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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

(Oh, I imagine Caroline might find out about the drug before about Arthur's attraction to men. And that certainly might further hurt her self esteem. Silas and Galehaut def probably gonna be judging Arthur over this plan of his.
Also, I feel like if Arthur gets with the guy. If Galehaut ever finds out, He's going to so be pointing out how similar the man is to Silas. )

Silas had just been about to walk away, To return to his own room and struggle with his thoughts alone. When.. Well, Just in time the door opened. Catching Silas a bit by surprise and he nearly jumped. Sadly, He wasn't given much of a chance to try and escape when he heard Galehaut address him. And well, Silas awkwardly glanced away. Though his expression became something more of amusement at Galehaut's joke. Finally letting out a sigh and saying. "Alas no. " Seemed he needed to give a reason for being here. Shifting. Silas finally said. "I... Was hoping to talk. " Galehaut had offered to listen before. But Silas wasn't much interested in speaking about his father. That was a pile of problems that Silas did not want to face tonight.

Luckily the hallway was empty. But Silas still kept his voice a bit low as he then said. "I... I'm having a hard time getting Arthur out of my head. " They both had feelings for each other. But they'd agreed to just be friends. Silas should be able to move on. It shouldn't be this hard. Silas then frowned as he confessed. "I think I have a problem with liking people who I shouldn't. " He shouldn't get so attached. Should just see it as fun and move on. Be able to just be friends with Arthur. Not grieve so much over Ronan. Not miss Lance's company so much. Sadly, Feelings were complicated, and it wasn't that easy.

Silas then asked. "Don't suppose you happen to have any advice? " Silas very much doubted Galehaut would have any solutions. He could just sleep around he supposed. Try to forget things using that method. But Silas wasn't completely sure how much help that would be. No, He didn't think it would cure that feeling of loneliness in his chest.
(oh poor Caroline, Arthur’s going to be kicking himself. Yeah Galehaut is going to have a field day over that other guy if he finds out about him)

Once they were alone in a room the girl started to undress and Arthur found himself quickly looking away, swallowing thickly. What had he gotten himself into? He wasn’t going to enjoy this, not really. Which wasn’t to say he hated being with a woman that way, physically it was enjoyable enough but to actually get aroused enough in the first place might be an issue. “First time?” She asked gently and Arthur glanced at her to see her smiling sweetly at him. He was unsure if she meant a brothel or in general but he nodded anyway, finding that words that escaped, keeping his eyes firmly on her face, feeling that it was rude to look elsewhere and feeling even more stupid for feeling like that.

“Don’t worry” she soothed, going to take his hand and lead him over to the bed, sitting him down and going to take his shirt off. It was easy enough for her to manipulate his limbs, he felt numb and didn’t fight her. Next were his trousers and after a considerable amount of fondling which received no reaction the girl stood up and moved away, fetching a small bottle from which she removed the dropper. “What’s that?” Arthur asked with a frown, intrigued and cautious but her warm smile helped set him at ease. “Something to help you relax and enjoy yourself” she promised, coaxing open his mouth and squeezing a few drops onto his tongue before she put the bottle away. “Now, let me take care of you” she insisted and went to kneel between his legs.


Silas wanted to talk which Galehaut had guessed at and he supposed it was reassuring that Arthur wasn’t in any trouble but of course the situation was bound to involve him. Galehaut tilted his head as Silas revealed the subject matter, not entirely surprised although maybe not having expected Silas to come to him about it. He wanted Galehaut’s advice but sadly Galehaut didn’t think he had much to share. “I wish I could help” he admitted. “but if I knew how to get someone out of a mind then I’d be worshipped” he murmured, he didn’t think it was possible.

He stepped to the side and gestured For Silas to come in so they could have a bit more privacy. “Who doesn’t have someone stuck in their mind?” Galehaut commented. “but….it could be worse” he pointed out. “You know he likes you back right” he murmured, he didn’t know about their talks after all, or their kiss, maybe for the best as it stopped some potential teasing. “Honestly I give it a month, two tops, before he caves and agrees to a relationship with you” Gakehaut seemed convinced that the two would end up together at some point but that probably wasn’t helping Silas try and get over Arthur.
Seemed Galehaut didn't have much advice to give. But, He still seemed willing to listen. Moving aside and letting Silas in. Which the young man hesitated for only a moment before stepping into the room. Sighing as he listened to Galehaut talk. "Just because he likes me doesn't mean its something either of us should pursue. " He sighed. They both liked each other. They both knew that. But it seemed things had been agreed upon that they'd just remain friends. Something easier said then done. Silas then was walking towards Galehaut's bed. Making himself at home as he sat down on it. Gaze low.

Silas then confessed. "I lean on him too much. He's not the first guy I've done that with. " Perhaps that was his type? People who made him feel relatively safe. Lance had protected him throughout the journey after all. Ronan had been his guard. Silas thought that was maybe a little sad. He was a prince. He should be more independent. Able to get rid of such feelings. But no, It wasn't that easy for him. But... Silas for much of his life hadn't had many people he could truly trust. So maybe when he did trust someone he clung a bit too tightly to them.

Silas then murmured. "I know, I just need to move on. But I... Thats easier said then done. I don't even know where to start honestly. " It wasn't just about forgetting Arthur. But also moving on from Ronan. He couldn't just keep lingering on them. Maybe Leo was a option. The man was nice enough. But Silas wasn't sure if Leo would want anything besides fooling around. Except... Maybe that was the best. Maybe Silas shouldn't just latch onto someone else? Being alone though. It was not a nice thought to Silas.
Was a relationship between Arthur and Silas ill advised? Galehaut had previously pointed out how messy all their entanglements were and if Caroline found out then she might feel a bit betrayed. But, if they got Arthur to tell her the truth then that’d make things a little better, still not great though as he couldn’t imagine Caroline would be overly pleased to hear that her husband was dating her brother. So maybe they shouldn't pursue it but Galehaut figured that was a useless fight when he was convinced they’d end up together somehow.

Galehaut didn’t know Silas’ history, had never met Ronan and hadn’t seen him around Lance, the only frame of reference he had was Arthur and whatever he’d been told by him. “Well I would suggest moving on by being with someone else but that doesn’t work, trust me“ he murmured, sleeping around or trying to date someone else would replace that person in Silas’ heart and mind, he’d just have someone else to go alongside Arthur. “I think it’s probably just going to have to be time.” he said, hopefully the feeling would fade in time, what else could he do? Sure he could distract himself he guessed but it’d be fleeting and maybe not too healthy.

”it doesn’t help you two spend so much time together” Galehaut pointed out, which wasn’t him suggesting that Silas abandon Arthur but he relied on Arthur so heavily for companionship and he was around him most of the day, that meant he was almost always in Silas’ brain. “Wasn’t he even sleeping in your bed until recently?“ he added. “You’re sending yourself mixed signals. You two act like lovers without all the f*cking” Galehaut mused, there was definitely intimacy between Arthur and Silas, they were easy in each other’s company, overfamiliar, Silas had even commissioned that sword! Sure friends could do that, but it was just everything the pair did as if they were joined at the hip.

”why don’t you try spending more time with some other friends?” He suggested. “Give yourself a break from being around him constantly. Time apart could do you some good, it might not help you get over him but it might stop you relying on him so much” Maybe the rest would follow? Galehaut didn’t know what Silas’ friend situation was like though and it also might be good for Silas to get more comfortable with being on his own. “Might make him actually spend more time with his wife” Galehaut commented. Silas seemed to be Arthur’s preferred companion, he might find it a bit odd if and when Silas decided they should spend some more time apart. They’d still see plenty of each other though, at meals and when Silas wanted to see Caroline, when Arthur taught him self defence. They could still hang out but an effort should be made so that it wasn’t 24/7, so that they had other people to go to.
Galehaut didn't seem convinced getting with another would help. No, Time was the only thing that would work and that was annoying to think about. But he was right. He frowned a bit at Galehaut's words. Maybe he was spending to much time with Arthur. But it wasn't so easy to leave his side. Arthur had become a bit of a source of comfort for him. He wanted to point out that the only reason Arthur had been sleeping in his bed was to help with his injury! Opened his mouth to argue. But then he found himself closing it. He could claim that, Sure. But Arthur had been in his room far longer then Silas had needed him. Besides, He hadn't needed sleep on his bed. Silas could have asked him to sleep on his couch or something.

Hanging out with other friends. Silas didn't exactly have a lot of those. Well, None that he really relied on. Most of his friends were simply partners in bed. Silas then shook his head. Murmuring. "I... Suppose I could spend more time away from the castle. Keep the company of some of the nobility in town. " There were plenty that were visiting due to Arthur's arrival. Silas perhaps should make some stronger connections with them. They could be useful allies to have in the future. Would Arthur think he was avoiding him if he spent his time away? Silas supposed he would be avoiding him.

Arthur and Caroline would also get to be together more. Such would certainly make Caroline happy. Silas supposed if couldn't move on for himself, He could try to atleast for his sisters sake. Though would that really change much? Silas was not Arthur's only companion. Silas then murmured. "I doubt my absence would really change much. Arthur has his eyes on another. " The man seemed to have taken a liking to Vere during the journey. If Silas was gone, Maybe he'd choose to spend more time with him. Yeah, That might make Galehaut judge the two's situation even more. It really was a messy situation.

Silas then sighed heavily. Nodding to himself finally. He then said. "Alright, I guess its settled. I'll... Try to put a bit more distance between us. " Except, Silas already had plans to check up on Arthur tomorrow. Make sure the man got home alright. But, Silas didn't think seeking Arthur out would really be a good start for him putting some distance between them. So he looked at Galehaut. Murmuring. "I... Was planning to get up early tomorrow to make sure he gets home okay for breakfast. Think you could do me a favor and fetch him tomorrow? I left him at a brothel. "Yeah, The two's relationship was certainly a messy one.
It would be good for Silas to gain some other friends, or at least try to, Arthur would go home eventually so one way or another Silas would not be able to rely on him forever. Arthur would like him to have others he could go to as well but he might be a bit upset to learn that Silas actually was avoiding him. Galehaut figured the distance might help them a bit, hoped at least that if they truly were set on staying just friends that it would calm down their emotions but he also knew that absence Could make the heart grow fonder and that because Silas would be actively avoiding Arthur he might be thinking about him more, yearning for him. Galehaut didn’t actually disapprove of Arthur and Silas getting together, if anything sort of seemed to encourage it but it was the keeping things secret from Caroline, leading her on which he disagreed with. He did think it a bit odd considering Caroline and Silas’ relations but Silas had mentioned that wasn’t the weirdest, he just wanted everyone to be happy really and for them to date they really needed Caroline’s approval.

Silas didn’t think his absence would do much and Galehaut tilted his head at mention of another. He’d travelled with Arthur here, could probably guess who Silas was talking about, Arthur and Vere had spent quite a bit of time together after all and Arthur seemed a bit protective of the man. Maybe Arthur did have some feelings for Vere but in comparison to Silas? Galehaut would’ve thought they’d be insignificant. In his opinion, the way Arthur looked at Vere and the way Arthur looked at Silas were worlds apart. “we’ll see” he murmured, clearly not thinking that Vere would take Silas’ place.

Silas’ next words shocked Galehaut; good thing he hadn’t been drinking as Silas would’ve been soaked in his surprise. Arthur really was getting around! “You two are such a mess” he muttered before sighing “I’ll pick him up tomorrow, just tell me where to go” he agreed. It wasn’t the brightest idea to leave a prince alone in a foreign city, let alone a seedy place like a brothel but Arthur wasn’t helpless, Galehaut trusted he’d be okay for now and he also knew that Percival would kill him if he knew he’d made that choice. “You know he used to be innocent before he met you“ And before Ethan it seemed, Silas was not the only one to open Arthur’s eyes. “Now he’s in a brothel. Arthur! A brothel!” He wasn’t sure anyone else would believed him if he told them. Arthur might be a bit upset though, a little betrayed thag Silas didn’t come to fetch him like he’d promised and that he‘d told Galehaut where he was rather than keeping it secret and just between the two of them.

”How does that make you feel anyway? Him going to a brothel” Arthur seeing someone else. “Him sleeping around” because it wasn’t just paid prostitutes, he’d visited Galehaut the other night and also attempted to seduce Ethan. “Be honest with me, you ever jump on that horse?” He asked, he wasn’t really what had gone on Between the pair of the so far just that they were, well not eager, but adamant that they should stay friends. Silas had a reputation and they had spent a lot of alone time together, he sort of expected that the two had fooled around at some stage so might be surprised by the answer that they’d only kissed.

(I was thinking that Arthur is going to notice that he’s being avoided so is going to want to confront Silas about it at a later stage and then Silas could tell him that he’s trying to get over him which Arthur will feel conflicted about but also upset, he can then go off and get drunk a bit then come back to Silas at night and attempt to initiate things between them. I was thinking that could maybe happen when/if they go to another city with Caroline so Silas is forced to be near him)
(Oof, Sounds like a plan, I could also see Arthur getting really jealous of Galehaut. Because even if Silas and Galehaut don't do anything. I could see Arthur thinking them together. Silas said he was going to go see Galehaut, Then bam. Silas is hardly ever hanging out with him anymore. I could see him quickly assuming somethings going on between the two of them. )

Galehaut seemed rather startled at the news that Silas had left Arthur at a brothel. Which was a bit amusing. Silas then pointed out. "I'm pretty sure him and Ethan were together before I even entered the picture. " Silas didn't think he was solely responsible for Arthur being far less innocent. Okay, Maybe he had encouraged it. Like a lot. Arthur probably never would have went to a brothel without Silas there to encourage him. So maybe he did get a bit of the blame. Silas blinked at the question. Shrugging. He then confessed. "I mean, We aren't together. But it doesn't really bother me. Ronan always used to sleep a- " Silas paused. Trailing off and glancing away. Yeah, He didn't want to go into that subject right now. But it was true enough. Silas knew Ronan had gotten around. Silas supposed he had seen it as normal.

Seemed Galehaut was curious about how close him and Arthur really were. Shaking his head as he said. "No, I kissed him once when drunk. But thats it. " Yeah, That might shock Galehaut. That wasn't to say Silas didn't want something more. But he would not push the matter. Silas then confessed. "Honestly, Its been a while since I've fooled around with anyone. F*cking hell, I had Leo in my bed not that long ago and nothing happened. " No, He had just wanted to be close to someone. Not do anything. Which the more he thought about it, Well, It made him wrinkle his nose. It felt... Weak of him in a way. He was being far more emotional then he should be lately.

It had been a few months since he'd really been with anyone. No, He'd been too caught up with his feelings about Lance. And now? He figured he must have been caught up in his feelings about Arthur. Maybe that was how he should move on? Gosh, Arthur was at a brothel and he hadn't been with anyone in months. What was going on? Silas used to rarely go a night alone. He then confessed. "I.. Originally came here cause I was hoping for some fun. But... I don't see that fixing anything. " Silas wanted to feel close to someone. But he didn't think sleeping around really would get rid of that feeling. Atleast not for long.
(I can see Arthur getting a bit upset and thinking he’s with Galehaut since they seem To be getting on and will pretend for Caroline. It’ll all push him to the edge and contribute to his decision to be with Silas in some way because he knows that’s what he wants and he can’t fight it any longer. I do feel Arthur would return to Galehaut though and would maybe get frustrated when Galehaut won’t tell him what his deal with Silas is)

Galehaut supposed Ethan likely was somewhat to blame, knew a bit of the story but he definitely thought Silas’ outgoing nature had done something extra that Ethan‘s generally more reserved attitude hadn’t been able to. Likely it was the experience and confidence that Silas had which emboldened Arthur further. But whereas Arthur seemed to suffer from jealousy, Silas seemed used to not being the only one in a partner’s life. He arched an eyebrow but didn’t comment. He hadn’t known Ronan, had only heard a few whispers and not many. He really couldn’t comment on the man nor did he wish to.

Just a kiss? All this pining and making eyes at each other and all they’d done is kiss? Give him strength! Maybe Arthur and Silas should fool around just so they could get it out of their systems. He really had expected a bit more to have gone on, at least more than one kiss as well. Arthur was happy to go to a brothel and cheat on his wife but wouldn’t make out with Silas? Funny where he drew his lines. And Galehaut didn’t know Theo but had heard about him from Arthur the other night when he’d come to see him. He understood the man was Silas’ cousin, was handsome and there was previous history there, and Arthur had convinced the two would be shacking up, turned out they hadn’t though. And Silas had originally planned to shack up with him tonight? Maybe that explained why Arthur had gone to the brothel, or maybe it was the other way around.

”You can’t expect yourself to be fixed in one night” Galehaut said calmly. ”nor can you expect every action you take to be a step forward, sometimes it’s just a victory to not take a step back” Maybe fooling around with Galehaut wouldn’t take him mind off of Arthur but it wouldn’t make him cling to him much harder would it? “Maybe you should get laid, might relax you, I imagine there’s a lot of pent up tension inside you and currently it’s all pointing at Arthur” perhaps if Silas did have a bedroom partner then he might not feel so needy or intense in relation to Arthur. Which wasn’t Galehaut offering but he wasn’t kicking him out either. “Nice of you to think of me though” he smirked at Silas. He was Arthur adjacent, he was maybe making things even messier! “Might make our story more believable” although Caroline had already seemed to buy it pretty well.
(Oh gosh, I could imagine Silas and Galehaut acting like there together in front of Caroline. And Arthur just doing his best not to glare the entire time. Caroline seeing his reaction and getting the totally wrong idea. Like just assuming he's not as okay with two men being together as he had previously said. )

Galehaut seemed to encourage Silas to sleep around. Even if it wasn't with him. Perhaps he was right, It might not help... But it wouldn't cause any harm. Might distract him from Arthur. Help him move on. He couldn't help his expression of amusement at Galehaut's words. Saying teasingly. "I think you're becoming a magnet for princes. " He joked. But he paused for a moment. Considering the others words for a moment. Perhaps he should go threw with his original plan. Make the offer. Atleast then he'd know if sleeping around would get Arthur off his mind. He didn't even have to go with Galehaut. He could go and seek out Leo if he truly wished to be with someone.

Biting his lip. Silas then finally made a decision. He then confessed. "I'd be... Interested in some fun, If you are too. But... " He considered the best way to word things. In the end, Silas decided to just be blunt. "I'm not into pain. I understand if thats a deal breaker for you. I mean, I saw how you left Arthur. " Silas wasn't interested in being left in a similar state. He understood some people enjoyed such things. That wasn't the case for Silas.

Silas then joked. "I do wonder what the hell you did to him. It looked like you pushed him down the stairs after everything. " His words teasing. Honestly, Silas didn't think he'd be that surprised if Galehaut had admitted he'd pushed the man down the stairs. Arthur had had bruises everywhere. It was honestly a rather entertaining thought.
(ooh yeah, bur once she finds out it’ll fall into place but it might make things a bit awkward when she notices he’s tense as he said he was fine with it before and she doesn't want Arthur and Silas to be at odds.)

His smirk stayed on his face as he talked about him being a magnet for princes. “Seem to be” he agreed. He hadnt left the kingdom expecting to be propositioned by two princes but it might be a fun story to tell one day. It seems that he’d convinced Silas to pursue some fun even if it wouldn’t particularly help him and Silas was still keen to pursue things with Galehaut himself so that was nice. Some fun sounded alright, not where he thought his night might go but he wasn’t opposed to it.

His smile dropped though as Silas explained he didn’t want to end up like Arthur. He looked at Silas coolly As he wondered what he’d done to Arthur. “I used him because that’s what he wanted” He explained. “I hurt him because we were having hate sex. Me because I don’t really like him and Arthur? Because he hates himself” he told Silas easily. “He hated What he said that night, how he’s treated Caroline, which I agree with, what’s he’s, in his words, allowed to happen to him, Morgan and Loth and Kay and all of it.“ Galehaut was sharing things that were A bit private but Arthur had voiced some of these before.

”I held him down because he wanted it to be his choice that He wasn’t in control” a bit of an oxymoron, “the crying in the middle when we took a break was a downer, he was blubbering about all sorts and then he decided he’d rather have tears of physical pain than emotional pain so we went again. It was very rough and I enjoyed that but it’s not what I’m exclusively into” Some of that might alarm Silas, Arthur crying was hardly a good sign and it didn’t seem like Galehaut had much comforted him. “I’d be gentle with you, I promise” he told Silas, if he was still interested and wasn’t put off by the story. “I’m sure we could feel very good together”
(She's gonna be so confused. I figure she'll try and patch things up between Arthur and Silas. Encourage them to hang out together. But like, Until she finds out the truth about everything her help won't be exactly the most helpful. )

Galehaut was soon enough explaining what had gone on between Silas and Arthur, And well... It did worry Silas a bit. It did not sound like Arthur had actually enjoyed the pain. No, More like he was punishing himself. That wasn't good, Maybe Silas should sit down and talk to him about that? Except Silas wasn't sure how willing Arthur would be to talk to him about such matters. Arthur wanted it to be his choice not to be in control, Silas supposed he could understand that. After Arthur's relationship with Morgan? Well... He could figure out why the other might feel that way.

A part of him wanted to ask more about Arthur. But that... It felt like a invasion of privacy. What he'd already heard felt like too much. So, He bit his tongue on that matter. Instead, Tilting his head to the side as he considered things for a moment. Before finally he nodded. Saying. "Alright, I'm game. " Should things take a turn he didn't like, Well, He could always simply leave. But Galehaut seemed open to things not being so... Harsh. And Silas trusted him.

Silas was then getting to his feet, Moving closer towards Galehaut, Taking in the sight of him more. and well.. Galehaut was not normally Silas's type. But, Even so, It was hard to deny that the man was handsome. He probably knew it too. Something about him had a certain air of smugness to it. A amusing thought. He did look a bit softer then some of the other knights. Sure, He was well built. But he just didn't seem as rough as many of them. Silas then said, Tone teasing. "You really are a pretty one. " Yeah, He was sure that was Arthur's type. Pretty boys.
(Yeah, he’s going to have to go through trying to create a spark with the drug first before he accepts that he needs to tell her and works up the nerve)

Silas wasn’t asking about Arthur, for the best really, it was hard to get someone off your mind if you kept talking about them. Instead he seemed to be up for a bit of distraction. He smiled as Silas said he was game and he watched Silas approach him, tilting his chin in amusement. “Oh I know” yep definitely a bit smug but like Silas was any different? He knew he was handsome, had seemingly used it to tease Arthur before. ”you’re not too bad yourself” he smirked and went to grip Silas’ chin and pull him in for a kiss. He wasn’t overly rough but he put a bit of passion into it.

Last time they’d kissed it had been to put on a show for Caroline, this was of their own volition, a bit more private and because they wanted to. Hopefully Galehaut lived up to expectations. He pulled away after a moment to manoeuvre Silas back towards the bed before going to reattach their lips.

(We can time Skip to the Morning I guess or we could switch to Lance and Ruth scolding him and then him drinking and letting slip to Caleb about Silas)
Galehaut certainly was a smug one. Silas couldn't help but find it rather amusing. But he was given much time to further think about such. Feeling Galehaut's lips against his own, He was soon returning the kiss. One hand moving to Galehaut's cheek while the other was soon on his chest. Though the kiss didn't last for long. As Galehaut was soon urging them closer towards the bed. His lips soon enough once more on Silas's.

(How about we switch to Ruth and Lance. It'll be fun to play her yelling at him. )

The ball was over, And Ruth had finally managed to get home rather late in the night. Still, She had arrived with Gaheris and had decided it best to wait until a little later into the night before seeking out Lance. As to ensure that Gaheris had gone to bed. It wasn't that odd for Ruth to seek out the man. But she didn't want to risk the other over hearing her. Thus. The girl had soon maid her way to Lance's room. Still in her night gown as she reached the door. Nose wrinkling as she considered the best way to go about things. Walk right in? Knock and wait for him to come out? In the end, Ruth reached up and knocked on the door before pushing it open. Not bothering to wait for his permission to enter.

Stepping inside, Closing the door behind her. Her gaze briefly went to Galahad who was sleeping peacefully. Luckily the boy did not wake from Ruth entering, And Ruth hoped he stayed asleep. She didn't want to disturb him. And while Ruth knew he couldn't hear, She still kept her voice low as she spoke up. "Lance, You know, You're an idiot? Right? " She just wanted to make sure he was completely aware his choice of going after Gavin was stupid. Someone had to tell him.

Ruth then was making herself at home in the room. Sighing as she moved to sit down in a nearby chair. Complaining. "Like, I get it, She's pretty. But seriously Lance? " Gavin was beautiful, Probably one of the few women who could rival the queen in beauty. Many men often found themselves smitten with her. Maybe it shouldn't be that surprising that Lance had taken a liking to her? Except, No, It was surprising. Considering she had kidnapped his father!
Ruth didn’t have to worry too much about Gaheris overhearing, he’d split ways from her easily enough although not returned to his own room, instead having gone to visit Gareth, probably as equally glad as she was for the distance. Lance was sat in his room, trying to finish up some paperwork. He’d enjoyed his night with Gavin but once he was back on his own it was a bit harder to focus on the good. Ruth had seen them, obviously didn’t approve, and now everyone knew about Caroline’s pregnancy, it was making his brain whirr. He was a little tipsy as well, not a lot but he’d had a bit of drink at the party to take the edge off. He knew the knock was coming but when it did it felt far too soon. He turned as Ruth entered, glad at least that Galahad stayed asleep.

Ruth made herself at home and he sighed at her scolding, knowing she could be far harsher but still not enjoying it. He rubbed his temple “it’s not like that” he insisted, “of course she’s pretty, she’s gorgeous, but there’s something between us” he explained, “it’s like lighting. Electric. A force of nature” they couldn’t fight it, how could you? “She’s so smart, and she’s sweet, and she makes me smile” She wasn’t perfect, no, she’d committed some horrible crimes but were People not capable of redemption? Should he not try and offer forgiveness? He was religious and he believed that God would want him to offer her another chance.

“I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t just a ploy for her to get my guard down and hurt me more” It couldn’t be! “We’re going on another date soon and she’s bringing Gabriel, her daughter. She wouldn’t trust me with her if she hated me like Agravain does” It was one thing to use herself to trick Lance but to bring her daughter into it? She wouldn’t, especially not if she thought him truly dangerous. “I’m not saying it’s a smart decision but you can’t change my mind, no matter how much you tell me off” he warned, he was on this path with Gavin now and he wasn’t keen to step off.
Ruth nearly rolled her eyes at Lance's explanation, Yeah. She wasn't convinced. Gavin knew how to get people wrapped around her finger. This was very likely the same and Lance had easily been fooled. Even seemed aware this could be a ploy, But was convinced it was not one. Ruth found the entire thing ridiculous. Questioning. "Lance, She hates you. You really think she wouldn't try to trick you so she could stab you in the back? " Her bringing Gabriel, That... Was a bit different. Would she put her kid at risk? Of course it was entirely possible she wouldn't actually bring the girl. Maybe she'd plan to kidnap Lance as soon as he was led away? That seemed fairly likely, Who would think Lance would be dumb enough to wander off with her!

Ruth then huffed. "Seriously Lance? A pretty girl spreads her leg and you're willing to put yourself in this much danger for her? Maybe you're right, Maybe Gavin won't hurt you. But you are seriously willing to take that risk? " She asked. eyes narrowed. She kept her voice low for Galahad. Sure, He might not be able to hear her. But a part of her still feared waking him. Still, Even with her voice quiet her tone was harsh. Warning. Because someone had to talk some sense into Lance.

Ruth then told Lance. "My recommendation. Go talk to your dad. Because this isn't just about her hurting you. Don't you think you're betraying him by pursuing this? " Who knows what Gavin had done to Antonio! Had she hurt him while he was imprisoned? Surely even if Lance didn't care about his own safety he could respect his own fathers feelings on this. Ruth then gestured towards Galahad. Saying. "What if she hurts Galahad one day? " Because that was entirely possible. Gavin hated Lance. She could very much try to hurt Galahad if given the chance!
Did she really think Lance hadn’t considered that? That he hadn’t been wary around her? He wasn’t an idiot! There was something more there, something inescapable that neither of them could fight but he guessed you had to see it to believe it. Besides, Gavin was not the first dangerous woman for him to date and at least she hadn’t actually stabbed him which not all of them could claim! He wasn’t going to mention that to Ruth though, knew it wouldn’t help his case if she knew his dating history.

He bristled as she continued, anger flaring at the accusation. He had told Ruth earlier that they weren’t sleeping together and he could understand her doubt at such a thing, even if he wished she believed him, but he wasn’t that much of a fool that he’d put himself in mortal danger to Fool around with Gavin. It also rang sour, along with the accusations from other knights of him being a serial skirt-chaser, nor did he like the implication that Gavin would use something so intimate in order to trap him, especially when he knew how sensitive she was about such things. Ruth made it even worse as she brought up his father, talked about him betraying him, and the suggested Gavin might hurt Galahad!

”You don’t know what you’re talking about Ruth” he warned, standing up, clearly displeased And voice low, almost threatening. He cared deeply for Ruth, wanted to protect her and be there for her, she was a friend but he wasn't going to let her say such things about him and Gavin. “I can’t believe you think that lowly of me, or of her. Even if we were sleeping together, which we are not, I would not endanger myself or my family for it” Him and Gavin had built up quite a lot of trust to make it to this point, to meet up in public and then agree to bring their children on a date with them. “You’re right that my father would disagree with it but he disapproves most of what I do. He was furious When he found out about Galahad!” Ruth could argue that was rightfully so. “But she didn’t hurt him, she regrets ever taking him in the first place” she’d confessed as much, shed been emotional and not thinking straight through her grief. “And she would never hurt a child” How could Ruth even think that? But Galahad wouldn’t be a child forever, still Lance believed his son would be safe from her. “She promised that she wouldn’t touch my family again and I believe her.”

”Can you not just trust that I’m in my right mind? I know it seems crazy but I genuinely care for her and she for me.” He couldn’t attest to how much, it wasn’t a conversation they’d had nor did he wish to speak for her but she trusted him somewhat, agreed to see him again that had to count for something. “This is why we don’t want to tell anyone! We know how you all will react.” They didn’t want all that scrutiny nor to further upset her family who already hated Lance and Agravain at least was at odds with Gavin. “But I wish I didn’t have to hide with her. I love being with her, I wish we could do it more“ although they saw each other quite frequently, he wasn’t going to tell Ruth about them sneaking around at night for some kisses or stealing some time alone where they could.
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Ruth couldn't help but tense a bit as Lance stood up. But she kept her head up high, Eyes narrowing at his words. Pointing out. "You already are endangering yourself and your family. " Lance might not see the danger in all of this, But Ruth could. It was hard for her not to see Lance's actions as foolish. He was going to get himself hurt, That was something Ruth was sure of. Lance brought up how his father had been previously angry about Galahad. As if that was a way to dismiss any anger the man might feel again. But Ruth didn't think that was the case. Antonio's reasons for being upset were ones that were very much valid. Lance seemed perfectly fine to just brush that aside. Ruth then said. "Didn't hurt him? She kidnapped him! " It was clear from her tone she found the entire conversation ridiculous.

Ruth then huffed. "She wouldn't hurt a child? And you just... You just believe everything she told you? Lance, Once again, She kidnapped your father. And you think, She wouldn't lie to you? Or wait- No, You'd be able to tell if she was lying! Yes? Because you're that smart? Right? Lance, I'm pretty sure Gavin is very good at lying. " She'd kidnapped a guy, You didn't manage that by being bad at lying! But, Lance seemed convinced this was real. That he could tell she wasn't lying. And well... Ruth couldn't help but think the man was being overly prideful.

Ruth then finally got to her feet. Arms crossing. She then huffed. "Well, To bad. You shouldn't be with her. You know you shouldn't be with her. Of course everyone will react badly, Because this? This is all so stupid. " Ruth then shook her head. Glancing towards Galahad for a moment. This wasn't just dangerous for Lance. What if Gavin hurt Galahad one day? Lance wouldn't be so foolish to let Gavin near him. Would he? Still, Ruth then told Lance. "Listen, I don't like this. Any of this. But you are a grown man and can make your own stupid choices. So I won't tell anyone. " Ruth informed. Lance still was her friend. If word got out... Ruth was sure there would be some fall out. Thus it was best things stayed quiet. Except, Ruth did have some conditions. Ruth then said. "But, If I find out you are letting her anywhere near Galahad. I will go straight to your dad and tell him everything. " Antonio would hopefully be able to knock some sense into his son. Lance might not like it, But Ruth was not going to take risks.
Ruth was stubborn, he’d known that but it was a lot easier to deal with when he wasn’t the one arguing with her. He didn’t agree with her, Gavin was not a threat to his family and yes it hadn’t been great that she’d kidnapped his father but apart from that she’d treated him well, not tortured him or anything! Ruth hadn’t seen the way Gavin acted around him! She’d seen them from afar, seen them close to each other, but she hadn’t seen how genuine Gavin was, how she couldnt seem to use that big brain of hers when she was around him.

Of course Gavin was good at lying, he knew that, they were lying to her family after all but she wasn’t lying to him! He was certain of it. He didn’t like the way she was speaking to him, how she didn’t believe him. It was one thing not too trust Gavin but couldn't she trust him? He knew what he was doing. She did agree to let him get on with the relationship though, that she’d keep it a secret, he appreciated that, but it came with conditions and Lance gaped, narrowing his eyes at the threat. How dare she?! He wasn’t some teenager she could rat out to his father! Except he didn’t like the idea one bit, if and when he told his dad he wanted to have control over it. But he’d already set up a date with Gavin and had planned to bring Galahad along, he didn’t want to back out of that, he trusted Gavin and wanted to repay the trust she gave him to let him be around Gabriel and he’d like the two children to meet and get on.

”you have no right” he told her, affronted and angry. “Galahad is my son, i don’t know why you’re even getting involved!” She cared about him, he got that, but she was interfering with his family! “You’re meant to be my friend. Ratting me out to my father isn’t what a friend would do” Antonio would kill him if Ruth revealed to him about Gavin. Lance hadn’t even managed to tell his father about Galahad himself, Caleb had let him know. This threat, it just meant that Lance wouldn’t be entirely truthful with Ruth, he didn’t want to ruin Gavin’s trust in him and say she couldn’t be around Galahad! “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! i thought I could trust you, I didn’t realise you were my keeper” He protected Ruth, he understood she wanted it to be the other way around as well but she didn’t have to police him! He’d not told her off about any of her feelings like when she’d been blushing over Percival, although he had warned her about Gaheris’ reaction. Admittedly she’d not been interested in someone who had initially hated her.

”you know, for a moment I was sort of happy. I thought if someone knew then I was glad it was you, I’d have someone to talk about it with but now I’ve changed my mind” he muttered. “if you’re not going to support me then I don’t want to talk to you about it.“ What a shame, he was dying to talk about his feelings and his relationship with Gavin. “Caleb might’ve disagreed with me but she wouldn’t threaten me like you” Caleb would respect his choices more he was sure, even if she wasn’t happy with it, although Caleb knew more fully the crimes Caleb had committed so maybe not.
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Lance was clearly angry, But that didn't mean Ruth was willing to back down. Crossing her arms as she stared up at him. Hissing back. "Its exactly what a friend would do. I don't want you to get yourself or Galahad hurt. " Lance didn't seem like he was able to see it that way. Frankly Ruth was glad she had put out that threat. Because judging by how Lance was acting? It seemed he had entirely intended to let Gavin near his son. Truly, How naive could he be? No, All he could see was Ruth getting in the way of his relationship. Not the danger he was putting himself in. Not how he was risking Galahad, And well, That made Ruth furious.

Stepping closer. She snapped at him. Angrily. "You are really getting mad at me for putting in that condition? For wanting you not to endanger your own son? " She questioned him, This was all entirely ridiculous. Ruth then continued. "Put yourself in danger, Fine. But are you really so blind by these feelings that you are willing to risk Galahad? " She questioned. Studying him. She didn't think he'd relent so easily. No, He was prideful. Ruth didn't think he'd be so easy to get to give in.

Ruth then huffed. "I stand my ground, You might not be willing to put your freaking son first. But I will, If I get even the slightest sense that you are putting him in danger. I will tell Antonio. " Perhaps she should do so anyway? Lance was going to get himself hurt. But... He was an adult. He could make his own decisions. Even if they were horrible ones. Ruth would just have to hope he didn't get himself further hurt. If Antonio got wind though, What would he do? Ruth figured the man would put a stop to it. If nothing else he'd make sure Galahad was kept safe. A frustrating thought Ruth found. Galahad should be safe with Lance! But Lance seemed eager to put both of themselves in danger for a girl. Couldn't he just be happy and content keeping his son safe?
Lance didn’t want his son hurt either but he couldn’t just let Gavin make that leap of trust without him doing the same. He was confident she wouldn’t hurt Galahad but she wouldn’t see that he trusted her if he didn’t let her be around him. She would assume that he was holding out on her, that he didn‘t feel the way that he did. He didn’t want to mess things up with Gavin and he didn’t know what future he might have with her, but if there was any shot for a future then he couldn’t get there without Galahad. Maybe Ruth didn’t realise how far ahead Lance was thinking, how serious he was about Gavin.

They were Both getting worked up and Ruth wasn’t budging from her threat. It would be one thing if she threatened to tell Caleb or another friend but his father? It was a step too far. It made him feel irritated and young, he wasn’t a child any more but it felt like Ruth was treating him like one And it wasn’t something he enjoyed. He’d like to think that his father wouldn’t be able to do much to but he wasn’t really sure. Either way he loved his father, respected him, didn’t want to upset him this way or to lose that respect back. He also feared that his father may try to take Antonio away from him, he didn’t know what he’d do. He was Galahad’s father, he had the right to look after him, would he involve Alexander and would Alexander see it that way? He trusted that Antonio would look after Galahad and Elaine was at the palace as well but he didn’t want to be apart from his son again, not when he’d been away for so long already. Ruth didn’t scare him, but admittedly his father did a bit. He did not want to find out if she’d follow through on her threat.

”you talk about me betraying him but you’re betraying me right now” he muttered. “I would not put my son in danger and I hate that you’re implying I would, and then involving my father! I’m not a child so stop treating me like one“ He did not want it to get out that way. ”Please go, I don’t want you to stay if you’re just going to threaten me.“ This had meant to be a good night, him getting to spend time with Gavin but now it was ending in arguments with a friend. God he needed a drink, he felt a headache coming and he just wanted to forget the last hour.
Ruth did not like that Lance had deemed her behavior as a betrayal. But if that was the way it had to be, Well... So be it. He'd just have to deal with it. He spoke of not putting his son in danger. Something that made her scoff. Being around Gavin was putting the boy in danger! Could Lance really not see that? He said he wasn't a child but he was certainly acting like one. Alas, Lance seemed to tire of there argument. Didn't want to fight anymore. It was something that caused Ruth to sigh. Her voice more soft. "Lance, I... " Her intentions were not to threaten him. But Lance didn't seem to be able to see that. Right now, Ruth figured it was a useless fight to have. Perhaps tomorrow he'd have a clearer head?

In then end she sighed. "Fine, Just... Don't get yourself hurt Lance." With that, She was turning. Walking towards the door without a goodbye and soon stepping out. Closing the door behind her. Gosh, She had a headache already and was soon moving her hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. For some reason she had a feeling this wouldn't be the last argument they'd have. This was seemingly left very much at a draw.

Ruth then shook her head. Moving away and heading back towards her own room. Thankful things were relatively quiet. No servants passed by and she was soon stepping into her room. Thoughts racing. Oh, Lance had not seemed willing to agree not to let Galahad near Gavin. Surely he wasn't planning for Gavin to be near him? No, If he hadn't planned that he wouldn't have fought so hard over the matter. Perhaps Ruth should go ahead and speak with Antonio? Except.... No, Ruth figured it might be best to wait a bit longer. If she had proof of Lance endangering Galahad. Then she'd seek him out.
Lance might have to explain to Gavin that Ruth knew and that she was threatening to tell his father if she found out that he’d brought Galahad near her. Gavin had been nervous about Gabriel coming with them though since she could be a bit talkative. Hopefully word wouldn't reach Ruth and if it did that she might come to Lance first and somehow he might convince her to not mention anything to his father. Ruth at least was agreeing to leave him alone for now, even if not in peace, and he turned to look at Galahad sleeping peacefully in bed. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. What was he to do? Galahad was going to come with him to meet Gavin in the woods, that much he Was set on. It should be easy to keep it secret from Ruth right? He’d managed to keep the whole relationship secret for this long. He’d kept his relationship with Caroline secret as well! She was the one who’d let spill.

The thought of Caroline sent him spiralling a little. Too many people knew his secrets, he was getting wrapped up in webs of lies and complicated truths. He was involved with Gavin, still raw from Caroline and he was going to be a father again and his own father was going to murder him if he found out about any of this. Yeah, he definitely needed a drink. He wasn’t one that often got flat out drunk although he did enjoy a tipple, but tonight? Getting a bit drunk seemed like a good idea. He glanced at Galahad one more time to make sure he was properly asleep and tucked up tight before stepping out of his room to go find himself something to drink.

It didn’t take him too long to hunt down some alcohol and maybe on an ordinary night or for social drinking he would’ve picked a nice wine, something he could savour but instead he picked a hard liquor, something that wouldn’t take too long to soften the harsh edge of his thoughts. He would’ve gone back to his room but he didn’t want to wake up Galahad nor concern the little boy if he found his father drinking, instead he gravitated through the kitchen to the dining room, figuring it’d be empty and he’d be undisturbed to mope and drink in peace. God, when had his life gotten so complicated! He chucked back another mouthful of liquor and groaned, he had so wished he could have someone to talk to, as dangerous as it was to let things slip but now Ruth was making him feel even worse and honestly? Gavin was the tamer of the two situations. Sure she could be dangerous but he hadn’t committed treason with her, she wasn’t going to get him beheaded. Yeah, Lance settled in for a night of drinking so that he could feel suitably sad but not rip his hair out in anxiety at the same time.
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Alas, Lance was not to spend his night alone. Getting up in the middle of the night had become a common thing for Caleb. Getting comfortable often was difficult and tonight was a particular pain. Eventually, After what felt like hours trying to get some sleep. Caleb had decided to get up. Having decided a small walk might do her good, If nothing else it would allow Agravain some peace from her tossing and turning. So she had made her way downstairs. No real destination in mind- Perhaps she'd try to get some rest on the couch? Or maybe she'd go and get a snack to distract herself. Well, She didn't need to debate long. For, As she walked she caught the faint sight of movement in one of the rooms. The dining room, Her nose wrinkled for a moment. Briefly worried that she might find herself unlucky enough to run into Gaheris in the night. But she still decided to check it out. Walking closer and peering into the room. Finding herself surprised to see it was Lance sitting there.

The man looked rather... Sad. And Caleb soon took note of the bottle in his hands. Nearly tsking at the sight. It was... Not something she was used to seeing. But, Caleb soon was quietly stepping into the room and walking closer. Sliding into a seat next to Lance and murmuring softly. "Hey... I hope you don't mind if I keep you company? " Her voice soft. She couldn't join him in his drinking. But she hardly intended to leave him.

Caleb frowned as she studied Lance. Finally prompting. "What happened? " Because clearly he was upset over something. Caleb wasn't sure if he would talk to her about it. But she could still try to get him to talk. Would probably do him some good. Caleb did have some guesses though. She knew Lance decently well afterall, And thus she asked. "Lady troubles? " She guessed. Head tilting slightly.
Maybe it for the best that Lance wasn’t left alone, he’d never done great with solitude, he was a social creature and much preferred having someone to talk to than just wallow by himself. This wasn't exactly something he should share though. He looked up at Caleb as she entered, mind already fuzzy which wasn’t surprising considering how much of the bottle was already gone. He didn’t know how long he'd be sat there but it had felt like eternity, the same thoughts turning in his mind over and over again. His blue feelings only sunk deeper and deeper the more he thought about them, in A never ending spiral that Caleb’s presence didn’t entirely break.

Just being around Caleb did make him feel a bit better but it also made him itch, she was a friend and he felt he could use a friend right now but hadn’t that been what he’d hoped from Ruth? Whilst the two shared some similarities though their relationship with Lance was different; his relationship with Ruth was more of a dependant one, a guardian and a protector, his relationship with Caleb however was built more on camaraderie and was less reliant on one taking care of the other. Caleb would want to help him of course, but she might not feel as strong a Duty to try and save him from himself, more content to let him learn his own lessons, or at least he hoped.

He groaned at the mention of lady problems and buried his face in his hands. Ladies. Ladies’ problems. If only it was just Gavin. His head felt heavy and foggy as he turned to look at her, letting his hands drop back down, one going to his glass and the Other the bottle to top him back up. He had another mouthful and grimaced. “Am I really that see through?” He muttered. “What other types i problems do I have?” That was said more to himself, voice bitter and he took another drink not that he really needed it, the room was sort of spinning and his sense of balance was not great, good thing he was sitting down, still, he was liable to send something flying if he started gesturing, his moves no doubt bound to be wild.

“I’m in massive trouble. Huge, humongous!” and he laughed a little manically, half hysterical and half bitter. “It should be good news, it should be Good. F*cking. News. but it’s going to get me killed!” He ranted. “Galahad is going to be without a father, if any of it gets out, about Either of them.” If Ruth spoke up or if they could tell about Caroline’s kid. “Oh, my little baby boy. My baby” he despaired. “My baby” Lance’s voice changed and he rubbed at his face. ”I can’t keep missing my kids’ life” he complained, meaning the plural, Caroline’s child would not know him as their father, they couldn’t. “I’m a terrible father, i‘m an idiot. Why would I do that? Maybe Ruth was right and I need to stop thinking with my d*ck, look where it’s gotten me! Committing crimes against the kingdom for something stupid like love” It seemed like Lance had sort of forgotten that Caleb was there in all his ranting and obviously he didn’t really think that love was stupid just that it had gotten him into a lot of trouble lately. “I miss her” he sighed, going to rest his head on arms atop the table, pouting as he thought about Caroline. He loved being with Gavin, really enjoyed their time together and what was between the, but he was still struggling to get over the princess. He’d loved her, still did, and her having what was probably his baby made it even harder to let go even if he knew that that was the exact reason he had to.
(do you think Caleb should find out just about Caroline at this point and find out about Gavin later when she walks in and sees them making out or something?)
(I think just Caroline would probably be best. That way Caleb can encourage him to move on, Try to find someone else. Then finds out about Gavin and is just like. "Seriously? This isn't what I ment when I said find someone else! " )

This close, It was already easy to see Lance was rather drunk. Seemed he had plans to get even drunker as he took another drink from his glass. Yep, Seemed Caleb was right and Lance's issues were about women. Seemed he had gotten himself into trouble and Caleb couldn't help but raise her eyebrow as Lance began his rambling. Fretting about his life, Though Caleb couldn't fully make sense of his words. Maybe he simply thought his father would kill him? She of course didn't think he ment literally killed. Atleast... Not at first. Committing crimes? Okay, That was a bit more worrying. Caroline soon enough was frowning, Reaching forward carefully as to take the bottle of liquor. Humming gently. "Lance, I think you've maybe had a bit too much of this. "

Caleb simply moved it a bit further from his reach. Before finding herself asking gently. "Is it that girl you spoke of before? " He'd said before that should things come out... Well, It wouldn't be good for himself or her. Caleb assumed she was likely married. Lance was a famed knight, Few women were out of his reach. But if she was married? That explained the distance and his fears. Wait, He'd been talking about kids, Being in his kids lives. That caused her to pause in thought. Though she forced herself to push such thoughts aside.

Instead, Caleb went and placed a hand on his shoulder. A small attempt to provide some comfort. As she told Lance gently. "Lance, You aren't a idiot. You just... Love deeply. Thats okay, And I'm sure everything will work out. Remember, I got your back. " She encouraged. Lance fell in love easily and deeply. Sure it caused him trouble. But his intentions were good Caleb thought. Caleb planned to stand at his side should any trouble come his way. He couldn't be in that much trouble. Even if the girl was married, Sure it might cause a bit of a scandal. Everyones reputation would surely be hurt. But Caleb figured it was nothing they couldn't get past.

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