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Realistic or Modern Heartfelt Lies - The Deteriorating Relationships RP

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One-Shot Status: Event Completed.

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Event has been completed.
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  • HeartfeltLiex1x1Banner.jpg

    This is the Completed Hub Thread for all things related to Heartfelt Lies.

    A wierd combination of a group and 1x1 rp where players create sheets for a similar setting and are ultimately paired with one another (where the characters are in a relationship) and go through a 1x1 following a particular topic. In Heartfelt Lies, players were encouraged to have their two characters being in the midst of some sort of issue that is forming a wedge between their newfound relationship with one another - and to attempt to complete it over the duration of the Summer of 2023.

    In this Hub Post you'll have acess to links to the character sheets, to the various 1x1s that were created, and to strawpolls where people are encrouaged to vote on their favorite characters / 1x1s! Feel free to look at your leisure!

    Linked in the picture above is the character sheets page for the RP. It's worth noting that due to the 1x1 pair setup, not all of the characters were used for the event, but they were all just as detailed. Would another set of characters have maybe had more chemistry than the ones that were paired perhaps? Feel free to decide for yourself!

    Have an opinion? Feel free to vote on the select topics in the Strawpolls linked below! I didn't set a time limit on them!

    Favorite Ship/Pairing?
    Best Boy?
    Best Girl?

    1x1 Stories
    This is a listing of all the 1x1s that were associated with this One Shot. It should be noted that at the time of this writing, none of them had made it to completion. But as always, it's entirely possible the players decided to carry on with it even after this event's deadline~!

    Asynchronous Heartbeats Banner.jpgAsynchronous HeartbeatsHaru Sarachi x Sango Namino
    ERode ERode x Trystan1295 Trystan1295

    What started off as quiet admiration over a Sports Festival blossomed as an unspoken romance over months of hardship. When their schools were forced to merge due to political scheming and machinations beyond their control, these two brave young souls stood up in the face of adversity and came out victorious, all while holding each other’s hand under the table. Haru Sarachi, the headstrong, up-and-coming young Strider, and Sango Namino, the passionate gymnast-turned-cheerleader with dreams of glory. He was impressed by her upbeat attitude and her determination to keep spirits high, even when all hope seemed lost, while she fell for his tenacity and raw force of will to punch through any obstacle that came his way, circumstantial or otherwise. She claimed her way up to the top of the social food chain, but he could only see himself sinking further and further as the odds stacked heavier and heavier against him.

    While Sango poured in hours of effort to save their school from the same fate that doomed St. Kisai and Teijin High, Haru supported her from the shadows, and while distance persisted between the two, it was clear they both counted with each other’s support, whether the other person had any idea or not. Regardless, the only signs of love overshadowing this dream came from whispers in the hallways that just wouldn’t hold up in the grand scheme of things.

    As Sango's own life continued on the up and up, Haru's own prospects were sabotaged by his unwillingness to just let the boys be boys. Things culminated in violence at the Maid Cafe Tournament, followed by her own work at the school's stage. It was a mirror of what happened during the Sports Festival, and while nursing a black eye, he figured he may as well congratulate her afterwards. That, of course, is when he came across the whole deal with the producer. To him, refusing that offer seemed pretty insane, especially when she ought to owe the school nothing.

    So he vocalized that. Perhaps came across more emotionally than he wanted to be. Obviously Sango remained with her own decision in the end, but one thing did change though: his interest in live music, developed during summer, was in part due to him checking out performance venues out of curiousity, to see who Sango's 'competitors' were.

    As Sango burned bright in the final arc, Haru was smouldering, in shambles. Perhaps it was her hubris that made her believe that the one student the study session didn't manage to salvage the grades of could still be saved, but she'd reach out first. And Haru, seeing everything that Sango had, everything that she could accomplish still, took her hand, hoping to rekindle something.

    But that wasn't a basis for a relationship, really.

    And Haru, mayhaps, didn't even want a relationship in the end.

    Worlds Apart Banner.jpg
    Worlds Apart
    Daisuke Minamoto x Cinabu Naro
    Blitzkrieg Bob Blitzkrieg Bob x Tau Tau


    A girl free from all expectations, and the boy from whom is expected the world.
    Can they remain together even when they come from totally different worlds?
    Or will they drift apart until there’s nothing left…?
    Follow Cinabu Naro and Daisuke Minamoto as they try to bridge two worlds in the name of love!

    InPersuit of Hapiness.jpg
    In Pursuit of Happiness
    Shin Yukimura x Akiko Akiyama
    Zenritch Zenritch x Verite Verite

    For a while, things seemed to be going well for Shin Yukimura. Over the course of the school year, he's become a bit more comfortable with himself, he's become more involved with his school and his fellow classmates, and he's enjoying a blissful relationship with his beloved girlfriend, Akiko Akiyama. However, good things must always come to an end. When Shin is met by a blast from the past in the form of his brother, who threatens his very way of life and everything he'd ever worked toward, the cool-headed and thoughtful young man Akiko had fallen in love with seemed to change in the blink of an eye.

    Finally awarded the chance to prove to the world that he's worth something, worth more than what his family always thought of him, Shin obsessively dedicates his mind and body to his training in hopes of defeating his brother in a Kendo duel. But this single-minded obsession comes at perhaps a greater cost than he might have imagined as he ends up distancing himself more and more from Akiko and the connections he'd ended up fostering over the year, and eventually, both of them must ask themselves; how long can they keep this up? How much is Shin willing to give up to achieve his goals, and how far is Akiko willing to go to keep him from giving up too much?

    hldiscordicon.jpgDark Leylines, Aliens, and Broken Truths
    Tak Hirokumi x Ruruwu Uwaru
    Karyra Karyra x Skyswimsky Skyswimsky

    It all starts with Pity.
    Have you ever examined yourself... and found yourself wanting? What if you say nothing but the truth... but no one believes you?
    What would you do if you knew they would believe you.
    What would you do if they still refused to believe?

    hldiscordicon.jpgUninitated 1x1 Thread
    Ryousei Kamirosu x Okane Ayashii
    Shoya Shoya x Rithas Rithas

    1x1 Thread Was Never Initated.

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I’ll post tentative interest. I started working on a character for Koibito, so I might reuse parts.
Conflict Themes
SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles withinasapphire withinasapphire ERode ERode meepster meepster thundercloud611 thundercloud611 Verite Verite Misuteeku Misuteeku Tau Tau

Thank you all for showing tentative interest!

We can expect me to formally open up a Discord for the RP during Mid-May, according to schedule. Though, that might be advanced forward if so many people start showing interest that I need to implement a cutoff of sorts. Until then, feel free to ask questions and just keep an eye on that announcement.

People who are really, really wanting to start things off early with making a character early are free to look over the previous Koicomi Communication Signup Process as detailed in the previous RP's interest check. The character sheet there and the sheet for this RP will very likley be very similar, though probably will have some things added. Again, if anyone has questions about anything, feel free to ask! Note though, that if you go this route that characters who started in this RP (Heartfelt Lies) were not a part of the Gender Relations Club. As that distinction is reserved for the previous cast.

See you all in the next announcement!


After your character is accepted, you can either choose to collaborate with another player's character and become a pair. Alternatively, you can have your character Shipped with another player's character through 'Ship Voting', where players with accepted characters vote on who they think make the best pairs and give a little bit of explanation as to why which helps with planning your 1x1. This was how it was originally done in the original Koibiito Communication.

Once the pairs are decided, you'll both be given a Discord Thread to plan out your 1x1 before you start it. In this planning stage you'll be asked to eventually submit a Synopsis of your 1x1 so people reading can have an idea what your 1x1 is about. You'll also be asked to categorize your 1x1 based one of the RP's core Conflict Themes. Those themes being: Stagnation, Pity, and Betrayal.

It should be stressed that your 1x1s can be about pretty much anything as long as it doesn't break RPnation rules. The themes are there to give you two a starting point, and to help encourage your 1x1s to guide itself along that one theme as your write. It also subtly states just how involved/emotional you two want that 1x1 to become.

Relationships where two characters find that their connection isn't getting any deeper. Where it feels like it's becoming easier to drift apart than it is to reignite their interest in one another. This is the most broad type of theme. One possible example is two people who start dating and feel like they don't know how to go any further.

Relationships where characters start to feel like the person they are with is someone they're forcing themselves to stay with. One possible example of this is characters being in an arranged marriage.

Relationships that have been shaken by something that one partner has done to another that is starting to pull them apart. One possible example of this is a character being publicly embarrassed or lied to by their partner, and something that is still being brought up each time they meet weeks after it happened with detrimental results.

Additionally, a fourth optional theme, Cheating can be chosen. It is an optional theme that requires participating players to write out statements affirming that this is just an RP and they're Roleplaying it for fun. A third volunteer character from the cast would be made available for this role if desired.
Story Backgrounds
Alright everyone, vibe check... checks out! We will proceed with running this one shot!
This post will detail the story related elements to your character. A little extra time was taken to make illustrations for this story section to pique interest.
Further information about Signups and the Final Version of the Character Sheet Skeleton should come in a day or so.

One of the things to note that while the highlight of the RP is the relationship drama... there's another important facet to what makes Heartfelt Lies special. It is the idea that each character lived through an entire story together in regards to the merging of the former Boys' and Girls' schools, and the efforts that were made to prevent their combined school from closing down.

The character(s) your create for this one shot should be able to reflect that they lived through this story and were changed by it. While you are free to not think too hard about the below's prologue section (unless you're interested in the planned full version of this RP) please take special note of what is detailed in the other tab 'Common Route / Core Canon' - as that will be very important when you create your character's Bio!

Heartfelt Lies - Story Background

  • At any given point in time, exactly half of the world is experiencing joy.
    Ergo, at any given point in time, the other half of the world is experiencing sadness.
    Thus, it's important to cherish the times that bring us joy, and in the times we struggle, we must endure until it changes.


    ...because it is through the suffering that you endure that an equal amount of happiness is paid for for another.
    And of course, any happiness you experience comes at a cost that is paid for by someone else.

    I told you all of these things back then... in yet you still chose to follow me here.
    Certainly, that part of you I can't help but like. That's probably the reason why I put your heart back together.

    Oh? You don't remember me?

    Well, don't be scared.
    Of course you don't remember, nor is there really any shame in it.

    You see: even when a soul is reconstructed perfectly, things such as 'memories' and 'relationships' become fleeting, not unlike waking up from a dream.

    Those fleeting sentiments dissipate soon after the soul that housed them ceased to be. But even then, that same 'rebuilt' person will still probably have the same 'values', and tendencies. They might go on to have different hobbies, have different friends - things like that. But, when it comes to decisions of 'character' you'll probably choose in a the same way that speaks to your heart no matter what story your life plays through.

    But, what I can tell you for certain, is that 'You' made a promise. Since, you no longer remember me, you can think of me as nothing more than an executor of a contract that was willed to you from your previous self.

    Or, in other words: I've done most of what I had promised I'd do for you.

    There's just one more thing though.
    I have one final instruction for you. Are you prepared to hear it?

    That instruction is simply:

    "Live your best life this time around."

    And with that, my part of the contract is fulfilled. The rest is up to you now.



    Even if I told you now, you're going to forget in a few moments you know?
    In the context of eternity, I'll see you pretty soon enough.

    But... even so.

    Let's meet again in that place.
    And there, just like before then...


    Could you ask for me to be your friend again?

    The image of the girl in the chair etches itself into your memory.
    In your next life, you occasionally experience a reoccurring dream of this moment.

    But by the time you're old enough to think of the significance of this dream...
    The details are so hazy that you can't even remember what color her hair was.
    But even so... the sentiment to 'Meet Again' remains the same.

    The last sentiments of your previous life wash away like a recceeding wave.
    But a new stream of emotion rushes upon you with gentle yet firm force.

    You are filled with the breath of life...
Character Creation
Character Creation Banner.jpg

Alright minna...! I hope nothing blew up!
This is the information for creating a character for Heartfelt Lies! Hopefully I ported and re-contextualized everything properly~!

If there are any questions not adressed by this or any previous post properly, please feel free to ask!

TLDR of this Post

1 - This post includes the Character Sheet.
2 - This post includes two tabs worth of considerations to making your character and can be looked at as a sort of FAQ and sheet standards thingy.
4 - A discord thread will be made available and will be used as the OOC. To get an invitation, please leave a reaction to the intro post of the thread. AND make sure you've made a reply in this thread at least once.
5 - Additionally, a 'mock story mode' of the events in the common route will be run within the discord - which is optional.
6 - People interested in Ehb posting an example of a completed character sheet can choose their perferred character based on the type of reaction left to this particular post.
7 - Ehb will be available on this thread and on the eventual discord for questions and help.

Finally, A Discord and a Dedicated Character Sheet Page for this RP shall be made once Ehb Recouperates from the past 2 posts. Again, feel free to use this OOC for questions/comments/conversation until then!
Thank you very much for reading!

  • Considerations to Making Your Character and their role in the Common Route

    This is the whole story of the common route? It's sort of vague isn't it?
    Yes it's vague on purpose. It lays out problems faced and the fact that they were resolved. This vagueness is to allow for wiggle room when you write your character and when you do your 1 to 1s. Your confessing character has the room to be like: "I was really impressed when you did that thing in the culture festival!"

    Wait, does that mean that I have to know EVERYTHING EACH CHARACTER did specifically in the story?
    No, you don't have to have each character memorized. Think of it this way: the idea is that in each 1 to 1 you and your partners were sort of like the main characters of the story. So it is totally possible that in one of the 1 to 1's someone's character won first in the relay race. In another 1 to 1, someone else can be the one who won the relay race.

    But wait, then what was everyone else's characters doing in me and my partner's version of the story then?
    Again, it is generally left vague. Unless you opt for it, the actions of the other players in the common route is more flavor as opposed to having been what directly lead to your romance. For example, your character is a class clown type. They're the love interest in their own 1 to 1 with their partner, but they're generally regarded as the class clown if they get referenced in any other 1 to 1.

    What if I want to have another player's character be involved in my own 1 to 1?
    Note that there should be no NTR unless you choose for your 1x1 conflict to be on the theme of 'Cheating'.
    But if you want to have a 'friend character' who helps encourage the romance along to help out, you can involve them in your 1 to 1. That is up to you, your partner, and the person you want to involve. You might want to have that extra person because you want that third party to help you along in the romance kind of like that girl-friend or guy-friend who gives good advice. That will be allowed.

    Did my character HAVE TO come from the Boys' School or Girls' school before the merge?
    Yes. It is mandatory that in the common route they went to their respective genders' school at the start of the Common Route. This is because some players will be tempted to have their two characters just be genderbent versions of that character. THAT IS ALLOWED. But, those two will still have lived rather different lives in that they canonically attended their gender respective school. At their core they may be the same soul, same core values and disposition... But the circumstances that they grow up in will STILL make them two different characters. But again, I'm not saying all characters should just be genderbent versions of each other either. Write characters who you really feel like you can understand.

    Can I make my character a transfer student?
    Yes. It is allowed. But they will have to at least been at their gender specific school for at least a single year before the Merge into Yuzu High. The reason for this is that they should have also experienced the trouble of getting the two student bodies to work together in the Common Route as well.

    So Just how much are you expecting us to know about the common route? Like what level am I supposed improvise details a story that just exists as a summary?
    When creating your character I would say to think of it like this: Your Character sheet is basically not too far off from being an well taken care of fan wikia article entry for a main character of a show that has basically finished. It should feel like it 'was written by someone who watched the whole show and liked and understood it enough to write said wikia article'. It should have a feel of being writing about a completed or at least nearly completed piece of media. That may be tough, I know.

    The Character Sheet is too much! Are you actually trying to discourage people from completing it?!
    What the GM, Ehb is worried about in this RP is people putting this massive amount of effort, genuinely intending to RP a (Fictional) Romance Ship with their partner, and having that partner dip out on them, or give up after they feel like they can't make up any chemistry. Yes. These sheets are purposefully designed to be as detailed as possible to not only ensure anyone who isn't fully committed will give up before voting for ships begins. Of course the sheets are also heavily detailed so that you partner has plenty of material to work off and so that you yourself have a good grasp of the character you create and play. Remember, this RP assumes your character participated through the entire story, thus, I believe it is reasonable to have an entire story's worth of material written for them in those sheets. In addition, it is hoped that after you complete these sheets, RPing a Shipped Romance and confession with another character it going to be easy in comparison for you.

    Ehb! Why are you being so nitpicky on the sheets? How are you going to work with what's likely going to be a small pool of characters with such high standards!?
    Despite the interest now, another potential scenario of the rp Crashing and Burning is if there are less than 3 pairs of characters that are accepted before the 'end of Mid-June deadline'. Again, I accept that this whole idea can crash and burn, but on this occasion I will hold high standard as I want the pool of potentially shippable characters and players to be as high quality as possible for them. Given that it will already be hard to improvise a sincere (fictional) romance with strangers.

    What if there's less than 3 pairs of characters / players accepted by the deadline?
    I really just sort of removes the 'Vote for Shipping' aspect. Ehb will ask the remaining accepted players if they wish proceed with the 1 to 1's with the 1-2 people. They can either pair together, or Ehb will use their backup characters and proceed with the 1 to 1's like normal. The Most Active Days in the OOC will likely be when ships are formally voted on. Please be sure to keep a keen eye on the discord via your computer and phone as Ehb will just start going 'Alright Vote on a Ship!' then 'Okay these characters still need to be shipped, vote again!' until everyone is paired.

"Wait Ehb! I want an Example Character sheet!"
Example Character Sheet Vote and Mock Story Mode

Sure. I'd be happy to make an example character sheet if people wish for it.
Story Mode Banner.jpg

If that is the case, please vote on a character for Ehb to flesh out into a full sheet below:

Additionally, that chosen character will be used for the RP's optional 'Mock Story Mode' event on the Heartfelt Lies Discord to be held from the opening of the discord up until signups are complete / Before Pairs are Voted on. Players who participate in that story mode through to the end will have their character put on the RP's finalized group splash cover.

Again, it should be iterated that participation in this story mode is completely optional.

  • KimberProf.jpg

    Kimber Rift is a recent transfer student to Yuzu Municipal High School. Having come from America, she's got lots of interesting stories and experiences to tell about. Her outgoing and sociable personality makes her pretty popular among the student body. Talented in Sports and Music, a lot of people wonder why she'd bother to come out to such a remote town in Japan. "The small town feel totally suits my style more!" She once explained.

    But, as you get to know her throughout the year, you find that she has certain things hidden behind her kind demeanor. Just how much of her is an act, and how much of it is sincere? You feel certain that there are certain parts of her that are propped up, hiding certain insecurities behind them. But what sort of person would you be asking about it out of the blue to a complete stranger?

    Select Kimber as the example character and see her unique perspectives in the mock story by reacting to this interest thread's first post with a heart. ♥️
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Ehb Ehb
I never really understood why reactions were limited differently in each section, but uhm... yep, that pen definitely isn't there for me.

Which isn't a problem because I'm voting Kimber, but ya know... ...RIP Team Yuri.
Huh, I seem to be having the same predicament as well in regards to both the pen and the lightbulb. Strange.
Did I break something, or is the lightbulb supposed to only be available on the first post of the thread? Now I'm even more confused...
Huh, I seem to be having the same predicament as well in regards to both the pen and the lightbulb. Strange.


It looks like light bulbs are only available for the first post!
So I basically just edited it to ask everyone to give that reaction to the opening post. Good thing no one really reacted to that intro post this time around.

Sorry everyone! I didn't realize it worked that way!
This totally sounds like fun! If there’s still slots open, I’d like to give this a try as well!
Not sure if this is possible in this rp, but I was wondering if somebody would be interested in joining a plotline involving (at least one):

- netorare
- unrequited love
- bethrotal (fiancé boy + fiancée girl)

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