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Finished [Isekai Hell] The Gunhild one :3

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LOCATION: Caelia Barony

  • ….

    By the time Griffin finished his letter, His mind finally started processing what the others were talking about properly. Miyuki was from another world too? It hurt to be curious about how that had ended. He would attempt to refrain from the subject of being from another world, he wanted to ask questions. But he felt scared to ask those questions. He then looked at Lucian and the other catkin. Only really hearing vague parts of the story, Griffin understood the gist.

    “Glad they are okay now. Hope they get rid of that dreamlite stuff for good.”

    He then murmured.

    “Not…in Kansas anymore?”

    It was odd. The term sounded familiar. Struck a cord in his memory, yet he was failing to properly recollect where he could have initially heard the phrase before. He tried, but he felt like his mind was frying the more he did so. Perhaps it wasn’t one worth remembering? As Kota spoke, he then looked at him and asked.

    “Who is Yukan?”

    The name is far from familiar. He hadn’t heard of it in the past. As Kota mentioned everything, it being a small world, he answered with a nod.

    “Seems to very well be at least… I am assuming her dad is overprotective. She did seem weakened after healing one of the party members, so I can imagine it. I wouldn’t snitch, but it does still concern me if she is doing more than she can handle at the moment. Doing it in small doses for one thing…enough to get stronger progress at a steady pace is fine, ya know? But someone pushing themselves possibly 10ft over what they can handle is risky and dangerous….uh this guy she was talking to, did he speak properly? If so, probably Tyrmar or Rios. Though me and Rios didn’t speak much if at all to each other.”

    When he started talking about how they didn’t eat the giant pig, he answered.

    “Wouldn’t recommend it. The thing was decomposing, when I was put under the strange famine effects it took a lot to resist attempting to eat it or anything else. I am glad no one ate it. It would be a death wish, I’d think.”

    When Kota Told Lucian

    “I agree with your ideal, in this world of suffering we each must do our part to show that there is a soul within all of us. Whether we are Beast, Fae, construct, Man, or even the rare monster.”

    He nodded, then spoke up.

    “I agree. It would even be a dream if all had equal rights in every nation…but as it stands, it doesn’t work that way. If it’s one of the things that would die, trying is uniting all as equal. After all, this divide is hurting more than it is helping…especially with the ongoing war….the innocent and vulnerable…dying left and right.”

    When Kota mentioned his tribe, Griffin chuckled.

    “You should probably write to them then.”

    When Kota asked who it was for, He answered.

    “Aedriana May or may not have added a little safety lecture while I was at..”

    When he heard Miyuki mention Kansas, Flordia and Ohio…he mumbled and asked himself.

    “Kansas…Flordia… Ohio…why do those sound painfully familiar?”

    He then heard Gunhild ask who people were. And hearing familiar voices, he looked up and saw Tachanka and Milky.

    “Tachanka! Milky! It’s been awhile…Haven’t seen you two since the Escort Quest. How have things been?”

    He then blinked.

    “Is.… Sootspire apart of the Barony?”

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Teuihua largely spent his time listening to the conversations that were ongoing while he continued to be alert of their surroundings. However he did chime in when things seemed to pertain to him. "Of course Gunhild I am happy to be of assistance you to. I appreciate what you've done for the Baroness and how you've assisted me as well, for that I am grateful to have you as someone I can call a friend." It was nice to hear that Gunhild was so caring in that way, wanting to help out the newly arrived, it was actually rather polite despite how Gunhild expressed herself in less conventional speech.

Then there was the business with Kota who added more detail, this was another time which Teuihua had heard of Yukan in passing. The baiting comment was humorous and all in all it was nice for Teuihua to see Kota getting along well with people and being polite as perusual in the Barony setting.

"It may be true what those scholars said long ago, the known world is smaller after all, even after all of these discoveries.." He said softly to no one in particular, just verbally reflecting on how interconnected it seemed people were from all over.

He also acknowledged Briarhild's response with a nod. This was definitely progress in the right direction as far as he was concerned. Then there was Regula's thoughts about the dinosaurs which seemed to intrigue her, later, even looking at him as if to see if he had anything that might help enlighten the situation.

When she looked at him he gave a nod. "I Recall there being all kinds of the creatures when i think back to it, or ones which i had heard of. In some of the less settled lands in my time these sorts which could be classified that way there were areas where [Beasts] and [Monster] ones existed. You can think of them as varying sized beasts with different diets and features for bettering their chances of survival whether through allowing them to sew violence easier or have greater mobility and durability, some were vegetarian, some carnivores, other ones hunted, and it is true many of them had a reptilian influence to their appearance and some were very large, others small, some long, some tall, however strangely I recall others which had feathers and wings...like a mix between bird and reptile..I heard there were others which were more suited for water. This is true at least according to the official reports I've overheard from scouts, as I mention I have only ever seen some kinds personally, and generally it was in the context of them entering the border formally.."

"I suppose part of the reason why it's somewhat difficult to give a cohesive overview is because of just how diverse these creatures..were, perhaps on the island some of those creatures are decedents of the ones which I knew, I am still uncertain just how much time has passed unfortunately so it is difficult to say for certain."

Teuihua figured he'd speak his peace on the matter to the best of his ability, he hoped his description would at least give Regula a better idea of his understanding of them. The golem found himself more puzzled about any of the future stuff Regula just name dropped ,more words and terms he had never heard of before.

However upon Teuihua being tapped Teuihua engaged his [360 Degree vision] and did not even need to turn his head to see who Gunhild was speaking about. "...I have not met them before." However he did hear them claim to have been in the Barony before. Being there on business was reasonable enough, but regardless Teuihua did go into more of his 'on guard' mode so to speak with anyone who he didn't know from experience, even if he didn't outwardly show it.

Teuihua made his way over giving a friendly enough wave to the pair, staying near Regula for the interaction for the time being. He felt a lot more at ease when it was clear Griffin and Regula knew who they were which was a good sign. So he simply said.

"Welcome." in a warm voice.

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The kitsune pondered upon Miyuki and the baroness’s responses, “it’s truly interesting, I don’t know why but I can’t help but shake this gut feeling. A self-recycling ecosystem of spirits sounds bizarre.” At the mention of the bag, Kota’s ears drooped. “I couldn’t possibly ask that of Lady Caelia. I’m sure you’re already busy as is. Perhaps I can find someone to teach me or practice on my own.” He replied a bit frantically at her offer.

Kota was caught off guard by Gunhild lowering her head for him to pet. He didn’t know what to make of the situation, as much as he joked about petting her it was mostly his sense of dark humor. He didn’t expect Gunhild to really take a liking to petting. Then again perhaps since she is much older than most beasts and been around the block, she doesn’t adhere to the same ideals?

The words that came out of Lady Caelia’s mouth immediately caused suspicion within the kitsune as he raised an eyebrow. It was quite odd for her to say that randomly. The baroness would then go on to ruffle gunhilds head, akin to that of a dog owner and their dog. This was the first time he’s seen a petting interaction and he felt mixed emotions about it. Mostly in the manner of how the baroness spoke to Gunhild. Not wanting to come off as judgemental nor reject Gunhild he would place his hand upon the giant's head and run his fingers through her sea of blue hair, lightly scratching her scalp as he did so. On the other hand, the baroness had thoroughly fluffed up her head completely as the beast's hair now went in every direction.

“I see you and Gunhild have quite the bond” Kota smiled, as he finished giving Gunhild some head scratches. It felt strange but if Gunhild enjoyed it and asked for it, perhaps it wasn’t all too bad.

Griffin would return his inquiry about the letter, stating that it was a safety lecture to their friend Aedrianna. “She needs more than a lecture, perhaps a protective spell and some armor would be more effective.” “that woman is quick to put herself in danger, especially when it comes to others” he smiled feeling somewhat proud.

They’re conversation about Aedri would continue, “yeah her dad is overprotective for good reason though. He knows her best so naturally he knows what she is capable of. Her deficiency with magic is alarming, however hopefully after finding that flower she should be on the road to recovering from the ailment.” The mention of the word Rios would receive an ‘oh brother’ look from Kota. “Rios is certainly a character, it's a shame you don’t get to Chat with him more.” The kitsune replied sarcastically. At the mention of the pig, Kota’s face would turn disgusted. “Forget I said anything about eating the pig” his face was a bit green, he nearly lost his appetite.

He was pleased to see Griffin also shared a similar sentiment to his open mindedness.

“Sounds like a Eutopia if you ask me, however some people are deeply stuck in their way. While the minority profits off the suffering of the majority. It’s easier to assume control when divided.” The light from Kota’s eyes would dim a bit as he thought about the current situations going on within his tribe.

Not before long the familiar voices of Tachanka and Milky would pop into his ear, breaking him from the moment of dissociation. “Well well well, talk about the irony of the small world. How’ve you guys been?” Kota said, straining a smile, he was surprised Griffin knew them as well.

“Ahh so you know them as well too, the hell is going on.” He chuckled to himself, seemed as though with all the mutual acquaintances it was only a matter of time before they would meet. The kitsune thought back to their encounter with the ratmancer and Tachanka shady beliefs.
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Eyeing Regula as the winged lady drew close with petting intent, Gunhild grumbled lowly before the woman's hand had reached her head in order to give her a ruffling of the hair and such praise. Emitting a beastial joyful purr as she pushed her head into Regula's touch, she cheerfully grinned while wagging and swaying her large tail from side to side excitedly. Essentially melting as she leaned forward more, Gunhild nodded and snarled low tones in delight and agreement at Regula's praising even if it was a rather public situation and acted much like the Baroness' glorified puppy. After the trip to Gala'Kraoth, it had been a while for Gunhild to just get some good classic praise and appreciation, and she was all here for it. With Kota eventually joining in, Gunhild essentially just flopped over and submitted herself to the grand gesture of all of the pets she was receiving, a delighted and ecstatic smirk formed on her face as she did so.
"Oh, it's no problem, Lady Caelia. I'm sure there's usually a lot of aspiring and interested adventurers, but I would always be delighted and open if you would really be willing to help. As for yours too Kota and Teuihua, or anyone else’s assistance, would be greatly appreciated" Miyuki answered with a smile at her offer to aid with her own adventures, blushing a little as she couldn't hold back her growing grin at Regula's baroness charm. Her collection of nine tails swaying as it felt like she was enjoying the kind words that Regula gave her much like the praise had an effect on Gunhild, Miyuki fell a little nervous to answer for a moment before eventually responding.
"I-I think you look really graceful and beautiful as well, I can really see that sense of nobility just by looking at you. Y-you know, not wanting to sound like I'm trying to stroke your ego or anything, n-not that you have an ego, I mean it's just an expression and all, I just don't wanna be taking your compliments and not sound like I don't think great of you too" she spoke as the twirled her hair around her finger, looking slightly away to avoid eye contact for a short moment, which soon after she listened through Teuihua's better attempt to explaining the concept of dinosaurs. Nodding along with his way of putting it, she added onto it.
"Yes, that's probably a much better way of than how I put it, they're animals but a very different kind of animals in a sense. Maybe you'll see one some day and you'll get it too, Lady Caelia" Miyuki said, moving her hand to twiddle her thumbs a little, rather feeling unsure if she was in her element or not with all the kindness and compliments going around primarily from Regula and Lucian.

On the mention of movies and 'Future-Earth', Chiyoko was paying attention to the conversation going on and immediately tried to talk on the matter.
"Future Earth? Are you like, from the past or something and don't know what a movie is? You missed out on so much, are you like one of those people who say how much harder you had it-"
"Chiyoko, don't talk with your mouth full, it's gross and rude" Miyuki interrupted, looking over at her daughter who was joyfully eating from the seafood banquet provided by Lucian. She realised her mistake and stopped talking as she chewed and smiled, humming and giggling at her little mistake.
"Sorry, mama, but is it truue?" Chiyoko asked. Miyuki thought on the question for a moment, but as Regula had put it none of the Future Earth stuff mattered wherever they were now. Giving a gentle nod just to keep her daughter's questions satisfied, Miyuki listened on up until Regula voiced all the things that needed done. While she was expecting a Baroness to have a lot of work and responsibilities, she didn't think that it would be so many things that had not yet been handled. Pondering on it for a moment, she really wanted to help Regula to help for her kindness, hospitality and quite partly her charm, trying to think of an answer that might prove assistance.
"Well, m-maybe I could help with some of those things for you. I haven't ever worked as a maid or really any of those other things, but maybe I can try, or help get those things going? M-maybe what it sounds like you really need is some sort of organiser or second-in-command that you can reliably spread workload to. If you need more people coming in and out in order to grow your place, maybe you should work on things to boost travel to and throughout your barony. Like... tourism, or a special festivity or trade market. Maybe I can help keep your place clean and stuff and maybe help you plan out and get those things organised? I have some experience doing stuff of the sort, i-it's a different scene than what I'm used to but I'm sure I can maybe figure it out a little... no pressure or rush, just some offered ideas, but I'll be happy with anything you ask, at least while I'm here and we're filling up your space and time" Miyuki offered, which made Gunhild immediately sit up from her post-petting experience. Using that questionably-sized lizard brain of hers, she thought that if Miyuki spent time helping around the Barony it meant more time before she thought of leaving elsewhere. And that was good. Plus, it would give them a lot more time to process and sort out something a lot less rushed for a future plan, meaning she'd get time to stay with her 'extended family' while they figured out what to do next together.
"Gunhild thinkies good thinks Miyuki. Pretty-Baronlady, let Miyuki-Floofa do a do, is good. Gunhild say it, Gunhild do say do!" Gunhild immediately said as she tried to vouch for the floofa, whatever her word would even carry. Looking to Teuihua, her favourite rock, she did similar gestures to try and get him to understand what she was getting at, copying Regula at her own game.
"Ah yes, greetings ma'am, and construct sir. I am Milky, this is my companion Tachanka, though I also think some of your friends have had a run-in with us already, which is quite a nice surprise to see you again" Milky said with a smile to Regula and Teuihua, giving a small wave to Griffin and Kota. Tachanka leaned back on the cart of concealed stuff they had, giving a small gestured wave with the hand as she also greeted them.
"We have been well, things have been going great since our last meeting, thank you both for asking" Milky joyfully smiled, her hands held clasped together as she acknowledged Kota and Griffin.
"Sup bird-cat and magic-dog. Long time no see. Hey bird lady... what's with the big meeting of everyone being here?" Tachanka casually answered with a slightly smug grin, Milky frowning at her nonchalant demeanour to greeting old friends and someone who first impressions truly mattered.
"Sorry, it's been a long trip. How may we be of service? We did a delivery a while back to Sootspire, of which Griffin here was one of the people who assisted with it. We've been doing a few supply and transport runs in Ryke, among other things here and there, spent some time in a village where we met Kota here, and remained for a while after where Tachanka did some looking into corrupt mercenaries and the like. But anyway, we were here- well, mostly I'm here perhaps just travelling through or looking for a place to set up my own work. I have some other tinkering and such to toy around with, but... well, toys is kind of the things I'm looking to set up a little. I met this nice man who offered to cooperate on this fancy game-entertainment experience he wants to make, and he's calling it... uuh, 'table-top'? Even though all games are table-top if they're board games right? Maybe I'll explain later, there's a lot of bits and pieces and it's not overly finished. I needed somewhere to finish some of the pieces for it, and then I have to write to him about the progress and find a place to gather players to try it out" Milky explained, looking to the cart of unrevealed supplies and other stuffs that they had brought along with them.​
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Regula was a bit surprised when Griffin didn't seem to know that Sootspire was within her domain. “Yes, it's about half a day's walk to the north-east of here. Faster by horse or if you're keeping pace.” It also made her wonder. “Have you been there before?” She'd ask.

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All in all, Teuihua's explanation didn't exclude or include much, with how broadly defined 'dinosaurs' were. “So... they are just a mostly reptilian type of animal?” She clicked her tongue. It didn't sound as interesting with that in mind. “Well, either way, it seems your civilisation might not be the only that has members walking around despite being from long ago.” She wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but if any of these dinosaurs were still alive, it was clear more different kinds of ancient stuff were still going strong somewhere in these realms.

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She nodded at Kota's 'bizarre' claim. “Perhaps it does, but there are many bizarre things out there.” She replied, not dismissing a theory for such a weak reasoning. “Well, I'm afraid I can't deny being busy, but I can at least see if my assistants can help out. Ask for Lowrence or Nightshade at the Keep or Reynard at the Keep's library. They'll probably help you out if you tell them I sent you.” She offered, starting to grow accustomed to having assistants to refer people too on such occasions. It was a great way to offer aid when she herself didn't have time for it.

All in all, she was glad Kota joined in. Her bluff had worked well enough. Otherwise this would've been really awkward. Not that it wasn't already, as she could sense (insight B) a fair bit of reluctance from Kota. It's why she figured his remark upon their bond was a very good way to attempt rectifying things a little. “Indeed, we've gone through some adventurers together already.” She stated, hoping that would somehow make this seem and sound more reasonable.

She was a tad surprised both Griffen and Kota knew Tachanka and Milky already. As Kota said, it was a small world indeed.

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As expected, Gunhild was being a good Gunhild. Can't fault the big girl there. Regula could only hope that the puppy-like nature of Gunhild's act would somehow make it seem less weird and more like an actual pet-petting. Who knew, perhaps it would. Regula would only need to take are not to get too distracted by that swaying tail. To that extend, it wasn't even the tail that was distracting her at this rate. She had to hold back to not lean forwards and give Gunhild a belly-rub upon the giant flopping over. Perhaps later, in a more private setting.

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With the giant woman petted to completion again, Regula turned to Miyuki. The nine weapons of mass-seduction were heavy-hitters, but Regula managed to remain [Focused] and kept her [Mind Shield] up well enough to avoid drooling. “At the very least I'd be able to help round up some aspiring adventurers and give them some staring equipment if need-be.” Regula would reply to the first statement.

However, she was not ready for the return-compliments. “Oh, no, I'm sure I barely quality as a noble. You could easily pass for one yourself instead, especially with such lovely coloured tails-hair-ears...” What? She'd stumbled over her words a bit there. Perhaps starting off a bit too open and direct. It was clear the baroness had not expected to be flattered back like this. At the very least all of those things were lovely coloured?

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She was glad when Chiyoko provided a distraction. “Well, I'd say I'm from the present and others are from the future, but yes, most would consider me from their past. I didn't know what a 'movie' is until someone told me.” She was, however, a bit confused as the next part. “Harder? I do not think I grew up in a particularly difficult time. Those two World Wars I was told about sounded like they would be far worse times to live in.”

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Back to Miyuki, Regula was positively surprised to hear her offer of aid. “Ah, at the very least, just having someone try be a maid would hopefully stop my mother and advisors from telling me to hire some.” She stated, still reluctant to hire a maid, but also realising she'd need something of the sort sooner or later. “Right now, I can luckily spread some of the workload to my advisors, as well as my administrative taskforce, but with how many things are still growing, there isn't exactly a 'system' for it right now.” That was probably the biggest hurdle. “I've been debating a barony-wide festival for a while now, but we've only recently started having the finances to start seriously debating one. We had a lot of things that needed rebuilding in the barony, before we could start planning leisure oriented things.” She admitted as much, as they were finally in a spot that seemed somewhat good enough to start working on the types of ideas Miyuki was suggesting. “Right now, however, it might be a good time to try set-up some of the things you're suggesting.” For just a split second, Regula's eyes flashed towards the tails when Miyuki promised 'anything you ask', but she was very quick to shut off those thoughts and [Focus] again.

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Regula was somewhat confused at Gunhild's remark. It seemed the large lizard puppy agreed, though, which was good enough. “A friend of yours is a friend of mine, don't worry, I'm sure we'll find things that work.” She promised Gunhild.

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The difference between the two stood out instantly. Rather than answering Tachanka, she just gave her a disapproving glare. At the end of the day, she did have some reputation to keep up and some [Prideful] tendencies to stick by.

Instead, she'd get a smile back onto her face upon hearing out Milky. “It certainly sounds like you've had your fair share of adventures. Though, I must say, this 'table-top' business sounds rather intriguing. I believe that my friend, baron Morbella, who rules the area just west of here, might truly enjoy such forms of entertainment. As much as I would love future artisans and merchants to settle here, honesty commits me to say that you might find an even more understand supporter in him than you would here.” She recalled his 'figurine' things fairly well. “Would these 'toys' you mention include small yet detailed statuettes of people that are painted in detail?” If so, she figured that'd really get baron Morbella going.

🦅𝙶𝚁𝙸𝙵𝙵𝙸𝙽🦁𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚝, 𝙱𝚘𝚠 𝙰𝚙𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚌𝚎, 𝙱𝚞𝚐𝚎𝚍 , 𝚁𝚢𝚔𝚎𝚗 𝙰𝚍𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚛 𝙴

Griffin tells Kota.

“Then perhaps I should make it a goal to close that division…it brings harm. Perhaps it would be an impossible feeling task. But a world where everyone has equal rights..no place where humans, beasts or fae are allowed to be killed or enslaved without repercussions…and a place where constructs aren’t seen as ‘tools’ or ‘property’ sounds like a world worth the effort.”

He then heard how Tachanaka referred to him and laughed a little.

“Bird-cat is certaintly better than birdman. Glad you two have been doing well since the escort.”

When Regula asked her question, Griffin replied.

“Uh, sort of. I helped Escort Tachanka and Milky there. So I’ve been to the outskirts basically. However, I left shortly afterward.”


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Teuihua gave a nod at Miyuki’s response. “Of course I am pleased to be able to assist.”
Some semblance of a chuckle came from Teuihua when he heard what Gunhild said.

"I'm inclined to trust Gunhild’s judgment. I am certain she knows about Miyuki’s capabilities being as familiar as she is..” Teuihua spoke in agreement. He figured Regula would understand that already but nevertheless it didn’t hurt to voice his support for Gunhild’s statement he figured.

Teuihua would look to Milky when he was addressed, giving a nod of acknowledgement. It was good to see that there were more people visiting the barony who seemed to be on relatively good terms. He did listen to the conversation however, curious as to what was going on. Then there were more strange terms brought into fruition such as table top, Teuihua wasn’t entirely sure what that meant in this context, particularly when it came to a game. What exactly was a board game? There were many things in common still which he was uncertain how they related to his understanding to the world if it did at all.

Unfortunately it didn’t look like Tachanka was showing to have the social graces which would be better to have when talking to a Baroness of all people, but one couldn’t win them all.

When Regula followed up on his explanation Teuihua was in thought for a moment before replying.

“I believe that classifying them as mundane reptilians does not entirely do them justice. The potential descendants which I witnessed, some of them had crystals growing on their bodies, some of these creatures may have magical properties which could be of intrigue or there may be elements which could be harvested, and put to good use in all sorts of crafts, some of these creatures are a great deal more powerful than others and would make for a formidable opponents, and or as effective mounts, so I should say, that while some are more mundane others are fantastical in my assessment of them.”

Teuihua felt it was pretty important to add.

Teuihua listened some more to the conversations while staying vigilant.
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A little silenced by Regula's stumbling over her target of complimenting, Miyuki didn't say anything but didn't think much of it. As she remembered, kitsune and foxes were considered and revered as special or graceful creatures anyway so perhaps said thing carried over. They did possess a familiar-looking kind of shrine after all and it was possible that kitsune weren't as rare in this world. Instead, she chose to answer on something else.
"Well, I don't think I could really handle being a noble or anything like that, I'm not good enough to have that much responsibility or trust on me. Maybe just a princess or something simple without any troubles or that attached is good enough" Miyuki answered, fidgeting gently with her hands as she tried to cover her faint blush by looking downward at the floor.

"I guess I can try to help with that if it's a maid you're looking for, and can try to help with setting up other stuff. I mean I'm sure there's probably a lot of people with ideas and stuff and a lot of world places, maybe you can... I dunno if it works like it, but you could 'sponsor' people or something, so it's like when someone does something good it has your whole place's name attached to it. M-maybe that works for places, I don't really know. It would maybe convince people that a lot of the people you meet are allies working with you rather than someone you're giving special attention to, but usually if someone sponsored does something bad it's usually bad for the person sponsoring... " Miyuki thought as she softly suggested, thinking it was probably a randomly weird suggestion since things in her old life probably wouldn't apply in the same way anyway. It at least seemed to her that having Gunhild and Teuihua vouching for her was helping her get along with Lady Caelia better. This was probably a lot more faster progression in friend-making in a new world's society than she had been expecting.
"Sorry it's nothing much just a random thought, i-it's probably silly... so, is it just cleaning and stuff maids help with? I don't really know if they're like butlers and servants too or, what, I haven't ever had one before or thought to... I guess cleaning and whatever else isn't too much trouble, I can do housework and stuff and cooking and whatever it is the job entails exactly, I am used to doing that stuff after all and it is rather fun and calming..." she stammered awkwardly, trying to glance a little at herself and behind her unsure what it was Regula seemed to be looking to on occasion and wondering if there was something wrong. Maybe there was something unclean or residue left on her after a long trip that she hadn't noticed, looking at her clothes and tails briefly before back to Regula.
Despite having not much focus on what was going on at the current moment, Gunhild almost choked on nothing at an audible cue of immediate danger as she turned her gaze to Miyuki talking about in the ways she could help. Evidently concerned yet not wanting to hurt her own chances at work that kept her somewhere safe, Gunhild grumbled and slowly drifted her sight elsewhere to try and not overly focus her attention hoping that there wouldn't be a problem from her attempts at overselling herself. At least things were sorted for the moment, so that there wasn't any trouble to worry about.

"Uh, yeah. Teuihua is good at explaining things, that's a lot better than I could put it. You could probably give like, public talking lessons or whatnot, it's probably why Lady Caelia and Gunhild thinks you're smart and reliable" Miyuki spoke softly over Teuihua's added response as she moved to ask about what exactly it was that was catching Regula's attention.

"U-uhm... is there, something on me, or something that's the problem? I-it's my fault if it is, don't worry, you can say it how it is it's not a problem..." she asked, not wanting an untouched issue to raise concern or problem with Regula just because she couldn't tell what it was.
"It was a great time being assisted, and I'm still thankful for yours and the others' help, wherever they may be now" Milky said to Griffin, listening to Regula about another baron's interest in such entertainment.
"Oh? That does sound interesting, maybe I'll give it an idea to head that way. And yes, that is quite how it is, it took a while making them and apparently we're not done, but I do think they came out pretty well. Hopefully, it'd be something that all the people of Ryke and on might be able to catch onto the idea of or be interested since it's designed for all types after all to... make their own adventures and fantasies and stuff, I mean sorry for all that it's like I'm trying to sell you on an unfinished product" Milky said, laughing softly.
"I mean, I wasn't entirely sure about making this my main business, it was just a little venture to work with someone else for growth purposes and to have more business in Ryke" Milky mentioned, thinking to herself for a moment with a small curious wag of the tip of her tail. Pondering in thought for a moment, she put it off for another time as she smiled.

"Is there anything else, miss Caelia ma'am? Thank you for the suggestion, while there's possibly not much else I'm able to offer, was there anything else you'd like to discuss or ask, I wouldn't mind at all. I'll probably be looking for an inn or place to stay here or around here anyway, since it'd be another long stretch of trip to seek out this baron Morbella person".

Regula Caelia


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“Magical properties? So they were Fae-like animals?” She asked Teuihua, still trying to make sense of the concept of dinosaurs. “Strong as well... were they like [monsters]?” Then again, mounts, like a horse? She eyed Gunhild. Perhaps like a Gunhild?

Mentions: Miyuki Femboy Femboy

“Ah... I am trying to do some sort of... sponsoring. To get the church to like the shrine. I'd rather see how that works out first, although I do like your idea.” She stated, ending up not wanting to take too many risks with more sponsorships.

She was surprised that Miyuki mentioned cleaning and cooking to be calming. “I agree!” Ah, perhaps a bit too quickly. “I mean, it is calming, I just don't have a lot of time for it and get confused looks when I'm cleaning things myself, so by now it's just stressful.” That probably didn't help too much. “Anyhow, anything would help, truly. I'd appreciate it greatly.”

Sadly enough, the baroness was caught off-guard yet again. This time by Miyuki suddenly asking if there was a problem. “What? A problem? No, no, of course not!” She replied, but she realised she did need to state some sort of explanation. “It's just, you know...” She was trying desperately to come up with a good reply (but the dice didn't roll in her favour). “They're pretty, you know, your tails.” Yes, try to play it off casually. That'd work, right? Just a casual compliment. “They seem so neatly brushes, have such lovely colours and hues, seem so extraordinarily soft and fluffy, wave in such a joyful manner and would probably be really soothing to the touch.” Ah.

Well... that was no longer casual, was it? Her Baroness' Charm B seeping through again probably hadn't helped trying to make this sound casual either. The [Tail Freak] was winning, yet again, it seemed.

Baroness' Charm B – Character Grade B, Appraisal B, [Baroness of Caelia] title, Persuasion B, Seduction B, Energised B – Using her position as a baroness and her social prowess, Regula attempts to charm someone into being more agreeable. - Grade Be – 3 Post Cooldown.

Mentions: Milky (&others) Femboy Femboy

However, as she heard Milky's reply, she figured that was the ideal way out. A distraction from digging her own grave. “Ah, yes! If that's how it is, I'm sure you couldn't find a better sponsor than baron Morbella! Don't worry about selling it. Once it's in a test-able state, I'd love to play a game with baron Morbella and you.” That'd be a chance for her to butter-up to a fellow baron even more and a chance for Milky to really promote her product. “The Morbella country is just west of here, if you spent the night in Lassiter next, it should take two or three days depending on the road and weather conditions.” She's explain.

As for the question what else there was, she figured she might try to rectify her earlier mistake (the dice really didn't favour her). After all, if she made complimenting someone's tail seem a bit less personal, surely it'd seem more normal, right? That's totally how that worked. “I must say, I have never met anyone who's body mostly considered of a feathered and furred tail. How do you manage to keep it such a pretty pristine white colour and make it seem so incredibly soft and comfortable?” See, totally normal and casual. Just a little baroness' charm seeping through.

Baroness' Charm C – Character Grade C, Appraisal C, [Baroness of Caelia] title, Persuasion C, Seduction C, Energised C – Using her position as a baroness and her social prowess, Regula attempts to charm someone into being more agreeable. - Grade Ce – 2 Post Cooldown.

Luckily enough, she was able to rethink her choices (4/5 instead of 5/5 on the dice for worst-case scenario), before she'd try to even include Kota, Griffin or Gunhild in her attempt to make this seem less awkward. Mostly due to realising this was probably only making things far, far more awkward. “Ah... My apologies. I've had some rather stressful events behind me, sorry if I'm being a bit too honest... I mean, direct.” Honest. Right. Not the ideal word choice there either. She'd subconsciously flap her wings a bit, as they wanted her to fly off before she'd embarrass herself even further. At this point, she was even looking for Gunhild to somehow back her up with typical Gunhildian charm and tactics.

🦅𝙶𝚁𝙸𝙵𝙵𝙸𝙽🦁𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚝, 𝙱𝚘𝚠 𝙰𝚙𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚌𝚎, 𝙱𝚞𝚐𝚎𝚍 , 𝚁𝚢𝚔𝚎𝚗 𝙰𝚍𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚛 𝙴
𝙸𝙽𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙰𝙲𝚃𝙸𝙾𝙽𝚂: Femboy Femboy SixSense SixSense gmimperfecti gmimperfecti Elvario Elvario

Upon hearing about the church thing, Griffin was going to ask for more, then Regula had her outburst talking about tails. He slowly backed away from the scene a little freaked out by this behavior. This was the first time as far as he was aware that he’s met someone who'd reacted this much to tails. It was concerning…it was confusing really. Griffin kept his [Eagle wings] folded over his [Lion’s Tail] as if to attempt to hide it.

“No it’s..fine. Must’ve been a busy and stressful day…”

If it was anything more distracting from his internal problems, it would be someone having an outburst, wasn’t it? Though he did hope she wasn’t to awfully stressed out. But the tail thing did seem a bit…odd. He then added to Teuihua’s talk about the island species to distract from that.

“And one looked like a… Tricar… %Triceratops% sorta I think? Lots of interesting looking reptiles. Perhaps it might be worth checking out again later.”

He then internally thought.

‘I’ll have to drop this letter off at the Adventurers guild won’t I?’

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“common” %Analog%


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Much to Kota’s surprise, Gunhild enjoyed petting similar to that of a dog. This made the beast man ever more conflicted since she had taken such a liking to the act. Safe to say the Kitsune was perplexed by the situation he had found himself in.

Miyuki’s request for assistance was an interesting development, mostly because it seems like she was now becoming more comfortable with the group. Kota would smile, “yeah of course. I’m always ready to help another Kitsune.” It seemed as though Regula was on board with the idea as well, with her backing and resources it would be possible to get some good progress in. Though things would take an unexpected turn once both the baroness and Miyuki would begin to exchange compliments, ‘Did I miss something?’ Kota would make use of his [Insight F] to see that both women were incredibly nervous now, both stammering with their words. It was actually pretty cute to see Regula break from her serious demeanor.

“Not used to compliments Lady Caelia?” Kota teased, finding her interaction with Miyuki rather entertaining.

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Griffin's choice of words were interesting, “Sounds like a monstrous dream to make true. In order to achieve that you’d have to unite all the great nations in one way or another. You’d be combating generations of reinforced practices and beliefs defended by an unknown amount of powerful people. You’d have to be a highly competent individual in order to bring about such great change, and that’s some of the troubles you’d face within your home nation. As for a place like the Fae see or Eastern empire where beastkin aren’t respected, expect a nightmarish time. ” Kota would reply, testing to see where Griffin's conviction lied on the scale. “I’m not saying this to be rude or cast but more so to see if you fully grasp the magnitude of your dream.”

Mentions: Femboy Femboy

The kitsune chuckled at Tachanka’s comment, about being a magic-dog. “I suppose if I’m the magic dog then you’re the sly puppy.” He’d joke right back, recalling back to their last adventure where Tachanka was considering sweeping the mess they caused under the rug.

Mentions: Elvario Elvario DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

Kota would note the baronesses comment about tails, putting two and two together from his interactions with her previously as well as the creepy feeling he’s been having before. Even he began to feel a bit strange, the effects of the [Tail Freak] title beginning to take effect. Perhaps this was the gnawing hunch that has been in the back of his head this whole time. Before Kota could make a comment, Regula would apologize for her directness. Even though it was a bit strange, the kitsune couldn’t help but feel a bit of empathy. Perhaps because in his previous life he possessed no tails to potentially possess 9 of them if he lives long enough. She was surrounded by a multitude of tailed individuals, she must feel like a kid in a candy shop. He could sense her awkwardness thanks to [Insight F].

“It’s okay Lady Caelia…I could only imagine what you might go through.” Kota tails nervously swooshed from side to side. “I’m not sure how Milky does it but in my village we often take special baths to keep our tails healthy and use hydrating oils to maintain the bright sheen and fluffiness of our tails.” He’d utter in an attempt to make the situation a bit less awkward. “I’m more so curious how you manage to keep your wings in great shape? Also, isn't it a bit uncomfortable for you to sleep?” Kota looked towards Griffin as well to question the both of them as he attempted to change subject.

🦅𝙶𝚁𝙸𝙵𝙵𝙸𝙽🦁𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚝, 𝙱𝚘𝚠 𝙰𝚙𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚌𝚎, 𝙱𝚞𝚐𝚎𝚍 , 𝚁𝚢𝚔𝚎𝚗 𝙰𝚍𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚛 𝙴,𝚁𝚎𝚙𝚞𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚌 𝙰𝚍𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚛 [𝙴]
𝙸𝙽𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙰𝙲𝚃𝙸𝙾𝙽𝚂: Femboy Femboy SixSense SixSense gmimperfecti gmimperfecti Elvario Elvario

he responds to Kota with a nod.

“I recognize this, it’s a stupid, irritably stupid big and difficult dream with low chances of success… But low chance…isn’t zero, you know? Besides, even if I die in the process, it would be worth it because at the end of the day it puts people in danger among other issues and that isn’t bringing up the war. Or the bugs. If you saw the bugs you’d know how big of a problem it is! This division is actively killing people. I may be a fool—or even stupid for trying, but I’d take being a fool over having no hope.”

His [Buged] title slipping into his words, he wasn’t mad or angry with kota over it. He did understand where the beast came from there. There was a lot to do, and he had little power or reputation to do it currently. But despite the low chances of success and high stakes, he deemed it worth it…probably something he could do with this life, the chance he didn’t get in his past one.

“I constantly fluff my wings with my hands. Sleeping is…another matter all together. I tuck my wings in like I’m doing now and basically sleep sitting up leaning against something.”

Uncomfortable’ was a understatement. But he had a solution to it at least.

Buged- This character has bore witness to a serious bug-based threat and has lived to tell the tale. But will always remember that terrifying experience.


Languages: "Common", "+Mictlantecuhtlian+", "%Analog%"​

Interactions: Elvario Elvario Femboy Femboy DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

"Oh Miyuki, it isn't the easiest topic to discuss, I believe you should give yourself more credit than that." he felt incline to add in when he was praised. Given how diverse and foreign the topic of dinosaurs were he felt that was fair to be said. "Nevertheless thank you for your kind words."

"I believe it is safe to say different kinds of dinosaurs may be more or less like the groups you are mentioning. Very diverse creatures not unlike how some Fae look more beast like and some beasts may look more Fae like."
Teuihua replied. "It is also possible some of the creatures I saw were magical beasts and or Fae, Unfortunately I cannot say I was able to appraise any of them to get a better idea of what we were encountering, I am still trying to get that part of my skillset since awakening in working order." He spoke truthfully.

"The threatening one we encountered certainly looked monstrous to me." Referring to the spider legged one.

Teuihua listened to the conversation, on alert still acting like a sentry, before he heard Griffin add in, giving a nod. "Right, while that term is strange to me I recall the horned, beaked one you are referring too." Unfortunately there wasn't much for Teuihua to assist with as far as Regula's tail interests went as they flared up. As a guard it didn't really feel like his place to get more involved then he should be. If everything worked out well enough, hopefully it could all be overlooked, particularly with Regula's ability to socially recover typically. She had apologized well enough, so for now Teuihua would stay quiet. Thankfully it looked like some were already receptive to her explanation, which put Teuihua a bit more at ease that everything would work out just fine socially.
Regula Caelia


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“%A Triceratops? That's an interesting name.%” Regula replied in Analog. She hadn't heard of one of those before. “%Also, might I ask how it is you know Analog? I only picked it up due to needing to communicate with some Construct friends of Teuihua's and mine.%” She was a tad surprised the person she'd assumed to be [Beast] could speak such a language.

Mentions: Kota SixSense SixSense

The first step to Kota's training were taken, by subjecting the kitsune to seeing the act of petting and the joy it brought, he'd surely start to wonder about it more. That said, it was his remark regarding her being used to compliments that truly needed a response. “What..? No, I mean... She just took me off guard, is all...” She tried to defend herself. “I mean, normally, the compliments are all just polite and slimy and rather insincere.” The latter was partially true. Her status as baroness made her assume most compliments to be meaningless.

In turn, she had no clue how to react to his sympathies. Responding to them might only make her seem more unhinged, wouldn't it? She hadn't expected an actual answer about hydrating oils and whatnot and was highly intrigued by it, right now, but she felt it a big danger to respond to any of that. It's why she was incredibly grateful that he gave her a chance to switch topics. “Oh, that! I'll admit I've still got to get used to it sometimes. I was pretty scared when some feathers started falling out, but I learned that's just as normal as with hair. They replaces themselves from time to time. I just cheat a little by using [Healing] magic to speed things up if they get damaged. Ah, but sleeping isn't an issue. My bed is big and soft enough to make it possible to even sleep on my back without much issue, although I'd normally just fold them up and sleep on my sides otherwise.”

Taking in the excuse to its fullest, she'd continue. “What really troubles me is the aches I get from flying. I'm still not used to making use of the air currents all the time, so I often strain them too much and get this really annoying ache from it as a result. If I were to ever find a wing masseur or something I'd hire them in an instant, at least until I figure out how to fly without straining them so much.”

Mentions: Griffin DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

She perked up at Griffin's mention of the bugs. “The bugs...” She gritted her teeth, knowing how close she'd been to preventing those blasted things from even existing to begin with. If only their mission hadn't failed in a sea of fire back then. “I'd really love to hunt them, weren't it from the fact that I'm needed here.” She would've joined the bug hunt in Highgrove hadn't it been impossible OOC. “The only thing I hate more than those bugs is the terrorist that unleashed them upon his own city in order to frame the See and start the war.”

Mentions: Teuihua TheTimePiece TheTimePiece

Teuihua educated her even more on the topic of dinosaurs, but she didn't have any follow-up questions. However, she did still wonder about what Miyuki suggested. “Say, do you think security could be managed if we were to hold the type of celebration Miyuki suggested and invite a lot of strangers into the town? I can ask the TATaF to take care of most of the paperwork and checks and get my personal guards to patrol more, then perhaps we can ask the militia to be active to guard the villages and outskirts a bit more...” She was wondering if they had enough forces to make this work. “We might need Retili's men active as well, to not stretch the numbers thin otherwise.”
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Elvario Elvario TheTimePiece TheTimePiece SixSense SixSense DarkKitsune DarkKitsune gmimperfecti gmimperfecti
Miyuki, upon hearing Regula's rather interesting sudden take about the quality of her tails, was a little taken aback that the baroness had so much to say but didn't appear as if she was repulsed or questioning of the focus shift. She couldn't help but smirk joyfully at Kota's little comment at Regula not being used to compliments, thinking it was a bit funny that someone who should be so serious was affected by such things. Smiling and letting a small nervous giggle, she flicked and looked at her tails.
"W-well, yeah I guess they are pretty and soft and all, it's probably the reason Gunhild first followed me in the first place with touching them and all. I try to keep them clean and such when I can, but I guess I don't really mind anymore if Gunhild gets distracted anymore since she seems to enjoy it. Usually I don't let anyone else do it because, I'm usually not allowed to let anyone else near from the beginning, but I guess I'm also not im my old world anymore. Then again, I don't know if I'd go around letting people just do that, though maybe I should look for some sort of groomer or place for care, I don't usually do that myself and am used to others doing it... " Miyuki spoke in thought.
Gunhild turned her attention to Miyuki as she was talking, hearing the sound of her name as she did and also noticing Regula look towards her as if for help. Since Miyuki was talking about her tails, Gunhild noticed Regula's distraction with them and grumbled quietly with a small smile. Sliding forward and laying low on the ground, Gunhild had shifted to a smaller size (4'1" with Size Change F) and slid forward low onto the ground as she batted and swatted at Miyuki's nine tails directly in the sight of the Prettybirdie. Grumbling reptilian purrs as she grabbed and submerged her face into Miyuki's tails, the fox didn't think anything much of it and thought it was just more of what the lizard girl did naturally, wearing a small smile on her face as she gestured to it.
"Floofa" Gunhild blankly and softly growled.
"I mean, we've known eachother for a while. It's kind of normal at this point, it's kind of sweet actually" the fox said, turning back to Regula after in which Gunhild briefly looked up when Miyuki did look away. The shrunk reptilian simply wagged her tail and gave a smug, toothy grin to her Prettybirdie before going back to shoving her face back into kitsune tails.
"O-oh, it's alright, I'm sure you have a lot of stressful days doing all the things you probably have to do, I was very lucky having a lot of people do most of the work for me so I could just relax and enjoy a lot of time" Miyuki added on after, looking back and lowering herself to pet and rub the lizard's head much to the girl's enjoyment. Gunhild basically passed out in tails for a little moment as Miyuki continued gently petting her head, the fox looking to the direction of Regula.
"Y-you can touch and feel them if you want, I'm sure Gunhild trusts you a lot so I could too, it probably brings a lot of relief to people from what I can guess" Miyuki added, Gunhild barely moving or responding and just mumbling a tiny grumbled noise within floof.

Miyuki didn't entirely know what Griffin actually said about Triceratops, giving a little confused shrug as it appeared like Regula spoke whatever strange language it was they were talking between. Perhaps she should better look into the many languages of this world just to be aware and perhaps trained in communicating through so. It was honestly a miracle that whatever force granted her the ability to speak the common tongue. Faintly blushing at Teuihua's return appreciation, she gently swayed as she fidgeted with her hands.
"It's nothing much, I just get talking to people a bit, I worked for a lot of stuff where I had to speak stuff for a lot of people, though a lot of the time it's probably because they just wanted me to appear for the sake of being able to say I was there. That's how getting popular people to do stuff works or something... well, that's a bit distracted and not important" she spoke as she chose to change the subject back to what it was before.
"I'd be thankful for further assistance over Gala'Kraoth, w-when I return back that is. There'll probably be another group or so that goes there without me and with the info I gave them, but I'd be a little interested in just doing some new things or seeing stuff, though maybe I should take a break around civilization before going back" she said, looking amongst those who came the first time and those who offered help. She wasn't overly looking to bring Chiyoko or Briarhild if she went back, so would spend some time getting them settled in elsewhere.

At Regula's asking of Teuihua about security or such for a festival, Gunhild sat her head up as she stared directly at the Bird-Lady with an aggressive, wide-eyed stare in hopes that she would notice the lizard who could totally help too and was totally there and deserved to be acknowledged for all the good do's she could do a do of. Plus, Metalmans and Gunhild were bestestest friends of all time, they could do a do of an any do, she grumbled as she looked to Teuihua with pleading eyes in hopes that he would acknowledge how good a do she could also do.
"Ah, thank you so much for the directions and advice!" Milky beamed, hearing that Regula would be interested in giving it a try.
"Oh, that's thoughtful and nice of you, but we'll be trying to look for anyone willing to play, not that you're not invited, I just don't want to take up your time if you're doing anything important or that. Your work running your land is a lot more important than playing some silly little games after all, but I wouldn't be opposed at all if you ended up turning up" Milky answered, listening to Regula's questions about her serpentine fluffy body. A lot of people usually hadn't seen someone like her, and simply smiled when she had asked about how she managed. Hearing how Kota's people did it, she hummed thoughtfully as she held her hand to her chin.

"That is a way, I do use a lot of products and a lot, lot, lot of regular care to maintaining it, but it's just mostly a natural thing. It's all rather very, very smooth and doesn't pick up dirt really at all, and is a lot thicker and... rougher, I guess is the only word I can think of, though not rougher as in rougher, like denser, especially on the bottom side. It makes grip better and has consistency, and a lot of the time presses against the ground and often scrapes off more dirt and muck than it picks up. Well water-resistant too" Milky explained, not thinking much of it since it was a rather good question to ask about the curiosity of it. About the fact of comfort, she giggled softly and wagged the tip of her tail gently.
"You're not wrong, it's very comforting to be able to coil up on myself at night, I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging or anything but it definitely feels like an unmatchable experience for naps and sleeping. I often just have a blanket and rest on my own body for sleeping as it's the most comfortable way to do it rather than awkwardly laying in a bed that doesn't fit my body length" she added, looking to Regula and Griffin since Kota had a good point that it was probably a lot more awkward for them to sleep. Thinking about it, it maybe seemed like large fluffily-tailed foxes and the likes would be discomforted if they slept on it too, putting off the thoughts for the moment as it was a little random thought tangent.

Tachanka rolled her eyes at Kota's little jest, crossing her arms.
"You know, it's not like doing sly things is gonna get you in trouble as long as you don't get caught. And besides, that mayor was shifty as anything, especially after the time we spent there afterwards. You should've seen the embarrassing state that village was in with these annoying mercs hired to 'protect' them but were just mooching off the place and harassing people there. We truly didn't owe that guy a single penny extra of our times for what we did" Tachanka added in answer, turning her nose up at the thoughts of doing nice for said person, having a grudge and hate for the mercenaries that plagued that village for a little moment afterwards.​

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Thankfully the situation with Kota and the Baroness seemed to continue to improve some which Teuihua was pleased to hear. There was also the talk of those monstrous bugs. Creatures which would need to be dealt with at some point no doubt. Perhaps he would be involved in that operation if Regula had any intention of getting involved in that. "Griffin your aspirations are admirable." He commented simply. Anyone who wanted to help others even at the expense of their own well being, Teuihua felt that could be said to.

Teuihua found Regula's question to be curious regarding how Griffin knew Analog, since as far as Teuihua was aware it was very common for constructs to know some form of Analog. If it was a language that existed in his time and still carried into this one with albeit more modern machinery sounds for many. Nevertheless he kept listening to the relevant conversations, before hearing Regula's question regarding security.

"I believe if you were to supplement some of Retili's people the event would be safer to invite strangers from outside the barony to attend. Holding public events is quite typical and I am inclined to believe that if you do what you just stated, then we would likely have enough security for it to be a relatively low risk event, even on this larger scale."

"Of course I could be present in some capacity as well."
Teuihua figured he would add given security was essentially his whole thing. He took notice of Gunhild not that long after it was a bit hard not too with the size change and activity and now with the way she was looking at him, before also adding.

"I am also certain that Gunhild would be more than capable of assisting with such an event in making sure that it is secure She has proven to be most able in helping subdue danger."

He nodded at Miyuki's follow up. "Even so, one should recognize their abilities every now and again."

"..Further assistance at Gala'Kraoth?, perhaps there will be an opportunity later for further aid then if I am not occupied elsewhere."
It was only natural for Teuihua to think of that since he had already been once and given it was someone with close ties to Gunhild. Of course it would also depend what the brief was for why she was going back, if Teuihua would even be an appropriate pick, but putting it out there just made sense in his mind. However there was also the chance that he would be needed here or along side Regula in other ways, time would tell.
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The extend talk about tails didn't do Regula's mental fortitude well, despite the distraction that'd been gracefully provided by Kota previously. That said, she did have the mental fortitude to abstain from offering to groom the girl's tails right then and there. Instead, she'd just nod along. Gunhild, rather than helping out, was sort-off making things worse. Yet oddly enough, it also helped out. Seeing Gunhild dive into the fluff made her feel a tad jealous, for sure, but it helped her recontextualise just how weird she would seem if she were to do the same.

If anything, Gunhild going all-out was a good reminder for Regula to figure out how it'd look if she did the same in public. Good enough get back on track with her Focus and Mind Shield. Taking in a deep breath, she'd manage to recover some. That said, the sudden offer to touch and feel was almost ruining her freshly regained calm again. Almost. Luckily enough, she had an excellent excuse. Gathering her thought, she replied in the most tactical way that she could muster. “I'm surprised you had others do your grooming. The thought of others going through my hair or wings makes me a bit uncomfortable, unless I'd know them very well.” She started off by pointing out the most two-faced part about how much she'd like to pet, yet would dislike to be pet. Or well, groomed, in this case.

“Although, seeing how you're clearly close to Gunhild, a friend of a friend might count. Either way, if you're interested, I do have a fair collection of various brushes in my chambers that I'd let you come and try out later, if you'd want. You'll see it makes hair-care a lot easier if you've got the right tools for the job.” Honestly, those brushes might be her best investment ever. This was a totally not-suspicious way to invite her over, right? Okay, maybe a little, but at least it was keeping up some manner and shape of optics... right?

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She nodded at Teuihua's confirmation. She was glad to hear someone else agree with her plans, especially regarding the estimated safety of the event at hand. She was a bit more surprised when Gunhild suddenly seemed to ask for a lot of attention. Truth be told, she'd been debating to ask Teuihua to watch over her mother in specific, but now she wondered what'd happen if Gunhild were to also get involved. That might... be alright? Maybe? She was meeting Gunhild's family here and that was turning out okay, so perhaps the reverse wouldn't be too bad either. She figured she'd take her chances. “You're right. Perhaps the two of you would be willing to keep watch over my mother? I'm sure she'd love to be involved with such an event, but I wouldn't be at peace knowing my mother was wandering around with so many strangers around. Not unless some of my most trusted friends were to keep watch over her.” It was pretty much the most important task she could give someone.

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The Fursnek was throwing her mental fortitude for a loop as well. The first parts of her reply were easy to respond too. “Of course, of course, although I probably need to discuss things with Baron Morbella again in the near future. Taking a bit of time to play this game with him while I'm there would be lovely.”

The next parts were a tad more troublesome. “Rougher and denser..?” Honestly, she badly wanted to feel that now. Like... badly enough to stare at Milky's underside for a bit, wondering if it'd be more fleece-like, like a sheep or something. “That sounds amazing.” She was surprised fur could work like that. If anything, it'd make her want to rub it even more, to see if its self-cleaning properties would feel different. That said, she did recall where they were and not to exhume her desires publicly... so far as her [Tail Freak] would be contained, at least. Which wasn't always all that far.

Especially the third part was rough. “That does indeed sound lovely. The only comparison I have are when I can use my wings to hug someone, which is always great. I feels like I've got an extra pair of arms to wrap around someone to hold them even closer than normal, which is amazing. Yet having such a long, soft body for a bed...” She realised half-way through the sentence that she was slipping dangerously close into the danger-zone of what she should and shouldn't say again. “It must be pretty unique.” That's what she managed to make of it, in the end.

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Griffin replied to Regula’s question.

%If I am being honest, I don’t know, I don’t remember learning it… it could be something involving my amnesia, maybe. Maybe for one reason or another, I learned it from whatever happened…happened..if something happened%

He answered. All he knew was he tended to speak in this on a normal occasional was when his mind was failing to find the common word. Then Regula mentioned Terrorists unleashing the bugs which started the war.

“War… These bugs were unleashed to start the war…”

It took a lot to hide the anger. Someone unleashed monsters just to start a war…what did this war even benefit? Nothing. Eradicate bugs…he should add that to his list of goals. He also replied to Regula, when mentioning feathers falling out. he grabs his bow and holds it up, showing the feathers tied to it’s end.

“Yeah it’s normal. I wish I could give some flying advice though.”

He didn’t really have those difficulties flying. Was that normal or strange? Or perhaps it’s because at the moment he’s slow when it comes to flying. He then mentions.

“I would help with this event…if I didn’t have stuff to do.”

A lot of things to work on, something to work towards.

“I also need to send this letter to a friend of mine. I’ll have to go drop it off at the adventurers guild.”

He turned to leave.

“It was nice to meet you all!”

That was the last thing he said before leaving.


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Teuihua continued to listen to the ongoing conversations until something of interest came up once again, it was a pretty important ask from Regula which Teuihua immediately recognized.

"Of course I would be willing to oversee your mother, Lady Caelia. It would be my honor. When I was not on the border, this is precisely the sort of work which I was tasked with, and I have many years experience, I can assure you she would be in good hands." He gave her a bow while he said this.

Of course Teuihua knew the only reason why Regula would even ask is because she believed that, otherwise why would she risk someone as important as her mother under his and Gunhild's watch. He nodded once more, looking to Gunhild.

"I'm certain Gunhild would like to help as well in that capacity." His tone a bit more warm now. When Griffin made his way out Teuihua gave a wide friendly wave with his more dexterous arm. "See you later Griffin." Feeling confident that they would see one another again the future.

Nevertheless after that point Teuihua defaulted back to making sure everyone was safe, staying near Regula and the group which had congregated. Teuihua felt content that everything was working out at this point despite some social tails related hiccups recovery was looking viable, and with no threats or suspicious activity nearby thus far, as well as being given the opportunity to do something so important, it had been a pretty good day for the golem.
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On Regula's offer of showing her brushes, Miyuki wasn't expecting it but thought on it for a brief moment.
"I suppose that'd be nice, and give us some time to get to know eachother, so sure, I'll try to be there if I'm not worn out after today, thank you for the offer" Miyuki agreed with a smile, seeing that it felt like things were coming to a close now that some of their companions had other places to be. With Griffin departing, she gave a wave to the species of the same name as she glanced around. Milky and Tachanka appeared ready to move onto their own matters, the fursnek giving a polite bow and goodbye to Regula and the others they came across as they took the time to move on their way before Tachanka grew impatient of waiting around over long conversation.

Gunhild smiled joyfully when Regula had asked her also, seeing as it would give her time to spend time with Metalmans and also do a good do.
"Gunhild can do a do, Gunhild and Metalmans best rock can do a do of any do" she answered, seeing as the little arrival to Stonetownplace appeared rather quieter now. Looking to the nine-tailed kitsune she had arrived with, Gunhild thought that she could probably give her and her younger fellows a little walk around the place while getting to spend some time with them again, plus it would keep them out of Regula's hands to deal with.
"Floofa, smols come with Floofa-yuki and Gunhild. Gunhild show Stonetownplace and around placeplaceStonetownplace. Gunhild know a do know, Gunhild cans" Gunhild offered, holding her hand out to Miyuki as the lizard had returned back to her normal size. The fox smiled and took her up on her offer, getting what the lizard was getting at as she put her much smaller hand in the palm of Gunhild's. The large lady had simply used her strength to lift her up with ease, letting her sit and ride on Gunhild-back as a mount to rest her legs from the walking she had done, of which the fox did happily.
"Briarhild, smol-Floofa, come, Gunhild show Stonetownplace and big-place of Prettybirdie's baronlandplace" Gunhild spoke to them, trying to call them over. Likely that everyone would return back to their natural lives or their next plans, Gunhild took along her companions with them to give them a little show around and catch up with them after so long in more peaceful and private time.

Although, if Regula had been still up to it when the time came, Miyuki would have indeed come to 'check out the brush collection in her room' in the evening.

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