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Haenghada is a school for those talented enough to become elites. Singers, dancers, rappers, actors, anyone who wants to succeed in the entertainment world graduated from this prestigious institute. It's the final year for these Haenghada prodigies, this year will test them and make sure that they're ready to succeed both in life and in the industry. A set of qualified mentors will be tasked with helping them on their final recital at the end of the year.

It's move in day for our group of students, a busy day to start a busy week. With this group though there's never a dull moment though, let's see what trouble they get themselves into.
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To say that Sora was nervous would be a horrendous understatement. At this point the butterflies in her stomach had turned into pterodactyls, she was even considering turning around and going back to the airprot. It had been what, three years since she had been home? Three years since she had seen her cousin Lee, since she had seen Tae or Suua. Three years since she had seen Ji. Oh, there it was, the pterodactyls. Everyone was totally cool with her leaving! Hugs, a party, she left on great terms. There were only a few tears shed! She followed everyone on Instagram, texted them, sent them gifts, even facetimed them! It was just so hard to fly back home when she was swamped with work and her studies though, so no matter how much she wanted to visit she just... couldn't. At least, that's what she told everyone.

How would they react when she just suddenly showed up? With a deep breath the young woman fanned her face off with her hand for the millionth time. It wasn't that Sora had changed personality wise much, she was her usual bright, studious self, but what if she wasn't what everyone expected her to be? That was the whole reason she didn't tell anyone about her showing up to the dorm today. Sora hated to fail in any sense, she especially didn't want to let her friends down. Would she even still fit in anymore?

Her big brown eyes looked down at her phone as she nervously tapped at it. As soon as she got off the plane this morning she had texted everyone to make sure they would be at the house later. It was move in day, she didn't assume they would be going out their first night, but she just wanted to make sure. Lee had sent her a middle finger emoji followed by a thumbs up, a typical response, Tae was a thumbs up. Ji, famously known as King, was the only one she nervous about. He went on trips with her and her father, they studied together (most of the time by force), they had somehow become inseparable despite their vastly different personalities. That was years ago though. As much as she hoped that they'd still be able to be friends he was also an idol, he was insanely popular. Sora was a nobody, just some nerd with a pipe dream of being a singer. His dad made her painfully aware of that.

The car came into park and she felt her stomach do flips. Guess she couldn't turn back now. The driver held her door open and she quicky Sora popped out, smoothed out her lilac off the shoulder top that hugged her slim frame and her tight black pants. After thanking the driver for carrying in her large suitcase she slipped inside the house. "Hello, anyone home?"
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Woo Lee

It was their final year in a Haenghada establishment and despite enjoying her roommates, Lee was ready to be out on her own. She was sure that her and Suua would end up getting an apartment or a house somewhere together, they’d been inseparable since birth pretty much, but anywhere the lot of them went they lived in the shadow of their parents. It was exhausting. It had taken until now to learn that she just wanted to rap, whether it was solo or in a girl band she didn't care.

"I'm ready to just live somewhere where we don't have to constantly pack and unpack." With an annoyed sigh she tucked her suitcase into the closet of the large room. Her pale thin fingers ran through her long light blonde hair, her blue contact lensed eyes looking down at her phone again. As much as Lee hated to admit it, she missed Sora. Yes she was annoying, her dedication to making their parents proud made her want to vomit, but they grew up together. They never went a week without seeing each other, now all of a sudden she decided to leave and be gone for years? Her cousin was a pain in the ass but she was also kind of an essential piece to their rag tag group.

"Did Sora text you this morning too? It's move in day, where the hell does she think we would be going?" Well, King would probably leave and do... whatever he does, but that was besides the point. The guy wasn’t even here yet. Lee at least had the courtesy to sit around and wait to meet their new roommates. That, and she was tired of Jung scolding her for going out and graffitiing with her sketchy friends. "Any requests for food? I'm starved." Just as she was about to pull out her delivery app a voice sounded from downstairs. Great. New people. With a sigh she tucked her phone back into her black sweats before straightening out her short white crop top. "I'll try not to scare these ones away, no promises though."

Lee exited the girls room and looked up the stairs towards the boys designated floor. "Are you ladies done unpacking up there? It's show time." She swore Tae always had more luggage than most of the girls, it was ridiculous. With that said she tucked her hands in her pockets she ran down the stairs to get this done and over with. At least, until she seen a familiar pretty face standing by her suitcase. "Sora?" Lee blinked a couple times to make sure that she wasn't hallucinating. "Was this why you sent that weird text? You could've just said you were coming home. We'd have picked up you from the airport, dumbass." Okay, Lee wasn't the most welcoming of people, but she couldn't help but crack a small smile.
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"Hey, at least after this year you won't get forcibly stuck with us anymore." As the two men were unpacking their bags they were catching up on gossip, how their summers went, the usual. Tae felt extremely bad that Jung had kept getting paired with them since their first year of high school. The guy was a good kid, not that the rest of them weren't bad, just... well, King ended up always getting paired with them too and the guy was a lot. Suua and Tae haven't talked much in over a year so there was tension there, and then there was Lee. She could be a lot to handle at times. It was no surprise they couldn't find any long term roommates.

"Aish, when you make it big though we expect invites to all your parties." The 6'1" messy haired man was once again giving into his OCD tendencies and organizing his side of the closet they shared. It wasn't a big deal to anyone but him, all he wore was black, but the blacks were all different and needed be separated. Jet black, onyx, pure black, literally no one could tell the difference but him. If his OCD wasn't terrible enough the man was a germophobe and cleaned the house spotless every day. He detested animals because of the hair they left everywhere, though he supposed the girls were just as bad with their blonde hair everywhere. When it's all laid out there like that it was no wonder Tae didn't have any long term friends other than Suua, Lee, and Sora. Truly his obsessive afflictions made dancing ten times harder than it needed to be but, he managed somehow.

Just as he finished up with his clothes he could hear Lee hollering for the ladies, who he assumed was them, and he gave a small sigh. "I think that's our cue, yeah?" Tae adjusted the collar of his black turtleneck sweater, ran a hand through his mess of a hair and turned to look at Jung. Normally he'd be excited to meet people but, well, him and Suua hadn't been on the best of terms lately. It broke his heart, but it was better than fighting with his girlfriend about it. 'She's been playing you a fool all these years, quit being her lap dog.' So he started to pull away from Suua. The only reason he started dating this girl was to hopefully get over his love for Suua and not ruin his and their friendship and, yet, it happened anyways. "You ready to go?"

His black leather gloved hands deposited inside of his pockets and quickly made his way down the stairs. Only, he nearly tripped over Lee as he made it to the bottom. "Hey hey hey, you're going to get ran over if you stop there gawking." Tae moved past Lee and further into the living room before he caught sight of the newcomer of the house. "Oh, shit. Good to see you kid."

Why they would stick Zane with this shit show of a group he'd never know. They didn't seem like bad people entirely, Lee arguing with teachers was always entertaining, but it was his final fucking year. The last few years of attending Haenghada University he always stayed off campus in his own apartment, but for some reason there was issues with his paperwork and they put him in a dorm. With seven other people. While he knew he was always considered the 'personality' of a group and that group participation was required to be part of Haenghada, he didn't think he could maintain his fake smile while at home. He didn't want anyone find out what kind of a snarky asshole he could really be.

His parents told him to get the fuck over it, so here he was. "Aishhh, fuck me." With his millionth sigh of the day he ran his hand through his silvery white hair. He had been putting this off all day but it was finally time to face the music. Come on man, fighting spirit. Pull yourself together. He jut had to survive this year, survive whatever bullshit they throw him concerning the recital, and then he could go off on tour making movies. There were a few agencies already wanting him just based on him being his parents son. Just. Survive. He could do this.

Once he stood to his full 6'1" height he dusted off his red plaid shirt and black jeans to make sure he was somewhat presentable. Never did he want to impress the guys but, the ladies? He always had to look good for them. Not like he was a serial dater or anything... just a charmer. Flirt here, his award winning handsome smile with cute dimples, and even a flower or two there and he had 90% of campus under his spell. For a cynical asshole he had learned from the best to perfect his charming persona. It wasn't like his fault, he got bullied for all of his life. Gay parents, he used to be so lanky and awkward, and you trying being a native korean jumping school to school in America. It was a nightmare.

Zane took the bags from his parents driver from their estate with a small thanks and made his way up the stairs. The door was unlocked which meant that people were presently there. Ugh. "Evening kids!" Zane put on his charming smile as soon as he stepped inside to see a few people. Lee, Tae, a new face. Not many last minute seniors but, hey, it wasn't his business. "It's pretty late, are we the last two to show up?"

This had been a terrible idea but it was far too late now, once the door to the car shut Somin knew that she was screwed. Honestly it was taking everything in her not to reach across the car and gouge King’s fucking eyes out. The two had made travel arrangements together prior to their messy break up over summer break. It would have been simple to have made other plans but it slipped her mind in her grand effort to forget the asshole was on the same planet as her. It wasn’t like the trip was long, but that was kind of the issue. The half an hour drive was too long for a taxi and too short for a plane. Not that she could really afford either. So here she was, sitting across from King in the backseat of a luxury vehicle. In silence.

“That was torture. Going forward let’s agree to keeping at least 25 feet apart. Sound good? Good.” Simon didn’t wait for an answer, she simply threw open the door and stepped out before the poor driver could even put the thing in park. The house was nice looking enough, better than the one she lived in during her junior year. This group of people though… very much unsure. Somin had done some manipulation to end up being grouped with King and Zane this year, thinking it would be a good senior year with her boyfriend. Jokes on her! Somin now was stuck with a bunch of legacy characters as well as her ex, her exes best friend and the deans son. Dope.

The small woman moved and grabbed her large suitcase from the driver, it was covered in stickers from various shows she had worked in over the years. Banged up. But still worked. At first glance people would likely think she was well off financially even though that was far from the truth. Every cent she earned back up dancing or joining a tour shirt term went into her career or her family. Appearance was unfortunately part of their career. But beyond that she held a firm belief of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Her outfit was a close second to the suitcase , it wasn’t a performance day and she wasn’t planning on going out in public. She wore a pair of black and white tie dye sweat pants and a large red hoodie on top that matched the red slides on her feet. Her skunk colored hair was in a wild messy bun on her head and a pair of dark sunglasses hid her sleep deprived eyes.

“You’re standing right in the middle of the doorway.” Somin growled, pushing gently past Zane and moving further into the home. She pushed her suitcase against a wall and pushed her sunglasses to rest on top of her head. “Not bad.” She hummed, looking around before turning to the growing group of others and scanning slowly over them. Everyone was vaguely familiar but it’s not like Somin was very well liked. Zane she only knew because he and King were close. The two blonde girls she recognized around campus and the girl with darker hair was completely unrecognizable to her. Interesting… a new face this late in the game was quite bold.

This was so exciting! Something about it being their last year of college was making Suua buzz with excitement. It was going to be another year surrounded by some of her favorite people, even if things were a bit strained right now with some of them. “But isn’t that part of the fun Lee! Think about it as practice for all the travel well get to do once we make it.” She let out a soft laugh as she finished putting away the last of the clothes from her suitcase. Suua wasn’t naive to the privilege she had, even without any lick of talent she could have had a fairly charmed life. Her parents raised her with an understanding and respect of the life she had but also to appreciate nice things. She may have been gentle and kind but she knew her worth. A lot of ideals had been driven into her from her mothers past experiences, so much so that even now as an adult Suua had only ever been on one date. Boyfriends were absolutely off the table until high school was done and even now if her parents had their way she would never date until she was fully set up with a career. Not that it mattered, she was so damn awkward she didn’t need her parents to keep boys away. Well except for Tae, until recently he and Suua had been just as close as she was with Lee!

“Hmm? Oh yeah! I thought that was odd.” Suua hummed and pulled out her phone, the pastel charms that hung from the sparkly case clinging together softly as she pulled up the message from Sora. “Maybe she wants to call or something! I know she’s super busy so maybe it’s easier when she knows we’re all together? Two birds one stone and all that? We could always get ” Just as she finished a voice rang out from downstairs and Suua jumped slightly. “I didn’t even hear the door.”

Lee was the first to move, Shis however stopped to fix herself in the mirror. The girl was kind but also slightly high maintenance, she supposed that came from her mother. Today she wore her platinum blonde bob straight with some of her face framing pieces pulled back and secured with pearl pins shaped like hearts. She wore a pastel blue and white checkered halter dress that reached right above her knees with a cropped white crew neck over top that matched the chunky white mary janes on her feet. “Wait up!” Suua yelped as she hurriedly moved to catch up with Lee as she yelled and the boys to hurry up. She rushed down the stairs, nearly running into Tae and giving him a sheepish smile. Awkward.

Not more awkward than seeing Sora standing at the bottom of the stairs, “Lee!” She scolded before making her way through the crowd gathering on the steps and slammed into Sora. Her arms went around the woman and squeezed her tightly, “I can’t believe you’re here!” The strange text made a lot more sense now but still Suua was shocked that Sora was actually here after being away for so long. Suua wanted to ask a million questions but before she could say a word the door was opening again and causing her to release Sora to turn and look. “Oh hello! I don’t think so, we’re still missing -“ It was as if her mentioning them pulled them into the room, Somin pushing past Zane to get into the house and King following shortly after.

This was an interesting crew for sure. Tae, Sora, Lee and herself were lifelong friends, nearly family if not actual family. Jung had been around them since their earlier school years. King was an unfortunate common addition, he was talented sure but a jerk most of the time. Somin was kind of the same, talented but scary. Zane she didn’t know well, she only knew of him. He was another student who everyone could already tell was going to make it as an idol simply for their skills as a group leader and personality idol. Suua could understand that all too well. “Now everyone is here!”

Ji-Yeon was an interesting character, at least that was one way to put it. Most would likely call him much more colorful names and words but he chose to ignore that. It wasn't like it really mattered anyways, caring what people thought was for people with real friends and relationships. All he ever had were fakes and beggars. People only ever wanted to be around him for his popularity and even before that it was only for his father. Being the only child of an idol was a double edged sword, on one side his life was great. He always had anything he wanted, great food and travel. However it meant growing up basically alone, his mother had passed when he was young and his father was absent. When he was home he was mean, resented the fact that he had a child at all. It was all what turned Ji-Yeon from a decent and normal little kid into the person he was today, King.

Going to a performing arts school felt like such a waste of time, King had been basically an idol himself since he was 16. He knew the same was true for a lot of the other students too! But no, they had to look good and put in work like the rest of the riff raff. He was fairly sure that was why 90% of this crew was always paired up together, they were mostly legacies. The only outliers were Zane and Somin, Jung too but even he in his own way was privileged.

"You could have gotten your own ride. I was being nice. You know that thing we're both so excellent at?" King scoffed, rolling his eyes at Somin's reaction. He could have just headed straight here instead of picking her up at her sad family home, but no he stuck to his word. The two of them had been friends for a few years now, they had dated on and off for the last two and had multiple messy and dramatic breakups but this one was different. This one even King could tell he had really fucking hurt her. But it was the truth! They were both just using each other to pass the time right? Keep away other people and put on a show? At least that’s what it had felt like. Honestly he wished he had never dated her at all, besides Zane she was the only friend he really had and now she wouldn’t even look at him without glaring. Somin jumped out first, storming off towards the new housing with King following behind her after a beat.

"Woah full house." King stepped inside and closed the door, ushering Zane out of his way and heading into the living room. It wasn't the best place he had been in by far but wasn't the worst either. "I take it you two already claimed beds? You're leaving me to be stuck with that guy yeah?" King looked at Tae and Jung with a raised brow before turning to Zane with a slight smirk. Zane and he were fairly good friends, the guy was much more like King than people cared to admit. They just wanted to see a shiny handsome man and all the nice flirty things he said. If only they knew how he really was sometimes. "You get bottom bunk."

"I wouldn't call it forced, I really don't mind you guys. Well, I mind you. Lee and Suua are fine." Jung shot a lopsided grin over at Tae as he finished hanging up a shirt in the small closet. "You guys make it exciting for sure." The eccentric group sure was something, Jung had grown up in the entertainment industry due to his fathers influence, he was the director of a large performance university. His mother was an artist as well, she mostly lived anywhere but Korea recently but kept in touch, at least with Jung. He was used to strange personalities and drama, though he was often described as quite vanilla himself. It wasn't that he didn't like interesting things or want to do more, it was that he was so adept at keeping the peace it just became his personality. His parents used to fight so much when his mother still lived at home so he had often taken it upon himself to try and make everyone happy. Honestly his only escape from it all was school and even that was slightly taken over by his father. His original grouping with these kids was his dads own selfish attempt at throwing Jung in with the "amazingly talented" crowd. AKA using his own child to maintain relevance.

"You say that as if you guys aren't going to as well. I mean seriously, each one of you had been in dozens of different articles and videos. I'll be lucky to debut in general." Jung chuckled and finished up his haphazard hanging of clothes just as someone called out from downstairs. Soon after came Lee's yelling that made him roll his eyes slightly before throwing his empty suitcase in the bottom of the closet and heading down to meet up with all the others.

The last person he expected to see there was Sora, Suua was the one who charged through and nearly knocked the poor girl over but it was easy to tell how much her presence uplifted everyone a bit. "Well well well, long time no see. How's it been?" The door opened once again and in came Zane, then Somin and King. King was probably one of the only people on the planet that he couldn't find a way to get along with. He tried! They had to deal with each other for years now but honestly neither of them had a lick of common ground! "They have a loft set up in this place, second floor for the ladies and third for the boys. Rooms are kind of small but the amazing backyard makes up for it I suppose."

All these years gone Sora was terrified everyone would be mad at her, thankfully it seemed like everyone was just happy she was back. Tae and Lee were never big huggers so she didn’t expect much from them. Suua though, she hadn't expected to be damn near tackled. "W-Whoa, hey there Suua!" That didn't stop her from her arms wrapping around her good friend and squeezing her just as tight. "I wanted to surprise you guys! Oh my gosh, your hair is too cute." Once she was released from Suua's death grip of a hug she giggled quietly and smiled sweetly over at Jung as he joined. The guy was smart, talented, and even if he wasn't necessarily a legacy kid he fit perfectly in their little rag tag group. "Hey there!"

Soon the rest of their roommates were joining and preventing her from officially catching up with everyone. The silvery haired guy, the girl with white in her hair, King; this already looked like an interesting group. While Sora’s dad on the outside was a successful actor in truth that was only his cover; the man was a powerful mobster who could be incredibly strict at times. So while she knew she wasn’t exactly a legacy kid her dad pulled some strings to get her paired with Lee and her friends, King included. She didn't have any guest appearances in any bands or shows since she moved, just a lot of physics and math homework, she was definitely feeling like the underdog of the group.

“Not even a hello Ji-Yeon? Did you forget me already?” Part of her knew that he didn’t even see her, she was a rather short individual, but it didn’t stop her from teasing him. Hell, even back in their teens she never entertained the whole ‘King’ name. The guy was smart, wildly so, she liked him for him and not his persona. They had dated for a brief time in high school, she thought that he was going to be her forever. But… his dad told her she’d do nothing but ruin his career. She had to be content being his friend no matter how she felt. Hence why she moved 7000 miles away.

"So I guess this means we're bunkmates, right? It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Park Sora." With a bright smile she gave a deep bow to Somin. Always the polite, proper girl. Once she straightened up she grabbed her designer bags and suitcase before heading towards the stairs. Hey, just because she was a nice girl didn't mean she didn't enjoy the finer things in life. "Want to go see our room?"
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Woo Lee

"Well watch where you're going old man." With a small growl Lee shot a quick glare at Tae as he made his way down, her eyes rolling playfully at Suua's scolding. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Her eyes couldn't help but glance over at Jung as he joined them. Normally Lee would just naturally drift to him, the guy was actually enjoyable to be around. Hell, it wasn't uncommon for the two to hang out by themselves. Things felt different between them though as of late so she just kind of did her best to avoid him. Lee was used to him being vocal about how much he didn't like her group of friends, but when she started to date this guy in the group he was extra vocal about his disapproval. She didn't need another parent in her life.

One by one the last remaining members of the house joined. Zane and King would certainly be an interesting addition, same with Somin. The girl had plenty of rumors spread around the campus about how much of a bitch she was, but, Lee was never one to really judge on those things. The girl was a wicked good dancer. Plus, she had gotten used to King's personality, she was sure that Somin couldn't have been much worse. Speaking of, part of Lee felt bad for King. The fucker had G-dragon as his dad. Lee could be an asshole herself at times but she knew how to be a good person from her parents, they practically smothered her with love. King never got that chance.

"The house is a lot nicer than our one back in high school. Seriously, we lived in that thing for years and it always felt so cramped. At least here I can grow some plants in the garden out back." With a small yawn Lee twirled her blonde hair around a thin finger for a moment to try to be on her best behavior. This chit chat was nice, but Lee was hungry. "I'm starved. Any requests? I'm ordering food, we can all catch up later and do this lovely meet and greet later." Though she asked for requests she was already opening up the delivery app, her green crystal flower charm catching some of the light for a quick second.

Lee had made her way over to the plush couch and crashed back onto it, her blue contacts staring at the screen as she added a large number of things to the order.

It never failed that Tae felt his heart beat anxiously whenever he was near Suua. He felt guilty, terribly so. All he could do was give her an awkward half smile when she nearly crashed into him. Gods, he had to get over this awkwardness at some point. He just didn't know for the life of him how to do that. Seeing her tackle Sora thankfully was able to help him relax, he missed how simple life was just a few years ago. Now Tae poured all his free time into training under professional choreographer's, trying to maintain his classes, dealing with his girlfriend, he was fucking exhausted all of the time. Maybe being all together again they could just all relax for a bit.

As soon as Zane and King walked in there went all hope for the year. Fuck. King? A pain in the ass he was used to. Zane? He was just as bad, if not worse. Women swooned for this man, he broke hearts time after time, he just didn't respect people like that. It... was a rumor and he knew that he couldn't necessarily believe rumors, but one of his dance troupe members had fallen victim to him. It wasn't like he had beef with the guy, he just had absolutely no desire to be subjected to his presence for long periods of time. A heavy sigh passed his lips before he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Great. Just, great."

King brought up a matter he was suddenly ecstatic about; he didn't have to room with either one of them though. Just him and Jung like normal. "Aish, yeah. You snooze you lose man." With a small chuckle he looked over at Somin to notice that she seemed just as irritated and it became clear that Zane and King had that effect on more than just him. "Looks like the crew is all here then. Lee you handle the food, I'll get the booze." There were a few things that could justify the lot of them drinking the first night, but the number one reason was that they were stressed college kids. Why the Hell not.

Seeing as Tae had been there since the morning he had tucked a few bottles of booze from his suitcase in the cupboards. And, well, there was no better time than now. Solo cups, shot glasses, mixers, ice already in the freezer. Hey, the guy liked to have a good time. "Who's in for shots? Jung, Suua?" Didn't really matter, he was already lining up shots for everyone.

Well, well, well. At least this wasn't going to be a boring experience. "Somin, please, I know I'm gorgeous but I'm also delicate, you break me you buy me." As usual Somin was eloquent as ever, pushing her way past him and into their new home. How did she get there? The last thing he knew was that she was supposed to ride with King per usual, but that was before the pair had broken up. Had she asked for a ride Zane would have picked her up, she was only one of he few people that he actually talked to. It started off just because she was his best friends girlfriend but, even through their messy breakups he still ended up talking to her ono occasions.

In walked King not a moment after Somin and he instantly gave a harsh wince. "Yikes, that's why you're in a mood." Albeit funny and he'd definitely have a laugh at King's expense about this later he refrained from teasing the two further on the matter. Zane told King dating was a bad idea. Guys like them? They were meant for the world, getting involved with one person would only lead to heart break. It was unfortunate that Somin had to have her heart broken like that, she deserved better. "My friend you're mistaken, I'm the one stuck with you. You're blessed to be with the heartthrob of Haenghada." With a small smirk he gave a small shrug of his strong shoulders. "Yeah, yeah. Bottom bunks are easier to fall into after a night of drinking anyways."

Suddenly the small new girl was addressing King, and rather bravely he must say. A wide smirk took over his face as he looked over at King once more. "Oh, so you're on a first name basis with someone? How absolutely precious." And the girl was introducing herself SO properly to Somin she reeked of a good family. This was going to drive Somin absolutely batty and he was living for it. "Well now who could turn down an offer like that, Somin? You could use some girlfriends right? Look, a girlfriend. Let me carry your luggage for you, darling." Without waiting for an answer he moved to take her sticker clad suitcase in one hand while his bags were in the other and he began to ascend the steps.

Once to the second floor he deposited the suitcase before continuing to the third floor to drop off his own. Good luck, Somin.
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Don’t explode, don’t explode, don’t explode. You have to live with this people. Somin had to keep repeating the mantra in her head already and that wasn’t a good sign. Too much chipper, to much noise, just too much. It was going to be a hard year already dealing with King being in close contact but this was all only adding to the annoyance. Speaking of… Somin eyed the girl who was suddenly standing in front of her, her eyebrow raising as she listened to her address King by a name that she was told to never say out loud. As if that wasn’t painful enough the look on Kings face turned the damn knife. Who was this girl?

“Right.” Somin looked at her strangely, “Somin.” Bowing really? What was she some sort of uppity rich girl? Looking at her bags made that seem like more of a possibility. This was going to be her roommate huh? Yay. She rolled her eyes and was about to make another backhanded comment when her attention was drawn to Zane as he and King spoke to one another. “Heartthrob? Barf.” Somin made a face and fake gagged as Zane stepped forward and grabbed her suitcase. “I don’t NEED girlfriends and don’t call me darling. I know the way you work Zane, don’t forget that.” Before she could stop him he was already heading upstairs with her things and a smirk on his face. Annoying.

“Save one of those for me.” Somin pointed at the shot glasses before heading half way up the stairs, stopping and looking over he railing at Sora. “Well? Let’s go roomie!” The fake girly voice she put on nearly made her cringe… Upstairs she found her suitcase waiting outside the door to the room, she pushed the door open to find a fairly nice room, loft style with a big window looking over the city. Somin pushed her suitcase into the closet, not caring to unpack. She turned and looked at Sora, “Mind if I take the bottom? I sleep like shit and trust me you don’t want to listen to me toss and turn all fucking night.” Without really waiting she tossed her purse onto the bed and moved to look around the room more. “So are you new or something? Transferring in from another school this late is super fucking weird.” Tactful as always.

Suua felt for Sora, maybe they could just get a third bed in their room for her? She was pretty sure that Somin would have preferred to be left alone anyways… but the beds are like kind of permanently attached to the structure… maybe it’ll be okay! Somin couldn’t be as prickly as she seems! And Sora was cool! They could end up good friends. Right? Suua watched the interaction with slightly wide eyes, she had to admit that it was strange watching people stand toe to toe with King. Ever since Sora left it was like no one dared to really question him on his bullcrap! It was nice to see that others had learned in her absence, now there would be multiple people keeping his ego in check.

Tae was quickly bringing up alcohol causing Suua to turn to him wide eyed. It wasn’t like it was illegal or anything, they were all of age and allowed. But it felt like it was very early in their time in NEW university housing to be taking shots! Suua watched as he began to pour the glasses full, jumping slightly when he said her name. “S-Sure?” People pleaser as always. Suua wasnt against drinking or anything but she had a terrible tolerance for alcohol and she didn’t imagine this night ending early. She joined him across the table and reached out for lift one of the clear vessels of burning liquid.Yum… Lee brought up food and she nodded a little too aggressively to the woman. “Pizza, pizza with curry sauce.” Pizza was easy AND a good carb to combat the effects of drinking.

Suua looked back over to Tae and hummed for a moment, swishing around the liquid in the shot glass. “So…” This was awkward. She figured she should wait for the others to start but right now with the slight tension she would rather deal with a burning throat than the uncomfortable feeling she had. Her and Tae were never like this until recently! “Didn’t hear from you a lot this summer, I saw a lot of your posts though! Looks like you had a fun break.”

The sound of his legal name made him jump slightly, turning in the direction of the voice and his eyes widening when he saw Sora. For a moment a smile cracked through the usual expression, his heart doing a little flutter before falling into his stomach. King and Sora used to be close friends, then they dated, things were great until they suddenly weren’t. He had been completely blindsided by her leaving him, if he wasn’t jaded and mean before that he definitely was after. It hurt like hell, finally he had someone in his life that truly understood him and liked the same things he liked. Someone who cared and he cared about. Then without warning they were done and shortly after she was completely gone all together. King had tried to call a hundred times at first but eventually took the hint and just gave up. That was when he met Somin, the two of them were both angry and crass individuals and ended up whatever they were. “Uh, hey.” Great line King. Great. But it was hard! It wasn’t like him to be flustered and that only pissed him off more.

Then you added Zane to the mix. If King used terms like “best friend” he supposed that guy would be it. Unfortunately. He shot the guy a death glare at his joking and crossed his arms over his chest. Staying quiet on this one was probably for the best. Plus if he was lucky Somin would kill him.

Tae was off pouring shots already, Sora had already moved onto introductions with Somin and that in and of itself was scary. King watched the two of them with concern for a moment, waiting for Somin to say something completely off the hinges. However she kept it fairly mild and soon the two we’re heading upstairs and causing him to release a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. “I could use one of those. Or two.” King joined Tae and Suua at the table, taking a shot without waiting and then moving to look over Lees shoulder where she sat ordering food. “Add something that doesn’t suck yeah?” With that he found one of the plush egg chairs and collapsed into it, he could unpack later.

On paper this all seemed like a great idea. Come home and reunite with friends, have one last amazing year together. It had been years since they had seen each other and she was sure that she wouldn't of felt anything. Then King smiled and that went out the window. She had hurt him so bad, and up until now she didn't have the heart to face him. How could she tell him that his dad didn't think she was good enough? That she'd ruin his life, his career. It... wasn't fair. All Sora wanted was the best for him, it killed her that she couldn't be that for him. At some point she needed to apologize, she just really didn't know how. So... she did what she did best and pretended like everything was fine.

The rest of the week went on about as smooth as it could go. King was, well, his usual self so it was nice to see that nothing has changed, only now he had a friend! Speaking of, Zane was for lack of a better term an instigator. Tae and Suua were tense to be around, Lee seemed totally disinterested in hanging out. That kind of left her to hang out with Somin in their free time and it was probably a good thing that Sora was a terribly gullible person. Any sarcasm, jabs, or jokes she made towards her were completely lost on her. Sora was an open book pretty much! She answered every question, though she would avoid the topic of King.

As usual Sora was perfectly put together from her straightened hair, her makeup, to her lilac chiffon sundress. The mentors were coming over soon to place them all in their assigned group, but she was just happy that it distracted the campus from the nasty rumors going around about Jung's dad. They hadn't even been here a week and rumors that he was embezzling and taking bribes were spreading like wildfire! Poor guy. So she was making tea for everyone while they waited. "Ji do you still take your tea with sugar?" It was unclear if she should still be addressing him by his first name or by King, but until he told her otherwise she'd stick with the name she had always called him.

Once she sat down the tray of tea and small cup of sugar cubes on the coffee table she plucked up a cup before tucking herself into one of the comfortable egg chairs. "The mentor is late, do you think they could've gotten lost?" Or maybe they got an airhead for a mentor. Honestly, maybe that would help cut the tension in the group.
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Woo Lee

After years of living in dorms like this she never could've thought that it got worse, yet here she was a week in already knowing that this year would be Hell. Sora was as perfect as ever and though Lee never said anything she hated it. It wasn't like her parents compared them at all, Lee was always 'perfect in every single way' to them. Vomit, typical parent answer. Lee was good at snarky comments, rapping, art, gardening, she was the complete opposite of her cousin. It wasn't that anyone ever compared the two, but Lee was. So when she wasn't in class or hanging out with her delinquent group of friends she was busy planting flowers in their cute backyard. That was probably the only saving grace to this year.

The one time that she got away from everyone was on campus, and even that wasn't as relaxing as it should be. Rumors about the headmaster were popping up right and left about embezzlement and this that or the other. There wasn't a building on campus that wasn't talking about it, and while Lee didn't usually care about rumors, this was Jung's dad. He idolized the guy. So while they weren't on the best of terms lately the rumors only pissed her off. Usually she would just up and leave an area if she heard people talking about it to avoid saying anything to them.

Until today. While out with some of her sketchy friends and boyfriend one of the girls started up about the 'preppy schools' headmaster and all Lee could do was roll her eyes. Then the rumors started in about his son and how he probably cheated to get his son in, how his whole family was in on the embezzlement. Lee flipped. Pushed the girl and told her to shut her mouth, and then one thing led to another and there were fists flying. Lee was a normally a quiet, sassy girl and had never been in a single fight. Thankfully they were pulled apart rather quickly, but not before Lee gave the girl a black eye. In turn all Lee got was a bloody split lip.

"Anyone know where the first aide kit is? Oh. Wait. Is it mentor day?" As the long haired blonde walked inside the house and seen people waiting around she blinked blankly a few times. Lee was terrible at remembering important days, this surprisingly wasn't her first mentor day she had forgotten. "Huh." With a small shrug she walked into the kitchen to go clean the blood off her lip.
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Probably the only good part of this group was King and Somin. Seriously, between the rumors spreading about Jung's dad, and the angsty Tae Zane was going to go insane. He could tell that this Sora thing was a sore subject so of course that meant that he had to poke fun whenever he could. He hadn't found anything that bothered him this bad so obviously as his best friend he had to figure out what this was about. The man wouldn't answer his questions though no matter how much he interrogated him, and truth be told it was driving Zane crazy. Despite his overly fake persona he did care about his friend and bottling things up like this wasn't healthy.

Besides that, the week progressed fairly normally. He charmed every woman everywhere he went like normal save for when Somin was around. For some reason she always distracted him, and while he knew the reason why he also hated the reason why. Zane didn't do love, it was just out of the question for him. Guys like him and King? They thrived single. All the women showered them in affection and attention if they were single. If they even get caught with a lady one on one though it was all over with. Rumors, boycotting whatever show you're apart of, death threats, hate mail. It had happened to countless idols before them, the two of them were nothing special. So the fact that Somin could make his heart skip a beat drove him insane. And since Somin and King dated for a while it was a secret he'd take to the grave. "Oh, Sora you are just so sweet remembering how my boy takes his tea. Warms my heart, really."

"So all seriousness Jung, how are you hanging in there? I've dealt with my fair share of bullies in my life, all you've gotta do is ignore 'em and they'll go away." Probably. As Zane lounged on the couch he glanced from the tea to the bloodied Lee as she walked in. "Yosh! Little lady, I think when they say fighting it's more like, fighting spirit instead of actually fist fighting. Did you at least win?" That wasn't very helpful but, hey! Who knew one of these prissy girls was a scrapper?

This was shaping up to be the worst year by far. And why? Why was it like this? Tae knew that Suua didn't actually see Tae like a lap dog, but he felt like one at times. Like he was always supposed to be available for, for fucking everything. Hanging out, going shopping, going literally anywhere or doing anything. She had always expected him to do these things with him. All these years he had never minded, but since then it had been brought it to his attention it had been driving him insane. Was Tae just a good friend to Suua? Was that all he'd ever be for her? He liked to think of himself as the guy that protected the girls and kept them out of trouble, keep them protected. He didn't know when things changed, all he knew was he didn't like them and he didn't know how to fix them.

Tae kept to himself for the week, awkwardly pretending like things were okay when he was forced to be around the others. He hated awkwardness, he hated fucking pretending. For the most part he socialized with Jung or practiced his dancing down in the mini studio they had in the basement since he was banking on a solo this year. Tae just... had to keep focused on the the recital for now, that was the one thing keeping him sane. Plus, he was doing his best to cheer on Jung during these rumors, though he was pretty sure he wasn't very good at it. Hey, he was trying.

Zane made another comment towards Sora and all Tae could do was roll his eyes. This guy was absolutely infuriating, it was non stop with him. The mentor was late, Lee must've forgotten all about today again, it wasn't shaping up to be a good day. Once the door creaked open though he sat straight up from the couch, his dark grey eyes landing on Lee as she walked in. "I-uh... What happened kid?" Only Lee could've gotten her lip busted open and walk in like it wasn't a big deal. None of them have ever been violent people, he couldn't even remember if any of them had ever been in a fight!

With a heavy sigh he ran his hand through his perfectly styled hair before glancing over at Suua with a heavy sigh. "Did she tell you anything about this?"

The entire week had been close to hell, dealing with all these people and sharing a room with a stranger. A stranger who was apparently very close with her ex boyfriend despite never once hearing her name before. King and Somin had been friends for four years! Dating on and off for two of those! So excuse her for assuming that she would have at least heard of this mystery girl who was suddenly so close with everyone in the house? From what she could gather Lee and Sora were cousins and the four of that little group had grown up together due to their parents being friends. Okay sure whatever. But seriously it was strange… The two of them were different around one another, it was a different person than Somin had come to know. It was like he was able to be the person that she and Zane only got to see glimpses of and that hurt. Not even as an ex girlfriend standpoint, simply as a friend. It hurt knowing that someone who was such a big part of her life apparently didn’t view her as such.

The other annoying thing about Sora, besides her wanting to be besties, was that she was ALWAYS well put together and it seemed effortless. Somin had to wake up at the crack of dawn to look good for the day and most of the time it wasn’t worth it! If she wasn’t going to be in the public eye she was usually in grungy sweats. Like today. All that today entailed was meeting the new mentors for the year and staying home. That meant Somin was in hermit mode, her hair was in a ponytail with pieces of white hanging in her face. The makeup was her bare minimum of a heavy liner and mascara with chapstick. She wore a pair of loose black sweatpants that were ties around her waist and a large pink t shirt with a giant “No.” on the front in big white letters.

Somin was resting in her chair, leaned far back and her eyes trained on her phone as she scrolled through Twitter. The school was insane with the rumors about Jung’s dad, Somin couldn’t care less. Anyone that did care was an idiot. The guy was talented, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb if not. And if the rumors were true, well she has some harsh truths to share with some of the students about the real world then. That shit happened more often than people think. In the chair besides her Zane spoke up to ask Jung how he was going, earning a small hum from Somin. It wasn’t until Lee came in asking for the first aid kit that she actually looked up from her phone. “Oh shit!” She didn’t meant to let out a chuckle but she did, I mean come on it wasn’t every day you saw kids with black eyes at a performance arts college. “I hope the other guy looks worse. Quite the shiner there girl.” Lee was the least annoying person in the house, mostly because she kept to herself. Then Sora came in with the tea, asking King if he still too sugar and causing Somin to nearly vomit. “Aish what are you some sort of housewife? Give me a break.”

Being back at school was great in some ways and terrible in others, for one Suua felt more at home when she was on campus. Her parents were great and loving and everything but honestly they has raised her to be determined and always striving for greatness that she wasn’t the type of person to be comfortable sitting at home waiting. Suua was always busy with something, studying, practicing, writing. So it felt too to be back in an environment that cultivated that. On the flip side however, things between her and Tae were strained. Suua could feel it but she was trying her hardest to pretend everything was okay, that would make things feel better eventually right? Fake it till you make it? At least that was what she was going for.

Today was the day they would be getting their mentor for the year and honestly Suua was BEYOND excited! The older students always would brag about the amazing idols that they got to study under as seniors and now it was their turn. Most of this group was already extremely privledged to have great connections but it was always fun to learn new things from new people!

Suua finished getting ready and came downstairs as Sora brought out the tray of tea. She had spent the morning at the gym and wanted to get a shower and fresh outfit on before meeting their mentor. Instead of sweat covered leggings and sports bra she was now fresh and clean, she wore a pair of light wash jean shorts that were cinched to her waist with a black belt with a gold buckle. Her top was a white t shirt that was tucked in but still lose and a pair of white converse were on her feet to match. Her short platinum hair was still wet but pinned back with gold pins that showed off the S earrings in her ears.

“I have to admit, it’s so strange hearing someone call you Ji after these last few years.” Suua smiled at King, bouncing into the living room and crashing into the couch next to Tae. It was then that the front door opened to reveal Lee, Suua had been hoping it was the mentor and instead she was met with the image of her best friend with a bloodied lip and a purple bruise forming under her eye. It wasn’t the first time she had seen Lee in this state but it didn’t help the worry it caused every time!! Lee was headed to the kitchen before Suua could do or say anything and honestly she knew better than to question it now, it would be better to give her some time to calm down before asking what happened.

“Not one bit.” Suua sighed, turning her attention from the kitchen door to Tae as he asked her. “I know she was going to go see some friends before we all needed to be back at the house but that was it.” She knew that some of the people Lee chose to hang out with weren’t the best crowd but Lee had assured Suua multiple times that they weren’t dangerous! However that seemed to be far from the truth now… Suua went to continue, explain a bit more but the door was opening once more and causing her to turn her attention to the door.

“What are you doing here?” The words came out harsher than she meant but Suua was confused as one could be. “Keunappa? Did mom send you or something? You could have just called…”

The shock and excitement of seeing Sora again was starting to wear off, the first part of the week King had felt like he was riding a high, he wasn’t as moody as usual and he was finding himself to be more open and social. But quickly feelings started to come back, ones that weren’t the best. He remembered how it all went down, how terrible he felt when she left. Slowly throughout the few days his excitement turned to disdain and anxiety. How could she be acting so calm and normal with him? The last time they saw one another it was bad, he had cried and begged and looked like a fucking fool. Here he was again, looking like a fool. Happily and excitedly welcoming her back as if everything was okay. As if his resurfacing depression over Sora wasn’t bad enough he had to deal with the comments and looks from Somin every day. Then the cherry on top of it all was Zane’s stupid comments. It was just all super amazing…

Sora asking about his tea made him happy for a moment before causing his heart to break into pieces. King wanted to tell her that she would know if she had stuck around but that wasn’t fair. The last thing he ever wanted to do was to lash out at her so instead he simply shook his head and stayed quiet. At least until Zane and Somin chimed in. “Will you both lay off? He growled slightly, adjusting the way he was sitting on the floor and glaring over at Zane. He knew this was the guys way of picking fun but King couldn’t take it right now.

Thankfully the door opened and provided him with a distraction, even if it was one he didn’t expect in a million years. Lee with a split lip was bound to be quite the conversation starter. King looked over to Jung and gave him a nod in the direction of of the kitchen, “You COULD answer a bunch of questions about your dad or go run after your girl and have us make fun of you. Whichever seems less of a pain in the ass to you.” Being a dick always made him feel slightly better about his own suit situation.

The door opened once again and revealed a man in LOUD clothing, King recognized him from a few TV shows and a b list group back in the day. Minho? That name rung a bell, plus Suua speaking up first confirmed his suspicion. Please let this joker be here to drop off Suua her lunch or something asinine, please say this man in a paisley suit was not about to be their mentor.

Walking around campus today was the worst day of his life, well second worst, the first was when his mother left but hell this was a close second. Everyone and their mother was talking about his father and the rumors of his wrong doings. People harassed him all damn day as he tried to make it to and from his meeting with some members of the board. Jung knew that the meeting was to prepare him for everything that was going on but couldn’t it have been a fucking phone call to have avoided walking through the fire? One person even threw their water bottle at him for Christ sakes! The board had assured him over and over not to worry, that it was all likely a big misunderstanding. Jung wasn’t so sure but still! It wasn’t like he could do anything about it!

Back at home was a bit of a relief, the others seemed to be kind of dancing around the issue and none of them seemed to hate him so that was a step up from his earlier morning. Now as they all sat around the living room waiting for their meeting with their mentor, Zane was the first to speak up on the situation. “Not bad, I think this will all blow over soon. You know how this place works, next week something more interesting will come along and this will be old news.” At least that was what he was hoping for. As if he spoke it into existence, the door opened and in came a bloodied up Lee, causing Jung to jump up from his seat. She grumble about a first aid kit and the mentor but was off to the kitchen without another word.

Suua and Tae were the first two he looked to but both seemed content to stay put for now. Jung knew that was probably for the best too but… King spoke up and caused Jung’s face to turn tomato red. “She’s not MY girl, she has a boyfriend. I’m just worried okay?” He knew that if he followed her into that kitchen now he would never hear the end of it but…oh well. Jung moved and jumped over the back of the couch to head into the kitchen, allowing the door to shut behind him as he headed to the pantry to get the first aid kit from the junk drawer.

“If you’re going to make this a regular pccurance we should probably buy you a personal one to keep in your bag.”Jung spoke with a chuckle as he approached her and set the kit down on the counter besides her. “Seriously though what happened to you Lee? That’s white the look you have going on.” Out in the other room Jung could hear the commotion of the mentor arriving but that would just have to wait.

It was always fun to be back on campus, seeing how things had changed or hadn’t. The last time he had coke here was to teach a seminar on hosting. Not everyone at this school was in it for the music side of things, although it was the big draw. Minho had started his journey wanting to be a part of an idol group and had gotten into a small one for a few years following his schooling but ultimately that life was far more suited for his talented wife. Minho on the other hand had always been a personality and found his calling as the host of a game show for idol groups.

Choi and Mino had no children of their own, both were completely content being the cool aunt and uncle. Their only biological niece was Suua but they had all remained such good friends that he saw Tae, Lee and Sora as theirs as well. Though Suua got the brunt of it all. It only meant that he was insanely excited to be helping them all out this year!

Minho opened the door without knocking and was met instantly with the cold tone of his nieces voice. “Oh come on Su don’t be so cold! Aren’t you all excited to see me! The party has arrived!”

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