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Realistic or Modern Heartfelt Lies - The Deteriorating Relationships RP

Discord Open!
Right! Well I've made the discord. Apologies for the delay.
Invites to people have already been sent out.

I'll wait a little longer on announcing the winning example character though! Creation of the character sheet thread should follow soon after that winner is announced.

Please note that invitation to the discord OOC requires that a perspective player have at least one reply to this thread and a reaction to the Opening post to get that invite!
Character Thread Open!

Everyone, the Character Sheets Thread is now open! Allowing you to proudly announce to the RP what character(s) you'll be working on!

If you haven't joined into the discord yet and are still interested, please remember to follow the instructions to do so based on the previous post in reguards to character sheets!

At the moment, we have 10 player hopefuls as of this writing, but since the real cast is decided based on who can manage to finish their character and get accepted, the RP remains Open!
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Thank You! - Heartfelt Lies Event Conclusion
Right then! At this moment the Heartfelt Lies event has concluded!

If you are stumbling upon this page because it looks interesting, may I invite you to look at the intro post which explains what all of this was about!

In the original 'Koibiito Communication' it was already a bit of a task to expect two unfamiliar roleplayers to create detailed characters and have them already be at the point where they confess to one another. Heartfelt Lies attempted to be the natural progression of that idea into being in a relationship and trying to overcome an issue that keeps it from maturing into something deeper. Still, I greatly appreciate the time and effort that everyone had put into it.

During this run it is apparent that players had a bit of trouble trying to find footing for where their 1x1 would go. With all of them being in various states of completion by the end of the event. Still, what did managed to get written, from the variety of characters and personalities in the cast, to what was written in the 1x1s that did manage to get a few replies in - was all things that I enjoyed perusing through as the event went on. The players who tackled this RP's odd set-up that asked for such much investment should be proud of what they did manage to accomplish. I sincerely appreciate the effort that was put fourth by everyone. Hopefully another iteration of Koicomi's formula might benefit form an easier prompt to improv through.

As with Koicomi, the 1x1s are free to progress on however you wish from this point if you choose to do so.

Players and any passerby interested are encouraged to vote on the eternally running strawpolls detailed below.

Heartfelt Lies Strawpolls:

Favorite Ship/Pairing?
Best Boy?

Best Girl?


ERode ERode Trystan1295 Trystan1295 Blitzkrieg Bob Blitzkrieg Bob Tau Tau Zenritch Zenritch Verite Verite Karyra Karyra Skyswimsky Skyswimsky

Once again, thank you all for so much for your time, participation, and interest!
- Ehb

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