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Futuristic Ouroboros: The Interdimensional Time-Travelling Space Agency Making Sure Reality Doesn't Implode.


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"Honestly sir, I'm not sure how the brontosaurus got in the elevator either."

𝔸 ℝ𝕚𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕤 ℝℙ ℝ𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕫𝕧𝕠𝕦𝕤 :
"Ouroborus: The Interdimensional Time-Travelling Space Agency Making Sure Reality Doesn't Implode."

  • Time and Space are broken.

    The walls that guarded each moment of time have been breached. Schisms, gateways from one place in time to another have been ripped open everywhere, in every time, in every place. Things that should exist vanishing. Things that should never exist appearing. All of existence is collapsing from every side. Humanity is hanging by a thread. We're the people holding the rope.
    Thankfully, no one seems to be noticing.

    To be more precise on the whole faltering structure of time thing. It will be broken. Or was broken. Or have always been broken. When it broke, we don't know. 3406? Today? The stone age? The problem with an event fracturing time itself is that it's moment of origin is rather convoluted. How to spot the first speck of paint on a dress coated in red?
    I reckon it might have happened in the 1980's in Oslo, but don't let anyone know I think that.

    You probably have a few questions.
    Where am I? How did I get here? Who is speaking to me in an empty white void? Why can't I remember what I was doing?

    Quick answers: Somewhere between there and here in a time of now and before. You fell through a gap in reality, or rather a gap of reality fell through you. My name is Alex and this isn't a white void more so a very minimalist waiting room. And your brain has deleted the last twenty minutes due to it consisting of being stretched and crushed through all dimensions at once.

    You're not dead, don't panic. We managed to rescue you from disintegrating or forming into a bag of oatmeal. You're still living and breathing. Flesh and blood. So I'll repeat, don't panic.

    But your old life is over.
    Or rather, it never existed in the first place.
    You, your body and memories are a relic to a person who never existed. Your footprint on history destroyed by the mudslide happening through time.
    Falling through a schism tends to have rather adverse effects. Sometimes it just rebounds you to a different part of time or place. Rapid travel. But if you get stuck inside one for a prolonged period. Well, weird things happen. Like your existence being robbed from you. I'm sorry, even if we could put you back where you were. Nobody would know who you are, and nothing you did would have ever happened.

    I said not to panic.
    'Cause we're here to fix this. Once we figure out what 'this' is. You sitting right here and not still falling through the void having your existence rewritten as being born as an pet echidna in Italy is not just some random chance.
    You were chosen for a reason.

    Frankly, our resources are limited in our travel through the schisms. So who we can rescue has to be selected. That is to say you've been 'picked' because we believe that you are compatible to the organization. Whether that be in some form of skill or knowledge you gathered through your life, or some great potential one of the higher ups have seen in you. You, a person ignorant of anything but the time they lived in for all but twenty minutes ago. Now stand to serve a far greater cause. To stop something that threatens to wipe out the existence of Humanity itself.

    But if we can keep everything together. Stall the total collapse till someone can think of something clever. Something to get the machine running all by itself again.
    Then this chaos can be stopped before it even sprouted.
    And your stolen life will have never left in the first place.

    Welcome to Ouroboros.

    Please take your complimentary cookie.

    And now a message from our sponsers GM.

    Hi, it's the GM for this RP, Rithas.

    I hope you liked the introduction for the interest check.
    In this RP your character, misplaced from their origin of time and space. Will be a member of an organization currently trying to stop the end of the world, which is happening in a thousand years. As well as the year 1302. And also last sunday.

    Your characters will be part of the Zeta Squad, one of the many squads of the Ouroboros that have been sent out throughout Humanity's timeline to fix incursions as they pop up. Like finding out who keeps shooting people with a laser rifle in Qin Dynasty China. Or making sure the Dodo does go extinct. (Somehow, more dangerous to existence than the laser rifle.)

    The planned format of the RP will essentially be individual chapters dealing with a problem in a specific time and place. With the goal to fix that problem so reality itself doesn't implode around it. Interpersonal relations between the squad and fragments of more longer arching problems will be the thread linking these chapters. But expect large enough differences from chapter to chapter in terms of the places and sort of problems to deal with.

    If it all goes to plan. Then hop on for a somewhat weird mystery action comedy with time-travel shenanigans involving Laser Rifles and Dodos.
    It must be good if I just randomly name three genres back to back!

    Are you ready for action, Zeta Squad?

    If this does sound like something interesting to you, Please let me know!
    If you have any Questions about the RP in world or out of world do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you very much!

  • Format: Group RP
  • RP Type: Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Time-Travel, Action.
  • Expected Post Rate: 1 Per Week or more
  • Character Limit: 1
  • Mandatory Secondary Communication: Discord Server (Invite when accepted!)
  • GM: Rithas Rithas
  • Current Signups: Open!

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This is a more light-hearted take on a very similar idea I've had, but haven't been able to pitch so I'm absolutely interested.


Great with Ketchup!
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This is a more light-hearted take on a very similar idea I've had, but haven't been able to pitch so I'm absolutely interested.
I tried to think of a baseball joke, but I'm painfully European so I'll just say good to hear!


Glad to see we've gotten some early interest! I won't have to revert time to stop me from ever posting this thread it seems.


Great with Ketchup!
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Status Update

Added in Two Example Characters in Sheets Tab
Added Info about world stuff in Database Tab, should help with character knowledge.


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I already have a couple character ideas, but will likely go with the Ottoman character. Finally there's a RP where I can play that type of character!


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So what's the level of leniency with historical accuracy here
Well I have a masters in history so...

Jk, It's a PHD.

But in reality, just like...enough that I don't have a point reading where I go 'HMMM'. (Having technology that they wouldn't have etc)
So I guess pick a period you at least know like something about lol.

So pretty lenient I'd say. I'd just go for it and if it's a little too whimsy for this whimsical rp I'll just say it on my look over.
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Status Update

I have gotten a couple DM's with people wondering. My apologies for not clarifying where. Character Sheets are to be submitted here, into the interest check thread first for look over.

Clarified in acceptance order that sheets go into interest check first.
Thread for Accepted Sheets. Link can be found at bottom of intro post!

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Aye, I thought it go to the DM


"What the hell is a photobook?"


Dialogue Colour Hex Code: #EE4B2B

Age: 23
Before Schism Origin: 13th century Mongolia
Tuya was a well-know figure within her tribe. She's the wolf hunter, the savage shepherd, the bride who runs, and maybe several more names that she would never knows herself.

Tuya's father's was a very strict person and took his kids' trainings to the whole new level. Even if Tuya was more on the smaller size compared to her peers she became the most reliable when it comes to being a shepherd. She's a naturally protective person and handle her herds well, but other than that her definition of protecting is very aggresive. Instead of simply watching over the sheeps while they graze she ran around the steppe chasing and shooting down wolves whenever they came near her herds. At one point the wolves would just run at the first sniff of her scent.

After she came of age she was proposed by a man and she accepted it, much to the bewilderment of her father because apparently someone from the man's clan killed his friend. Tuya didn't care though, the man gave her a really good horse and at that time it was enough to win her heart. Their marriage had a rocky start but eventually got better as he managed to get into her father's good side. It didn't last long though, her first baby was born premature and didn't survive the night. Then soon after, a war broke between her tribe and their rival.

Tuya's husband was one of the warrior sent to the war. At that time she didn't know that would be her last time seeing him alive, but later that day she would have a more pressing concern. Their rival sent a small force to ride around in circle and attack the tribe'sthrough their backline. This would be the start of what would be called the bloody wool battle. Tuya led a few other women to engage the enemy on the meadow where their sheeps were grazing. Arrows flew between dozens of panicking livestocks. Tuya decided to use the sheeps in unexpected way and scare them into running towards their enemy, stumbling their horses down and sent their riders onto the ground in defeat.

She won and so did her tribe but upon learning the death of her husband she didn't felts like she just achieved any victory. After months of mourning she seemed to have settled in focusing herself on protecting the sheeps. Even when there's several suitors who came at her she had no plan to accept them. Although she knows that if she knew if she just plainly reject every single one of them gossips would started circulating behind her back so she concocted a scheme for this. She exclaimed that she would only marry a man who can catch her barefeet, a game of tags spanning on miles of grassland. Her strategy was successful, no one can catch her and she can watch her sheeps in peace. Until one day she witnessed a crack of light pulled one of her sheep into it. She tried to shoot it down but it also pulled the arrow in so she draw her dagger and lunged at the liht crack. That's how she ended up in this nowhere.

Personality: A reckless and blunt person. Tuya said what she thinks in a straightorward manner and doesn't shy from showing her emotion, which might occasionally be rude. She's also an aggresively protective person, throwing anything she have and using any methods to protect the ones she cares about.
  • Animal-grooming: she enjoys making animal looks and feels good. She can spent hours brushing her horse and petting her sheeps.
  • Fishing: For her it's calming and gives new food option.
  • Death: Not her death though, but the death of her loved ones. After losing her baby and her husband, she's scared on forming new relationship. She considers herself cursed by evil spirit who keeps giving the ones she love bad luck.
  • Water: More precisely large body of water. She never learns to swim as there's not much opportunity for her to do that.
  • Horseback archery: For a mongol it's not a specialty but a necessity, but Tuya got so good at it that she can shoot the head of a moving squirrel in the distance while standing on the back of a galloping horse.
  • Running: Her father told her and her siblings that they can't own a horse until they can run like a horse. Suffice to say Tuya never managed to do so but she now can run for hours through various terrains with ease.
  • Craftworks: Cooking, sewing, cheese-making and many more. Life on the steppe and the death of her husband forced Tuya to be even more independent.

Zeta Squad Relationships:
  • l
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your mom's friend
Same here :p

“I need whisky. And a cigarette.”

Patricia ‘Patsy’ Boyd
Dialogue Color Hex Code: #f09a06
Age: 25
Before Schism Origin: 1960, Cape Hill, Arkansas, USA.

patsy - Nabetse Zitro.png
Courtesy of Nabetse Zitro
Courtesy of ArtBreeder

Appearance Description:

Standing at an appropriate 5’4’’ with a healthy weight of 125 lbs, Patsy Boyd can and is considered a rather petite woman. Her demeanor, to an objective bystander, is fitting for this information. She isn’t one to be seen walking with her head down, no. She’s the one that’s looking around at the people and the birds and the cars and the life. The blonde hair on her head is always neatly combed and from her ears always dangle little shiny earrings.​
More often than not, her lips are covered in stand-out red lipstick, and her somewhat-pale face is covered in just a smidge of blush. Her perky nose fits perfectly on her face and doesn’t distract from her grayish-blue eyes which, no matter how much makeup she puts on, will always be the star of her face.​
If you happen to be fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with her, the first thing you might notice is that Arkansas accent seeping through her lips with every word spoken. If not, however, you might be fortunate enough to notice what she’s wearing—usually something colorful with a fancy print, most often a dress or skirt that flows down to her knees, a purse and shoes of the same color. Very 60s.​


In the outskirts of a small rural town, on a decently-sized farm, in 1935, a fifth child happened to grace the Kennedy family. For the first time, the child was a girl, and, to her mother’s wish, was named Patricia, Patsy for short. Now, Patsy’s parents didn’t know how to raise a girl, but were pretty good in raising boys, so whatever her older brothers did, whether it was getting dirty in the yard, or playing some boyish game, Patsy was right there with them, much to her mother’s dismay.​
Patsy’s father never took the girl’s rambunctious nature as a bad thing, and always taught her to be herself, but sadly, when Patsy was only 7 years old, her father and oldest brother were drafted into the war. Neither came back, and due to this, Patsy’s mother took it as a must to raise Patsy into a woman who knows how the world works, a woman who won’t fall apart when her husband doesn’t come back from the war.​
In school, Patsy was good at most things, but she also knew that school wasn’t really for her. She was much more interested in making friends, and one of those friends was the odd and timid Lloyd Boyd who didn’t happen to have any friends of his own. Now, a shy boy like Lloyd turned out to be a perfect fit for Patsy’s social and outgoing self. Within a week, the two were inseparable and despite what the other kids thought, their friendship was wonderful.​
It was so wonderful and long-lasting, in fact, that at the age of 18, Patsy Kennedy became Patsy Boyd, and the two decided to move into an up-and-coming town, Cape Hill. They were living the American dream, and what’s more, they truly loved each other for more than shallow reasons.​
One year after their wedding, Patsy gave birth to a son, Phillip Boyd, named after her father, and then, only a year after that, she gave birth again, but this time to a little girl, Lucille.​
She was happy. She was fulfilled.​


From her father, Patsy learned that the world was just one big opportunity, but from her mother she learned exactly how to seize that opportunity, and why she shouldn’t let the world wait. These ideals were engraved onto her at such a young age that she lived life to the fullest for every moment that she could remember.​
Patsy, to anyone who knows her, is the sweetest and nicest soul. She will help out anyone she can and she doesn’t even mind helping; she likes it. But make no mistake, stepping on her toes won’t cause her to growl, she’ll immediately resort to biting, and she’s not afraid to do it to anyone. If you are nice to her, however, she will form a connection with you fairly quickly.​
Patsy is the type of person who will allow herself to feel all her emotions thoroughly, she isn’t one to be ashamed of crying or laughing. She does, however, understand how her emotions might put a woman at a disadvantage in the world, and she tries to keep a balance on her emotional state, at least in important settings.​
Ever since becoming a mother, perhaps only more so because of becoming a mother, Patsy has a soft spot for children and the less fortunate, whomever falls under that category. Her motherly instinct gives her this uncanny ability to understand when something is wrong with someone, and she isn’t the one to shy away from asking why this might be. If she can help, she will.​
But while that all seems nice and dandy, there is a part of Patsy that isn’t something to be proud of. There is selfishness in her character—she will and has used her charm and wit to get what she wants; if she thinks she deserves something, she won’t have any qualms about the way she gets it, as long as she gets it.​

  • Nature Adventuring – “There is this big forest behind our house, and when we first moved in, I spent so much time there, it’s almost embarrassing to admit! Now I make Lloyd drive us somewhere every weekend so we can experience the true American countryside.”
  • Reading – “I love reading. I don’t know what it is, but ever since I was a little girl I simply couldn’t put a book down until I was done reading it.”
  • Cooking – “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—Lord knows Lloyd is already as skinny as they come—I don’t want anyone thinking I don’t feed my husband. And, as a matter of fact, I want to eat good food too.”
  • Socialization – “You might have noticed, but I really love talkin’! I just love it, and I love listening to people talk and their stories. It’s fun, and you can tell a lot about a person from the way they talk about things!”
  • Entrepreneurship – “A couple of ladies from the neighborhood were struggling, being new wives and all, so for a little bit of money I give them advice and offer my help with whatever they might need. I love being a wife, I love helping, and one can never have too much money, so it all works out.”

  • Heights – “In my mind, there is no reason why a sane person would be somewhere where they could so easily fall, and, additionally, somewhere so high that that fall would most likely kill them. It just, it doesn’t make sense and I’m not doing it.”
  • Being Put in a Box – “I’m not just one thing; I’m a wife, but I’m also a mother; I’m a woman, but I’m also an adventurer; I’m annoying sometimes, but I’m also compassionate. I’m not just one thing, and I can’t even imagine being put inside a box, I shiver at the thought of having to be just one thing.”
  • Wars – “I lost a father and a brother to World War II, and if women could enroll, you would not see me doing that. I love my country but I was not made for killing, and I was definitely not made for dying either. Wars are where men go to kill and die, and that’s just horrible, don’t you think?”
  • Being Helpless – “I know you know by now that I pretty much know how to get what I want, and if there was something I wanted so desperately that it became a need, but it just so happened that I couldn’t find a way to get it, I feel like I would just crumble. Never happened before, though.”
  • Never Seeing Her Family Again – “I have hope. I have so much hope that somehow in whatever way, that I will be able to see Phillip and Lucy, and hug them, and tell them that their momma loves them, and tuck them into bed again, or make breakfast for them, or that I’ll kiss my husband again, at least one more time. I have to believe that. I have to.”

  • Charisma – “I can talk my way into any situation, and just the same, I can talk my way out of any situation. People like me, I can’t help it! They can’t help it either!”
  • Persistency – “Back when I was a little girl, if there was a job to do on the farm, I would not stop until that job was finished. I live my life the same way, and whatever job I’m given, I’m not going to stop until it’s finished.”
  • Resourcefulness – “Hey, if there is a way to do something, I will find it. I once made an entire dinner, with dessert, without any flour at home. And you know what, it was a delicious dinner.”
  • Shotgun Usage – “My daddy, God rest his soul, taught me how to handle a shotgun. And if there is ever a need for me to use one, I am not afraid to do it.”

Zeta Squad Relationships:
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  • TBA
  • TBA

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