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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

Gaheris certainly appeared shocked and Gavin's words, But seemed to believe them well enough. He was voicing his disapproval, But it seemed he was willing to keep his mouth shut on the matter. Gavin's expression was gentle. Saying softly. "Perhaps, I am aware me and him can't last, But... He makes me happy. " There was no future for her and Lance. But she enjoyed her time with him. Would continue to enjoy it. Gavin then tilted her head before saying. "Oh Gaheris, Don't you know its my job to look after you. Not the other way around?" She spoke, Leaning forward to give him a small kiss on the cheek. As she told him. "Don't worry, I promise if I were in trouble I'd come to you. " She ensured. Gaheris was willing to trust his sister. Such should keep him from finding out about Lance. They'd need to be more careful next time Gavin thought. Dancing while Gaheris had been here had been far too risky.

(We could maybe have him start drinking after Ruth scolds him? But yeah, We can go ahead and skip to Arthur! Should we have Arthur talk with Ethan first? Then Silas and him go to town? Oh, I imagine Ethan and Arthur's conversation isn't going to go well! )
(Sounds good. Yeah Lance will probably be moping about all the women he’s not meant to see and Caleb is just like: why are you drinking all alone?)

Arthur felt like his stomach was full of knots. Ethan would not want to see him and that was perfectly reasonable given what he’d said to him but Arrhur knew he had to try and make it right. Things with Caroline were at least better, he still felt bad for making her feel that way but Lenny had patched over some of the initial hurt he guessed. Honestly it was a bit difficult to get Caroline to be honest to him about her feelings but he hadn’t seen her crying recently so that was something! God, how bad has his marriage gone that he was measuring it in tears?

Anyway, Arthur had been spending his nights keeping his wife company as well as a lot of his days too, and any other time was usually spent with Silas so he hadn’t had the best chances at going to talk to Ethan, and also he’d been dreading it, what Ethan might say to him. He couldn’t put it off any longer though and he forced himself to Ethan’s door, feeling like maybe he should’ve brought a gift as a peace offering, but alas he was only going with words And a deeply apologetic look on his face.

He knocked and waited apprehensively, wishing he could take back all those horrid things he’d said but knowing that at the same time his chest felt a little lighter not having them bottled up. He’d wished he’d been nicer about it, enquired more genuinely, expressed his worry more carefully but no he’d spat venom at Ethan instead.
(Caleb's so going to be judging Lance! )

The spat between Arthur and Ethan had left things in a certainly awkward state between the two. One difficult to patch up, As Ethan had done his best to avoid Arthur the last few days. Keeping himself busy with work and trying to rid himself of the many bitter emotions that lingered in his chest. A task harder said then done.
But, While Ethan might have been content to avoid things, Arthur it seemed was not. Was once more seeking Ethan out late into the evening. The young man had of course been in his room. Tired from the days activities and preparing to get some rest when he heard the knock. And well... He froze.

Perhaps it was his father come to get him for some last minute chore? Or Susan wanting to go out to town with him? Except no, A part of Ethan knew exactly who was on the other side of the door. Arthur, Perhaps he could continue what he'd been doing the last few days? Avoid him? Go quiet and pretend he was not in, Arthur would no doubt eventually leave. But such was perhaps cowardly and Ethan narrowed his eyes. Looking down in thought for a time before he finally started moving to the door. Taking a steading breath before finally opening it.

It seemed he was right, Arthur stood there. His expression apologetic and sweet. Though Ethan soon was averting his gaze. Leaning against the door frame and saying quietly. "Arthur... Why are you back? " And his voice was rather tired. Arms crossing. This hurt, Being near Arthur was difficult. At times, Ethan missed him. Arthur had been his first love after all. But there relationship was in tatters and Ethan did not see any hope in mending it. He then asked bitterly. "I figured you'd steer clear of me from now on? " Arthur had mentioned how he should have done such before after all.
( to be fair he deserves it)

Step one was down, Arthur had mustered up the courage and knocked. Step two was Ethan answering which he actually did! Now for step three, making sure he didn’t slam it in his face. Ethan wasn’t shooing him away immediately though which gave Arthur a little bit of hope in rescuing the situation somewhat. He winced a little at the jab but he had to do this. “I know I said some nasty things to you, horrible things, unforgivable things” Arthur started. “But I need to apologise to you.” There were No two ways about it.

”I’m sorry Ethan, for treating you that way, for crossing that line. I don’t like who I was that night” he admitted, scrunching his face in the shame of how he’d acted. “You didn’t deserve That and I shouldn’t have said those things to you,” Not that he hadn’t thought them. “I won’t lie, I was worried about those things. It frightened me a little how quickly you were willing to endanger Aiden but I understand it wasn’t out of spite but your own fear, I get that, and I know it’s stupid of me to worry about whether your family has secrets or not but I couldn’t help it. Still, if I was going to talk to you about it, I should’ve done it a lot calmer and not approached it in that way. I should’ve listened to you”

“I was inappropriate as well with my …. suggestions, and my accusations” he confessed. He shouldn’t have come onto Ethan like that then brought up Galehaut! “I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable and who you see is none of my business. I’d just like you to be happy” he explained. “And I’m also sorry for all the other hurt I’ve caused you, the confusion and the betrayal. I wish I’d been better to you” Even though he’d been drugged he should’ve spoken to Ethan, let him know what was going on, not just kept him in the dark. “Ethan, I’m so sorry and if there’s anything, anything at all, I can do to make it up to you then please tell me. I don’t want us to be on bad terms. I care about you a lot” He figured that Ethan would always have a special place in his heart for being his first in a lot of things and for setting him down his current journey in self discovery.
Ethan kept his gaze off of Arthur, Tensing when Arthur began to speak. But it seemed Arthur was here to apologize and Ethan was uncertain how to feel. Arthur's words felt genuine. But Ethan still felt... Hurt from that previous night. Even so eventually Ethan looked up at Arthur and the man's face was clearly remorseful. It was hard to hate Arthur when he looked at him like that. He spoke of Ethan's relationships being none of his business, And he wanted to know if there was something he could do, To make up for his words. Ethan hesitated for a few moments. Before finally saying. "Arthur, You're the only person I've ever been with. " He probably didn't need to say that, But felt he needed to. To further explain himself.

He then continued after a moment. "And I still care about you. I really do. But.. " And he found himself trailing off. Uncertain how best to word his next statement. Finally, He managed. "I don't want to be around you further. It... Maybe in the future. But right now? I just want to move on with my life. " It hurt to say. Not that long ago, Ethan had been willing to risk a lot to be with Arthur. But that wasn't the case anymore.

Ethan just wanted to move on, Try to focus on his life. His job. Perhaps eventually the hurt feelings would fade and him and Arthur could regain a friendly relationship. But right now? Ethan would rather just keep his distance. Ethan figured he could find work with his dad. Remain here when Arthur and the others went to return back home. Though Ethan decided not to voice such thoughts.
Arthur really wanted to make it up to Ethan and do right by him. He’d missed having Ethan around. It was nice having Silas to spend time with now but he did often miss Ethan’s sweetness and how reassuring it was to be around him when he didn’t know what he was doing, they were both new to these sorts of relationships really unlike Silas who was leagues more experienced than him, and Galehaut had seemed to be too. Sometimes it made Arthur feel…embrassed? Self conscious? He didn’t know but at least a little uncomfortable and childish.

“oh” Ethan’s suggestion hurt more than it had any right too. He’d cheated on Ethan, with more than one person, and they weren’t together any more but it still felt like a hatchet being buried into his heart as Ethan explained he’d like to be left alone. The force of it nearly made him take a step back. He hadn’t know Ethan long but they’d grown close very quickly and the idea that he would no longer be in his life? It felt strange. They’d not really talked much since breaking up, they’d chatted a little and Ethan had comforted him about Morgan’s drugging but aside from that they’d not interacted a great deal so Arthur guessed it wouldn’t really change his daily life much but it was more the fact that the possibility would not longer be there, that Ethan as closing that door and shutting off that avenue to him and it all felt so disgustingly final. But what could Arthur do? He didn’t really want to find Ethan about it, as much as he wanted to be Ethan’s friend and in his life, forcing his way in wasn’t the way to do it and if this would help him heal then that’s what a real friend would do. It didn’t stop the feeling that he was verging on crying though.

”if..if thats what you want” Arthur said. “Then that’s what I’ll do” He wanted to fix this as much as the solution hurt. “I’m really going to miss you Ethan” he admitted. “Can I just ask one thing? I know I don’t deserve that, that you shouldn’t give me the time of day but please….before I go, really go, all the way back home, can you come and say goodbye?” He asked,”I….I just think it might tear a hole in me otherwise“ He wanted some sort of closure before going back to his own kingdom snd he understood that was a while away but if he asked Ethan now then by the time it rolled around he might have warmed up to the idea. “I’ll go now” he murmured. “I….I’m sorry” he repeated with a sad smile before turning on his heel to leave Ethan alone, feeling waves of sadness washing over him at the rather definitive end of his first real relationship. Goodness he felt tender and emotionally sore, as if his heart was bruised and there were definitely tears in his eyes now. He wasn’t really sure wheee he was going but his feet soon planted him outside Silas’ door, habit at this stage and he wiped at his eyes a little frustratedly before knocking on Silas’ door. He didn’t spend all his nights here anymore, best to be polite since he didn’t know what Silas was up to.
Ethan could practically hear the hurt that laced Arthur's voice. This... was hard. But Arthur seemed willing to accept his decision. Didn't argue. Something that Ethan was glad for. Ethan didn't want to fight with Arthur anymore. The other night had been horrible. But, Arthur did have a request. One that caused Ethan to pause for a moment. Before nodding. It seemed he was willing to see him atleast once more. Soon enough though Arthur was leaving Ethan be, And Ethan watched him go. A heavy sigh coming from him as he closed the door. Leaning against it. Tears had begun to form in his eyes but he soon wiped them away. This was for the best.

It seemed Arthur was soon seeking out Silas for some form of comfort. Luckily, Silas was in his room. "Just a minute. " Silas voice could be heard threw the doorway. Before soon enough the door itself was opening. It seemed Silas must have just finished a bath, As his hair was a bit damp. It probably wasn't that surprising. The hour was late and he had no doubt been preparing for bed. But Silas soon found himself pausing at the sight of Arthur. He could see the redness in his eyes. Evidence of crying and Silas was frowning. "Arthur? What happened? " He began. Hesitating for only a moment before he stepped aside. Gesturing for Arthur to come into his room. Figuring it was better to talk in the privacy of his room.

Luckily for Arthur, Silas did not have any guests currently in his room. Well, Besides his Cheetah. The animal laid lazily on the bed. Merely flicking its ear when Arthur entered, But showed no other evidence of planning to getting up. Silas then was asking. "You... Want to talk about it? " He didn't know what had happened. But something had to have happened Silas figured. But... Arthur might not want to speak on the matter. Might prefer to simply forget about it or something.
Silas was letting him in, fresh from a bath it seemed and Arthur trundled in, making his way towards the bed. He sort of just wanted to curl up in it and cuddle with Silas, feel some sense of warmth and comfort. Instead he pushed a hand into the cheetah’s fur, going to give the cat a stroke. He felt in his time sleeping in Silas’ room that the cat had become used to him, he'd certainly grown fond of the creature himself, and he hoped he wouldn’t get bit for his trouble. He focused on the cheetah’s spots for a moment before letting Silas know about his troubles. Oh, Silas always did such a good job of looking out for him, he couldn’t thank him enough for it, he felt Soppy even thinking about it.

”Ethan never wants to see me again” he sniffled, wiping at his eyes again. Saying it was making him feel even worse, admitting it. “I…I said some horrible things to him the other night.“ He’d been terrible that night. “I came onto him, and he rejected me, and I didn't take it well and I lashed out.” His behaviour has been unacceptable. “I understand him not wanting to speak to me, even after I apologised, I‘m not entitled to his forgiveness but…” it still hurt. He wasn’t used to his apologies not working either, or at least not smoothing things over enough.

”I miss him” he admitted, looking at Silas more fully now. “I know that’s a stupid thing to say after everything that’s happened, but I do and I wish things hadn't ended like that but it’s my fault for not keeping my mouth shut“ he’d made the situation worse and now there seemed to be no way back. He was feeling quite distressed. “I just Feel terrible” he admitted, but what right did he really have? He’d caused this mess. He’d made his bed now he had to lie in it.
Luckily for Arthur, The animal did not seem to mind him petting it. A soft rumble came from the animal, Resembling a purr. So it could be assumed the cheetah atleast some what enjoyed the attention. Meanwhile, Silas moved closer. Sitting down beside Arthur and listening patiently as the other talked. So it seemed Caroline wasn't the only one Arthur had upset. But... This perhaps was not that unexpected. Ethan had seemingly been keeping his distance from Arthur for sometime. Arthur's outburst the other night had simply been the final straw to make Ethan fully end it.

Arthur was obviously broken up about it. Him and Ethan had been close, But Silas didn't know how to comfort Arthur. Still tried. "Hey, Maybe he just needs more time. I could talk to him? " Though he soon paused, Nose wrinkling as he thought the matter over for a moment. Soon continuing. "Actually that might make things worse. " Silas and Ethan had never really gotten along. If Silas got involved... Well, Things could escalate. Perhaps he could ask Galehaut to talk to Ethan? Eventually, For now... Letting the situation rest for a bit might be for the best. But that didn't solve the hurt feelings in the moment.

So Silas gently nudged Arthur. Saying softly. "Hey... How about we do something to take your mind off it? We could raid the wine cellar? Or go out to town or something? " He encouraged. Once again, That wasn't a solution. But really, At the moment it seemed something they could do little about. So maybe it would be best to simply try to do something to cheer Arthur up.
Silas was sweet, offering to try and fix things but Arthur knew he had to accept things how they were, as much as it hurt he had to respect Ethan’s decision and any attempt to circumvent it would likely make things worse and stop any rebuilding of trust or positive emotions. Arthur was resigned to his fate, was just feeling sad about it. The fact that Silas wanted to help though did make him feel a little better, made him feel a little less hopeless.

Oh, drinking. Arthur‘s last time of being properly drunk is what had caused this whole mess but usually it gave him a nice sort of numbness and Silas was with him this time, hopefully he wouldn’t burn any more bridges. “We haven’t been to town in a while” he murmured, not to drink at least and he quite like the dark sky above the cold streets whenever they went out at night. He liked when they got drunk snd he couldn’t feel the full strength of the stinging Cold but he could feel the warmth of Silas’ arm.

”but Caroline,…” he said, he’d been back in his wife’s bed the last few nights, she might find it odd that he wasn’t there, maybe he should leave her a note or something? Maybe she’d think he was slipping back into old habits which he guessed he sort of was but was he not allowed any time to himself? Caroline might like some alone time too rather than him smothering her. No, a trip To the town would be nice, it was just one night and Caroline would probably question why he seemed down anyway, he couldnt Explain the situation to her so really he was saving himself from lying to her by going out with Silas.
Arthur seemed to enjoy the idea of going out to town. Silas already had a few ideas of places they could go. But Arthur seemed to have some concerns. But Silas soon was brushing the aside. "Caroline will be fine for one night. " He informed. Rising to his feet and going towards his dresser. Well, It seemed they were going to be going out, So Silas was soon looking threw his clothes to find something a bit better for venturing out into the cold. He then asked. "Will it just be us? Or do you want to invite Galehaut? " Silas had begun to warm up to the man. But Arthur also seemingly liked him atleast a bit. Him being there might further help cheer up Arthur! Or maybe it would make things worse.

Silas soon had some clothes picked out, And for a moment he considered changing just right where he was. Arthur had seen everything before, And Silas was hardly modest. But... He was aware very much of Arthur's desire to simply be friends. A part of him did not want to push boundaries to much. So he then turned to move towards his bathroom. Telling Arthur. "I'll be ready to go in a minute. You ought to go ahead and get your coat ready. " Arthur had some clothes remaining in Silas's room afterall. Though they had perhaps not been used as often lately considering Arthur had been staying ore often with Caroline.

Silas then was entering the bathroom. Closing the door behind him and leaving Arthur alone with the cheetah. Alas the animal had already fallen back asleep. It really was a lazy cat, But Silas had mentioned before that the cheetah was rather old. The old lady probably could use some sleep!
Caroline wouldn’t miss him for one night, right? He’d put in a lot of time with her, he wasn’t abandoning her, just having a guy’s night. He scrunched his nose up at the mention of Galehaut. He’d accused Ethan of being with the man and then gone and slept with Galehaut himself, it sort of left a bitter taste in his mouth plus they weren’t really that close even if they were getting on better than they had before, he’d quite like just a night with Silas, he felt they hadn’t hung out properly together in a while. “Just us” he mumbled.

Arthur was upset, had an inner turmoil going on over Ethan but he still noticed how Silas didn’t change in front of him. Funny how he always seemed to be pay a bit more attention around Silas. He didn’t say anything though, didn’t want to make things awkward. They were both aware of the mutual feelings they had towards each other, the kiss they’d shared had given way to feelings on both side and with how Arthur had acted before it was obvious that it wasn’t just the drink but Arthur had also insisted on just being friends, it’d be for the best long term.

Arthur climbed to his feet after giving the cheetah one more stroke and went to fish out his coat from the things left remaining in Silas’ room. He didn’t mind the cold as much as he once had, it felt nicer when he was with someone particularly Silas. “We going anywhere in particular?” He asked, maybe they’d wind up at the same bar as they had that first night they’d gone out? It still brought a smile to his face thinking of Silas laying in the snow with him, the stars twinkling up above and his hand warm holding Silas’.they probably shouldn’t keep going to the same places though, itd be good to experience something new. He trusted Silas would look out for him and help cheer him up which was maybe a lot of pressure but Silas always could make him happier.
It seemed Arthur didn't want to invite anyone else. Which was fine by Silas. It was... Nice it just being the two of them. Though Silas tried not to linger on that thought. Soon enough dressed and walking out of the bathroom. Silas paused at the question. Considering it for a moment before offering. "...How about we go gambling? " Silas knew a few shady places they could go. It would let Arthur see more of the city! They could have a fun time exploring around. The weather while cold, Was not to bad and it would be nice going for a little walk. Silas then gestured for Arthur to follow him. Moving out the door.

The question was, How were they going to get out? Silas's preferred method of sneaking out was of no use. But... Silas supposed they didn't need to sneak. Rayner had not been paying much attention to them lately. Silas doubted they'd be barred from leaving. So they could probably just use the front door!

Silas then glanced back towards Arthur, Saying playfully. "Whatever happens, You're not allowed to gamble away the castle. " He said teasingly. Though they had plenty of coin to spare. Really they were simply going for the fun of the game. Silas could recall Ronan often doing such things. Silas had joined him plenty, But those were darker thoughts. Ones he quickly shook from his mind.
The idea of gambling took Arthur a bit by surprise, enough to stop the last bits of his sniffling. He’d never really done much betting, it’s not like he wanted for money and most of the knights weren’t stupid enough to take the crown prince and Alexander’s only heir to a backwater gambling den. Arthur didn’t exactly frequent seedy places. “I guess“ he murmured, Silas wouldn’t suggest it unless some fun could be had and he was aware enough to know that alcohol and gambling often went hand in hand. He could always watch Silas if he didn’t want to participate himself he guessed but might as well give it a try.

Arthur finished doing homework his coat and trotted after Silas. Rayner hadn’t been as involved lately but some fo the guards still might report back to the king and let him know they’d gone out. They might not be stopped but they may be questioned upon their return. Arthur wasn’t entirely against climbing out a window should it come to it. Caroline did it often enough, surely he could handle it! He smiled a little at the teasing, already feeling his prints picking up a little. “My castle or your castle?” He shot back. Not that he had any right to Rayner’s castle but people sometimes bet with things they didn’t have.

Arthur moved so he was walking next to Silas rather behind him, his shoulder brushing with the other prince. “Do you gamble a lot? I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that it’s new to me” Silas had experienced so much more than him it seemed. “I mean everything’s new to me” he added. “be honest, do you think it’s ridiculous how little I’ve experienced?” He asked with a frown. The knights went out and got drunk, had fun and whilst Arthur was one of the knights he wasn’t exactly brought along on all their trips, he was protected somewhat by his dislike of alcohol and his status, no one really wanted to get into trouble with Alexander over taking Arthur somewhere dangerous. Alexander wanted his son to be less naïve, more cynical and worldly but also it was difficult as for a long time he’d been the only heir plus no one wanted to bring Arthur along and find him disapproving of their activities, surroundings or company. If they were to say pursue a courtesan then Arthur may voice his disagreement with the ethics and bring down the mood.
Arthur atleast seemed willing to give gambling a try. Hopefully it would atleast provide a decent distraction! Silas soon grinned at Arthur's words. Saying teasingly. "I'll let you figure that one out. " Hopefully neither castle! Though the idea was certainly a amusing one. Arthur was soon walking at Silas's side, Silas couldn't help but find himself rather aware of how close the two were. Though he did his best to temper such thoughts. Instead he paused at the question. He then confessed. "No, But I often used to watch Ronan do it. " It had been how Silas had been introduced to many of the more seedy places in the city. Following Ronan around. Arthur seemed to be worried about his own inexperienced. Something that caused Silas's expression to become one of amusement.

The two were soon stepping outside into the cold air as Silas focused on Arthur. Saying. "Hardly, It is not so uncommon for someone to be unused to such things. I doubt Caroline has gone gambling before either. " He pointed out. No, Silas thought Arthur was fine. If anything he found his behavior cute. Silas then pointed out. "I think those you are friends with just tend to be more rowdy then most. " Silas himself could be rather wild, And he doubted most of the knights were very tame. It would be easy to see oneself as inexperienced when comparing oneself to them.

Walking along, The two were soon enough away from the castle walls. No guards had attempted to stop them, So Silas assumed they were in the clear. Silas then thought for a moment before grinning at Arthur. "But... if you are feeling that inexperienced, Is there something particular you'd like to try? " Silas wasn't sure exactly what to offer. But Arthur might have something in mind that he'd like to try. Though he might think gambling was enough for tonight.
Silas was used to tagging along with Ronan it seemed and Arthur wasn’t surprised the other man had been fond of gambling but he kept that to himself, he knew Silas was still struggling with the loss of his long time lover and wouldn’t really appreciate too much bad said against him. Silas was no longer the follower though, he was the leader now, introducing Arthur to shady places. Arthur wasn’t the only one with little experience though, Caroline at least didn’t frequent less than reputable establishments but Arthur would still say she was more adventurous than him, sneaking out to hunt lizards and the like! “Maybe I like a bad boy” Arthur joked, he did know quite a lot of rowdy men, Silas was right about that.

Arthur wrapped his arms around himself to protect against the cold a bit more and made sure to keep near Silas so he could benefit from his body warmth somewhat. “I don’t know what there is to try” Arthur countered. “That’s why I’m trusting you to take me somewhere fun” he pointed out. How could he know what to do and try if he’d never done anything? He’d heard the knights talk about a few things he guessed but they’re not things that would really spring to his mind to remember to try. “Anything outside sparring and balls, rest assured I have not done it“

“what else did Ronan get up to?” Arthur suggested, they could try and recreate one of his nights, Arthur was sure the man got up to some seedy business although maybe it wasn’t wise to follow in his footsteps, he hadn’t been the nicest. ”what would you say most men get up to in the city?” not that Arthur and Silas were close to being most men. He was tempted to thread his arm through Silas’, keep him close and to keep them warm, he liked touching Silas but he let the thought flit away without doing it, he didn’t want to make Silas uncomfortable, maybe when he was drunk he’d end up doing that. “Should we go wild tonight?” Who knew when they’d next be out on the town, Arthur was spending his nights with Caroline after all and Silas was trying to move on, they still hung out but in tamer capacities as of late.
Arthur spoke of possibly liking bad boys. Which, Silas couldn't help but find amusing. He seemed to have some faith in Silas picking some fun chaos for the to get up to. Though he paused at the topic of Ronan. Considering the topic for a moment before saying. "Gambling mostly, But he also occasionally used to visit a local brothel often enough. " Though that might be a bit too much for Arthur to handle. Then again, Maybe some new company would do him some good? As for what other men got up to. Silas considered things before saying. "The city is large. So a bit of everything really. Though for more wild things? Hmm... " Drinking was a common thing. But Arthur seemed to want to enjoy the night. So it might be best not to get too drunk to fast.

Arthur was into fighting though, Normally sword play. But... Silas then said. "Theres a tavern not to far that has a small arena set up? I've only been once so I can't say I know much about it. But when I did go, They had matches where people would fight. It was all done without any weapons. It could be a interesting thing to check out? " By then, The two were reaching the town. Despite it being a bit late, Things still were active. Many shops still keeping open despite the hour. It did help to make things easier to navigate. Lanterns placed outside providing a constant source of light. But the moon was also high and full, Making the visibility a bit better as well.

Silas then mused. "Of course, We could always bar hop. But... We'd need to pace ourselves. " One of the two of them was a bit of a light weight after all. Even if they were careful, Silas figured they'd only make two or three bars before they'd need to get a room. Because Silas wasn't going to be able to drag a drunk Arthur back home.
A brothel? With Silas tagging along? That seemed a bit rude unless they’d gone there together…. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to know that much about what their love life had been like but it did give him a few questions. Had Ronan asked for men or women? Did he go there a lot? A lot with Silas or by himself? From the short time he’d known Ronan, he’d seemed possessive of Silas yet he was clearly a hypocrite if he’d been frequenting a brothel. Arthur wasn’t sure how he felt about brothels to be perfectly honest, the idea made him a bit squirmy and uncomfortable, he didn’t like the thought of taking advantage Of someone but at the same time he knew it was some people’s livelihoods and that without customers many people would be starving. It’s not exactly a place he’d ever thought of going to but then again he knew he could be a bit of a prude and also he wouldn’t know what to ask for, a man to be true to himself or a woman to keep up the pretence but at least get some relief.

The suggestion of fighting was a bit more familiar. It actually sounded quite interesting and wondered how rough it’d be. Fighting the other knights was not as real, he imagine if he entered into such an arena then they wouldn’t hold back. Maybe that would be fun, except he knew his father and knights Like Percival would kill him if they found out, plus Caroline might not be too happy if he came back with a busted lip or something, especially since his bruises from Galehaut had just healed. He was a good fighter but he couldn’t imagine that he’d come out of it unscathed.

Bar hopping was more of their usual activity but no it’s be good to try something new. “let’s start with gambling and see where the night takes us“ Arthur insisted. “but you know it’s not just about me having fun right?” He checked. It was very nice of Silas to take him out and look after him but Silas needed to have more fun than just babysitting him! “i’ll go anywhere you want to, like the brothel!” He promised, he wanted to show Silas he wouldn’t hold him back. He wasn’t sure what he’d do whilst Silas was busy though, twiddle his thumbs he guessed. Silas had said he’d start taking partners again and if he’d come here with Ronan before….maybe it’d be familiar territory for him to get back in the game with.
Arthur seemed to want to start with Gambling. Probably a safe bet. What could go wrong? And If Arthur got bored of it they could always try out somewhere else. But Arthur wasn't only thinking of himself. A amused expression grew on Silas's face at his words. Before he laughed at the mention of going to the brothel. Saying. "Arthur, You don't have to be so coy about it. You can just say if you want to go to a brothel. I'll hardly judge. " It seemed Silas might have gotten the wrong impression from Arthur's words. Or maybe he was teasing him? It was hard to tell. But Silas then promised. "We can check it out after gambling. " He said, His tone a bit more teasing.

Silas took a moment to recall the location of where they were headed. Before turning and taking Arthur's hand. Not really thinking much of the action as he pulled Arthur forward. Urging. "C'mon, This way! " He encouraged. Beginning to lead Arthur threw the streets. Slowly leaving the more fancier streets and making there way towards more... Rugged areas. Maybe not the safest place for them to be. But Arthur was a knight, Would not be someone that others would want to mess with. So they likely were safe.

It had been a while since Silas had been gambling. Memories of Ronan leading him down similar paths kept coming to mind. It was difficult to be rid of such thoughts. But... Silas hoped after a few drinks they'd fade. He could just focus on enjoying the night with Arthur. This was about making Arthur feel better! Eventually as they went threw the street. A tavern was coming into view. Silas could already tell there was some activity in side. Good, They should be able to find a table to gamble with. Silas then joked softly. "Well, Hopefully we won't lose too much coin. " Arthur had not been to such a place before after all. And Silas had only ever been with Ronan. So they weren't exactly experts. But hey! They'd figure it out.
Arthur’s cheeks burned as Silas talked about the brothel. He was going to assume that Silas was teasing him, even if Silas thought he genuinely wanted to go then he’d still be teased. A brothel didn’t much suit Arthur’s style though and Silas likely recognised this, still Arthur would admit that he was at least curious. He’d never been inside such an establishment although he’d heard knights talk about them. Usually he would’ve protested against Silas’ words, spluttered that it wasn’t for him, but he knew any arguments he might make would only make it seem more like it’s what he wanted. So, it seemed it’d be gambling then a brothel! Not how Arthur thought his night would originally turn out. Oh Caroline was not going to be happy when she found out he figured.

Arthur was soon blushing for another reason though; Silas’ hand in his was warm and sweet, squeezing it back as he followed after the other prince. Arthur did not know where they were, not that he usually would since it was a foreign city to him but it certainly wasn’t where they’d been before. It seemed the tavern up ahead was their destination and Silas was talking softly in jest. “Oh, you wanna bet how much we’ll lose?” He joked back, going to overtake Silas and tug him after himself, only letting their hands drop as he went to push open the door.

He didn’t know why but he’d expected a gambling den to be more out of the way, in a cave perhaps. A literal den! Arthur had practically no experience in this sort of thing - he didn’t play card games often, in fact the most gambling he’d probably done is join in when knights had bet who’d win a fight or a horse race or hunting success, not that Arthur did much hunting either, not really his sport to track down innocent creatures and kill them. He understood for food but for fun? Not so much.
Arthur soon enough was joking along as well, And it was nice. He already seemed a bit more cheerful then earlier and Silas hoped the mood would stay that way. Silas was a bit surprised when Arthur took the lead. Hurrying to keep pace. Even when Arthur let go of his hand, Silas kept close to him. Stepping inside after him. Glad to find the tavern warmer then the outside. Despite the place being rather out of the way. It was busy enough. Gambling might have been looked down upon by many in the city. But it was not illegal and Silas could see a few tables playing card games. Though Silas seemed to be searching for something as he looked around.

Silas eventually must have found what he was looking for. As he nudged Arthur, Gesturing for him to follow as he began walking along. Leading towards a table more in the corner where a few men sat. Seeming in a game. Though one of the men paused from his action. Glancing up as he spotted Silas approaching and giving a sharp grin. "Ah, Silas. I haven't seen you in a while, You and Ronan come to join a game? " He greeted. Seemed Silas had been looking for someone familiar to play with. Silas was soon smiling. Saying. "Its just me this time, I brought a friend though. " He explained. Already going to slide into a seat. He wasn't much interested in explaining Ronan's fate. Luckily the man seemed satisfied with the answer. Didn't ask any questions.

Though he did seem curious about Arthur. Musing. "A friend huh? Well, I'm happy to empty his pockets! " His words had a certain joking tone to them. So far he seemed rather friendly. Another reason Silas might have went to him. The man was even offering his hand to shake. Saying. "I'm Levi, Its a delight to meet you. " Silas though rolled his eyes. Saying. "Arthur, I recommend you be careful with that one. He's not lying about emptying pockets. The guy has fast hands. " Silas was only slightly joking. He knew from previous experience that Levi could certainly be a bit sneaky. But this place was a bit... Shady, So one might could make the claim about many of the patrons.
The tavern was alive with business and Arthur was already quite enjoying the atmosphere. It was nice to be around so many talking voices, reminded him of being around the knights, plus it was warm and Arthur of course preferred that over the stinging cold of outside. It was an inn out of the way but it didn’t seem that shady, and whilst Arthur didn’t know much about gambling, he felt that this was a good start. He followed after Silas to the table and it seemed not everyone here was a stranger to Silas. It was cementing what Silas had said earlier though, he’d gone to all these places with Ronan and he wondered if that was hard for him. Ronan’s death had been some time ago now but the two had been together a long time, Arthur knee hurt didn’t fade that easily. Maybe he should talk to Silas about it another time, offer him a shoulder to cry on if he just wanted to speak about Ronan. Who else could he talk to about it? Caroline might’ve known a bit about Ronan but not all the intricacies, didn’t know about Silas telling Ronan to cause trouble leading to his death. Arthur didn’t imagine there was really any one else at the castle that Silas could talk to about it. Yeah, he might bring it up soon just to test the waters; he wanted to be there for Silas as much as Silas was there for him.

He had noticed how Silas had called him a friend and whilst at this point it was probsbly obvious that they were at least friends, if nothing more, it still made him feel warm inside. Of course he considered them friends but to hear Silas say it? Yeah it was nice. Silas’ acquaintance wasn’t the most upstanding citizen though, although he guessed maybe that was to be expected. Still, Arthur offered him a smile and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you” he agreed, going to sit down beside Silas. Arthur did wonder if people here knew Silas’ status. A rich boy and a guard coming in probably drew some attention plus he shared the same name as the prince? Maybe it could be brushed off as coincidence, but Arthur? He looked foreign, he knew that and the same name as the visiting prince? He imagined if they’d hadn’t known before then they probably did now bust he guessed that just meant more people would want them to play, they clearly had the money to spend.

So were they playing The game at this table? Arthur hoped the rules were easy to learn and he could pick it up quickly, not that he was really expecting to win any hands; Arthur and Silas weren’t in need of coin, they just wanted some fun. “Am I going to get any rules explained to me or do I just have to guess?“ Arthur asked Silas with a small smile. Maybe it’d be a game he’d played before but not with gambling! Still, this was a different kingdom, they might have different rules for games. Maybe he should sit out and watch for s couple of rounds? His smile grew a bit more devious as he considered what Silas had said a little whilst ago. “So I take it that Levi here has taken you for a lot of money in the past?” Silas had said about fast hands, was that first hand experience? He couldn’t imagine Ronan would have reacted well to being swindled but maybe he’d been up to his own tricks?
Arthur was soon enough joining Silas seated at the table. Seemed he was getting on well enough with Levi as well. Hopefully they might go a bit easy on him during the game! Oh, Who was anyone kidding? Even if they weren't sure of who Arthur and Silas were. Anyone would be able to tell they were wealthy, Folks would no doubt want to try there luck. Silas grinned. Musing. "I figured you could watch the first round, And I'll explain things as we go. Shouldn't be too hard to catch on. " Silas figured it would be best to allow Arthur to see how things were done. one of the men was soon enough dealing out the cards. But Levi seemed focused on the two men. Seeming just as amused by Arthur's comment. While Silas playfully pouted.

Silas then said. "Just a bit. " He complained. Earning a laugh from Levi. Who said. "More then a bit, Ronan still hasn't beat me. Sore loser that one is. " Levi noted. He could recall often being accused of cheating. Not that Ronan had ever found any proof of that. So it was perhaps a bit of mystery if he won threw skill or tricks. Silas averted his gaze at the talk of Ronan. It was perhaps hard, He wasn't going to mention the mans fate. But it.. Was a bit nice to recall better times. Silas then mused. "He always has hated you. But I mean, You did steal his dagger. " Causing Levi to grin. Tilting his head. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Its not my fault if he lost the thing right around the same time I happened to find one! "He spoke. Yeah... Maybe those fast hands weren't just during card games. Seemed Levi might have been a bit of a thief. Not that he'd likely admit to it.

Silas smiled slightly, But his gaze was still looking elsewhere. Not at Levi. Seeming a bit in thought. Something Levi did seem to take notice of. But he didn't probe for information. Instead leaning back in his seat before looking towards where a barmaid was working and shouting. "Hey woman, Bring us a round of drinks! " The lady sent him a glare at his words. Nose wrinkling a bit. Before turning on her heels and moving away. Hopefully to get them some drinks! Levi seemed satisfied, Looking back towards the table and gesturing to Arthur. "You'll be a bud and pay for that right? Good, Thanks for that! " He said cheerfully. Bright smile on his face.
Arthur nodded at the suggestion, seemed like a good idea although if Silas was bad at the game then Arthur might not have much hope with him as his teacher. He smiled gently as Silas admitted to losing money to Levi Although the conversation kept coming round to Ronan and he knew that must be hard for Silas. He noticed that Silas didn’t tell them Ronan was dead and he wasn’t sure I’d that was because he was unable to, or maybe because he just wanted Ronan to be alive somewhere, even if it was a gambling den in a back alley tavern. Arthur still wanted to comfort Silas though, ordinarily he might’ve reached for his hand or put a gentle hand against Silas’ arm or something but he figured that might be viewed a bit weirdly by Levi and the other so instead he went to knock his knee against Silas’ under the table, going to keep his leg pressed up against Silas’ so he could feel him next to him even if he already knew he was.

Arthur could imagine that Ronan was a sore loser, he’d seen the bruises on Silas after he’d rejected the man after all. It seemed Ronan didn’t just lose at cards though but also his personal belongings and Arthur was going to have to watch his pockets around Levi not that he’d brought lots of things with him. Levi was soon asking for drinks and Arthur frowned slightly, he talked to the barmaid a bit disrespectfully and then he was asking Arthur to pay. He didn’t want to start a fight but he also didn’t want Levi to think he could push him around, or others.

”the next round is on you” Arthur insisted to Levi, he knew he had money, wasn’t bothered so much at spending it, more at Levi’s behaviour but he let it mostly slide for the moment. “Now let’s see how good a cardsman you really are, unless it’s all just talk?” Arthur murmured, although he was sure Levi was good, especially if he was cheating, and Arthur wasn’t even playing this round but he was rooting for Silas. Arthur realised however that here Silas was willing to pretend Ronan was a live, would talk about him, which wasn’t really something he did often as Arthur assumed it was quite painful and Arthur had been curious about the man and his relationship with Silas. Did the people here know the two had been a couple? Again they weren’t exactly subtle but it was a public place so maybe they were more reserved, or maybe Silas had sat on his lap whilst Ronan had gambled. “anyway, Is there anyone Ronan doesn’t hate?” He said carefully, making sure to keep it present tense and only glance at Silas briefly. The man had never seemed the friendliest to him, seemed quick to irritate although admittedly Silas knew how to be irritating very well when he wanted to. “He always seems ill tempered to me” he admitted.
Silas could feel Arthur's touch. It for a moment surprised him, But it was nice knowing Arthur was there. Trying to comfort him. Still, He couldn't help his cheeks heating up a bit. No matter how much he tried to stop it. Him and Arthur were simply friends. That was all they'd ever be. Arthur seemed willing to pay, No surprise. They weren't exactly short on coin after all. Levi though shot Arthur a grin. Musing. "Maybe. " Yeah, They might struggle to get any coin out of Levi. He then grinned. "Eager to lose then? " But he was soon beginning the game. Luckily he seemed plenty happy to chat as they played.

It didn't take long before the drinks were arriving. Levi grinning at the barmaid as she arrived. "Thank you sweetheart. " Though such only earned a annoyed huff before she was turning and leaving them behind. He then was focusing on Arthur at his question. Though Silas stiffened a bit at the question. Levi then said. "Dunno, He's always seemed pretty fond of Silas. " Levi pointed out. He then looked at Silas. Grinning. "I remember when he first brought you here. You had seemed like a scared mouse! " He spoke teasingly. Nudging Silas. He then continued. "I'm surprised he brought you, You had to have been what, 15 or something? " Silas though shifted. Before saying. "14, And I wasn't a scared! " Pouting slightly at the last part.

It seemed Ronan had been taking Silas to rather unsavory places when he'd still been fairly young. Of course the two hadn't had a relationship at that time. But Silas had certainly looked up to Ronan then. Considering his relationship with his father, The man had been one of his few sources of comfort. Levi then said. "Anyway, You're right. He is a d*ck. " Silas was certainly uncomfortable with this line of talking. While he knew both Levi and Arthur were right, Ronan had not been the best of men. It was hard for Silas at times to really see that. Silas then spoke more quietly. "He cou-Can be sweet. " Focusing on looking at the cards in his hands.

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