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Fandom Final Fantasy XV RP -OPEN-

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Action, Adventure


Just peachy keen♥
kweh kweh kweh kweh

I currently have a HUGE hankering for a Final fantasy XV Rp.
No smut/Yes fluff
Gunning to develop my newest character Nilrea, a bounty hunter with a spirited chocobo partner in crime.
Opting for a slow burn romance as I would like to pair her up with Prompto.
I tend to wing my plots with a few ideas as I go; but looking for an enthusiastic partner!

Please please pleaseeee be semi lit and no one sentence replies,
just give me enough to work with and I will do the same! At least two paragraphs
I do doubles! In fact it's encouraged!

Reply via Note or comment here if this strikes you as something you wanna do.
If you have any questions feel free to ask c:

Catch you on the flipside!
kweh kweh kweh kweh kweh
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