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Other If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


The Pun Tyrant
It's been said, but it's kinda hard to pick. So many awesome ideas! So I guess the absolute factor would probably be either whether this power is the one I WANT to get or the one that best suits who I am as a person, my personality basically. Or my favorite balanced power.

If it was the first, there is no question about it: I'd want the power to have the inconsequential ability to alter any aspect of reality I wished, including my own abilities. Not only would I get more powers with this, allowing me to do basiclaly everything (and the first I would get is immunity from any stealing/copying/nulling powers), because of the inconsequential aspect none of it would have unforseen consequences, as all consequences would be only determined in accordance to the exact aspect I wished to change. If I made a ton of money, the ability wouldn't, say, end up inflating prices.

But that's a little boring since well, it's obviously a power designed to be the best power ever. The second option I think, is much more challenging and interesting. Faulty copying, merging, shapeshifting, regeneration, toxins, monstrifications, enhancing, all come to my head, though I think that ultimately, the kind of ability that would suit me the most would be summoning. I'm cowardly and often lazy, but I'm also very creative and have a strong ego. So I think some form of summoning would match me perfectly.

As for my favorite balanced power, that'd be shapeshifting. @Daisie already made a great job of illustrating why , so go read that XD

Also, if anyone wants to, I have a thread in which I come up with superpowers for ya peeps. Check out my signature in "Idea makes you a superpower!"



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I’m tied between the ability to eat as much as you want and your body doesn’t change; it remains healthy and converts any useless food particle into a needed vitamin or whatnot.

And becoming a witch, where knowledge is power and you can do almost anything you want :3

Hans Johann

Resident Druid
Dominion over plants/Fungi. Cause thorny vines to sprout from the ground to attack, grow plant-creatures, make plants grow at alarming rates, etc...


Perpetually Tiredrunk
The ability to take on people's pain/illness without dying myself.
I just wanna help people...

Either that, or "life transfer". Being able to take "life cells" out of plants, insects, what have you, and put it into people and animals, healing them.

Rage Incarnate

Exodus. Insanus. Nocturnus.
Flight would be the most appealing to me, as I'm always flying in my dreams. Something about it is...freeing. Others could perhaps be more useful, but i digress.


Shapeshifting and appearance changing seems cool! Though, without responsibility it can be kind of problematic when impersonating political leaders :3:
At the risk of a lot of hate, I'd take the power of... stealing the powers of everyone else. Power Stealing, with a hint of my own power can't be stolen. ALL THE POWAH! :coolshades:

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