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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls Online Lore



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All named locations are selectable spawn points.

Battle Pack inclusions
  • One Servant (Non-swappable)
  • One primary firearm
  • One secondary firearm
  • One melee weapon
  • Three Command Spells (Non-refillable)
  • Three health packs (Can carry up to three only, can also be used by Servant)
  • One body armor (Can withstand up to ten hits except headshots)
  • Two grenades (Can carry up to two only)
  • One flashbang (Can carry only one)
  • One smoke grenade (Can carry only one)
  • One instant camping set (includes tent, campfire and sleeping bags)
The Battle Pack can be purchased at the one-time accessible E-Shop for free as it's only item. Only 50 are available in stock. Failure to purchase the pack before the start of the game will be eliminated.

Rules of the Game

1. The last person to survive will have their wish granted by the Recreation Gem.

2. Players can only get additional supplies and/or swap loadouts (except Servants) from fallen players. All firearms have infinite ammo, but it is up to the player if they desired to switch out with a different one.

3. All players have only one life.

4. Hacking the game will result in instant elimination.

5. Removing of VR Headset will result in instant elimination.

6. In every 12 hours, the playing field will be shortened by the "Wall of Death". Players caught in this wall will slowly experience agonizing pain (3 posts) until their elimination.
All injuries received and inflicted will be reflected in real life.

7. The game has a time limit of 72 hours. A "Sudden Death" game will occur if two or more players are alive after the time limit, in which they will continue to fight inside the Wall of Death.

8. While this rule is not stated within the game, regular Holy Grail War rules apply. If the Servant survives but loses their Master, they have an hour to find a new Master before they disappear. The same rule applies vice versa for the Master.

9. Anything goes within the game.


Command Spells

These will serve as symbols of authority over the player's Servant. Casting one of them will force the Servant to do what their Master's told them regardless of resistance. If the player uses up all of their Command Spells, they'll automatically lose the contract of their Servant and will never reforge a new one again, forcing them to find a new Master/Servant to make a new contract.

Virtual Gear


The virtual reality headset produced by Clock Tower Games. It was created for the sole purpose of replicating the feelings from the game to the person wearing the headset via generating pulses into the wearer's nervous system. Once on however, the headset is automatically set to "armed". Removing the headset while in the game will trigger a mechanism that will self-destruct, killing both the wearer and possible someone else in the process.

Because anything can happen to the player within the game, this could also mean that if the player dies, the headset will instead send a strong pulse that will render them brain dead. The headset also serves as the main controller for the game, functioning similar to Sword Art Online's NerveGear.

NPC Player Rules
  1. You can only control up to two NPC players at a time only. Whatever you want to do with them will be up to you.

  2. You cannot make them as your replacement PC should you die. They will be taken by other players.

  3. Do not expect them to survive until the end, even if you want to. They're here to act as "filler" for your posts.

  4. There is no need for you to make you CSes for both Master and Servant. Just make sure you play with them fair.

  5. As you can already tell, the NPCs are various content creators (streamers, vtubers, etc.). Do note that they're all fictional and have no relation to their real life selves.

NPC Player Cast List
(NOTE: This is subject to change.)

  • Master



    Armalite AR-18

    Astra A-100


    Spawn Point
    Shuffled Shrines


    -Oni Princess-
    Class: Berserker
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