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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls Online (IC)

Comrade EMIYA and Mr. Beast
HP: 96%
MP: 97%

"Ha, this is getting interesting!" As the battle raged on, he duly noted on how she was attempting to disarm him. Well, that would have certainly been quite a finisher...

If he didn't have what amounted to a practically unlimited number of blades at his disposal. Keeping his right hand on the watery copy of the Red Saber's blade, his left formed what seemed to be part of the blade, and with a straight lunge even as the blade in his right hand vanished, he attempted to shish-kebob Nero!

Meanwhile, Mr. Beast shrugged. "I guess he can manipulate water in a lot of forms, I dunno. His sole showing of archery was him yeeting me onto this building...."

Accepting the grenade, he looked over it curiously before finding the pin. Taking it out gingerly, he then proceeded to throw it as fas as possible at the westward side- he didn't want another near-death experience with explosives! With that done. he picked up his main gun, aiming it left and right to see if the Master would appear now.

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"Hm." was the only thing that came out of the Saber's mouth. "I shall see what I can do." With that promise given, he prepared to decapitate the boy before him...

Before the unexpected arrival of a Master and Servant pairing. Hm, it seemed that they knew the boy. Letting her grieve, or feeling the mix of convoluted emotions.

"He isn't dead quite yet. You have perhaps 5 minutes before he fades away from this world entirely. He does seem to hold some regret over somethings."

Deciding to give the girl a chance to do... whatever she wished, he decided to focus his attention on the servant, briefing him on the situation.

"This entire mess began when the boy and his servant became cocky, deciding to go in guns-blazing and began to shoot their firearms. This lead to them gaining the ire of a servant I presume to be Berserker, and with one blow the servant was gone. By a chance that was a pure miracle, that girl-" Gesturing to Destiny and her malfunctioning robot, he continued. "And her servant accidentally saved the boy, leading to him managing to manipulate the two into fighting her. This lead to a skirmish, and all three of them were forced back by the raw power of Berserker. And then..." Closing his eyes in respect, he continued. "They managed to land a fatal blow on my Master, killing her instantly. The boy thought he could also manipulate me into joining him... and now, we have the tragedy here. Berserker continued to pursuit the girl and her bed, firing off those beams of ice that surely drew you here. As of now, I have to fufill his last request... after all, I wouldn't put it past Berserker to be able of taking all 3 of us at once. One last thing, before I forgot. The boy seemed to know of Berserkers identity, mentioning something called a "One Piece"... it could be a clue. For now, step back."

With that said, the Saber strode forward, deflecting a stray beam of ice of his blade. He knew that his life was now forfeit, and as such...

He wouldn't mind giving it all for one release of his Noble Phantasm.

<< Prepare yourself!"

And with that, the sword, pointing upwards, gained a shining, blue color that shot up in the sky, blowing away all nearby clouds. Practically anyone in a nearby area would be able to see that shining beam that could only be one thing.

A Noble Phantasm.

"The Evil Blade shall fall, and the world will reach peace."

Meanwhile, Berseker, who seemed to retain enough sanity to see the giant-ass beam coming her way, began to charge up something of her own. Even from afar, it was possible to see that something had changed in Berserker. Her skin had taken on a icy blue color, and she appeared to have grown horns reminiscent of a demon.. or an Oni.

"I will bring you down - "

And with that, that massive beam of mana began to shoot downwards, the very air roaring as it feel. Berserker, with a scream of rage, unleashed her own counterassault, sending her own massive beam of ice, colliding with the Noble Phantasm-!

And yet, a simple beam of ice wouldn't be enough to stop the blade that had felled a dragon.


As the two collided, airwaves rippled throughout, tearing down half of Shuffled Shrines as collateral- Everyone in the area would need some kind of protection against the clashing of these two powers.

And even as Soul Caliber pushed downwards..... the ice beam began to push back. A look of understanding began to dawn on Saber's face, as if he had figured out how it could be possible-!

Before he hardened, and pushed even more-

Only to realize that he had no more mana to spare. Berserker was also rather costly, but she still had a Master to draw power from- And that would be the sole reason why he had lost. Soul Calibers beam shut down almost instantly, and Berserkers ice beams traveled upwards and then halted-?

Only to come straight down.

With his strength gone, Siegfried weakly looked at his hand to realize it was already vanishing into digital particles. With a heavy heart, he looked to where Ironmouse and Snipe were. Merely nodding his head, he looked skywards to where Berserker's strike would come down....

And closed his eyes, accepting of his fate as the chill washed over him before his being was engulfed and destroyed in a heartbeat

Servant #26 was now dead.

The land near Shuffled shrines was now engulfed by frost and ice, and it would hard to suppress a shiver when near it. And yet, there was something just a smidgen off about all the ice- it almost seemed to glow, as if it were divine in some matter.

Regardless, ice was ice. It would eventually melt away.... right?

*Permanent Status: The Area near Shuffled Shrines is now covered in ice- be careful not to slip. Oddly enough, the ice seems to have some trace of divinity in it. *

Meanwhile, Berserker was panting, looking exhausted. His skin tone had returned to normal, and whatever effect he had was now gone.

So it seemed it was time to make his escape- as much as he wished to do the name of Oden proud, he doubted he could hold his own for now...

And with that, Berserker entered spirit mode of a flash of icy particles, heading back to her master, who was in an undamaged area of Shuffled Shrines.

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Parts of Rider started to peel away from its body. Destiny felt helpless to do anything to help him, and that was when she heard it.....

"Balmung! >>

Whoever yelled that, wether it was a friend or foe didn't matter. The ice beams stopped and the demon lady had turned her attention to a different target. A clash between beams soon occurred, and Yukari had to shield her eyes from the resulting explosion. She fell off her feet and hit the ground, letting out a yelp before her vision blacked out.....


Bedman(?) was in horrible condition. Frost covered its head, and it was missing parts of its left arm and right leg. It still was crawling towards Destiny. Its eye taking a good look at her, it lifted her up and carried her slowly away from the destruction. It would approach Ironmouse and Assassin (Or was he Rider? It didn't matter), before falling over, body crumpled up. Yukari opened her eyes and spun around to see Bedman(?) no longer moving.

She ran over to it and shook its body, as more tears had begun to run down her face. "Please don't die! You... you're the only one who really understood me! Don't leave me!"

Where Nux used to be, 3 health packs, his primary, secondary, and melee weapons layed.​
Soul Karibaaaa Reaction Megapost
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    Haruka Karibu
    Location: Tilted Towers

    Haruka listened intently to the exchange between Cu Chulainn and Tengen. "Three wives, huh?" asked Haruka. "Doesn't the attention get the best of you sometimes? I've had a handful of grown men call me their 'oshi' and sometimes even their 'wife', and it's been really hard to get used to. I'm not even allowed to have a boyfriend of my own, since it'll ruin the immersion of the fans."

    "Master..." mumbled Sakura, tugging at her Master's sleeve. "About Mirror-chan."

    "Huh?' asked Haruka. "What about?"

    "I've been getting conflicting readings from it. At first, it was really stressed, then I lost track of it, but now..."

    "But now...?"

    "I feel an unnatural sense of happiness and fuzziness whenever I'm tracking it down. It's strange... I don't usually get such strong emotional reactions from cards, especially ones that are so far away. I wonder what triggered it."

    "What you just described..." said Haruka, rubbing her chin. "Sakura, can the spirits in your cards fall in love?"

    "They're not supposed to, but Mirror in particular once..." As Sakura said this, an image flashed in her head that she'd rather have remained locked in her memories. "A-actually, nevermind! I'm glad it's in good hands, at least!"

    "Sakura..." muttered Haruka. She squinted at her Servant and pouted. "Just what is that spirit doing while wearing my face and clothes?"

    "B-beats me! My powers can only go so far!"

    Speaking of Sakura's powers only going so far, she tuned back into the conversation just in time to see the two other Servants, who were at each other's throats just a little while ago, having an excited discussion about leaping into the streets of Tilted Towers and fighting strong foes.

    "Can you use any cards while Mirror-chan is out there doing its thing?" asked Haruka. "Im sure Sorc and Lucy will understand if you need to lay low."

    Sakura shook her head. "My cards will be at diminished power, but I can still use cards like The Windy to slow other Servants down so someone else can get the kill. Not to mention, I don't need to deal direct damage to defeat an enemy. I'm confident I'll be able to hold my own in a fight."

    "Alright, so you don't mind if we hang with Sorc and Cu for a while, in that case? He can handle himself more than fine one-on-one, but he's as good as dead if he gets double-teamed."

    "Sounds like a pla—" Sakura started, but she was cut off by a massive influx of energy shooting up into the sky from the direction of Shuffled Shrines.

    Haruka noticed the event too, and pointed in its direction. "Uh, what the hell is that?"

    "A Noble Phantasm, from the looks of it," said Sakura. "Anti-Army, A+ Rank, at the very least."

    "That was a Servant!?" Haruka exclaimed. She recalled Sorcerer 124's hypothesis about the mastermind having "the strongest Servant", and asked Sakura, "You don't think...?"

    As she said this, her entire body shivered, and she turned to face the other Masters, as if making sure she was seeing the same thing as everyone else.

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    Following Mr_Beast’s lead, SctinkyRavioli77 followed his fellow gamer’s lead and threw the grenade Aigis handed him to the South, and within seconds, a shriek can be heard before being drowned out by the sound of explosions; and someone being lit on fire before trying to run away, briefly coming to view as she passed by the door.

    SABER HELP!” Shrieked the Saber’s Master as Aigis fired a volley of bullets at the passing figure, most of which hitting the mark, which only caused her to ragdoll out of view past the hole her Saber made. Although Saber seemed to be busy on her own as she managed to barely miss being shish-kebobed as Childe’s blade cut through her waist instead, nearly stabbing her liver out.

    Knowing that her Master’s on a time limit now, Nero looked back at the fight with focus, putting up a defensive stance every few swings, as if baiting Childe to strike at those pivotal moments of weakness.

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Location: Tilted Tower

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295
Untitled48_20230520093543.pngCu Chulainn: *eyes widen, as he sense the noble phantasm, specifically the dragonslayer properties* so the great DragonSlayer is in this war too.....*grin devilishly* this just got interesting......*shook his head* anywhere let go kid.*pick up sakura like a sack of potato and turn to her master and sorcerer 124* we wouldn't be gone long but try not to attracted attention to yourself and if you need to, don't be afriad to use a command seal to summons us back, got it?

Sorcerer 124: (got it and don't over do it)

Cu Chulainn: (no promise) *cu proceed to speed like a bullet toward tilted town with sakura in tow.
Lucy Carlson
Curent location: Tilted Tower
Redworld23 Redworld23 Trystan1295 Trystan1295
"I give each of them attenrion.Don't you worry about that!" Tengen replied to Haruka.
Lucy looked around."So,that's Tilted Tower,right?"
"Nice place!" Shuffy added.
Tengen looked around. "Yeah,I can hear it too. Seems there's trouble. If the Mastermind has a strong servant,then it will might be at the same level as an Upper rank demon."
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"Oh, ****. Is that..."


Nate felt stunned by the being that stood before him. His mind was still frantic on behalf of the pickle he'd gotten himself into. A game that kills you when you die? He couldn't think of a better fate. He'd rather die in a game than suffer whatever unforgiving terrors exist in the real world. Still, he couldn't think of a better way. To think his last moments on earth would be lived as the Doom Marine, his ultimate role model and favorite hero. Nate would be almost embarrassed to say that he'd spent hours listening to Doom Guy Advice videos on YouTube to raise his self esteem. Of course most of Doom Guy's advice was to rip his enemies apart and make DIY furniture with their bones and use their insides to make pet food. Still, it was time well spent in his professional opinion, because now it was time to finally BE the Doom Guy.

Much to his surprise, he would learn that the image of Kisame who spawned before him was the real deal. Not only that, but he would be pleased to know that they would be allies in this virtual war.

"Holy ****. What a badass." uttered the blue brute as he approached Nate, who was so tempted to say something like 'that's what I said!' but Nate wanted to do this first impression right. He was going to BE the Doom Guy. It was time to remake himself in a new image.

The Doom Marine picked up the 1933 shotgun strapped to his shoulder and aimed it at the shark man, putting on his toughest tough guy voice.

"State your name and business, fiend. Are you friend or foe?"

Kisame's sharp-toothed, piercing visage curved into a thrilling smile. "My my, what a warm welcome! I like you, guy! I'm Kisame Hoshigaki, legendary swordsman of the Hidden Mist. I'm to be your body guard."

Nate was utterly gushing under his power helmet. He hoped the dark visor would hide his reddening cheeks, he just couldn't handle himself. This reality was so much more than he bargained for. So much better than actual reality.

"Kisame Hoshigaki. You don't look like most demons I've seen."

"You flatter me, soldier guy. I assure you, I can be as demonic as you want me to be."
Kisame's grin darkened, turning ominous as swirling watery Chakra started to surround his body. He went to unsheath his sword, intending to show Nate a piece of his power if he so needed to.

"Are you sure you wanna challenge me here? I can show you my true power now, if you like..."

Nate realized if he took this too far he would be losing his alliance with a force too strong to control. He had to turn this around before things got bloody. But how to do it without showing fear?

"At ease, Kisame. We'll see what you got packing when we meet with the enemy. Until then, there's no need to prove yourself to me. In fact I know more about you than you think. I just wanted to be sure it was the real you."

"Well isn't that something! Very well, you got yourself a deal. So where to, partner? If I recall, we got fish to fry. At least 49 of em, or less."

"We go south. I don't know where it'll take us but we can't stay here. Not unless we can find something interesting before we leave here."

"So why don't we look around a little? Stop and smell the roses, all that jazz. After all, we're in no rush to die, right?"

Doom nodded and turned to look around the area. As the name implied, it had a giant cave inside a looming mountain in the middle of the coast. Upon entrance what the two found was a bombardment to the senses. It was like an indoor amusement park with strobe lights.

"Oh-hoho, man! If I were 5 again I'd be bouncing around like a ****in' sugar plumb. What about you?"

Doom could only watch in astonishment as another potential ally bounced around the cave like a ****in' sugar plumb.

"WHOAAAAA! WUSSUP PARTY PEOPLE!!" Quoted the wild child who flew across the technicolor playground and stuck a landing right in front of Kisame, blowing him a kiss.

"You're cuuuute~ hey sharky <3 wanna be my playdate~?"

Kisame's cheeks burned like roses, but more like violets because of his blue complexion. "Huh? Me? A date?"

"Yeah you, silly billy! Aren't you the cutest thing I ever seen! Aaaand you got a pretty big sword hehe~"

The lighter blue winged anomaly said the last part with a twang as she waltzed around the other blue lad, running her fingers along Samehada's surface. Its scales stood up on end, popping out thru the bandages wrapped around it. Kisame could only freeze, speechless.

"OHMIGOSH! What a unique weapon! Is your sword really alive?!"

"It is."
Doom answered, speaking up for his ally. "Its name is Samehada. Be careful though, it can absorb life force from whoever it touches."

"Whoa, really? That's nuts!"

"Hey, how do you know that?"
Kisame demanded.

"I told you, I know things." Doom replied.

"Kehehe, your sword really likes me~" Elira cooed, tickling Samehada's exposed scales. "Isn't he sweet, he's not absorbing me~ who's a good sword<3?"

"How the hell are you doing that? Samehada, are you enjoying this?"

As if by some crazy sorcery, Samehada trembled and bent to her touch. It was utterly helpless.

"Honestly, Samehada! Are you in love?!"

Elira's expression somehow grew sinister, her laughter becoming twisted. "Awwwe, is sharky embarrassed? Your sword got all soft and melty~"

"Hey, you! What are you-"

Before Kisame could tell what was happening, Doom drew his pistol and shot at Elira. He'd caught her drawing her weapon while Samehada was distracted and without a beat of hesitation the blue lady skillfully deflected the bullet with the sturdiest rolling pin to ever exist and jumped high up into the air, firing like mad with her automatic rifle.

"Kehehehahaha! Looks like you're as quick as you look, space marine! But are you quick enough to dodge all my bullets~?!"

Doom shouted as he did his best to dodge around, shooting back when he could focus.

"What the hell just happened! You crazy thing!" Kisame turned to see what was going on, how could he be so careless? How could he let himself be distracted by a girl?

"Kisame! Look alive!" Doom yelled.

Kisame nodded. He moved within the line of fire and used Samehada to block the hail of bullets.

"Ahahaha~! This is so fun<3! Why don't you let me kill that guy and be my boyfriend, sharky<3? I'll promise to play with your sword some more~!"

"Shut up you creepy lady! Stop shooting!"
Doom kept behind Kisame as he tried to take aim, but the foe was just too dang fast. She used the cave's environment to bounce around and prevent him from locking on. Whoever this person was, she seemed to make a good fighter. She would be an even better ally, but something told Doom she wouldn't be so easy to bring to his side.

"Hahaha, nooo way josé~ you're worth soooo much loot and XP, I'd be insane to pass this up! Now just get in my sights so I can REAP YOU<3!"

"She's so fast!"
Kisame mused, almost as if he were in awe of her agility. Thinking on his toes, Kisame used the few seconds Elira needed reloading to weave hand signs in succession, casting a water protection jutsu. The jutsu created a sturdy dome of water around Doom and his servant, which successfully blocked the flying bullets, but without further offense the two were sitting ducks.

Kisame performed another set of hand signs to prepare for his next move. "Water style! Multiple Shark Bullet Jutsu!"

Elira bellowed as she lost her focus, shooting at the sharks instead.

"Gotcha now!" Kisame cheered. His sharks chased her around the cave, but he held back just enough not to actually catch her. "Now if you be a good girl and calm down, maybe I'll be your boyfriend for real! Just slow your role for a sec!"

Elira found a place to land and caught her balance, the sharks stopping in mid air awaiting her next move. She smiled, lowering her rifle.

"You really mean it<3? For real<3?"

"Yeah for real!"
Kisame huffed in relief, rubbing his forehead. "Man, what did I get myself into?"

"Yay! Hooray<3!"
Elira skipped and bounded towards him, leaping onto head and wrapping herself completely around him. "You really really mean it for realsies bealsies?!?"

Doom lowered his weapons as well. Finally, Kisame had managed to win her over. What a wonder that man was, he thought. So accidentally hot he managed to save the day.

"If we're all friends now, we should be moving south as soon as possible. A storm will be coming and we need to get out of here." Doom wished everyone could stay in the rave cave forever, but this was a matter of life and death. Not only was there a storm to outpace, but a war to win. "There's no time to play now."

Elira looked at Doom, her expression turning genuinely angry. "You don't get to tell me what to do! I'm gonna-"

"Whoa, hey! Did I hear a gunfight?"
A new girl announced herself before she was riddled with bullets, eliminated before she could introduce herself. Everyone went quiet, staring at Elira.

Elira twitched, annoyedly. "What are yall looking at! She startled me!"

Another moment passed. "Let's just go." Doom pressed as he started to leave the cave.

"Nobody's judging you! I'll carry you the rest of the way, how's that sound?" Kisame said with a nervous smile.

"Okay! Boyfriend away!" Elira squeaked, holding onto him tightly.

With that bizarre scene at a close, the unlikely trio went on their journey towards reality falls, with two of them unaware that Elira had a servant watching from the shadows, staying in spirit form.

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Comrade EMIYA and Mr. Beast

Tsk, so close to ending the battle there and finishing it- though, that would have ruined the excitement. He did note however, the screaming girl that was currently on fire. Well, she really should have quit while they were ahead- taking on two servants with only one, even if they were a Saber, wasn't exactly smart...

As the battle continued, the Harbinger didn't fail to notice now the Red Saber suddenly being a lot more careful now...

Leaping back, the sword in his hand combined to form a bow, with which he shot a flurry of fast-moving water shots, aimed to quickly finish the fight!

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Servant #19 STABBED Nux Taku

Haruka Karibu BLASTED Vox Akuma

Servant #41 SHOT ON THE BACK OF Servant #39

Servant #2 OBLITERATED Servant #19

Agent_of_Doom PEPPERED Selen Tatsuki

  • ViperKiller1337
    Location: Sanctuary

    Christopher lowered his gun when Kson explained that it was just a misunderstanding right before she laid shots on a cabinet as Majima was about to come out. Christopher looked at Shylily and said "You're Shylily right? I guess you're in this too. Big fan by the way." Shylily would blush at mention that Christopher is a fan of hers. "Oh, so you must like my streams then." She said "But, anyway, since you two had already become friends, can I stick with you for the time being? I promise I won't betray you, ever."

    Lenneth was not very convinced. She had sensed something that rubs her the wrong way to the two Masters. But if Christopher wished to form an alliance with them, then she'll not deny it. "...Fine." Christopher said "For now, let's stick together and find a way to get out of this damn game. Until then, let's get out of here before-"

    But then multiple notifications popped up and Christopher was a little close to lose his cool

    "Damn, this is really not groovy at all. Are they really going through what the game told us to?" Christopher asked. "It is inevitable." Lenneth replied "Like in any other war, people will be killed and then they die. There is no escaping it. I've been there, believe me." Christopher went silent for a little while before turning to his Servant and said "I will find a way. I will make sure that nobody will die in this game even if it kills me. If there's any scumbag who insists to play by the rules, then you really have no life. I'm going...to save everyone, even if it is the last thing I do." Christopher spoke with such convinction and determination, yet Lenneth knew there is absolutely no way to save all of them, even if he tried.

    "Saber, Kson, Majima, Lily, I think we should head somewhere else and find the other players before they end up killing each other. I don't know how long this game will take but-"

    (Continue to next tab)

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    Location: Shuffled Shrines
    Mentions: Thepotatogod Thepotatogod , Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27

    Ironmouse knew her Servant wouldn’t approve of her decision, but she wasn’t as much of an airhead as she’d let on. She’d read through the rules several times over before starting up the VR equipment, and she was completely aware of the rule about the wish… She knew something was up, but the idea of saving herself from the crippling disease that controlled her life was far too enticing for someone like her to ignore.

    She hadn't read it anywhere in the rules, but she was convinced her Servant had his own reasons to win. He wasn't the type of person who'd take lives for the sake of it, that much was for sure. She regretted getting assigned such a selfless, heroic Servant, even more so than she regretted her desire to sacrifice 49 lives, some of which she knew would have belonged to her coworkers and friends, for the sake of saving her own. It all just reminded Mousey of how much of her humanity had been whittled away overtime.

    She knew she was taking a very selfish gamble when she signed up for this game, and it ended up not working out for her at the end of the day. At first glance, the girl that had just lost her Servant was just as, if not more doomed than Ironmouse was, but for Ironmouse herself, the circumstances could not have been more convenient. It was just a matter of time, but she'd succumb to either her injuries or her illness and go down a hero, and Archer would actually get a much more reasonable shot at getting that wish he was looking for granted.

    "What could possibly go wrong, right?"

    Quite predictably, Ironmouse chose Hell as the "Stage" of her preference when she was prompted to by her Servant. She had little idea what was going on, but she knew Archer wouldn't put her or the girl in harm's way on purpose. He's a doctor, and he called her his "patient". They swear oaths for this stuff, after all. She'd mentioned Hell was her "home turf" before, but right now it represented her current state of mind. As she pressed the button to select her Stage, she let out a curse under her breath. She'd once again remembered how selfish her wish was and asked herself how someone like her had the gall to judge Nux if this was how she truly felt.

Location: Tiltled Tower

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295 , Thepotatogod Thepotatogod , Funnier President Funnier President

Cu Chulainn: *watch as sakura was in telepathic conservation with her master, while they were busy. Cu decided to scan the area, the sound of battle intensify, turning around, he notice Sakura notion him to follow her.

As they got closer, he spotted three servants in combat.....well two servants vs one servant and master, which causes Cu to raise a eyebrow, this lone servant is either extremely strong or arrogant but on closer look he recognized the red servant and goan loudly and turn to Sakura* yeah, i recognized that servant from back at Chaldea and somewhere on the moon. Sakura meet Nero or as i like to call her. The worst saber on the throne.

*as Sakura jump to defense Nero's Master, Cu smirk, already knowing what his master wanted. Casually dodging bullet fire thank to Protection from Arrow, Cu position himself in font of Sakura and Kronii and call out to Nero* long time no see, Emperor of Roses!

*Meanwhile back with the master*
Sorcerer 124: (hmm, knew he just wanted to fight) *while she didn't blame Cu for defending Sakura and Kronii. Is pretty obvious he battles hunger is acting up.*

(*sigh* that what i get for summoning a Celt) * by pure chance, i looked at direction of the far off joneses and my eyes widen, as the sky in that direction was red as blood before going back to normal in seconds but something about that, shook me to the core.

(something is very,very wrong)
Lucy C
Location: Tilted tower
Interaction: Redworld23 Redworld23 Trystan1295 Trystan1295 Funnier President Funnier President Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

Lucy,Snuffy and their respective servants caught up to their allies,only to witness the fight nearby. Two pair of Master/servant ganging up on a snother master/servant pair.
"Whoa! That's not fair here!!" Lucy said.
"Sorry,but it war."Tengen replied. "I know it all too well..." "He's got a point." YS'htola replied. "Although you might have to worry about this." Temgen added. Lucy noticed Sakura and Cu,defending the master and servant pair that were being ganged up on.Tengen's attention was now toward the sky. " I got a bad feeling about this..."
"What do you mean by that..." Lucy asked...only to notice the red sky at the joneses which turned back to normal quickly. She looked worried.
Mr. Beast and Comrade EMIYA
HP: 96%
MP: 97%

….Huh, did the blue-clad Lancer really just let his shots pass by? Jokes aside, the hydro-wielding Harbringer didn't fail to notice how the Lancer had seemed to move as if he had already knew where each arrow was going- some kind of Instinct Skill? Regardless, it ruled out taking the fight to a far-away point.

Luckily for him, he was practically all three knight classes with some Berserker tossed in as well. A watery copy of the Lancers own blade formed in his hand, and he pointed it also in challenge… with a smirk reminiscent of a certain tanned Archer who preferred blades.

Well, it wouldn't be prudent of him to let them go without all the facts being given, no?

"Hah, well I have some gripes with this. After all, we didn't decide to launch the attack first, no, no." Shaking his head, he let the effects of Charisma wash over all listeners. "The Red Saber you now protect struck first, bursting through a wall and went immediately for my Master, who I was luckily able to push aside. Then, her master opened fire on our newfound alliance, and we simply defended ourselves- true, the explosives may have been excessive- but since the women that you now protect decided that ending our lives was what they needed, we simply fought back."

Pausing to let Charisma take ahold even more, he calmly waited for a response.​
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There! She’ll probably be as good as dead now, right?!” Sctinky proclaimed, cocking his shotgun and prepared to charge towards the downed Master outside to finish her off before his Servant grabbed his shoulder, squeezing it in alarm.

Wait!” Aigis claimed in alarm, just as Nero tried to block most of Childe’s arrows, noticeably trying to direct them at her own Master to try and put her out; at the most part, it kinda worked. The arrows hit solid ground near the burning Kronii; which splashed all over her burning body. Sizzling as the water weakened the flames slightly. Though what did the flames in was the sudden burst of water falling from above, manifested by a little girl Caster and a blue haired Lancer with a red spear. The two Servants spotted, though Aigis felt a third signature in the distance; those three are definitely in some kind of alliance.

Ah, if it isn’t the Celtic Hero himself! I didn't think you'd be summoned here of all palces.” Nero guffawed as she hopped away from Childe, glad that her plan somewhat worked; a few wounds sustained from catching a few water arrows on her arm. “I suppose your posse rescuing my current Praetor means that I’ve yet to worry about you?” She asked, as Childe began to explain their situation to the group.

Aigis struggled to find his motivation in trying to negotiate the clearly enemy faction onto their side, but it was a chance for her to formulate a plan for their collective Masters to keep safe. Glancing at the window behind her; a suitable exit to fit her and her Master. Though the same can’t be said for the other Archer’s Master. Thus, she’ll have to sit still until the events unfold further.

“Your Master’s well protected, I must admit. Your strength far exceeds what I expected from someone like you.” Nero gave a bit of praise. “I was planning on retreating once I have had my fill. But a little birdie tells me that you are not one to stand down once provoked. Your passion for battle is most exquisite, I tell you.” She pointed the tip of her blade at him.

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Bedman(?) Had its eye stare at Destiny. It was still bright and red, but something trickled out of it and continually hit the ground. Rider was crying. Being in such a sorry state, it couldn't do anything to help her anymore. Destiny would see the tears her servant was producing, before she crawled over to it and hugged the servant.
"Bedman.... I'm sorry... if I wasn't a scared child... you would... you would..."

Destiny continued crying, her eyes closed as Ironmouse and Archer approached. Destiny was too busy embracing Rider to care. She felt something pat her back. Bedman's other arm, sill functioning, was gently reassuring her it will be okay and everything will work out, even if they are both shedding tears.

"I don't want to leave you!"
Bedman saw someone approach. A strange masked soldier, with a menacing look in his eye, had stopped right next to them, with a strange girl, before the girl selected a spot that was generated by the soldier. Bedman thought maybe this was it, but soon it saw the soldier pick Destiny up to take with them. Bedman realized this was a rescue mission, maybe.... and with tears still running down its face, let Destiny go, and gently pushed her away.

"Bedman! Help me!"
Destiny was trying to break free of the soldier's grasp, thinking this person who snuk up on her was an enemy, but Bedman looked at the soldier, nodding to tell him protection of the girl has been passed to him. As Destiny was transported to the new area, she screamed. "Bedman!"
The portal slowly closed, but before it sealed forever, the machine spoke to Destiny, in her mind.
"Thank you... for giving me... a second chance."

Destiny's eyes widened, as the portal closed. Destiny got out of Archers arms and was on the ground, on all fours as she stared at the ground, tears still running down her face. "Bedman.... I'm sorry!"

At Shuffled Shrine, Bedman stared up towards the sky. It looked beautiful. So blue. So serene. The type of sky he wanted his sister to see. Feeling his mission was complete, he slowly closed his eye, finally at peace.

Servant 21, had passed away peacefully.​
Location: Tilted Tower

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Cu Chulainn:*eye twitched in annoyance* You want to die, archer!? *cu said as he regarded the water manipulating archer as he shaped his aqua blade to an exactly copy of his spear.

The more he interacted with the archer, the more piss off he got. everything about him from his ability to his smirk, remained him too much of that red clad bastard. It seen, even in this war, he couldn't escape that faker. It was too much like fate and that piss off.

Still, He listen as the archer tried to explain the situation and eye rolled. Oh, he believed the archer. He knew Nero was arrogant enough to take on two servants unprovoked and believed she could win. Normally, he had no interest in getting dragged in to Nero own messes but his master wanted Nero's master alive.

So with great reluctant, Cu move his eyes away from the aqua archer to examine the other archer that was currently scanning the room for a escape route(smart). Keeping both archers in his line of sight , Cu casually approach Nero's Master(Kronii was it?). A quick examination, show she was mostly fine, if a bit wet but there where a few burn marks from the fire.*

Cu Chulainn:hmm, hold still *Cu draw a healing rune in the air to heal the burn mark* there good as new. *turn back to the two archers* now where were we?
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Gawr Gura

When Gura logged into the game, she was doing a live stream with her pals in Hololive. She didn't think about it at the time, but with how events turned out, she and her pals have been put into a killing game. Gura felt her heart beat in her chest. She was concerned about her friends, but at the same time, she had to worry about herself.

"I hope Ame, Kiara, Calli, and Ina are alright.... I should do what I can to survive and take out anyone who tries to hurt me."
Gura then looked behind her towards her servant.
"Dante, what do you think? We go slow and steady or can we get on your bike and search for my friends that way?"
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As the Selected Stage was being generated in the current Game Area, Snipe noticed that the broken down mount’s began to disappear in pixilated chunks midway through its transposal. It nodded as it was forced out of the Game Area as it had no longer had anything to do with its Master’s Prana; its contract was severed willingly due to exhaustion. Right as the area had finished generating. Snipe knelt down to let his Master off of his back, seeing as they’re safe for the time being. Nothing can get in a generated Stage, after all.

Normally, this place is used to seal off the battle between the CR Doctors and the Bugster Virus Monsters that generate out of the patients. This way, collateral damage would be minimalized through a series of complex dimension bullfuckery that Snipe couldn’t be bothered to understand while he was still alive. But in the Throne of Heroes’ own wisdom while manifesting him, he learned a fancy new term for this sort of phenomenon;

A Bounded Field.

Honestly, the name fits. A set area where normal people are kept out and the supernatural in? Sounds exactly like what Genm Corp was trying to achieve with the Gamer Driver’s Medicinal functionality against the Bugster Virus. Though it usually dissipates when the Game is Cleared by defeating the Bugster or completing its objective. That, or the user gets forced out of Rider form.

Either way, this new hellscape won't stay up for long. The barren, quarry like scenery under an orange sky and a red sun. The ocean in the horizon replaced with nothing but magma with pillars of dripstone rising like mountainous islands.

Snipe glanced at his Master, unsure of what she's planning to do now that they're isolated for a while.
Haruka Karibu

Location: Tilted Towers
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“Sa—Caster!” Haruka exclaimed, almost revealing her Servant’s true name . She rushed onto the scene just in time to catch the “enemy” Archer’s explanation about what had happened with Kronii and her Servant. She seemed a little on edge about it, knowing Kronii, but Cu Chulainn seemed to vouch for her Servant having that kind of nature. Not to mention…

“He’s telling the truth,” said Sakura. She turned to the other Servants and gave them all a resolute stare. “One of the cards in my Noble Phantasm, The Libra, grants me Mystic Eyes that allow me to discern whether or not someone is lying.” She sighed and turned to the fellow water-using Archer. “That being said, I’m acting on behalf of my Master’s wishes, and she wanted me to defend Kronii and her Servant. As such, regardless of the circumstances, I can’t afford to lay down my weapon yet. I’m really sorry, but if you’re not backing down, I won’t hesitate to fight water with water.”

Sakura’s words instilled conflict in Haruka’s heart. If this was true, and she had no reason to doubt her own Servant, this was Kronii’s problem and none of her new friends should get involved in the issue. However, neither Cu nor Nero seemed to have any intention of laying down their arms, so maybe it was in Haruka’s best interest to stay in their good graces.

No, she thought. That’s not the right way to look at things. This wasn’t petty drama where she had to pick a side to maximize the amount of clout she was left with at the end of the day… lives were at stake. Not to mention, one of the Servants on the other side looked like Mr. Beast, and if anyone’s blood was gonna be on her hands, one of the last people she wanted it to belong to was the most subscribed YouTuber of all time.

“Guys, maybe—“

“Master!” Sakura called, cutting Haruka off. “Take cover! Something’s approaching, and it’s huge!”

Haruka wasn’t sure if Sakura was talking about the cloud of distortion billowing from the direction of The Joneses, the ominous and stifling air of darkness closing in quickly, or the faint orchestral boss music that was playing in the background… possibly all three, who knows?

(OOC: Ironmouse tab coming in soon)​
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Comrade EMIYA and Mr. Beast
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"Why thank you, Red Saber. I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Well, at least she didn't seem to hold too much against him at the moment. her savior, on the other hand… well, he was sure he had never met the man before.

So why was the blue-clad Lancer glaring at him- or rather, his watery copy of his lance? Well, he might as well try and ease the tension. The lance split into two, forming into two watery short blades that alas, would be even more antagonizing towards the blue-clad Lancer.

As much as he wanted to duel even more, he grudgingly had to admit that a 3v2 in which their masters had to be protected would be problematic.
“He’s telling the truth,” said Sakura. She turned to the other Servants and gave them all a resolute stare. “One of the cards in my Noble Phantasm, The Libra, grants me Mystic Eyes that allow me to discern whether or not someone is lying.” She sighed and turned to the fellow water-using Archer. “That being said, I’m acting on behalf of my Master’s wishes, and she wanted me to defend Kronii and her Servant. As such, regardless of the circumstances, I can’t afford to lay down my weapon yet. I’m really sorry, but if you’re not backing down, I won’t hesitate to fight water with water.”

"While I certainly won't hesitate to hold back all of you at once... Is that really the best outcome here? I'm sure that our skirmish and the explosives being thrown about would attract some attention apart from yourselves, no? Think about it. This particular area has a lot of nooks and crannies for a Master or Servant with nothing to lose... And all it would take is one quick Lancer or one stab from an Assassin to end all of our chances in a war- especially if they decide that eliminating so many tightly packed servants would be beneficial to them."

Well, he was attempting an argument that was almost a rehash of the one he had with his newfound allies- that being, if we fight, then there's a good chance we draw a little too much attention.

"And even if you were to win against us, you" gesturing to Nero with one of his blades, he continued. "Already know that I'm not quite a pushover, and my ally remains almost completely an unknown in terms of abilities. Another alliance could easily form to take down your triple threat. So for now, why don't we part ways? You managed to save her and her master, and both of our masters are alive. Seems we both have what we wanted, why risk it all now?

Well, there went that gambit. Perhaps the Charisma is his voice could possible convince them…

And if not, he could cut a path open with his second Noble Phantasm


Meanwhile, Mr Beast had discovered something rather surprising… after checking out settings, he found an option which let him toggle seeing “servant stats” and had decided to turn it on, and then to discover that they, it actually worked!

To the side of each servant was a “screen” that displayed stats, and each one had a different color and design. His servants was clearly based of general Fatui design, but in a shade of blue, the other Archers was a steampunk-looking tarot card, and so on. Seems that they displayed 6 things for every servant.

STR, which seemed to be strength
END, which he guessed to be Endurance
AGI, which left him stumped for a bit until he figured out it meant agility
MAN, which was a mystery to him
LCK, an easy one-just luckiness
And finally, NP, which for all servants was currently shown at ???

There were other things also, blank spots. On the Red Saber, it seemed he could see a single “Personal Skill” of hers, Imperial Privilege, along with a basic overview. For his own, he could see a skill labeled “Charisma” and “Enteral Melee Mastery”. Weird thing to have as an Archer, but whatever.

Noble Phantasms however, were completely blocked out for all servants, with a text reading “You must hear a Noble Phantasms True Name or see it properly activated to view this info.”

Well, it wouldn’t do to hoard this information to himself, no?

Sidling over to his fellow Master as inconspicuous as he could, he wispered into her ear. “Try going into settings and toggling servant stats.”

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After the Archer, his master, and the former master of the bed had disappeared, a purple-clothed hand quickly grabbed onto the items left behind by Nux, taking several important items before vanishing back into Shuffled Shrines….

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“Some advice, little shark… if you can use the cooler option, always go for it!” Saying that with a laugh, the slightly nutso servant of the blade pulled out one of his Noble Phantasms.

Cavaliere, a bike that could be split into two separate buzzsaws. Sitting down and revving up the motorcycle, he patted the space ahead of him for Gura to sit down before taking off in a burst of speed, zooming along the road!

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Lucy C
Redworld23 Redworld23 Trystan1295 Trystan1295 Funnier President Funnier President
Location:Titled tower."No way,Mr Beast is here too?!" Lucy said,surprised as she noticed the familliar looking master. " Those who run this game are mad!"
"Don't know who this "Mr Beast" guy does actually but the way you mention him,he seems quite the flashy celebrity." Tengen added. " You hear that! You're really flashy,you know that!" The Sound Hashira,now Assassin shouts to "Mr Beast."

"Looks like our party is getting bigger,right?" Snuffy asked.
Lucy heard Sakura say something about something huge coming their way.
"Yeah,I can hear it..." Tengen confirmed. " Whatever that is,it might be dangerous."

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    Haruka Karibu
    Location: Tilted Towers
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    "But Sakura—" Haruka cried.

    "Please, Master! Don't worry about me," she said. Her lips curled up a little and she half-closed her glittering eyes as she reassured her Master, telling her, "Everything is gonna be alright."

    Haruka sniffled. Her eyes grew cloudy, and before she'd noticed, her tears had already rolled halfway down her cheeks. Sakura's words were like a spell to her, and her worries all but faded away as soon as the words graced her ears. "All right, Sakura," she said. "I trust you." She showed Sakura the back of her hand, and the Command Spell etched onto it glowed with a bright yellow hue. "This one is just to make sure you don’t throw your life away. I'm using a Command Spell to force you to prioritize your survival in this encounter."

    The power coursed from Haruka's hand and illuminated Sakura's entire body. Sakura closed her eyes and took in as much of the magical energy as she could. The Command Spell restored a little of her stamina, but for some reason, Sakura had broken out in a cold sweat.

    "Sakura... are you okay?" asked Haruka. "You look like you're in a lot of pain."

    "One of the cards is fighting against your Command Spell," said Sakura. With a grunting voice and clenched cheeks, she added, "They all have... a will of their own... so they're not bound to Command Spells. I'm sorry... Haruka..." She'd only just finished saying this when her eyes glazed over.


    It took a moment for Haruka to realize what had happened, but one look at who Sakura was glaring at was enough for her to think up a decent enough idea: the card in question had taken over as Sakura had relinquished control of her will over to Haruka. As for which card exactly was the one that had taken control...


    One look at the weapon that had replaced her staff narrowed the options down significantly.

    It looked like just a cosmetic change, but as much as Haruka hated to think it, it was quite fitting for the Blade card to manifest as that sword. Back when it was just The Sword, it copied the skills and reflexes of the best swordfighters in the world... but neither Sakura nor her Master were currently in what "the world", so the card had to work with what it could find in this virtual world.

    And it turns out, the title of "the best swordsman in a virtual world" was just who Haruka expected.

    Come to think of it, though... don't the Blade card and the swordsman in question both use two swords in combat? Was she that exhausted that she couldn't summon a second sword even with the Command Spell boost, or was something else afoot?

    Also, why did Haruka still hear boss music?

    All these thoughts raced through Haruka's head as she watched her Servant lunge at the team of enemy Servants. Haruka closed her eyes and wailed her Servant's name in vain one last time, knowing she would not survive any sort of retaliation.

    Little did Haruka realize, her Servant's fate would not be set in stone that easily... (continue in "Calliope Mori" Tab)

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Lucy C
Location: Titled tower
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"That was quite the flashy entrance I must say!" Tengen replied with a grin to Calli and her servant. " Please excuse my Assassin servant. He's quite the show off." Lucy said to Calli.
" I'm not!!" Tengen spat. " Well, I suppose you're on our side,right?" Lucy asked.

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    Gura's eyes lit up when Dante made his iconic bike manifest. Dante offered Gura to take a seat in front of him, and she ran over to do just that. The Shark Vtuber was almost 3/4ths of Dante's size, but she managed to get on the bike. However, in the process, she accidentally smacked Dante in the face with her tail.

    "Sorry! Please don't be mad!"

  • She turned to face the grieving girl she’d swept into this macabre landscape with her and winced. “Hey,” she said. “I’m… really sorry about your Servant. I know it seems weird, but you’re safe right now.” She wasn’t exactly sure of this, but she thought it was a safe enough assumption, since couldn’t see anyone besides this girl, Archer, and herself anywhere around.

    Ironmouse sat down cross-legged on the jagged, rocky floor. “Now, I’m not going to ask for much in return, and I’m not the kind of girl to take advantage of grieving people… all I ask is for you to tell me your story… not about how you got into a fight with that Berserker, since that Saber told me everything that happened.” Ironmouse cleared her throat. “You’re not a vtuber, are you? Who are you, and how did you get access to this game?”

    Destiny looked up behind her to see a girl standing there, with her servant nearby. She was apologizing about Bedman. How come she's apologizing for something she didn't do or should care about. She then sat down to talk about the situation that happened, and ask a question afterwards. Destiny was still on all fours, a look of despair on her face.

    "I... I'm not anything. I'm just a person who's life had been nothing but hardships. I've always been bullied at school and at home by a babysitter. My parents are never home to be parents. I've lived such a lonely life that I've done nothing but escape to the virtual world to have some sort of happiness...."

    Ironmouse then asked a second question.
    "My name?"
    She felt something in her heart. It was pain, yes, but it was also something else. It felt calm, and gentle. The same feeling she had when Bedman had embraced her.
    "I'm.... Yukari. I.... I don't know why I got the game, but it was at my bedroom door when I attempted to sneak out to run away from my abusive babysitter."
    She looked down again.
    "It must have been a way for the babysitter to get rid of me for good. Maybe her decision was right. What is my point of living? I... I'm weak and the world would be better off if I died...
    The other players here don't care about me.... what is different about you?"

Location: Tilted Tower

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Sorcerer 124: (well this turn into a fine mess) *after catching up with Cu and the other (running was not her forte).

I watch him confront the aqua archer and watched the archer turn his liquid weapon into an exact copy of Cu's spear, which made me nervous, i don't know who this archer is but his similarity to Emiya was very apparent and considering Cu and Emiya relationship...... This could go really bad so i order Cu to healed kronii instead.

After heard the archer explanation, i figure we could just take kronii and leave but i saw Sakura bring out a sword and readying to attack*............(Cu!? What up with Sakura?)
Cu Chulainn: (Not sure, but at her current state, she getting into a battle she can't win)

Sorcerer 124:.......! *i notice Hakura crying as sakura attacked......Something was wrong she couldn't control Sakura* (Cu! Protect Sakura!)

Cu Chulainn: (got it). *Cu bolted to block sakura path* look kid, i like your spirit but charging in recklessly is not the way to do it-! *before Cu could continue the building collapse*

Sorcerer 124: !!!! *i cover my head and closed my eyes to(feebly) try and protect myself but when i open them again. I saw Cu had set up a barrier to protect from debris.

As the dust clear, i saw the one responsible, Calliope Mori and my first thought was*.......(oh no, she hot).......*shaking that particular though out of my mind, i listen to her speech and frown.

For someone whose friend we just risk our life to save, she was coming of as arrogant and ungrateful. But she reveal that her servant (berserker) was the one responsible for collapsed the building.*........(Cu, you got that?)

Cu Chulainn: (sure....mmm, a berserker, uh. How troublesome).

Sorcerer 124: (she doesn't seem intent of fighting us.......but still, if she order her servant to attack.....use your Noble Phantasm immediately).

Cu Chulainn: (not really my style but giving how destructive berserker? Yeah no problem)

Sorcerer 124: *nod and turn to her allies*..............we should get going.

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