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Just seeing King smile was all Sora wanted. Well, she wanted more than that; for him to be nice to people, let others know this side of him, but those were all things to work towards. Seeing him smile would always be enough though. She could tell he was trying to make things work with her, hell, things actually felt like they were getting better. Truth be told Sora felt like scum still, she didn’t think she’d ever deserve to be his girlfriend again. All she wanted to do was to spend time with him and make up for all the time they lost; they were friends before they dated, they could be friends again. So when he smiled and agreed to 'whatever she wanted' she was already planning the trip in her head, just the two of them. "You're going to regret saying that, but it's too late to take it back," Sora announced with a confident smile, practically skipping she was so excited.

As the pair exited the park she felt a tinge of disappointment at the notion of the night ending. With all the drama going on back at the house and all the clashing personalities it was so nice to just get away for a couple hours. They had to return eventually though, and Sora couldn't help but feel her smile falter ever so slightly. Well, until King pushed her to sit on the stone wall. Her perfectly plucked brow arched curiously but before she could even ask what he was doing he was off jogging. With a small giggle she hopped up on the stone wall to wait for him.

What could he have been up to? Did he need snacks? Drinks? Wasn't that why they had delivery? The petite woman sat on the wall with her feet gently swinging as she wondered what he was up to. Never in a million years would she have guessed that he was going for a gift, so when he came back and pulled out the little bear with the coffee can she felt her heart skip a beat. Her face turned a deep, crimson red as she gently took the small bear, her light brown eyes looking down at the little guy. "I love him." He seriously went to get her a gift... that was just like him. Whether he thought so or not, King was the sweetest soul deep down.

"Seriously, he's amazing. A perfect way to remember the perfect day. Thank you, Ji." Sora couldn't help what she did next; she climbed on top of the small rock wall so she stood at the same height as him and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek. She was trying to give the both space but, what else was she supposed to do when he gave her such a thoughtful gift? With that said and done she jumped back down on the street, the free hand that wasn't hugging the bear gently lacing her fingers together with his. "C'mon, let's go home. People keep staring."

This was a new side to Somin that Zane hadn't seen. Granted they were never close before this, they were merely around each other because of King. The last few weeks he had gotten to know her more past just the cold, 'drop dead' energy she naturally emitted. She was hardworking, witty, passionate, and enjoyed some good food with (obviously) the best company. The way she spoke about her family as he consumed the large amount of food he ordered he couldn't help but to smile to himself. Even if her little brothers drove her insane he could clearly see how much she loved them, her face was completely lit up. It... warmed his heart, it made him more relaxed than he had ever felt before.

He was pretty sure that was the very moment he fell head over heels for her. The way she spoke with that little twinkle of love in her eye mad him completely zoned in on her, he hadn't even noticed the strange looks they had been getting. They were well deserved stares, half of Zane's outfit was fishnets, but he hadn't even thought twice about it. Those people were lucky to look at two good looking idols all dressed up.

Whatever the reason she agreed to joining him in the arcade he was thankful. And, for a second, it looked like Somin was having fun. She was even going along with his ridiculous coin slot friendship bracelets! He fully took advantage of her holding out her wrist before she could change his mind, Zane quickly fumbled as he tied the bracelet tight enough that she couldn't slip it off, but loose enough to where she could still move it along her arm. The whole time he was tying it he had the goofiest smile on plastered on his face.

The smile faltered slightly as she suggest him coming to the house. It wasn't that he was offended at all, it was more that he was shocked. She wanted him to meet such important people? Of course Zane wanted nothing more than to meet her family, he had dreamed of a family like that growing up, but it took him by surprise. It was out of the blue! "I- Uh, I'd love to meet them. Seriously." At this point he was pretty sure he was dreaming, she literally said that he wasn't the worst! Part of him was too afraid to pinch himself, this was definitely the best day of his life.

"Don't get mad at me," was all that he could say before his strong, muscular arms engulfed her small form into a tight hug. His strong chin rested gently on the top of her head as he held her there in the hug for a moment, letting out a content sigh. "Whenever you want to go let me know, I know you're terribly busy with school and your budding social life." That last part was to poke fun at her, but hey he was allowed because he also didn't have many friends. Just crazy ass fans.

"I'll have to bring everyone a gift, you'll help me pick them out. Right?" Zane released her from his grasp and held out his wrist. It went without saying, but Zane was obviously going to buy everyone the most ridiculous, cool, expensive gifts he could think of. "C'mon, tie this thing on me to seal the deal. No backing out now." A toothy grin was on his face, he was beaming at the thought of meeting everyone... and the food.

As much as Tae proclaimed that his mother had a love affair when he was conceived, deep down he knew he was his fathers child. While Hoya was far more... scary than Tae was, he certainly had an unpleasant attitude towards things he didn't like. Often times it was Tae running his mouth off to someone who crossed boundaries with the girls, but he certianly had his own temper. He also loved like his father. Tae wasn't the best at being vocal about how he felt, he knew that was one of his biggest weaknesses. The way he showed love was in gestures, presents, just being there for someone. That someone had and always will be Suua. Even as toddlers they had a ridiculously adorable plan to get married when they were older.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he'd want to fulfil some silly childhood plan, one of which he was sure she must've forgotten by now. Tae never really found the right time to say anything; during high school her mother had a no dating rule and he had the upmost respect for her family, he got to be by her side and that was enough. By the end of the school he had thought that those feelings would subside, that he'd realize they were better just friends. They never subsided though, they just got stronger. Despite the distance he had put between them, despite forcing himself to hang out with another girl, his mind always went back to her. Tae just wanted to be transparent about things, he was just so bad at his words.

Hence why he moved to kiss her, a kiss Eun tragically interrupted. Instantly he felt his face heat with a mix of emotions; rage, disappointment, there were far more angry emotions he felt, but there wasn't enough time for that. Suua was shrinking away from him and crushing all the confidence that it took to move to kiss her.

"Eun," the frenzied woman approached them and all Tae could do was speak with a cold tone. Eun froze as soon as she heard the chilling tone to his voice. "You seriously need to learn to take a hint. I'm not interested in you. I never have been, and I can't keep doing this to make you happy. Go home." It wasn't the worst thing he could've said. "You'll never be nothing more than her lapdog for the rest of your life Tae." Instead of responding he simply took Suua's hand in his and escorted her out and to the limo.

He wasn't entirely heartless, he called her a cab.


The car ride was a tad silent. Tae was freaking the fuck out internally; Eun's dad was the biggest name in Korean films. If Tae was blacklisted by him then his future was done, over with. He'd be lucky if he got to choreograph B rated zombie films. His parents had connections, their family had tons of connections but Tae would die before he took a handout. This was all he wanted in life and he knew he seriously just fucked himself up.

It was too late to change it, not that he would. There was also a huge pressure off of his shoulders dealing with Eun. Now he just had to make up with Suua. Speaking of, how long had he been lost in thought? The limo turned down the street their house was on and he quietly cleared his throat. "I...I'm sorry the night was ruined. I hope you still had a nice time though. And, uh, don't worry about what Eun said. She gets like that sometimes." The last thing he wanted to talk about was how that was Eun's nickname for him, least of all wanting to go into context on why she called him that.

"I had fun, I hope we can get out again sometime. Soon, maybe? Movie tryouts are soon and with all the shit going on with Jungs dad I have no clue what these next few weeks have in store for us." Tae reached over and gently smoothed out some of her hair with his gloved hand, his smile back to being his warm and gentle one, a smile reserved specifically for Suua.

The fact that she didn’t punch him was a miracle alone, then for her to actually kiss him back? It was enough for Jung to believe that he truly was dreaming. When they did pull away from another his eyes opened to reveal she didn’t move back far, Lee’s eyes were tracing around the features of his face and he sat there watching here. A small grin was plastered on his face and when she did finally start talking again it took a long moment for his thoughts to catch up with the situation. “Woah now, this is when you choose to be a party pooper? Little miss rebel?” Jung’s words had a joking tone and despite him hovering for a moment he did eventually let go and move back from where he had been standing along the edge of the pool.

Jung climbed up out of the pool, pulling his body up over the edge and laying on the ground for a moment before standing up a sopping wet mess. He rang out his shirt a bit and shook out his hair like a dog, nearly falling back into the pool in the process due to his unsure footing. “Okay okay maybe you’re right. Maybe it is bedtime.” At this point Jung was slurring his words, he reached out and clumsily took Lees hand with a bright grin before making his way back into the house.

What was probably one of the worst nights of his life had somehow turned positive and he really didn’t want it to end but… everything was starting to hit him like a sack of bricks. Once inside it didn’t take long for him to nearly be sleeping standing up, if it wasn’t for Lee he wouldn’t have been sleeping on the kitchen floor in wet clothes. Thankfully instead the woman helped him to his room and pulled out some sweats for him to sleep in before leaving to her own bedroom.


It had been a few days since the scandal broke out. The school had been struggling with how to handle it all and it seemed the only real way forward was to just do what they could and learn as they go. The investigation was still underway but it seemed this was bigger than just his dad. There were other members of staff that were placed on leave and other students that were on some form of suspension until it could be cleared up. Jung however was apparently in it for the long haul and somehow had been named Minhos assistant of all things… it gave him a reason to stay in the house. But it also gave Minho a reason to be even more obnoxious.

“A film?” Jung said with a raised brow as he looked at the scripts thrown down on the table. He knew they needed to be well rounded but it seemed like a strange time in the year to do this sort of thing. Normally film and print projects happened during the slower season. Though he could only imagine this was all because of the current issues surrounding the university. “They’re trying out today? What lovely notice.”

Jung reached forward and took one of the scripts, flipping through it quickly and taking note that it was fairly short. It seemed to be some small short film, he didn’t really take the time to figure out the story. Not like he was going to be doing anything but fetching coffee.

Ever since the night he got overly drunk with Lee, Jung had gotten more and more jaded. He couldn’t remember shit from that night besides getting shit news after more shit news. Then he was given this assignment with Minho and it just ruined any bit of morale he had left. Jung glanced over at Lee and gave her a small but sad smile, this was probably the sort of thing the two of them would joke and poke fun at if he wasn’t in the situation he was currently

Lapdog. It was a word that just kept repeating over and over in Suuas head as they rode mostly silently towards their home. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence necessarily but just slightly awkward. Tae was so much more than a push over to Suua, she was hurt that anyone would even imply that! But then she began to worry over why, was she treating him that way? That was never what she meant! She held him in the highest regard and just always wanted to be around him, if anything she always thought herself the annoying little urchin stuck to his side! Seeing the look on his face when Eun said that, there had been a slight hint of acceptance and Suua hated it. HATED it.

“What? No it wasn’t ruined! Not at all.” Suua exclaimed, her eyes wide with worry as Tae spoke. “Tae- today was amazing. Nothing could have ruined it. Least of all her.” It was rare that Suua was mean but seeing the way he felt after Euns comment and now knowing more about the situation between them she couldn’t help it. “Screw her.” It was a sudden statement that even took Suua off guard, like it came from her lips without her brain really registering it was about to happen. “She’s a bratty mean little brat.”

Tae moved in much like he had at the park and Suua felt her face heat again. Was she alone in this? Or was something blooming here… she knew that moving in on something when it wasn’t Taes intention could ruin their friendship but at this point it felt like she was going to burn alive right here and now if she ignored it any longer. “Tae-“ Suua paused to move closer to him in the seat as the limo pulled to a stop in front of their house. “Was today a date?” Her face must have been bright red, her voice quivered slightly and at this point it was hard for her to keep any form of eye contact.

“I would have liked it if it was. That and - I mean I- it’s not like I’ve ever been on one but…” Suua’s hand moved to rest on Tae’s knee. She steeled her nerves and looked from his lips back to his eyes. “If it was don’t you normally kiss the girl when you take her home?” At this point she felt like her heart was going to leap out of her chest and run away, there was no going back now.


It had been a few days since all the drama. Today was the day they got the scripts for the small film project that had been floating around in rumors. Suua knew more about it because of Tae hearing through Eun but they didn’t know much about the project in general besides its existence.

They had all gathered in the living room with Minho arriving to hand out the scripts. Suua had taken one from the couch and began slowly looking over the first few pages. It seemed like your typical small indie film. It was about a group of young adults finding their place in the world. Nothing too profound but the writing seemed fair enough.

Across from her on the other couch Jung was speaking up and seeming particularly grumpy today. Which wasn’t anything new since everything with his dad but still…

Suua looked up from her script and gave Tae a small smile where he sat at her side, nudging him slightly and trying her best to be reassuring. This project would likely have Eun involved somehow and ever since the amusement park she knew Tae was worried about interacting with her. But it would be okay! Suua refused to let her ruin anything every again! She wasn’t the most strong willed person but dammit she was going to start trying.

Honestly Somin wasn’t one hundred percent sure what had come over her and caused her to invite Zane to her house. She hadn’t invited a single peer to her home since she was in middle school, it was actually the thing that kind of scared her but… Zane agreeing to go actually filled her with a warmth that shocked her. Sure she was kind of scared, the worry of judgement would always be there, but with him it was nothing more than a tiny whisper. “What why would I be mad?” She hummed, not fully paying attention until suddenly she was pulled into the strongest hug of her life and his head rested on hers. At first Somin let out a giggle, one that she couldn’t help that caused her face to go red. After a moment of trying to regain her composure she slapped him on the back lightly a few times, “Okay okay that’s enough!” She was very much in the realm of no touchy. Although she did have to admit… it was kind of nice.

“You don’t have to bring anyone anything, my brothers will just be in awe looking at a giant. And my mom and dad are practical people… but yeah if you insist I’ll help.” Somin gave him a small grin as she took the ties of the bracelet and began to knot them around his wrist. For a moment she lingered as she finished, eyes glued on the stupid little trinket and her fingers slowly falling away from the skin on his wrist. Zane was beaming about it, it was clear he was excited and happy about the tiny thing. Somin was too, this was something she had never had before. However unlike Zane she was much more able to keep a cool face.


“Shouldn’t we be more focused on trying out again because Jung’s father decided to be a creep?” Somin stated it matter of factory from where she sat on the couch, tucked into the corner with her closed script on the arm. “I mean really, this script is juvenile at best and was written by Tae’s crazy ass ex. It’s not like this is going to be an amazing experience for any of us.”

It had been a few days and Somin was back to the usual stone cold bitch act, though she was sometimes a little softer she supposed. She felt for Jung, it was stupid the whole process this was all going through. Honestly it was clear the kid was here on merit and she felt anyone worth a damn to the school should be fairly obvious as well. But no, they were all having to re audition to prove it. Everyone in this room should be fucking exempt due to their standing and rank but apparently that didn’t fly. So instead, here they were passing time with shit projects until the new board was elected and in place for this audition process.

“Whatever, you said we’re heading there in an hour? Even if we’re missing a member of our lovely little family?” Somin rolled her eyes and moved to get up as the front door opened and shut to reveal King. “Oh just the asshole I was talking about! He really is like fucking Beetlejuice. If you say bitch three times he magically appears!”

Just because everyone else slowed down from the drama surrounding the school didn’t mean King could. For the moment classes were paused due to some teachers being under investigation as well but King has jobs and projects outside of Haenghada as well. His publicist was up his ass about keeping up appearances amidst all of this, about how bad it could look that he was in close quarters so the son of the man who lit the fuse on all of this. So while normally during school months he would calm down a little with shit, suddenly he was busier than ever. Magazine shoots, interviews, fan signings. Even this morning, despite telling his handlers that there was something going on with school, he was expected to go to some perfume release that he had been in a commercial for. Stupid.

To make his day worse, the moment he got back to the house Somin was the first voice he heard. “Could you lay off the vapid bitch act? It’s getting so old and it’s going to give your already haggard face wrinkles you brat.” King waved the script in the air after pulling it out of his bag. “Already read it, Minho said be back by noon. It’s eleven. Sounds like I have time for a quick meal before we leave. Or do you have an issue with that as well?”

Directing a move that she had written with her boyfriend was supposed to be amazing. You know what wasn't amazing? Being dumped and still having to do this movie. She was sure that if she wanted to back out she could, but, no. It was time for a little revenge. The script wasn't anything amazing; Eun had gotten turned down three times from Haenghada simply because she didn't have the talent to make it, so her dad got her jobs and a future in directing. Obviously this spelled trouble for the others.

Everyone did their auditions, and while she knew some would be better suited for other roles, she already had decided who would play who. It was a movie about a brilliant and successful, beautiful lawyer meeting the man of her dreams. He himself wasn't quite as successful, he was just starting out in their firm, but she got tasked with showing him the ropes of their world. It was an office romance, the others would be their coworkers. It was a terribly cheesy, romantic comedy that would never make it to an indie festival let alone the big screen.

Now it was time to deliver the good news to everyone! "Sora, you're the only one that could portray someone as beautiful as our heroine. The right makeup and the right lighting, some new clothes and you'll truly look the part. Zane, honey, let's be real. You're the only one charismatic enough to be a suitable partner for our lady. Your kissing scene will be so touching, I can't wait to see the chemistry." Clearly this story meant a lot to Eun, probably because she wrote it about her. She was the lawyer, and Tae was supposed to be her knight in shining armor.

Now she would torture him instead of giving him the lead role. Him and his little girl. "Lee you're going to be the cranky receptionist, Soomin you'll be the stern office director. King you'll be our heroine dear assistant in the office. You'll love her, but, alas, you'll never be good enough for her. And Tae honey, you'll be the loser janitor. Fitting." She paused for a minute then looked to Suua. "It seems I've run out of roles for you, you'll be doing makeup and hair. You can Jung fetch coffee, too."

With a big smirk on her face she turned on her heels, walking out of the room and not interested in anything they had to say. They could figure the rest out amongst themselves.

The most toxic trait out of all the ones Sora's father possessed was his obsession with the public image. Sora always had to be perfect. Not a hair out of place, not a smudge to her makeup, she had to be always composed and proper. It was her 'duty' as his daughter to be perfect. Being in a school during such a big scandal, even more so sharing a house with the scandals son? Not so good on the family image. She was given the ultimatum of either making sure that everything in the house goes smoothly or him pulling her out of the school. Needless to say the pressure was on.

So the week hadn't went over quite well with her. It wasn't like she could control anyone's actions, she could give helpful advice sure, but one wrong thing and she could be torn away from the only place she really wanted to be. She wasn't stressed about the upcoming try outs, she was stressing out about this damn movie. Sora wasn't an actor! All she could do was hope and pray that things went over smoothly, for everyone.

Everything in the house seemed to be as normal as they could be, and for that she was thankful. "Now now, let's play nice kids." Sora was busy looking at the mirror straightening out her bangs for the millionth time. At this point she didn't even have to look from the mirror to know who was squabbling. Luckily the auditorium wasn't more than a ten minute walk, they had plenty of time to finish up with reading their scripts, or in Ji's case eating.


"I- What just happened?" Eun had boldly, and rudely, announced everyone's roles before storming off. Sora's head was spinning just trying to process everything she had said! Sora was the lead, that was good. Right? Why was she so mean to everyone? And what was this about a kiss? That had to be a joke! The thought was... unnerving. The only person she had ever kissed was Ji; she didn't want to be kissing anyone else let alone his friend, even for a movie. Unfortunately she truly had no option but to play along with whatever Eun wanted. "I didn't even read the full script. Is there really a kissing scene? Surely that's optional."

Quickly Sora flipped through the short script, pausing several pages in when low and behold, there was an incredibly cheesy, almost cringeworthy, romantic scene. Shit. "Somin do you want to swap roles? Do you think she'd notice? Suua? Lee? Any takers?" They had a little over a week before they filmed this farce of a film, hopefully they could all get through this without killing each other. Or Eun.

A defeated sigh passed her pretty glossed lips, manicured nails pushing some of her bangs out of her face as she tried her best to keep her cool. Everyone had their own drama going on, this was the last thing their group needed. Speaking of. "Ji how's practice going to fit into your schedule? You've been awfully busy lately." She looked over at him from her seat, smiling sweetly for the first time since their bear hotpot adventure. The poor guy was always gone from the house doing something this past week, which was great for his career she supposed, but even he needed downtime at some point.
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Woo Lee

Patience is a virtue, or, at least what she was told growing up. Her parents were obnoxiously sweet and patient people, Lee was pretty sure she was adopted. A week had gone by since her and Jung's kiss and he hadn't mentioned it since. Was it not what he expected? It was completely selfish for her to be upset at him for this, she was the one currently in a relationship with someone else, but still! At this point Lee was so confused, she had been ignoring her boyfriend, hadn't hung out with the delinquents since, and here Jung was ignoring everything that happened. He had a lot on his plate right now, she supposed that Lee wasn't important enough to make the list. Which was fine, she wasn't mad about it at all. Not one bit.

The only rational decision was swallowing down the feelings that she had for him once again, though now that they were out in the open it hurt like hell to do. At this point she couldn't even look at him without feeling upset. Even seeing his small, sad smile felt like a punch in the gut. "I'll meet you guys there. Probably." With that said she stood to her feet, snatched up a script, moved past Jung and straight towards the door.

"Move." It was clear that Lee wasn't in the mood for anyone today, least of all King and Somin's catty attitudes. She waved them away from in front of the door and out she went, slamming the door behind her. Maybe a walk would clear her head.


In order to avoid the others Lee showed up fashionably late to the audition. She was struggling handling these emotions and the only people that she could talk to were Jung, who was the ONE person that knew what happened and didn't care, Suua and Tae who were busy with their own love lives, and she'd rather die than talk to her perfect fucking cousin about her problems. Her only option was to avoid everyone like she did over the summer.

Let's be real, no role that Eun assigned them would've been nice. In one fell swoop Eun managed to insult every single one of them with their roles, though she supposed 'cranky receptionist' seemed rather fitting for her. It pissed her off that Jung couldn't participate, and even more so that Suua didn't even get a role! Sora was a horrible actor, she always had been, and Suua would've been amazing as the lead. "Way to piss off the boss Tae, good looking out. Now we're all fucked."

Lee was sitting in one of the chairs in the auditorium, her feet kicked up on another chair as she flipped through the script. "So is this script some weird version of Eun's and Tae's love story? Because vomit. No Sora, I think the ultimate insult for you is to play Eun-- sorry, the heroine." Looking through the few pages it was apparent that Lee didn't have many lines, and the ones that she did have were extremely snarky. That also meant that she'd be hanging backstage a lot... with Jung. Great.
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"Please, as if any of us need to worry about try outs." Zane gave a small chuckle as he finished the script, plopping it back down on the table as he sat up. He couldn't help but grin over Somin. "Come on guys, a whole ass film written by a complete psycho is going to be the time of our lives. I'm already betting Tae gets the shit end of the casting-- if he's even casted at all." Ever the optimist, even in this horrible situation. The past week he was feeling on top of the world despite the drama surrounding them, and he could only surmise that it had to do with Somin and the bright pink friendship bracelet on his wrist.

Besides, the one thing Zane was good at in life was acting, movies were his niche!

King was finally walking in after being gone all morning and he honestly felt for the guy a little. Everyone else seemed to have a bit of downtime when it came to the scandal, but he just seemed to get busier. Zane didn't forget the sloppy seconds comment though, so he was not coming to save him from Somin. "Well now our little family is comple-- aaand there goes Lee. Great. Well, guess we couldn't ask for the whole fam to get together for once." With a small chuckle and shrug he turned his focus back onto the script.


Boy, Zane should really learn when to keep his mouth shut, because this already fucking sucked. The audition was painless enough. Eun asked him to read a few lines and, ta-da, he got the lead. Soon Eun was gone out the door after dropping a BOMB on them. He hadn't read the script, why would he? Had he known that there would be a kiss, a real kiss involved, he would've done a lot shittier of a job. Suddenly he had cold feet. The literal color drained out of his tanned face as he sank into his seat a bit.

With the amount of women that were in his fan club one would think that he was a player. All that charm was fake, it was what he needed to do to get farther in life. It was all a fucking act. Deep down inside he was just a truly awkward soul when it came to people. Somin was the first person he had ever let his guard down around; King knew he wasn't the most cheerful soul but, he had never talked about his life before. He had never had a girlfriend, never had a date. He didn't want to lose his first kiss to Sora, he was saving it for his soulmate!

Thankfully it seemed like she was on board with bailing. "Yeah, yeah, actually I'll take you up on that offer Sora. I'll switch you roles and- Ah, shit, we'd still be in the same situation, wouldn't we be? Fuck." With a small, frustrated sigh he leaned back into the chair, both of his hands running through his hair in an angsty manner. There had to be a way out of this, there had to be. If this was Tae's love story then, dammit, he should've been the lead!

Zane was here for a future in acting, he couldn't fuck this up. He'd just... have to suck it up he supposed? "Somehow the leading roles feel more of a punishment then the janitor role."

Ever since the night at the amusement park Tae had been abnormally calm, even for him. In reality he should've been stressed to the gills; his career after the fight with Eun was going to go to shit, Eun was blowing his phone up constantly, and him and his father had a blow out argument over his future. The one constant thing in his life was Suua, that was the one thing that was keeping him grounded. Everything else was just background noise.

It took a lot for Tae to make a move on Suua at the amusement park, and once they had gotten home he had lost the nerve. The night felt tainted after Eun, he wanted their first kiss to be perfect, amazing, on a date that was about them and them alone, not running away from some psycho. He ended the night with a sweet kiss to her hand before he called it a night.

"Har har, you guys are hilarious. I think you're missing your true calling in comedy." Everyone seemed to have something to say about the whole Eun situation and, to be honest, it just rolled off his back. It was whatever. Right now he was sitting on the couch reading the ridiculous script next to Suua, his brow arching curiously as he finished the entirety of the pack of papers. He could see that this was some fucked up version of their love story from Eun's perspective and he'd rather not participate in any of this, but things were tense with the school as is. He needed to just suck it up-- they all did, Jung included.

Suua nudging him pulled his attention from the papers, a small smile on his face. He'd be fine, truthfully he was honestly more worried about her. Eun was... vindictive, and that was putting it nicely. One of his leather gloved hands reached down and gave her knee a reassuring squeeze. Things would be fine, he wouldn't let Eun bully her.


The audition was a farce at best. Tae could see it in Eun's eyes that she had already determined their roles before they even read their lines, he just didn't know who would play who. Eun had each of them read a few lines before dismissing them, and seeing her in a directors chair was near comical. The woman had no talent, she was purely riding on her daddy's coattails and taking advantage of the power that it gave her. It was frustrating, but, they only had to endure it this once. Tae... Tae would have to deal with being blacklisted from the acting community he was sure, but there were other options for him. Music videos, TV shows maybe... he'd figure it out. The important thing was that Suua didn't see him stressing over it. He was happy just being with her.

Zane and Sora were obviously struggling with their roles, Suua didn't even get a role, they should just be happy they'd be in the movie. Surprisingly Lee was being the voice of reason, that alone made him chuckle quietly. Tae was a germophobe that got assigned to be a janitor, there had to be some irony in that. "Lee's right kids. It's just a stupid movie, let's all play our part. None of us need to rock the boat right now. Zane I've seen your fan girls, and I can only imagine the women you've dated in the past. Don't complain about Sora."

With a small sigh he leaned back into his chair, smiling over at Suua. "I'd count yourself lucky that you don't have to act out this script. It's literally a tragedy filming something like this." Maybe if he made jokes she'd feel better about their situation.

"Oh, em, gee. I don't know how daddy does it-- working with people is exhausting!" Sat in the front row of the auditorium was the ever so loved brunette, where Eun had been parked most days for the past two weeks. Honestly the only reason she asked her dad to let her do this was because she wanted to make Tae's life hell, and to torture Suua a little; that's why she gave them the worst roles! This was a play she wanted her dad to make into a movie, one of their love story, but as soon as they broke up she had to do something to get back at him.

Revenge wasn't as sweet as she wanted. Tae was taking being a janiotr in stride, and Suua was nothing but a sweet, kind soul the whole time. Disgusting. Lee was perfectly cast for the cranky receptionist, Soomin was made for the sassy director. King had a piss attitude but was at least a cute face for the assistant. "Zane, Sora, you keep skipping over the kiss scene! That's the most important moment of the story! You two are supposed to convince the audience you're in LOVE. How are you supposed to do that if you can't even kiss each other during practice!"

Eun stood to her feet, put her hands on her hips, and gave a heavy sigh. "We're ending practice for today. It's two days before filming and I've had enough of this. Tomorrow you'll be doing the scene, or I'll report all of you for movie sabotage." With that announced, Eun gave a small huff, grabbed her bag, and stormed out of the auditorium. There. That should light a fire under their ass.

Things were going fine, or, at least as fine as he could hope. Acting was Zane's niche. Every scene came natural for him (despite the TERRIBLE writing); the office flirting with Sora, the horrible attempt at comedy and drama, the ridiculous courtroom scene where they locked eyes. Zane thought that they portrayed a convincing couple in love, or the best they could! They did everything that Eun want save for the kissing scene. They did the lines, but Zane always diverted attention away from the kiss. From running over random scenes, the lighting not being right, even 'spraining his ankle', Zane was doing whatever he could to get out of this kiss.

Only, it was clear that he couldn't avoid it anymore. Not with Eun threatening to report all of them for sabotage-- they were to keep a low head during this drama with Jung's dad, they didn't need this kind of spotlight. Plus, he'd feel like shit if the others got in trouble because of him! Zane was just... particular about who he kissed. He knew that it would happen eventually in a scene, but, he was hoping he would've already had his first kiss by now. No offense, but he didn't want it to be Sora. It wasn't even her being weird about the scene! The poor girl just wanted a good grade. It was just Zane, and he had to find a way to get over this awkwardness.

The only way he could think of, of course, was booze. Lots of it. Because that's always a great idea. So after the harsh scolding from Eun, Zane dipped. Told everyone to wait at home for him and left to gather supplies.

"Listen, listen, listen. We party all night tonight and I KNOW I'll be able to do this stupid scene tomorrow." Zane was in the kitchen lining the counter with the bottle of alcohol he had purchased, trying to convince the others that he could do this. He was uncharacteristically nervous as he pulled the bottles from the bag. He hated to admit how uncomfortable he was about something so... so stupid to most people! But for him, a first kiss was serious. And he most certainly didn't want to do it with a girl his best friend was in love with, whether the two were fighting or not.

While this movie wasn't exactly Sora's idea of a fun time, it was an assignment. Homework was homework, she couldn't quite comprehend why there was so much... tension over a silly little movie? Acting wasn't her forte in the slightest. Sora couldn't lie, she never could, and she was horrible at playing characters, but... she was taking it in stride! That was more than Zane could say. Maybe he just didn't want to act with Sora? This wasn't her first option either, but here they were!

It was all so frustrating. She spent every minute she could practicing her lines, working on her song for the reaudition coming up, and trying to talk to Ji whenever she got the chance to, but even he was being weird! As always Sora was horrible at social cues, she couldn't for the life of her figure out what was wrong with everyone. Not to mention the angry texts she had been getting! Stay away from King. We know where you live. She couldn't for the life of her understand what was happening, she was just trying to stay out of trouble.

"Be honest with me, am I bad acting partner?" Sora flashed a small, sad smile at King as she moved into the living room. She handed him a solo cup filled with some fruity wine before she took a seat next to him, her hand running through her hair in frustration. All the tension, be it Tae and Eun, Sora and Zane, Zane and King-- it was all way too much for her to handle right now. Somin, Lee, even Suua had something eating them up! No one would answer her question though, and she hated to pry into people's lives. At this point she was convinced she was the problem here.

"Anyways, how's work been going? You've been so busy lately, we haven't really had time to catch up." On the table her phone buzzed for the hundredth time today, a small sigh passing her lips again. Sora had no intentions on telling Ji about the threats; they were just that, threats. She had a few girls get mad at her when they were dating, this was nothing new to her.
Woo Lee

The script was essentially garbage wrapped in a pretty bow. It didn't make sense. Zane's character was disgustingly arrogant, cocky, and Sora's character was vapid, egotistical pretty girl who got everything handed to her... like Eun. In the long wrong though, being on set was far more tolerable than being at home was as of late.

Jung had a lot going on in his life right now. Lee was trying to be the one constant in his life that didn't cause him stress for once. Be it his dad who was currently out on bond, the rumors about him, his dad, Jung's suspension. But the girl could only be patient for so long! It had been weeks and not even a word about it! Was Lee bad at kissing or something? Did he completely regret kissing her? He was drunk, but the thought of him regretting it was like a punch to the gut.

Now there were rumors about Lee surfacing up! Her dad was staff so, of course, he bribed Lee's way in. She couldn't wait to get this damned movie over so she could get this audition over. For the last few days Lee had completely avoided the house; she'd stay out late in the studio to practice for auditions, wander around town. Anything to avoid being at home.

A small sigh passed the small blonde's lips as she walked into the house, having gone on a long walk to calm herself down a little so she didn't completely blow up on Zane. The last thing any of them needed right now was Eun throwing them all under the bus for sabotage. Lee didn't understand the issue Zane was having but, she'd be damned if she let him get Jung in trouble even more.

"Do you seriously need liquid courage for a scene? Aren't you here for acting?" Whoops, was that mean? At this point she didn't care. He had to get over it or they were all going to suffer for it! Some more than others. "Get it together." She plucked a wine cooler from the counter before stepping outside to crash into a chair by the pool.

There were a lot worse movies they could be doing with far worse directors. Well, that’s what Tae kept telling himself. Every day it progressively got worse with Eun. Jung not bringing her the right coffees, Suua’s makeup was always wrong on someone, she knit-picked every fine detail on this script to make their lives worse. Tae couldn’t even breath right in a scene before Eun demanded they do it again.

Still, Tae took everything in stride. What could he say? Already she was going to make his career worse, but if he disobeyed a director his last year in school? Tae had two dreams in life: dancing, and Suua. He couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else but dancing, it was in his blood! Still, he tried to cheer Suua on through this. Tae always thought Suua’s makeup and hair on the cast was great and he tried to reassure her, but Tae could see that something was bothering her. They just had to survive this, that’s what he kept telling himself.

Zane avoiding that specific scene was making it that much worse on everyone. Most everyone was giving this lackluster film their all, and it was going to be all for naught if this guy couldn’t even kiss a girl. It wasn’t like he had to date her or anything, actors kissed each other all the time! Tae was genuinely confused about the whole thing but, this guy wasn’t going to ruin his future.

“You tell yourself whatever you need to in order to do this scene, Zane. I’m serious. Don’t ruin our future because you’re getting in your own head.” Tae stepped into the kitchen with an eye roll, easily reaching past the man to grab a couple of random bottles. Beer, wine coolers, and a spritzer.

With the loot in hand he retreated back out of the kitchen and sat at the table with a heavy sigh. “At least it’ll be over in a few days. The reauditions are soon so we can just focus on that next. Need a drink?” Tae sat the drinks down on the table, waiting for her to pick one before twisting open a cooler. “I’m really sorry Eun’s been such a monster, you don’t deserve this.” There hadn’t been much down time lately for them to discuss things further. Honestly he had been using all of his energy to keep his cool and not bite off Eun’s head.

“So, I’m thinking a trip is in order soon. We’ll have a break coming up so, think of something you want to do. We could go to the beach? I haven’t been there in years, I think the last time was with you.” Lee had been there too but, per usual Lee wandered off on her own for most of the trip. She came back holding a crab and trying to take it home as a pet.

“Oh, what are you planning on doing for auditions? Need help with your dance at all?” Business as usual with Tae, hardly anything bothered him.

This was so far removed from Somin's cup of tea but thankfully most of her part was just being a bitch to everyone, so it wasn't really a lot of acting involved. Plus Somin was one of the few that wasn't on Eun's shit list so she just sat back and snacked whenever she wasn't in a scene. Honestly the worst part of all this was watching Zane and Sora do everything in their power to avoid this stupid kiss scene. It was a topic that was clearly the elephant in the room amongst their whole group. It made all of Somin's prickles stand on end when it was brought up... it wasn't jealousy or anything stupid like that! It was definitely just the fact that she felt bad for the two of them. "Eun don't be a hag." Oops, it just came so naturally, so much for Somin not being on the shit list.

The past couple of weeks of filming Somin had gotten a lot closer with Zane, the talked during downtime and went out for more meals together. Their stupid friendship bracelets maybe actually meant something. It had been a long time since Somin could say someone was honestly her friend and she could tell how uncomfortable he was with this. Somin didn't understand it... Zane had plenty of girlfriends and fans, at least to everyone's knowledge. Plus wasn't acting sort of his thing? Kisses were just part of that! Despite knowing this, Somin chose to just let it go and be on his side.

They were all back at the house now, a bit beaten and dejected from another horrible day of a horrible script. "Right adding alcohol to this will probably be a great idea." Somin spoke as she re entered the room, the first thing she had done when they got home was go upstairs and change into more comfortable clothes after taking a quick shower. Now she had her wet hair in a braid and a basic set of black sweats with a red cropped t shirt. Lee said some off the handle shit and Somin stammered for a moment before spitting out, loud enough for the woman to hear it as she exited to the back yard. "Did she not get the memo that being the giant BITCH is my role." She moved forward and leaned against the counter, grabbing a wine cooler and opening the bottle on the edge of the counter before glancing over at Zane.

"It's going to be really fine tomorrow, just quick one two and its over right? Then just do it real for the filming and you'll never have to do it again." For some reason the thought of Sora and Zane kissing gave her a little pang in her chest, but it was just something they had to do and get over. "I mean look at Sora, she's cute!" Somin was acting a bit out of character but gods she just wanted him to get out of this damn funk.

Suua had been putting her all into remaining cheery and in high spirits, first off it was just her personality but at the same time she felt like everyone else could use the extra pep! With things the way they were at school and now this terrible filming project that was a clear ploy to torture them... they just had to try and stay above it all. So while Suua didn't get to act, she got to hone her makeup and hair skills! She learned a lot about what looked good and different people and actuallt enjoyed doing it. At least when Eun wasn't present and throwing tantrums about every little thing.

"Guys!" Suua exclaimed from where she sat, everyone was harping on poor Zane for not wanting to do the kiss scene. But everyone around her was also dense. Yes it was just a scene but, Sora was involved with his best friend! It wasn't some stranger ! Things got messy and weird and Suua understood. She would still be pushing him to do it because they weren't throwing away everything they worked for because these boys were emotionally stupid but she would be doing it GENTLY. Tae came over to her with a few options of drinks and she gave him a soft smile from where she sat, her hand reaching out to take a seltzer. Suua cracked it open with her pink acrylic nails before taking a slow long drink followed by a small sigh.

"Oh, she hasn't been that bad." Suua tried her best to sound sincere but it was hard after a long day of faking it. Her blue eyes looked over Tae a few times, the two of them were the reason everyone else was being put through this hell. She felt guilty. Eun may have been a giant jerk but.... she was just a girl in love. Suua understood that, she knew how badly she was hurt seeing Tae with Eun, how much she pushed down feelings and tried her best to put on a smile. She couldn't imagine how Eun felt when she saw Tae and Suua at the amusement park. Even if their relationship wasn't real, it was clear that Tae was the object of the womans affections. They should have never kissed... not before Tae was able to talk to Eun and cut things off correctly. "She's just hurt." She took another long drink at that point, shrugging her shoulders a bit as she slumped onto the table. That was the worst part of all of this, Suua could handle the hair and the rudeness. What she didn't like was feeling like a horrid mean girl.

The movie was ridiculous, being with these people all the time was ridiculous. This was all just getting old now, between his agents keeping him busy simply for the sake of keeping him busy and still doing his best to maintain a friendship with the people he lived with… if you could even call it that… he was dead fucking tired. Part of him wondered why he even kept up with his schooling, he was busy and booking shit ever since his second year of college classes. He wasn’t someone who needed the help of a contract with a big company… he was already receiving offers. But the way things worked would have made him look cocky and arrogant if he dropped now. This type of training for idols wasn’t always the norm, but after a lot of trauma coming to light over the years it became more and more expected that the people in this lifestyle were prepared for it. Plus part of King liked being here, it was kind of an escape from shit. Although recently it seemed more like hell.

Then to add on top of it there was the whole thing with the kiss scene between Sora and Zane. It was driving him fucking mad. He was already annoyed by it to begin with but King worked in this industry, he understood what it meant and a movie kiss was a movie kiss. However when Zane started acting so weird about it, Kings head started spinning. The only reason to get nervous about kissing a girl is if you like her right? That seemed to be the only thing that King could think. So now Zane had some hidden torch lit for Sora? Him following around Kings ex like a lost puppy was one thing but if he wanted to try anything with Sora the man would have another thing coming.

“What no. You’ve been doing great, he’s the issue.” King growled the last bit as he took the drink from Sora. He was seated on the couch with his back against the arm and his feet lazily up on the coffee table. “He’s just a moron.” Honestly King wanted to go in there and blow up on Zane but he was really trying not to, at least not in front of all the girls. He was pissed that the guy was making this an issue in general but now that he was also making Sora feel bad about it? Oh boy did that piss him off something fierce.

In the other room King could hear a few of the others scolding Zane and he smirked to himself. “Serves him right.” He took a drink of the fruity beverage after cheering his cup against hers. “Seriously Sora just keep doing your best. That’s all you can do right?”

After being along for so long Sora was thankful just to be back with everyone. She didn't mind the crummy script! The best thing of everything was, Ji and her were on good terms. Sora still harbored so much guilt for leaving, for being an idiot and believing his dad. Even if they never got back together, well, at least she could be there to support him. Everyone in his life always misunderstood him. He was talented of course but everyone assumed him to be an asshole when that wasn't even remotely the case. Besides being a little prickly on the outside he was the most caring, thoughtful person she had ever met.

"You're right, like always." A small sigh of relief passed her lips and she scooted next to him, a sweet smile formed on her pretty glossed lips. Just having him on her side meant the world to her. She took a small drink of the wine before she leaned her head against Ji's shoulder. This was something she would always do to help her feel a little better. They've gotten better, right? Hopefully he wouldn't be too mad at her. After a well needed moment of resting her batteries seemed to be recharged. "Oh! I've got an idea." Without missing a beat Sora was off to do, well, whatever it is Sora's do best.

Which was apparently trying to make everyone bond. Everyone was just so... so... awkward! Ji and her were finally on speaking terms, but everyone else seemed worse for wear. Truthfully alcohol never really made anything better, she rarely drank, so instead of getting drunk she focused on getting everything together. Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers; everything a group needed to properly bond around a fire. The next step was starting a fire in the back... which meant that asked Ji to help her. He seemed to understand that Sora plus lighter would equal house on fire.

"So! Remember how you said you'd come on a trip with me? I was thinking after this movie and when we get a little bit of free time we could go. I can work around your schedule, of course. Even just a day trip." Was she rambling? In truth she was nervous to ask him to come with her. They had been on dozens of trips together, but, this felt different. Sora couldn't lose him again, she just couldn't. It would devastate her. The only family she had was her dad who pressured her more than encouraged her, her cousin hated her. Ji and her really had no one... she wanted to be the one person he could rely on again.

"Or you could go on your own, or with another friend. I just think you deserve a nice day to relax and have fun." Quickly she tucked a loose raven strand of hair behind her ear, her cheeks lit up a bright red as she nervously avoided eye contact. The snacks were all ready, the chairs had blankets, and the fire was burning. What more could they ask for?
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As Tae quietly sipped on his cooler his green eyes peered over curiously at Suua. Was she feeling guilty about everything? Logically she shouldn't, Eun was a psycho and this script would've been a mess no matter what role anyone played. Sure their amusement park scene really didn't help anything but, Tae didn't feel a bit of shame. He supposed that was one of the reasons he loved Suua so; she was compassionate beyond belief, positive to a fault. Hs mother always encouraged him to take a lesson from her. "Hmm, I feel like she's just a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, but we'll agree to disagree there."

The composed man straightened from his leaned back position, a small sigh passing his lips quietly. "I realize that what happened wasn't ideal, and I'm sorry you're having to go through this. We just have a few days left, okay?" A warm smile appeared on his lips as his leather gloved hands reached forward to give hers a reassuring squeeze, his thumb gently caressing her afterwards. "I haven't seen you on TikTok in a few days. Have you seen that new dance that's been floating around? I want to try it out with you." There, that would be a good way to unwind.

For the next hour or so Tae and Suua watched, practiced, and even went live for a little bit to show them preforming the dance. It was a silly dance, really. A one two twist step to the left, a spin, a few more steps and that was really it. It wasn't about the dance though. It was seeing Suua light up when they got their steps in perfect sync with one another, seeing her act so carefree on the video, like how every viewer was a good friend. Things had been so stressful around here lately he'd do any dance, any trend that would cheer her up.

Some seltzers and wine always helped relieve stress, albeit only for a short while. But that short while was what they all needed.

"You're getting awfully popular. I think you might have more followers than I do now." His arm was tossed around as they made their way from the living room to the backyard, a small smile on his lips as he playfully teased Suua. Tae had an impressive fan base already between all his gigs with his dad, mom, and his summer jobs, but he knew that Suua had a quite a bit of followers too. As she should though, she was nearly on it night and day! Lee would do an occasional video with them but it wasn't really her thing. The rest of the house surely had their fair share of her running around doing that that and whatever for it, thankfully they were good sports about it. Tae personally found her energy endearing.

"King I really hope it was you that lit the fire. Do we all not remember the time Sora set a blender on fire? Truly terrifying. Must run in the family." Lee set the kitchen on fire at one point too... the cousins were far more alike than they liked to think. "Here." Tae picked up the blanket on one of the chairs and wrapped it around Suua, gently tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. The wind had been rather chilly the last few nights, and while the fire was warm the blankets were a great touch. "Now what do we have here? Smores, right? What's next? Holding hands, kumbayah?" A small smirk spread on his face as Tae looked over at King and Sora, sitting back into his chair with a small chuckle.

Surely nothing could go wrong at a campfire. This would be a nice break from this damned movie for everyone.

Growing up Zane got rather used to being picked on, teased, even bullied. Not to say that everyone was bullying him, but, he could handle a little heckling. The think he couldn't handle? Admitting why he kiss Sora. He'd rather everyone think he was just some really particular actor! King's, Zane's, and Lee's attitudes were the farthest thing from his mind. The thing he worried most of all? What would Somin think. They had grown close over the past few weeks; King had all but shut them out for either work or Sora, and really they were getting along great!

How could he admit that he was just some lame guy who hadn't kissed a girl yet? That he was just a fraud? She was with King for a while after all, surely she liked a guy with SOME experience in life!

"Their anger is... well placed. It's no one fault of my own." The silvery haired man gave a defeated sigh as he took a long sip of his drink. Somin was coming to his defense and, yet, he was the one at fault here. He felt like trash. And then to make matters worse she was trying to sell him on Sora! It... caused his heart to ache painfully and his stomach to sink. Even if King didn't have a thing for Sora, Sora was too.... well, ditzy? Obsessed with perfection? That was King's wheelhouse, not his. No, his dream woman was sassy, fierce, passionate. Somin's image flashed into his head at that thought and his face instantly lit up. "I- Can we just enjoy the night? You're right. Just a quick k-kiss and It'll all be over." Even as he attempted to reassure her Zane seemed to fumble over his words.

He had to do this one way or another. Just... close his eyes and pray.

The only obvious solution for now was to sulk and drown his sorrows in his alcohol. One turned to ten somehow and before he knew it they were migrating from the kitchen to the backyard for a fire. At this point all of his senses were dulled, his brain was mush and he absolutely no filter. He had been babbling on to Somin about the most off the wall shit; honey badgers and why they were named that, why sushi was the greatest food in all of existence, and their dream vacations. Literally anything to keep her talking-- he liked the sound of her voice.

"Eeeh? Marshmallows? Can't I just eat the bag, do I have to roast them?" Zane heaved a dramatic sigh before slipping off his oversized black jacket. It smelled of his expensive, subtle cologne that was sprayed on the collar. "Here, it's cold." Despite Zane being drunk he did notice how chilly it was, even for the end of summer. Gently he draped the large jacket around Somin's shoulder, a heat rising to his cheeks as he looked her over. She looked cute in his clothes. "Cute..." He mumbled slightly under his breath, quickly shaking out his hair. "Mm- nothing! I'm starved. C'mon, sit sit sit before I die of starvation."

Zane quickly took his seat, grabbed one of the bags of marshmallows, and popped one in his mouth. His cheeks were heated and he refused to make eye contact with anyone-- mainly Sora, King, and Somin.

Temper tantrum was one way to put it she supposed, the explanation fit but still, Suua couldn’t help but feel a little bad about her part in it all. Though her guilt didn’t stop her from blushing a bit when Tae squeezed her hand and brought up the amusement park. They hadn’t really talked about it since it happened, Suua thought he was trying to forget it but maybe not. “Oh! That would be awesome!”

Suua had a large presence on social media, Instagram, WeVerse and TikTok. Though the third was definitely her most popular platform. One of her advisors had turned her on to it, telling her it was a good way to quickly build a fan base due to her bubbly personality. She was right! And honestly it was a lot of fun, the comments sometimes made her uncomfortable or embarrassed but thankfully it seemed like a lot of support more than anything! Tae and Suua practiced and played around on the silly little app for about an hour. Sipping on wine coolers all the while. It was fun, Suua didn’t realize how badly she needed something like this and she was so happy Tae suggested it and went along with her annoying little video.

“Hmm?” Suua grinned up at Tae as his arm went around her shoulder, him mentioning her growing popularity as well. “Yeah, I mean one of my advisors suggested it and it’s kind of grown from there. I eventually want to use it to do collabs with other idols, I just have a little further to go.” She smiled brightly as the two of them found their way outside to the fire pit. Tae made a jab at Sora that made Suua giggle slightly. He was right, pyro skills were unmatched in that family.

Tae then picked up a blanket and wrapped it around her, causing her face to begin warming before turning fire hot at the gloved hand that gently brushed against her skin. It was just a moment but it made Suua’s heart flip. Between that and the alcohol in her veins Suua was feeling rather conflicted, part of her wanted to hide in the blanket and eat her smores in piece, however another part of her…. Suua looked at Tae from where he sat in his chair near the fire, he was joking with the group and her heart flipped again at his chuckle. “It’s a little chilly, want to share?” She motioned to the blanket wrapped around her shoulders, not really waiting for an answer before settling herself on his lap and adjusting the blanket across the two of them before settling in. She leaned against him, her head resting on his shoulder and her arm wrapping around his waist. The woman stayed silent, using all of her confidence in that moment and now completely unable to say a single word.

Somin had gotten to know Zane well over the last few months, especially now that they weren’t able to attend classes and such. It left the once overworked woman with a lot of free time. So when he began stuttering so bad Somin couldn’t help but feel bad, she could tell he felt uncomfortable and nervous. “Zane…” she sighed a bit and leaned against the counter, giving him a over exaggerated frown. “Come on, let’s have a good night right, you don’t want my face to get stuck like this! You’d end up being the second ugliest in the house instead of the ugliest. You can’t let me beat you.” Somin leaned back and pushed her hair from her face, giving him a smirk to hopefully express that she was joking. At this point she hoped he knew her well enough.

The night quickly turned into a night of drinking and babbling on and on about anything and everything. With anyone else Somin would have bit their head off but with Zane she found herself laughing and joining in. At one point she found herself rambling for fifteen minutes straight about how badly she wanted to visit New York. Eventually the night came to the point where both of them were well over the edge of tipsy and heading outside to join the others around a fire.

Before they found a seat, Somin felt the heavy fabric of his jacket move around her shoulders. “But won’t you get cold? I can go run and grab a blanket. Or a hoodie. Here Zane-“ She made a move to hand it back to him but the word that escaped from his mouth made her stop and turn red. Cute? That was on a short list of things people didn’t call her. Hot, sure. Bitch, double sure. Cute was not a common one. It made her feel weird, even weirder that it was coming from her. It nearly completely disarmed her, causing her to just stare as the man took a seat and began eating straight from the bag of marshmallows.

“Give me that you idiot.” Somin rolled her eyes and snatched the bag, taking out two marshmallows and placing them on the end of a poker before sitting down and holding them over the fire. “Golden or burnt? I like mine burnt but can pull yours off the fire first.” She glanced over at him for a split second before turning her focus on the fire to pretend the searing heat on her face was from that and not from the cute comment.

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