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Fantasy Forsaken Dawn Guild OOC Chat

Okay, I must've check out. Who's the hell is this thicc bitch!?
Zilyana for now she's an NPC who helps out around the guild, she is Lilira's elven cousin, but she will become a full-on character later on, but for now, she doesn't go on quests as it would be unfair since she started off stronger than everyone else....except maybe Lilith...fear the swarm.
I was just literally looking through because I was bored, and I was like. Okay, that's pretty funny,
Either way, one can choose to lend a hand or conform to bystander effects. It dun hurt none to point someone in the right direction :>
On this episode of "What Would You Do?".
I edited Lilith's character sheet to add their human's adult form. Just in case that's needed for some reason.
Heres the information on the Frost Worm:

Taken from: here
"Frost worms are fearsome, gigantic, arctic predators who use the crisp arctic air as a medium to broadcast their trilling noise, which hypnotizes their prey."
"Frost worms lurk, covered by snow, waiting patiently for potential food to come near. When it does, frost worms open combat with their high-pitched trill, a noise that stuns those who hear it. They employ an ice breath attack to soften up large groups of prey, and finishes off its enemies with a lunging mandible bite, relying on the intense cold its body generates to finish the job if the bite does not. Unusually, a dead frost worm becomes unstable, exploding in a burst of cold and ice shards."

Just for general reference doesn't have to be exactly like this when finding it on the quest. Would be rather interesting though. Maybe should have made it higher than an S lol but if you choose to dull it down then I don't see it being a problem. I'll start including general creature descriptions the next time I post a quest.
Well looks like its gonna be hard for kindo and Yatari .__.
lol like I said probably best to interpret its combat how you want. Just figured a description might help with posting the fight scenes. Like you can maybe think of the first 6 as babies so they don't screech high pitched enough to stun you but the 7th on the other hand might be able to. Ooor you can just ignore that part all together and just go with it being able to camouflage in the snow and have an ice blast
Remember to tell me if you finish a quest so that I can either mark it as complete or delete it. Also, I added an item list, these are not the only items that exist they are just the ones that have been introduced and I haven't even gone back through people's profiles yet to add more. It's a list on the lore page to keep up with what we have already made.
I'll post for Azrael later on when more people are returning from the quest. Just assume he is off studying and hunting. And I will probably make a couple more posts for reed then do the same for him as well.

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