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Realistic or Modern Heartfelt Lies - The Deteriorating Relationships RP

Discord Open! New
Right! Well I've made the discord. Apologies for the delay.
Invites to people have already been sent out.

I'll wait a little longer on announcing the winning example character though! Creation of the character sheet thread should follow soon after that winner is announced.

Please note that invitation to the discord OOC requires that a perspective player have at least one reply to this thread and a reaction to the Opening post to get that invite!
Character Thread Open! New

Everyone, the Character Sheets Thread is now open! Allowing you to proudly announce to the RP what character(s) you'll be working on!

If you haven't joined into the discord yet and are still interested, please remember to follow the instructions to do so based on the previous post in reguards to character sheets!

At the moment, we have 10 player hopefuls as of this writing, but since the real cast is decided based on who can manage to finish their character and get accepted, the RP remains Open!
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