanoids that view the other humanoids as blights upon the world are not uncommon in the dark corners of the country. Regularly known for abducting individuals for sacrifices or conversions, they are typically easier to dispatch than bandits, but they frequently have magic users in their number and are more hidden in their activities.

Common Undead [Zombies/Skeletons/Ghouls] - Grade F - undead of the monster tree. Not needing to sleep, breath, or in some cases feed, they are nearly inexhaustible enemies. Fortunately, their corpse like bodies are particularly fragile from rot. Something to watch out for is that it is never clear when an undead is truly dead...Zombies are slow moving meat puppets craving flesh. Skeletons are walking bones. Ghouls are like cunning zombies capable of moving quickly.

Woodland Demons - Grade F creature with particularly hardy vitality. More plant than flesh and blood, killing one requires excessive violence as if hacking at a zombie with no head weak point. Will scratch and rip and flail at anything it can get its hands on. Many of them wear F grade wooden armor that acts as an extra layer and/or an extension of their bodies. They lack vital points. Piercing and Bludgeoning damage doesn't seem to effect them as much. To aid in walking and standing upright, they temporarily root themselves. Their connection to the earth also seems to give them an extra sense that allows them to better pick up on the movements on and in the earth like a tremorsense. So long as more than one appendage remains intact, the demon can and will continue its assault. Seems to feed on the fluids and soft tissue of its victims and can regain lost strength through it. It was learned that the woodland demons are mostly blind and rely heavily on what they perceive through their roots and the wind.

Orcs - Grade E - Typically bigger and stronger than humans, they are creatures that have a certain thirst for war and the hunt and spend their lives to such pursuits. Generally trained in combat, hunting, and better equipped than goblinoids, they are some of the stronger common monster types in the region.

Dire Beast - Grade D - Animals that are overwhelmed with atmospheric mana or other tampering. They are typically bigger and more monstrous in nature and appearance. They can have human level intellects and typically lead packs of lesser beasts. Owlbears and Dire Wolves would be common examples of dire beasts.

Lycanthropes - Grade C - Humanoids that have contracted a particular curse or disease that compels them to change into a monstrous beast that generally desires violence among other base instincts. Resistent to the most common forms of combat and physically superior to most humanoids when enraged, they are a particularly dangerous threat that occasionally appears in the country's wilderness.

Nomadic Clan-Badgers - Grade C
These beasts are nomadic, having no claimed home and are on a journey to hopefully find a permanent home one day. Blacksmiths and proficient in magic, but they lack in numbers as a plague influences their people. They tend to stay away from people if they can, unless one of their own falls victim of their Rage Inducing Disease, or Rid. They will enter villages with markets and buy equipment if they need to. They look like badgers but walk on 2 legs and grow up to 4' tall. Those effected by Rage Inducing Disease (RID) plague lose their sense of reason and become WereBadgers, like lycanthropes. They grow up to 8' tall and lose the ability to make use of their magics and equipment from their normal form.

Honey Bees - Grade C
3 ft. (With the exception of Queen Bee who has humanoid form reaching up to 6ft. At most) 70 lbs. All bees belong to a colony under a Queen Bee, although there are rare cases of solitary bees. The quality of the colony is on a case by case basis. It could be discerned immediately by the size and production of honey, the larger the colony and the better honey produced proves that they are thriving. Their main weapon is their stinger which contains dangerous venom. Bees are generally not hostile if not provoked. With the right conditions, it is possible to come into a cooperative partnership with them as there are several elf villages who each has a hive under their protection.
Locations of Interest

The Imperial Logia Academy of Ryken


The Imperial Logia Academy of Ryken is one of the premier educational institutions in the Protectorate of Ryke. Thousands of applications pour into the academy's limited acceptance rate. The academy sits within the confines of the capital city, Ryken.
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Location - Norroburry Village
A small village located in the eastern, near some of the slightly more mountainous areas of Ryke bordering the Empire. The economy of the village is heavily reliant on the nearby mines being operated, as they are known to produce valuable materials for the rest of the country. They have a local militia to keep them safe, a big boarding house to house seasonal workers for the mines and a beautiful view of the Norroburry Lake.
Location - The City of Azuran


The city of Azuran is nestled along the southwestern border of Ryke, becoming a major trade city in the southwest region. Many merchants come inside Ryke and outside come to this city due to the access of goods from the country right across the border. The border had shifted from time to time, over the centuries; however currently, the city was in the Protectorate of Ryke's territory. The city originally started out as a small village but as the borders moved money came to the village as trading became its main source of income. Many people set up their shops in the village as it slowly expanded over time turning it into a thriving trade city. Many of the upper class are known to have black market dealings and there are even rumors of a terrorist organization calling this city home.
Location - Noghe Village

A small and quite quiet, gloomy village located in the hilly and mountainous areas of the country of Ryke. The village has various residents who tend to their own gardens and small farms, cultivating various crops as means of food. The Village is known to be very near to a Tribe of Trolls with which they are now in a truce.
Location - Wendy's Trading Post

A rest stop which is located somewhere in the countryside of Ryke. The rest stop is a relatively modest tavern and a trading post, on the side of a road called Wendy’s Trading Post. The rest stop is run by the Matriarch, Wendy, and her family. The place is welcoming and is well for those who wish to rest and get a few drinks before continuing their adventures.
Location - Sootspire Village

A hamlet located in the far eastern parts of the County of Sadek, in the Caelia Barony. The village’s infrastructure and architecture are largely aligned with the settlement’s focus on mining. The village mainly exports various ores and coal due to being located close to the hills. Its residents are mostly quite strong and taller on average compared to the average person.
Nobility - Royalty
Prince Orion
King Akio the Wise
A former resident of the Beasts' Republic, He's a lion beastman.​

Queen Eirene
A human formerly of the East Empire, is known for being quite the diplomat.​

Prince Orion
The firstborn, is a fae despite his parentage. He was blessed by the spirit king while still in the queen's womb and was born with a heightened mana level that impacted his physiology. He has a thirst for knowledge more than anything. very in tune with his people and the culture.​

Princess Sakura
The secondborn, beastwoman taking the strength of her father and the grace of her mother. More of a fox-related breed of beastman than the lion type of her father. Despite being 2nd born, she is predicted to be the next heir since the nations agree fae are better as advisers than leaders due to their longer life spans that don't mesh as well with the people they would rule over.​
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Nobility - Duchies and Counties

Duchy of Seroria
Ruled over by Duke Thaddeus Halgorn Seroria. A seasoned diplomat with ties to the surrounding nations. He was instrumental in the peace and abundance that Ryke sees today.​

Count Hadi Sadek (Half-Elf)
Rules over the county of Sadek, previously known as the County of Light. A veteran and scholar, who was favoured by the current Seroria Duke to resolve the issues of the former County of Light.​

Countess Amara Nightshade (Fae)
Rules over the county with the most forests in the duchy just north of Sadek county an enigmatic and alluring fae, she has made an effort to draw in others of her kind as well as magic scholars and inventors.​

County Bartholomew Ironwright (Human)
Governs the most northern county belonging to Seroria. An industrious man, he governs in a way that favours the trades and crafts that move through his county. Serves to help control the financial prosperity of the duchy and the nation as a whole.​

Duchy of Brysta
Ruled over by Duchess Elysia Vanth Brysta. A patron of the Imperial Logia Academy of Ryken and a savvy businesswoman. She has led the nation and maintained her duchy through her various innovations in trade and the arts.​

Count Eldrin of Sylvarin (Fae)
Count Eldrin rules over Sylvarin, a region known for its lush, verdant forests, which are home to a variety of valuable herbs and medicinal plants. Eldrin, as a fae, has an intimate connection with nature, and his rule has been marked by a careful balance of utilizing natural resources while preserving the beauty and health of the forests. He has worked closely with Duchess Elysia to establish Brysta as a hub of knowledge and innovation, using his deep understanding of the forest's bounty to aid in research and education. Eldrin has a slender, elegant figure, with gossamer wings reflecting the colours of the forest canopy. His rule has seen a blossoming of trade in herbal remedies and natural medicines, further enhancing the economic prosperity of Brysta.​

Countess Isolde of Valyra (Human)
Countess Isolde governs Valyra, a region rich in precious metals and minerals. She is a strong and ambitious leader, leveraging the natural wealth of Valyra to attract skilled craftsmen and engineers to her land. Under her rule, Valyra has become known for producing high-quality tools, jewellery, and mechanical devices, which are traded throughout Ryke and beyond. Isolde is a tall, commanding figure, often seen wearing intricately designed jewellery made from the metals mined from her lands. Her strong leadership and strategic trade policies have greatly contributed to the economic growth of Brysta and the prosperity of Ryke as a whole.​
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Location - Town of Faeremeadow

A small farming town in the south tip of Ryke that lies in between the See of Fae and the East Empire. They are known for their production of corn, wheat, and cattle. The population consists mainly of Humans and Beastfolk, with occasional Fae passing through. It has a single large inn and tavern in the center of town, and most of it's tradesman make a living off repairs and special requests. A small market street that sells clothing and food lines the main road.
Location - Angel Statues
Solemn statues, resembling that of celestial entities or aerials, are often built in the graveyards around Ryke in order to remember the fallen who do not possess tombstones, graves or a place in which to remember them.
Credits - Cinders (Visual Novel) | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Arborhaven
A city surrounding an ancient tree located in the far south of Ryke, on the border of the [See of Fae]. The citizens worship an exalted tree spirit of the ancient tree, [Aegrizora].
Credits - Arborhaven: @sachi_chiko on Twitter | Aegrizora: Aldo Domínguez on Artstation | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Border Hill
Located on the eastern border of the [Caelia Barony], Sadek County of Ryke is a military outpost severely lacking fortifications. The closest one can get to the ancient battlefield without entering is the East. A single stone tower, surrounded by natural cliff walls to funnel enemies.
Credits - TBD | Contributed by Uasal
Location - Kananto Village[1]
A fortified village located by the northern borders of Ryke. The village now lies abandoned after the undead murdered all its inhabitants. Currently, the village is overrun and inhabited by monsters.
Credits - Cliff Childs @cliffsconcepts | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Kirkwall[1][2]
A village on the border between Ryke and the Eastern Empire. Situated just before the [Boarder Hill]; the Village is on the cusp of becoming a Town in its own right Although the industry is lacking the agricultural scene is actually quite prosperous.
Credits - Forge of Empires (Game) | Contributed by Uasal
Location - Looming Circles
Ancient ruins of a civilization that time had long forgotten. Who, or what, made these impossibly large, impending rings is believed to be unknown to even the oldest of spirits. Some say they are meant to be features of something, others say they are gateways to splendour, yet the true purpose of these structures remains elusive.
Credits - Luka Mivsek on Artstation | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Macer’s Tavern
A cheap, although verily cushy, tavern located in the capital of Ryken, of Ryke. Although, despite its cosy aesthetics and atmosphere, it is known to serve quite… strange dishes, for example, ‘Rockworms.’
Credits - TBD | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Osun[1][2][3]
The capital city of Sadek County; located in the north-western part of the county. The citizens are kind and welcoming in nature. Various small markets and stalls line the city’s streets. This is also where festivals are sometimes held in praise of the God of the Sun, Leilosis. This is also where the residence of the count is located, notable for its [Sun Court] which acts as a 'throne' room for holding audiences, and the [Round Table], which was once the base of operations and heart of the former count, Linneus Light's, [Order]; yet has now been abandoned and repurposed.

@Kotakan on Artstation​
Credit TBD​
Final Fantasy 14 Eriones XIV​
Credits - @LightBox라이트박스 on Artstation | Contributed by Elvario
Location – Ryken's Adventurers Guild
This branch of the Adventurers Guild is located within Ryke's protectorate. It is a faction of diverse and capable adventurers that tend to be the go-to individuals for any number of requests. Their ranks consist of warriors, mages, and a variety of more exotic talents that all total up to any odd job being well within the Guild's collective capabilities. Whether those capabilities are put to work depends on the amount of financial compensation.

Main Hall
The main hall of the Guild displays an homage to their notable members by lining the walls of the lavish space with the seals of different adventuring parties. This décor represents their members' strength and the dedication to their work - and how the Guild is unafraid to flaunt their might.

Ryken Adv Guild.jpg

Artist - ??? | Contributed by Elvario Elvario
Location - The Underbelly
This large, almost otherworldly city, located directly beneath Ryken, is aptly named the Underbelly. Inhabited by criminals and fueled by bloodshed, this place has commonly been called 'Ryken's darker half'. Where Ryken is the capital belonging to Ryke's nobility and law-abiding citizens, the Underbelly is considered the capital for Ryke's dishonorable and chaotic outcasts.


Artist - ??? | Contributed by Elvario Elvario
Location - Kronum Village
With the forests of Ryken to the west, and the Paizu Mountains to the east, Kronum sat at the edge of the Glattzdan Hills and was no stranger to defending itself from the various monsters that saw fit to try and nab livestock from them time to time.
Artist - TBD | Contributed by Elvario Elvario
Location - The Bloody Defiance
Located within The Underbelly, this arena perfectly symbolized the violent and lawless nature that makes the city beneath Ryken its 'darker half'. Within these stone walls, looked upon by towering statues and zealous spectators, combatants shed their blood. This is where the strong rule. This is where the weak go to die.


Artist - ??? | Contributed by Elvario Elvario

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