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Fandom Into the fire - John Constantine

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Action, Horror, Magical, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural


Looking for a regular poster to do an 1x1 Constantine RP with (the TV series/legends of tomorrow universe) my OC Kay. Am willing to double for people.

Kay had an easy life. She was an art and music student. Lived with her roommate Ethan. Yet she held a deep secret. She was a phoenix. Or at least, a phoenix had melded itself with her own soul and thus given her the power of fire and a mysterious back tattoo of wings. That tattoo being a "portal" for wings to reveal themselves in reality.
Unbeknownst to her, her best friend Ethan was possessed by a demon that wanted her melded soul as phoenix souls are rare and valuable in Hell. She ends up on the run and that's how she meets John Constantine.....


After someone who is open to all routes in this. Gritty storylines, possible romance storylines, mild horror etc. Someone who can post quite regularly (at least 1 or 2 times a week) and knows of Matt Ryan's Constantine well enough. Other characters like Chas and Zed can be played both parties to carry the story onwards. I'm open to mentions of the legends as initially was inspired by the below gif:

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