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Fandom Heroes: The Next Gen

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Action, AU, LGTBQ, School, Super Powers

Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective
The Justice League and Avengers don't always see eye to eye, occasionally they have to when they need people from the other team. However when reliable news that Darkseid and Thanos are working together (or as reliable as possible in their line of work), they need to sit down and talk. After some argument, discussions and the usual chaos with one Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in one room they get to a solution, train the next generation of heroes. Nick Fury is called in to oversee the project because who can trust either of the two billionaires with such an important task? They bring in kids from across the globe, some with power, some without.

They don't know how much time they have left, but they can only hope it's enough to prepare new heroes for the threats they will have to face and will everyone hold up their promise of helping the world.

Post with which canon character you wanna rp as and what position they hold at the school.
You are allowed one OC and two canon characters at max. One canon character is required for you to join.


Nick Fury - Headmaster
Doctor Stephen Strange - School doctor
Rickard (Dick) Grayson - Student Body President.
James Buchanan Barnes - School Security.
Thor Odinson - Survival training/classes
Rogue - Student
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) - Combat teacher
Daniel Cassidy - Combat teacher (defense)
Tony Stark - Tech teacher
Bruce Wayne - Math teacher
John Stewart - Astronomy/science
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