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One of the things King loved most about Sora was her optimism, it didn’t take long to lift her spirits even just a little bit. Soon enough she was resting her head against his shoulder and causing him to wrap an arm around hers, giving her a gentle squeeze. “Being right is what I do babe.” King gave her a joking wink that was startled by her sudden announcement of an idea and running off. He sighed, grabbed another drink and was quickly off to follow her on whatever task she gave herself now.

Apparently the idea of drinking and relaxing wasn’t team bonding enough for Sora, instead they also needed a cozy fire as well. Oh well, King would help if she asked. So he did, the two of them setting up everything they would all need. Well actually Sora did all that and King simply made the fire and sat back, offering help and only getting shushed as Sora ran around. Typical. Finally once she was done and sat down, King had had probably more to drink than he should have but he was trying to calm down all the emotions that were starting to arise while he was given free time to think.

“Stop it. You know I’d want to go with you most, you act as if I have any options for better company.” King flashed her a grin before continuing, “I’d love to, it shouldn’t be an issue either. They don’t care what I do as long as I keep myself out of trouble and don’t end up on the front page for some scandal. They’d actually probably love it if I went off the grid for a weekend.” Before they could talk more the others began joining them in the back yard. When it was just him and Sora, King found it easy to be candid and comfortable but around the others it was a lot harder. He felt his walls going back up and his bad attitude returning exponentially with each additional housemate around the fire.

King was drunk. Annoyed. Too many thoughts were going through his head, wasn’t drinking supposed to calm that shit down? Quiet his brain. No, instead now all he could do was focus on that stupid kiss tomorrow. The idea of having anyone kiss Sora was enough to make him want to scream but the fact that of all people it had to be Zane? The one guy on this planet that he actually loved like a brother? Right now they were on the outs sure but that only made this all worse. Then as if on cue Zane stumbled out with Somin shortly behind him, King watched their interactions between the coat and the marshmallow and before he could even stop himself he just started laughing. “Are you two fucking for real?”

King leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows on his knees as he looked at Zane from the other side of the fire. “So like your guys stupid little bracelets weren’t enough, now you have her cooking your meals?” He started clapping lightly, “It’s so cute really, what a good show. Playing house and all. Adorable, really. So what next, now that you’ve domesticated Somin, Sora next? Is that what the whole charade about kissing her is? To make yourself look like a good honest guy? Like you’re just so respectful and kind.” King scoffed and fell back in his chair, taking a log drink of the beer in his hand. “Fuck all that.”

By the time Somin snatched the bag from his hand Zane was slunk over in his chair chewing a mouthful of marshmallows. "Heythosearemine-" He made a half assed attempt at trying to get his bag back before pausing for a moment. She was cooking them for him? His face lit up a bright red, allowing himself a moment to take a harsh swallow to get all of the obnoxiously sweet marshmallows out of his mouth. "M-Mmm-mm, burnt is fine." His pitch black eyes gazed at Somin as she held the poker over the fire. The way the flames flickered in her pretty brown eyes and illuminated her gorgeous features, it visibly relaxed him. A warm smile spread across his face, his heart pattering in his chest, his stomach doing little leaps, and not from the sugar. Cute. Beautiful. Stunning. For a moment it was as if there was nothing in the world but the two of them.

It was par for the course that King ruined the moment. Quickly Zane straightened in his chair and shot a deadly glare across the fire, his large hands balling into fists as they rested on his knees. It was taking everything in his power not to knock some sense into his roommate.

"Oh is that what your pissy attitude is about now? News flash pal, no one wants Sora. You talk about domestication but she's basically your own personal fucking lap dog. No one will fight you for her-- promise. Hells if I could trade out this kiss scene with you, you could fucking have her. I don’t want her to be my first kiss. Besides, isn't she just another notch on the belt? A way to pass the time? Another one of your, oh, what'd you call them? Sloppy seconds?" Zane's deep voice growled the last few words as he recalled the nasty term he used to refer to Somin. If he had only a couple drinks in him he would've been able to keep his mouth shut; he knew that King didn't mean what he said, the man apologized right after. It still rubbed Zane the wrong way, and the fact that he was popping off? Getting in some sort of a jealous way about a stupid kiss that he didn't even want?

Zane was hot, he hadn't ever felt a fire lit inside of him this bad. Like a brother or not he wasn't going to let King just sit there and mock him and Somin. She was already with an ass that never stuck up for her. "So does that make Sora your sloppy thirds? Fourths? Fifths? Surely you're getting tired of her by now. At least Somin has enough common sense to seek out better company and not make the same mistakes twice. So just-- shut up and mind your own business.”
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Elated. There were no other ways to describe how happy she was that King was finally relaxing around her again. Above all he was her best friend, her person, so to know he was wanting to go anywhere with her? Sora was over the moon and nothing could wipe the cheerful smile off of her face. "Perfect! I'll make it happen then. I can't wait." It seemed like their conversation stopped there as everyone started to join them in the backyard and for a moment she wished that she just left it the two of them.

Tae heckled her about the fire and made her giggle quietly, Lee and Jung joined but went off on their own which was their usual, and then there was Zane and Somin. Sora never quite understood the dynamic between the three of them. The woman was a certified genius and studied aerospace engineering for fun, the daughter of an elite mobster, yet social cues truly always went over her head. She knew that King and Somin dated, knew that there was some bad blood between the boys, but King never really elaborated on any of it. All Sora wanted was them to patch up their friendships.

"H-Hey Ji, that's not nice. They're your friends aren't they?" Her doe like brown eyes darted to him as he settled back and took a drink. Domesticating her? What was all about? The smile on her face faltered ever so slightly but, she still tried to remain cheerful. This wasn't how this night was supposed to play out, but they could still turn this around!

Then Zane spoke and her smile fell completely. Sora felt... deflated. Like she had just been punched in the gut. Notch on the belt? Pass the time... sloppy seconds? Sora had only had a glass of wine during the whole night, she had found herself far too busy setting everything all up, but gods did she wish she was drunk. Maybe then this wouldn't hurt so bad. Was that how King saw women he dated? Sora and Somin? No. He was her first, well, everything. Her first love, boyfriend, lover, everything. Sora wouldn't even look twice at another guy, Ji was always it for her.

Without warning tears started to stream down her porcelain cheeks, the back of her hands quickly trying to wipe them away before anyone could see. Sora didn't cry, at least not in front of people. "C-Can we get back to marshmallows please?" Her voice was small, broken as she made one last attempt to brighten their night. Trembling hands hugged herself as she tried to calm down.
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There was no doubt in Tae's mind that Suua would achieve her goals; in a year or two he was sure he'd be seeing her collab with a wide array of idols. The thought alone made him smile to himself. Tae being a professional choreographer, Suua's face plastered everywhere and her name known throughout Korea-- that was the ultimate goal, right? ... It didn't seem exactly feasible anymore, at least not on his end. With pissing off Eun he shot himself in the foot, he was going to have to work extra hard to prove himself in the industry. That was fine with him. Suua was the most bubbly, friendliest person he had ever met, she would excel in her career as soon as they graduated.

"Hmm?" Chilly? Suua's gentle voice pulled him from his thoughts of the future, his green eyes lifting from the fire to see her standing with the blanket. He didn't even have a minute to respond; Suua was taking a seat on his lap and nearly causing Tae to faint right then and there. His face lit into a bright red at the closeness and he could instantly feel himself stumbling over himself, his mind was racing a mile a minute. When did she get so, so, so bold!? He prayed to whoever would listen that the light of the fire hid the heat to his cheeks, even more so as she wrapped him into the blanket with him. "S-Share, y-yeah, totally." Tae wasn't a man that felt even the slightest bit nervous in the toughest of situations, but this? This completely disarmed him, in all of the best ways possible of course.

One toned, strong arm slipped around Suua's waist and pulled her flush against his warm plaid covered chest, his chin resting gently upon her head as he inhaled her addictive scent. With her head that close to his chest he was sure she'd hear it pounding. "Cozy?" His deep voice quietly spoke, his arm giving her a small squeeze as he teased her. His other and pulled the other end of the blanket around them to close the blanket wrap and completely block her from the chilly wind.

If only the blanket could protect them from the inevitable drama that unfolded. All Tae could do was give a long eye roll; if he hadn't been so comfortable in his chair with Suua he would've packed up some of the treats and retreated back inside. Instead all he could do was watch it happen. King was wrong to go off on Somin and Zane, but Zane? Completely out of line. Everything he said hurt both of the girls in one fell swoop. Sora was one of the toughest girls he knew despite her ditzy exterior and even he could see the tears rolling down her face. Somin, well, he was sure that she wouldn't react well either.

He also knew that this was leading to one place and one place only. "Money has it King throws the first punch. Make your bets quick." He kept his voice low enough so that only Suua would only hear him.

King. Why did it always seem to come back to him? How come whenever he was in a bad mood everyone had to be?! They were having a nice night until he opened his fucking mouth. Somin went to let him have it but before she could get a word out, Zane was talking and at first Somin felt herself get a little flustered. It was nice to hear someone come to her defense until suddenly the conversation went sour. Somin found herself stunned, angry, sad. It was all so much at once, she was instantly sobered as she listened to the two men talk. There was so many things to unwrap, Zane saying it would be his first kiss explained a lot but also left her with a lot of questions. The comment about Sora being a lapdog. Then the sloppy seconds?! She was raging.

“Stop it!” Somin shouted, dropping the poker she was holding and standing up from her chair, looking between the two boys as the continued. She knew King could be cruel but- hearing the words coming from Zane… she wanted to cry. She just stared at him, watery eyed and numb. “How could you?” She shrugged out of his jacket, throwing it with him with as much force as she could manage. This was her fault for putting him up on a pedestal, these men always showed their true colors eventually. “I thought I was seeking out better company! I thought you were better than this but listen to yourself! That girl right there is the most innocent and sweet thing. She cares about everyone in this house so much more than she should because we ALL fucking suck. Yet you can say this shit about her for what, to get back at him for making fun of us?”

“The worst part is that I really liked you. I really thought you were different than him, but now I see how you guys were such good friends. Cut from the same fucking cloth.” Somin turned and headed over to Sora, gently pulling the girl up from her chair and wrapping her hand around hers. “No fuck them, we’re going. And don’t even fucking try talking to either of us, I’ll castrate either one of you.” She turned and made her way back towards the house before turning back and giving Suua and Lee a look that begged them to come with. It was definitely going to be a sleepover in the girls room tonight.

“I’m so sorry, I- I know you knew him once and I’m sure he was great but Sora, he wasn’t a nice boy to me the last two years. He was at first but- it wasn’t good. We weren’t nice to each other but towards the end he was so cold and cruel. I just really thought he was different with you.” Somin spoke as the two girls changed into pajamas in their room, her voice hitching as she continued. “And Zane- I don’t even know where all that came from.” Her eyes moved down to the bracelet on her wrist and for a moment she wanted to rip it off but she didn’t have the strength. Instead the woman just slumped to the floor, sitting with her back against the bed and her head leaning back. “What the fuck.”

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Suua was losing it internally, she couldn’t believe she did what she did, she couldn’t believe that Tae’s arm was around her waist. She couldn’t believe any of it. Suua wasn’t allowed to date until she hit college and then at that point she was so deep into her career that often dating was seen as a scandal, plus she was in love with Tae. There was seemingly no point in dating when she knew no one would match up. That being said she had never been intimate with another person, sure her and Tae were very touchy feely but this was quite different. At least it felt a hell of a lot different. The two of them rested into each other like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces. His chin rested against the top of her head and her cheek was pressed against his chest. Suua could feel Tae’s heart, hear his hitched breath and it caused her own to shake. “V-very.”

Suua and Tae stayed used their blanket, holding each other and simply enjoying their time. It felt surreal, serene even for a moment. Until King and Zane got going. She adjusted slightly, lifting her head she she could watch the two of them and then a bit more when Zane said the awful things he said. “Oh- oh my god.” She couldn’t even form words. In hear ear she heard Tae’s whisper and she gave him a soft disapproving nudge. “It’s a stupid bet if the chances are 100 to 0.” She gave him a knowing look before her attention was pulled back when Soras poor little voice squeaked out, followed by Somin yelling at Zane. Oh this all hurt her heart!

Somin pulled Sora away from the situation which was for the best, making sure to shoot Suua and Lee a look that the woman instantly understood even though she didn’t want to move an inch. Suua looked back to Tae with wide blue eyes, searching his face for a moment before letting out a soft sign. She had to go. “I should really go check on them, that was brutal.” She sat up, her hand resting on his chest for a moment. “Walk me to my door before coming back and making sure these two morons don’t murder each other?” The small woman stood up and held out her hand to him, partially as an offer to help him up and partially because she selfishly wanted a few more seconds of this. Of this moment that she almost felt they were finally a couple. Where they weren’t breezing over their kiss a few days prior and they were being close. Honestly Suua felt like she was going to wake up and realize this was all a dream, that tomorrow they would go back to their normal awkward routine. So she her for trying for a few more seconds.

If there wasn’t a fire between him and Zane, King would have launched himself at the man already. Even with the fire he was considering it. How dare he say this shit about him! No- about Sora! All King had said about Somin was- well honestly it wasn’t that much nicer but he didn’t say it in front of her. At least not until now until the drunk idiot let it all out for everyone to hear. “Well maybe if you didn’t have to pick from your best friends pool of girlfriends you would have had a kiss by now. Rather torturing us all with your childish bullshit.” He leaned forward, grinding his teeth before continuing. “Keep going Zane- really making yourself out to be the good guy we all know and love! Wow. Just amazing!” The man stood, glaring over at the man he considered his brother. “Don’t fucking say her name! Dammit! You want me to mind my own business? I’m fucking trying but everywhere I turn you end up in it! How about you!”

King went to move to Zane but Soras small voice stopped him in his tracks. His heart broke instantly. “Sora-“ Somin interrupted her and King was ready to snap on her as well until he looked over and saw the tears in her eyes. He had only even seen that woman cry a handful of times… she was hurt. Her words made it even worse. Before King could compose himself and come up with something to say to Sora or Somin the two of them were getting up and heading towards the house. “Sora! I’m sorry! I-“ The last comment from Somin deflated him. She was right, King hated that this stupid shit had gotten so bad and hurt Sora the way it did.

As soon as the two girls were gone, it was set in stone. King was going to kick Zane’s ass. King moved, yanking the man up by his shirt and standing toe to toe with him. Zane was slightly taller and larger but King didn’t give a shit, pure anger was going to take him through this. “You think you’re cute huh? Think you can say shit like that about her and I’ll just sit back and take it?” King shoved him, instantly rearing back for a punch and throwing it into Zane’s jaw. “Want to always act so high and mighty, better than me. Yell at me for the way I treated Somin and then you say that shit? All because you’re coming to the defense of some girl you’ve known for two seconds?!”

This was all coming from some depth in his soul that had been bottling up since coming to this house. The boys were the best of friends, they understood each other in a way that only they could understand. That didn't mean Zane completely agreed with everything King did. Zane was always a firm believer on taking his friends side so he never spoke against his treatment to Somin; Zane had never been in love or had a girlfriend so he really couldn't speak from experience. Somehow in the past few months he had fallen hard for Somin though, and while Zane couldn't make up for the years of negligence on his part he was going to do his best to defend her from this point forward.

It was his first time ever sticking up for someone and apparently he was doing a shit job.

"Somin, I--" The glare wiped off his face as soon as Somin stood, Zane suddenly looked like a deer in head lights. Everything he said was true, this was all shit King had said about her and he was sick of it! ... It shouldn't have come out this way in front of everyone, it shouldn't have transferred into attacking Sora, but it did. So why did his heart shatter when he seen the tears in her eyes? "I-I-I-" The drunk man was at a loss for words, and the moment she threw the jacket at him everything around him crumbled. For the first time in his whole life the silver haired male felt tears sting in his eyes as he listened to every single word she had to say to him.

Hearing that she liked him should have been a happy moment, but he ruined it. She thought they were cut from the same cloth and he didn't want to think it was true but, he was proving that she was right. Zane was no better than King was at this point. He couldn't say anything as the girls left, he just sat there heartbroken and dumbfounded. Up until King picked him up and threw the first punch, then it was game on. He stumbled back as his fist made impact with his jaw, his teeth biting his tongue and drawing blood. All he could see was red as he drew his arm back and sent his strongest blow right into Kings cheek.

"You're such a HYPOCRITE. You said all the same shit about Somin! You expect me to just sit there and listen to you talk shit about her? Who comes to her defense? You completely abandoned us for some old girlfriend of yours! Who's been there for you these past few years, huh? Somin held on for YEARS hoping that you'd at least treat her half decent, where's her apology? I sat idly by thinking what a misunderstood guy you were, how we're two peas in a fucking pod, but seeing you with Sora has made things CRYSTAL clear. You used Somin. You took advantage of the most beautiful soul ever and you don’t even give a shit!"

Zane spat some blood onto the grass and let out a weak, defeated laugh. "Whether I've known her for two seconds, whether you've had Sora back for five minutes, it doesn't matter. We've lost them both."
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There was so much rushing through Sora's head as the boys yelled back and forth at each other. There was no way that King felt that way about her, even after all these years apart he was still looking out for her. Protecting her from some creep on the street, taking her to places that they used to talk about, even buying her the cutest souvenir; those weren't things things he'd do if he thought of her as just 'sloppy seconds'. But the way King was reacting to what Zane said, there must have been some truth to his words. Were those things he said about Somin? It hurt her heart! That wasn't the Ji she knew and that was probably the most devastating thing about this whole thing.

Even as he defended her she couldn't lift her head to look at him. Somin deserved an apology from both of them, Sora just couldn't summon the courage to speak out again. Everything was going to hell in a handbasket and she just wanted to disappear. There was one voice that caused the small framed woman to stop trembling, a voice that didn't even give her the time of day most of the time. "S-Somin?" Long lashes bat the tears away as she watched the woman tell the boys off. Sora had never admired anyone so much before. Despite the tears in her eyes and the pain Somin was feeling she managed to stay strong and true to herself. Her cheeks heated as she held on tight to her hand, her head nodding weakly as she stood and followed her roommate to the door.

The girls retreated to their room to get ready for the night and the whole time Sora was quiet. Quietly she smoothed out her lilac silk pajamas, seemingly lost in thought as she looked at the stuffed bear that laid on her bed. Ji was good and she would always stand by that. He wasn't some asshole like his father but there would be no redemption for him until he apologized to Somin. "He's got a good heart. Sometimes though even I can't defend his actions." Quietly Sora moved to Somin's side, sliding down onto the floor with a small sigh next to her.

"I know this doesn't count for much, but I apologize for him." Thin arms moved to wrap around Somin's shoulders so she could give her a tight squeeze. At this point she was sure they both needed a good hug. "Zane I think just meant to defend you, but boys are idiots. Especially those two." Sora pulled from the embrace and gave a gentle sigh. "After the stupid movie is done filming we're taking a girls trip. You, me, Lee, and Suua. My treat, okay? I-I think some space from the boys would do us some good." The thought of leaving King here here alone hurt her heart but, he didn't care how much his words hurt people. Until he realized that, well, she wasn't sure if they could ever be anything more than what they were.

Besides, some girl bonding time would be beneficial to everyone. Maybe her and Somin could finally be friends.
Woo Lee

As sad as watching the fight play out let's be real, it made Lee feel slightly better about her shit romance situation. At least Jung wasn't having a pissing match for her, he was just ignoring the fact that they ever kissed... which wasn't much better. The look Somin shot her and Suua as she was headed to the door she gave a small sigh. "That'll be my cue. Laters." Was she being a bit cold? Probably, though it wasn't on purpose. She was trying to be there for him right now in these trying times with his dad but, goddammit who does that to their best friend?

Lee stood from the pool chair she was kicked back, walked around the bickering children, and right towards the door where Suua and Tae were making googly eyes towards each other. "If you two get any cuter I'm seriously going to vomit. Let's go lover girl." Lee stepped between the two of them, grabbed Suua's hand, and walked up the stairs. "You know I'm glad at least one of us have a blossoming love life. I think everyone else in this house is cursed." Looking over at her friend with her bright blue contacts she shot her a small, playful smile. It was nice to finally see Suua and Tae being honest with themselves.

"As much as I love to disagree with Sora I think a trip is a good idea." The girls walked in just as Sora was proposing a trip, which honestly sounded like heaven right now. "We get a long weekend after this monstrosity of a movie is done. Screw the guys, let them fend for themselves for a few days." It hurt to say that about Jung but, seriously, this kiss thing had been a punch to the gut. It was the best moment of her life and it was clear he didn't feel the same way about her. A weekend away would hopefully help her forget about the damned kiss.

"And don't try to tell us no Somin. I'm personally voting a spa day." Lee moved to the closet of the room and began to toss some pillows on the floor, making a place for the girls to crash for the night.

Growing up Tae wasn't big on touch. His mom was always affectionate and loving, but his dad? Cold, distant, he loved Tae in his own way. Now he didn't think himself to be a gangster like his father used to be but he did take on most of his personality. Maybe that's why they constantly clashed. There had always been an exception to his 'no touch' rule and that was Suua. They were always holding hands, arms intertwined, they were just always attached at the hip. This, this felt different though. This wasn't some platonic hug that he was used to, no, this was far more intimate. His heart was soaring, palms sweating beneath his gloves, and he didn't want this to end. Even if she nudged him for being an asshole.

In all honesty it was probably best the guys were going to throw some punches. Most guys would throw a punch, yell each other, and move on with their lives. Tae couldn't guarantee that would work for Zane and King but it was worth a shot. It was just a shame that it ended up hurting the girls. "Mm. Good idea." With a heavy sigh he released her from his embrace, taking her hand and lacing his fingers together with hers. He shrugged the blanket off and followed after Suua to the door. His free hand gently tucked a piece of hair behind her ear with a warm smile, his hand cupping the side of her face lightly. "Get some rest."

Of course Lee was swooping in to steal Suua and leave Tae to clean up this mess.

"Oh pull yourselves together. You're acting like a couple of children." Tae's eyes turned cold as he stepped between the guys, his leather clad hands giving each one of them a harsh push in the opposite directions. "Aren't you two friends? Don't you care how hurt those girls? All because, what? You want to show off, make yourselves look good?" His voice was harsh as he scolded them, his glare turning towards King. "You're some big pop idol, we get it. That doesn't mean you get to treat others like crap. You’re so scared of losing her again but you know if you keep this up she’ll wise up and leave for good. And you!”

The fierce glare turned onto Zane this time. “Clearly things didn’t work out between Somin and King for a reason. Do you really think that acting like that asshole is going to earn you her favor? It looks like she liked you for being YOU, not him. You both have had your heads in your ass since we’ve moved in, so kindly remove them so we can have a half decent year!”

“I just-“ Somin stopped short, she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. She didn’t want to hash out how she thought Zane was different, it felt dumb in hindsight. There was a reason the three of them were friends, they were all objectively fucked up and terrible. It was stupid of her to have gotten comfortable, to fall out of her routine of cutting everyone off and focusing on work. Honestly, she did this to herself. The other three girls had all started to talk about a trip and Somin mindlessly nodded, she didn’t have the energy to argue or say anything really.

In the week since the explosive conversation in the back yard, the girls had formed a bit of a circle. Somin refused to speak to any of the men in the house, convincing Sora to to the same. Lee and Suua seemed to do the same when in front of their scorned friends but she couldn’t expect them to completely cut off their friends and family. Though she had to say she appreciated the gesture. Sora and Somin got close over their weekend of solitude, the two of them only leaving their room for the last day of shooting and to use the rest room. The filming was awful, just as Somin expected. It already made her upset to see Zane kiss someone else, it was worse now after their fight and knowing it was his first kiss. Somin fought the instinct to check on him after it was done, she knew he was so scared of it but… she didn’t want to talk to him. Not after the things he said.

Apparently in the few days following it had become apparent to outsiders that something strange was happening inside the house because Minho showed up with a speech and a van full of sleeping bags and other camping equipment. The girls had all talked about a trip yes but Minhos twisted idea for bonding was far from their hope. The man told them all they had two hours to get ready and then they needed to get on the road. Apparently there was some cabin that his family owned, said they had used it often for trainee camps and such. Apparently the camping equipment was just extra, this was much more of a glamping experience.

The car ride was awful, all six of them and Minho shoved into a passenger van with all of their luggage. They had been told to pack light, Minho didn’t allow them to bring anything other than comfortable clothes and hygiene items. No makeup. No cute outfits. This was about bonding. At least that’s what he said over a hundred times on the nearly silent car ride. Besides the awkwardness the actual ride sucked too, no phone signal, no radio, lots of twists and turns and bumps. Finally they arrived on the dirt road leading to this wonderful cabin and it was quickly apparent it was NOT wonderful.

“There is no way.” Somin stood outside of the van with her bag on her shoulder, her arms crossed as she looked up at the cabin. It was falling apart! From the outside it didn’t look terrible but some windows were cracked, the door looked broken and the surrounding yard was so overgrown it was insane. “Surely you can’t mean this place is the cabin you hyped up?” As she turned around she noticed that all their bags had been tossed out of the van and Minho was already back in the drivers seat, waving as he pulled away. “Wait! You can’t leave us out here you fucking psycho!”

The fight between Zane and King changed things for the whole house, it was like a literal line was drawn across the floor. Wherever the girls went the boys avoided and vice versa. For the first two days it was torture avoiding Tae, especially after the amazing night they had despite everything that happened. He did nothing wrong but, it just kind of turned into a thing? It was like the girls needed this camaraderie and unfortunately all the boys got grouped together. Then on the third day Suua started to turn inward on herself, the video of her and Tae dancing had gone slightly viral and it wasn’t for a good reason. It was like the image of her with a man allowed the flood gates of creeps to open! So many men were in her comments calling her terrible things! Saying that she was their princess, she was ruining her innocence and that she was acting like a whore. Suua did her best to keep up with deleting them but there were just so many and eventually she turned off the comments and entirely. That didn’t stop them though, comments came in on other videos as well as direct messages. It all made her so uncomfortable and self conscious at the same time! Between that and the girls self solitude, she barely spoke to anyone the last few days. Tae and her texted but… she was so in her own head and second guessed everything she was saying to him.

Then as if he was summoned by terrible situations, her uncle arrived and summoned them all. Minho made them all pack and get in some van that she had never seen in her life, talking about some cabin she had also never seen in her life. “Why have I never heard about some swanky cabin?” Suua chimed in from the passenger seat of the van, eyeing her uncle cautiously as the drove down the rocky road. It was a bit of a drive but finally the found themselves parked outside of a rough looking cabin with Minho nearly shoving them and their luggage out of the vehicle. “Hey! Slow down.” Suua groaned and grabbed her bags as they were thrown at her, catching them with a grunt before turning to look at Minho once more as Somin yelled at him.

“I’ll be back in a week! There’s a landline inside because you’ll have close to no service!” Suua’s jaw nearly fell off her face as the man put the van into drive, yelling out the window as he drove off. “Oh and auditions are next week! See ya kiddos!”

“Unhinged. The man is unhinged.” Suua said blankly, her wide blue eyes blinking a few times before turning to the cabin and taking it all in. It took her a few beats but eventually Suua gave everyone a smile, trying her best to stay bubbly and positive like everyone expected from her. “It can’t be that bad right? I mean there’s walls. That’s a good thing!” She made her way up the few steps to the front porch, taking one step onto the rotting wood before her foot cracked the wood and she let out a scream, jumping backwards to avoid falling through and landing right on her backside in the mud. “Oh, how fun. Very-“ Suua paused, “Rustic.”

Was this all his fault? For the first night after the fight King was so angry with Zane that he was just seething in it, it seemed so obvious that it was Zane’s fault! He started it all, he took it to a serious place so fast and said all those awful things. However after a night of nothing but restless tossing and turning he started to think it all over… he wasn’t an idiot. He knew he hurt Somin. But what he hadn’t realized is how badly he also hurt Zane, how it was him that caused the two of them to get close. How stupid it was that he was angry at the two of them for whatever it was they were doing. It felt like Zane and Somin were tossing him aside when in reality it was him that had done it to them. This is why he didn’t deserve friends, why he didn’t deserve someone like Sora. He didn’t know how to do this people thing like a healthy functioning adult and all he would ever end up doing was hurting everyone! Hell all the terrible shit Zane had said was just quotes thrown back in Kings face!

Despite his self reflection, King had never been good at admitting fault or apologizing. Another one is his lovely personality traits. So instead of trying to talk to Zane, the two just moved around the house. Avoiding the girls and each other was proving difficult and often they found themselves sitting in opposite corners of the same room, forcing Tae and Jung to act as a buffer. King had tried to talk to Sora but got his head bitten off by Somin when he knocked on their door. Then he texted her but never got a reply. King was starting to think it was never going to get fixed, accepting that he just needed to make it to graduation just as Minho showed up to share his idiotic plan.

“Wow Suua, nice family vacation home you have here.” King glared at the cabin, standing firmly in the front yard after he had just thrown a rock after the quickly departing van. “What is he fucking expecting? A campfire and Kumbaya to fix it? News flash, this crew should stay away from bonfires. Seems to set something off in some of us.” He tossed a glance at Zane just as Suua fell into the mud. King moved forward to inspect the cracked wood on the porch that had caused the blonde to bounce back so fast.

King took a few steps up himself, stomping to finish the broken wood and walking around the rest of the porch to check out its stability. “It was just one soft spot, looks like the rest is fine. Just be careful of the hole.” As he spoke to the others his eyes landed on Sora, the woman was such a klutz that instantly his brain went to her tripping into the damn thing. It wasn’t super deep but it wouldn’t feel good. “I’ll find something to cover it after we all get settled.”

“Just please do not speak King. Please.” Jung was over it, majorly. Between whatever issue was going on between himself and Lee, then the issue with Zane and King topped with the girls completely avoiding any member of the opposite gender? The LAST thing Jung wanted was for King to pick at the fucking bonfire the other night. “We’re all stranded in the middle of the woods because of both of you so maybe those in glass houses don’t throw stones yeah?” This year was supposed to have been the best year of his education yet it had just been shit show after shit show. Every night since his father’s arrest felt like a fucking nightmare and this was the climax.

“Oh! Suua are you okay?” Jung helped the girl up as King simply walked right by. The reasons to hate this guy just kept stacking up higher and higher. “Why don’t you girls go inside and see what the situation is and pray there’s a shower that works. I’ll get luggage brought in.”

Jung grabbed his bag, moving next to Lee and giving her an awkward smile. They hadn’t spoken all week and even before that things seemed strained for some reason. “I can take your bag? If you want. I mean, Suua could probably use some help, so if you want to- I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just-“ Jung sighed, when did this get so uncomfortable? He had thought they were in a good place but right now he felt like he would rather swallow rocks than try and keep talking.
Gi Tae

The week was weird. It felt as if him and Suua were finally on the same page and then everything became a complete fiasco. It became girls v boys, Tae didn't necessarily what he did wrong? They texted sure but even then he felt like something was wrong with her. So when Tae wasn't acting as a buffer between the boys he was focused on his re-audition dance. They were told to do something different than their original audition (what, four years ago?) and he wanted to show how much he improved. If only he had hopped on TikTok to see the comments on Suua, then he'd knew what was wrong.

Now there was no denying that Tae was a germophobe. When Minho showed up and told him to pack he didn't question it; the man was like an uncle to him, albeit eccentric at times (most of the time), but there was no way he'd do them wrong at. He was their mentor after all. Camping in some beat up cabin was the last, last thing that came to mind.

He shouldn't ever trust Minho, that was the lesson of today. Tae watched with horrified eyes as the man tossed out their bags, the pure shock of the whole situation causing him to be frozen. "I'll never forgive him. I'm having mother take him off the Christmas card list." Bugs. Dirt. Rot... dust. A chilled shiver shot down his spine. The last of his worries now was 'bonding' with the lot of them. "I won't survive out here a day let alone a week." Already his skin was crawling. At this point he wouldn't live long enough to see the auditions.

The one thing that pulled him from his daze was Suua nearly falling through the steps. Tae's body moved on instinct to catch her, though apparently not quick enough. "Aish, woman. Just say your uncle abandoned us in a shit hole." With a small smile on his face he reached down to hold her hand, his free hand on her lower back to help her stand to her feet. "Are you okay?" His footing was careful to not stop in the mud with his designer sneakers but, even if he did, Suua was worth a little dirt. Slowly his eyes scanned over her to make sure that the dirty backside was all she got from that tumble.

"King are you suddenly a survival specialist? I don't think I see any of us spending much time camping, honestly." He glanced over with a quirked brow as the pink haired man assessed the rotten step.

Ignoring King was physically painful. It wasn't like Sora didn't want to talk to him. She did-- she really really did! Sora was the type of person that liked to resolve issues as soon as possible, and she knew that King was the type to dwell on things. It broke her heart every time Somin turned him away, it gutted her that she didn't text him back. Sora didn't need an apology though. Anything bad he said about her she completely deserved; she was a garbage human being for falling for G's manipulation, traumatizing Ji the way she did. Somin didn't deserve the pain he put her through. If he had knocked on the door wanting to apologize to Somin, texted her about apologizing to her, she would no doubt help him out.

The nice thing about this week? Becoming friends with Somin. The only friends she really had growing up was her cousin and all of her cousins friends. Sora's dad was some sort of outcast like King's dad, that was kind of a bonding moment between the two in high school. King was her first real friend. Her inability to read social cues was something that kept her from making friends, so it was nice to bond with Somin. They liked similar music, movies. Sora wasn't on social media besides instagram to show pictures of her travels, but Somin introduced her to TikTok. It was pretty cool! She was like the sister she always wanted growing up, and it only took the trauma of the boys to bring them together.

All color was drained from her face as she stared at the house with wide eyes. The movie was bad enough, now this? When she heard cabin she envisioned a nice chalet, not this. As if the car ride wasn't bad enough! This looked straight out of a horror movie. Camping was NOT in her blood. The girl was all about makeup, heels, cute clothes. Her dad was just as high maintenance as she was. Even now the girl was wearing a pair of her old Louboutin's, leather pants, and a light pink chiffon button down. This was comfort for her! ...Luckily Somin told her to pack some tennis shoes.

"Inside. Right." With a small sigh her small manicured hand grabbed her travel bag, carefully stepped over the broken step, and opened the door.

Only, she intended to open the door. The top hinge of the door must've been rusted because as soon as it began to creak open something snapped, and before she could react half the door was falling and smacking her on the top of her head, knocking the poor girl to the porch and on her back. The poor girl was seeing stars. "O-Oof..." It would definitely hurt for a few days.
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Woo Lee

Was Lee the only one excited about camping? She supposed it came from her mothers roots. Yuri loved camping. Was she good at it? No, no her dad usually ended up making sure everything at camp ran smoothly. Lee was a natural though. Gardening, swimming, kayaking, chopping wood, Lee loved everything about outdoor activities. "Guys I think this was actually the one good idea Minho has ever had." Bonding wise though she wasn't quite sure about it. How were her and Jung supposed to be back on track? 'Hey, remember how we made out? I actually have huge feelings for you. Stop ignoring me.' Yeah, that didn't scream needy.

"Suua-" But Tae was already moving to help her. Good looking out. It was probably better that King didn't help her up anyways. Still, Jung was getting pissy with him and all it did was put a smile on her face. "I do like it when you get mouthy. Careful though, people might start saying I'm a bad influence on you." For a moment it felt like they were back to a good space, but then he started to trip over his words. The smile instantly fell and Lee gave a small sigh. With a small nod Lee placed her bag near Jung's, taking a deep breath and summoning the courage to stand in front of him.

"Take a breath, yeah? I don't bite." Her pale went to give him a reassuring squeeze but, she froze. The kiss rushed back to her head and instantly she felt like her world was crumbling again. Instead she pulled her hand away and took a step away from him. Lee didn't cry, she wouldn't cry over the biggest rejection of her life. "No hard feelings about what happened. Promise. I get it." Who in their right mind would like her anyways? Jung could do so, so much better than her.

Without another word Lee adjusted the oversized cat ear hoodie and skipped up the rotten step to her fallen cousin. "Four walls and minus one door. Good looking out Sora." Assessing the door situation she noticed that the door was on its last hinge. A good way to take out her frustrations. Lee pushed the door back a little and gave a harsh kick, the door flying inwards and off its last hinge.

Inside the cabin wasn't bad. It was dusty as all hell, there was visible dust floating around in the rays of light that shone through the window. The electricity flickered when she turned on the light but, surprisingly worked? The furniture wasn't bad, it looked like the couch pulled out into a bed, there was a table and small kitchen with a gas stove and a small refrigerator. One bathroom, one room with two bunk beds and one with a queen bed. "Looks like a couple of us are cuddling."

Well, the only positive thing that happened this week was that King and Zane could be in the same room without choking each other out. Tae and Jung had to unfortunately be the buffer but, hey. It killed him that he couldn't approach Somin. It wasn't that he didn't try, but every time he tried Sora scolded him like some prepubescent child and honestly? The little lady scared him when she was angry. He stopped trying to approach her after that, he attempted to text her but got ghosted. He deserved it, he knew that he hurt her, but shit. Weren't they closer than this? Didn't he deserve the chance to at least apologize to her? Apparently not. It put him in a bit of a sour mood.

The kiss was traumatizing. He was still planning on finding a way out of it, then the next thing he knew they were mid scene and Sora pulled him in for a kiss. It wasn't anything long or passionate by any means, a perfect movie kiss, but it hurt his heart and was the final thing to crush his spirit. Auditions? Why should he even care at this point? In one fell swoop he lost everything he cared about; the only guy that could ever understand him and call a brother, the girl he considered a dear friend and dreamed of something more with, and his goddamn first kiss. Zane was alone. He... could get an acting job without this school.

Camping was seriously the last of his worries, but bonding? With who? Why? No one cared about hearing him out. Jung couldn't stand him or King, Tae barely tolerated. Somin deserved someone to make him happy and it was clear Zane couldn't do that. What with the stair and the door it was already a prediction of how shitty their week looked. Already Zane was checking his phone to see if he could text his assistant and, indeed, there was no signal. "Shit."

There were a few bags on the ground, Somin's included, and Zane didn't bother to ask as he scooped them up and slung them over his shoulder. He was tall, strong, he might as well make himself useful the only way he knew how. He'd stay out of everyone's way, let everyone bond, and leave after auditions. With a defeated sigh he made his way up the porch, around the fallen Sora, and straight into the house. It was dusty, damp, and he was surprised the cabin was still standing after all these years of neglect.

"Pretty sure the girls should cuddle. That or I can sleep in the woods and hopefully a bear will eat me." Zane sat the bags in the center of the main room before crashing back down onto the couch.

Lee was scolding him that she didn’t bite?! All week he had been wondering what he did wrong to warrant the way she was acting towards him but now she was acting like he was the one avoiding her? Jung had literally never felt more confused in his life, this was apparent by the gaping look he gave her, his mouth hanging open as if he was trying to catch flies. For a moment her joking with him made him feel okay but it was like a flash and then they were back to awkward. No hard feelings? What in the hell did that mean? What had happened?

Jung’s head spun as he tried to remember something, anything, that would make sense. All that came to mind was the night his dad got arrested, he had been a bit of a hot mess sure but he didn’t remember anything too bad. Actually- he didn’t remember much after the first few hours of the night and then waking up the next morning with an insane hangover. Did he do something stupid when he was drunk? If so why didn’t Lee just yell at him like usual and get over it?

“Wait Lee! What do you mean?” Jung started after her, scrambling to a stop as she kicked the shit out of the door that had just fallen on Sora. Maybe now wasn’t the time to push her, although violence wasn’t out of character for Lee… no. No he would wait until later. Let everyone get accustomed to their new… surroundings. Everyone was making their way inside, thankfully only two of eight with some form of injury. Once inside Jung dropped off the bags near the couch and looked around as everyone began to take stock.

“This place is a lot smaller than it looks outside, although thankfully the inside is in better shape. At least it looks like it.” Jung ran a finger through the dust against the table. “I don’t assume Minho packed us any cleaning supplies…. Or allergy medicine.” The boy groaned a bit. He wasn’t brought up rich like a lot of his counterparts but he definitely never had to sleep in conditions like this. There was no way this was good for their lungs right? “Maybe if we open the place up a little? Get some air flowing.” He moved to open up a few windows, they gave him a bit of trouble but with some elbow grease he was able to get them all open, moving to the large bay window in the back of the room. Once it was open and no longer obscuring the view Jung could see that behind the cabin there was a well paved path down to a gorgeous looking lake.

“Guys look! And it looks like there’s a few kayaks down there too. That could be something yeah?” Jung turned to the group, his eyes landing on Lee and giving her a bit of a smile. Shit like this was right up her alley and maybe it would give them a chance to talk without the many opinions of others.

“T-thank you!” Suua was so terrible embarrassed, her pride hurt more than her body did after the fall. She had always been less than graceful but to take a tumble this quickly was a new record. “I’m fine really! It’s not that bad, I could just use a change of clothes and to wash my hands.” She smiled sheepishly as she wiped her dirty hands on the thighs of her jeans, her mind instantly going to Tae. He wasn’t going to like it very much out here. As if he knew she was thinking of her he was suddenly at her side and she gave him a soft look, her eyes watching his as they scanned over her. “I’m okay! See?” Suua held out her hands to prove there were no scrapes and did a little spin to show she was fine. As she did she heard a clunk from the porch and turned to see poor Sora being assaulted by the door, followed by Lee assaulting the door back. “Oh my god! Sora are you okay?!”

Minho was going to get an earful about this!

Tae had taken her hand and Suua blushed a bit, “I should wash them, I know you have your gloves but I don’t want to ruin them one day into this trip.” Gently she pulled away and it killed her, all she wanted right now was to curl up into his arms and tell him all about what was plaguing her. But for some reason the words couldn’t come out. It was so embarrassing to tell the boy you liked that some pervs on the internet had made you feel somehow both uncomfortable in your own skin and too comfortable at the same time. They made her feel like she wasn’t allowed to be a woman and like a slut despite all the contradictions that entailed. Hell even packing for this was interesting! Suua had packed hyper cute girly clothes, skimpy things she barely ever wore in a desperate attempt to force herself to appear as a confident woman. Then quickly she shoved every damn parka and oversized sweater she owned. Suua had never been like this, she wasn’t narcissistic but she knew she wasn’t ugly and she was always confident in her appearance. Now that had been contorted into something that made her feel icky.

“I’m going to find the bathroom.” Suua quickly excused herself with her bag while the others got settled. The bathroom was worse than the rest of the house. Apparently there WAS running water thank GOD. The toilet appeared to still work and the sink, but even if the shower worked, there was no longer a curtain or a shower head, just a mangled pipe sticking out of the wall. Suua sighed, using the sink to wash her hands off best she could before stripping off her muddy clothes and reaching into her bag. Everything she brought was ridiculous. Finally she settled on a pair of Jean shorts that were shorter than should be possible and paired it with one of her bigger tshirts that she tied in the back so it wasn’t quite so large. Decent enough.

“Did you say lake, kayak? No thank you. Have fun with that.” Suua could do a pool, where she could touch and SEE the bottom. She LOVED swimming in those conditions. Creepy murky lake? Hard pass. And kayaking sounded too much like work. Suua looked over at Tae, he was another reason for her quick denial. Even if she didn’t mind the lake, which some she didn’t, she knew he wouldn’t even stick a toe in and she didn’t want him to be alone.

“I thought yall were rich or something, what the fuck is this place besides a living breathing lawsuit?” Somin cringed as the door fell on Sora, watching as Lee took care of the broken door and letting out a sigh. “Well kids get ready to be real outdoorsy! We basically have some walls but something tells me they’re not keeping the outside friends outside. If you catch my drift.” The short woman moved to grab her bag only to find it was gone, a quick glance revealed that Zane had it over his shoulder and was heading inside already . She nearly yelled after him that she was more than capable but her voice choked in her throat.

It was almost like burning, the feeling on her wrist when she looked at Zane these past few days. Like the stupid bracelet she didn’t have the heart to remove was physically torturing her for not forgiving him. Truthfully, Somin wanted to. This past week had been fucking miserable. But she wasnt taking anything from either of them until they got on the same page. Over the last week she had gotten to know Sora and how great of a girl she was, how KING was the object of her affection was absolutely baffling! But anyways. Both boys needed to apologize to both girls and get their heads out of their asses. Somin would take nothing less… if they only stuck with each girl separately it only proved they didn’t get it!!

Somin entered the house close to last, her eyes glancing around the cabin. It wasn’t much smaller than her own home, missing an extra bedroom and a bathroom but that was about it. Though her house has less inhabitants and dust. As Jung opened he doors, Zane was talking about sleeping arrangement and caused Somin to roll her eyes. “Yeah, what gave you that impression? The fact that none of us have talked to you in a week or the fact that you know I’d rather go wrestle a mountain lion than be stuck in a room with King or you right now? Oh shit- are those the same thing? Oops.” She glared a little, her heart hurting. Zane had never been the subject of her actual lash outs. But it was what she did when she was hurt. Call it a character flaw.

“We don’t even have food and water figured out and you’re already looking into extra curriculars. Okay.” Somin rolled her eyes again, taking off her hoodie from the car ride and tossing it onto her bag. It was hellishly hot here compared to the city. “Whatever, you guys have fun. I’ll be making sure we don’t die.” She waved flippantly and found herself in the kitchen, instantly opening the fridge to make sure it actually works. And it did. However that didn’t matter considering there was barely enough food for four days! “What the hell is WRONG with that uncle of yours? My GOD!” She slammed it shut and began going through cabinets. Can of coffee. Mismatched cups and plates. Two forks. This was going to be her thirteenth reason, Somin could feel it.

Breathe. Just calm down. Don’t lose your cool. Don’t call anyone names.

King was trying to be helpful and he got shit even for that. So he didn’t help the girl up, she wasn’t his problem? She was an adult plus he was pretty sure Tae would kill him in his sleep if he touched his precious little princess. “I never said I was but I can walk on a fucking floor and tell if it’s going to break. Plus I’m pretty sure everyone here is fine with me getting hurt so why not be the sacrificial lamb? A thank you would fucking suffice.” He growled, ready to be even more rude just as the door fell on Sora’s head. King hesitated for just a moment before moving quickly to her side. Lee was taking the door and literally kicking it off the hinges thankfully but Sora still stood there stunned.

“You okay?” King gasped, his hands reaching to brush aside her hair where she had gotten hit. Thankfully there was no blood or anything but she already had quite a bump going and he could tell it was going to bruise up pretty bad in the next few days. King doubted that Minho had been smart enough to pack them a first aid kit and he double doubted that this shitty ass cabin had one in it. And if it did, the thing would probably do more harm than good. “Let’s get you inside okay? Maybe we can find something cold to put on it.” His hand rested on the small of her back and gently he ushered her inside. He knew they still had a lot to talk about, that he still had to apologize for a lot… but shit like this put a pause on awkward. At least for him.

Zane and Somin were already bickering and Zane’s retort about the bear eating him made King snicker. “Bears have better taste.” He said the reply quickly as he made his way into what he assumed was the kitchen and quickly opened the small freezer portion, all he could find was a single popsicle and a bag of half frostbitten peas. They’ll have to do. He grabbed them and made sure the bag was closed tight before returning to the living area and handing her the bag gently.

Sora was his soft spot, his weak point. The thing that would always disarm him no matter how fucking prickly he got. She was someone that he was willing to throw everything away for however her want for him to have a good life constantly made her stop him from doing that. Right now he couldn’t help but think how much easier it would be. Eventually he wouldn’t miss his friends, he would never miss his fucking father. They wouldn’t fight because he wouldn’t be off pissing off other people constantly. It has become very clear however that she would never let him just give up, no matter how enticing it seemed.

“What are you a camp counselor?” King couldn’t help but scoff at Jung and his mention of the kayaks. Although it was fucking boiling hot and he wouldn’t mind a dip in the lake.

The pain from getting knocked in the head did stun Sora for a bit, truthfully though it wasn't the first time she got herself in a situation like this. The girl was accident prone. Stubbing her toe, walking into walls, tripping over thin air, King would always comfort her and take care of her. She really didn't expect him to come to her rescue this time yet, here he was checking on the goose egg forming on the top of her head. Right there, this, him. He was so much better than he gave himself credit for. It made her heart ache painfully, she had been so cruel by ignoring him the past week. "Mm-hmm, I'm fine. Watch your step around this place so you don't get hurt too, yeah?"

Sora didn't argue as he ushered her inside, her throbbing head was dulling her senses and making it hard to focus on anything at the moment. His side comment about the bear made her quietly giggle, her brown doe eyes watching as he walked off to the freezer. For a moment she just admired him. Yeah things would be easier with just the two of them, but where was the fun in that? Friends made life more... fulfilling. In a way stardom never could. Sora wanted the best for him and sometimes he needed a little push.

"Oh, thank you." With a sweet smile her fingertips gently brushed against him as she took the frozen peas, wincing quietly as she held the bag to her forehead. Right now all she wanted was a nap, though the mention of kayaking actually sounded fun. Plus, it was wicked hot outside, a dip in the murky lake didn't sound exactly terrible. "You'll come with, right?" Now King never said no to Sora, and while she never took advantage of that fact she would right now. She wanted them all to bond, that was the point of this trip! She shone her sweetest smile, her bright eyes practically begging him to come with her. There was no chance he could say no, awkwardness or not.

"Right! Somin come on! Let's go get changed. Oh please oh please? Worst case scenario down there you can totally drown one of the boys, yeah? Oh, and we're totally bunking together." King was easy, Somin required a tad bit sweet talking. "We'll meet you guys by the lake!" Ever the ball of energy, even with a concussion. She ran to Somin, grabbed her hand, their bags, and ran to the bedroom with the queen. That would be their room. Sora quickly changed into a purple and white swimsuit with the butterfly skirt. The ice had helped ease the throbbing to her head so she was more than ready for kayaking.

Once changed she tossed her hair into a loose bun and made her way down to the lake with Somin. "Well at least the water looks nice?" It wasn't a chlorinated pool but, sometimes the rusticness of a lake was nice? It was better than that horror movie of a cabin.
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Lee heard Jung, she just chosen to respond. Why would she? 'What do you mean'? It was a knife to the heart. Did he seriously think nothing about their kiss? He had been smiling that night, though maybe it was because he didn't want to offend her? ... She'd rather him straight up say it! I don't like you that way, let's just be friends. Was that seriously so hard?

At least she didn't appear to be the only one in a shit mood. Somin was lashing out on Zane, which naturally made her chuckle quietly. These boys kept fucking up left and right and Somin was clearly not going to let them live it down. Part of Lee admired that she stood up for herself like that, Lee was just swallowing down her feelings. It was a miserable feeling. However the sound of kayaking? To get out of this stuffy cabin and into the water. She knew that Tae wouldn't go for obvious reasons, she also assumed that Suua would ban together with Tae. For once she was thankful that Sora wanted to join in on something.

Bright blue eyes landed on Jung just as he shot her the small smile and her heart broke all over again. Lee did her best to return his smile but it was sad, and forced. She had to blink away the watery tears. She was fucking Woo Lee and she didn't cry. "Y-Yeah. Swimsuits. Good ideas." Quickly she plucked her bag from near the door and retreated to the bathroom. Quickly she changed into her ruffled black swimsuit and looked herself over in the mirror. Was she not cute? She's been told before that she had a bit of an attitude, but Jung knew that. She kept herself in shape, maybe not as perfectly as Sora? Was it the hair?

UGH. She hated feeling so self conscious! She knew it was a million degrees out, that didn't stop her from pulling her oversized hoodie on over her damned suit. There. Safety, comfort. Not really functional for drowning but, hey, she was a good swimmer. With a heavy sigh she made her way out to the living room to toss her bag on the couch. "Suua we're spooning for the week." She shot her dear friend a small smile, knowing full well what a rough week she had. The assholes online weren't for the weak.

Lee grabbed a towel and tossed it over her shoulder. "Laters kids." Her bare feet tapped against the paved path as she made her way down to the lake. The sun was high in the sky and the water was sparkling, it looked like heaven. Too bad she was too bundled up for a dip. "Kayaks but no life vests. Wonderful." That wasn't a big deal though, everyone could swim. Right?
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