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✨🌙It’s me, hi. I’m the problem it’s me ✨🌙
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24, cst, looking for other 18+ folk! I’ve decided to open up my rp requests once again! I’m a lover of oc’s, doubling, oc x canon, oc x oc, canon x canon, etc! Open to any pairings! What I lack in ads I make up for in my typings! (A solid 1k + words) Oh and I am mainly discord based. I suck at checking this site, but I can try my best!

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Now onto the good stuff:
Spn- Can do pretty much any character.

Mcu- not completely caught up, but can do almost anyone

Twilight- soft spot for me, can do anyone, but I suck at the volturi

Throne of glass- need to re read, but my memories are still fresh! Have yet to do this.

Crescent city - working on book two! Also have yet to do this fandom- but excited to try!

A court of thorns and roses- I’m going to get this out of the way- have been told I do the bat boys the best! But I am willing to try anyone! Currently listening to the graphic audios

Tvd/ to - A comfort show of mine. At one time I have done 98% of the cast. I’m familiar with everyone!

The selection- more so in love with the idea.

Bridgerton- rusty, but balls, scandals, drama? Gimme.

Grey’s Anatomy - have yet to do a rp, rewatching once again.
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Original ideas:
Arranged marriage

anything spn creature related



Guardian Angel/ demons

Semi fleshed out rp ideas:

*The fallen*
Think semi hush hush inspired. But my oc is a decent at best guy who is hiding a huge secret.. he was kicked out of heaven. He lost his wings and was banished to earth. Your character always seems to find their way into trouble, seems to be a walking danger magnet. My character knows they should stay away from yours. But this urge to protect your character pulls him in. Could your character be his saving grace? Or will fate be the downfall of them both?

Characters trapped in a love triangle. Until finally something gives.

It isn't much, and it isn't pretty. But I do make up for it with responses, head cannons, memes, etc! Reach below or shoot me a message if interested!
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wow, this post is gorgeous. can we take the getaway car to the dms to plot something with the betty triangle or greys anatomy? i think you just may be a mastermind!

all references aside, i can easily match your post amount and i am over 18! im 22 irl and live in est. if we do the betty triangle im down to play any of the three + any additional characters needed, and with greys im fully caught up (its timeless) and love doubling with such fun and fleshed out characters

ill see you in the afterglow!
Interested in hearing what your thoughts are on:

-Twilight - can't lie, this one caught me. It's been a hot minute since I've done a good vamp/human rp

-The Selection - literally on my to read list, but I agree the concept could be fun for an rp


-The fallen

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