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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

(It'll be sweet. I think Arthur and Gawain could really have a few bonding moments.
So question out of curiosity, Arthur often seems interested in encouraging Caroline to find another love interest. Do you think she should ever follow through with that? I'm not sure if she should or shouldn't. Though I do think it would be rather funny for Arthur to try and set Caroline up with someone. )

Arthur soon enough was greeting Caroline and her lizard. A amusing thing. Giving a small nod at his inquiry. Though then he was asking if she had waited up, And Caroline wasn't really sure how to answer. She didn't want to worry him, She shouldn't worry him. But... Maybe he would want her to wait for him. In the end she wasn't able to figure out a proper answer. Instead she dodged the question. "Its alright, I'm just glad you're back. " She informed, Before glancing down at her lizard in her hands. Seeming to perk up at the topic of it. Grinning. "Yeah, He's okay. Has started eating pretty well, I couldn't get him to eat the first day. " She was explaining. Alas, Her time to talk about the lizard was soon ending. As it seemed Arthur needed to get ready.

Caroline watched as he stepped into the bathroom. Glancing away in thought. She didn't want to make assumptions to wear he'd been. But... It was easy to make some guesses. That was his right, He could do what he wanted, Be with who he wanted. Caroline had been with Lance after all. But a part of her had hoped after how he had been recently, He might have been becoming more... Content with her. Sighing, She moved to go and set Lenny in his cage. Watched the lizard for a moment more before going to get herself ready for the day.

It didn't take Arthur long to finish his bath, Going to breakfast was another anxiety ridden thing. Seeing her father? The man had hardly said anything to her as of late. Maybe for the best, But Caroline couldn't help the disappointment. Her thoughts were soon disturbed by Arthur's voice. Pausing, Caroline glanced towards him. A little confused by what he ment. But then her cheeks were beginning to turn a bit red as she caught on. Perhaps that was part of what was wrong between them? Arthur wanting more intimate moments. The two weren't exactly the most active in the bedroom. And as of lately, Nothing had been going on between them. Caroline did not think such was normally the case for newlyweds. It just felt like another thing she was failing at.
Caroline then said. "I... I'm happy to be intimate more often. " She expressed. Awkwardly looking away. Seeming a bit embarrassed. Frankly whenever the two had been together, Well... It was obvious to Caroline there was no spark there. It could be a bit awkward if anything. Always lacked a certain passion unlike with Lance. Maybe Caroline just wasn't Arthur's type. That would explain his lack of interest somewhat. Maybe if she was prettier. Caroline then shifted. Saying. "I uh.. Arthur, Its okay if I'm not enough, If you are seeing others. I know I'm not what you want. "
(Oh I don’t know. He wants her to be happy and he doesn’t think he can make her happy. I feel like maybe she should try it and I can see her going for it more once she finds out that he’s into men. it wouldn’t have to last long necessarily but she could test things out)

Caroline loved talking about the lizard that much was clear, it was a good way of putting her in a better mood but Arthur knew he shouldn’t rely on it too much. Her happiness never seemed to last though, plagued by thoughts of her father and taken by surprise by Arthur’s topic of choice. His frown was instinctive as she replied, she didn’t exactly sound super keen at the idea, not that he’d expected her to jump up and down in joy but he didn’t want her to agree to something that she didn’t want, to agree because it’s what she thought he wanted. Maybe the atmosphere between them wasn’t charged like it had been for her and Lance but surely he could still bring her some pleasure?

Her words made him twinge with guilt and his cheeks flared. She knew what he’d been up to. He supposed it was sweet of her to say that, to try and reassure him, but it’s not what he wanted to hear even though that’s what she seemed to think he’d want her to say. “We’re not talking about what i want” Arthur replied. “You never tell me what you want“ Not often at least and often she was quick to back down if she thought it conflicted with what he might like and that was admittedly a bit annoying, he wanted Caroline to be her own person not just an echo of him and he wanted to follow her whims. “You can say no, I wont Be offended. I just thought that maybe you were missing being physical since we’re not trying for a baby anymore and Lance is back home” and as far as he was aware she hasn’t tried to pursue anyone else.

”you could approach Bryce if you’d prefer” he said, he had mentioned it to her before but she’d brushed it off. He didn’t know if it was because it was Bryce or the shock and hesitation after Lance. It might be a it difficult to explain it to Bryce, to get him to agree but she could always try, “or you could bring him in like you did Lance our first time” and that made sense now that he knew about the two of them but maybe she’d feel more passionate if she had someone else to show off for. Might be a bit awkward though for her to invite in her childhood Crush to watch her sleep with her husband with no Preamble. Caroline had previously suggested he himself bring in another person, more as a partner than a observer and he could suggest that in relation to Bryce, he just wasn't sure how that would go down or how he’d react to it when the time came, he’d never been in that situation before. “You don’t have to answer right away. You can think about it, and you can change your mind at any time, I just don’t want you to suffer silently” He turned back to the drawers, pulling out some clothes. ”and you are pregnant, I’ve heard quite a few knights mention that their wives got….friskier when they were expecting” he explained, he didn’t want her to have all these hormones driving her wild with no way to calm herself down.
( Sounds like a plan, I could see her trying things out at least. Especially when she finds out that Arthur is into men. )

Caroline couldn't help but tense when Arthur spoke up, Soon looking down at her feet. What did she want? Lance, But she couldn't have that. She had Arthur though, And well... She wanted to feel like he loved her. Maybe a silly thing, This was a arranged marriage. They didn't need to love each other. But was it so wrong to wish for something like that? Sometimes Arthur could be almost romantic, Especially as of late. But... It never felt like it lasted. Never felt real. It wasn't something she felt like she could even say. So she kept quiet. Keeping her gaze low.

He was saying she could say no. Which was sweet. But then he brought up Bryce again. It wasn't the first time he had suggested such. She knew his intentions were sweet. But it made her chest tighten. It just confirmed the lack of feelings between the two of them. He was so ready to encourage her to see another. Though then he was catching her off guard. Enough to make her look up at him and it was hard to get rid of the blush on her face. But... Maybe that was something Arthur was into. Others watching. It explained his desire for her to see another. With Lance things had been different. But Caroline supposed she understood how Arthur might get some sort of thrill from it. Would Bryce accept? No... She didn't much think such was something he accept. He was sweet but Caroline figured he would have been far tamer. Caroline didn't think she was much eager for a stranger to see her like that though. Still, Perhaps it would help things between her and Arthur? So she then suggested. "Maybe we could invite one of your knights? " They were Arthur's friends. He might have a idea of someone who'd accept. And oh, Caroline felt embarrassed just suggesting that.

Arthur seemed to think she should be friskier. Perhaps that was the case for some women, But Caroline wasn't really feeling frisky. But perhaps that was simply due to her feeling sick often. It was hard to feel in the mood when one was throwing up. Did Arthur want her to be friskier? He had to? Caroline knew he was concerned with her own wants. So she shifted. Saying. "I.. I suppose I have been feeling a bit hormonal lately. " That wasn't technically a lie! She had felt a bit emotional. Could she also count the throwing up as hormonal? Probably not. But it wasn't a total lie.
(Yeah once she finds out I imagine everything will start to make more sense and she’ll accept his support more freely, or maybe feel hurt and confused he hadn’t told her beforehand and want to seek comfort elsewhere)

It was very hard to have a conversation when not all the cards were on the table. Arthur and Caroline had different reasons for their reactions and what they each thought about the other wasn’t the whole truth. It was like trying to have a conversation with someone speaking a different language. Arthur assumed one thing might get her going and because he’d suggested it she figured that it was his flavour Of choice. It could end up being a sticky situation where they were both agreed to do something neither idea them really wanted whilst assuming the other did.

Arthur almost choked at the suggestion of one of the knights, his cheeks burning but his back was to Caroline as he searched for his clothes. Was she into knights then? Silas had said that she seemed to like heroes, knights in shining armour, maybe that was quite literal. She had previous history, what with Lance, and they were mostly handsome men. He supposed if that’s what she wanted…..but Arthur felt extremely awkward at that suggestion. He was friends with the knights but like that?…. He was so sure. Lance had been….was… more confident than most, and had been a closer friend, plus knew Arthur’s situation. No, it’d be hard to find someone who would be as suitable. And wasn’t that a weird thing to search for. Percival? He thought the man was rather gorgeous but that was not a conversation he wanted to have with him. Gawain was his cousin so no thank you. Really the only suggestion he’d have thought was Galehaut but Caroline thought he was dating Silas so that might be awkward. “I can ask if you see a knight you like” he agreed, voice a little strained but doing his best to keep his cool. He’d rather leave that decision with Caroline personally.

To be fair, most of the knights had been describing their wives at a later stage of pregnancy than Caroline, morning sickness hardly got one into the mood. Caroline was saying she felt hormonal though and Arthur turned his head to glance at her before he dropped the towel and started to get dressed, thinking whilst he did so. He looked back to Caroline as he was lacing up his trousers. “We could….tonight” he suggested, a bit awkward but wanting to please her, help her out. That was romantic though, planning their rendezvous, maybe they should buy a calendar to schedule their bedroom bonding. “I mean, if you want to” he added “I’m happy just cuddling” except that was hardly inviting was it, he should be making her feel more passion he guessed, not Make it sound like such a chore for himself! He moved towards her, taking her arm and going in for a kiss, “anything to be close to you,“ he breathed as he pulled his lips away. He was going for seductive but he wasn’t sure he really pulled it off, he was the one normally being seduced to be honest. He wasn’t really sure who he could ask for tips about that - Silas? Might be a bit awkward when he explained it was for trying to seduce his sister instead of telling her the truth.

(I feel like Silas needs to find out somehow that Arthur is acting like this to Caroline, is actively sleeping with her instead of telling her the truth so he can be all disappointed in him and then when he finds out about the drug he can be even more upset and disappointed. :( poor Arthur and Silas though. Maybe he can find out about the drug if and when they go away and Arthur runs out so needs to find some more, or just sees his acting strange I guess, or Silas or Galehaut finds it in his pocket on a night out or something or in his drawers when fetching his some clothes)
(I think Caroline would probably feel a bunch of things when she finds out, Like, Her and Arthur will have a lot more understanding between eachother. But I think Caroline would feel still disappointed and a bit sad. Because it means she's never gonna really have that romantic loving marriage she had hoped for. Any romantic connection she might have felt she had with Arthur just not being real.
Oh, Silas and Galahad won't be happy. For some reason, I could see Arthur when he gets low, Thinking to ask Silas if he knew where he could get more? Silas has shown he goes to shady places after all, And maybe considering how Silas is he might have been expecting him to be more accepting of it. And instead Silas just isn't happy at all. )

Arthur wasn't refusing Caroline's idea of a knight. So, Caroline assumed he must have liked the idea. Shifting where she stood. Caroline hadn't really looked at any of the knights like that besides Lance. Couldn't help but feel embarrassed at the idea of one seeing her in such a intimate situation. But... If this made things better between them. Then she'd do it. He was putting the choice on her as of who. Atleast she didn't need to be the one to ask! Quietly nodding. "I-I'll think about it. " Someone nice, She just needed to look for someone nice. Or maybe she should just pick someone at random. Random felt like a good idea, Then she didn't have to actually think about it!

Arthur then was setting about getting dressed, And Caroline looked away as to provide him a bit more privacy. Looking instead towards her lizard. Though Arthur's next question brought her back to those embarrassing feelings. Looking towards him. Before nodding. "Yeah- Tonight. We can do tonight. " She expressed. Maybe things wouldn't be as awkward as they normally were. Arthur then was grasping her arm and being pulled into a kiss.. Well, That startled Caroline. At first she didn't kiss, Just to alarmed. But then she was leaning into it.

Oh she was feeling so flustered. Arthur was soon pulling away and his words were catching her off guard. With Lance, She might have giggled about such a thing. Kissed him more. But Arthur, Well... She wasn't used to it. Didn't really know how to react. But she certainly felt flustered and... Maybe a bit hopeful, Perhaps this was what was wrong between the two of them? They weren't intimate enough. Things could get better between them surely. Caroline figured she'd need to try to be with him like that more often. She then fumbled. "I-I can't wait. " Her eyes a bit wide as she stared up at him.
(He feels bad about leading her on but understands that she’s going to need some time to come to terms with it. Arthur at least already knows he won’t have those feelings with her so he’s already accepted it but it’ll be a lot fresher for her.
Oh yeah if he’s desperate, say they’re in a new place or isolated, he’ll only think of Silas to go to but obviously Silas isn’t going to like it. Maybe Silas could speak to Gawain about it? The two don’t get on but maybe he figures someone closer to home needs to deal with it and as he’s Morgan’s son he’s the best candidate, decides to put the situation first over his feelings about Gawain? Might be a tricky sell though)

Arthur and Caroline were such a mess. Neither of them were keen on the idea of a knight joining yet they seemed like they’d arrange it anyway. Arthur didn’t know how he would bring it up to a knight, what he would say if they said no. Did Caroline want them to just watch or join in? Maybe he should ask once she’d picked someone and then he could approach Them and … die of embarrassment he guessed.No, he just needed to be confident! He was the prince and if his future Queen wanted a knight in the bedroom then that is what she got.

So, the date was set. Arthur hoped things would be more encouraging than previous attempts, he’d say at least they were less awkward than they had been at the beginning but the lack of passion really did not help things when they were on their own, it mostly lent itself to awkward silences and uncomfortable situations. Caroline seemed to be looking forward to it a bit though and he smiled at her enthusiasm. Things would be okay because he had that vial and he would not be so worried about the small things nor would he be so lacklustre, he…well maybe he wouldn’t rock her world but maybe he’d nudge it a little, give it a wiggle, that was better than anything they’d done before.

Arthur slipped on his shirt and threaded his hand through his curls to settle them a bit better before he offered his arm to her. “Shall we go to breakfast then m’lady” he Suggested with a warm smile. He was feeling a bit better now, although the conversation had been awkward, and he was nervous about what they’d decided, he did feel good that they’d talked, that they were agreeing to do something to make things a bit more conducive between them. She hadn’t asked where he’d been though and whilst he was sort of glad, he did wonder if she was curious. “I was thinking also….maybe we should go on a date?” He suggested, although he would admit it was a recent thought but they’d not really Had a stunning courtship, her ladies wouldn’t leave him alone with her and they’d not done a whole lot together. “Horse riding or out to town or something” Caroline would probably want them to go lizard hunting but he didn’t imagine that to be the most romantic, nor necessarily the most informative about each other, just about lizards. “What about your friends? Surely some of them must be married? We could go on a double date” The onto other couple would be Galehaut and Silas and Arthur knew that was fake, or at least assumed it was still so and that might be awkward.
(I could see Silas maybe thinking Gawain would be a good person to go to. But at the same time, He's rather scared of Gawain. So he would actively try to avoid facing the man himself. Maybe by either trying to get Galehaut to do it for him. Or maybe slipping a letter under the mans door.
Also, I'm just imagining Arthur going up to one of the knights, Maybe Percival, And just trying to ask if they want to have a threesome with his wife. And it just being so uncomfortable. )

It seemed they had a plan set for tonight, Perhaps Caroline shouldn't have been. But she still found herself feeling rather nervous. Still, She tried to keep that off her face. Letting Arthur go and finished getting dressed. Soon enough he was ready, And offering Caroline his arm. Which the manners were rather sweet and Caroline found herself smiling. Taking his arm and murmuring gently. "That we shall. " Yeah, Things could be good between them. Caroline would figure out how to make it work between them. Then they were setting out and Caroline blinked at the suggestion. A date... That would be nice. Arthur often was off with Silas, So maybe it would be nice just the two of them spending time together. Though Arthur seemed interested in inviting others. So maybe less alone time between the two of them. But it still would be a nice trip.

Caroline then said. "I know a few ladies who are married. I can try and ask if any would want to join us. " She figured whoever they invited might have a lot of questions about Arthur's homeland. So atleast they'd have plenty to talk about. Caroline would need to ask around a bit. If nothing else they could bring Silas and Galehaut. They were a couple after all! Speaking of, Caroline soon was focusing ahead. As it seemed they were approaching the dining room. Anxiety twisted in her chest. She couldn't help but lean a bit closer to Arthur as they neared the door.

Luckily Rayner had yet to arrive. Silas had already arrived though, But... It didn't seem like he had plans to stay. Silas had arrived early, Had hoped to fill himself a plate of food, Then retire to his room before anyone arrived. Maybe that was a bit rude. But he figured for the next few days it might be best to avoid Arthur. Besides, It had been a while since he had eaten with his cheetah. So he had gotten a second plate and began filling it up as well. Standing, He had just been turning to go and leave when he spotted Caroline and Arthur. And well... Seemed he was a bit to late to make a quick escape.
Caroline tilted her head at the sight of him. Asking. "Not Going to stay for breakfast? " Her tone curious. Causing Silas to simply shrug. "You know I don't like being around dad. Was hoping to escape before he got here. " He was trying to explain. As that felt like a better excuse then that he was avoiding Arthur. Though Caroline couldn't help but look at the two plates in his hands. Then the mark on his neck. And well, She soon was making some assumptions. Murmuring. "I imagine you also probably want to eat breakfast with Galehaut. " The two were clearly rather smitten with eachother. And that made Silas blink. Uh... No. But it was a reasonable excuse. It felt rude to say he was just wanting to spend time with his cheetah. So he then said. "Yeah, Thats the plan. I better get going then. " He explained.
(I think Galehaut would try to get Silas to face Gawain himself but offer to be there as support.
Oh they’ve really gotten themselves into a pickle! Everyone is going to be so awkward and I can picture Percival just giving him a funny look)

Maybe it was easier for Arthur to act in front of people? It’s not like he was ever sweeping her off her feet but he did sometimes take her hand or use pet names, the weight of eyes on them might help Arthur remember the expectations of a couple in Love And freshly married. Although they had not had a lot of alone time recently and for the majority of knowing each other there had always been someone else around or at least nearby keeping an eye on them so perhaps he just still didn’t know how to act when in private. They were still both figuring Things out it seemed But things were less awkward than they had been previously which maybe wasn’t saying much as they were still a bit wary around each other a lot of the time.

Arthur walked with her to the dining room, noticing how she pressed against him as the threat of Rayner loomed ever nearer but he was pleasantly surprised to find the king was not yet present. Good, they’d get a brief chance to relax and he couldn’t complain about their time keeping skills. It seemed that Silas was absconding though and he frowned as the man seemed so eager to escape. He understood that Silas didn’t want to be around Rayner but this behaviour seemed markedly different than previous days when he’d been defiant and stood by Arthur and Caroline in support. Caroline was providing a reason though and his gaze flickered to the hickey on Silas’ neck, feeling his jaw tense a little at the sight. Had Galehaut made that mark? Caroline seemed to think so and it was certainly believable, Silas had aimed to visit him yesterday and they’d clearly talked otherwise Galehaut wouldn’t have picked him up this morning, would Gakehaur have returned to Silas’ room after dropping him off? So, the two had got together. Arthur had said he was alright with it but it still made him….jealous? Uncomfortable? He wasn't entirely sure what he was feeling just that he didn’t entirely like it but he wasn’t about to stand in Silas’ way. “Oh okay, breakfast will feel strange without you but enjoy”

Still, he felt that something was off about the situation, he wouldn’t imagine that Galehaut would’ve stuck around really, he didn’t seem the most interested in domestic activities but maybe that was just how he acted towards Arthur? Maybe it was just his jealousy and admitted Arthur was also a bit upset with Silas for telling Galehaut about the brothel but he wasn’t going to bring that up now, maybe if he caught him later. “Are you free later?” Arthur asked before Silas managed to rush off. “I was thinking we could start those fighting lessons” he suggested, it was about Time he taught Silas some sturdy self defence like he’d promised. Maybe he should also extend the offer to Caroline now that her father was a threat but he wasn’t sure it was a thing she’d be keen on, still he could always ask.
(I could imagine if Galehaut comes along for support him and Gawain getting into a argument. Like, Its not just Silas Gawain hates. But Lance too. Galehaut is Lance's friend so I imagine Gawain has mostly just been giving him the silent treatment lately. Though I doubt they interacted to much together before hand anyway. )

Arthur didn't try to stop Silas, Which was good. Perhaps Silas should have been honest. Said he wanted to just eat breakfast with his cat. But then... Well, Arthur might have followed. Hopefully Galehaut wouldn't mind him using his name to escape. But it wasn't that easy. Arthur was offering to practice sparring later. And he had to stop himself from instantly agreeing. Instead his expression turned sheepish. "I'm sorry, Afraid I'm going to be a bit busy today. I was hoping to visit and hang out with Leo today. " He explained. Though Silas figured Arthur might offer to tag along. Him and Leo had seemed interested in practicing together. Silas just decided to hurry before any such plans could be made. "Anyway, I better go while the food is still hot! " With that he was pushing threw the door and leaving the two behind.

Caroline watched him go. Tilting her head as she murmured quietly. "Him and Galehaut must really be smitten with each other. " Caroline couldn't really recall Silas being so eager to eat breakfast with someone. Besides maybe Ronan when the two were younger. But Caroline then pushed the thoughts aside. Galehaut seemed like a sweet man. Caroline hoped he'd take good care of Silas. Her gaze then moved towards the table. Anxiety twisting in her gut. She wasn't eager for her father to arrive. But they were here now and best just prepare themselves.

Thus Caroline moved towards the table and found herself a seat next to Arthur's. Perhaps it was a bit silly. But Caroline wanted to be near him when her father arrived. She tried to focus on other things though. Suggesting gently. "Since Silas is going to be busy today... Maybe we can both do something? " Maybe they could even go on that date! Though Caroline was unsure exactly where they'd go. Maybe Caroline could show him a bit around town? Silas had showed Arthur around a bit, But Caroline imagined he'd only taken Arthur to bars and such.
(Yeah I can see that, Gawain and Galehaut will be a bit at odds and he’ll probably get annoyed with Gawaun acting the way he is towards Silas)

Maybe he wouldn’t catch up with Silas later then which was…odd. The two had been attached at the hip recently and maybe it’d be good for them to spend some time apart, speak to other people, but Arthur could still miss him. He had been about to suggest he go to, he wanted to take Leo up on his offer to spar but Silas didn’t give him the opportunity and he watched him go with a frown, feeling like he was missing something but not even sure where to start.

He took his seat and glanced at Caroline as she spoke. “Huh, they do” he murmured, if they were really eating together then they’d certainly grown quite close so suddenly, not just fun together it seemed, but Silas was off to see Leo today and that was….well he figured he wasn’t just popping over for a chat. Silas had said he’d try and seek other partners and Leo was a prime candidate. That was probably why he’d gone off so quick without giving Arthur a chance to invite himself, he wanted some alone time with Leo and he couldn’t exactly explain why since Caroline thought he was with Galehaut.

“Yeah, let’s spend the day together” he agreed, they could do something fun, grow closer and that would lead into the night. They’d be like a real married couple! “What would you like to do?” He guessed they could go shopping but they did that the other day, drinking was out of the question, she wouldn’t really like to see any fighting he guessed. “I offered to teach Silas some self defence, I could teach you too if you Wanted? I understand if your not interested though“ It wasn’t the most feminine thing and besides the lizard chasing she seemed quite ‘girly’ in her tastes. “We never got anything for the baby the other day” he added, they could go shopping he guessed, he had two children to shop for and maybe a gift for his new sibling. ”or Gawain could probably use a break from baby Theo, we could spend the day with her doing fun things? She’ll be cute to dress up and we can go for a walk and have a picnic or something?” He suggested, although that thought was more appetising back home where things were warmer.
Arthur was agreeing to spend the day with Caroline. Which was nice, Caused a smile to form on her face. The man seemed to have some ideas even of what they could do. Self defense, It wasn't something Caroline had ever much been interested in. But maybe it would be good to know? Besides, Arthur was a knight. Seemed to enjoy sparring. The other option was less appealing. Sure, Theo was cute and all that. Maybe they could use the practice... But Caroline really did not want to spend time with a baby. So she then after a moment was saying. "I think I'd like to learn a bit of self defense. " Would he be teaching her how to use a weapon? Caroline figured not, Probably just hand to hand. But that was enough for her. She then told him. "Maybe we could practice in the ball room? " She often practiced dancing there. It should be big enough for them to practice. Besides, Then they didn't have to worry about practicing in the cold outside!

"Learning to fight is hardly suitable for a lady. " A familiar voice spoke. It seemed Rayner had arrived. Walking casually towards his chair. Sliding into his seat, Giving Caroline a stern glare as he told. "You should know better. " Caroline was instantly folding. Looking down and murmuring a soft. "Yes sire. " She could feel him watching her. Felt like she could feel the scorn in his gaze. But eventually he was looking elsewhere. "I see Silas isn't here. " He noted. A small tsk coming from him. But if he was upset about that, He didn't say such. Instead he decided to focus on Arthur.

Tilting his head. He then noted. "Speaking of, The servants told me you and Silas once again weren't here last night. Truly all this sneaking out? What would your father think? " He was asking. Not that he really expected a answer from Arthur. He then was looking towards the breakfast in front of them. Beginning to fill his plate. He then hummed. "I've already sent word to him about your wild antics. Hopefully it won't be long before I get a reply. " He mused, And well.. Who knows what he had probably said about Arthur in that letter. Likely nothing good.
Arthur smiled in pleasure as Caroline agreed to learn self defence. He hadn’t expected that but it did make the him genuinely happy at the thought. That was something they could bond over! He didn’t know if he was any good as a teacher but he figured it’d be fun to try and sure there were a few logistical problems to sort out like he’d rather not punch Caroline by accident but a bit of physical exercise would do them good and he’d missed sparring a lot. Rayner, as per usual though, decided to ruin the mood and chime.

He looked towards the king with a frown. Rayner was so good at bringing the mood down and Arthur felt himself sour as he chided them for their attempts at bonding. Why couldn’t Rayner ever say something positive and encouraging? Of course he picked up that Silas wasn’t there but that just meant he got to focus on Arthur for his negativity. ” I can’t help but think that my father has more important things to do than bother himself with such trivial matters” Arthur replied. Maybe he did feel a spike of embarrassment and anger that Rayner would write to his father, no doubt telling lies and exaggerating but surely his father would not think he was some monster. Alexander must know that his son wasn’t a flagrant rascal, even if he’d been a bit rebellious before he’d left. Rayner was just trying to cause trouble. “Besides, I’m sure my father wasn’t so straight laced as a child himself” Arthur commented, what Few stories he’d heard had suggested that his father had enjoyed getting into a bit of trouble with His friends of brothers, certainly had probably gone out at night to drink. ”you concern yourself so much with me and your son, makes me wonder if you have time to do anything else, or the servants for that matter!” Arthur murmured.

“As for your concerns about whether fighting is lady like, our kingdom doesn’t quite view it the same way as yours. I cant help but think Caroline might fit in better if she learnt something. My aunt was taught to fight” he explained, “and we even have a female knight. It is only sensible that Caroline might learn self defence in case anyone may threaten her when she’s on her own” and He looked at Rayner intensely there, Rayner was the threat to Caroline really. ”surely you don’t want your daughter to be defenceless in any situation? Obviously I’d hope she’d be guarded at all times but that isn’t always possible” They’d try though.
Rayner soon was shooting Arthur a smile. Saying. "Mmhmm, I suppose you aren't that important of a matter for him. " Rayner suggested. Perhaps Alexander was wilder during his youth. Would understand such. But he likely also expected Arthur to be on his best behavior. Arthur seemed to think Rayner must not have a lot to do. Causing Rayner to tilt his head as he promised. "I always have time for you and Silas. " That might not be a surprise. The man seemed to love tormenting them. Truly, It was practically his hobby! But he seemed to let such go for the moment. Listening to Arthur explain his desires to train Caroline.

Rayner then told Arthur. "Such might be the norm where you are from. But it is not here. I trust you and your knights are plenty enough to protect lady Caroline. " Rayner then waved his hand dismissively. "There will be no training. " Maybe such came from a good place? Perhaps he just didn't want to risk Caroline hurting her reputation! Except no. That likely wasn't the case. It was more likely he just wanted to frustrate Arthur. Caroline wasn't too keen to fight Rayner on the matter. Gently touching Arthur's hand and murmuring quietly. "Its okay Arthur. We can do something else. " She was offering. Perhaps they should make plans outside of Rayner's earshot. He'd no doubt try to ruin anything they thought up.

Rayner was insistent on making things hard for them though. For he then was saying. "Do keep whatever adventure you have planned confined to the castle walls. " Seemed he didn't want them wandering too far. So showing Arthur the town was off the table. Caroline didn't argue though. Simply gave a small nod. It... Wasn't ideal. But Caroline was not going to risk upsetting her father.
Rayner of course spun his words and Arthur liked to think he was important to his father but maybe he wasn’t at the top of his list of priorities right now what with his new sibling and Arthur being far away. Alexander couldnt do much from that far away about his son so had likely just trusted that Arthur would be okay and behave whilst in Rayner’s kingdom. He didn’t like the thought of disappointing his father but if Alexander did think he’d been misbehaving then he would be sure to explain the situation properly once he got home. Rayner was delusional and he didn’t want that ruining his relationship with his father.

Arthur scowled, not bothering to keep a polite face on as Rayner denied them again. He could teach Caroline in private, but Rayner clearly had people watching them, he didn’t know what might come of it. Would he hurt Caroline again? Or would he punish Arthur? And would it end up all blown back onto Silas. Rayner knew that hurting Silas bothered both of them so he may just bruise and bloody Silas again which Arthur was not keen to see. Gosh, why did things have to be so difficult here? Just to do the simplest things was a minefield.

Rayner didn’t even want them leaving the castle! That was unfair and he thought about protesting but what was the point? Rayner would not budge on that, in the future they would just need to plan privately and not let Rayner know about their intentions. He glanced at Caroline. “Baby Theo then?” He asked her, he didn’t know what else to suggest, they couldn’t go horse riding, they couldn’t go to town, and even if they did look after Theo they couldn’t go for much of a walk. They could wander around the castle grounds but the fact that they were confined bothered him. And Caroline hadn’t been eager to look after a baby but she would have to step up eventually and they might as well get some practice in. She might end up loving it! Theo was a cutie and at least they could always ask for help. And speaking of help, Arthur had not seen Caroline’s ladies much recently, they were likely good to go to for advice and had certainly been a bit nicer since Caroline had fallen pregnant.
Caroline tried not to look uncomfortable at the mention of watching Theo. Taking care of a baby was hardly very appealing to her. But still, She nodded. Atleast it would be decent practice, And as long as Arthur didn't leave her alone with the baby she supposed it would be fine. Oh gosh, Would Theo start crying? Caroline didn't think she was ready to deal with a crying baby. Atleast Rayner was unable to find any fault with that plan. Because he wasn't speaking up against it. Caroline thus was offering. "After breakfast we can go find Gawain? " She was encouraging. Hopefully it wouldn't be too hard for them to find him.

As the two worked on figuring out a plan. Rayner listened quietly for a few moments. Before saying, Tone suddenly seeming more serious. "Do make sure to keep your evening free. Arthur, I have given things some thought. And I believe it would be beneficial for you to begin a bit of studying while here. " That offer might be rather surprising. And it was entirely likely that there was some sort of twist involved. Rayner could be rather cruel. But Rayner then said. "Hopefully such could curb the barbaric impression you give off at balls. " Ah, That might of been the reason. It likely wasn't out of any kindness Rayner had. He just didn't want Arthur to embarrass him.

Rayner then said. "I will have a tutor assigned to you. And they can work on teaching you local history and customs. Also, Your dancing was dreadful at the last ball. You'll need a dance instructor. " To be fair, Arthur had been a bit tipsy when he'd been dancing. So that might have expected the skill of the dance. Rayner then moved his gaze towards Caroline. Frowning in thought for a moment before saying. "It would perhaps be good for you to continue your studies as well. Clearly you need to be reminded on how a proper lady should behave. So I will send for a teacher for you. " He informed. Honestly, It seemed Rayner was not able to talk with out somehow trying to insult them. Hopefully whatever teacher Rayner got for them would not be too bad.
Arthur was bit more excited to look after Theo, he seemed a bit fonder of children than Caroline, or at least less awkward. He nodded in agreement, hopefully Gawain was amicable to the idea because last time they’d spoken things had gotten a bit heated over the way he was treating Silas. Arthur hoped that such animosity didn’t stretch to Caroline what with her being Silas’ sister and part of this kingdom, although she was now technically part of their kingdom.

Rayner’s interjection surprised Arthur a great deal. A tutor? He’d not expected to be schooled so formally whilst they were here and he figured his mother would be mortified at the implications Rayner was making, or at least furious. Arthur’s lip curled slightly at the mention Of being barbaric, he did not like the way people from this kingdom so easily fell back on that assumption and that prejudice. And he did not think he’d enjoy the dancing, he’d been glad when he’d managed to end such tutoring back home, although admittedly dancing had never been his strong suit, he could hold his position, twirl the ladies, do lifts but he’d never really found any passion for it. It wasn’t just him either, Caroline was getting some tutoring too it seemed. It was an obvious swipe at them and it made him feel younger than he was although he found himself not entirely against it. His studies had consisted of many things but he‘d enjoyed the fight training the best, obviously, he’d learnt history and maths, strategy and politics but he had found that when talking to Silas he had some gaps in his knowledge. Silas knew much better about houses and relations, knew more about other kingdoms. Arthur knew some but his own kingdom was large and historically aggressive, they did not need to worry so much about learning Other’s cultures or what houses held the most power, they normally swept in and demolished the whole things, sometimes they assimilated it into their own culture but they established a new status quo either way. He guessed maybe this kingdom didn’t have that luxury, they were protected somewhat by their unfavourable land and conditions, as well as hostile tensions that split the kingdom into factions and tribes but they still probably had to be warier of upsetting bigger kingdoms, especially ones with many knights, hence the marriage.

Arthur smiled at Rayner, actually smiled, and it wasn’t even forceful, not really. Rayner probably wanted him to react negatively, to scowl and complain and try to bite back, that’s probably how he got his kicks but no this idea was actually genuinely good in his opinion. How would Rayner react to someone actually liking his punishments? Had that even happened before? “Great, I’d love to learn the culture and history, I’m sure it’s all very fascinating” Silas had told him some things but he’d love to know more. When he was younger he’d been so focused on learning to fight, wanting to be a knight that it had eclipsed everything else, he hadn’t really appreciated his other schooling too much but now that he was a knight he felt he’d enjoy it more. “Actually, I’d love to learn about Caroline’s lineage. Obviously you’re her father, I heard that your reign goes back a while but not too long, I swear Silas said something about your family taking power fairly recently” or at least of how royal families went whereas Arthur’s was a dynasty which stretched back a long time. “And then what about your wife’s heritage? It'd be interesting to know her family’s house and their history.“ He was quite eager to learn about the late queen, Silas told him sweet snippets but he figured it’d also be good for Caroline to ponder on, she never mentioned her and he understood that she’d been young at the time of her mother’s passing but she didn’t even reference her in passing or her family. “Actually I’m surprised none of her family has come to meet us actually, it’d be nice to get to know them, hear their thoughts on our marriage” Did they ever visit Caroline and Silas? Were they allowed to? Maybe Rayner had forbid them, or perhaps they’d abandoned the two, not wishing to get involved and leaving them to their father’s mercy, of which he didn’t seem to have much.
Rayner couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at Arthur's smile. But if he was upset about it, Well... It was hard to say. Soon enough he was leaning back in his seat. Seeming a bit thoughtful. His wifes passing was maybe a sore subject. But it was likely a question he had been asked plenty of times before. He then said. "You are correct, My family have only ruled the kingdom for a couple generations. But, We've weight in the kingdom for even longer. "To be fair, No family had ruled for a particularly long time. Not that Rayner was likely to allow his family to lose the throne should he be able to help it. Rayner then focused on the question of his wifes family. Explaining. "Well, I'm afraid you would only find more distance relatives around. My wifes parents have passed of course and her siblings also perished before having there own heirs. " They had more distant cousins running around. But no extremely close relatives about.

Rayner then murmured. "Her sister died while small from sickness. And her brother... He... I believe he was battling his own demons and lost. But that isn't polite conversation for the breakfast table. " Seemed he decided better then to go into too much detail. Rayner then looked towards Caroline for a moment. Before saying. "If you did wish to meet some of her family. There is a cousin of my wife who has a estate just outside of the city. She's... Quirky. " He decided after a moment. Nose wrinkled in clear distaste. Seemed he might not be too fond of that side of the family.

Caroline then found herself speaking up. "Would... You allow us to leave the castle if it was to visit her? I've never been to her estate. " Hey, Maybe this would be a good way to get out of taking care of Theo. But, She doubted her father would really allow them that freedom. Still, Worth a shot. Rayner then said. "It has been a while since anyones checked on her, And... It would be a bit of a trek. I imagine you'd need to spend the night there... Alright, Fine. I have a letter I need taken to her. As long as you bring it with you and give her it. Then You may go. You also will need to bring along some guards. " Rayner warned.
Arthur had half expected Rayner to brush the topic of conversation off, no one seemed to want to talk about the late queen in very great detail but he did reveal about some of her family. It was sad that no immediate family still lIves, made it even harder to keep her memory alive and he imagined it might make one feel lonelier to not have as much family to reach out too. Had Silas and Caroline met any of the family before they’d passed? Maybe it was better if they hadn’t, couldn’t miss what you never had, although he didn’t actually fully believe that sentiment.

Arthur did find himself curious about her brother’s demons but he wasn’t going to push his luck, Rayner had said it was polite conversation and they were actually being sort of reasonable right now, he didn’t want the conversation to devolve as much as he disliked Rayner. A cousin? Arthur had his fair share of cousins, some closer than others, but all still family and as such he felt some sort of bond towards them. He wondered what Rayner meant by quirky but it seemed they might find out as he was giving them permission and Arthur tried not to look too surprised. He glanced at Caroline. “That sounds fun” he agreed, “I can track down some knights to accompany us” Although Rayner may is sit they also take a guard under his control Rather than just knights. Plus they also needed someone who knew where they were going. Were They to leave today? did that mean he’d get to miss out on his lessons for the evening? Oh…what about Silas? Would he want to come? Arthur wasn’t sure Silas would get the permission and he’d scampered off anyway, said he’d go see Leo who had said he was staying nearby but they’d have to track him down to ask and Arthur was worried about leaving Silas alone with Rayner, he didn’t really want to do that without warning, he’d like to at least say goodbye and make sure he’d be okay. Yeah, Arthur should talk to Galehaut and ask him to look out for Silas.

”we should probably pack a few things then” he commented, they didn’t need a lot, just some clothes he imagined. It was exciting actually, going on a little trip, getting to meet some of Caroline’s family and try to unravel a little mystery of why this lady was ‘quirky’. “Is that all You want, just for us to bring her a letter?” Arthur enquired. He’d Like ro know what it contained but that was a bit nosy if him, it was likely just a Notice about money or estates or something boring like that. “Do any of your family live nearby?” Arthur then asked. He knew that Leo was on Rayner’s side of the family but he didn’t know too much about the king, not even if he had siblings which was admittedly a bit Bad of him not to know but sometimes he had trouble keeping track of his own family, then again his parents did have several siblings each.
Arthur seemed somewhat excited to go. Which maybe wasn't surprising. Being cooped in the castle was rather miserable. Rayner then said. "Bring which knights you wish. I'll have a guide lead you. " Hopefully they wouldn't end up getting lost. They'd need to get ready to go, What knight would they bring? Caroline wasn't sure if Rayner was approve of Silas joining them, Which if that was the case... Well, Galehaut probably should remain with Silas Caroline figured. It was also doubtful that Gawain would want to be away from Theo, And Caroline didn't think they should travel with a baby in the snow. Percival was probably a decent choice. So that was atleast one knight.

Caroline then was nodding to her husband at his encouragement for them to get packed. But Arthur was soon focusing back on Rayner, Who waved his hand dismissively. "That is all. I expect she might have a reply for me. So if she does, Do bring it back with you. " But... Arthur had more questions it seemed. One that made Rayner tilt his head. He then informed. "A few distant relatives live in town. My brothers have mostly taken residence in other cities. " Seemed he had some family then, Just that they were spread around. He didn't seem to interested in delving into the subject further.

It was then Caroline spoke up. "Why don't we go ahead and start getting our things ready to go? " It would be nice to get some fresh air. Though she paused, Looking at Rayner and asking. "Can Silas Join us? " And well, It seemed Rayner's kindness today only stretched so far. As he then said curtly. "No. " Short and simple, He gave no explanation for why. Likely didn't think he needed to and Caroline doubted this was a battle they could win. So she gave the man a small nod.
Arthur was right in his assumption that Rayner would assign them someone which usually he would not be best pleased about but at least it meant they wouldn’t get lost on this trip. He’d have to talk to the knights and see who was free but Percival was his go to choice. He listened as Raynee told him about some of his family. He guessed it was like his own father’s family where the brothers were spread out across the kingdom, each with their own sphere of influence but Alexander with overarching control. Is that hoe it’d end up between him and his new sibling? He got that it made sense practically but to live so far away from family seemed a bit sad.

Caroline was asking about the elephant in the room and Arthur didn’t know why she bothered. It was obvious that Rayner would’ve said no although he guessed she’d wanted to satisfy her own curiosity. Still, it was likely better to ask for forgiveness than permission with Rayner. If they’d just taken Silas then he couldn’t claim that he never told them they couldn’t but now they couldn’t deny that he’d forbidden Silas to join them. Would they come back to an injured Silas? He sincerely hoped not but he knew it was a distinct possibility, even with him being kept company by Galehaut, but If they couldn’t stop it then Arthur needed to make sure that someone was there to care for Silas in the aftermath.

Arthur got to his feet, agreeing with Caroline: ”yes we should start packing and then I’ve got a couple of things to do and then we can set off” Arthur needed to speak to the knights and also to Silas, maybe Caroline would want to join him for that one though, saying good bye to Silas and making sure he’d be alright. Arthur nodded to Rayner before offering his arm back to Caroline so they could make their way to their room and get their bags ready. He went to exit the dining room and lead them back ”I was thinking Percival if he’s free and I wanted to try and catch Silas before he leaves, let him know we’ll be gone. Hopefully he’s still in his room eating breakfast with Galehaut” he commented and that he hadn’t gone off to find Leo already, except the Galehaut excuse had been a lie, the Leo one might be too, Arthur might find it peculiar to find him on his own with just his cat for company.
Even if Silas wasn't able to join, Caroline was hopeful the trip would be good. Her and Arthur could spend some time with each other! Thus, When Arthur got to his feet. She was getting up as well, Taking his arm and bidding her father a small goodbye before hurrying to keep pace with her husband. Looking up at Arthur as he spoke. She nodded at the mention of Percival, Her and him hadn't exactly gotten off on the best footing. But he was a familiar name and she trusted Arthur's opinion on such things. Silas was another matter, And Caroline found herself saying. "I agree we should find Silas, Just... Lets knock this time? " She didn't want to walk in on Silas and Galehaut getting up to something. Sure it was early, But her brother could be rather wild after all.

Still, Best to go to his room quickly before he could wander off. So, The two soon were making their way towards Silas's room. Soon enough finding it and Caroline wasted little time on knocking. Calling threw the door. "Silas, Can we come in? " Things were quiet for a mere moment. Before Caroline heard the sound of a thump inside, Which almost sounded like someone falling out a chair. She briefly considered opening the door, But then she heard scrambling steps and Silas was opening his door. His body blocking most of the inside of his room as he poked his head out of his room. Smiling awkwardly. "Ah, I wasn't expecting you both. " He began. Causing Caroline to raise her eyebrow.

She then was saying. "We just came by to tell you we were going on a bit of a trip. We're visiting Moms cousin out of town. " She explained. That caused Silas's eyebrow to raise. Stepping outside and closing the door behind him. He then said. "You're visiting Auntie Mavis? " Earning a small nod from Caroline. Silas's expression suddenly seemed rather fond. Humming to himself. "D*mn, I haven't seen her in years. Not since mother-...Anyway. When are we going to see her? " His head tilting to the side. That caused Caroline to look a bit sheepish. She then was explaining. "I uh... Dad already said you couldn't join. " And Silas's nose was wrinkling. Caroline thought he might protest. Truthfully knowing him, He might just tag along anyway. But he took a moment before deciding. "...Of course he did, Well, Maybe its for the best." Caroline couldn't help but find Silas's words a bit surprising. Considering how attached he normally was to Arthur. He wasn't putting up any argument. But... Maybe he was just excited to spend some alone time with Galehaut? Silas then was asking. "How long will you both be gone? "
Knocking was always the smartest move when it came to Silas, they should know that by now, both of them still seemed to forget that sometimes though. Galehaut and Silas could be up to something, seemed to have been last night and Arthur so couldn’t judge but it didn’t stop the spike of jealousy at the thought of them fooling around, again it was still a hot image in his brain but that was on the back burner for now since he wasn’t intoxicated at all. They didn’t get to see if Silas was up to anything though because he was blocking their view of the room which had Arthur frowning a little, Silas didn’t have much shame and from what he could tell Galehaut was much the same so he wouldn’t have expected them to hide but maybe he just didn’t want Caroline to see something scarring. Still, Silas was dressed the same as he had been in the dining room.

Silas knew the cousin they were speaking of and automatically assumed he was joining. He didn’t fight the fact that he wasn’t though and surely that wasn’t defeat setting in? Silas was so defiant against his father, that strength was part of what Arthur liked about Silas but he just accepted it, even seemed to agree somewhat. For the best? What did he mean by that. Maybe Arthur was being paranoid but he felt that Silas was acting a little peculiar today. “A couple of days at least” Arthur replied, they’d stay the night at least but maybe they’d stay for a few more if invited to, it’d be nice to be away from the castle and he would miss Silas but it’s be nice to get to know more of their family. “We wanted to make sure you were going to be okay whilst we were gone, I don’t really like leaving you alone here but I’d planned on asking Galehaut to be extra vigilant“ he explained, if Arthur couldn’t tend to Silas’ wounds then he wanted him to have someone who could. “But I take it he’s with you? Just let him know we’ll be gone and I’m sure he’ll get it” He wasn’t trying to baby Silas but needed someone to have his back, perhaps literally if there was a repeat of last time.

”I’m sorry you can’t come with us, it’s a shame and I’m sure we’ll both miss you but try not to get into too much trouble whilst we’re gone” Arthur suggested. “When we come back we’ll go out and do something fun together” he promised, him and Silas and Caroline too if she wanted to come. “Any advice for us on what to expect before we go?” He asked. “We’ll be leaving soon enough” they had to pack and get their stuff sorted but then they could leave and be on their way. Was Mavis nice? What had Rayner meant by ‘quirky’? “hopefully she doesn’t turn us away as soon as she sees us” that’d be a shame but she didn’t know Arthur, didn’t seem To have that close ties with the rest of the family by the sounds of it if it’s been a while, she might not agree with the marriage either so maybe it’d be a wasted trip.
They'd be gone a couple of days, Caroline couldn't help but expect Silas to look upset at the news. But if anything he seemed a bit relieved. Though he smiled at Arthur as the man spoke. Soon saying. "I'll be sure to tell him, Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be fine with him here." He expressed. Had to up the act of them being together when Caroline was right there after all. Hopefully Arthur and Caroline wouldn't come across Galehaut after they left Silas's side. Then things might get really awkward! Silas was then brushing off Arthur's concern. Explaining. "Stop worrying so much. I'll be okay. " He was promising Arthur. Though the other might not believe him. As for doing something together... Silas chose to bite his tongue on the matter. Maybe they would... It would be nice, But Silas figured it might be best to further keep his distance. He'd just have to see once Arthur returned.

Luckily the subject was soon moving to Mavis, and Silas frowned in thought. Before confessing. "I'm afraid I haven't seen her in a while. But I remember she was very friendly when I was small. Used to visit all the time back then. " It had been years. He didn't have that many memories of the women. Caroline had even less then him, Honestly, Silas figured she might not remember her at all. Silas then glanced around. As if to make sure no one was watching. Before saying quietly. "I always heard that dad banned her from entering the city. Which is why she lives on the outskirts. Dunno why. I've heard a couple rumors. But knowing dad? He could have just thrown her out because he was in a bad mood. " Silas had heard plenty of rumors over the years. Wasn't sure if he put much stock into any of them.

Caroline must not have been aware of that judging from her curious expression. But she was younger then her brother. Knew Mavis less and well, Silas was always good at knowing gossip about people. Caroline then asked. "What are the rumors? " That had Silas raising his eyebrow. Saying. "Eh, Well, Theres plenty, Most are silly. Saying she was chased out for being a witch and sacrificing cats is a pretty common one. Then theres the one about her having a rather spicy scandalous affair. And was 'encouraged' to live somewhere more isolated when she was caught by her lovers spouse. Theres the one about her being chased out for being ugly, Then another abot her being chased out for being too pretty. And plenty more after that. " Silas hummed. Well, That probably wasn't the most helpful. But hey, Atleast they could ask her themselves why she lived outside of town once they met her!
Silas was giving Arthur a funny feeling, and not the sort of funny feeling he got when they were alone together and he realised quite how deep he was in his feelings for Silas, no he had a funny feeling that he was missing something, that there was a bigger story he wasn’t privy to and that was a strange emotion to feel around Silas because normally he felt very close to, closer to him than probably any one else he’d ever met. Silas was usually quite open so why did Arthur now feel so confused and left out? Maybe it was simply Silas putting on the act for Caroline which made him feel that way, him being too convincing an actor but he wasn’t convinced, something just wasn’t sitting right with him but he didn’t say anything, hopefully by the time they returned things would be back to normal and Silas would feel a lot more like home, which Arthur had realised he thought of Silas as.

Mavis should be nice then, or at least had been in the past, again maybe that wouldn’t extend to Arthur what with him coming from the kingdom he did but Caroline at least should expect a warm welcome. Banned? That was curious, Rayner was still communicating with the woman but didn’t want to see her. Huh. The rumours were…unlikely in his opinion, they could ask but it might be a bit rude too, they’d have to be diplomatic when doing so. Perhaps she simply knew how much of a monster Rayner was and he’d not liked that very much.

”well if we find out the truth we’ll let you know” Arthur promised, “take care okay and oh-“ he turned to Caroline. ”it’s probably best to leave Lenny here, maybe you should tell Silas how to look after him?” She could get a servant to do it he supposed but it’d sweet for her brother to look after her precious Lenny. She might be upset to leave him behind so soon but they wouldn't be gone too long and Arthur did wonder if Excalibur was missing him, probably not the rabbit hadn’t seem much bothered with his presence although he was a cute little bunny. They should probably find a knight next so they could get packing too and then set off once everyone was ready. It was a bit exciting really, although Arthur was a bit sick of carriage trips by now, it’d be good to get out of the castle for a while.
Silas could practically feel the weird looks Arthur was giving him. But he tried to ignore them. Atleast for now. Simply nodded at Arthur's words. He wasn't completely sure how easy it would be to find out the true story. But well, If anyone would know it would be Mavis herself. He was about to bid them goodbye when Arthur was mentioning Lenny, And Caroline was already perking up at the topic. Caroline then was saying. "He should be okay! Theres just a few things you need to do for him. " She was beginning to explain. And Silas soon tilted his head before smiling. "Why don't you show me? C'mon, I haven't seen the little guy in a bit. " Probably would be best for Caroline to show him exactly what to do. Rather then just try to tell him. Caroline was already grinning. "Sure! I promise its not too much work! " She was telling. Causing Silas to nod. Already beginning to move away from his door as if to walk to the couples room.

That had Caroline a bit surprised. She'd have expected him to peek in and tell Galehaut where he was going. But... Well, Maybe he was sleeping? Or Silas didn't intend to be gone long, The room wasn't far away after all. Still, Caroline then asked. "Should we tell Galehaut you'll be gone? " And instantly Silas's cheeks turned a bit red. But he waved off Caroline's concern. Saying. "He'll be fine for a few minutes. " He told. Continuing along. Caroline couldn't help but frown at that. But soon was shrugged and was scurrying to keep up with Silas. Pausing for a moment to look back at Arthur.

Caroline then suggested. "While I show him how to take care of Lenny. Why don't you go talk to Percival? " Caroline figured after they could meet up and get packed. She wasn't sure how early they needed to leave. But still best to hurry and get ready. Caroline then was turning her attention back to Silas. Encouraging. "Lenny does eat some bugs, But mostly plants. So I'll show you what veggies you can feed him! " She was explaining as she walked.

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