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Woo Lee

Have you met Lee and Suua's mothers? Of course they had to go over the top at any given chance. While Suua looked like the angel that she was Lee played her part just perfectly. Her outfit consisted of a black bandaged cutout cage dress with a nice flow to the skirt of the dress, her favorite part was the long wavy black wig with little horns on the top of her head. Her usual blue contacts were replaced with red ones, her makeup was heavy with eyeliner and red lipstick. While the girls weren't necessarily the top dancers of the group Lee toiled over the lyrics in hopes that would make up for it. Not that the girls couldn't dance, but Lee was a perfectionist and wouldn't settle for less. But, damn. The girls did good.

Everyone actually did good surprisingly. She half expected Zane to do something on stage to embarrass himself, though with all the work him and Somin had put in this week she knew they wouldn't. Plus, Somin would've literally killed the man. Her perfect cousin seemed to only have gotten better in her absence and that slightly irritated her. Then it came down to the boys. King obviously excelled at rapping and gave Lee a run for her money, Tae's choreography was once again unrivaled, but the true star? Obviously Jung. The guy always had an amazing voice and there was no doubt to why he was here. You could barely hear his voice crack, and Lee didn't even notice him missing a step.

"I've tried telling them, they just don't listen." Already she was ready to dip out of there, the last thing they needed was to stick around and wait for some of their asshole peers to make some smug comment. She could hear the whispers and it was killing her not to beat someone with her combat boot. Her wig was already pulled off and her blonde hair was in a ponytail, the contacts were bothering her eyes so they were her normal green color. "You killed it out there. Do you really think the worlds ready for a Jung and Lee colab though?"

The mention of leaving was just what she was waiting for, unfortunately for her before they could get out of there shit was going down. There was yelling, people recording. It was the look on Jung's face that broke her heart though. Normally Lee would've been the first one to throw a water bottle but she just... froze. "Nice shot." With that said she shook off the weird feeling. Time to get Jung away from this. "Come on, let's get out of here." Gently she laced her fingers together with his before giving him a small pull towards the backstage exit. Whether they went bowling or just walked the streets she didn't want him watching this anymore.

Never in all her life had Eun been treated so poorly. The girl was obviously a catch! Daddy was one of the top producers in all of Korea, she had money, she was wildly talented despite what everyone else thought of her. Tae was lucky that she liked him! The guy fit into her lifestyle perfectly. He was hot, he came from a wickedly rich family, and he was talented. How could he treat her like this when they were so perfect for each other? The guy had practically ghosted her all week. Eun had the weekend off, she heard about the showcase, and she was in town just to see him. There was no way that he was getting away with this behavior.

The only logical thing to do was show up at the show. The whole time she sat quietly in the seats watching the performances, lying in wait until her man came out for his. His group was last, so as soon as they were done she stood up and made her way past the scary looking men that stormed in to arrest that shady ass headmaster. Not her business. "GI. TAE. Is your phone or something broken? I've been messaging you ALL week and all you have to say to me is you're busy?"

Eun was tall, thin, and gorgeous, it was a shame her personality and talent didn't match her good looks. She dressed in the finest clothes, she deserved the finer things in life. Tae could give them to her, he just wasn't doing it right. "Ew, who's this? Oh, you must be Lee." As the brunette approached Tae she noticed Suua practically doting on the man. "Wait, isn't Lee like, super scary? That means you're Suua, right?" Eun brushed passed Suua so she could wrap her arms around Tae's arm, fully aware that the man hated it whenever she touched him. "Tae baby, I cleared my whole schedule for you this weekend. I know you can't work during school so we can't see each other on set, you should totally be grateful that I'm making this time for you."

Could tonight have gone any better? It was clear how much everyone put their hearts into their songs, and no matter a missed step of a crack of a voice they all gave it their all. Suua and Lee were obviously his top pick, the girls always went above and beyond. And Suua just looked like the angel she was. He knew that there was a small club that was following her because of how 'innocent and unsexy' she was, but how could they say that? Every time she was on stage she captivated him, took his fucking breath away. The woman has a presence about her that did that constantly did that to him. While Lee's outfit was 'sexy' in definition and more devilish he couldn't peel his eyes off of Suua.

After the boy trio was over he felt sweat drops forming on his forehead and underneath the leather clothes. God, he needed to change out of these before the date. Wait--- did he say date? Fuck. No, not a date. Just friends hanging out. Why did his brain do this to himself? However as he walked backstage and was nearly tackled he quickly stopped kicking himself and instead focused on Suua with a small, crooked smile. "Are you kidding me? After watching you I'd say we were mid at best." With a quiet chuckle his strong arms wrapped around her in the hug and gave her a tight squeeze. The adrenaline was still rushing or maybe he wouldn't have hugged her like this in front of everyone, he knew they'd be subject to the usual harassment. But, damn, the two could never get a break from the group.

When she pulled away and started to wipe away the sweat he couldn't help but feel his face heat up. Was he sweating that bad? No, it wasn't that. It was that Suua was doting on him like usual. She didn't know that he loved her, she had no idea how bad this messed with his heart. "Great minds think alike, I packed an outfit too. No way I can take you to an amusement park in this getup." Oh, shit, there he went spilling the plan. At least he didn't let it out that he rented out the entire park? Just for them to have fun together, no interruptions.

Speaking of interruptions. Jung's dads arrest was unexpected, but the tip of the iceberg was a flash of a brunette dressed in all pink b-lining for him. "E-Eun?" The initial shock of her appearing was written all over his face and he instinctively stepped in front of Suua to hide her. Not that he was ashamed by any means, but Eun was a manipulative mean girl. She had found out about Suua and used their relationship to gain leverage on Tae. lapdog. The word replayed in his head and it instantly soured his mood. "Hands OFF of me, woman." As soon as her hands met his arm Tae shook her off like she was a bad bug or germ. "My phone works fine. I blocked your number, you were blowing my phone up during practice. And leave Suua out of this." Tae's words were practically a growl. "WE have plans. If you want to be a nuisance and tag along then by all means, be a third wheel." He didn't ever expect her to join though.

While all he did was complain about the early wakeup time Zane was there every day waiting for her with bells on. Well, maybe not bells and a manbun and sweats, but he was there. And dear Buddah, this woman worked him to the bone. Usually a day in the gym meant pumping weights, a light jog or something for cardio. With Somin though it was work, work, and more work. It was just CONSTANT movement and he was pretty fucking sure this woman was a robot. He was far too tired to question why she wasn't in the house much, though he was sure he knew the reason why. King was on his best behavior all week... well, the best behavior they could've asked from him, at least. And, hey! Somin lived up to her end of the bargain and let Zane join her for breakfast everyday. It... was nice. All these years Zane refused to make friends with girls just because he was so scared of fangirl retaliation. Somin was his partner now, they lived together, he couldn't avoid her. Nah, it wasn't that. He didn't want to avoid her.

Plus she dated King for so long without his fangirls attacking her and Zane's girls weren't as crazy as they were! This was totally fine. They came up with a bomb ass performance, there was no way Zane was going to do some simple lovey dovey song (barf) and thankfully Somin was on board with that. Truthfully the week was the best one he had in his life. The only thing that could've made it better was if King wasn't being such a sour sport, then they could all be having fun.

"I mean yeah they did alright, but they weren't us." Zane lazily sat in a chair next to Somin completely dead on his feet as he shot her a cocky grin. The man wore a mesh top that flaunted his muscles and a pair of tight denim pants to match her outfit and, boy, he was sweating wearing this. He couldn't imagine how uncomfortable she was was; he had done a flip midair during their act and he was just thankful the pants didn't rip, he couldn't imagine doing the dance in a corset and boots. "I think you need to sleep in more than I do, you don't know the meaning of relax, woman. I'm booking us a trip to a spa tomorrow, no ifs ands or buts about it."

Sora was taking off for King, Suua for Tae, and before he could even make a sassy joke about them all shit hit the fan. Jung's dad was fighting his arrest and making a damn fool of himself (and poor Jung), and Eun was appearing out of nowhere confronting Tae. The icing on the cake was Somin pelting a bottle at some guys head. The hit landed, the guy fell and dropped his phone, it was beautiful. "Bullseye! I think we should try our shot at beer pong next." With his usual nonchalant chuckle he gave a small nod. "On that note kids I think we leave. I on the other hand am starved. You want to hit up the cafe? Too late, I'm calling a car." Zane stood to his feet and gave a long stretch and yawn, pulling out his phone and texting his driver.

Suddenly a few girls approached him and Somin and it was clear they were fans, they had his face on a shirt. Which, don't get him wrong, his face on a tee was awesome and he wanted twelve, but having a group of girls wear it was a little embarrassing. Security must have been so busy with the arrest they didn't notice Eun and the girls running to the back stage. "Hey, sorry ladies we're a bit busy. Mind if I catch up with you later?" With a bright grin he turned back to Somin and offered her his hand. "C'mon, he's pulling the car around." If he had known anything about the notes Somin was receiving he'd have put an end to it immediately, but instead he was blissfully unaware and putting her in a prickly predicament.

The squeeze from Tae made Suua let out a small squeal, giggling as she looked up at him. Watching him shine made her so insanely happy, she just wanted him happy. The girl pulled back a bit more, giving him a bright smile before her eyes shot wide. “Amusement park?” He had always gone above and beyond, but this was unexpected. Suua chuckled and clapped her hands together, “Sounds like fun!” Before they could talk more the arrest caused a commotion, Suua felt awful for Jung! For a split second she thought maybe they should all get back to the house and make sure their roommate was okay but she noticed that Lee was quickly handling the situation.

That was good because it seems they were about to have a situation of their own.

Eun brushed passed Suua, knocking her slightly off her balance and causing her to stumble but regain composure quickly. Watching her cling to Tae was another blow and Suua could basically feel herself shrinking. Eun was basically everything Suua was not, tall and beautiful. The woman seemed confident and strong spoken, she seemed like a full grown adult. Suua never felt more like a floundering child than she did right now watching this interaction. The only thing that made her feel slightly better was watching Tae shove her away. Which was terrible and selfish of Suua but still… it made her a little happy. Even more happy when Tae stepped in front of her and placed himself between her and Eun. “Lee? N-no.” Suua stammered a bit and simply nodded when Eun realized and corrected herself. It didn’t seem like the woman cared about her presence either way.

“T-Tae!” Suua scolded, pulling on his sleeve and giving him a look of disapproval. “You shouldn’t talk to your girlfriend that way.” She pursed her lips slightly as she spoke under her breath. Then when he mentioned her coming with them it made her spirit break a little. Though she supposed it wasn’t fair to want him all to herself… especially if Eun did actually clear her schedule. “I-I’m going to go change. I’ll meet you guys outside by the car then?” Suua just wanted to escape for a moment to regain her composure. She slipped between the two of them and grabbed her bag before quickly beelining it to the dressing room.

Suua got changed into a pair of bell bottom jeans and a baby pink and white checkered shirt that matched the baby pink of her tennis shoes. She had wiped away her stage makeup and quickly reapplied some more basic stuff before putting her short hair in a French braid. Looking at herself in the mirror made her wish she had brought a cuter outfit when she remembered Eun being around. Oh well. Suua grabbed her purse and tossed it over her shoulder before heading outside to meet Tae and possibly Eun at the car.

Somin couldn’t even say she wasn’t normally violent but she wasn’t normally violent over shit that didn’t involve her. But seriously what kind of nasty little shit head records someone at their lowest moment like that? She expected that shit from low life paparazzi but other students? Ones that know how this shit works and how badly a clip like that could ruin Jung. Nah. No one was bringing bad juju into her house besides her housemates themselves. The men left with Jung’s father in cuffs and soon staff were quickly ushering everyone back to their dressing rooms and asking everyone to get back to their own business quickly. Good. Somin turned to Zane as he complimented her throw and gave him an honest smile, “Thanks.”

“I- okay fine but let’s go somewhere else. I want junk food.” Somin yawned and moved to grab the rest of her things from the chair, pulling her shoes back on and lazily tying back on the corset so that she didn’t look a total mess. When she turned back around she found that they had been joined by little lemmings with Zane’s face on their shirt and Somin held back a curt laugh. However she couldn’t help the face she made, a mixture of amusement and disgust. Shockingly Mr.Charming shot them all down politely and then turned to her to offer his hand. For a moment Somin remembered the stupid letter and knew she shouldn’t, not in front of these fan girls and others in general. Even without the letter she shouldn’t, it gave the wrong message. However, the idea of watching these girls faces won and Somin reached out and took it with a smile on her face.

“Cute shirts.” Somin waved to the small group before turning and heading towards the exit with her hand in Zane’s. At first she thought the warm feeling in her chest was amusement from the interaction they just had but after realizing that they were still walking and holding hands she realized it was because of Zane and that made her face flush a bit. “That shirt was god awful.” She laughed once they made it outside, heading towards the road to find the car he had called. “I mean truly, terrible photo of you. You should sue them for that, it’s nearly slander.”

The car pulled up and Somin turned to look at Zane for a long moment, finally pulling her hand out of his and messing with the hem of her dress. “We shouldn’t have done that, you’re going to piss off all your little groupies. Don’t you like- isn’t that-“ Somin didn’t know how to word the question without sounding like a dick. “Listen I know I’ve made fun and insulted your whole thing in the past, but I do get it. I get that getting famous and getting hired for different projects relies on fans and a good way to do it is clearly what you do. And you’re good at it, honestly. But like- don’t you think holding a girls hand in front of them is pretty counterintuitive? They’re going to be upset as hell.” She climbed into the car as the driver opened the door. “Not that I think you should give a shit about that stuff, you’re talented on your own and your real personality is better than that fluffy shit but I have to imagine it’s been a lot of hard work to create the image that is Zane.”

It was like everything was crumbling around him, getting arrested wasn’t a for sure admission that his father was guilty but it meant this was all a lot more serious than what was originally thought. Then the way the man acted on the way out? Worse. Not only was it embarrassing, it felt like an admission of guilt! Jung knew his father wasn’t… squeakily clean. He knew his father had some issues and had a shady business deal or two. But this was different, at least that’s what he told himself. This felt different.

Jung didn’t even say a word as Lee pulled him out of the room. By the time they stepped foot outside there were already staff members fielding questions and insults from reporters and other students. It wasn’t like Jung heard anyone anyways, it was like his brain was made of tv static. The two of them quickly made their way across campus and back to the house, Lee threatening anyone that even looked at the two of them. It didn’t take long for them to be back to their house, the door closing behind them and Jung instantly being snapped to reality by the closing of the front door.

The tv was still on when they came in, Jung moved to the living room and changed the channel quickly to the local news. There it was already, just like he thought it would be. A big red breaking news banner and his fathers face plastered on the screen. The word embezzlement and fraud were the only two that stuck out before he quickly turned it off and hurled the remote at the screen, cracking it and letting out a loud yell. In his pocket he felt his phone buzzing, dining, ringing. Constant notifications that he was sure were all bad. He pulled it from his pocket and handed it roughly to Lee. “Take this before I break that too.”

Jung crashed into the couch and rubbed his hands through his hair. This was going to ruin everything, Jung knew he deserved to be here… right? He worked so hard how could he not? Was it really just all fake from the start, did he take someone else’s opportunity? “He ruins everything. He always has. I just- he’s my dad Lee. He wasn’t fucking Mr. Comforting or anything but he was always there, he didn’t know what to do but he knew who to ask to do it. I never thought he was perfect but this is- this is almost as bad as when he paid my mom to leave. Shit maybe this is how he has the money!” He yelled again and threw his head back on the back of the couch. He was going through every fucking emotion at once and before he knew if Jung felt tears begin to sting in his eyes.

“God Lee it’s so selfish but I’m just- I worked so hard and it was all fake. Right? I mean that’s what this all means. He- he probably did all sorts of terrible shit here, this is just the start of them uncovering shit. I- fuck.”

Nothing couldn’t ever just be a normal fucking day anymore it seemed. Jung’s dad getting arrested at the damn showcase was just proof of that. At least the men waited til the end of the show, though King assumed that was more coincidental tha anything. King had watched it all happen silently, he felt for both the president and Jung but what in the hell was he supposed to do about it? Toxic parents and scandal just seemed to be part of the equation in this lifestyle. If you got away without one of the two you were a fucking rarity. Somin attacked some poor loser who was recording it all and King rolled his eyes a bit, one day that shit was going to bite her in the ass.

Finally once all the commotion was over King was able to turn his attention back to Sora. He took the water from her and downed half of it before speaking. “Thank you, though I would hope so after two years.” It wasn’t meant to be a dig at her leaving it was simply the truth. King would likely go out back and handle things like a sick dog if he was still performing the way he did back then. “You sounded great.” The compliment sounded weird and clunky but he meant it.

Sora inviting him to get food felt like a bad idea but… he couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t hungry as his stomach betrayed him and growled out loud. Plus he did want to spend time with her, maybe something simple like a meal was a good idea. She mentioned them all leaving because of the commotion and King looked around the room. “Uh-everyone is gone.” Lee and Jung were heading out the door and everyone else had already vacated the premises. “So let’s go get something to eat.”

King gestured towards the door and began walking, only glancing back slightly to make sure she was following. “You still like hot pot? Want to go to this new place near downtown. It opened last year while you were gone, they do that stupid bear soup base you always showed us online.” King could remember when it opened and he saw the ads, he thought about how much he would have liked to take her there on a date to surprise her. It felt- strange to go there now but it was the first thing that came to mind. “Or we don’t have to? If you just want to head back to the house I get it, it was a long day even before chaos just happened.”

"Junk food sounds heavenly right about now. I have just the spot in mind." As they walked hand in hand Zane was half shocked that she accepted it, half geeked, and the other half of him was nervous as hell. Was he holding her hand right? Was there a wrong way to hold hands? He was sure that if there was he was doing it. As confident and flirty he was Zane actually was incredibly naive to, well, everything. Holding hands, kissing, girlfriends, Zane was all talk. He had never had the intentions of getting a girlfriend, Zane was a personality made for the world. Plus, he never thought he'd actually find someone he'd like enough to hold their hand. And, yet, here he was. His face was beet fucking red and his heart felt like it was going to burst, but he didn't hate it. This was totally breaking bro code.

"Hey now, you're telling me you didn't actually like those shirts?" Zane faked a gasp before a small laugh as he held the door open for her with his free hand. "I think I have the perfect Christmas gift in mind for you." A nervous smile was on his face as they walked to the car. It felt like they were in their own little world for a minute and Zane was just soaking it all in. Somin was out of his league, y'know? Strong, confident in who she was and what she wanted. Zane didn't have an ounce of that. He knew he'd be a good actor, but he didn't know if he'd have a future in it if it wasn't for his parents. Hell, he was pretty sure they paid someone off just to get him into this school! Somin was extremely talented with a good head on her shoulders, she was going to take this world by storm.

When she pulled her hand away from him he couldn't help but feel a tinge of disappointment but he was quick to put on a smile and glance down at her. Why did she seem so bothered about his fangirls? His brows arched curiously and he couldn't help but let out another chuckle. "Somin, babe, if I didn't know you better I'd think that was a compliment." Quickly he climbed into the car after her and leaned back into the plush leather seat, giving a small nonchalant shrug as he did so. "Take us to Lotteria boss man." With that said he looked outside at the mob that was swarming to see the shit going down with Jung's dad. "I don't see the problem in holding hands? You dated an idol before and nothing happened to you, right? His groupies are ten times crazier than mine are. Don't sweat it. Now if I swept you off your feet and stared longingly into your eyes then they'd picket. You'd also fall madly in love with my gorgeous mug." Ever the jokester. But it was true! Though, now that he thought about it he had never seen King and Somin holding hands... or, really do anything romantic together, now that he thought about it. No cute couple things, no cute dates. None that he noticed.

"Nah. I think you're the only one that would ever like the real me. No one paid me any attention until I became, well, me. Not everyone is born a badass like you, Somin." The smile on his face was genuine as he turned to look at her. "We're partners for the year, right? They're going to have to get over it. I like hanging out with you. But if you do get scared of the girls I promise I'll protect you." He shot her a quick wink as the car pulled up to the Lotteria. "Burgers, fries, can't get any junkier than that. There's a 7-Eleven next door so we can get some desserts after. I've told you my terrible sob story of bullies, now you have to tell me something about you." He hopped out of the car and held the door open for her.

"Oh, um, thanks!" The clunky compliment completely made her day, was that pathetic? It didn't bother her the comments about the two years, it was just a fact. A sad, miserable fact. It killed her to think about what life would've been like if she stayed. They'd both be thriving, happy, having a good time. Now they were awkward at best. At least they were together? As sad as that sounded that was enough for her.

She couldn't help but giggle quietly at his loud stomach. King always worked hard despite the shit everyone was constantly giving him, she admired that most about him. With a small smile she trailed after him, doing her best to keep a little distance between them. "You remember that?" A mixture of happiness and sadness hit her like a ton of bricks. King always put on such an asshole persona yet he would always do thoughtful things like this. It had been years and he remembered her little obsession over the cute bear? "Are you kidding me? The bear turns into soup! There's no way I'm letting you out of this that easily."

As they walked through the door she couldn't help but notice a few girls with Zane's face on their shirts and that sparked an uncomfortable feeling in her chest. King had his fair share of fans, ones of which were not the nicest. At one point they had gotten her phone number and harassed her for a with endless death threats if she didn't break up with him. After a week she had to change her number, she never did explain why. While the thought uneasy Sora had already lost two years being at King's side though. No one was scaring her off this time.

The pair walked in silence for a little while since she insisted they walk instead of taking a car. Downtown was only a couple blocks away from the school, and walking was healthier! Plus, she selfishly wanted any extra time with him that she could get. It seemed like a great idea until she spaced out for a second and ran face first into someone. "Whoops, I'm sorry!" Quickly she stepped back from the man only for him to grab hold of her arm. "Whoa now there little lady, what's the rush? I was looking for someone to keep me company tonight. You're pretty cute. You got a date for the night?" Sora was only a social butterfly inside her little circle, other than that she was an awkward soul. All she could do was look like a deer in headlights as she figured out what to say to get the guy to buzz off.
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Woo Lee

It was taking everything in her not to bite the heads off of everyone, the only thing that was stopping her was Jung needing her. All she could do was hurry and get him home and ignore all the ignorant fucking comments. "All of you seriously can get fucked." The small blonde woman growled at everyone as they made their way through the crowd, even swatting a microphone out of a reporters hand as they shoved it towards Jung. Stupid fucks. Thankfully they were able to make it to their house without further incident.

Once inside she instantly moved to the windows to pull down the shades. Not that the reporters knew where they lived, but if they found out she was sure they'd be at their doorstop peeking in and that was the last thing Jung needed right now. And of course this was already breaking news! Haenghada was a school for stars, the future of entertainment, a scandal like this was bound to turn heads. If only they cared about the people they were hurting as much they did about gossip. She didn't anticipate Jung chuckling the remote at the TV though. "I, uh, yeah." Lee deposited the phone in her pocket and blinked blankly a few times as she figured out what to do.

Lee was never one for pep talks. She had always been about facts, evidence, not about boosting someone's confidence just for their own egos. This situation was no different. Jung was honestly one of the more talented people in this school. He always brushed off peoples comments about his dad, about him getting in just because he was related to someone in power at the school. He gave it all at every performance, always had his stupidly cute smile on his face despite the shit he was going through. Seeing him broken like this was crushing her heart. Plus, his dad paid his mom to leave? ...That was a discussion for another day.

"The only thing fake here is your dad. I- I get this shit looks bad, I do. I'll be real it probably is bad, and it'll probably only get worse." Great start Lee, real encouraging. Quietly she let out a groan as she tried to reorganize her thoughts, moving over to the couch and sitting right next to him. "I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through. I can tell you that your talents not fake, okay? You've worked harder than all of us over the years just to prove that you're not riding on your dads coattails. I mean-- Come on, did you hear yourself tonight? You sounded amazing, Jung. Your dad didn't do that, you did."

Gently she wiped away a tear on his cheek before giving him a small, encouraging smile. "One thing is for sure, you have us. You have me. Worst case scenario I can predict is you have to reaudition, and even then you'd slay it. We won't let this fuck up all your hard work, okay?" Her fingers laced together with his so she could give him a reassuring squeeze. Usually comforting someone was Suua's gig, this was totally out of Lee's scope of practice and she hoped that what she was saying was at least a little helpful. "Want a drink? Shot for shot. Let's end this shitty night with a bottle of booze."

The way Suua lit up about the amusement part was enough to survive Eun without biting her head off... hopefully. He remembered going to Seoul Land in high school with everyone but it was busy. Long lines, crowded, Suua didn't get to ride everything or see everything that she wanted to. They were always busy though and hadn't had the time to go. He had rented out the park until morning this time, he wanted to make sure they had enough time. Character town, tomorrow land, adventure land, they had a lot on their to-do list.

That was the thing, it was THEIR to-do list. Not Eun's. He had never meant for her to actually join them, he knew she hated feeling like a third wheel! He hadn't even noticed that Suua was being hypercritical of herself and comparing herself to Eun, she had absolutely no reason to. Suua was... gorgeous. There was no comparing the two, really. Eun was high fashion, expensive taste, a starlet. Tae didn't find all that attractive, he liked people to be true to themselves. Like him with his gloves, and like Suua with her cute sense of fashion.

He hadn't expected to be scolded for the way he talked to Eun, that part shocked him. Had Suua been hearing the woman though? She was a fucking pain! Bfore he could address Suua though she was taking off to change, leaving a frustrated Tae in her wake. With a heavy sigh he headed into the dressing room to change into a pair of black skinny jeans, a black tee, boots, and a leather jacket. Unfortunately for them, Eun was waiting impatiently for their trio date. Great.

The ride there was fucking awkward. It was mostly Eun complaining, that was their entire relationship, and Tae sitting silently between the two girls. Luckily for them the park wasn't too far away from the school. "I've never been here, isn't this place for kids?" Already Eun was running her mouth and Tae was sure he wasn't going to make it the whole night like this. "Eun, since you wanted to tag along be a dear and get us something to eat. I'm starved." The woman complained a little but she went off none the less as they got out of the car.

Once she was out of range Tae gave a small nod and took Suua's hand. "C'mon, before she gets back." And off they went towards tomorrow land. "You wanted to ride that coaster but the line was too long, figured we could start there. Is that alright?" He shot her a small smile before letting out a long sigh. "It's not like we're actually dating, she won't leave me alone. We don't kiss, I haven't even asked her to be my girlfriend. So I know I might seem like an ass but she's like an annoying stalker. Don't think too bad of me, okay? I'm sure I'd be a good boyfriend to someone one day. Probably. And, uh, you look cute. I like that pink on you." With a small flush to his cheeks he looked away and cleared his throat quietly.
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“If I open a present and it’s one of those shirts I swear Zane you will live your last days on this earth sooner rather than later.” Despite the harsh words Somin actually had a small smirk on her face, she couldn’t help but smile. That is until the mention of her dating King made her face fall slightly. Somin pushed back some of her hair and sighed from where she sat, turning to watch the road pass by in the window. “Dating? Yeah right. Don’t you mean him passing the time while Sora was gone?” Somin wasn’t the one who asked him out, King asked her. Sure it was after people started making assumptions but until he said something, they were just good friends. King was the one to take the next step and try to be more, at least at the time that’s what Somin thought. “They didn’t hate me because even presenting me as his girlfriend they could see how unthreatening our relationship was, something I didn’t notice apparently.” The two of them held hands in public maybe a grand total of five times across two years, kissed once. Their dates were non-existent really except outings for school… which weren’t really dates. King had taken her on a few trips but the two of them usually spent the time away doing separate things. Looking back on it made Somin feel stupid for being upset about the breakup.

Zane’s next sentence made her turn to look back at him with a raised brow, her mind forming the image of them staring lovingly at each other making her both gag and blush at the same time. Somin rolled her eyes and gave him a small scoff, “You wish.” Where was this guy the last few years? Zane had always been there, close behind King and always hanging out but not like this. Somin used to see glimpses of him being witty and fun but it was always overshadowed by the persona or watered down by the fact that King was there and being his usual moody self. Now that the two of them had been spending a lot more time together, Somin wished she had gotten to see this side of him sooner or more often. “That’s not true, people would. Hell King likes you, I mean fuck that guy but he does like you.” Hearing him say no one paid attention to him made her heart hurt a little bit, she knew how that felt. Somin used to get overlooked a lot before she drastically changed her appearance and started dressing how she wanted rather than trying to fit the stereotype of an idol. Heck, it seemed half the students here didn’t remember her from high school at all.

The two of them exited the car and Somin looked up at the Lotteria before smirking slightly, “You do really know how to charm a woman.” She laughed and made her way inside with him, thinking over his mention of telling him something. “What do you want to know? My favorite color? It’s orange. Oh! Or how about how much I like thunderstorms? Or the fact that my favorite sport is ice hockey?” She snorted a bit, “What’s next? We braid each others hair and swap friendship bracelets.” She smiled back at him as they ordered, waiting for their food a moment before finding a booth in a corner and taking a seat. Somin knew he was asking honestly, and looking for something deeper than surface level but it was in her nature to deflect. “I’m poor.” Somin stated it simply as she shoved a French fry in her mouth, “I mean like, not homeless or anything but you guys are all so well off financially. Most the kids and Haenghada are. I got in on scholarship for high school and that’s why I work so hard to keep up with my grades.” She shrugged and looked up at him for a moment before quickly looking back down at her food. Somin wasn’t necessarily ashamed of her family but a lot of other students and people in this life in general would look down on their family. Her mother was a stay at home mom, three triplet boys when they had just planned for one more child really hit them hard. Her father worked for a recycling company, it wasn’t glamorous but it was enough to cover bills and essentials. But Somin wanted them to have a better life than the bare minimum so she worked hard, she wanted her brothers to have the same options she had because of how hard her parents worked. “So there. Does that count as something?”

The car ride over felt like torture, Tae kept calling Eun the third wheel but Suua had never felt like more of one in her life. The woman had kept giving her snide looks and made Suua shrink lower and lower into the seat. Thankfully once they arrived she was able to escape the suffocating car, at least being out in the open air felt better. Plus Suua was trying her best to remain excited, she was getting to spend time with Tae; that was enough. Suua instantly recognized the park, she hadn’t been back here in years and her eyes lit up a little as she looked around. The girl looked like a meek little thing but she was a lover of all things adrenaline! Roller coasters, scary movies, sports! That was probably why she got so hyped up about things like chicken.

Eun spoke up and made the kid comment and it made Suuas excitement waiver for a moment, thankfully Tae was swiftly asking her to run and get food. Suua felt bad but… she had to admit the woman leaving them alone made her feel instantly better. “Wait what?” Suua giggled, quickly moving to keep up with Tae as he took her hand and sped off in the opposite direction of Eun. “Tae she’s going to get upset!” She half scolded and half laughed, her face flushed from the two of them holding hands. Her mind flashed back to Tae pushing Eun off of him just minutes before and it made her heart do a little flutter. It was selfish but knowing she was the only one who got to know him like this… ah that was so embarrassing! Suua hated how possessive she felt over him but she couldn’t help it!

They stopped in front of a roller coaster and Suua looked around with a grin as Tae spoke, “Yeah I remember!” They had been on a bit of a time crunch last time. Tae then continued talking but on the subject of Eun and Suua found herself turning to look at him, her face kind of in a frown. “Wait what? Why do you deal with her then Tae?” All summer she tried to make herself feel better knowing Tae was happy with Eun but that sounded like it was far from the truth. Was Eun being a jerk to Tae? Suua had to admit that hearing they weren’t really close or really dating sent her over the damn moon but at the same time she felt sad for him! Tae complimented her and Suua gave him a soft smile, squeezing his hand, “Thank you Tae. Come on-let’s have fun okay? Plus if we stay in the open too long she’ll find us!”

Suua shook away the tinge of sadness and pulled Tae along towards the entrance for the ride, a sudden realization hitting her. “Wait, where are all the people?”

It was rare for Jung to throw himself a pity party, he was normally always the one to try and make the best of things and make light of a situation to make others feel better but this felt like a mountain he wouldn’t ever overcome. This was the sort of scandal that would stick with him forever, everything he did would always have the rumor attached of this event. Even if he was able to prove himself! It would always taint his credibility and it wasn’t even anything he fucking did! Jung felt like he was drowning in his own thoughts, the self doubt slowing pushing him under but thankfully the feeling of Lee sitting down besides him pulled him a tiny bit out of his own head.

Lee’s words helped a bit, it at least made him open his eyes and tilt his head over to look at her. His eyes were already bloodshot from the tears that had started. It was fucking embarrassing, this whole situation and then now here he was acting like a baby in front of the girl he had an insane crush on? Just brightened his ducking day. And he BROKE THE TV LIKE SOME PSYCHO? Even better!

When Lee laced their fingers together and gave his hand a squeeze Jung felt himself breaking all over again. She was a kind person under all the bark, they all knew that. But it was rare to have it said so earnestly. Jung kind of moved without thinking, his hand pulling out of hers and his arms moving around her tightly, pulling her into a hug and nearly on top of his lap as he hid his face in the nape of her neck. “Thank you, I really- just thank you Lee. You don’t know how much it means to me that you’re not going anywhere.” He sniffled a bit, chuckling at her mention of drinking. “There’s the girl I know, for a minute I was getting scared the body snatchers got you.” Jung finally pulled away after a moment, his face lighting up red when he realized how close they were. “Uh-sorry. Yeah, let’s have a drink… maybe order a pizza and play some cards? Anything to distract from this shit show.”

Jung gently moved her back to her spot on the couch before standing up, “I would have said something about a movie but… I apparently become a fucking monster when I’m mad so.” He tried to laugh it off but he cringed a little as he looked at the cracked flat screen. Add it to his dads bill he guessed.

Of course he remembered that, it was probably unhealthy but Kings life revolves around Sora, even when she wasn’t here. There wasn’t a day that went by the he didn’t think about her, whether something reminded him of her or if he was simply missing her. Even now as he was trying to protect his heart, he was ready to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it took to be with her again. King knew that wouldn’t go well in the long run, she just came back. It was their senior year. They had both been hurt in their own way. As much as King wanted to rush into it, they wouldn’t last if they didn’t heal themselves first. That was just proving to be more of a pain in the ass than he thought. King never learned how to be a good partner or a good friend in general, all of this was a fucking learning curve. Wanting to be a good guy and actually being one we’re two different things.

The two of them had walked passed Zane’s little groupies and King rolled his eyes. “Get a life weirdos.” He groaned, looking back at them before giving Sora a look that screamed he was annoyed with the existence of people like that. It was one thing to be a fan of someone but there was a point of breaking a boundary and that was it.

They continued downtown, kind of walking at a weird distance from each other and in silence. It was just so damn awkward and they were both clearly trying to not make it worse than it already was. However his distance from here apparently led to a situation that made King instantly pissy. Sora had accidentally ran into someone, causing King to stop and turn around from where he stood a couple feet ahead. It was some guy who looked around their age, maybe a little older. King watched for a moment and thought it would just be a quick fix but the moment he saw the man’s hand move around Soras arm he stepped in. The guy was hitting on her? Seriously? First off how fucking lame of a line, not even smooth at all. Second fucking gross.

“Hey man, can I get your moms number?” King stepped in between them and placed his body in the small space between Sora and the stranger, his own hand moving over the guys as he forcibly removed his fingers from her arm. “What the fuck?” The guy was stunned by the weird question as well as the physical response from King. “No I just want it so I can call and ask how she failed so badly and raised such an ill mannered little twat, I mean who grabs a woman like that?” King stepped forward and forced a bit more space between the guy and Sora. “Fuck you man, is she your little girlfriend or something?” King rolled his eyes and simply took another step, “Fuck this, she’s not even that hot. This shit isn’t worth it.”

The guy was lucky he skittered off before King had a chance to hit him for that last comment. He reached back and took Soras hand probably a bit too roughly but he was angry, so much so he couldn’t even form words. He instead just pulled her along until the two of them fell into step together walking along the sidewalk. They stayed that way until they got to the restaurant, King finally letting go and finding himself in need of a long deep breath. “Sorry I kind of yanked you there I just- I needed to walk away before I chased that shit head down and made him eat his fucking words.”
Woo Lee

Lee wasn't a touchy feely person by any means. She hugged her parents on holidays (that's all they got anymore, she wasn't five), Suua whenever Suua felt like hugging her, but that was it. Even with Kang they didn't hug, they kissed whenever he kissed her but it wasn't something that she liked doing. Jungs arms around her felt... right? This was the first time she had ever seen the guy break down and cry like this, he was having a momentary lapse of judgement she was sure. Jung could do so much better than her. That didn't stop her thin arms snaking around him in response or her heart from nearly leaping out of her chest, her face burying into his hair with embarrassment. Her whole face felt like it was going to melt. Jung was a warmth that she needed in her life. "I'll always be here for you, dummy."

When he released her from the hug she couldn't help but twirl some of her blonde hair anxiously. Nervous wasn't a feeling she had ever recalled feeling, Lee was always confident in whatever she did. This was a weird feeling, a mixture of butterflies, wanting to puke, and her body buzzing with happiness was flooding her brain. Pull it together girl. "I could go for a friendly game of Uno." With a playful smile Lee quickly stood to her feet and straightened up her ridiculous dress. She'd definitely need a different outfit if she was going to get shit faced tonight. "Yeah don't worry about the TV. I was going to break it the next time Zane put on another shitty rom com anyways. And give me a second so I can get changed out of this dress."

In her room Lee literally had to smack her cheeks a couple times to calm herself down. He was in such a shit situation and here she was over thinking things, what a horrible friend she was. Quickly she chugged a bottle of water, and changed into an olive green sweater and shorts before she was finally able to get her anxiously beating heart under control.

Well, until Minho reared his ugly mug again. The man was not winning favorite uncle award this year after the news he came with. A written fucking notice of Jung's suspension over the pending investigation of his father, signed and sealed by the school board. Poor Minho was just on the shit end of delivery so he was quick to apologize, say that this was all temporary, and disappear. They weren't drunk enough for this.

"That was the last of the bottle. Damn." What better away to end the shittiest night of your life than drinking a bottle of liquor sitting by the pool? At this point they weren't even mixing it with juice and drinking it straight out of the bottle. Her feet were kicking back and forth slowly in the water, way too sloshed to be giving anymore pep talks. "At least we have time to go bowling this week. We can eat your feelings at the diner, too. Hell, we can even run away for the week and forget this entire fucking place exists."

This was really all Sora's fault. It was a constant thing for her to get so lost in thought she spaced out. On numerous occasions she had ran into walls, people, tripped over her own two feet, stubbed her toes, hell one time she tried to cross the street without looking. Lee had called her space cadet ever since she remembered and she was definitely feeling like one right now. The thing that pulled her back to reality though was the sound of King's voice and she instantly went pale.

Don't get her wrong, she was incredibly grateful for him stepping between her and the creep, but she also felt bad that King was putting himself in risky situations! What if the guy was violent? He could've gotten hurt! All she could do was stand there and watch though, she knew there was no stopping him. Thankfully it ended without someone getting hit, though she didn't expect King to reach out and yank her along side of him. Her pale face lit up with embarrassment while she scrambled to keep her pace up with him. With how fast he was walking she could tell he was angry, she just didn't know if it was at her or at the guy. Still, that didn't help her feel a tad bit happy about him holding her hand again.

Once they arrived at the restaurant he dropped her hand and she was prepping herself to be scolded. Only, he was apologizing? Sora was the one that got them in that mess! Given the situation she shouldn't of been smiling, yet she couldn't help but smile brightly and giggle quietly. "Ji, you're my favorite person. I don't think you give yourself enough credit sometimes for just how good of a guy you actually are." Gently her arms wrapped around him, her head resting on his chest for a moment. "Thanks." With that said she pulled away and gave a firm, determined nod. "Now, let's go! The bears are waiting for us!" And off she went.

As if that awkward situation didn't even happen Sora went on enjoying the night, she hoped that King had a good time too. They got to see the bears! The cute little bears that melted into the pot, the only thing more precious was watching King with a bear in his bowl. Part of her was scared that things would be tense between them for forever, but as soon as they were sitting down she felt the anxiety wash away. It... felt nice just to be able to be together again. She even convinced him to go get ice cream at their old favorite place! Anything really to get this night from ending. Tomorrow they'd go back to the stress and tension of their crazy house.

They were walking (Sora kept close this time) through a park headed home when she suddenly remembered something. "Oh, are you busy winter break?" Out of the blue? Probably. "Want to go skiing? We could stay in the cabin again. I know we got snowed in last time but, I still think you secretly liked it." A snow storm had caused them to be stuck inside for two days, but they had fun! Board games, card games, sitting by the fireplace together. Sora even pulled snow inside so they could make a snow man! Her hands were freezing. She loved every second of it, her whole face lit up thinking about it. "Um, we can invite everyone if you want, so it's not just us." Smooth, Sora. Real smooth.
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It was far too late to be talking him out of the shirts, he was getting her one for every day of the week. If the man died doing so then, well, he had a good run he supposed. The stupid grin on his face fell though when she spoke of her and King. King wasn't an angel by any means but he wasn't a bad guy, he was sure that he asked Somin out with the best of intentions... right? He wasn't that big of an asshole to date someone just to pass the time, yet all the evidence was piling against him. They had never seemed like a romantic pair whenever they were together but he lumped that up to Kings mood swings overshadowing everything else. He really had to have a heart to heart with King to figure out what the fuck was going on with his friend, or the guy that he thought was his friend. "He'll pull his head out of his ass one of these days and we can go back to being the three amigos. Besides, I think King keeps me around because he enjoys my jokes. That or he's in the closet and totally in love with me. Alas, my heart lies elsewhere." Whoa whoa, pump the breaks. Did he really just say that? Bail, fucking bail.

"You said junk food. What's junkier than burgers and fries?" Zane chuckled as they headed inside and she started to go on about her random facts. Orange shirt with his face on it, got it. "What's next, you going to tell me you like long walks on the beach too?" The man gave a small chuckle as they waited briefly for their food, Zane nonchalantly carrying it to their table and earning himself a few stares. With all the commotion going on backstage he didn't have time to change out of his mesh top. To be honest he had forgotten completely about it, he was so focused on Somin. However as they sat down at their table her words took him for surprise. Poor? He couldn't help but look a little stunned, but she was right! Everyone at Haenghada was well off. Or, at least he thought. The lot of them were either kids of famous people, or rich kids trying to make it big. Not only that, but Somin was always so well put together, granted it was never designer but she looked amazing regardless. Suddenly her craziness over her good grades made sense. His heart waver as she looked down, he reached across the table and gave her head a small pat. "Nah, money's boring. I do want to hear about your family though if that's okay?" He shoved a couple fries in his mouth before taking a big gulp of his coke. This night was far from over.

After they were done with their meals (Zane ordered three) they went next door to stock up on snacks because he was a bottomless pit. While most people wouldn't of been curious about a family dynamic Zane pretty much had no family. He didn't have a mother, he didn't have siblings, his dads weren't nurturing in the slightest and, like King, thought money equaled love. Probably the only difference between him and King was that he took solace in video games and ridiculous romance movies. Honestly? He was jealous of Somin. Money wasn't everything, he'd give his left arm just to have a fraction of what she had. A mom that stayed home just to love and raise the family? Better than nannies and butlers.

They left the 7-Eleven with bags of snacks and he saw it only fair that he share about his lifestyle. Jumping school to school, no friends, parents way too busy to even give a damn about him. The way he talked about it now seemed like he it wasn't a big deal, in truth it wasn't anymore, but he was lonely growing up. Instead of heading home though he begged her to go to the arcade with him. They were already here, why not have more fun?

"Will you look at that! Pink and orange! Huh. Pink is my color... guess I'll give you orange then." The pair had been playing ridiculous games for the last few hours, they were headed out when he spotted a silly little vending machine with bracelets in it. "Want me to tie yours on you? Remember if you take it off I'll keel over. At least, I'm pretty sure that's how this works." He was grinning ear to ear like a complete fool over a plastic braided bracelet.

"I've never seen that woman not upset, she'll be fine. This date was supposed to be for me and you." Date. The word came out so simply, so matter of fact. Tae always struggled at lying, hence why he had been avoiding Suua all summer. How was he supposed to look at her and not be honest with her? They were adults, they were grown, her parents 'no dating' rule didn't apply to them anymore. While he didn't want to ruin things between them Tae couldn't help but feel like Suua was his everything. She always had been, he was just terrified that the feelings wouldn't be mutual. That would destroy everything, and the only thing worse than rejection was losing her completely.

"I dunno. She's been clinging to me since I started choreographing her dads show. If I upset her I could get black listed, and I'm not really sure what else to do with my life other than dancing. I figured she'd find someone else to focus her attention on soon enough." Logistically it made sense, but looking down and seeing Suua's frown he nearly stumbled over his words. Suua was sweet, innocent. Her parents, Lee, and Tae tried to do everything in their power to protect her from the horrors of what show business actually meant at times. Tae was just starting out as a choreographer, he was talented but also popular because of his parents. If he pissed off a director this early... it was career suicide.

Thankfully as she tugged him through the entrance he had already forgetting about Eun and her drama. "You seriously just noticed?" A big grin took over his face and he gave her hand a small squeeze. "Surprise, it's just us." The line was completely empty, they two were able to walk hand in hand through the air conditioned entry room. The room was decorated with ridiculously cute statues of the Seoul Land bunny mascot dressed as an astronaut shooting aliens, flying. This wasn't normally something Tae would do but, Suua enjoyed it. Tae just enjoyed seeing Suua happy.

From bumper cars, loop coasters, water coasters, laser tag, to the spinning rides adrenaline was pumping through the dark haired man's veins. They would run ride to ride in fear of Eun finding them, it all felt like a deadly game of hide and seek. It had been so long since the pair had been able to have a laugh like this. Hearing Suua laugh, seeing her smile and enjoy herself, it was all so worth it. The tough exterior Tae usually put on had even mellowed out and he found himself smiling during the whole excursion. He hadn't notice how quickly the time flew by until the castle clock tower began to chime, signifying how late it was getting.

All the adrenaline had given him some sort of false confidence in himself. As the two were walking hand in hand casually they approached a picturesque bridge. It looked like it was straight out of a story book, it was over a small man made stream of water with trees, and flowers surrounding it, fairy lights hanging above the bridge. "I,- Suua." It was now or never. He stopped them in their tracks on the bridge, gently turning her to face him. "I'd like to do things like this more with you. Just you and me, if that's okay?" That wasn't exactly what he meant to say and silently he began to scold himself. He was never eloquent with words. "What I mean to say is-, um,..." His whole face was flushed with embarrassment now. He was much better with actions. Gently he moved a stray hair out of her face before his hand cupped her cheek, his green eyes peering down into hers.

Just as he moved his face closer to hers to close the gap a loud, obnoxious voice rang out into the night. "TAE!!"

The hug caught King off guard, he had forgotten that his anger and attitude didn’t completely disarm EVERYONE around him. Sora had always been good at handling his outbursts. He looped one arm around her waist loosely while the other hand smoothed over the back of her hair while he head rested against his chest. They keept having these little moments of peace and normalcy that King loved, he missed this so much. But as quick as they came so did the thoughts of doubt. Thankfully Sora had pulled away before things managed to get awkward and before he could even think she was off pulling him inside the restaurant.

King felt like the damn bear. Being able to sit down, just the two of them without other opinions or prying eyes, he literally felt the stress melting off of him. They were able to just have a good dinner and enjoy time together like they used to. Plus watching Sora with the damn bear was like a child in a candy shop, the mixture of awe and slight sadness in her eyes as she watched the soup base melt was pretty damn adorable actually. So much so that she was able to convince him to go get ice cream as well. It was actually a pretty nice day once King got over the altercation on the sidewalk.

The two of them were walking along after the ice cream, enjoying the nice weather and slowly setting sun. They had found themselves heading through a mostly empty park when Sora stopped suddenly to bring up the idea of a trip during winter break. The abruptness of it all made him chuckle for a moment before responding, “Winter break is a while aways but that could be fun.” King paused to remember their last trip, they made the best of it with being snowed in and honestly it had been a great time. They didn’t get to go out and ski but they made up for it, King could remember arguing with Sora that it wasn’t a good idea to pull the snow in through the window but being out voted. Even though it was 1-1. “Whatever you want.” He gave her a soft smile, he would love a solo trip with just them but he did also understand that maybe that wasn’t the best idea for them as they tried to remain just friends.

They exited the other side of the park and ended up on the sidewalk of the street their house was on. King didn’t want to return to the chaos quite yet and found himself looking around for a reason to delay the return. Across the street he saw something that caught his eye in the window of a convenience store. “Wait here for a minute.” He gently pushed her to sit against the stone wall outlining the little park before jogging across the street. King was only gone about 5 minutes before returning with a small bag. Some of it was some snacks for back at the house but the main item wasn’t a food item at all.

King reached into the bag and pulled out a small brown stuffed bear, it held a little coffee can in its hand and must have been a mascot for some new coffee company. Either way, it reminded him of their day. “For you.” He held the small thing out to her, his face slightly red as he gave a small smile. The bear wasn’t nearly as cute as the stupid one at the restaurant but it was close enough. “Something to remember today by, it might be stupid but I couldn’t not when I saw them in the window over there.” He pointed back to the little display in the window and shrugged. “I thought you would like it though, even with the weird logo.”


Tae had said it early in the evening but it was still constantly replaying in Suua’s mind. This was a date. Tae called it a date! It made her so happy she felt like she could jump out of her own skin. It was probably just a slip though and she tried not to get too giddy but it was a lost cause! She was over the damn moon. Over the years Suua had gone through phases, she wanted to marry Tae when they were young, before she knew what that really meant, then she realized they were best friends, then she had a crush, then she realized maybe it wasn’t a crush…. Maybe it was just that she was always comparing every guy in her life to him. She wasn’t allowed to date but that didn’t keep boys from asking, even without her mothers rule she would have turned them all down because they weren’t good enough. Then around high school Suua realized why she compared everyone to him, Tae was her best friend yeah but she was also completely in love with him. So much so that she never wanted to take the leap and then when she finally got the courage to say something in came Eun. Suua told herself she was content as long as he was happy… which was apparently a total lie she had been telling herself.

“Tae-“ Was Eun really that horrible that she would ruin him just for not returning her feelings? Maybe if they found a way to get her to want to leave him…
Suua wasn’t given much time to think about that, soon they were off to squeeze as much fun into one day as they possibly could.

Suua was fairly certain they had ridden everything at least once, between that and the running and the laughing she was also fairly certain that she was going to drop the minute they got home. But it was great, it was like a literal dream the day the two of them got to have. Suua would have been happy being able to just go get coffee after being apart all summer but this was much much more amazing.

The two of them were finally slowing down a bit, walking hand in hand across a beautiful bridge, Suuas eyes darting all around as she took in everything from the flowers to the sunset. That is until she found herself being turned around and found herself staring into the eyes of a suddenly serious looking Tae. The situation was enough to make her start blushing and his words only made her face heat more. Suua went to speak but found that the words were stuck in her throat and as his hand moved to her face she let out the smallest of squeaks.

Was this happening? Was this really happening? Suua felt as if her face could melt the sun, her free hand moving to rest gently against his chest as she slowly closed her eyes, her head tilting slightly. Then it was all shattered by a shrill scream ringing through the air, one that caused Suua to nearly sprint away from Tae and shrink inside of herself as she opened her eyes and found a very angry looking Eun storming towards them.

“I’d wager you two are madly in love with each other, but that’s just me.” Somin gave her a half hearted smile as she tucked into her chair awkwardly and poked at her meal for a second. Zane was doing a good job at trying to pull her out of her own head but still the self doubt was always in the back rearing its ugly mug. However when he mentioned her family and wanting to know,,, that made her light up.

Their meal consisted of Somin shoving her face full of greasy junk food and ranting on and on about her family. She wasn’t embarrassed of her family she just was never invited to speak about them, the few times that she did she was met with judgement that didn’t embarrass her, it made her angry. So she just chose to not… however she was now realizing how badly she had wished for someone to show any sort of interest. It had been a long time since Somin was able to talk to someone about something real like this… it was nice. She ranted about their house and all the trouble her little brothers got into. Somin even told Zane about the time the little jerks locked her out of the house in her pajamas for three hours so that they could eat ice cream for dinner while their parents were away visiting family. Little monsters.

The two of them finished their meal and left the place, the strange stares only getting worse and worse due to their very over the top outfits. Oh well. Then they went next door and shopped around a bit, Somin grabbed a few things and she swore Zane had enough to fill 6 bags. As they walked he told her a bit about his childhood and family, it made Somin’s heart hurt a little bit, it seemed sad. She couldn’t imagine that type of life, and Zane was usually so… lively? She would have never guessed he grew up like that…Maybe her feeling for him was part of the reason he was able to convince her to spend time at the arcade, maybe it was because she was actually having fun…

“You’re an idiot.” Somin laughed, giving him an eye roll but holding out her wrist for him to tie tohe stupid thing around her wrist. As he did she felt something new, like a warmth spreading across her chest and the few times his fingers brushed against her writ Somin he to fight to notynk her arm away. “You should come to my house one of these weekends….” She said it so suddenly that she even shocked herself. “I just- I mean it sounds like you’re normally pretty much by yourself. So if you want, you could come with me and not be… by yourself.” Nice Somin, you put that really well. She took in a long breath and let it go slowly, “What I’m saying is that you’re not the worst and my mom would love to see that I’m not a complete friendless hermit. She’s a wicked good cook, so next time I take a short trip home you should come with.”

As if the day couldn’t have gotten worse, it just did! While Lee was upstairs getting changed, a knock came to their front door followed by a commotion of yelling. At first Jung didn’t answer, he moved to the window to peek outside only to find Minho ranting and waving his arms at a journalist who was shoving a microphone in his face. Great that only meant that soon enough more paparazzi would appear. His father himself wasn’t really famous so to speak but the school was and this was going to be a much bigger scandal than anyone hoped. After the woman with the microphone finally gave up an retreated to her car parked along the stree, Minho entered the home without waiting for an answer this time.

Minho didn’t come with good news, Jung was being suspended. According to him it was temporary but who knew at this point. Last week everyone told him this whole thing was going to blow over yet here they were now…

Clearly there was no point in trying to cope healthily. It’s not like he needed to keep a good image, his career was over right? That meant lots and lots of drinking, probably more than Jung ever had before. He was never really much of a drinker to begin with, not a light weight or anything but it just wasn’t a huge thing for him. Sure some beer or whatever socially but… tonight was different. Tonight he was drinking by the handle to try and numb the anxiety taking over his entire being. Unfortunately it wasnt working that well and nowJung found himself sitting outside, his pants rolled up and hi legs dangling in the water while he sat next to Lee, handling the bottle back and forth between themThat is until they ran out at least.

“You can’t run away for the week. You Have school to pay attention to.” Jung sighed, running a hand through. His hair while looking up at the darkening sky. He was usually Mr. Optimist… but right now he just felt all sorts of emotions, none of which very cheerful. He tore his attention away from the sky and looked over at Lee as she spoke… he was so thankful she was here, he hated to imagine how much worse he would be feeling and acting if she wasn’t around. Something about what she was saying, the fact that she was willing to ignore real life for a week with him… it made Jung want to accept but thankfully, despite how drunk he was, he didn’t want to ruin her life as well. Well…yeah no. He didn’t.

However something clicked in him, whether it was liquid courage or the fact that he felt like everything was lost and falling apart anyways so why not take a chance. Jung turned and hopped in the water,still fully clothed from his performance earlier but who gave a shit. He moved until he was standing in front of Lee, they were pretty close to the same height with her sitting on the edge of the pool so he only had to look down slightly. His hand moved out and cupped under her chin gently, pulling her towards him before pausing to speak, “Feel free to punch me but I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now and I’m banking on the fact that if you do hit me, I can blame this all on drinking. If you don’t hit me well then- awesome.” With that he leaned in, his lips pressing against hers softl at first and for a moment his heart ducking punched him from inside and he nearly pulled away but instead he took his other arm and wrapped around her waist to pull her as close as possible. When Lee didn’t instantly slap him, Jung deepened the kiss and stayed there for a long moment before finally breaking a way and pressing his forehead to hers. “Well, you don’t super look like you’re going to hit me… that’s a good sign right?”
Woo Lee

It was just like Jung to think about her schooling at a time like this. Things were literally going to Hell in a handbasket, who the fuck cared about school? All she could do was give a playful eyeroll, at least he didn't seem like he was going to lose his mind anymore. Well, not until the alcohol wore off tomorrow and it hit him like a ton of bricks again. That was tomorrow's battle though. Maybe then he'd accept her offer to run away.

Suddenly Jung was dropping into the pool and she couldn't help but give a quiet laugh. First the TV, now his outfit, the man truly was throwing caution to the wind. That laugh, however, turned into a bashful smile and a deep, crimson blush as he moved directly in front of her. Her heart thundered in her chest being this close to him; Lee was always one for personal space, other than Suua (and Kang on occasions) Jung was the only one she allowed close to her. They had never been this close though. There was a look in his eyes that she couldn't quite place, all she knew was that as his warm hand touched her face she felt like she was going to faint.

Punch him? Why would she punch him? All of her racing questions were quickly answered as his lips met hers. It felt as if her heart was going to burst. Was she in a drunken stupor, was she imagining this? Lee had thought about this moment for years, she just never actually saw it happening. The two of them were oil and water, Lee was always getting into trouble and Jung was the perfect, by the book kind of guy. She had just assumed that he'd never want to get himself mixed up with the train wreck that was Lee, and yet, here he was.

His other arm pulled her to the very edge of the ledge until there was no space left between them and that's when it clicked. They were kissing. Jung was so drunk he probably wouldn't remember this in the morning, right? Lee was finally able to respond and return the kiss, her long lashed eyes closing as if to forever remember this moment. Before she knew it he was pulling away from the kiss, his warm forehead pressing to hers and causing her eyes to flutter open to look up into his. At this point she probably looked like a blushing fool.

It was only fair that she took him by surprise this time, right? Lee's thin hand slipped between them so she was able to cup his cheek, and without responding she leaned back in to plant a sweet, gentle kiss on his lips. It only lasted a moment before she pulled away and gave him a small smile. "I'd say it's a good sign, yeah." Her hand moved to push some of his hair back as she took in every detail of his face this up close. This just piled on a whole new list of stress to their plates, but again that was tomorrow's issue. "I, uh, think we should get you into some dry clothes. Before you catch a cold."

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