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Fandom Harry Potter Role play

I hear a sound, a movement. So I look up from the book.
Yeah, you are just casually climbing a tree. I roll my eyes. Can't really hear or see what you are up to.
As I'm still angry with you, I'm not going to go over to you.
Next class is soon starting, so I stand up. Brush off the small pieces of gras on my firm round butt, and the back of my thighs.
Start to walk up to the castle again.
I don't glance at you as I run into the forest, further in then I'd been before. I needed to move, to release some of this insufferable energy, the weight of this pressure. Past the spiders, who fled from my presence as if I was a curse, although I halted as I tumbled down a bank into a large enclosure, an enclosure that held a giant, a huge, slumbering creature who's snores were like an elephants, only deeper. I froze as one of its eyes opened and focused on me.
I turn around a little before I continue walking. You are running, I raise an eyebrow. I try to forget what I saw.
Finally coming to the grounds, I see a few slytherins. Go over to them, and see Wyatt, Ryan and Alex.
"Hi! Where have you been?" Alex gives me a fistbump. He has a really bad blueeye. I laugh a little of his look.
He hit me in the stomach as an answer to my laugh. "Ah," comes out of my mouth. I push myself back a little.
Trying to stand up normal again even if I still feel the pain. "I skipped class and was reading just beside the forest."
Tried to act like it was a normal thing. "Of all the things you can do when you skip class, and of all the places," Ryan cracks in laughter, as he say it.
I shrug my shoulder, and give them an innocent look. Wyatt looks at me. "Saw your girlfriend come after you," said he with a unnice voice.
What was his problem? I tried to act chill and cool. "Nah, she went into the forest." Wyatt gives me a look and I stare at him back with intense eyes.
The giant rises to it's feet and roars, all the wild life fleeing, the birds scattering to the skies. I backed away as it stepped towards me, its steps causing the ground to tremor. I will be dead, so dead, if this thing hits me, or even stands on me. I cursed as I hit the steep bank and hurriedly looked around, trying to find some level ground I could use to escape. I gave up and ran sideways along the back, stumbling slightly over the mud, twigs and leaves that coated the ground. I winced as it slammed its fist after me, mud spraying into my back as it only just missed. I hurriedly debated transforming into my snake form, but decided against it, knowing it'd severely decrease my speed. So I sprinted, knowing how resilient giants were to magic.
The bells ring, new class. "Let's go guys, so we don't want to get late." Alex says, he punch me in the chest and look into my eyes.
"And you naughty boy, you can't skip another class." He smirks at me. I shake my head and smirks back.
"What are we having?" Ryan walk up next to me. Me and Alexander start laughing. "Me and Wyatt told you earlier, idiot." Alex answers.
Ryan gives us a treatning look. We laugh again. "Transfiguration." Even I remembered. "Ah fuck, not McGonagall." Ryan gets red in his cheek.
"She is so going to make a fool out of you this year too." Wyatt poke Ryan. He push him back hard.
I leaped through the forest, my breath scorching in my throat and my limbs were protesting but I continued, knowing it was death to slow down. I knew I wouldn't make it, it was gaining on me with every step I took, every swing of it's arm coming a fraction closer.

"I love you father"

Was the only thing I said, and I felt him stir and stiffen.

"Call us." He said hurriedly, and I knew he was able to see what I saw as I tore my shirt open and pressed the mark on my arm.

"Right!" He barked, and I veered sharply in that direction, the giants fist smashing where I just was, but I didn't have time to thank him.
Sitting in class. Not thinking about transfiguration. Looking out of the window. Daydreaming.
Am I the only one who feel it's getting cold? Like all happiness is drained out of me.
I get a lump in my stomach. What a weird feeling. I look around me, it looks like I'm not the only one.
People look around confused.
Severus sprints out the main doors, running towards the forest where he felt the mark burn. He knew his life wouldn't be worth living if he allowed Lileath to be murdered or captured, although he briefly wondered what she could've found in there that would pose a threat to her life. He soon got his answer as he heard the roars coming from the forest. A giant. He urged his body to move all the more faster as he ran into the forest, spotting a trail of destruction that varied. Smart, making it turn sharp corners and smash through narrow trees, slowing its advance. He didn't have time to admire this though, and he followed the trail of destruction, seeing the giant first and then locking unto Lileath, who was darting between a dense cluster of trees. He breathed a sigh of relief at her continued existence, and summoned up a wall of flame, not to injure it but to ward it off. His adrenaline was starting to fade, and he knew Lileath's was the only thing that stopped her collapsing from exhaustion, so he didn't shout to her.
Class was over, and time for some lunch. Hopefully my appetite would be better now.
I sat down with Wyatt, Ryan, Alexander and some other guys. And then two slytherin girls.
Megan & Sophie. I had a fling with Megan last year, but then again who hadn't she had a fling with.
She was a lot of drama and very needy. But she could be very fun to hang around. She was a crazy brunette, while Sophie was a more calm blondie.
Sophie sat next to me, Megan next to Alexander. I saw on Alex, that he wasn't interested at all but went along.
"Hey handsome," Sophie teased me. I just smiled. She was playing with my hair, giving my head a massage. It was extremly good.
I even closed my eyes. I opened them to get some food. Looked over the table at Megan trying hard to get Alexander's attention.
I snorted, she was something for herself. I took a bite to eat, finally feeling myself being hungry. Sophie did the same.
Out of the blue she grabbed my thigh, I acted as nothing happend but layed my hand over hers.
The giant backed off from the fire and I glanced over my shoulder, slowing down as I saw Severus fighting it off. Fiendfire. That was next on my things to learn, I thought as I slumped against a tree, all my energy gone. After it'd slunk back into the forest, he turned to me, holding his hand out, but I winced as I stood up, nearly falling over despite his hand. Hesitating slightly, he picked me up and carried me out the forest and back into the school.
Looking at the staff table, I know it's just lunch. But Snape is missing.
Also looking around the Slytherin table, I can't see you. Weird not coming back for lunch.
I look at Sophie, try to act like I'm not worried. I smile at her, swallow away the thoughts of what could have happend.
Sophie leans on my shoulder, trying to cuddle with me.
Severus carried me into the school gates, walking me past the great hall into the dungeons. Admittedly, it would've looked extremely odd if not for the fact I was covered in mud and my shirt was missing, lying torn in the forest from where I'd ripped it off running from the giant. He would've taken me to the hospital wing, but explaining why I had the dark mark on my arm would've been difficult to say the least. We got several odd looks from the students that spotted us, but I was too tired to see who they were.

Pansy was chatting idly with a few of her friends, meandering through the school as she spotted Severus carrying me, hurrying down the stairs.

"What the...?" she murmured, confused. She hurried into the great hall.

"Malfoy!" She said loudly "I found Lileath!"

He looked up at her, his eyes slightly wide at the panic in her voice. He hated it when I disappeared, as he knew if something happened Severus wouldn't be the only one taking the blame. He asked her what happened, standing up slightly.

"She barely looked conscious, I mean, Snape was carrying her."
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Sophie was trying to take her arms around me, that's when I heard your name.
Hearing what Pansy said, made me push Sophie away from me. She fell backwards, hit her head in the floor, as she fell down from the bench.
I couldn't care less. It was a chaous around me. Megan jumping up from the bench to help Sophie, and the guys asking her if she was fine.
"Do you need to go to the hospital wing?" Ryan asked her. Sophie was moaning, feeling sorry for herself.
I rolled my eyes, this was the smallest of my problems. You, were conscious, you had been in deep trouble. And I wasn't there to help you.

Snape carrying you? I gasped. Feeling guilty for not following you into the woods.
I only hoped you were okay. Didn't want to seem as desperate after you as Draco.
But I stood up and walked out of the great hall. The stairs down to the dungeons, sat down and waited.
I looked like a fool, and I was a fool. I was going to stay here, to I found out if you were okay.
Snape carried me to the dungeons, and placed me gently on his bed. I blushed slightly at just how easy I was to physical push around before falling asleep, the mud and dirt vanishing from my skin.

He stayed in his room a short while, just tidying up, before he walked outside his room and spotted you down the corridor.

"Eric" He said in surprise, shutting his door behind him. "What are you doing here?"
almost falling asleep as I was sitting in the stairs. Drooling over my cloak. Then hearing Snape say my name. I stand up fast, too fast so I get dizzy. I shake my head to wake more up. «Is she okay?» looking at him with worried eyes. I swallow loudly. «I..» I sigh.
He nodded "She'll be fine, she'll probably be sore for a few days though."

Being sore for a few days was a small price to pay to not have my brains bashed in, although I knew it'd happened had he not been barking at me the best route to take.
I nod with big eyes at him. "Thank you, Professor Snape."
Feeling the want to see you, but I will try to resist.
I start walking up the stairs, stops for a while. Breath out disappointedly. Continue.
I do have classes to attend to. Maybe I will just try to get through the day, torment myself through it.
Maybe I will get to talk to you later.
I stayed asleep for hours, and when I woke up I checked the time, looking at the clock on his nightstand. Slightly after five, although I took a sharp intake of breath as I swung my legs round. Wincing slightly, I put them on the floor and braced myself to get up. Doing so slowly, I moved in front of a mirror to clean myself up a little, although he'd cleaned me off of all the dirt, my hair was still a catastrophe and I summoned myself up a light shirt, making sure it covered the mark on my arm, that was now fading from the jet black it'd been when I pressed it. I figured he'd be at supper, so I dragged myself out his room, and cautiously walked to the great hall.
All the classes were done. Finally. I felt exhausted.
Haven't really paid attention to any one them. Just looking out the window, thinking about you.
Well, it's time for dinner. My friends can take my mind of you.

I run down the moving stairs, where I meet Sophie and Megan. Giving me a bitchy look.
"Hey girls," I tried touching Sophie's arm but she pulled it away.
"Okay, I'm sorry that I pushed your earlier. I wasn't myself." I try to give her an innocent smile.
She still looks unsure. Megan and her are holding hands, like they are protecting each other. It looks stupid.
"Hope I can make it up to you." I kiss her cheek and continue running into the great hall.

Seeing Alex, Wyatt, Ryan and some other fellow friends already sitting at our table. I run lightly over to them.
Jumping on the bench in the middle of Ryan and Alex. "You are in a good mood." Ryan frowns. I smile back.
"Yeah, I try at least." I get something to drink, take a sip of it.
"Where did you go after pushing Sophie?" Wyatt asks curious.
"Well, I just checked out what was going on with that Lileath girl." I answered fast and tried not make it sound like a big deal.
"Hm," the only sound that came out of Wyatt's mouth. What an answer...
"Well there she is, so I guess we can check off your teory Wyatt, that she was near death." Alex snorts.
I roll my eyes. Idiots. They know nothing. You are strong, you could have been through anything.
I looked up at Severus and saw him having a serious conversation with Dumbledore, and I figured I could probably guess what about.

"Ah, Lileath." Dumbledore says lightly from across the hall "Professor Snape tells me you've been in a spot of bother."

I swallowed as I looked at him "Yes professor."

"Well it's fair to say that you wouldn't of been in this incident if you had followed the rules, correct?"

I nodded "That is correct Sir."

A public example. That's what this was. To punish me in front the whole school, as a warning and a deterrent.

"But Sir, surely that there is something so dangerous in the school is also a concern."

"Severus, the only threat it poses is to students who don't follow the rules."

He opened his mouth to object, frowning.

"Lileath, you are going to be serving two weeks detention for your disobedience. And let this serve as a warning to any others who think they are above the rules."

I nod "Very well professor. Will that be all?"

He dismissed me with a wave of his hand, and I gingerly sat down, as if it was uncomfortable to do so. I heard the murmurings in the hall, about what could've happened to get two weeks detention.
There you are. And talking to no one else than, Dumbledore.
Basically everyone can hear your conversation. Not weird as everyone turn quite to listen.
Rules, yeah. Well, a good example at breaking them, they were all sitting here around me. I sighed.
I felt sorry for you, as everyone knew you had been to the forest, breaking the rules.
And I was too sure about it, people would judge you, instead of finding out what creature that hurt you.
Well, it's wasn't easy for you. But also, everyone knew who you were and what you came from.
It was like you were supposed to have a hard time here.
I didn't agree for it, as I hadn't judge you before I knew you. Couldn't lie, I was still angry at you for the way you talked and treated me.
Fucking mixed feelings about the whole shit. I cared, but I shouldn't. Because well, you hurt my feelings.
Malfoy kept looking at me and I sighed.

"I'm fine Malfoy. Really."

He nodded and looked down at his plate.

"Two weeks... your father's not going to be happy."

I closed my eyes and bristled "Don't remind me." I said quietly. I bit my lip.

"Malfoy... I'm sorry for how I've acted."

He shook it off, returning to eating, and soon after I left the table, to mentality brace myself for my fathers displeasure.
You didn't even give me a glance, I sighed.
I need to get my mind off you, because you clearly isn't worth it.
I went over to sit with Sophie and Megan. "Hey, let's hang to tonight? You, me and the rest of the boys."
I smile at them. They give me an unsure look, but shrugs. "Sure, can't do any harm," answer Megan.
"Great! See you later than. The common room?" They nod. I go back to the guys to tell them the news.
"Good boy," comes from Ryan. I laugh, and we finish up eating.

Lying in bed a little after dinner. Looking at the ceiling. I pick up my family book, go through the photos.
Grandpa, grandma, dad's sibling, or actually my aunt and uncle. My cousins. If only I could meet them, they are probably more like me.
The thought only occured to me right now. If my aunt and uncle have children, then they must go here? I flip the next page, and that's when I get it.
Aaah, they didn't want their children to go at Hogwarts because of muggleborns being accepted here.
They are all going at Durmstrang, because of the no-muggleborn rule. I sigh, I had a little hope.

Rolling out of bed, putting the book under my bed and going down to the common room.
The guys are playing chess. Wyatt against Alexander. I join Ryan who is just watching.
"Who is winning?" None of the guys playing answers me.
"They are so in the game, they can't answer. But it's pretty even," Ryan answers me.
"Seen any of the girls yet?" I ask. Ryan shake his head. "Not yet."
I sit in the common room for a while, buried into a book, although I wasn't reading. I was drawing. I kept checking the time, and it slowly trickled past seven, getting closer to half eight by the minute.

Glancing down, I grimaced. Couldn't I do anything without it being mired in darkness and bloodshed? I tore the piece of paper out and threw it in the bin across the room, it bouncing of the edge before falling inside. I should've destroyed it really, as it'd look extremely odd if I was found drawing someone with a knife through their heart, especially if I was the one holding it.
I hear a sound, look around us. And see you.
Wonder what you threw in that bin. I shake of the thought.
Suddenly Sophie and Megan comes down. Sophie slams her arms around me, acting like everything was back to normal.
I hug her back, kiss her on the cheek. As I sit down on one of the chairs, still watching chess. She sits on my lap and put her hand on my inner thigh.
Megan give her attention to Ryan since he is the only one he isn't busy.

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