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Sounds perfect.

I already have one

Eric's father was born a wizard, he came from a wealthy family with a lot of expectations and responsibilites. Fullblood and high up in the system. His father (Eric's grandfather) was working in the ministry of magic and a true supporter of Voldemort. He looked down on muggleborns, as well did the rest of the family. Joseph (Eric's father) went to Hogwarts and as a total suprise, he didn't come in Slyderin as the rest of the family. He ended up being the family's black sheep, because he wasn't like the rest. He didn't hate muggleborns, even if he was raised to believe it. He was in Gryffindor, he was brave, kind and good at school. While his other siblings were mean, and used their fame and father to make the other students fear them. Joseph was having troubles at home for being difficult, being different. His life looked dark, even if he had all the friends he could want at hogwarts. But then the light came back into his life ,when he met Jessica, the love of his life. Jessica is nothing Joseph's family ever would have wanted in a daughter in law. She was muggleborn. They fast break the contact with Joseph's family when they graduate Hogwarts. They run away, and get Eric and his two other siblings.

Eric grows up in a good environment and is loved by his family. But in the back of his mind, he is always wondering about his grandparents that he haven't met. He reads about the family history in books and hears from others, just as a small kid. He finds everything very interesting, but it's forbidden to talk about it at home. His father og mother want nothing to do with Joseph's family and the same for their children. Eric can't stop wanting to meet them. inside he can feels himself wanting danger and excitement. But he is a good boy, Eric do not do these kind of things. But can he resist the hunger for the unknown when he come to hogwarts? And will he be a gryffindor as his father and siblings?

since this is just his background, I just want to say that he ends up in Slyderin and struggle to juggle his life between being the nice boy he was taught to be verses the boy he can become by the influence of his father's family.
((Sounds good, is it okay if Voldemort looks like he did as Tom riddle?))

We both approached Kings Cross Station, walking in step with each other as I held his arm. Glancing at him slightly, I once more took in the black suit and matching leather gloves, the way the light reflected off his black, slicked back hair, contrasting with his pale skin. He was quite handsome, I reflected to myself, although I knew he'd heard my thought due to the small smirk that crept unto his face, and I blushed lightly. Having someone able to read your thoughts was... uncomfortable, to say the least, but he'd been teaching me mental shielding over the summer, among with many other things. Several people glanced at us, and I suspected we looked slightly odd, both wearing black suits, although mine was more effeminate and had a white shirt rather than a black one. We kept hold of each other as we strolled through the barriers, my luggage thankfully placed into a handbag by an undetectable extension charm, placed on it by him. My thoughts were interrupted as we strolled towards the Malfoys, our slightly intimidating demeanour causing the crowd to part around us, but not enough that it'd raise much suspicion unless somebody focused in on it.
( yes, that sounds good!)

He always taught it was embarrasing his family was taking him to the station. The first years had been okay, before he was exposed to the big world and didn't know better. He took a deep breath as he looked as his family. Holding hands, glancing around, waving at people and smiling. They were so kind... too kind, it was scary. His heart hurt by his feelings towards them. He knew down deep inside that he loved them to pieces. But they didn't understand him, and didn't understand that keeping him away from this and that, would just make him want it more. They stood in front of the train, his dad was holding his hands around his two other sibling, Sylvia and Phillip. Phillip was in his third year, while it was Sylvia's first year, her first time for everything. His mum was staring at him with her wet blue eyes, he had her eyes. She stretched after his hand and pinched it. "Take care of your sister. You promise... right?" Her eyes were filling up with tears and he saw she was swallong away the big lump in her throat. Eric's eyes went blind for a second, he had feared this year. Balancing his life at Hogwarts, being the boy he was with his friends in Slyderin and being a big brother. He couldn't been seen caring too much. He nodded fast and pulled loose from her grip, and walked towards the train, before she would try to get a hug from him. He blured out their words and shouting of his name. He glanced fast back at his mother, she was holding her hand over her stomach. The anxious was building inside of her, for over 5 years she had been trying to chase her son and get him back.
Malfoy stiffened as he saw my father approach, and he was one of the few people Malfoy actually admitted to being at least cautious around, however he and Lucius greeted each other as if old friends, shaking hands before him and Narcissa shared brief, polite kisses on the cheek. I merely nodded and said hello to Malfoy, who looked slightly relieved, as if glad he wouldn't have to kiss my cheeks with my father standing so close. He'd already thrown one Death Eater out of a window who'd been unfortunate enough to spot me going for a midnight swim in a rather revealing swimsuit. The train soon blared it's horn, to signify its imminent departure.

"Lileath" He said softly once we were out of earshot of Malfoy. I turned around as he bent down slightly, caressing my cheek a little.

"Try not to get in too much trouble" He whispered, smiling sadly, and I laughed.

"I'll try father" I promised him, and he kissed my nose as the horn blared again. It'd blare three times before it left, and I could hear it starting to engage the engines.

"Remember what I told you." He said, and glanced towards my neck, where the amulet of slytherin lay, hidden under my shirt. It allowed me to communicate with him over long distances, but he'd warned me that the magical protections at Hogwarts might interfere with it. I nodded and hugged him tightly before running to the train, stopping on the edge of the door to wave at him, and he briefly waved back before I was forced inside by the closing doors.
(I change to first-person instead. sorry)

I was looking around, felt already more at home just being at the train. I went straight up to the wagon were my little gang of Slyderin friends were. Already some of the students had changed into their uniforms, while I was still wearing my ripped dark blue jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket. My style was probably too much muggle-alike for some, but my friends thought it was cool. I sat down at the nearest seat with a bang, and laughed at my friends who jumped of surprise.
"Didn't see me coming guys?" I smirked and ran my fingers through my hair. It was newly showered, it was dark brown and soft, some girls at school loved playing with it. I occupied the rest of the seat by taking my feets up in it, and laying one foot over the other. Then leaning back, breathing out and feeling the freedom coming slowly. I had the school rules to follow, but I didn't care about dissapointing the teachers. It was much harder to see the look my mum gave me everyday, full of worry and dissapointment. One schoolyear before he needed to deal with that again.
"Any new good stuff then? maybe some gossip?" I grinned.
They laughed a little "Did you notice who Malfoy was chatting with?"

I walked along the corridors, trying to spot Malfoy but I wasn't able to, and I frowned. He was probably off somewhere terrorising some first years, probably feeling like he needed to exert some feeling of power after meeting with my father. I sighed a little and looked in a few of the compartments, spotting you and a bunch of fellow Slytherins inside. I didn't know any of you by name, but I knew you were in my year and house, as I recognized you from some of my classes, and you probably knew who I was, as rumours had been circling around me for most of my academic life, some of the rumours uncomfortably close to the truth. Not that I minded being the heir of Slytherin, it was a great honour in fact, but I'd rather everyone didn't know that just yet. I knocked on your compartment door, knowing I could've just barged in there but it'd be incredibly rude to do so.
We were all laughing of my friend Alexander, he was making fun of some gryffindor's that had fallen going on the train.
"They just faceplanted right in the middle of the hallway." He couldn't stop laughing and started snorting. Then everyone broke out in laughter by his snorting. Then everyone heared a sound and turned their heads. The wagon was dead-quiet for some seconds. Before Ryan, a noisy guy coughed. Alexander whispered fast in my ear. "Voldemort's girl. The one I told you about." I nodded by his words. Alexander must have been the only guy that I knew, that knew everything that was going on at Hogwarts and everyone. I stod up, using my muscular body to open the compartment door. Giving her a half-smirk. "Come join us." I was analyzing her from top to toe. Not bad. I looked down on my outfit, sigh a little. I look like a fool in this clothes around all these wizards in cloaks. She was the only girl in the wagon, she was brave to come into this mess of childish boys.
I raised an eyebrow slightly coldly at the way you looked at me, and walked in, glancing round once before sitting down, clearing off a space with my wand. I made a show of looking you up and down as I leaned back slightly, a slight smirk on my face, as if I found your clothes amusing. Looking away from you, I turned to the other members of the compartment, glancing particularly long at Alexander, as if I was scanning for something. He knew, and he'd told you. Processing this information, I took Hannibal out of my handbag and started to read it, also taking out a crystal glass and a bottle of red wine, my wand pouring it into the glass as I picked it up, sipping it lightly.
I started coughing by the look of you. You were too extra for my taste. Sat in my corner and leaned back relaxed. Took my wand out of my backpocket, it was a miracle it hadn't broken yet consindering how I wasn't careful at all. I threw it up and down, then I used it to make my cloak come down from my bag over us. Well it was supposed to be just guys here, so then I would have changed without them caring. It was normal for our group, we didn't have any rules or limits. We were used to be the classclowns and entertain the rest of the school. I took of my jacket and threw it at Alexander. Then goes my tshirt right on Ryan's face. He rolls his eyes. My stomach isn't quite a sixpack, but close enough. For a second everything is quite, then my friends start pushing me and joking around. Casting spells on my body. I warned you, we are childish.
I sigh through my nose and cast a light shield around me, thankfully muffling out most of the sound. I didn't fancy a shirt or spell in the face, and although I had little doubt you were trying to show off with your muscles, it wasn't working. Having trained with the Death Eaters this summer, I'd seen well sculpted men before, so your rather pathetic attempt to impress wasn't really working. I was impressed by skill, intellect and foresight, not brawn. If I wanted that, I'd just go and stick my head round the Gryffindor common room. I was still sipping my glass of wine as my father tried to talk to me, and I smiled as I found it as sharp as ever, ignoring you lot and withdrawing into myself to talk with him.
I raised an eyebrow at the sight of you. You seemed stated, and well I didn't blame you. But this was normal for us boys and I didn't make you come here. Even if I seemed as a childish boy that didn't care about anything, well I would never show off and had never in my life tried to get a girl's attention. But also, I didn't have to try. I laughed at my thought, I sounded so badly as a player in my head right now. I put half of my uniform on, but didn't change the pants, for the respect to you. I sighed. Took down my bag and messed around in it. And picked up by mistake my familybook instead of my current reading material. Out of the book it fell out a small picture, a portrait of my grandfather. "Fuck," said I quite, mostly for myself. I didn't want her to know, how close my grandfather was with her father. I gasped quietly.
I looked up at the sound of your voice, and glanced down at the apparent cause of it. A photograph, and I removed the shield to look at it, and I felt a flicker of recognition down our bond.

"I know him." He said, as if in contemplation "He is one of my informants at the ministry of magic."

I nodded slightly before stiffening, realising no one else could hear, and it would appear I was nodding to myself.

"What do you think I should do?"

"Hand it back to him. After all, they know your identity so is it really so bad if you know a little about theirs?"

"I suppose not" I respond as I hand it back to you, the cabin eerily silent.
I clear my throath and take it gladly back. I try to get your eyecontact, but I'm not smiling. Well, my friends know that my family on dad's side is famous, but they don't know about all my 5 years at Hogwarts, have only been about digging deeper into the past. And maybe... one day will I meet them. I put my bag over us again, and take out my pants. I give Alexander a look and he nods, he knows I'm leaving for a while. I also take my familybook, just in case... I never know if you want to snoop around? I glanze at you, well you are cold, but a cold beauty. I wrinkle my nose. It's probably the longest moment I get with you this schoolyear, I think. The next times will only be glimpses of you in class or in the common room. Little do I know, you will be what my whole schoolyear is about. I shrug and leave the wagon. I go between two carriages, as far out I can get on the train and feel the fresh air rush through my face.
I glance at you as you leave, obviously not trusting me not to snoop around in your family book, as I saw you take it with you. I already knew the connection that your grandfather had with the Dark Lord, and I wondered curiously whether you'd like to meet him, as I could arrange that easily.

"I'd better get ready as well" Ryan gave me a suggestive look, as if to say I didn't need to leave to do that, but I rolled my eyes before leaving, biting back my laugh as my father called him an asshole. I smiled as I left the cabin and followed you to the toilets, waiting outside for the other girl in there to finish.
I get changed, look myself in the mirror. My mums eyes, ugh. I wish I didn't look like any of them, so I didn't need to see their reflextions in the mirror while looking at myself. Fuck, why was I in this position. I had found out so much dark shit about my grandfather and his family, it got me excited and fired up. I wanted to meet them, but couldn't outside of school. Well, I had experimented with dark magic, never as far as contacting them. But I was scared as shit, what if they wouldn't accept me and banish me away because of my dad. I felt the anger inside of me, I had a boring family that only cared about loving each other and protecting their children from the big scary world. I was weak because of them. I was burning, I was hot and it felt like fire. It wasn't the first time I had these kind of outbreaks. Then suddenly I smashed the mirror, and I felt my breath calming down. I looked slowly down at my fist, threw my wand out of my pocket and tries to heal it as fast as possible. Fuck, it was a bad spell. I smack the toilet door open and step into the hallway.
I raise my eyebrows as I heard your outburst, and look at you with said expression as you storm out of the bathroom.

"Feeling a little tense?" I asked, not in a mocking or sarcastic way for once, but with a hint of genuine concern, although I'd let you contemplate on why that was. I could understand it if you were, your grandfather had claimed he'd had no children - and thus no grandchildren - so I figured your parents and him must not be on the best of terms. I suspected that might have something to do with the fact you were half blood, as it meant not only did they marry someone outside Slytherin, but also a mudblood. No wonder they'd been ostracized.
I looked at you. Tried to get the words out, but it only came as a mumble.
"Well, maybe a little." I looked down, felt a slight embarassed over my actions. I held my hair and pulled it a little.
I cleared my throat, and started slowly walking away. And as I was walking, and set my mind to that this year, would be different.
This year I would contact them. And nobody could stop me. Maybe at the end of this schoolyear, I didn't have to come home to my family. Only maybe... would I be a part of my grandfather's family. I would show them, that I was worth it. I wouldn't be a dissapointment. An evil smirk appeared on my face.
I saw the pacing of your step change, as if you'd made some internal decision and were now determined to do it. I frowned and tilted my head slightly.

"Eric" I said, my voice cutting through the low murmurs we could hear from inside the compartments, and I walked up to you.

"Does your anger and frustration come from what your grandfather is and you don't want to be that, or that you secretly revere him but you have no idea how or whether you should even try to contact him?"

I said quietly, pausing to say it as I looked at you. I knew it couldn't of come from my behaviour, as if you truly hated my superior attitude that much that you wanted to punch mirrors, there were several people whom would be unlikely to have intact noses, and neither Hermione or Draco had a flat face.
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I heared someone called my voice. You were following me. Who do you think you are?
I turned around in anger. "Who do you think you are to talk to me about this?"
I grab your hand. Holding it hard. "You know nothing!" I hear myself screaming.
My eyes look down, I'm already ashamed. I let go of your arm. "I'm sorry." My eyes turn sad.
I flinch as you grab hold of my arm, and I draw my wand, pointing it menacingly at your face, although I lower it when you let go of me. My eyes narrowed.

"Most people would say being the heir of Slytherin is worse than being the grandson of some death eater, but you and Alex certainly didn't mind sharing that tit-bit of information between yourselves."

I pointed out, my arms crossed across my chest as I leaned back and frowned. I hissed it at you quietly though, as people had looked out of their compartments to see what you were screaming about.
My voice was low. I was in shock. "You don't understand. It's not like that."
Faces was appearing around us, as I was loud earlier.
"I do not have anything against you. But don't assume things about others before you know the story."
I walked away, back to the wagon. I saw Hogwarts coming closer and closer.
I turned and left curtly, the door behind me closing with force as I went inside. Bastard, I thought to myself. I took off my bag and summoned my clothes, not wanting to search through the small mountain of items I was carrying. I stepped out, my hair slicked back slightly due to brushing it with water, and the tails of my robes flapped around my feet as I walked off, my irritation apparent in my deceive steps and cold expression.
The train was starting to slow down. "Finally," was my only thought.
Alexander was walking close by me when we were walking towards the exit.
"The Voldemort girl followed you?" He pushed me a little.
"Her name is Lileath." it came out kinda angry. Alex looked surprised at me and answered. "That wasn't my point." He smirked at me and laughed a little. "Well, show her some respect. She has a name." I walk off before I could say anything more. It sounded like I cared about her. But I didnt. At least, I tried to say that to myself.
I scowled as I walked to the end of the train, a prefects badge shinning on my new uniform. I spotted you both and I could feel his irritation, especially at Alex. I crossed my arms and watched you both, the train rapidly getting more packed, which I found immensely irritating, but was actually quite useful as it hid me from looking too obvious.

I saw Malfoy swaggering up the corridor and he dipped his head slightly as he walked up to me.

"Lileath. Where have you been?"

He asked, a hint of caution in his tone as I nodded towards you and Alex. He threw me a look of confusion.

"The class clowns? But you hate people like that, it's part of the reason you ran off to a house of middle aged men all summer."

I winced slightly when he put it like that, and he apologized, although I brushed it off.

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