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What was this, shit on Zane day? It was obvious that Somin still wanted him dead, King's comment about the bear really didn't bother him. He was pretty sure he'd say that shit without the boys being in their present disagreement. He just didn't understand anything about women! He had tried to apologize to Somin countless times. Why wouldn't he? She was his priority in earning forgiveness, Sora was the farthest thing from his mine! So, yeah. Maybe he didn't get it, but Somin was the smart one! Shouldn't she lay it all out on the table for his stupid ass? Explain it to him like he's two? That's what he needed!

He didn't need to be compared to King. The boys were shitty but, shitty on different levels in his mind. It was like a jab in the fucking heart and his breath hitched in his chest. For a moment he glanced down at the stupid pink bracelet on his wrist. Why did he bother keeping it on? Obviously it meant nothing to her. She hated King, and for her to be comparing the two meant that she must hate him too. Still, the thought of taking off the silly plastic made his lip quiver. Like that would be the last thing to go of Somin, and he just couldn't do that quite yet.

The thought of kayaking with Jung's pissy ass was an instant no from him. However, it seemed Sora was looping everyone in as she dragged Somin off to their room. Truthfully being stuck in the house with Tae and Suua right now sounded just as bad as drowning. "You two on talking terms yet or are you just whipped?" Yikes, that was a tad bit mean. "I, sorry. I'll join, maybe Somin will drown me and put us all out of our misery."

Zane grabbed his bag and moved to the boys bunk bed room change into a pair of bright pink trunks that matched the friendship bracelet on his wrist. Large hands pulled his shoulder length silver hair into a small bun before giving a small sigh. While food and water he supposed were important for their survival week he hoped that maybe, just maybe they could come to some sort of resolution to this. He was hoping kayaking would solve everything, that's why his dumbass was willing to join. A pool was one thing, a murky lake where he couldn't see the bottom? No thank you.

Instead of waiting for King to get ready he made his way out of the cabin and down the path. Instantly he moved to the kayaks, lifting them up above his head and tossing them into the water. Two should be good enough for the six of them, right? The lake was rather large, it would take some teamwork to get across the water and back. He couldn't help but glance over at Somin, hoping that somehow he got in the same boat with her. "So- um, the weathers nice, yeah?" Zane you fucking idiot. He shot her an awkward smile before he started to nervously fuss with the bracelet again. He didn't know why the damned thing comforted him so much.
Gi Tae

Was it just Tae or was Suua being extra awkward? Normally he would pry, but with the dirt she had all over her and her hands he couldn't help but agree. So once she did her spin and he made sure that she was indeed unharmed he gave a small nod, trying not to be offended by her pulling away from him. "If you insist." Tae shot her a small reassuring smile before wincing slightly at the door hitting Sora. Jesus, these girls were going to be the death of him. Especially as Lee karate kicked the fucking door!

As he made his way inside he dusted the small bit of dirt on his gloves off, his hand running through his hair as he looked around the place. It made his skin crawl. Dust was in the air-- the fucking AIR they had to breath. Who knew when this place had been sanitized last? He ran his finger along the fireplace mantle to reveal nearly an inch of dust and he physically shuttered. "Thank Buddah I always pack cleaning supplies." Quickly he knelt down by his bag to pull out a large bag of sanitizing wipes. Hey, germophobia paid off sometimes. He grabbed a black mask and pulled it on over his face, rising to his full height with a small groan as he listened to Jung.

Just as he turned to instantly refuse his eyes fell on Suua and he paused. The look on her face, there was definitely something wrong. Selfishly it made him happy that she decided to stay here, but at the same time he felt guilty. Oh well, he'd make it up to her. Plus it gave him some time to ask er some questions. "Hard pass from me, too. Don't swallow the water or you'll get dysentery." With that said Tae strongarmed the other window open, hoping some of the damned dust in the air would leave. "You seem off. What happened?" His eyes darted to her as he popped open the wipes and began to wipe down the small dining table. Tae had several afflictions and being overly observant when it came to Suua was definitely one of them. She was his best friend, who could blame him?

“Su-sure!” Suua chimed in at Lees quick declaration, her focus being pulled from her own thoughts so suddenly that she barely even understood what the woman was telling her. The woman leaned against the back of a dusty couch as Tae fought to open the window, her mind moving to the phone in her pocket. Suua reached in, pulling out the pink thing and expecting her screen to be filled with notifications again. Only it wasn’t. She had no service so thankfully there was no way for the trolls to bother her, at least not while she was here. Maybe there was a reason to be thankful for this spooky cabin!

Tae was finished opening the window and had begun moving around wiping things down. Suua gave his a soft smile, with this amount of dust it almost felt futile to attempt cleaning but she understood. “I brought an air purifier, you can use it in the room you sleep in. It’s just a small travel one though… hopefully one of the outlets work.” Suua had pushed herself away from the couch and was about to run and get the little machine when Tae’s question made her stop in her tracks. Was she that transparent? Suua supposed she knew the answer to that, she had always been like this with Tae. It was like he could see into her soul.

“I’m fine!” Her voice squeaked and she spoke way too quickly, even if he didn’t know her well it was clear that she was lying. Suua rubbed at her upper arm, looking away for a moment. She considered running off anyways, trying to get away from the conversation but knowing Tae he would follow her or just wait for her to return. Suddenly her thankfulness for this cabin moments ago was gone. “I’m not.” She didn’t know how to explain this to him, it was one thing to talk to other girls about it but how to translate it to a boy was hard. Especially THIS boy.

“My videos have been getting more popular.” Suua said the first part simply, at face value it was good thing. “But the comments have gotten out of hand… they’ve gotten gross.” She leaned against the couch once more, her eyes watching her own feet and having a hard time even looking up at him as she continued. “It’s a lot of older guys, at least it seems like it. They comment a lot about my looks, my age… my body.” That feeling was coming back again, the one that made her feel like her own skin didn’t belong to her, like the was unattractive and an object all at the same time. “I turned them off now but I just really hurt my feelings, I guess that’s the best way to put it. I just felt very uncomfortable.” Suua shifted uncomfortably on her feet, moving to grab one of the wipes to help Tae clean up a bit, she needed to do something with her hands to avoid focusing too much on her thoughts. It was so embarrassing!

“Wait Sora!” Somin wanted to argue with the girl but it was nearly impossible to and before she could even form a thought she was being pulled off into the other room to get changed. “Come on Sora I’m just going to bring down the mood.” It was true, all the energy she had was wasted on being snippy when they first got here. Now all she wanted to do was curl up in a bed and read the book she had packed until it was time for them to leave again. Maybe work on her audition piece a bit? Whatever it was it surely didn’t involve group activities, especially not when looking at Zane made her want to fucking crumble. One look at Sora however made it very apparent that there was no getting out of this. So instead of fighting it she simply moved to her bag and began digging for her suit. It was a black two piece with lace pieces along the edges.

Sora was ready first and once Somin was the two girls made their way down the path to the lake. The past few weeks she had been hiding her friendship bracelet under sleeves but now there was nothing to hide it under and she felt its presence more than ever. The two girls eventually made it to the sad little beach and found the kayaks already in the water. Zane was there of course, Somin felt her eyes pulled to him even before he said anything. He was wearing trunks that matched the bracelet around his wrist, it made her snort quietly to herself. At first she had thought he was lying about it being his favorite color but clearly not.

His voice pulled her out of her mind, a look of surprise crossing her face before she regained her usual stone cold expression. “It’s hotter than hell and there’s bugs fucking everywhere.” That was just the truth, not even her being upset with him still. Somin walked a bit closer to the edge, eying the kayak with a scowl. “This looks and sounds like a terrible idea.” Who else were they waiting for? Jung? Each boat had room for three people and it was easy to just go girls and guys but if she was being honest Lee was the only girl bringing anything to the table here. Avoiding Zane would mean having to ride with King or having to ride with Lee and Jung. She assumed Sora would attach herself to King… and shockingly while King kind of seemed like the better option right now she knew she would quickly realize that was the wrong choice. Somin looked back at Zane and rolled her eyes, “Well, come help me in this stupid thing.”

The fact that Sora was speaking with him again made King fucking ecstatic. Even if it was short sentences and quick answers, it was a vast improvement from the last week. So of course when they mentioned the kayaks and he saw how excited Sora got he was first to rush off and get changed as soon as he saw her run off with Somin. He should have known that she would be coming along too… her and Sora seemed to have made unlikely friends with one another. If things had ended well with Somin he would be over the moon about the two girls being friends, but with the way things were right now… he felt conflicted.

King silently got changed, avoiding any conversation with Zane as he pulled on the black swim trunks and white t shirt. His fading pink hair was pushed back and tucked under a white baseball cap. Simple enough. Then he was off to join the others down by the water. It seemed Zane had already gotten the boats in, the water itself wasn’t as dirty as he would have imagined. It was actually fairly normal lake water but you could tell the bottom was sand mixed with mud and weeds. Lovely.

“You look cute.” King said it softly to Sora, looking her over in her lilac colored bathing suit and offering a soft smile before pulling off his shirt and tossing it gently onto the ground before walking slowly into the water. Instantly he could feel the squish between his toes and it nearly made him gag, the only thing keeping him from not being the promise of a good time with Sora. King moved to adjust the two kayaks, holding them steady so that the girls didn’t instantly tumble the damn things when they got in. He first looked to Sora, “I’ll hold it so it doesn’t move, you should be okay.” Then he heard Somin and Zane. Maybe this was an opportunity to make an attempt at normalcy? The three of them were good friends at one point right?

“Woah now girly, are you going to sit here and actually admit you need help? That’s a new character development for you Somin.” King quipped at her, trying to joke around but knowing the words came out awkwardly. It was the sort of thing that they would have said to each other a year ago and laughed about. Honestly it was kind of mild for the words shared between the three of them. However King could quickly tell by the look on the woman’s face that she didn’t take kindly to the joke. “Hey hey hey! I’m just kidding! Trying to lighten the mood? Turn over a new leaf? Be nice?”

Now she knew that Somin didn't want to do this but, she couldn't have things like this anymore. Somin was dear to her, Sora loved her so much already and couldn't imagine life without her friendship. It was silly, but she was really Sora's first girlfriend. But, King... even after all of these years, all the trouble and turmoil, she loved him. She hoped-- no, she knew on some level he felt the same. Sora wanted the both of the in her life, forever. And that meant they all had to make up! King felt bad for what happened and it was just a matter of getting the guy to actually apologize. Zane too. So she tuned out any protest she heard of Somin's.

Even Zane was trying to put his best foot forward! Everything was falling into place and Sora couldn't wipe the wickedly big grin off of her face. Only, King's sudden compliment caused her to falter and her face to light up like a Christmas tree. "T-Thank you. You look good yourself." Sora could doll herself up all she wanted, at the end of the day she never felt like she'd be good enough for King. He was smart, thoughtful, handsome beyond belief. Now he was some idol! Sure Sora was cute, but... His dad called her some nerd with grandiose dreams; King was born a star, he could have any woman he ever wanted. What with the trauma of that and her only parent always expecting perfection out of her, Sora could never look less than perfect.

She couldn't help but steal a glance at him as he tossed his shirt to the ground, completely lost in thought as he moved in the water. "Water. Boat. Okay." Smooth. Sora quickly and carefully stepped from the grass and into the boat, thankful that King was holding it or she would've fell. She moved to the front of the boat near King and took her seat, smiling brightly as she heard him quipping at Somin. Once again she forgot that not everyone found his sense of humor endearing. "Ji I adore the enthusiasm. Get in here before she actually drowns you. Jung, Lee pick one and get in." If they actually wanted Somin to participate she needed to get the lot of them in the middle of the water, and quickly.

Quickly Sora reached under the seat to pull out the three paddles, handing one to each of them as they climbed in the rocking kayak. "Are we all good to go?" There were indeed a lot of bugs out today, thankfully this close to the water they weren't as abundant. A few flies and gnats here and there, not terrible though. "What's the goal? Across the lake and back?"
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Woo Lee

All these people made her want to vomit. King and Sora were always disgustingly into each other, they never could stay mad at each other. Now Zane and Somin? Kind of hilarious. He must've been a glutton for punishment. However the sight of Jung walking down the steps quickly made her realize why Zane kept coming back for more. Hope. Stupid ass, motherfucking hope. Lee had no hoped left for romance between them and she needed to get over it.

"A new leaf, yeah King? Cool. Jung can ride with you then. Maybe you two can become great friends." Jung would rather eat broken glass and she was well aware of that, but what did he want? To kayak with her? What more did they have left to discuss? Besides, there were only so many arrangements they could make. If Somin and King got in a boat together she was sure only one of them would make it back. Lee pulled up the cat eared hood of her hoodie before stepping into the empty boat, taking her seat at the front. If there was one thing she didn't want it was bugs in her hair.

At this point it was cousin vs cousin at the helm of the kayak and Lee was always super competitive with Sora. "Goal is first one across and back wins. The last one is obviously the loser." Hey, Minho didn't say who had to bond. Lee passed out the oars to Somin and Zane, shooting the both of them a serious look. "Listen I don't care what the beef is between you two, I know damn well you don't want to lose to them. Get it together and let's kick their ass, yeah? For the sake of this 'bonding' bullshit." God, she could be a motivational speaker if rapping didn't work out for her.

"Ready? Row." With that said her oar dipped into the water and began to steer them towards the center of the lake. Her blue eyes were glued on the water, focused on their one and only goal: winning.

There were two people that knew the true Zane, King and Somin. Often cynical and at times awkward, today was one of his awkward days. Of course it was hot and lots of bugs, it had been a stupid question but it was the only one that came to mind. His dark eyes looked her over slowly with a small smile, admiring how good she looked in the lacy suit and how it suited her. However, his gaze stopped at the orange braided bracelet on her wrist. His heart did a little dance inside of his chest, his pale cheeks heating up slightly. She kept it on. She kept it on! AND she was talking to him. She wasn't telling him to go be eaten by a bear, or to throw himself in the lake, she was actually talking about the shitty weather!

Maybe there was some hope to win her back-- not that she was ever his necessarily, but just the chance to be her friend again had him on cloud nine. "Help? Me help you? I-I mean, yeah! Naturally." A bright smile was plastered on his face, like a kid in a candy store as he stepped into the wet dirt of the water, stabilizing the back of the boat with his strong legs. The first one in was Lee. Gently his warm hand grasped held of Somin's, his free hand gently touching her waist and assisting her into the kayak, making sure she didn't fall into the water. "I-Is that suit new? It looks lovely on you." Zane looked at her with bright, hopeful puppy dog eyes. He knew this didn't fix anything but, he prayed to whoever would listen that she gave him a chance to redeem himself.

And then King spoke and he couldn't help but sigh quietly. There was no animosity in his words, Zane could tell that he was just joking around like the lot of them used to. Only, the look on her face screamed annoyance. Wrong time, wrong place buddy. "Good thing you're pretty King, you'd never have a future in comedy." Zane gave a small chuckle and a playful smile to Somin. For the first time in forever he agreed with King, maybe a new leaf was what they needed. A fresh start sounded nice.

"Hold on, a race? Isn't this about bonding?" He blinked widely a few times but the look on Lee's face terrified him. Would she kill them if they lost? He didn't put it past her. "Holy shit I think we have to win this." Quickly he took his seat at the back of the boat and took the oar, giving a quick nod as Lee barked at them to row. "U-Uh, which way do we row? Left, right?" He dipped his oar into the water and began to row, though this was Zane's first time in a kayak. Every time Lee and Somin went left he went right, and vice versa.
Gi Tae

Tae brought cleaning equipment, Suua brought a purifier. That was so them and it made him almost chuckle, but with what was going on he couldn't quite find it in him to laugh. Especially when she started to talk. The squeak to her voice spoke volumes of her attempting to lie to him, but it seemed he didn't have to pry too much because she was quickly admitting she indeed wasn't fine.

His green eyes study her as she processed her thoughts, quietly setting down the wipes and leaning against the counter as he waited patiently. At first he was confused. Wasn't popularity and clout the exact thing that influencers wanted? For a moment his brows furrowed as he attempted to make sense of what she was saying. She was upset about... comments? He supposed Suua was always the more sensitive soul in their trio. Lee and Tae couldn't give a single fuck about what people said about them.

Hearing that they were commenting about her looks and body however caused something to stir in him. Irritation? Rage, perhaps? Flipping his shit wouldn't help anything at all. Obviously this was bothering her something fierce with the way she was avoiding eye contact and he didn't blame her! Deep breath, keep a level head about this Tae. "Seriously, fuck those assholes." The tall man pulled off his mask with a heavy sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose as he moved across the room to where Suua was standing. "Here's the thing Suua, it'll pass. I know it's a shitty feeling right now but, that comes with fame right? Haters come, haters go. If you quit you'll give them the satisfaction of chasing you off the internet."

Gently he lifted her chin with his index finger so their eyes could meet, a reassuring smile on his face. "Making your content makes you happy, don't let anyone take that away from you. Don't let them take away your confidence, that beautiful smile, or your creativity. Don't even read the shit-- if they DM you, well, delete it and don't bother reading. Block them." Gently his free hand tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his warm chest for a hug. "Getting away from your phone this week will do you some good. If you'd like to stay off social media after that then I 100% support you. Just, don't let some creeps dictate your life. Make sure you set your own path." Tae was never the best one to comfort someone, he only hoped that he helped her somewhat.

Something in Tae’s voice made Suua blush and it only got worse when she felt his hand touch her chin. She didn’t fight it, her head lifting nearly instantly to meet his eyes. Being this close to him was like a mind wipe, suddenly she couldn’t think about anything except the fact that the two of them were mere inches apart. Though his words quickly brought reality crashing back down around her. He was right and she knew that, it was just hard. There had been so many times she saw this happen to other women but they were prettier, more famous or more popular. Never in a million years did she imagine it would happen to her, tho h she supposed that’s how things normally went for people.

Tae’s arms gently pulled her into a hug, one that made her feel safe and warm. Suua instantly relaxed, her arms snaking around him and her face nuzzling into his shirt, he was warm against her cheek. As he spoke she could hear the rumble in his chest, and the pounding of his heart. “I want to do it, plus it’s not like I can stay away from public eye. Not if I want to perform.” She adjusted, closing her eyes and letting herself sink further into his comfort. “I just didn’t think I had enough of a following to already get this kind of attention, this gross weird attention. That all these gross boys would be so offended by the fact that I have a boyfriend or whatever.” She rambled it so fast she didn’t even realize what she said. “And like they can comment on what I wear or my development or whatever! I’m a full grown woman!” The short woman huffed, her frustration finally calming a bit and her mind slowing. That was when it hit her. The comment was processing and causing Suua to jump back, her face bright red as she waved her hands in horror. “Not that you’re my boyfriend! I mean what we maybe would have kissed? Almost? Probably not. I mean it was a fluke! You don’t like me like that I don’t think- I- ahh.” She wanted to curl up and die right then. Suua and her word vomit. “I’m just saying they’re assuming things that aren’t true and even if they were it’s not their damn business!”

Zane eyeing her bracelet wasn’t subtle, nor was the instantaneous change in his mood. Part of her wound up, ready to strike like she usually would however it fell dead in the water. She didn’t have the heart to be mean, not to him, not when he was acting so shiny and bright. Somin eyed him, watching as he moved into the water and braced the small boat. Lee made her way in first, Somin watching and trying to decide whether or not she actually wanted to get into this dumb kayak. She didn’t, but a quick glance at Sora is all it took to convince her. That girl, Somin was discovering why her and King worked, she was so likable and he was so much like a dumb guard dog. She turned her attention back to the boat, lifting one foot up to step in just as Zane reached for her hand. The contact was enough to make Somin want to run back inside and hide in her bed, she hated this. She hated being vulnerable, she hated being mad at him and she hated that he put her in this position.

Zane commented on her suit, she simple nodded, unable to really come up with words at the moment. It felt like her head was going to explode from all the conflicting emotions. Then Kings words made her turn to him with a look that could have likely killed him. “Why are you talking to me like you don’t have a thousand different things to apologize for? Like you don’t have anything to be sorry about. You may want to turn a new leaf but nothing was wrong with the old one, all you have to do is for ONCE admit you were wrong, rude, whatever.” Her words has started loud and angry but towards the end they died out, clearly showing she was just tired and sad. Zane looked at her giving a small smile after he joked back at King and Somin couldn’t smile back. She wanted to fucking cry.

“YOU need to apologize for the shit that was said at the bonfire, not to me. To Sora. And you-“ Somin whipped her head around to glare at King again, “And you might want to move on but I refuse to unless you apologize, use your words. Grow up. Because if you can’t man up and apologize to me? You don’t deserve her.”

Somin turned to Zane, “Get in, suddenly I want to just get this fucking over with.”

Everyone had gone to get changed, Jung hanging back a few beats and leaning against the wall until there was a room for him to get dressed. He stood there and racked his brain for a reason behind all the weirdness but he was still unsure. Lee had rushed past him after getting changed, Jung started to call out for her to wait but before he could form words she was barking at Suua then running out the back of the cabin. Awesome. Jung sighed, turning to enter the room and get dressed without another word.

Jung was the last to join, walking up as King and Somin were already getting into it and noticing that Lee was in the boat with Zane and Somin. Great. Guess they weren’t doing this together either. Silently he joined his FAVORITE person ever, honestly he wished he could be enjoying the lashing he was getting from Somin but his mind was elsewhere. Jung glanced to the other boat, looking over Lee and speaking without really thinking about it, “Aren’t you warm Lee? It’s like a humid as hell out here.” It wasn’t much but it was words, words that she would hopefully respond to.

The others were all talking about the bonfire again and Jung ignored them, grabbing a paddle. He turned to say something else to Lee, a desperate attempt at conversation, but they were already off in their kayak. “King move your lazy ass.” Jung grumbled, plummeting his paddle into the water and trying to catch up with the others. “This water is disgusting. And you know what the girls are right King, just apologize. Even if you don’t mean it at this point. As much as you wanted to tag on Zane for fucking shut up for everyone during that god awful movie, aren’t you doing the same? Letting your pride get in the way of everyone else.” Jung felt bad for Sora to be literally in the middle of the conversation but it was no secret that Jung and King weren’t the best of friends. That and whatever was going on with Lee was putting Jung right in a shit mood.

Quickly King realized his attempt at an olive branch wasn’t necessarily good enough, it seemed as if Sora recognized his attempt at kindness, so did Zane! Of course it was Somin who was the difficult one. Silently to himself he realized that was why they never worked, they were good friends because they were so alike. For that same reason they made terrible partners. King opened his mouth, ready to make another mistake when Soras words disarmed him. Instead King went silent, getting into the kayak and just letting her vent. It was hard to listen to, it was so hard for him to not flip out. Harder by the moment actually.

That is until she said something that stuck. It stuck to him and twisted like a knife in his chest. God he hated when she was right.

If King wasn’t the type of guy to apologize and make things right he didn’t deserve Sora. She was a fucking angel and he was quite possibly one of the biggest assholes he had ever met. King opened and shut his mouth a few times, not being able to actually make himself speak before the other kayak took off. Behind him Jung barked for him to grab and oar and King obliged with a grunt. As they paddled he listened to Jung, it was harder to take his gripes considering he really had no reason to be mouthing off. “Could you just shut up and paddle? Don’t you think I got enough from Skunk Head up there? I don’t need your shit too. How about you stay in your lane.” King rolled his eyes and looked across the small lake, the others had gotten a bit of a head start. If it wasn’t for Sora being in the boat too he had half a mind to tip the fucking thing and swim back.

Up ahead he could see the sky was getting a bit grey, it seemed a ways off but honestly he was kind of thrilled. Maybe some rain would cut this damn humidity and heat.

It was so hard hearing Somin go at King like that, but she knew that it was coming from a place of pain. And she was right! All the boys had to do was apologize- that was it! She could see that King wanted to make things better with the both of them. Sora was a sucker, if it wasn't or Somin's strength she would have accepted his first apology. But, Sora could see the pain he had caused Somin. That wasn't who he was, he was so much better than that. One heartfelt apology and it would all be done!

And while Lee wanted a race Sora couldn't care less about winning. "You can do it. I have faith in you." As they rowed the boat she glanced back at King with a gentle, reassuring smile.


Only, Sora seemed to forget how long King actually took to get over himself sometimes. The man liked to sulk in his own feelings instead of admitting when he was wrong-- not so much with Sora, but with literally everyone else on the planet. That never bothered her though; they shared a similar shitty family life and she had endless patience for him. However, Sora hated tension.

The sky darkened as they made it across the lake, and by the time they made it back to the shore it was a torrential downfall. The lot of them ran up the path and hunkered down in the cabin in hopes that the storm would pass by. Unfortunately for them the cabin wasn't as dry as they liked. It became quickly apparent all the leaks in the roof, and before they knew it they ran out of buckets to catch the water dripping into the house. They had to use cups, towels, anything they could to catch the water. Somin was so stressed it looked like she was going to cry. Lee was trying to be cordial but everyone could tell something was wrong. Zane was like a puppy that wanted things to be better but, without an apology nothing would improve. Same with King! Sora desperately wanted to be okay with him, she wanted to fall back into their natural rhythm. There would be none of that until he fixed things with Somin.

"That's it!" It was the following night and Sora was completely at her wits end. Everything in the house was wet, the rain made the humidity worse, the wind was rattling the windows, and now the electricity was flickering! She jumped from the table with a frustrated huff, turning towards Zane so she could yell at him first. "Do you see how upset Somin is? If you let this go on a single minute more I will personally make it my life mission to ruin your life. I can do it too, do NOT tempt me. And you two!" Spinning on her feet she looked at her cousin and Jung. "USUALLY when you kiss someone you get along a lot better! I know you have a lot happening with your dad but, Lee isn't as tough as she looks!" Okay, she kind of was, but still! "Dammit Lee, just tell him you like him!"

Suua and Tae were the only ones safe from her wrath right now. Tears were forming in her big brown eyes as she turned to King. "A-And you!" Sora had never gotten mad at King, let alone yell at him. "I-I still love you," Her voice broke as she spoke, tears spilling from her eyes as she tried to figure out what to say. "But if anyone treated me like how you treated Somin you'd- you'd kick their ass! I can't ever forgive you until you make things right with her. S-So just!" UGH. "I know you're sorry so just say it dammit! You miss your friends and it's okay to admit it."
Woo Lee

It was hard to enjoy kayaking or anything about this trip with all the drama going on in both boats. Lee didn't need need an apology from Jung, she didn't need anything from him. They had been lumped together since the first day in high school; both teachers children, their talent always second guessed, they were even dormmates way back when. Although their personalities clashed at times they always seemed to understand one another and became great friends... she should be grateful that someone as nice as him wanted to be her friend, not moping that he didn't like her.

Still, she couldn't help but feel crushed every time he tried to converse with her. If Lee could just talk to him it would solve their problems, but she was scared. So she didn't. Instead she focused on trying to make sure the cabin didn't fall apart. Between emptying the buckets, figuring out how to stretch their food, and just trying to stay out of everyone's way she tried to keep herself busy as she thrived in chaos. The only bad thing? There was really nowhere for her to hide. On the rare occasion that Jung did address her she was polite, but there was no hiding the fact that something was eating at her. There was no way that Jung would ask her what was wrong, not in this close of quarters with everyone.

For the first time all day Lee finally found some downtime. She popped in a shitty movie to the dvd player attached to the TV and plopped down on the couch. Despite the heat she was dressed in heavy black sweats and her hoodie. Yes, she was roasting, but god she felt so self conscious about herself. It was so out of character for her, but so was this awkwardness. The lights started to flicker, the TV turned off, and Lee couldn't help but sigh. That is, until Sora jumped to her feet. "What's up with her?" Her dark brow arched curiously as she watched her cousin absolutely lose her mind on Zane.

However when her wrath turned on Lee and Jung the little color in her face absolutely drained. She had seen them kiss? "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Lee practically growled as she stood to her feet, fighting the urge to throw a fist into Sora's pretty face. "Someone shut her up or I will." Her face was a bright red between anger and embarrassment. Quickly she threw on her rain boots, tossed on her hood, and stormed out of the cabin. Right now she'd rather be in the rain then hear Jung say he didn't return her stupid feelings.
Gi Tae

As Suua spoke Tae was silent, a warm smile on his face as his large hand smoothed over her blonde locks, his other hand rubbing her back soothingly. He was glad to hear that she still wanted to do this and that the creeps weren't going to win. He hated that she had to go through that but, didn't every famous woman have to deal with something like this? He always feared that something like this would happen to her and really get to her, all he could do was support her through it.

His thoughts instantly halted as soon as he heard the word boyfriend. Tae didn't get flustered much, though here he felt his face heating up ever so slightly. His heart nearly leaped out of his chest. Was that how Suua thought of him? He supposed that was what they were working towards though, right? Their date at the amusement park, their near kiss, the cuddling by the fire... boyfriend and girlfriend seemed quite accurate, and that was exactly what he wanted. Seeing her jump back, get flustered and backtrack like that only made him chuckle to himself. His brows arched slightly in amusement as he decided on making a brave move.

Instead of responding to her stammering Tae took a step closer to her, his emerald green eyes gazing down at her as he cupped her heated cheek. His free hand tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as he studied her embarrassment for a moment, almost as if he was enjoying her being frazzled like this. He loved how sensitive and sweet Suua was. Without missing a beat Tae moved his face down to hers until their lips locked for a long, passionate embrace. It was both of theirs first true kiss but, it felt perfect. Like the world around them melted away. It was truly a long time coming, and it was by far worth the wait.

Slowly he parted their kiss, a small heat to his cheek and a gentle smile on his face. "Boyfriend seems a rather fitting title. So long as that means you'll be my girlfriend."


Well now, at least Tae and Suua's love life was going better than literally everyone's. The kayaks seemed to have made everything worse, and the storm just seemed to escalate everything. Between the flickering power, everything being wet, and being cooped up it seemed like everyone was losing their mind. Tae and Suua were the only ones acting normal and like a team. Truthfully Tae didn't expect the storm to last this long, though he was thankful because it allowed him and Suua to clean up the rest of the cabin... not that it was very big, but it was plenty dirty.

"There, I'm done scrubbing the bathroom. I think that was the last thing that needed to be cleaned." Just as he stepped out into the living room he walked in the middle of Sora yelling at everyone. Soon Lee was cursing out Sora and storming out, leaving Tae to sigh quietly to himself. It was dark, wet, and quite frankly it wasn't a good idea to be walking around outside right now.

Just as that thought passed his head a clap of thunder sounded, the crack of a tree, and the next thing he knew a branch was smashing a window. Fitting. With a heavy sigh Tae moved to grab the broom and dustpan. "I'll clean the glass. Someone should go after Lee, make sure she doesn't get hurt out there." Tae glanced over at Jung as he moved towards the window. "Suua mind grabbing the garbage bin so I can pour the glass in there?" He knelt down to the ground and begna to sweep up the shattered pieces of glass.

Seeing Somin like this was heartbreaking. He had seen her post breakup with King several times and she never looked this upset. Usually she looked pissed, angry, but this... this was just heartbreaking. Like he wasn't even worth her anger, like she was just... sad. It was breaking him up inside. It dimmed the light at the end of the tunnel that he briefly saw. If she hadn't yelled at him he would've probably jumped into the water and swam back to the cabin to sulk.

She didn't want him to apologize to her, but to Sora? He didn't quite understand why-- everything he said was what King had said about Somin, Zane was just dishing it back to King's girl. Maybe that was the issue? Zane hated what was said about Somin, he hated it with all of his being. So... it wasn't fair or nice saying that about Sora, let alone anyone. Suddenly Somin's anger made sense.

He was just downright shit at apologizing, especially when everyone was crammed in the cabin like sardines. Every chance he got King was around and, quite frankly he didn't want the man to overhear his shitty attempt at an apology. At first he tried to wait out the storm in the boys bunk bed room, but that quickly became impossible when the roof started to leak on his top bunk. His new bed became the floor. So he just sat on the couch watching whatever movie selection the cabin had-- which apparently hadn't been updated within the last ten years. They were just waiting out this damned storm, a storm that was getting more brutal by the day. He kept trying to catch Sora alone but, she was either with the group or with Somin.

The last person he expected to lose their mind first was Sora. It was only natural for him to be the first one to be yelled at and it turned his stomach. Of course he seen how upset Somin was, he was trying to fix it! As Sora went about yelling at everyone he sulked more into his chair. There was no avoiding it, he was going to have to apologize in front of everyone. Shit.

"L-Listen Sora-" God, she was crying. This was above his paygrade. With a heavy sigh Zane rose to his feet and ran his hand through his silver locks anxiously. "I-I truly apologize for what I said at the bonfire. I was a drunk idiot, I lashed out when I should've just talked to King about these issues. I-I thought I was being some hero and defending Somin but I just ended up hurting you both in one fell swoop. I hope you ladies can forgive me one day." Out of the corner of his eye Zane glanced at Somin. He truly meant his apology, he hoped that she could forgive him for being an idiot too. He didn't know what his future looked like but, he hoped this was the first step to Somin letting him back in.
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Word vomit would be the death of her. Honestly at this point? Suua was kind of actually praying for her end to come. How could she have said something like that to Tae and then followed it up with other ways to make it worse! She basically admitted her feelings for him on the fly when she had been suppressing them for YEARS. Suua wanted to crawl in a hole. This was a whole new level of embarrassment, the morning after her brazen decision to snuggle with him by the fire was bad enough!

Then all of her panic quickly turned its attention from embarrassment to Tae. Suua hadn’t even noticed him step closer to her, it wasn’t until she felt his gloved hand against her cheek that she finally looked back at him. He was now centimeters from her face, his gorgeous eyes staring through her soul. No, looking at her soul. It felt like he was looking at her, truly, fully. It wasn’t new, Tae had always seen Suua for who she really was. For half a second she was stunned, her lips began to part to try and form words but instead they were suddenly enveloped in his. It felt like her body was on fire, hell it felt like her whole world was on fire. But somehow at the same time so right, uncomfortable. Suua’s eyes fell shut after the momentary shock, her arms snaking up around his neck as she returned the kiss. It wasn’t until they were both nearly breathless that they finally pulled away from one another.

The next words floored her, almost more than the kiss. Suua couldn’t contain herself, jumping on him in a tight hug and letting out a giggle. For now she chose to not worry about this, to be scared of what ifs. For now she chose be utterly and insanely happy.

Suua was walking on clouds, not even all the drama in the house. Not even the shitty cabin. Nothing. Her and Tae were together. That’s why even when everyone was sulking and Sora jumped up on the table, Suua found herself close to unbothered. The woman was right! These people need to get over themselves dammit! Then Sora said Jung and Lee kissed and THAT caught her attention. Lee was threatening Sora and Suua quickly stood up from her spot on one of the dingy chairs. “Lee! Wait! Let’s calm down.” No use, the girl was already gone. Then as if on cue thunder boomed and a window shattered. Suua let out a girlish scream, jumping away from the open window and taking a few deep breaths.

Tae was of course quick to fix things, asking Suua to grab him the trash and quickly grabbing himself the broom. “Y-yeah of course!” The blonde moved towards the kitchen, another boom of thunder rolled out and then everything went dark and quiet. Lovely. Now there was no power. It was storming. They were stuck here. Suua grabbed the trash and took in a deep breath, taking it back to where Tae was, carefully stepping around the glass. “Well, Jung? Seems like you should be moving a little faster than you are.”

Men were idiots, that had to be it. Maybe she should swear them off? It’s not like Somin was some dying heart romantic, it was never her dream to get married or whatever. Though she had to admit companionship was nice. Well at least when it wasn’t with a total fucking moron. The fact that King shut down was satisfying for a moment but then it angered her in a whole new way, in a way that made her angry more with herself than anything. Why did she put so much energy into this when he was giving nothing? Why did she attach herself so strongly to this old friendship that clearly wasn’t there anymore? Somin knew why, it’s because for years she was a nobody. She was invisible. Hell all the people in this group didn’t even remember they knew her before their college years. Somin was a scholarship kid, they knew that, but none of them had realized that she was also with them at Haenghada High. Before King and Zane she didn’t have any real friends, not in this world. It was why she was so desperate for this apology, why she was so hurt… Somin knew it would be easier to let go but she just couldn’t.

After their kayak adventure Somin had shut down, closing herself off again. The storm made that easy, she could use it as an easy excuse to curl up in a corner with a book and tune out everyone else. Sora often would make the woman at least be in the same room as the others but she could handle that much. Even now as Lee turned on a DVD and the others all did, well whatever they did, Somin was hiding in a dry corner with her book in hand. They had leaks everywhere and despite the storm the humidity was still terrible. Silently Somin prayed for the heat to break as the others all sat around in soft conversation.

Well until Sora jumped on the table and lost her shit. Somin closed her book, watching the small girl with mild amusement. This was a side to her that Somin had been waiting to see. Though she had kind of hoped it would be for other reasons, the attention she was now getting was making her shift uncomfortably. The Lee and Jung thing was a momentary distraction for everyone, as was the broken window. But too soon was the attention back on the four of them that had been silently feuding for weeks, mostly silently. “Sora come on, get down before you get hurt.” Somin sighed from where she sat, it was dark in here now. Thankfully it wasn’t completely nightfall now but still, there was broken glass and that woman wasn’t exactly graceful.

Somin stood, only moving a step before Zane’s voice made her stop in her tracks. She turned to him, her icy stare warming slightly she she saw him. He was struggling, she could tell, but he was trying. Zane sat awkwardly, messing with his hair and trying his best to form a good apology. She watched him silently, her heart swelling a bit as emotions threatened to send tears spilling from her eyes. “Zane…” Somin sighed, it was like a giant weight was lifted from her shoulders. Her fingers moved to her bracelet, spinning it around her wrist absentmindedly. She wasn’t like a lot of these others, she wasn’t able to instantly forgive and run and have these weird moments in front of everyone. Instead Somin offered him a soft smile, one she hoped he could see in the darkening cabin, they were on the right track.

“And you?” Somin turned to King with a raised brow, suddenly some of her confidence was back. “Want to join in or are you going to continue to be an absolute ass? It doesn’t even have to be as nice and heartfelt as Zane, from you even hearing sorry might put us all into shock.”

Lee busied herself with trying to stop the thousands of leaks in this stupid cabin, Jung tried to help but quickly was made to feel like he was making things harder for her. Instead he turned his attention to food and water. There was barely anything in this bullshit cabin but thankfully one of the totes that Minho had sent them with was full of canned food and water, it might not be shit they usually liked to eat but it would get them through these last few days. Plus Lee had unearthed a dusty DVD collection and shockingly the TV worked. Jung questioned who was still paying the utilities in this dumb but that was not his problem.

In the other room he heard the DVD player click on causing Jung to lean back from where he stood in the kitchen to check on the others. Lee was sitting alone near the TV, dressed in sweats like the had been despite the sticky air. That was another off limits topic it seemed, though everything was recently. Jung turned back to opening a few cans for dinner when suddenly he heard a clatter and Sora start yelling. Ahhh, there it was. Jung had been waiting for her to snap. He stayed put, pouring ravioli into the one pot they had while listening to Sora tear apart Zane.

Then he and Lee became the subject of Soras rant and Jung went still. What was she talking about? There was a moment of confusion before a memory hit him like a sack of bricks. The night his father was arrested he had gotten quite drunk… drunk enough to forget everything. But also drunk enough to finally make a move on Lee after years of his crush on her. He had kissed her. And she kissed him back! The memory turned his face bright red. Jung couldn’t believe he forgot something so important, so amazing. In the other room he heard Lee start yelling, that was his cue to get moving. He tossed the pot on the counter not caring about the splash of artificial red sauce that sprayed the room. It was only a few steps to enter the living room but by the time he was there Lee was already slamming out the front door.

“Lee! Hold on!” Jung yelled after her, looking around for his shoes when the branch broke through the window. Tae mentioned that someone should go after her, followed up by Suua. He waved them off, he knew! Another crack of thunder boomed and he let out a loud groan. Flip flops it was. Quickly he grabbed the barely helpful shoes and threw them on his feet, running out into the rain without his coat or anything. He wasn’t quite sure how Lee got so far so fast but she was barely an outline down the path by the time Jung found himself standing out in the storm. “Lee wait! Please! “

Jung jogged after her, stumbling a few times as he hit rocks and puddles. The wind was whipping in his face but he didn’t care. Right now he had one goal. “Seriously woman!” It took him a few moments but eventually he caught up to her, reaching out and grabbing her arm firmly to pull her to a gentle stop. Jung didn’t ask, he turned her around and bent down slightly to peer at her face under the dark hood of her coat. “I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry Lee.” Then he pulled her into a hug that was likely to crush her, one that even he didn’t think he was strong enough to do. “I- I didn’t even remember. I was so drunk, it’s no excuse but it just was erased from my head until Sora mentioned it. I can’t believe it.” At this point he was laughing curtly at himself as he spoke, his cheek pressed against the slippery material of her coat as he rested his head on top of hers. The storm worsened around them by the moment and he knew he should get them both indoors again but he had to get this off his chest.

“I really like you Lee.” Jung said it simply, holding her tight so she couldn’t look at him. If she looked at him now he would lose the will to continue. “I hate that the first time I ever was confident enough to act on that was when I was in one of my darkest moments. I hate it. I hate that my stupid choices caused me to forget something that I have wanted to do for so fucking long. I hate that I hurt you. I hate myself for all of it. But I like you, so I really hope you can get over all of that and not hate me because I’m pretty sure that would kill me.”

Finally Jung pulled away from her slightly, peering down at the woman and brushing her wet blond bangs from her face. “I understand if you can’t, I’m nothing special so I don’t see why someone like you would forgive so much but, all I’ll ask is that you think about it? And that we get you inside before you get hurt out here.” As he spoke lightning struck off across the lake followed by the loudest boom of thunder so far. It caused him to jump slightly before looking back down at her, “Please? If you want me to I will hide in my room until Minho comes back so you can be comfortable but I really don’t want you out in this for another second longer.”

Whatever part of King softened during the kayak trip was ruined by the storm and their shitty lodging. What kind of fucking bonding was this? The only thing he could think was that if they all escaped this death trap together they must be bonded by fate right! Dumb idea. Dumb mentor. Dumb. Obviously it wasn’t just the fact that everything was constantly wet that was pissing him off, it was the fact that he couldn’t figure out the words to apologize. I’m sorry. It should be that easy. It was that easy. Then why couldn’t he just say that?

The next night after kayaking they were all trying to pass the time in whatever way possible. Lee popped in a DVD and King was thankful for the new distraction, he could only count the floorboards so many times in a day. However the movie made noise for all of thirty seconds before suddenly Sora burst up besides him and onto the table. “Sora what the hell? Get down before you fall.” King stood, offering her his hand but when she got going he let it fall limply to his side.

Well they had done it. They had done the nearly impossible. They had gotten Sora to flip. King couldn’t help but notice the slightly proud look that the girl was getting from her new friend Somin. Bad influence, he thought to himself before quickly realizing that he was basically the pot calling the kettle black. Whatever. King turned his attention back to Sora, watching her with wide eyes as he realized everyone would apparently be the subject of her wrath.

It was inevitable that it eventually turned on him, her words made King deflate a tiny bit. “I know.” He said quietly, barely a whisper and one that he was sure only she would hear. The real him was constantly fighting the persona, the two sides fighting for dominance when in reality he was a mix of both. It was just all the hurt from the last year causing walls, large ominous walls. Ones that didn’t want to break for anything. Ones that even he didn’t know how to tear down. Ones that apparently only a big hearted loudmouth could work on. “Sora, breathe.” King sighed, stepping to her and smoothing over her hair with both hands before peering down at her. He didn’t say anything else for a moment, just trying to find his own strength reflected in her eyes. Behind him Zane had spoken up first, King released Sora and turned to his friend. Zane had explained himself so well, sounded so sincere and nice. Suddenly he regretted not getting this out of the way days ago, before he had to follow up the golden boy with his own apology.

Somin had barked next, causing King to prickle for a second as he turned on her with a glare. King opened his mouth to speak, closed it and then opened it again. “I’m sorry.” He said curtly at first, like he was choking on the words. “I’m sorry that we just don’t mesh.” No, that was a fake apology. That was him lashing out and protecting himself again, King stole a glance at Zane once more before looking back at Somin. She wasn’t angry, he realized that now… the two of them were so alike it made him start laughing. Somin was doing exactly what he was doing, those damn walls. “I’m sorry, actually this time.” King started again, his hand finding its way to Soras for support. “I used you, I used you as a distraction and a convenience and ruined a really good friendship because I was hurting and grasping at straws. I took someone who I really care about and destroyed it because that’s what I do apparently. Then instead of admitting I did that, I turned everything into some stupid war with you and acted like you were some crazy ex girlfriend.” At that point he cleared his throat and offered a sideways smile, “I mean you kind of are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way okay? I just- I want my friends back. I want to stop this war and admit I’m a giant asshole and all that jazz okay? Can we just go forward from here, I mean honestly… I don’t think it’s fair that I have to live in a world where the girl I love and the girl who’s practically my twin are friends and I’m on the outs. Oh and you too Zane, you’re in on this too. You’re just an idiot like me.”

After King finished he looked back over at Sora, his eyes looking over her face as the storm in the background seemed to quiet. Though it really didn’t, he was just absorbed in her. “I am wildly in love with a fucking marshmallow and she’s turning me soft. But I think I kind of like it.”

At this point she didn't care that she was on a table, Sora didn't care if she fell and broke her knee, ankle, or even her neck! ... Maybe the last one. Still! This tension was killing her, and had it not been Somin's influence she was sure that she wouldn't of been able to yell at everyone like this. Even if it made Lee mad! At least Jung was going after her, at least there would be some sort of damn communication! As if a sign from above they needed to get their shit together the window smashed and power went out. That was when Sora finally stepped off of the table.

Hearing King admit that she was right eased the bubbling anxiety and anger she was feeling. Especially as she felt his warm hand smooth over her hair, all she could do was quietly sniffled and gazed up at him with tear filled eyes. Leaving him took all of her strength, all of the dreams they had for the future. It took becoming friends with Somin to realize that she didn’t need to be strong for everyone, it was okay to rely on someone. Right now she needed King. She was so thankful that he was letting down his walls, even just a little bit. Ji, King, they were both him and it was heartwarming to see the personalities mesh once more.

Zane's apology made her smile, though not for herself. Sora knew that Zane didn't mean anything he said and that he was just lashing out but she was knew how important this apology was to Somin. He was sincere about it, and the look on her face said that it was enough. "It's water under the bridge, really." She couldn't focus on Zane's apology for long. Soon King was making his attempt at apologizing, Sora’s hand instinctively reaching for his and giving him a reassuring squeeze. This wasn’t easy for him, but the fact that he was trying alone spoke volumes about his self improvement.

"I am so incredibly proud of you." Her glossy eyes locked with his as he looked down at her, his words causing her heart to swell and her stomach do little flips. A sweet smile was plastered on her face. It was a rough start but it quickly became a sincere apology straight from the heart-- King made it clear that he fucked up, that he wanted his friends back. And on top of all that he still loved her, willingly admitting it in front of everyone. Even after she left, after she sided with Somin, even after she yelled at him! Proud didn't even begin to describe how she felt about at this moment.

Everything around them faded and all she could she think about was one thing. Without missing a beat Sora made yet another brave move; Somin’s influence had made her quite bold and brave. The petite woman took a step closer to him and stood on her toes, her hand slipping from his so she could wrap her arms around his neck, her soft lips gently pressing to his. It wasn't their first kiss by any means but, it was their first in front of another person. After a beautiful and well-needed moment it finally hit her what she was doing and it instantly lit up her face. Sora pulled from him and quietly cleared her throat, the heat to her face throbbing her cheeks. "Well, we'll need some light! A-And in spirits of renewed friendships I vote we play some board games. How about it crew? I’ll find something before Lee and Jung gets back!”

And with that Sora was running off to the small coat closet to search for a game, mainly in attempts to hide the embarrassment written all over her face.
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Woo Lee

The cabin was miles away from any sort of civilization, Lee knew that. Whatever dangers in the woods in this storm sounded worldly better than the embarrassment the cabin had in store for her. She'd rather slip and fall, lay there and die in the mud. Lee hated feeling weak or vulnerable in any situation. Scorned as a child whenever she made friends, she didn't socialize outside of her social circle much. Jung was the one exception-- she didn't have a choice to get to know him when he was matched with them in their dorm. She didn't expect to care about him; his thoughts, his feelings, what he thought about her. She didn't expect to feel a twisting pain in her stomach when she thought of life without him, that's why she was just going to grin and bare the situation as is. She couldn't face him when she was crying though, hence why she ran.

The voice that trailed after her loud steps through the mud made her falter slightly, though her sprint didn't slow. He didn't want to acknowledge it up until now, there was no point talking about it now! She knew he'd catch up to her quickly-- he had a good foot on her, longer legs, and Lee was never the most athletic one. Still, her eyes clenched shut as she blindly ran through the dark tree line. The warm tears streaming down her face as she hugged her soaking hoodie tighter to her, and before she knew it her foot got stuck in the mud. Just as she was about to fall face first into the wet earth a firm hand caught her and spun her around to face him. The only saving grace was the rain dripping down her face hid her tears. Her fake blue eyes looked towards the ground, literally anywhere so she couldn't meet his gaze. Lee didn't know what she expected him to say, but the last thing she expected was an apology.

"W-What?" Her gaze went to peek up at him only to be pulled into the tightest hug of her young life. He... he didn't remember their kiss? That was why he didn't mention it. For some reason she knew that a normal girl would get mad but, all Lee could do was feel the tears stop. She felt... relieved. Her small frame physically relaxed into him, her forehead resting against his chest as she just listened. "I-I don't hate you," Lee quietly admitted as he looked down at her, her eyes moving to meet his with a weak smile on her face. The words were so quiet she wasn't sure he could hear her over the heavy rain pattering down around them. "I just thought that you regretted it, is all. I wouldn't blame you, I know can be... abrasive. I didn't think that you were actually crazy enough to like me so I just bit my tongue." Lee's cold exterior was a off putting at times and she knew that, but she would also do anything to protect the ones she cared for. Jung was someone she would die protecting romantic partner or not.

It killed her that Jung hated himself. What could she do, kick his ass? As he jumped from the loud thunder she stared up at him mulling things over in her head, the small blonde absolutely drenched from the rain. Instead of responding to his request to go back to the cabin Lee stood on the top of her toes, her hands finding their way to his shirt to pull him closer to her until their lips crashed together. It was a bit clumsy, and clunky, but it wouldn't of been Lee without that. The same butterflies erupted in her stomach, the storm silenced, and for the moment it was just the two of them kissing underneath the pouring rain.

"If you forget that one I'll kick your ass. And I'm not the one that came traipsing about the muddy woods in flops. Watch your step." Back to the stubborn ass Lee. With a gentle smile she gave a small nod, not saying a word as she took his hand and headed back to the cabin. Once inside she didn't bother saying anything to anyone, she just simply grabbed two dry towel off the table and handed one to Jung. After that she walked into the girls room to get changed into some dry shorts and an oversized tee.
Gi Tae

As if the yelling and window smashing wasn't bad enough of course the power had to go out. Luckily Jung was going after Lee so that took one thing off of their list, but, it was just one thing after the other adding to the list of troubles. Tae offered Suua a warm smile as se joined him with the garbage, doing his best not to chuckle at her girlish scream. She was just too fucking cute. "Thanks." Quickly he made sure to sweep up the glass that he could see in the darkened room, giving the others a quick side glance. Much to his shock Zane and King were both apologizing, and all Tae could do was feel thankful. "Better now than never I suppose." He spoke quietly to Suua, doing his best not to interrupt the well needed apologies.

A quiet chuckle passed his lips as Sora practically jumped on King, the glass clinking together at the bottom of the trash as he dumped the dustpan. Tae would've put his money on them getting back together in the first few weeks, but he supposed a couple months wasn't bad timing. His focus went back to Suua as he stood to his feet, offering her his hand to help her up as well. "Don't worry, I won't let the big bad storm get you." There was a hint of teasing in his voice, mainly because he couldn't say no to the chance to tease Suua-- he couldn't turn down teasing his girlfriend. The thought alone made is face flush. Knowing their mothers they would probably start planning their wedding as soon as they found out.

"King, Zane, I'm shocked that you two actually had decent apologies in you. Proud of you kids." Tae grabbed another hand towel and put it on the floor to absorb some of the water dripping in from the broken window. "You know Somin, I've been meaning to say this for a while. You remind me of this girl we went to school with. The hairs different but, I remember a girl with your personality. Not very social, sarcastic more often than not. Anyone else remember her name? I swear it started with an S too. Suua you had a class with her."

Just as he began to ponder over the name Jung and Lee were walking inside, and did he see them hand in hand? He came back alive, Lee was even handing him a towel before she was walking off without a word. "You guys look like drenched puppies. You two good?" Tae moved to place the broom and dustpan back in its spot, arching a curious brow as he looked over at Jung. There was no way the guy was getting away without some sort of explanation, though of course it could wait until the others were out of earshot.

Honestly Zane was expecting the worst. He knew Sora would forgive him, she was a fucking cupcake, but Somin was the one he worried about. Zane fucked up and he knew it, and on some level he felt like he didn't deserve forgiveness. He sank to King's level, he deserved the King treatment. Thankfully though, the stern look on Somin's face softened as she looked at him. It melted the tension that had been building in his stomach melt, his shoulders physically relaxing. It was the first time since the bonfire since she said his name and it made his face heat up. Suddenly he was thankful for the lack of power, he didn't want her to see him blushing.

Of course he knew that it wasn't as simple as that. His lips parted as he attempted to find words to say to her, to express how genuinely bad he felt about the situation, however King was speaking up. His first two apologies were shit, they caused him to sigh in frustration for the man. It got better thankfully, and before he knew it Somin was getting an apology that was arguably better than Zane's. King was sorry-- he was actually fucking sorry for using Somin. The silver haired man cracked an honest to goodness smile and he jumped to his feet.

Sora was practically jumping the man, so instead of going and congratulating his friend he moved to Zane to see her fiddling with the orange bracelet on her wrist. "It's nice not wanting to punch his face for once right? I'm sure he'll do something to change that, but we can enjoy the moment." He smiled down at her, his hand smoothing over some of her hair fluffed up from the humidity. "Thinking about hanging out like how we used to sounds kinda nice. Now it sounds like we'll have little miss sunshine join the group, though you seem to kinda like her. Guess she can't be too bad if you approve of her. I mean, you like me most days and I'm not that bad... right?"

Maybe he just wanted to hear that she didn't exactly hate him anymore, unfortunately Tae started going off about some rando from high school. "Uh, if you guys went to the same school wouldn't you have at least remembered her?" His brow quirked in annoyance. Seriously, were these guys so absorbed in their little clique they didn't notice their classmates? "King you went to school with them yeah, surely you would've at least noticed her."

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