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Other Favorite animal?


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I love many different types so this is always the hardest question for me. I think today it's probably the armadillo lizard <3


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That would be the wolf for me. Between their connection to dogs and the adaptability of the species , they really are my favorites (that is unless you count non-real ones).
I always had a preference toward cats, probably cause I find them amusing. But dogs are also amazing. I love all animals, really. You can form a bond with any creature, so it’s really difficult to make a choice.


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Crows. They’re social, intelligent, fascinating to read about, and they don’t take shit from anyone.
Penguins 🐧 I know there's tons of different penguins, I just love them in general. I know they can be right assholes sometimes, like throwing one into the water to check if there are predators, but I mean, they're cute, super intelligent and almost always mate for life.

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