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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

The barmaid was quick to bring them their drinks and quick to leave too but he couldn’t blame her. Arthur picked up one of the drinks so he could nurse it whilst he watched. Levi was chatty it seemed which worked well enough for Arthur, he’d rather that than sit there in awkward silence. Maybe Arthur shouldn’t have spoken about Ronan, he knew it was a tough subject for Silas but maybe it'd help him if he talked about him more. Silas had said he’d try to move on though. Arthur glanced at Silas as Levi said that Ronan had always seemed fond of him, yeah, why on Earth would that be! It did make Arthur wonder if Levi knew about the two but he was most definitely not going to ask that question.

Arthur resisted a sigh at the story, at Silas admitting he’d been brought here at 14. Where else had Ronan been taking him at that age? Hopefully not the brothel as well although he wouldn’t put it past the man. He could picture it, Silas tagging along behind Ronan, young and wide eyed, taken somewhere seedy and unfamiliar where he’d have to rely on Ronan to feel safe and to protect, probably huddled close to the bigger man. It left a bad taste in his mouth but he kept quiet out of …well maybe not respect for the dead but respect for Silas at least. Arthur, at least, wasn’t the only one to dislike Ronan but he did hear Silas’ small disagreement and he looked at the other man in contemplation for a moment before looking back to Levi.

”he’s got his uses, even if he can be a bit unsavoury“ Arthur conceded. “he's kept Silas alive All these years” he murmured. “And I’m sure you know Silas has got a mouth that can get him into trouble” His position offered him some protection but Silas could be rude and even sometimes cruel he would say should you be on his bad side. “I take it he wasn’t like that at 14 though?” He asked Levi, Silas must have been meeker back then he imagined, “do you think Ronan rubbed off on him too much?” spending so much time together, Silas must have ingrained some of Ronan’s foul attitude. “Seriously, bringing a 14 year old kid here“ Arthur mused. “Don’t tell me he made you buy the drinks back then?” He shook his head, taking a sip of his own drink. “I’m worried to ask where else he took you back at that age”
Silas could feel Arthur's gaze on him. Though he continued to keep his focus elsewhere. Tense and uncomfortable. Seemed Arthur and Levi planned to keep talking about Ronan. Much to Silas's discomfort. Levi hummed gently as he explained how he'd kept Silas alive. Before explaining. "Mm, He was far shyer then. Didn't talk much. Now I think he talks to much. " He said the last part teasingly. Though even he could tell Silas was off. Normally Silas could have a attitude. Him being quiet was odd. He then shrugged at Arthur's question. He hadn't exactly spent that much time around Silas. Only really when Silas and Ronan had come to gamble. So it was hard to say how much he'd picked up from the other.

Silas then pointed out, Voice a bit strained. "I had coin.... " He was a prince after all. Him paying he figured was hardly a big deal. He soon enough was shutting his mouth. Levi though grinned. Saying. "He followed him around like a lost puppy. " Silas might have been the prince. But Ronan had had a lot of power over the young man. It likely hadn't been that difficult for Ronan to gain such control over him. Even now he had a effect on Silas.

Suddenly Silas was standing up. Setting the cards down before saying. "I need to go outside... " He didn't wait for a answer. No, He was already turning and walking towards the door. It was feeling a bit hard to breath, He needed some fresh air and well... Frankly he feared he might begin crying soon. Such was not something he wanted to do in front of others. Levi frowning as he left. Before asking. "Whats gotten into him? " He was not that worried though. For he soon enough shrugged and told. "Well, Guess that means I win. " He hummed, Before taking a drink of his beer.
The thought of a younger, shyer Silas was cute but Arthur did quite like Silas’ outspoken nature. He always felt Silas was bold, to say the things he said so unreservedly. Maybe in some areas he could rein it in but for the most part Arthur admired and enjoyed Silas’ big mouth. Silas on the other hand, didnt Seem to enjoy it coming from Arthur. The conversation seemed to have cornered Silas a little and the other prince was not taking the subject matter well. Maybe Silas had once followed Ronan around like a lost puppy but now he was a dog without his master and that, whilst maybe for the better in Arthur’s opinion, understandably left a huge hole in Silas’ life.

In the end it proved too much for Silas and he was fleeing the conversation. Unlike earlier Arthur could not restrain a sigh as he watched Silas go. Levi, clearly a caring man, was more focused on his win but did still enquire after Silas. Arthur debated it for a moment, wondering if he should say the truth before settling for a happy medium. “Ronan’s gone” Arthur explained. “And he’s not coming back. Silas isn’t taking it very well” True enough without the gory details. Arthur couldn’t just leave Silas alone though, guilt roiling inside him and worry for the other man pulsing through his veins. Arthur climbed to his feet and set off after Silas.

Arthur seemed to be putting his foot in it lately, bringing up bad topics of conversation. He felt regret at what he’d done, pushing the subject when Silas had clearly been uncomfortable. He should’ve been a better friend than that and taken the hint from Silas’ body language. Arthur slipped through the door, apology already on his tongue and a bit worried about what he might find; he didn’t wish to have made Silas cry. “im sorry Silas, I shouldn’t have asked about him” He said. “I know it upsets you but I just thought it might help to talk about” isn’t that what people said? Talking was supposed to help with the pain, but would Arthur really enjoy a conversation about Ethan? He didn’t know, it sort of made his insides twinge at the thought, maybe he Silas should question his over Ethan to even things out, or they could both chat about exes to help each other, although Silas’ relationship had ended far more abruptly and painfully he would’ve said but then again Arthur and Ethan had broken up due to Morgan’s pregnancy and at least for Silas and Ronan it had been quite quick and clean whereas Arthur felt his own was a bit drawn out, seeing Ethan on the journey back, having messy conversations with him and even being comforted by him about the drugging. “You know you can talk to me about him right?” He murmured softly, “you don’t have to be alone in your grief”
Silas was soon pushing open the tavern door. Stepping out into the cold night air, He couldn't help but find it a bit easier to breath. Less eyes on him and far less claustrophobic then inside. But he could still feel the tension in his chest. The feeling as though he might cry. But he wasn't to be alone for long. He heard the sound of the door opening behind him. Turning his gaze back towards Arthur. Though he already knew exactly who had followed him. Silas then hissed. "You can't just spring that on me, I... I'm not... " He huffed. Glancing away. He was being emotional, He knew it. Lashing out was not something that would help anyone. But he went quiet for a moment.

Silas then after a moment said. "I... I should have found another way. I should have... But what else could i do? " If he had simply sought to have Ronan arrested. Well, Ronan might have mentioned Silas's own involvement in what happened to Caroline. What would have happened then? Ronan had hurt people. Would have hurt more. He had needed to be dealt with. Silas couldn't have just let him go. Could he? Silas could feel tears in his eyes. Thankfully the street was quiet, And no one else was near enough to listen. For Silas's sadness was turning into frustration.

Silas then snarled. "I loved him, He said he loved me. I thought he loved me. He felt like the only person I f*cking had. " He was beginning to pace. Feeling the need to move. To do something, Anything. Silas realized then he was crying. The tears had finally fell and he couldn't stop them. Silas then said. "Ronan would comfort me whenever father was awful. He was there when I needed him. I... I miss him. Every freaking day. -But then he hurt me too? I don't... I don't understand why he... " Finally Silas slowed down in his pacing. Moving his hand to try and wipe his eyes. He hated this. He hated this feeling.
Silas was right, Arrhur shouldn’t have sprung it on him but he'd just grasped the opportunity as he saw it rise to talk about Ronan, he’d essentially trapped Silas into talking about him which was mean and unfair, he should’ve approached him at a later date, tackled it gently rather than force him to speak about it in public. Silas decided that telling off Arthur wasn’t the way to go though and he felt a little relieved even if he deserved a scolding for what he’d done.

It would’ve been hard for Silas if he’d just lost Ronan but the fact that he’d been the one to kill him? It made things more complicated and he understood the turmoil within him. Of course Silas would be asking himself if that had been the only way, if maybe he could’ve avoided Ronan’s death. “You did what you thought was right in the moment” Arthur said softly. Silas had Managed to kill Ronan because he’s surprised him, but Ronan had been bigger and stronger, Silas would not have had much chance at arresting him and Ronan may have taken Silas hostage or something in order to stop him telling people or if Silas had gone to tell the knights to chase down Ronan then the man may have already gotten away. Plus Silas had confessed to Arthur his involvement with the bandits and it was bad enough for Ronan To get the blame but he could be declared rogue, for a foreign prince to have his involvement known, it could've caused war and Alexander liekly would’ve imprisoned Silas. The choice had been awful and maybe there was something else he could’ve done, but Silas had taken the least complicated path and death with it quickly although it certainly hadn’t been easy for the man.

Arthur watched Silas pace and rant about Ronan and at least he was talking about him now! Ronan had told Silas he loved him but the way Silas mentioned it made Arthur think he was no longer convinced that was true. And as Arthur suspected Silas missed him all the time, used to his presence from a young age but he was also right that Ronan didn’t treat Silas the best. “People are multifaceted” Arthur murmured. “It’s be much easier if we could just label people good or bad but things aren’t that simple” Arthur knew sometimes he could see things as quite black or white, in his opinion Ronan had been a bad man, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t had moments of goodness, that he hadn’t genuinely cared for Silas in some way. “In the end Ronan was a threat, he got Caroline hurt, he got a lot of people killed and he could’ve started a war, but it doesn’t mean he never loved you” Arthur pointed out. “I’m sorry things ended that way for you Silas, but You saved a lot of people, I’m sure he had more planned” Ronan probably wasn’t going to just stop at what he’d already done. Arthur was curious about how Ronan had hurt Silas, he’d seen bruises when they’d been back in his own kingdom but was that the only way? He felt protective even though Ronan was no dead and couldn’t physically hurt Silas any more. “Why don’t you tell me more about him?” He suggested. “Some of the good, some of the bad and some of the in between” he suggested. “I never got to know him very well and I’m guessing you knew him the best” He doubted it‘d change His opinion on Ronan much but he'd keep it to himself for Silas.
Arthur claimed he did what he thought was right, And it was true but... Was that enough? Just because he thought it was right at the time didn't mean such was the case. He should have found another way, Then Ronan would still be around. Still be at his side. He wouldn't have to keep feeling this way. Eventually he looked towards Arthur. Tears still in his eyes. Arthur was right, It wasn't that simple. Ronan had been dangerous. Had hurt people, Would have hurt more. But it didn't make things easier. Arthur was suggesting they talk about him, And Silas wasn't sure he was ready for that. It felt like too much. But in the end he nodded. Slowly walking towards the side of the building. If only to make sure things stayed more quiet. He trusted Arthur would follow. Leaning against the side of the wall.

It felt difficult to speak. Some memories were hard. So he decided to focus on a happier one. Something easier to talk about. Murmuring quietly. "He... He taught me how to ride a horse. " Normally his other studies had been more his focus. Besides, The snow here made it a bit difficult to practice. Silas then said. "That was shortly after he became my guard. During the summer. " Silas became more hesitant. Wiping his eyes again. Why was it so difficult to stop crying? He could normally conceal his emotions well enough. But this subject? It wasn't so easy.

Silas then continued. "Well, I managed to I fall off the horse. Luckily I hadn't hurt myself. But I just remember crying. Because I was sure, I was so freaking sure I would be scolded, Or punished some how for failing. " His father certainly would have punished him somehow. The man was always looking for a excuse to be cruel it seemed. Silas then said. "He didn't though, He just hugged me. Asked if I was alright, If I'd gotten hurt. He didn't care I'd messed up. He was only worried I'd be injured. Ensured me It was okay. " He had comforted him, It was something Silas hadn't been used to at the time. Besides occasionally from Caroline. Silas then murmured. "He... He taught me other things, Had to saddle a horse, Basic word play, How to shoot a bow- Though my aim when it comes to a bow still sucks. But he never scolded me, Never harmed me when he taught. He was so patient with everything. I looked up to him. " Silas told.
For a moment Arthur thought that Silas might retreat again, avoid the subject and do what people expected of him which was to run off. Silas didn’t though, he led Arthur away and he followed tentatively, not leaning against the wall like Silas but instead standing on his own and facing him. Maybe it was indicative of Their states of mind on this particular subject, Arthur was not crippled by Ronan’s death, it didn’t overly affect him and if anything, as horrible as it was, he thought it was better that the man was out of Silas’ life but Silas? He was not coping well, needed the support, the way he used the wall, wanted to know something had his back the way Ronan had.

The story Silas told was sweet, he hadn’t thought much about Ronan teaching Silas things besides perhaps in a lewd sense. He would have figured that Silas had been taught at an earlier age, by his family, but Rayner was not much of a father and the dead could not teach such a thing either. The tears were coming thick from Silas and he wished he had a handkerchief to offer him, he was tempted to wipe them away himself but it brought back memories from their kiss and Arthur restrained himself. Best not to go there.

This went to prove that Ronan was not as cut and dry as Arthur thought of him in his head. He was convinced that Ronan had groomed the prince, and that Ronan had done a lot of bad for Silas even if in the background but Ronan had also done good, even just besides being a partner for Silas, he’d provided him comfort in a time when no one else would. Silas hadn't had any one he could go to, his father back then judging by his words had still been harsh and distant, Ronan had been a valuable resource of calm and care. He dreaded to think how Silas might have ended up without anyone besides Caroline to look after him, but obviously that had left a gap wide open for Ronan to abuse the reverence Silas had held for him, to manipulate a young boy in need of some love. “And how did it feel when he wasn’t teaching you?” Arthur asked gently, Ronan did not remain solely a teacher for Silas that much was known and Arthur didn’t want to be a killjoy but Silas should explore all his emotions concerning Ronan as difficult as they were, still, he felt Silas might think he was rather biased in his words. “when He did hurt you.“ He’d noticed Silas’ careful choice of words and again he thought of the bruises, Ronan had not always been kind to Silas. He made sure to keep his voice carefully neutral though, he wasn’t trying to invoke anger or start an argument, he didn’t need Silas leaping to Ronan’s defence, he just wanted to get a clearer picture of their relationship as a whole. “How did you reconcile the two?” Had Ronan felt like a different person in those two scenarios? Was there a true self of Ronan he believed, did he think Ronan ultimately good but with a dark side? Had Silas been scared of when that beastly side of Ronan would come out? Were there signs or was it sudden and unpredictable? Perhaps Silas had been keen to keep on Ronan’s good side lest someone who he loved turn on him completely much like his father had.
Silas looked down at Arthur's words. Feeling uncomfortable by them. Saying quietly. "I... I was confused, When we first got together. But I didn't want him to leave me. " He spoke honestly. He hadn't known what to feel, Couldn't really remember that night. But Ronan had been so sweet. Doting, Silas hadn't wanted to lose that. Except that wasn't the only way Ronan behaved. He could be cruel. Silas suddenly felt tired. Telling Arthur. "He wasn't... He wasn't always like that. Sure, He got a bit rough in the bedroom. But it hadn't been... " He trailed off. Crossing his arms. Thinking for a moment. This was a difficult conversation to have. In the end, Ronan had hurt him. Had intended to hurt him. Normally whenever he did something he didn't like. Which well, Considering Silas's mouth wasn't that uncommon.

Silas then said. "It was when I argued. I... I trusted his judgement. I didn't... I expected him to protect me. I wanted to trust him. " In the end, Silas hadn't been able too. He had been forced to deal with Ronan. Had it only been himself at stake, Ronan might have still been standing there. But Silas, Despite his desires not to be king, Still felt the need to do what was right for his kingdom. He couldn't let Ronan live. As hard as that had been.

Silas didn't like this conversation. It seemed he was finally having enough of it. For he confessed. "I don't want to talk anymore about him. Not tonight. " It was perhaps a bit too late to forget the topic. It had no doubt soured the mood a bit, And Silas considered suggesting they go back home. But he didn't think he was eager to return to a place with so many memories. Going back into the tavern also didn't feel like much of a option. He feared they'd ask questions and he couldn't do that anymore. Drinking his thoughts away did feel tempting though. So he then suggested. "Can we just.. Go find a different tavern? "
Silas’ honesty was brutal and heartbreaking. Arthur didn’t know what he himself was projecting, didn't know if Silas could see the sadness in His eyes for him but even if he could, he didn’t imagine it’d help the man much. Seeing Silas hurt made him angry and sad, not that he agreed with anyone getting hurt for any reason but for Silas to be betrayed by someone he trusted and loved, it upset him a lot. Maybe reflecting on how Ronan had been bad would make it easier for Silas to move on but it didn’t work in that it cancelled out the good he’d done, Ronan had still helped Silas even if he’d hurt him too.

Arthur was overcome with the sudden urge to hug Silas although he wasn’t sure how much the other man would like that. “Of course” Arthur agreed softly with a nod. “I won’t bring him up again” he promised, not tonight, maybe they could try another night, take it in baby steps to go through things if he wanted. “come on, drinks are on me” he insisted going to link his arm through Silas’ and pull him along. He didn’t even know where another tavern was but he was sure they'd stumble across one.

”the city’s really beautiful at night” he murmured looking up into the night sky as they walked, keen to move the conversation in rather than linger in the air after Ronan and talk of him. “the stars look different from back home” he added. “They’re in a slightly different position” He guessed it was because they were in a different place. They shone bright too, but only when he was around Silas he found. “The sun is better back home though” he said with a small smile and went to nudge Silas a bit cheekily. He knew that Silas hadn’t been the biggest fan of the heat in his homeland. “But you’re warm enough for me not to complain too much”
Arthur was luckily willing to let the subject go. Something that relieved Silas, He wasn't ready to talk more about Ronan. Didn't want to think about that right now. Arthur was even encouraging them to go drink. Taking his arm. Silas found comfort in his touch and leaned close to him as they walked. It was easier to calm down when being so near Arthur. Arthur seemed to enjoy the city, And well, Silas would have to agree. Saying softly. "You should see things in the summer and spring. Things become green quickly. " It was a sharp change really, But a nice one. Maybe Silas would be able to take him to a meadow around that time. Silas knew some of the flowers that bloomed around that time were beautiful.

Arthur's next words had Silas's cheeks turning a bit red. A touch flustered. But Silas tried not to linger on such thoughts. No, Him and Arthur were just friends. Thats all they'd ever be. Pushing the matter would only ruin a good thing. But Silas was suddenly aware of his own loneliness. The talk of Ronan certainly left it on his mind. He had talked about putting himself more out there. Maybe Leo would be a good option, He could be sweet. But Silas didn't want to leave Arthur alone during the night. Not after what had went down with Ethan.

The brothel was a option. But Silas wasn't interested in that. He didn't want someone to be with him just because he was paying. He could flirt with some lady they encountered at whatever bar they went to. But once more, Silas didn't want to just ditch Arthur. But, There was another option, Though it was a rather awkward one. They'd eventually return to the castle after a night of drinking. Maybe he could see if Galehaut had any interest in keeping him company. Of course Silas didn't expect anything further to come from it. But it might be nice. The man was certainly pretty to look at. But... He'd seen what he'd done to Arthur. That had looked rather painful. Also there was once more the matter of Arthur. So carefully Silas asked. "Arthur, You and Galehaut, Are you both... Together? " He asked. Arthur might not be eager to share.
Arthur wasn’t sure how long they’d be here although Caroline had talked about spring coming whilst they were there so hopefully he’d see some of the greenery. Silas thinking about taking him to a meadow was sweet and Arthur would enjoy knowing that Silas thought about doing such tender things with him. But him and Silas weren’t together, explicitly, conclusively were only friends and for good reason. Still, sometimes Arthur regretted his decision, it was hard when he knew he was attracted to Silas, that Silas liked him back.

The question about Galehaut caught him off guard and he laughed a little nervously before looking at Silas, not really sure what had prompted such a query. He guessed they had been talking about partners. “Uh, no” he said, “I wont lie, I can see myself maybe going back to him, it was an enjoyable night, but that was it” he insisted. “We’re not exactly friends, let alone together” The reason he’d slept with Galehaut in the first place was because he’d known he wouldn’t be gentle with him.

Did Silas want to know in terms of Arthur or in terms of Galehaut? “You seemed to be getting on with him pretty well before” Arthur mentioned. “You both Seem to enjoy teasing me” he added, yeah both of them had seemed quite amused at making Arthur blush. “Why do you ask?” He couldn’t help but find himself curious as to why Silas wanted to know about Galehaut and his relationship. If Silas did end up with Galehaut in some capacity then at least it meant what they said to Caroline would be a bit less of a lie. Galehaut had at least promised to be more gentle with Silas than he had been with Arthur when teasing Silas about it before.
Silas tilted his head as Arthur spoke, Seemed they weren't exactly fond of each other. That night having only been a one night stand. The questions were soon being directed towards himself and Silas paused. Thinking for a moment before saying. "He's... Better then I originally thought. " He wasn't entirely sure what to think of the man. But he'd proven himself to be kinder then originally expected. Silas then grinned. "Thats because you are easy to tease. " It was also rather cute the way Arthur blushed. But then Arthur seemed to be curious about the reason Silas asked.

For a moment he considered lying. Arthur had shown jealousy in the past, Though he seemed to have more control over it. Would he become Jealous if Galehaut saw another? Or if he heard of Silas seeking out anothers company? Silas didn't know. But he didn't really want to lie. It didn't feel right to lie to Arthur. Silas thus confessed. "I... Might be interested in asking if he's up for some fun when we get back to the castle. " Well, This might make things a bit awkward.

Silas though then found himself wrinkling his nose. "Then again, He did nearly break you. I... Am not interested in the same sort of thing. " He didn't like feeling pain. And Arthur had looked wrecked. Sure he'd said he'd be gentler. But Silas wasn't sure if he trusted that. Arthur seemed to have mostly recovered from that night though. Silas then found his expression turning more curiously. Asking Arthur. "Is that the sort of thing you are interested in? " Okay, Maybe that was a bit of a too intimate question for friends. But Silas had never been shy about such things.
Silas and Galehaut could end up being good friends if they continued down this path. It was true that Arthur was rather susceptible to teasing although he had gotten a bit better since meeting Silas yet they both still knew how to embarrass him. Maybe Arthur would regret the two meeting in the future, they made a good tag team against him after all but….Galehaut had been alright lighter, he had been a bit harsh about Caroline but that wasn’t exactly unwarranted.

Arthur couldn’t hide his surprise at Silas’ intentions, on some level he’d guessed he’d been expecting such an answer but it didn’t stop his reaction. It did make him feel a little funny, a guy he liked and who was his friend potentially sleeping with someone he’d slept with not too long ago, then again it didnt make him feel that much weirder than one of his friends and crushes sleeping with his wife. All their interconnecting relationships really were messy. Surprise morphed into embarrassment though as Silas brought up the state he’d been in after Galehaut and he was blushing but at least that helped keep him warm in the cold air.

It was sort of an awkward question for Silas to ask really, he couldn’t imagine a lot of people asked their brother-in-law what their preference in the bedroom was. “no, that’s not what I’m into” he insisted, answering anyway despite the intimate nature of the question and normally this might be something he’d avoid but Silas was basically the only one he could talk to about things like this. “I mean I enjoyed it, it was good at the time but it’s not what I’d usually seek out” Arthur wasn’t into pain although he couldn’t vouch for Galehaut on that front. “Ethan uh…” he coughed a little to help get the words out, it hurt to talk about his ex, and wow he didn’t like that word much but it was true. “he uh, he seemed to like things rough“ He could remember Ethan leaving marks on him, only toned down so that Caroline didn't catch wind of it. “I’d prefer things gentler” he admitted, something soft and sweet and sensual, not that he’d really had that. With Kay he’d been drugged so he couldn’t say how rough he’d really been but Kay had been bandaged so he couldn’t imagine it was pain free Which gave him a pang of guilt. The most gentle times had probabky been with Caroline and Morgan which was honestly a little bit depressing. That first time with Caroline had been her showing off to Lance so she’d been in charge but other times he’d done his best to be gentle with her although that was not a conversation he was going to be having with Silas. Arthur was not exactly dominant in the bedroom though, was quick and happy to relent to his partner’s desires whilst not pushing his own and maybe his placid nature meant that his partners thought he wanted to be subjugated rather than looked after.

“I’m sure if you told Galehaut that you didnt want to be hurt then he’d let you know whether he’s capable of that” Arthur murmured, surely Galehaut wasn’t that intense in the bedroom all the time? It did feel strange to be giving Silas tips on how to sleep with someone he’d already slept with but they were friends nothing more, that’s what a good friend did right? He was being a wing man almost! It did make him curious about what Galehaut might say afterwards, he’d been happy to tease Arthur about their time together in front of Silas, would he do the same for the other prince? Oh it was like a little triangular relationship! Was a threesome an appropriate act between friends? And just the sudden thought made him blush, maybe he had been spending too much time around Silas! Or perhaps Arthur’s innocence was wearing away by itself. “He seemed pretty experienced” he admitted. “Althouhg I couldn’t begin to guess who he’s been with“ Were more of the knights Of that inclination than they knew? Or maybe someone in town, although he guessed Galehaut was away a lot and he’d travelled to their kingdom from Italy in the first place so it might’ve been from back home although he’d have been quite young at the time he would’ve guessed. It was probably rude to pry into that though, even if Galehaut knew about him and Ethan.
Arthur seemed surprised, But not really upset. Something Silas supposed was good. Then it seemed once more Silas had embarrassed Arthur, Judging by the red tint to his cheeks. Something that Silas couldn't help but grin at. Oh it was fun to tease him. The topic seemed to embarrass Arthur. But it didn't stop him from talking about it. Arther seemed to want a more gentler relationship. Maybe Silas could urge him to continue flirting with Vere? Except Vere had seemed a bit shy in Silas's opinion. Probably wouldn't be eager to do anything with Arthur right away. But... Silas could still search around for the man a partner. It couldn't be too hard.

Silas then mused. "So I shouldn't expect to see you bruised and limping again? " His tone was teasing. Before focusing forward. Seeming thoughtful. "I suppose it can't hurt to ask. He's certainly a pretty one. " Silas murmured. Yeah, He'd try his luck. Galehaut might not be interested. Or maybe there interests would simply be too different. Then again, Galehaut might say yes just so he had more to tease Arthur with. He seemed to enjoy messing with the man. Hopefully he wouldn't go too in detail!

By then, Silas was soon spotting a old tavern. It wasn't much to look at, But Silas could see the candle light coming from inside and figured that ment it was open. Thus he soon began moving to lead the way. Tugging Arthur behind him. It was a place he was certainly more unfamiliar with. Pausing as they reached the entrance and wrinkling his nose in thought. They could continue on, Search for a place Silas knew. But it was cold and as much as Silas enjoyed the walk, He'd rather some warmth. So, He then murmured. "I ain't been to this place before. Hopefully the beer is decent. " He mused as he pushed open the door. And well... It was quiet.

The last place they'd been at had been decently busy. Here there was only a few tables occupied. The building had clearly seen better days and once more Silas considered turning around and searching for something else. But he decided to step inside. Glad to atleast find the place was warm if nothing else. Moving towards the bar. He noticed the barkeep seemed a little... Surprised by them. Silas and Arthur were clearly men of wealth. It could be seen in there clothes. But the man soon recovered as Silas asked. "I assume you have beer? We'd both like a glass. " He explained. Causing the man to hesitate before nodding. Going to prepare them both a drink.
Arthur might prefer softer attention but that didn’t mean he’d get it, particularly from Galehaut. His blush worsened as Silas talked about him limping. He couldn’t make any promises but if Galehaut was seeing Silas then maybe he wouldn’t want to also see Arthur. “He seems to think otherwise” Arthur murmured, when Galehaut had been teasing him he’d suggested that next time he’d gag Arthur, he couldn’t imagine that’d be the only thing he’d do to him if they got together again. He had the feeling Galehaut still wouldn’t be gentle With him.

“He is pretty,” Arthur agreed, there was no denying that he’d been rather blessed genetically and that was coming from two individuals who were handsome themselves. Galehaut really had beautiful lips and luscious lashes with sharp cheekbones and twinkling eyes. “He’s an ass though” Arthur added, but Galehaut probably liked Silas more than he liked Arthur so might not be as annoying.

They we’re soon entering a tavern and Arthur looked around as Silas admitted this wasn’t one he’d been to before. It was quiet and not very busy, maybe that’d be nice to not have such a loud atmosphere but it also meant they were getting a bit of attention. At least they had beer though and the barkeep was soon going to get them some. ”We don’t have to be out much longer if you want to get back” Arthur said, if Silas wanted to go back and find Galehaut then Arthur wouldn’t keep him out. He was feeling a bit cheered up anyway from his earlier chat with Ethan and Caroline wouldn’t want him to come back too drunk, besides if they drank a lot they might not be able to make it back. Silas wasn’t the strongest nor was Arthur the lightest And he wasn't the best Walker when he was drunk.
Silas soon found himself glancing back towards Arthur. Pausing and tilting his head before saying. "I'm sure we can be a little while longer. -Though we perhaps shouldn't get too drunk. " A beer or two wouldn't hurt. And soon enough the barkeeper was returning. Placing the beers in front of them. Silas wasted little time in tossing the man a few coins. Before finding a spot to sit down. He couldn't say he was keen on the tavern itself. He liked noise and things being busy. Though the silence was a bit nice with Arthur. Just being with the other. Though Silas figured he shouldn't let himself linger on those thoughts.

It was hard not to think about how sweet Arthur could be though. Except they weren't together. Still, Silas found a certain redness returning to his cheeks and he tried to be rid of it. Maybe... He ought to consider distancing himself from Arthur? Except no, He couldn't do that to Arthur. Couldn't bring himself to do that to himself either. Some days it felt like Arthur was all he had, And that was a little sad. Silas then took a drink of his beer. Only to find himself suddenly coughing.

Disgust showed on his face as he pushed the beer away. Complaining. "Alright, I think I know why this place is empty. The beer is foul. " Silas complained. Sure, If he drank enough it might get him drunk. But Silas wasn't that desperate. He then told Arthur. "Next time we're going to drink at one of the fancier places in town. " Silas really hadn't had a chance to show Arthur the more richer parts of the city. Besides when they were dress shopping. There was much of the city he'd need to take Arthur!
It seemed that they were going to stay out a little longer which Arthur was perfectly happy to do but he didn’t want to prevent Silas from having his own fun if he had other plans. He was oblivious of the thoughts Silas was having, too busy looking around And then at his beer dubiously to notice the blush. The pair really seemed to be torturing themselves lately; they both knew they liked each other, both thought about the kiss and the lingering touches and how sweet the other could be but they weren’t together yet they refused to put much distance between them. To be fair to Silas it was Arthur who had insisted they not cross that line, but it hadn’t stopped the intimacy between the two, just made it a bit more charged.

Silas’ reaction to the beer was not encouraging and the other prince didn’t even want to drink it. Arthur was inclined to take his word for it but felt he should at least give it a test so took a tiny sip before scrunching his nose up at the taste. All beer tasted foul to him so he guessed it wasn’t that much worse but it was still definitely the worst beer he’d tasted. Maybe he’d give that one a pass too. “Is that a good idea?” Arthur asked. A fancier place meant someone was more likely to know Silas, plus he imagined the beer would be more expensive not that price was particularly a problem. “I might not fit in” Arthur drawled with a playful smile. He wasn’t entirely Wrong though, he might be a prince but he wasn’t used to visiting posh pubs, and the more social elite were not as keen to let an outsider slide. They could very easily tell who Arthur was and he was well aware that he was not the most liked man in the city.

”what about these fun friends of yours huh?” Arthur asked, he’d heard Silas make mention of them a couple of times. Were they fancy lovers of Silas’? Or perhaps paid companions, not that he imagined Silas had much need fo pay people for such a thing. Of course Arthur could be off the mark and they were not friends if the bedroom variety but the context in which Silas’ had mentioned them suggested otherwise and besides that Silas was not exactly known for his platonic relationships. Silas had said he’d introduce them and Arthur wasn’t really sure how much he wanted that but he guessed he would like to know people who hung out with Silas. “Seeing as you’ve already met all my friends, fun and otherwise,” he pointed out going to take another sip of his drink which he quickly regretted based on his grimace.
Silas couldn't help his expression of amusement when Arthur decided to risk the drink. Seemed it wasn't to his taste either. Tilting his head at the others question before a soft laugh came from him. Pointing out. "Arthur, You don't fit in anywhere around here. " He teased. But Silas supposed he understood Arthur's reasoning. Nobles could be frustrating to deal with. They'd both have to be far better behaved if they went to such places. Else the nobles might start spreading rumors! Then again, they probably were spreading rumors anyway. So why even worry?

Silas blinked at Arthur's next question. A little surprised Arthur was the one who brought it up. Silas then hummed. "... I know a few ladies who are often up for fun. A few men who also have made the offer before. I suppose I could make some introductions. " Silas spoke. His tone teasing. Silas knew more ladies of interest then men. Men wise, He'd only been with Leo, Ronan, And well, Alexander after all. But Silas figured Arthur wouldn't have much interest in the ladies. Silas then thought for a moment before saying. "Mm.. Yeah, I suppose I could introduce you too someone. You like pretty men, Right? " Silas figured he knew one or two guys that could fit that type. Though Silas was uncertain if they would be in town or not. Then again, A lot of nobles were in town considering Arthur's arrival!

Despite Silas's feelings for Arthur, It seemed the man didn't have much problem with Arthur seeing others. Though Ronan and him had hardly been exclusive with eachother. So maybe he just wasn't the jealous type, Or was used to such things. Silas then grinned. "Then again, Theres always the brothel. " Silas teasingly told. Though he wasn't sure if Arthur was interested in taking that offer.
It was true, Arthur did stick out like a sore thumb. He didn’t look like anyone from this kingdom so that automatically marked him as an outsider, and that was before they even got into him being from his specific kingdom, marrying the princess, cheating on the princess and whatever else they wanted to hate him for. He was not exactly going to be welcomed with open arms at a fancier place. Dives like this thoigh we’re more likely to look the other way. They might not be friendly but for the most part they’d rather not get involved and just leave them be.

Of course Silas’ friends would mainly be women, Silas hadn’t been with many guys other than Ronan, he knew that but he did know some that would be up for fun. Arthur’s blush was back, not that it really left for long and he shrugged a little at the mention of pretty men. Silas seemed to insist that’s what his type was, Arthur didn’t really know but there was a strong correlation between his crushes and that suggestion. Was he really that shallow? He guessed he might be. But there was a problem with Arthur meeting some of Silas’ friends, nobles we’re a big fan of gossiping and lately he’d been one of the main topics. He did not need them talking about him going off with a man. It was one thing if they were to gossip about Silas seeing a man but Silas was single and also well known for seeing countless women. Arthur was married to a pregnant princess who had no idea about his preferences!

The mention of the brothel meant that his blush went into full force but he didn’t avert his gaze from Silas. “You did say we’d go” he pointed out, keeping his voice steady. A brothel seemed like it might protect the privacy of its clientele a bit more. “I don’t need more gossiping about me” he said to Silas. Arthur didn’t think he was quite drunk enough though to be thinking too much about this so went to take an ill advised couple of gulps of his dreadful beer. It’d just be casual, he knew that, but he’d never really messed around with someone he didn’t know or have some form of trust in. He’d had a one night stand but Galehaut had been a safe choice, someone he knew and who was duty bound to protect him, not a complete stranger. The idea made him feel weird and vulnerable but maybe one night stands should be with people you were never going to see again? It might help Arthur control his emotions, he couldn’t get too attached to someone he’d probably not meet again. Was he really going to go to s brother though and sleep with a prostitute? It’s not something he’d ever have imagined doing and even now the thought felt foreign but maybe it’d be nice to just have some fun, no strings attached, without getting hurt by his emotions further down the line. Relationships were messy, a simple transaction was not, still it made Arthur feel weird and he couldn’t say if he’d actually follow through with such an idea. He didn’t want to take advantage of anyone, yet it’d be nice to have some fun, try and get over Ethan, be with someone experienced who wasn’t going to tease him until the end of time. All the teasing about it, the consistent mentioning of it had made it a bit more….real in his mind, he’d got sort of used to the idea even if it still made him a bit uncomfortable. He’d crossed the threshold into thinking and accepting it might be a reality regardless of how keen, or not, he might be.
Silas couldn't help but find himself slightly surprised by Arthur's words. Tilting his head. Well, It seemed he was interested in going to the brothel! The idea was a bit amusing. But Silas decided not to tease him too much about it. Watching as the other chugged his beer. He then mused. "I suppose I could take you there, Would you be alright if I left you there? " Silas was happy to guide him there. But it didn't seem he intended to stick around. But well, It was more then just not wanting to stick around. Arthur might get cold feet. Silas figured if he wasn't around it might make it easier for him to back out should he wish. He didn't want Arthur to get embarrassed should he change his mind!

Silas then stood up, Stretching for a moment before humming. "C'mon, I'll show you where it is. The beer here sucks anyway. " No use just staring at a gross drink. He didn't even wait long. Heading towards the door and once more stepping out into the cold streets. Glancing around as to get his bearings. The street they were on wasn't the most familiar. Silas also had only been the brothel a few times. So it took him a moment of thinking before he figured out what direction to go.

Eventually he nodded to himself. Picked a direction before glancing back towards Arthur, Mostly to make sure he had caught up. He knew the man was a lightweight after all and didn't want to risk leaving him behind! Though Silas had not gone far from the tavern door. Humming. "Shouldn't be too far from here. about a 15 minute walk I reckon? " Maybe a bit more or less. But even if it took some time. Silas enjoyed walking with Arthur. So he was hardly complain!
Of course Silas was surprised, who ever would have thought that Arthur would suggest going to a brothel? Not that he would claim it was his idea, more that something Silas had said they’d do and he was going along with the plan. Arthur was similarly surprised when Silas had said he’d leave him there. That made him feel nervous and he almost protested except he knew that he could not always felt on Silas for his comfort, eventually he would go back home and he would not have Silas any more to lean on. Besides, Silas likely wanted to find Galehaut. At least it meant there would be less witness to whatever Arthur decided he would or wouldn’t do. He figured Silas would give him a lot of ribbing about it either way, or perhaps he would be sensitive about this? No Arthur was sure some teasing would come regardless.

”Thats fine” Arthur insisted even though he was already feeling unsure about his decision. He’d sort or imagined them both going, Silas showing him the ropes he supposed, except it was a brothel! The ropes were pretty obvious. What had he expected, for it to be a boys bonding night? As if things weren't messy enough between them, to then add in a night of shared debauchery? Seemed like a bad idea and one definitely set to make things weirder between them. Arthur stood, abandoning what was left of his drink and followed Silas out into the night, sticking relatively close but not inextricably linked like they had been before.

”I’m not convinced about the ethics of a brothel” Arthur admitted although he wasn’t sure it was ever something that might have crossed Silas’ mind. The other prince was used to slaves, beings without freedom that were used for whatever their master wanted, the idea of prostitution Was likely not too dissimilar a notion, which of course made Arthur uneasy. “Or the true discretion” he added, Silas might understand that one a little more, maybe not through worries of his own but through the obvious anxiety that Arthur displayed about anyone finding out about his sexuality. Could he really walk into a building, have intimate relations with a man and then walk out expecting never to hear of it again? That seemed unlikely to him. He was a prince, something they may not realise he supposed but they’d at least know he was a foreigner and likely guess where from, any gossip about him would be treasured and something such as this? Dangerously spreadable. If he ever planned to tell Caroline, and at the moment that was still an if on truly coming clean, then he wanted to control how he broke it to her, wanted to be sensitive and private, if this got out then it’d be anything but. He supposed it could be dismissed although it was certainly an unusual rumour to even think about with regards to Arthur, certainly to anyone who knew him.

”This seems like a bad idea” Arthur fretted although didn’t stop walking. He didn’t belong in a brothel, didn’t even know why he kept marching on, except for the constant underlying sense Of loneliness he’d been feeling. His relationship with Ethan was over, he’d never have a spark with Caroline and Silas? He was impractically fond of him, cared deeply for him and also longed ill-advisedly for all measures of his attention. But there was a chasm between them, a self-imposed, careful chasm that was there to protect them, to prevent their entanglements becoming any messier but left a bone-deep aching in him and a depressing realisation of the solitude he now possessed. “What am I going to do at a brothel?” Arthur wrapped his arms around himself, fog punctuating his nervous laughter. Of course he knew what he was meant to do but the question was wider, spoke of his inexperience and worry, it was not a place he’d ever expected to end up and certainly not of his own volition or alone but perhaps it would do Arthur good to get out of his comfort zone and let loose, the tension in his shoulders had been there for quite some time after all and Silas could speak of the trouble Arthur had had in getting to sleep.
Arthur was soon enough catching up with Silas, And well, Silas could practically feel the nervousness coming from the man. It was a bit amusing honestly. Causing Silas to raise his eyebrow as he looked at Arthur. He worried about the ethics and of this being a bad idea. But he didn't speak of not wanting to go. Silas thus was slowing to a stop. Turning to face Arthur. His expression gentle. "Arthur, Stop worrying so much. " Though he figured such might not be possible for Arthur. He then shook his head. "Don't think so much, Just enjoy the night, If its not for you, Well. You can stop things at any point. " He didn't have to stay should he change his mind. He could leave at any point during the night. That still might not ease Arthur's worry.

Silas then said softly. "Once we get there, I'm going to turn around, And go back to the castle. What you do after is up to you. " Because in the end, This was Arthur's choice. Silas then was turning around and continuing to lead the way threw the snow. The night was nice he found. Despite the cold he was enjoying the walk. Perhaps he should stick around, Silas wouldn't mind the company of those in the brothel. But... Silas had been to such places before, They did little to curb feelings of loneliness he found. Not that he expected Galehaut to curb those feelings either. But he figured he'd atleast be able to speak a bit more freer with the other man. He... Knew atleast some of what Silas was going threw after all. Maybe even if nothing happened, If they just talked, Silas thought that might be nice.

Silas brushed such thoughts away. The building was soon enough coming into view. From the outside seeming nice enough. Though Silas only studied it for a moment before glancing back towards Arthur. Smiling teasingly. "Try not to get to attached to anyone you meet inside. " That might be a bit difficult for Arthur. Silas figured the man got attached easily. Might find it difficult to just walk away tomorrow. Silas might need to keep a eye on him tomorrow to make sure he was okay after!
To stop worrying was easier said than done, Arthur couldn’t help but overthink the situation, sure some of the stress was likely warranted but he needn’t distress himself so much with it. He didn’t have to do this, and that was probably what bothered Arthur most. Was it a good choice to make? He’d not made a lot of good choices recently and Perhaps this one was neutral, neither good nor bad but he felt he Was skirting close to ethical boundaries and moral problem in an industry he knew next to nothing about. He would not label himself as a particular hormonal person although there had been a time, whilst being drugged by Morgan, that he’d thought himself shocking out of control. He enjoyed the intimate company of another person, had been quite eager to share it with Ethan, would admit privately that he sometimes had dreams and fantasies of doing the same with others which left him…inconvenienced from excitement - which had not been particularly helped by his tension with Silas and them having shared a bed although he hoped that Silas had never noticed. So, whilst he found pleasure in such acts, he was not uncontrollably driven by them. He also knew he was a bit of a prude, certainly by Silas’ standards yet he couldn’t help his intense curiosity, his longing for some form of company and perhaps also an unspoken yearning to have something uncomplicated for once. All his relationships were tangled and messy and laborious in the way he had to sneak around, this wasn’t out in the open exactly but it was hardly unusual for a man to walk into a brothel.

Arthur, having stopped at Silas’ own stillness, was still nervous but was admittedly somewhat reassured that he could leave at any time. He would not be trapped there, if he grew too uncomfortable then he could simply leave. Silas would not be sticking around to see his decision though, instead aiming to seek out Galehaut and Arthur was ashamed to admit that made him run a bit hotter. Maybe he was a little jealous, the thought of Silas being with someone else, someone he’d been with no less, but it was not the same as it had been with Leo, this Wasn’t a repeat occurrence and Galehaut had to be more irritating, it helped that Arthur was not as drunk either. Besides the jealousy though, the imagery was salacious and tantalising, something that made him Feel more of an urge for where he was heading.

Silas’ teasing smile sent pangs of fondness through him and he smiled Back slightly, at the concern hidden in the statement. “I’ll do my best” he promised, it would not be wise to get attached to anyone at the brothel but Silas was right, separating the act and the emotions was not something he was particularly good at. “I’ll see you in the morning” Arthur insisted, aware they’d be splitting ways. ”have a fun night” he said, trusting that Silas would return home safely and that he, himself, would follow suit in the morning. For now though? He had to tackle the task of the brothel and he took a shaky breath before going to approach the building and enter.

(Obviously Arthur is stressed, I’m wondering if he’d ask for a man or if he’d be Too self conscious and ask for a woman or if he’d chicken out entirely. But I figured he’d see the drug that Morgan used on him here and that if he showed nervousness to whoever he picked they’d give him some to get him in the mood)
(I'm not exactly sure which he'd go with. Tho for some reason I feel like if he does get with someone. He's going to get attached. I could also see him maybe regularly buying the drug, And thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to use it when around Caroline, So that she'd think he was into her. Tho I think she'd realize he was acting strange and would be more confused then anything else. )

It was easy to see that Arthur was nervous. Silas could practically see it in the mans stance. He couldn't help but feel his own slight worry at leaving Arthur behind. But... Arthur was a grown man. He could handle himself. And so, Silas nodded. Voice soft. "You too, Be safe. " He encouraged. Before finally letting Arthur go. Stepping away and finally leaving Arthur behind on the cold street. Already, Things felt quieter. It was... Far more lonely with Arthur not being at Silas's side. The young man couldn't help but find himself even more aware of the cold chill in the air. But he tried not to think about that. No, Best to get Arthur out of his mind. It felt like he found himself far to often thinking of the man. A frustrating thing, The two weren't together. They'd never be together. Silas perhaps should set his focus on finding companionship elsewhere.

Eventually the castle was coming into view. And well... There was always a certain amount of anxiety when he saw the place. Fears of his father always found a way into his mind. But as he eventually walked threw the gates he did not find himself stopped. A good sign. The king likely was to busy with other things to bother with his son tonight. Or well, Silas figured such was the case. It was something he was glad for, For it ment Silas likely would have some peace for the rest of the night.

Stepping inside. Silas already had a destination in mind. Galehaut, What exactly was he wanting? To fool around? He needed to move on from Lance and Arthur, As well as Ronan. Sleeping around felt like a way to do that. But... Maybe simply having someone to talk to would be nice. Despite all of Galehaut's crude words, That man seemed actually nice... Was honest and perhaps might be a good source to vent too. Except as Silas was finally reaching Galehaut's door he found himself faltering. Just knock, Ask if Galehaut was up for some fun. That was all he had to do, It was easy. Silas hardly wanted to spend his night alone. But he was hesitating.
He wasn't sure how long he stared at the door, Trying to convince himself to knock. But in the end he glanced away. What did he even want here? To fool around with Galehaut? Why, He didn't like pain. He'd seen what Galehaut had done to Arthur. If he was that desperate he could have gotten a prostitute. No, He wanted to be with someone that wanted him. Except that wasn't Galehaut. His mind went to Arthur and he couldn't help but groan in annoyance. Galehaut perhaps was close to Arthur, Was a knight after all. But he wasn't him. Finally Silas then stepped away from the door. Nose wrinkled at his own complicated thoughts.
(That was exactly what I was thinking! I figured he’d use it so he could feel like he was into Caroline and pretend it was real. She never saw him drugged I don’t think so wouldn’t necessarily understand what was going on and once he gets found out it’s not going to go down well. He’s also a bit in denial and stressed out about telling her so he probably figures that if this drug works he won’t have to tell her, but Silas and Galehaut probably won’t’ approve of him leading her on even more!
I figure Arthur would go with a lady this time and I think he’ll come back again another time and pick the man)

Arthur’s feelings of loneliness became real and complete as they parted ways. He has the itching urge to look back but he forced himself forward and soon found his way inside. The brothel was dimly lit, not difficult to see, just enough to make an atmosphere. Arthur’s tongue felt heavy as he looked around; the foyer was currently empty of other customers but not devoid of workers. A cushioned bench held three women who were clearly waiting to be picked for service: a blonde wearing an extremely low cut dress showing off an impressive chest and practically bare legs, a young woman bordering on ginger who sat neatly in little more than a night gown and a brunette whose dress was stripped down to her waist and looked like she’d had some business already tonight. The last one shocked him the most, which seemed silly in a place like this and ended up snagging on someone else. Lounging on a plush chaise lounge was a man, likely no older than his mid twenties with fair hair. In this kingdom that was hardly unusual, everyone here had far lighter hair than back home but this man shared almost the exact same shade as Silas. He was shirtless, exposing milky skin and a fine boned frame. His long legs were stretched out and he’d thrown his arm against the backrest of the chair in an effortless laze. He was beautiful and Arthur found he couldn’t look away - his mind conjured comparison images of Silas, the same confidence in his body, the matching hair and the physique Which suggested very little manual labour. He even had a similar smirk as he caught Arthur watching. His eyes weren’t the same though, no one could beat Silas’ eyes, those wondrous green pools he wished he could swim in. This man instead had light brown eyes, pretty but no competition for Silas.

”Like what you see?” He asked, sultry voice carrying easily in the room competing only with the muffled sounds of pleasure coming from elsewhere in the building. Arthur blushed immediately at having been caught looking, at the indecent thoughts that had suddenly sprung to mind upon finding someone not too dissimilar from his current crush. They were not alone though and he recognised that, suddenly feeling very on edge and he shook his head. “No..uh..I just….I didn’t expect to see a man here” Arthur lied, as if he hadn’t been equal parts hoping for one and dreading one. An amused smile curved his mouth and he got to his feet to slink closer to Arthur. “We cater to all types here” the man promised, pressing a finger into Arthur’s torso and drawing it up his chest teasingly. “I promise we’re very discrete, you don’t even need to tell us your name, as long as you’ve got money and a warm c*ck, that’s all I care about” He whispered into Arthur’s ear, letting his hand dip back down his chest and even further, pressing a teasing palm against Arthur’s groin, grinning at what he found there. Arthur flinched a little at that and moved to back away, clearing his throat, shaking his head again. “no I….I think I’d rather a lady” Arthur said, feeling panicked at how the man was making him react and not drunk enough to go fully with his hormonal impulses. The man raised an eyebrow, aware of how Arthur‘s body was responding but didn’t push him and simply redirected him to the ladies. The blonde hair of the first one would make him feel too guilty about Caroline so that was a no go, the brunette honestly looked a bit too fierce for him, the red head though? There was a gentleness in her eyes that Arthur thought might reassure him so he guessed his choice was made and soon he was being led away to somewhere more private, hands clammy with nerves.

Silas’ plan to see Galehaut was foiled by his own thoughts, fate seemed to have other ideas though because as Silas stepped away, the door opened and Galehaut went To step out before starting at the sight of Silas. He hasn’t expected the prince to be outside his door, and He felt that he hardly ever saw Silas without Arthur so this was most unusual. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame. “You here to see me?” He asked although he felt the question was pretty moot, basically none of the other Knights liked Silas and that feeling seemed to go both ways. “You need me to make out with you In front of someone again?” He joked before quieting somewhat. It felt weird to see Silas alone. Was Arthur in trouble? Is that why he was here? Would Silas really seek him out for that, he guessed the others might not believe him or it might be something sensitive that Arthur couldn’t share with the others. Or…was Silas here for that chat Galehaut had offered him?
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