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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls Online (IC)

Haruka Karibu
Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Redworld23 Redworld23
"Then I'm guessing we're all in agreement," said Haruka, placing her hands on her hips and holding her chin up triumphantly. Her look of pride quickly faded, though, when she took a passing glance at her Servant.

("Haruka-neesan...") mumbled Sakura through telepathy. ("You're torn, right? Between helping these people and looking for your friends.")

Haruka nodded. She hung her head and added, ("Yeah... I wish there was two of me so I could do both things at once.")

Sakura's eyes opened wide. "Of course!" she exclaimed out loud. "Stay right here, Master! I have just the thing!" She pointed her staff at Haruka, and the tip began to glow. Noticing her Master's apprehension, she reassured her, saying "Everything is gonna be alright. I'm just going to use a Card on you. Mirror!"


Sakura created a Magical Circle on the floor, encompassing a perimeter around everywhere within five meters of her, and manifested a card on the floor in front of her. She tapped the card with the tip of her staff, and from its glowing image emerged the familiar pictured within it.

"Hey, it looks like me, kinda!" exclaimed Haruka.

"And that's before using its magic," said a proud Sakura. "Mirror, please copy my Master's appearance!"

Mirror turned to look at Haruka, then back to Sakura, and nodded. Within seconds, she'd transformed into essentially a second Haruka.

"Woah, woah, woah!" exclaimed Haruka, stretching her arms out. Her doppelganger mimicked her arm movements, albeit with a much more serene and composed face. "She looks exactly like me..." said the real Haruka. "Why does she look exactly like me?"

"She can't exactly copy your personality... actually, she's not much of a talker at all," said Sakura. "But if what you want to do is get the message across to your friends that you're okay, I think she can help!"

"You can count on me," said Mirror, bowing her head out of respect to her Master's Master.

said a perturbed Haruka. "Just be careful out there. You won't have a Servant to protect you like I do."

Mirror nodded, and within seconds, it had dashed off in the direction of the nearest source of magical energy that wasn't an ally—and all signs pointed to Greasy Grove.

(Mirror will be at Greasy Grove within 2 posts.)
Lucy Carlson
Trystan1295 Trystan1295 Redworld23 Redworld23 Lucy watched the card summon in awe. " Whoa,that was so cool!" Lucy replied. "Quite flashy indeed." Tegen replied. The cat girl master,Snuffy stayed quiet.
"My apologies for my master. She is not one to talk alot." Ys'htola replied."Like you said before do need more allies if we want to investigate what going on with this game." Lucy replied.
Location: Reality Fall

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295 , SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15

Sorcerer 124:*watch the clone run off* (wow, that a nice trick) *listen to y'shtola speech and put on a thinking poses* (now we get to the real meat of the matter, who is responsible? And why? Hmmm, i have a few ideas of the matter, so let see.

1) the person responsible is someone with a grudge against V-Tuber and streamer.

Reason: the vast majority of player in this game are v-tuber. So it obvious, the person responsible was target them specifically.

Flaw: then why am i here? Am not a V-Tuber.

2) The person responsible brought us here to kill each other to fuel the reality gem(with our soul???).

Reason: this death tournament is based on the fate series HGW. In the war, killing servants wasn't the end goal but a means to an end, fueling the grail with the souls of seven servants. Theorically same thing is happening here but using masters??? instead.

Flaw: not enough evidence.

3)person responsible is just a sadistic that enjoy watching people suffer and die.

Reason: maybe am just over thinking it, maybe the guy was asshole with a god complex. There are a lot of shows where the big bad set up a death maze with sadistic intent (SAW,danganroopan,hunger games)

Flaw: is it really that simple? The people responsible put a lot of effort into this game, the VR is ridiculously advance, finding and giving the VR to 90+ v-tuber and streamer is not small feat. Could it really just be for laugh?)

Cu Chulainn: (*chuckle* slow down Einstein.)

Sorcerer 124: *blushed from embarrassment* (shut up! Any way can relay this to everyone. I want their input).

Cu Chulainn: (sure thing) ok,everyone listen up! My master want me to tell you some thing......
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Haruka Karibu
Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Redworld23 Redworld23

"Oh, sure," said Haruka, responding to Cu Chulainn's request. "What's up, Sorc?" She couldn't help but giggle as she realized something: she actually sounded like Bugs Bunny for a second there.

("Master...") said Sakura through telepathy. ("You're still really uneasy. Is something the matter?")

("No, it's just...") said Haruka. ("You see that Master over there is a catgirl, right?")

("Oh... I see, she reminds you of her, doesn't she? That vtuber who cut ties with your agency recently.")

("Yeah... she's an indie now, as are the other two,") said Haruka. ("I wouldn't be surprised if she or any of the other two got her hands on this game too. If that's the case... I don't know if I can bring myself to hurt them, even if it's to defend myself.")

Sakura placed a comforting hand on her Master's shoulder. She spoke out loud, yet in a hushed voice so that only the people close to her could hear her. "Everything is gonna be alright," she said. "You're in the presence of a group of allies who would rather get to the bottom of this than to carelessly spill blood, and you have Mirror looking for your friends. Place your trust in everyone else for now, and if things ever go south, know I will be there to protect you with my life."

"Sakura..." Haruka babbled. She gave her Servant a tight hug and waited for Sorcerer 124 to start explaining.

(Mirror will be arriving in Greasy Grove by next post.)

Location: Sanctuary

As Christopher and Lenneth searched into the homes, a notification popped up. "Damn, are we really doing this? Killing each other for the sake of one wish and freedom? This is really not groovy." Christopher said out of disgust. "It is the rules of the war, after all. There's nothing that we Servants cannot deny." Lenneth replied. "Say, Saber, can I ask you something? What did you mean by calling yourself a "Divine Spirit"?" Christopher asked. "We are gods, you see." Lenneth answered "We are but purely divine beings considered impossible to be summoned without our powers altered to better suit in the war. Not that we have any problem about it mind you."

"Guess I should be very lucky then to have an actual goddess as my Servant. Still, this whole thing is very not groovy at all." Christopher said. On the other hand, as Kson and Majima investigated one of the homes, at first it was empty and quiet... A bit too quiet. Whether they're going to leave or explore, something will roll down onto Kson's foot; a flashbang. If they don't get out now, they'll be blinded and soon be attacked.

Trystan1295 Trystan1295

Nux Taku SNIPED Wolfychu

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 @Crow Funnier President Funnier President @Orihara @Venchi1986 R U S T R U S T SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 @Witherbrine26 Redworld23 Redworld23 @Icee Trystan1295 Trystan1295 @Gaius Danius Griinia @Flintstone
Location: Reality fall

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295 , SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15


Cu Chulainn: (ok, master you up)

Sorcerer 124: (me?! I thought you were going to explain it)

Cu Chulainn:*smirk* (and steal your thunder, no way)

Sorcerer 124: (jerk!)...............*sigh* Alright listen up *i began to explained my three idea as to the motive of this death tournament but the more i thought about it, the more idea No.2 made the most sense. It is only thing that explained it,the ridiculous amount of effort put into this tournament, the wanton deaths (50+ confirmed deads), the obvious inspiration from the fate series. This tournament is just a ritual, a ritual using human sacrifices as fuel. But for what? Well it pretty obvious, it the final prize of this tournament... A Wish. But in that case, it means the person responsible is inside this Game, most likely waiting and/or manipulating the other players to kill each other and claim the prize but it might be even worst than that because if we assumed he/she control the game including the summoning system..........then he/she probably summoned the most powerful servant in this tournament, in other words,........they cannot lose. *i stop talking to let it sink it*

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    Kson ON AIR
    Location: Sanctuary (Inside A House)
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    A message popped up on Kson's HUD. The first words she recognized were the name of someone she knew very well and even collabed with recently before this whole killing game mess went down... despite the rest of her agency vehemently opposing her choice.
    The rest of the message made her regret the circumstances explained above more than anything else.

    Nux Taku SNIPED Wolfychu.

    Kson's jaw dropped. She didn't know the circumstances behind Nux's kill, but quite frankly, she couldn't bring herself to want justification for someone she thought she could trust taking another’s life—let alone someone as kind and wholesome as Wolfychu. She was so frustrated by the news that she was about to let out a loud "What the fu—"
    "Kaichou, watch out!"

    Majima leapt to his Master's aid, but it was too late. The flashbang went off, completely stunning Kson and severely hindering Majima's movements. "No!" he grunted. "At this rate..."

    "Berserker, retreat!" Kson ordered, calling out in no direction in particular. "Use your Noble Phantasm to call Christopher and his Servant over. Remember, Majima Everywhere?"

    "B-but Kaichou, that's not..."

    Kson used up a Command Spell. "Just do it! Kaichou's orders!"

    Majima struggled to resist the influence of the Command Spell and yelled out one last "Kiryu-chan!!" before disappearing entirely.

    "I thought I told you," said Kson. She grabbed her glasses and tossed them aside. "That's a name I've discarded." She placed her now-empty hands on her hips and thrust her massive chest forward. "I am Kson of VShojo, motherfuckers, and death would suck my dick if I had one!"

    Meanwhile, in the house where Lenneth and Christopher were examining, the trash bin nearest to them began to rumble.

    "Gotcha, Valkyrie-chan!"

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Location: Reality fall

Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Trystan1295 Trystan1295

Sorcerer 124: *thinking poses* (so basically, a blood sport. That somehow more disturbing. The ideas the millions are possibly watch us fight and die blissful unaware that it real even more disturbing....is the possibly that our friends and family member are going to watch us fight and/or die in live TV) *shiver* this is fuck up............anyway. I think we can although agree that killing other player should be avoided, as it only serving the master mind goals....*look at the map and give it to hakura, as if to say "where should we go now?".

Location: sleepy sound

Interaction: R U S T R U S T

Amaterasu: *from beyond the bound of space and time. I heard the call. Who and how did not matter because i recognized it for what is was, a call for help. I would not abandon someone in need....so i answer the call. A crimson light fill my vision and when it faded, i found myself in a unfamiliar place but strangely i was not worried. As if by some strange magic, i knew everything, i needed to know. I was a caster servant summoned to protect my master and fight other servant and this strange girl with wolf ears was my master*
Silvervale: *eye widen* you are! *ran and hug amaterasu, before realize what she was doing and back away embarrass and chuckle* sorry about that, it just that am a big fan of you ammy and i guess it loss control.

Amaterasu: *gave her a curious look. Fan? Does she mean to say worshiper? And on that matter, why can i sense a connection between us beyond the master\servant bond?*

Silvervale: ammy, am looking for my friends. Can you please help me find them.

Amaterasu: *there were many unanswered question but it did not matter, so long as someone was in need....she will help.*

Silvervale:*hug her* thank ammy.

Amaterasu: *nuzzle happily before becoming alarm, a servant\master pair was nearby*
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Lucy Carlson
Location:Reality falls.
"Not good a all. We're all part of this ritual." Lucy said worried."Sounds like something Muzan would pull off." Tengen added. " We need to find this mastermind behind all this...and his servant,cuss he has one for sure." "I didn't expect less from a shinobi." Ys'htola added.
Haruka Karibu

Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Redworld23 Redworld23

Haruka was surprised when Sorcerer 124 thrust the map into her hands, but she chose to take it as a sign of trust. She got the message: Sorc wanted her to lead the way. Her eyes danced all over the map, but she wasn't able to make heads or tails of it. Panicked, she turned to her Servant and telepathically called for her help. ("Sakura! Can I get an assist here?")

Sakura let out a nervous giggle. ("Sure, Haruka-neesan. Pass the map down here.") She reached up to the much taller lady.

An embarrassed Haruka turned to the other Masters, blushed furiously, then handed the map to the much younger Servant.

Sakura's eyes glossed over the map, and she analyzed it quietly for a few seconds before arriving at a conclusion. "Hmm... Looks like Mirror-chan ran south, in this direction," she said, pointing to where Greasy Grove was on the map. "I'm guessing we'd want to cover more track, so we have two choices..." She pointed towards a city landscape in the distance. "We can go East towards Tilted Towers, or we could go North to..."

"Is that snow?" asked Haruka.

"Yeah, the path up from Rave Cave is really snowy."

"We're headed to Tilted Towers. No ifs, ands, or buts."

"I thought you loved the snow," said Sakura. "It's in your lore..."

Haruka turned to face Sakura, murder in her eyes, and addressed her Servant in the most mock-threatening tone she could muster. "The lore is dead and Nyanners killed it."

If she didn't need to use a Card to do so, the terrified Sakura would have totally shrank down to atomic size.

Haruka cleared her throat with her right hand and placed her left on Sakura's head. "I'm sorry, Sakura," she said. "I shouldn't get you involved in my big-girl business. All I need you to do is protect me the way you would your other friends. You think you could do that for me?"

"Haruka..." Sakura's eyes wavered for a second, but much to her Master's surprise, she gave her a nasty side-eye. "I'd rather you not talk to me like I'm a toddler. I'm 13, of course I understand what it's like to break off a friendship."

"Right... sorry. I guess age would be a touchy subject," said a flustered Haruka. She turned to the other Masters, and her blush grew stronger. She let out a nervous laugh and asked them, "Uhh... So, Tilted Towers, how 'bout it?"
Lucy Carlson
Location:Reality falls.
Lucy looked at the map and looked at the mentioned areas. " Tilted towers sounds good to me."she said. "Yes, it's a good choice." the cat gitl master replied."Now she's talking?!" Tengen replied. "My master is not thevtalkitive type." Y'shtola replied.

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    OST: Reach Out To The Truth (First Battle)

    Oho! The abyssal dampness of the sea against my own passionate flame?! How amusing!” The Enemy Servant remarked as Childe managed to get a good hit on her, letting out an excited grin as she focused on what she thought clashed blades with Childe. His hydro blades sizzle as they visibly trigger Evaporate when pressed against Nero’s sword. “Let us see if Neptune’s blessing can put this out!” She spins back with a skip, intentionally moving backwards with Childe’s latest slash against her, drawing out steam from the Vaporize reaction in an attempt to trip him out before lighting her blade aflame, running it along the ground in a twirl as she swung it upwards, sending a wave of flames towards Childe!


    --{[Pallas Athena]}--
    Summoned Goddess of Wisdom​

    Persona!” Aigis’ body briefly glows blue along with her eyes as a towering figure appears in front of Sctinky at the sound of shattering glass, taking the brunt of the shots with its large orbiting blue shield standing its ground in front of Aigis’ master to protect him.

    Seeing the shield, the rogue master clicked her tongue as she rushed to the other side of the doorway, deciding to wait out whatever it is that’s protecting Sctinky.

    D-dammit, they’re seriously gonna kill us!” Sctinky clicked his tongue, getting up after being caught unaware by the gunfire, lucky to sustain minimal damage against the hail of bullets as he tries to focus on staying alive as whatever it is Aigis summoned disappeared in a blue particles of light.

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Location: (Several Hundred Meters Above) Condo Canyon
Mentions: Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

Ironmouse scanned the surface of the canyon as best she could, and since her expectations were next to nonexistent, she was only half-trying. And yet...

There was something—no, someone—she saw, that made her jump up and down on the back of her Servant like an overstimulated toddler who's had one too many Twinkies. "Omigosh!! Archer! Archer, look! Look, look!"

By this point, she'd lost all her fear of flying. It was as if she'd been riding on Snipe's back regularly for at least three months. Against any sort of common sense, Ironmouse thrust her pointer finger towards the abyss just to signal out the man in the white set all the way down. "Look, Archer! That awkward posture, that sinister spring in his step... It's Connor! That man right there, in the white suit!"

Without a single care for her or her Servant's safety, she gripped his shoulders tight and rocked him up and down violently. "Where's the land button on this thing!?" she exclaimed. "I need to see him right now!"

Her childlike excitement was short-lived, however, as a message popped up on her HUD.

Nux Taku SNIPED Wolfychu.

There's a name Ironmouse hadn't heard in a very long time... and frankly, in this context, she wished she'd seen any name but his pop up on her screen. Just taking in the context of that message made her sick to her stomach. She knew he was a no-good traitor, but even so... she wanted to think he had good intentions when he placed her and her friends in harm's way.

"There's no such thing as noscoping with good intentions." She mumbled under her breath. "Archer... I think Im satisfied with knowing Connor is okay. We have bigger fish to fry now."

Ironmouse wondered if she really wanted to kill Nux. Archer said something about this being a killing game, so was it really okay to hunt threats down if it meant protecting the people you cared for?

Of course not, that would render her initial assessment of "noscoping with good intentions" being impossible... inaccurate. Murder is murder, and Ironmouse didn't need a law to tell her whether it's okay or not to take someone else's life against their will.

But if that's the case... why was her blood boiling like it hasn't been in a very long time? She wondered if her frail body in the real world would handle this intense feeling much longer. In fact, if her body was essentially comatose in the real world and she was unable to continue her treatment, it was only a matter of time until...

Ironmouse shook her head, as if shaking away the demons in her head, no pun intended. "Let's keep going, Archer," said Ironmouse, determination in her eyes. "I think we'll find our answers up north. Shuffled Shrines... no, further up. Sanctuary."

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    Alright, alright, I get it! We’re gonna fall if you shake me any further.” Snipe practically scolded Ironmouse as he promptly began to fly towards this ‘Conner’s’ location when another player got sniped. 2 deaths in a span of what, 5 minutes? Things are getting intense up there. As he approached Conner’s location, however, he heard his Master utter something under her breath. He couldn’t really understand it, but it sounded like she knew both players rather personally.

    Meaning…?” He stopped midway, glancing back at Ironmouse as she told him that she’s satisfied seeing her friend for the time being. Her gaze looked mighty familiar to the gunslinging doctor, reminding him of his most stubborn patient yet. A mix of disdain, determination and spite. She’s out for blood, that’s for sure. This ‘Nux’ guy better watch his back. “Copy that, then. Brief me about your target while we head for a vantage point.” Snipe faced northbound, beginning his flight towards the Sanctuary.

    Sanctuary Arrival in: 6 posts
    Shrines arrival in: 3 posts


Location: Sanctuary

When Majima disappeared, Kson would hear footsteps coming close and then later, a gun being cocked. By the time Kson would regain her vision, she would see what appears to be an orca girl. She's very well known, so much so that she is considered one of the top independent vtubers of all time.


-A Very Lewd Wholesome "Orcat"-

"Wait, you're Kson, right?" Lily would ask "You... You don't happen to have come looking for me, aren't you? To kill me like Nux had done?"

On the other hand, Lenneth wasn't fazed when Majima came out of the trash bin. Not so much for her Master though, he was a bit startled, but then considering this is Majima, he was half expecting that to happen. "Majima? How did you get in there? And where's Kson?" Christopher asked.

Trystan1295 Trystan1295
Location: Reality Fall

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295 , SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Sorcerer 125: *nod* (so we agreed, tilted tower it is) *i started walking but kept a eye hakura. I don't miss the outburst early,i was a bit surprise and concern to witness something like that from the normally cheerful. I wonder what happen between her and nyanner?.....hmm,it not really my business. Still despite how grim how situation was, it had one upside. It let me meet some interesting peoples. When i get back home, am going to brag that i meet (kinda) famous people. Wily(twin brother) is going be green with envy😝*...................so it take a while to reach tilted tower, so hakura care for a chat?...like what is like to be a V-tuber? Do you know hololive?
Soviet EMIYA and Mr. Beast
HP: 96%
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Hah, this servant wasn't so bad herself. Grinning with amusement himself, he watched as his blades began to sizzle as he locked blades. And yet....

Looking through Eternal Melee Mastery... even as an Archer, was he still better at swordplay then the servant before him? He was expecting a bit more from a servant of the sword, being the strongest out of the three knight classes. True, while her speed was something faster than his own, he was still able to win in any battle of strength easily. The only thing she had in retaliation was whatever Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms she had- and he was certain that if were a mere boosting of power, he could triumph in that regard.

Regardless, what mattered the most as of now was that he was almost perfectly suited for this roll- with his Hydro vision, he could put out almost any of the flames, and her skill with the sword still fell below the rank where he would begin to struggle.

As the obvious Saber before him fell back, he copied the motion, the blades in his hand combining to form a watery copy of the sword that laid in her hand. As a wall of flames was sent towards him, he created a hydro shield, blocking a majority of the damage and letting the remainder of the flames wash past. Then, he countered with a wide horizontal slash incase the Saber decided to approach. Defending himself done, he charged right back into the melee!

The Red Saber would likely be surprised to uncover that the servant before her was wielding a watery copy of her blade.. in a far better manner then she could despite its jagged appearance. Smoothly slashing with the blade, the Harbinger didn't intend to let her take a moment on the offensive, instead barraging her with a flurry of strokes!

As the battle seemed to get closer and closer to him and the sound of gunfire stopped, Mr. Beast decided that it was better to get under the protection of the robo-girl then be out in the open. Running full-pace towards the shield, he almost slammed into the wall from how fast he was going. As the small girl who really needed some pants said that the other Master was really trying to kill them, he wheezed out a "No shit, Sherlock." Damn, he had to start doing more exercises apart from upper body if he got back.

"S-since Archer is anyways fighting the other servant... Sorry if I don't know your class, but um.. do you have any more of those grenades? We could attempt to force her to come out, and then.." Mimicking a gun noise, he continued "Or try and incapacitate her?" Upholstering his "main gun" from his back, he held it in his hands and looked around, trying to see if she could be spotted anywhere.

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Topless Topless

The Saber before Nox wasn't screaming in the slightest- instead, he just stood by his Masters, kneeling down in respect as they began to pass away.

And then, that boy arrived. Without even looking at him, his blade automatically moved, burying itself within his chest. While technically not an automatically fatal strike, it would certainly kill him if not untreated. (5-Posts from Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 until he dies, unless somehow treated with a Med-kit.)

"You dare?" He said, finally facing the Master before him, his blade slicked with pixelated blood. "You act as if this were a mere game, boy."

"But now, you "apologize" to my master as if this was a mere games of marbles. Do you not understand the nature of this game, boy? Those who die here, die permanently. There is no apologizing for your sins. Judging that only one servant has died... I assume it was yours, and by the woman hand who now seeks to end your comrades life. Me and my Master have been witness to all your altercations.

From foolishly shooting into this location, hoping to draw attention, thinking you were invincible. And when a servant too powerful decided to answer the insult which you had wrought, you fled like a coward. And when your servant perished, you decided to manipulate the young woman in her strange ride to assist you in defeating the one which you angered in your folly? Pathetic. And now, you hope to manipulate me into serving you, by promising false wishes from a honeyed tongue. Even if I could bring her back, I would still refuse because the offer came from you. You truly are the lowest scum I have had the disgrace to speak with. Goodbye, weakling who thinks everything will work out like a Fairy Tale for him."

His speech finished, he hefted his blade, and then swung- intending to finish of Nox with a single blow. A far more compassionate and painless end then what the Saber believed he deserved.
A Youtuber of the Animation Variety and The Oni Princess
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Unless your name was Shirou Emiya, the simple rule of thumb for killing servants as a human was simply "Kill the Master." Even the best of the best of mages could only do so much against one.

With modern weaponry, against a servant with A-Rank Endurance? Utterly laughable. Perhaps one with C-Rank Endurance that was willing to sit still and let you shoot them directly. As it was, any shot that Destiny attempted would have done jack to Berserker.

Berserker, seeing as the Master and Servant wanted to play the long game, decided to play along. Conjuring ice on her weapon- he swung it, creating a decently sized beam of ice that would do some decent damage to any servant with C-Rank Endurance.

The problem was, she repeated the motion again.

And again.

And again.

Even from far away, it would be possible to see the dozens of ice-beams Berserker had shot- for Bedman, this was simply an unavoidable attack given how close each beam was to the other, and the sheer width that they encompassed. It was practically an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm at around C to B rank.

And even worse was the fact that she was still approaching, casually walking even as he swung his club hard enough to shatter a building. Seems that he was done playing around. Thought, this would he costing on his mana....

Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27
"You dare?" He said, finally facing the Master before him, his blade slicked with pixelated blood. "You act as if this were a mere game, boy."

"But now, you "apologize" to my master as if this was a mere games of marbles. Do you not understand the nature of this game, boy? Those who die here, die permanently. There is no apologizing for your sins. Judging that only one servant has died... I assume it was yours, and by the woman hand who now seeks to end your comrades life. Me and my Master have been witness to all your altercations.

From foolishly shooting into this location, hoping to draw attention, thinking you were invincible. And when a servant too powerful decided to answer the insult which you had wrought, you fled like a coward. And when your servant perished, you decided to manipulate the young woman in her strange ride to assist you in defeating the one which you angered in your folly? Pathetic. And now, you hope to manipulate me into serving you, by promising false wishes from a honeyed tongue. Even if I could bring her back, I would still refuse because the offer came from you. You truly are the lowest scum I have had the disgrace to speak with. Goodbye, weakling who thinks everything will work out like a Fairy Tale for him."

Nux felt the strike and he fell down on his ass. His gun and arm over his legs while one hand was against the ground behind him. Nux knew the warrior was right. He couldn't ask for forgiveness or apologize for the actions he made just to save his own skin, but his cause had a Noble reason for it.... just like when he tried to be the good man that he was in posting "that" video to protect his friends in V Shojo.

Nux chuckled to himself.
"It's 2021 all over again. Maybe history repeats itself, and I don't deserve to live because of my actions, but I can't die and leave the girl on the moving bed without an ally to help her reach the end...."
He then closed his eyes.
"Which is why I ask of you to do the right thing, after slaying me, to protect her with your life. She... she's scared and doesn't want to hurt the other people trapped... I am ready to die, but she isnt."

Nux then got up and had his arms spread out, ready to accept his fate.
"So long everyone"
He thought.
"My adventure is over everyone. Don't let my death be in vain, and wish for the correct thing."
It was here that Nux was then slain, if Saber wished to. Nux however had said the truth, and will continue to believe he was doing the right thing.
Destiny was having trouble. The big demon lady seemed to be able to tank every bullet and not be scratched. Worse, the lady started hurling ice beams at her and Bedman(?).
Bedman zigzagged between beams, before one beam came straight towards Destiny. Bedman(?) Spun around and took the blast against its backside. Destiny was thrown off to the ground, before turning around to see that Bedman(?) Started smoking. He might actually dissappear, leaving her alone to fend for herself, if nothing is done about it.

Destiny had tears run down her face.
"Bedman, please hang in there! Please don't die! I'm scared and I don't want to be alone! Please.... don't give up!"

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Lucy Carlson
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"So....you two know each other?" Lucy asked Shuffy and Haruka."Just wanted to know."Just a collaboration. " Shuffy replied.
"It's nice for you lot to make friends but keep your guard up. There are still hostiles here and us being group are like one big target." Tengen replied.
The Penta-Post
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    Haruka Karibu
    Location: Reality Falls

    With that settled, Haruka and Co. had officially set off towards Tilted Towers. Sorcerer 124 had started a conversation with Haruka about how it was like being a vtuber, and this got gears running in Haruka’s head. Naturally, someone in her line of work should have several ways of explaining what she does to pretty much every normie she runs into IRL.

    Haruka rubbed her chin. “Lemme see… indie vtubers, that is to say, vtubers not affiliated with any agency, are essentially the same as any other content creator on the internet, except that they use a vtuber to present themselves instead of their face, or say, a still image of a cartoon character that cycles between different emotions depending on the context of what they’re saying. They can stream or produce content full-time or part-time, and they can produce whatever kind of content they want, as long as it’s within their platform’s TOS.”

    Sakura leaned into the two, introducing herself into the conversation. “But that’s not exactly what you do, right, Haruka-neesan?”

    “As of a few months, yeah, not anymore. I signed a contract with an agency called VShojo, and that basically takes my job and slaps the responsibilities of an idol on top of them.” Just saying that made Haruka feel pretentious, though it wasn’t far from the truth at all. She sighed and propped her chin up with her right hand. “Our actions are pretty much all run by management, and we have to worry about licensing, marketing, business relationships on and off stream… It really takes the idea of making a full-time job out of streaming and cranks it up to 11, haha…”

    “Sounds like a lot of hard work,” said Sakura. She closed her eyes and let out a dreamy sigh before adding, “Ah… but I bet it feels great to stream to thousands of people and make their lives happier, doesn’t it?”

    Haruka let out a nervous chuckle. “I wouldn’t exactly say I’m making thousands of people happy right now, but yeah, it is really satisfying.”

    “Come to think of it… If you mentioned your friends were here, does that mean the decision for all of you to participate in this game was taken by your agency?”

    “Now that you mention it, yeah… the company that produces the Nerve-Gear thingies chose to sponsor us, so a sponsored stream was in… order…” As the words left her mouth, everything started coming together. She stopped in her tracks.

    “Haruka?” asked Sakura.

    Haruka’s eyes teared up. “I’m being used, aren’t I? That shady sponsor sabotaged the entire agency, and now they’re holding me, Mousey, and Kson hostage… Not to mention everyone else, vtuber or otherwise.”

(Cries in this took me almost all day…)

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    "You're kidding me. Your guy's an Archer?" Sctinky raised a brow as he glanced at the sword fight between the red theater kid and the Ed Sheeran wannabe. "Doesn't look very Archer-y to me. Then again, my Archer's a frickin robot girl."

    "I do, but keep in mind that she has the advantage of being in the open field. The likelihood of her anticipating this reaction and avoiding contact is over 58%." Aigis answers, letting two more grenades roll down her sleeves and rest upon her mechanical palm. “However, visual analysis confirms that deploying these out both southern and western windows may force our opponent to avoid them.” She says, handing the grenades to the pair of Masters.

    The Saber, meanwhile, had acted according to Childe’s prediction. Lunging at Child with a similarly positioned horizontal strike, prompting both blades to clash with one another. Sparks and steam fly as the blades grind against each other.

    “How flattering.” Instead of being shocked, the Saber simply let out an amused chortle at the hydro construct of her own blade, being pushed into the defensive by her own blade by this mysterious Servant. One glance, and one could surely believe that he may be a Saber. But then again, there is word around the throne that there are Archers who use Swords, Lancers who shoot bows, and Sabers who use spears; Such a subversion shouldn’t be too unexpected–in spite of the irony that statement brings!

    Drawing her own blade back, the Saber’s own confidence combined with her Imperial Privilege allowed her to practically match Childe’s slashes nearly blow for blow, both parties having some slashes slipping through their own defenses, with Saber getting a bit more than what Childe has. In a quick defensive maneuver, she parried a stroke then raised his copied blade with her own, attempting to disarm the copycat!

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Location: Shuffled Shrines
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Whether it was the image of this massive knight looming over Nux's limp body or the fresh blood that dripped off the knight's Zweihander sword, something about the scene Ironmouse had stumbled upon made her sick to her stomach. As soon as she could visually confirm that the body in front of the knight was indeed Nux Taku, she turned to Archer and asked him. "Could you confirm if he's completely gone? You're a doctor, so you can get close to him without blowing chunks, right?"

Having dispatched her request to her Servant, she quickly turned to address any concerns the knight may have. "You're Wolfychu's Servant, right? I set off looking for Nux the moment I got the notification that he'd killed her, and it turns out I was off by just a little while." She closed her eyes and sighed. "Thank you for bringing closure to a very dark chapter of my life, Sir Knight."

Under her breath, she mumbled something in Spanish. "Prepárate, Nux Taku, que la revancha la jugamos en mi cancha."

("Prepare yourself, Nux Taku, for we'll be having our rematch in my home field..." referring to Hell, not Puerto Rico. Though, I can understand the confusion.)

She sized up the knight. He stood even taller than her Archer, and if he wasn't on a timer, he'd make a threatening enemy. She wanted to ask him about the beams of magic, but even she could tell this wasn't exactly the time or place to gush over the light show.

Yet, she'd promised herself she wouldn't grieve. Flashes of the various collabs she'd had with Nux throughout the years flooded her head, and before she'd known it, tears had started streaming down her cheeks. She should have expected this reaction. She wondered if any life remained in Nux when she'd first spoken to the man who took his life; if her voice was the last thing he'd heard. At the end of the day, she couldn't in good faith say all her time with him was spent cultivating regretful memories.

She babbled and whimpered for a moment before voicing out, "Why'd it have to end like this...?"

Location: Sanctuary

"Yeah, uh, whatever." Christopher said when asked about Majima's Noble Phantasm before the Servant explained in rather weird detail that Kson is in danger and then afterwards, he went back inside the bin. Christopher turned to Lenneth and said "We need to go and save her, now." Lenneth obliged and the two make their way to where Kson is.

On the other hand, Shylily would answer Kson's question. "Nope, not a single scratch." She said right as Christopher and Lenneth came into the house. "Kson!" He called as he aimed his rifle at Shylily, not knowing that she doesn't intend to kill her. "Wait! Don't shoot! I'm not going to kill her, promise!" Shylily persuaded.

Trystan1295 Trystan1295
Location: Reality Fall ----->Tilted Tower

interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295 , SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15


Sorcerer 124: *look concern with seeing hakura sad. Must have been rough to have to go through all that.*........you don't need to be sad, we help you find your friends and get out of this game....promise *i said honesty but i am really not good at this whole mushy stuff, normally if my brother was sad , i just he let borrow my PlayStation 5 for a week and he right as rain...yeah*
Cu Chulainn: *currently talking to assassin* sssooo, three wive, eh? Got to admitted, you have better luck with women that i have. All the women in my life are mostly trying to kill me. Word to the wise, don't piss of goddesses,witches or queens *shiver* trust me.....

Sorcerer 124: (i feel like there a story behind that, but i don't want to know).

Cu Chulainn: well, we pass Reality fall, tilted tower should be righ-! *turn to the other servants* you guy feel that? *a massive amount of magical energy was in the air. The kind that can only be generated by servants in battle* mmm, look like there are quite a few servants here..... Alright, new plan, i scout the area out and see how many servants are around * point to the rest of the servants in the party* the rest of you protect our masters, in case of ambush, got it.

Sorcerer 124: *arm crossed* (you just want to fight the other servants don't you).

Cu Chulainn: (well, it tempting but i really want to figure out, how many servants are here. It no good rushing in like a certain reckless idoit)....on second thought, i need a second pair of hand to cover more ground *look at the other servant* so, whose up for it?
Lucy Carlson
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"Haruka,we'll help you in everyway we can." Lucy told her new friend.

"Well,I have three wives because of my clan's traditions. When we reach 16 years old,our parents chooses three wives for you. Despite that I treat each of my wives respectfully and love them each equally." Tengen replied." All three of them are strong Kunoichi in their own right." he added.
He stopped as he heard strange sounds.
"Guess you're right." Tengen replied to Cu. " Well,you're edger for battle eh? He brings out his Clevers and listened to Cu's strategy. " Alright,we'll protect them with our lives!"
"Try not to be reckless." Ys'htola warned Cu.

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