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June 28/29th 2023

This is the day where a select individuals had received a mysterious package on their doorstep. Inside the package is a VR headset and a game called "Noble Souls Online", which allegedly claimed to be a VRMMORPG from "Clock Tower Games". Those who are very careful would have researched about it with nothing found. Perhaps it is a new company? Who knows. The curiosities of these individuals got a hold of them and they all put on the headset.

Before they know it, they're in the game, spawned at various points of the world along with other selected individuals, counting at around 100+ players. Immediately, they all found the game to be devoid of anything that makes an MMORPG. No NPCs to interact, no mobs to fight, it's just them in the middle of an otherwise "empty" map. This was a total scam, but then they found out something horrific; when they open up the menu, there is no option to log out.

Some individuals decided to remove their headsets than to simply log out, but when they did, those near them would hear explosions on the poor sods' end as their avatars collapse and disappears into data. This caused wide spread panic on the other players stuck.

They're trapped.

Among the chaos, a text-to-speech audio message was played.

"Hello, Masters. If you wish to leave the game, please stop panicking and don't think about removing your headsets unless you want your brains to explode. We can grant you your freedom on one simple condition; the log out option will only appear to the one left standing and not only that, but we will also be granting you one wish. All you have to do is to kill each other. In order to do so, open the menu, go to the E-Shop and purchase the Battle Pack. Be warned for only the first 50 players can purchase it. That is all, thank you."

The moment the audio message has ended is when all the surviving players hastily attempt to buy the Battle Pack. Those who have successfully purchased it has received the means to off their adversaries, but to the ones who have failed, the moment that Battle Pack stocks have reached zero is where they all collapsed and their avatars have morphed into what appears to be magic circles. In the real world, however, those individuals have all perished with their heads still intact.

Rising from those circles come beings that is more powerful than the player's weapons; Servants.

(NOTE: The names of the Servants have embedded links to their respective wikis, to further help you in your Servant development in the CS.)

  • Primary

    Colt M1877 "Thunderer"

    Tactical Knife


    -One Winged Angel-
    Class: Saber

By the time all of the Masters have got their Servant, another text-to-speech audio message was played.

"50 Masters confirmed, 50 Servants have summoned, all Masters have been equipped with the means to defend themselves save against Servants. Let the game begin."

By the sound of a horn, the game has finally begun, and there is someone down at Sanctuary who have this to say;

"This is not groovy." Christopher said.

(NOTE: You may now update your Master CS with your given loadouts and you may proceed with creating your Servant CS. You have until the start of June to complete them. Failure to complete their Servant CS will have you eliminated by a nearby NPC.)

(Protip: Add your "Location" on your posts so that you won't have to ask or tell anyone where you are. Always follow the lore page.)

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 Crow Crow Funnier President Funnier President Orihara Orihara Venchi1986 Venchi1986 R U S T R U S T SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 Witherbrine26 Witherbrine26 Redworld23 Redworld23 Icee Icee Trystan1295 Trystan1295 Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia Flintstone Flintstone
Kent Winston
(IGN: XxXI_Ken_WinXxX)
Location: Greasy Grove



The man’s imposing presence surprised Kent. He wasn’t expecting a man in full regal clothing to just poof into existence like that. “How did you…” he started to say, but he cut himself off. He shook his head, as if to get his head back in the game, or whatever. “I’m getting ahead of myself. Who are you, and what do you want with me?”

“I’m glad you asked,” said the man. “I’m your Servant. Long story short, I’m like a magical bodyguard. My true name is Claude von Riegan, head of the Leicester Alliance… but given the circumstances, you can—and should—just call me Archer.”

“Archer…” muttered Kent. “Yeah, that’s way less of a mouthful. Thanks.”

As soon as the horn called the beginning of the game, Kent dashed forward blindly in search of his first target. He refused to believe the circumstances he was placed in, and even if there was a part of him that was terrified of what would happen to his family and friends back home, he figured all he had to do was survive until the devs patched the Log Out button back in. In the meantime, however, he refused to sit in the sidelines. This was his game at the end of the day, and one way or another, he had to prove to everyone that he was no Average Joe.

Kent wove from tree to tree, rocking his virtual assault rifle from side to side with every stride he took. He continued sprinting until he stopped in his tracks, having just realized something. “I’m tired,” he said. “But I thought this was VR… I’m not actually exerting any physical force, right?”

That’s when Archer spoke up. “You know, if you’d spawned anywhere else on the map, you’d be a slice of Swiss cheese by now. Where do you even think you’re going?”

“I just really wanted that first blood, you know?” Kent asked. “I’m sorry, I’m just scared I’ll get killed first if I don’t take the initiative.”

“I feel you, buddy.” said Archer. “But if you kept running blindly between the trees like that, you could have been reduced to a bloody pulp and you’d be none the wiser. You know what they say: ‘You never hear the shot that takes you down.’”

“Alright, so what do you think I should do?” asked Kent.

“Well…” as he said this, Archer’s head perked up. He grimaced and stared into the distance before adding, “Let’s get deeper into the trees. I sense someone, and I think we’ll have the advantage if we surprise them.”

“Got it,” said Kent. WIthout hesitating, the two rushed deeper into Greasy Grove, hiding from the unspecified Master-Servant pair that neither of them could lay eyes on yet.

Archer occasionally motioned for Kent to switch from tree to tree.
“If we can get the high ground, we’ll be more likely to score an advantage. Whether it’s people or Servants, not many people are used to looking up.”

“Wow, you really know your stuff,” said Kent. “Do you think they know we’re here?”

Archer chuckled. “Comes with the Skills. Tactics B and all that. About your question, though, they definitely know. I don’t have Presence Concealment as a Skill, so since I’m in the general area, they’ll probably be on guard too.”

“Gotcha,” said Kent. “Is that them, right there?” Kent asked. His voice was a whisper, and he pointed down at a pair of men that were dressed in very strange attire. The first man was wielding a rifle and had long, disheveled hair with red highlights, while the other had unnaturally spiky red hair and a red star tattooed on his cheek. “They stand out like sore thumbs…” said Kent. “I can’t tell who’s the Master and who’s the Servant.”

“Bold words, coming from someone clad head-to-toe in bright red armor. Also, the Servant is almost always the one that doesn’t have assault weaponry.”

With that said, the two continued observing their targets quietly. Kent aimed down the sights of his AUG and pointed at the man with the rifle. It felt like it could have been so easy to just pulll the trigger and end that person’s life, but did he really want that kind of guilt on his back? All he wanted was to play a fun VR game, but now the harsh reality was that right now, it was his life or everyone else’s.
Lucy Carlson
Curent location:Reality falls.

This was a tough day indeed. The game she received wasn't as inocent as she thought. Lucy was now stuck inside,with no way out...until sge fights her way out...to the death.

She was lucky to get herself a battle pack. Soon as she did,a figure materialised in front of her. A...very...familiar one. Prior to get stuck in the game,she was watching a marathon of the second part of season 2 of the Demon Slayer anine: The entertainment district arc. She remembered Tengen Uzui clashing against co Upper moon 6 Gyutaro. The tall Sound Hashira stood in front of her,armd cross and staring at her.

"What do we have here? I suppose you want to become my tsuguko?" Tengen Uzui asked.
"Wait a minute! That's not now it works!" Lucy shouted. "I'm the Master and you're supposed to be the Servant." she added,remembering what the voice said.
"I know all about that." Tengen replied annoyed. " According to the place, I'm suppose to be an assassin. But my name is Tengen Uzui,Sound Hashira and God of festivals!" he added,making a stance.
Lucy face palmed."Of all the Hashira, why am I stuck with him?" she muttered.
"Listen,I'm supposed to fight others to get out of this game and YOU will help me!" Lucy shouted.
"I know this kind of situation all too well. I was forced to fight my brothers and sisters to the death. I know what it's like." Tengen replied. "Since I was summoned to help you ,I shall do just that."
"Thanks."Lucy. "Now,stay focus kid,you're a member of the demon slayer Corps after all." Tengen added.
"Well,I'm only dressed like one because my avatar is designed to look like this."
"Well,you shall learn..." Tengen added..staring at Lucy. She noticed another pair coming nearby,one of them a silver hair woman with cat ears,passing near without seeing her and Tengen.
"They didn't see us!" Lucy said,surprised. " My class skill did work after all! Tengen shouted.
"Class skill?" Lucy asked. " Presence Consealment. A skill worthy of a shinobi such as myself!" Tengen declared proudly. He brought out his Nichirin cleavers. "Now,let show them how flashy we can be!"
"Eh,right!" Lucy replied,bringing out her katana. The duo charged head first into battle.
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"Why did I think it was a good Idea to log in to this game!?"
Destiny was kneeling on the ground, holding her head as tears ran down her face. She just wanted to escape reality for a place she thought would be safe, but this? This wasn't what she wished for.
Seeing the person next to her, a girl with twintails and red hair, fall to the ground, unmoving, before her body vanished into data, it really scared Yukari. To survive, she had to kill others, but she didn't have the desire to kill someone who, like her, was trapped and is forced to kill innocent players in cold blood.
What was she to do?

The weapons she was given didn't help any either. 2 guns, and a Naginata. Yukari would have normally been excited for being able to use a bladed weapon, but this situation didn't give her the luxury.
She started to hyperventilate. Her panicking made it hard to breathe. She imagined multiple shadows surrounding her, coming to kill her. She would have probably ended up fainting to the point someone would take the opportunity to kill a immobile target, but Destiny felt two strong hands grab her.

Yukari started screaming. She felt this was the end for her, someone was about to murder her in cold blood, and Yukari could do nothing to stop it. However, she felt herself be placed on a soft surface, and it felt very comfortable being there. She opened her eyes to find herself in what seemed to be a bed, but something seemed familiar about it. A large robotic eye would descended to look at her, causing Destiny to lean back in a sense of fear. The robotic eye's internal processor unit scanned the girl, and in its vision, a mission objective had been given.

Protect Girl

The robotic eye moved away and Yukari felt the bed start to move. She looked over to find that the bed was in fact, also the robot. She realized immediately what this is.
The Robotic eye looked back to her as the rest of its body was moving, and she swore it winked at her, yet having a single eye couldn't wink, right? And is she dreaming?

Nuxanor (Or Nuxtaku)

"Well shit! I've seen enough anime to know where this is going!"
The wholesome Vtuber said to himself. Nux definitely wasn't wishing to die, and as much as the other people here didn't deserve death, he felt he had to survive, and maybe he can tell the FBI about this hostage situation after he escapes.
Nux wasn't alone however, as Nux noticed a familiar person from Yugioh was sitting on a rock next to him.
"Well if it isn't the one and only Marik Ishtar. I remember something about getting a servant or something. Is this a Nasuverse fanfic then?"

Marik looked at his hands, and was pretty confused.
"What am I doing here? I don't have anything to protect myself with."
Nux had the unlucky situation of getting a Servant that is litterally just a normal guy. Nux felt himself cringe at that, and looked in his inventory.

"Here, take this gun. I don't need 2 of em."
Nux handed Marik his secondary weapon, before making his primary weapon appear in his hand.
He then proceeded in a random direction, with Marik following him.

(Destiny and Nux are proceeding towards Shuffled Shrine)​

  • Our story begins with a man sitting along in front of a camera in a checkered blue room in front of a table filled with various trinkets and knick knacks. As he had just pressed record, he took a deep breath as he performed his video greeting.

    Hi, y'all. Scott’s Aw-Roit.” He greeted with a wave, soon bringing up an unmarked box from the ground. “Amazon’s giving away free consoles...Bezos is gonna be pissed.” He shrugged as he opened the box and took out its contents. “This is…Well, I don’t even know what it is. I tried looking it up online, and there’s no new VR Headsets in the works as of late. Its developers, Clock Tower Games, are off the grid. So much so that they didn’t even bother revealing this thing–or themselves at E3 this year. Believe me, I’m a big virgin. I should know these things.” He pointed at himself for a bit, “Well, maybe they’re a relatively new company? You’d think that, but even small indie developers have something about them on Social Media, but Clock Tower Games? They’re like Data Design if they actually stopped before they began. So what’s the deal here?” He shook his head as he took out the headset from the box. “They ripped off Nintendo.

    Behold, the Virtual Boy’s distant cousin!” He examined the headset, showcasing it to the camera, “It lost its legs. I haven’t even tried this thing on, but apparently, you need a game to actually boot this thing. Which is why Clock Tower Games gave me this.” He then dug at the box and took out another box; one labeled Noble Souls Online. “Final Fantasy XIV.” He joked, letting out a soft chuckle.

    Noble Souls Online! But I'm poor...” He says, this time, showcasing the game’s box to the camera. “Again, I can’t find ANYTHING about it online, but apparently, it’s an upcoming VRMMORPG game about Masters and Servants. Whatever that is, hell if I know. Finally, the Virgins can escape to the 2nd Dimension.” He opened the box, taking out the disc. “But Scott, I hear you yell, Isn’t this a breach of an NDA? I’ve got about 3 eviction notices, what’s this gonna do?” He chuckled, sliding the disc inside the headset’s disc slot. “So to top it all off, I’m gonna go test it out. Hey, maybe it'll be the one RPG I can enjoy for once.” He says, taking a deep breath and putting on the headset, beginning Scott’s worst experiences yet.

    He set up his account, going random on his appearance and typing his name as ‘SctinkyRavioli77’, ending up as a Loli.

Lars Ryker
Location: Synapse Station

R00k was more than a little shocked when he realized he was in the middle of a death game. Understandably getting this headset was all his own stupid fault. He'd been the one to pester Clock Tower for it. Now he was gonna die live on air for them. Well he refused to die without at least trying to leave. Purchasing a battle pass and acquiring his weapons. R00k gave the sledgehammer a few spins before making sure his firearms were loaded. Finally there was the matter of the Servant provided by the system. Appearing before him was an icy cold beauty with a serious expression on her otherwise glowing face. Grasped in her hand was a staff that looked more like a microphone than a weapon. However this made sense considering who she was. R00k or rather Lars could recognize this figure anywhere. After all he had spent many hours building her to be a magic nuke in the game she debuted in.

"Kurono Kiria, Caster Class. Idol with Fortuna Entertainment" said the maiden with her confidence shining through. Just like in her home game. Kiria was a magic class likely with abysmal blade type resistances. No matter, her abilities were largely familiar to him. So he'd be able to make full use of her powers in order to combat the other players. Kiria was glaring at him with that intense stare of hers. R00k didn't mind since he could tell she was waiting for him to make the first move. "Caster, we find some place to hunker down to gather intel first. Neither of us want to run into a fight we can't win. Especially since this really has become a battle royale" stated the totally not incompetent gamer before taking off with Caster beside him. First they had to leave this Synapse Station and proceed somewhere like Greasy Grove.
Danny Ford
Lazy Lagoon
Danny was only barely in the game when the first audio message was played and he learned about the fact that not only could only one person leave the game the players actually had to kill each other. When the battle Pack was mentioned he briefly considered not going to the E-shop but changed his mind quickly. Luckily he was in time to get one of the boxes and after seeing what was in it ended up with two different guns he knew nothing about, a claymore, several grenades and more basic stuff.

Before he could pick any of the items someone with a Pokemon trainer Avatar who failed to get a Battle Pack tried to steal the box but seemed unable to interact with it. Not even ten seconds after that the Trainer avatar changed into a magic circle and someone wearing chainmail and a leather tunic appeared inside it. It took Danny a few seconds but he eventually recognized the sword the newcomer was using. "Rohan?"

At that point another message started playing, this one mentioning Servants. "Are you my Servant?" "Aye."

Location: Sanctuary
Mentions: Christopher Brie ( Topless Topless )


There was no denying it; Kson was scared. She knew a couple of her coworkers from VShojo—her friends—were playing this death game alongside her. Not to mention, she’d heard of a handful of vtubers from Hololive who were set to stream this game too. Come to think of it… she should still be streaming the game, shouldn’t she? Nah, management should have cut the stream for her and the others as soon as they realized they’d been trapped in a death game where all but one of the players wouldn’t come back from. It wouldn’t be entertainment at that point… right?

There was one emotion Kson was feeling that eclipsed any uncertainty and insecurity that she should have been drowning in, and it was one she was well aware she should not be feeling under these circumstances. She was excited—elated, even. Just standing in the presence of her Servant, barbed-wire baseball bat in hand, ready to rush into combat instilled an unnatural rush of adrenaline in her, like she could take on any enemy in front of her as long as he was around.

This Servant, of course, was Berserker—True Name, Goro Majima, the Mad Dog.

As soon as he had been summoned, the Yakuza vtuber that she had based her entire persona after gave her idol a hefty tackle-hug. She let out a high-pitched squeal and pressed her massive chest against that of her Servant. “I can’t believe it! It’s like you’re the real deal! Oh my gosh, I’m at a loss for words…”

“Aww, Kiryu-chan… I knew you had the hots for me,” Berserker joked.

Being referred to as “Kiryu-chan” made Kson jump. It’s been forever since anyone had formally called her that, and for good reason: Kiryu Coco had long since graduated, and it was taboo to refer to streamers by their agency vtuber names when they’re not streaming as the agency vtuber in question. Yet… the name still felt right for her. It was the name of the player character in most Like a Dragon games, and she did name herself after him. For all she knew, Berserker was probably confusing her with Kazuma Kiryu, rather than Kiryu Coco.

Kson giggled. “Always have.” She was more of a fan of Kazuma, but she wasn’t about to tell that to a Servant under Mad Enhancement. She put away her shotgun and replaced it with the barbed-wire baseball bat she’d had strapped to her back. She flashed her Servant a playful smirk and asked him, “Now, what do you say we show these kids who’s turf they’re playing in?”

Berserker let out a sinister laugh. “Now you’re speaking my language, Kiryu-chan!” He squinted, unsheathed his dagger, and pointed in the direction of his first target: a young man in a yellow jacket. Berserker cloaked his dagger in electricity and dashed at a superhuman speed towards the young man, bloodlust in his eye.

“Oi, wait up!” Kson exclaimed. Gripping her bat with quivering hands, he tried running in her Servant’s direction but could barely clock a fraction of his speed. Between ragged breaths, she told herself, “Damn, these Servant fellas are cracked as hell, right?”
Mr_Beast(?) and The Archer of Watery Blades
MP: 100%
NPCs, Inactive at the moment.
MP: ???

What. The actual. Fuck. Staring wide-eyed at the avatars who's head had just exploded, he trembled in disbelief. They weren't dead... right? Just maybe in some kind of spectator mode?

And then, that damned voice spoke. Wide eyed, he quickly pulled up the battle pack to find that half of them had already been purchased. Muttering some words likely not safe for school, he had just managed to fill out the needed information, slamming the enter key with a sigh of relief... he hardly even registered the number 42.

With that done, guess it was time to see whatever the hell he was suppose to use in this game. With a flash of light, 3 weapons fell to the ground. Some kind of revolver, a large gun, and a... hacksaw. "...Really?" Wait, he had the Mr Beast voice also? Great, just great. He was stuck in Fortnite, forced to kill other people as Mr. Beast, and to top it off, he would have to do it with a fucking Genshin Impact character!

Wait, rewind that last time. Staring wide-eyed at where the corpse of someone had once been... was now something new. A ginger with a gray uniform, and an alluring blue stone laid on his hip.

He had played throughout the entirely of Genshin Impact- not only because it was fun, but because he was attempting to get all five of the available Archons. Demand for Genshin accounts with all five were skyrocketing, and he intended to capitalize on it. Infact, he had been using a Freeze Team comp only yesterday with the character before him, grinding for the Hydro Archons artifacts.

The 11th Member of the Fatui, "Childe" Tartaglia.

To reiterate, what the fuck. Was he some kind of AI? Wha- how??? He didn't even notice he was flat on his ass.

"I ask of you, are you my comrade?"

"A-uh-I guess?" Wow, great start. Thought, something about those words seemed eerily familiar... hm, a question for another time. Picking himself and his newfound weapons up, he awkwardly looked eye to eye with his servant.

"Wonderful, Comrade! Now, let's go find a servant to do battle with-" Boldly grabbing him, "Mr_Beast" suddenly found himself being flung another buil-


After one very heroic landing later in which he didn't know how he survived and a monologue of introductions...

"Archer, do you really think this is a good idea..."

"Hah, you worry to much comrade. Besides, I should be able to cover you from any Assassins." Saying that, the two treked into the building Archer had yeeted them into, unaware that that a green midget and a robot girl were inside...

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Topless Topless

  • Interaction: Topless Topless Funnier President Funnier President @TiltedTowers

    Hearing a loud thud inside the building, Aigis immediately turned around and aimed her fingers straight at the direction of the noise. Alerting Sctinky as he went in after the fact, hiding behind his Archer.

    You heard that too?” Sctinky asked with a gulp.

    Yes. A Servant is closing in on our location.” Archer answered, “I advise you to hide. We don’t know what they’re capable of.” She said, slowly approaching the source of the noise, her back hatch opening slightly as a grenade rolled down her sleeve and onto her palm as she hid behind the wall, activating the ‘nade by pulling the pin and letting it roll down the corridor for this enemy Master and Servant to encounter.


  • ViperKiller1337
    Location: Sanctuary

    "This is not groovy." Christopher said with clear distraught in the situation everyone is in. Who's idea was it to subject tons of people into a literal death game? Normally he should be panicking, and he was about to. But then his Servant, Lenneth Valkyrie, spoke to him. "I ask you again. Are you my Master?" She asked. For all this type, Christopher's mind was in another place. When Lenneth asked again if he is he Master, Christopher snapped back to reality as he looked at her. "Master? Oh, I guess you can say that." He answered "But anyway, what should we do no-"

    All of a sudden, Lenneth vanished. Or rather, she swiftly moved behind Christopher to block an attack coming from Goro with her sword. "Oh crap!" Christopher was surprised by what has transpired. He never expected to run into trouble already. "So you're trying to attack my Master while his back was turned huh? Such a dirty act befitting of what you are mortal." Lenneth said as she shoved the Berserker away "State your name Servant! Who is your Master?" She demanded.

    Christopher turned to his attacker and his eyes widened upon recognizing who he is. "Wait a minute, are you Goro Majima from the Yakuza series? The infamous "Mad Dog of Shimano"?" He asked.

    Trystan1295 Trystan1295

Location: Reality Fall

Mention: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Wendy smack her forehead, still belittling herself for not thinking before put on a VR from a company she knew nothing about(it was even named clocktown as in evil mages society clocktown for God sake.). *sigh* for all she belittled her twin for not always thinking thing through, well at least he not the one trap in a magic death tournament...is it magic? Or maybe just some really shady tech.*shake head* doesn't matter, now i need to figure out a way out of this mess....which involved killing other people....oh god, this is fuck up. Below me, red line begin to glow. Now i watch enough fate to know what going on, a servant summoning. Hopeful, it a good one or am dome.Untitled48_20230520093543.png

???: Yo,Servant Lancer has answer you call. Let try to have some fun master.

Sorcerer 124:........(*dead pan* Cu.....they gave Cu.....am fuck....ok so maybe am being over the top. Really Cu is a good no great servant with a oneshot NP. It just.....it doesn't speak well of my odd, when i summon the one servant whose death has been meme to death and back by the nasuverse fandom...oh boy).

Cu Chulainn: yo master,hello~ anyone one in there *cu lightly knock on my forehead*

Sorcerer 124:.........!?(ah! When did he so close, not good. I really need to pay more attempt to my surrounding, especially in this Grail war.... Speaking of whic-!)

*The sound of large clashes and gunshot echo through out the forest*

Cu Chulainn:*whistle* look like the party startle without us. what are your order master?

Sorcerer 124:......(so the war started.... Hmmm, i wonder what my opinion are? Regardless, this might be a good opportunity to spy and guage the other masters and servants ability.. So without a word, i walk to the general direction of the sound).

Cu Chulainn: *chuckle* not much of a talker, are you master? *Cu proceed to follow*
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Lucy Carlson
Curent location:Reality falls
Mention: Redworld23 Redworld23

"The cats girls got away!" Lucy said sheeply. "We lost the cat girls! Did they spot us? They seemed to be magic users." Lucy added.
"I've encontered demons during my lifetime,not magic users,but I guess magic works the same as blood demon arts,who am I to know?" Tengen replied.
His attention was caught on sonething. "What is it?" Lucy asked. "There's another master nearby...with a Lancer class servant." Tengen replied.
Lucy was not surprised. Her servant was a Hashira after all. " A surprise attack would work I suppose.
" Yes,mam! Let's do this in a flashy way!"
Tengen brought out his signature Nichrin cleavers.

"Sound breathing,first form, Roar!"

Tengen slamed his cleavers on the ground,unleashing a shock wave toward the location of the master and the lancer servant. Sounds similar to thunder could be heard.
Sorcerer 124:......(as we walk, i decided to check lancer stats....hmmm it seem he had his mooncell stat,good but he seem to be missing battle continuation, curious i wonder why?. Before,i would continued the line of through. The ground seen to shake like an earthquake and thunder).

Cu Chalainn:*whistle* *cu jump in front of me and draw a rune in the air, which form a barrier, just in time too, as massive shockwave slam into us* look like some idiot just attack us. Want me to punish them. *cu grin a devil may care grin, as he trace the attack by to the source*

Sorcerer 124:.......(well there go just observating, like it or not some one was targeting us. There was only one response...) *nod*

Cu Chulainn: *savage grim* great *Cu practically rocket to his opponents* your heart is mine!!!*he yelled making his opponent heard him loud and clear*Untitled48_20230520093543.png
Lucy Carlson
Curent location:Reality falls

"Are you sure it was a good idea?" Lucy asked her servant worried. Tengen didn't reply as he hear an incoming enemy charging it. He brought out his Nichirin cleavers again,blocking the enemy Lancer's servants's attack.
Lucy on the other hand kept her guard up,her Nichirin katana in hand.

"That's what I call a flashy entrance!" Tengen shouts.
"Sorry to disappoint you Lancer but you're not taking my heart. It belongs to my three wives!" the Sound Hashira Assassin added.

Lucy sweatdropped. "Again with that?! " she shouts.
Location: Reality Fall

Mention: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15

Cu Chulainn:*grin* is that a fact? *lounges his spear at his opponent, at incredible speed, looking for any and all weak point*

Cu Chulainn:*telepathy contacting sorcerer* (master, am engaged with enemy servant. Fight like a saber but my gut telling me he is an assassin).

Sorcerer 124: (Cu?! Why am i heardin-! Oh right telepathic communication...anyway way to leave me behind! *sigh* don 't over do it. if he too much,retreat)

Cu Chulainn: (yeah right, the fun just starting)
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Location: Sanctuary
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Goro sneered at the mention of his name. He rubbed his chin in a sinister fashion and confronted the other Servant, “Interesting… Looks like my reputation precedes me. You’re right, Miss Valkyrie. I’m Goro, Patriarch of the Majima Family. Oh, but I have to clarify, the series you’re talking about has been renamed to ‘Like a Dragon’ a couple years back.” Goro looked behind him, only to find the vague silhouette of his Master approaching from the distance. He snickered, and the sinister grin returned to his face. “As for my Master, she’s none other than the Adidas Dragon herself—Kiryu-“

“Kson!” screamed Kson. She arrived at the scene in the nick of time. As soon as she stepped within earshot of the other two, she took a moment to catch her breath. “Oh my god…” She bent over and gripped her knees with shivering arms, revealing an obscene amount of cleavage as she did. “I should have told you I ditched that name long ago… Are you trying to get me sued, Baka yaro?”

“Ah, apologies, Master,” said a clearly amused Goro. He sheathed his weapon in one smooth motion and explained himself, saying, “I just found it easier to call you Kiryu-chan. I miss him so much, you know? And what happened to starting a ruckus?”

Kson stood up straight, cleared her throat, and slugged her own Servant with a thunderous left hook. "I’ll show you what starting a ruckus means!" Goro had the agility to telegraph the attack and the endurance to take the hit without falling on his back, but he knew just as well as she did that he wasn’t in charge. Without letting him respond, she leaned over her Servant and began to chastise him, saying, “What the hell do you think you’re doing, picking a fight with someone while their back is turned? Don’t you know how dishonorable that is? I’ve got half a mind to shove this baseball bat straight up your-”

Goro threw his hands in front of his face and swung his arms from side to side frantically while saying, “Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah… let’s not discuss this in front of Miss Valkyrie and Mr. Bumblebee, shall we? I got the message, so let’s just leave it at that.”

“You have a point,” said Kson. “They don’t seem like they’re stoked to fight us, huh?” She turned to the boy in the yellow jacket and his Servant and bowed. “Apologies for any scare my Servant had caused you. He’s normally an honorable man who values fairness in fights, but as a Berserker, the Mad Enhancement skill sometimes gets the better of him… Please find it in your heart to forgive us, Mr. Bumblebee and Miss Valkyrie.”
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"Jealous?" Tengen replied with a smirk. He did his best to avoid Cu's spear.
" Stand on your guard! His master's not far behind!" Tengen told Lucy.
Lucy nodded and looked around.
" Now,where were we?" Tengen added. " Yes,teaching you a leason punk. You're in presence of the Sound Hashira and God of festival,Tengen Uzui!" He went into a fighter stance again.

" Sound breathing,fourth form,Constant Resounding slashes!"
Tengen held his clevers in each of his hands and spins them rapidly,while charging toward Cu.
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If our rather inexperienced Master was taking the lead, they, to put it nicely, would have been fucked.

Luckily for the two, Archer was in the lead. That wouldn't stop the pair from hearing a panic-filled voice saying "Oh, HORY SHIT IT'S A BO-" Curiously, it might sound rather familiar to Scotty, almost as if he had heard it elsewhere... Or he would instantly recognize the Beast himself.


Hah, that was a moderate surprise to deal with. When the bomb had exploded, Archer had quickly devised a shield made of Hydro, blocking the majority of the explosion. While a few shards had broken through, he was able to parry them by infusing his hand as well.

Of course, to the teenager stuck as "Mr Beast", it seemed to happen almost instantly. As his servant began to charge up something, Joseph managed to recollect his wits enough to try and stop this situation from escalating.

Archer, wai- huh, wh-what? The hell is this?

Just some form of telepacy, no big deal. Anyways comrade, It looks like we have already found someone! Now, fo-

Wait, wait, wait, wait a second... if my fault memories from the two times I played Fortnite and the meme's I've seen are correct, this place, Titled Towers... it's practically a hotspot for players.

Ah, I see what you're getting at here... So, if we attempt retaliation, it could draw attention. Clever, but I'm confident I could at the least, hold off two servants and make a retreat.

Why don't we try diplomacy?

You want to try diplomacy with the ones who threw an explosive at us?

I can be rather convincing- Besides it couldn't hurt? Worst case scenario, they decide to start shooting, we can make a hasty retreat.

Well comrade, let's see if they are willing to set aside differences for us.

"Hah, wait a minute now." a voice called out. Judging by the cry from earlier, the one who was speaking now was the Servant. "Me and my comrade for this war mean no harm for now- Now, why don't we talk about this? I'm sure that we can find an alternative to dueling to the death now and risk drawing others to our location, prematurely ending our part in this war." While Archer had done his best at diplomacy.. he wasn't quite sure if it would be enough. So, he activated his Charisma skill while he spoke, just to make sure that it worked our perfectly. As much as he was thirsting for a fight, he grudgingly had to admit this was the safest option for now.

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    Did that do it?” Sctinky asked, seeing as he heard a cry just before the bomb exploded. However, Aigis didn’t think so as she took note of the Servant that came to the Master’s aid. While she couldn’t exactly see them, she could hear it. The sound of water splashing around, mitigating the explosive pressure of the grenade. Magic, perhaps? But it’s application is far too hands on for it to simply be a barrier spell. It’s as if someone stepped in and slapped the shrapnel themselves. It wasn’t long until this Servant spoke, asking for a truce.

    Your logic is sound. However, as you had mentioned before, this is war. I have no reason to trust either of you.” Aigis asked back, preparing to engage with her machine gun fingertips, clicking like guns cocked. “Therefore, I must ask you to prove your words. Walk down this corridor with your hands raised in your approach. Try anything, and I will open fire.

    Were you a cop or something…?” Asked the girl’s master, surprise by how she handled the situation with a dutiful sternness to her words.


Location: Sanctuary

"Seriously? That's what it's called now? I guess this is consequence for not playing the games and only know it from the memes." Christopher said just as Goro's Master, Kson, has arrived. "Woah, no way! Kson ONAIR?!" Christopher was shocked to see one of the most popular vtubers be in this death game. "I guess you two fit perfectly for each other considering both of you are yakuza. Well, not much so for your Master." He said. After Kson apologized for Goro's attack, Lenneth sheathed her sword and said nothing but giving the Berserker a death glare.

"It's alright. We do not intend to fight for our lives." Christopher assured "Yet still, I'm kind of nervous meeting you here at least in the game. I really loved your streams and I heard you've won some sort of pageant? Something about you appearing in the next "Like A Dragon" game. But anyway, I'd say we should stick with each other for now. The vast majority of players here all happened to be content creators, while some, like me, are either starting up or just plain nobodies. No matter how famous you are, if you're stuck in a life-or-death situation, you don't know when you'll start to snap."

"Master, are you sure we should trust these people? That Berserker nearly took your life." Lenneth asked out of concern. "True, but if Kson can put him on a leash, then I'll be fine with them sticking with us." Christopher replied, though that alone was not enough to erase her doubts. "I think we should find the other players, hopefully we can convince them to not go through what that damn message told us. I just hope nobody dies." He said.

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"And likewise, how do we know you won't simply attack while we are unprepared?" The servant countered. "I can promise that my Master will not carry any weapons in hand, and so can I, but I'll set up a defense for both parties." Say that, Archer pushed out his hand, creating what was a partially transparent wall of water that appeared to be rather solid. It clearly wasn't normal from the strange glow it let out. Looking through would reveal a general outline and features, not anything specific. It would be possible to make out color, however.

"Acceptable by your standards, or shall we commence a fight so soon?"

Try to be less antagonistic, please?

Hah, don't worry Comrade. I have this under control.

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Cu Chulainn:*tck* To reveal your true name so carelessly. You really are a arrogant bastard *cu back away for the spining cyclone of swords. Every attempt to spear though was batted away, there was no weakness* shit, am being push back.

Sorcerer 124: (Cu!)

Cu Chulainn: (got it) *Cu leap away and draw a rune, quickly forming a barrier. The spining swords clash against it but the barrier held strong, it was meant to defend against Noble phantasm afterall* what was that about teach me a lesson *Cu mock his opponent*
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Being told she wasn’t a real Yakuza made Kson feel like a needle was pierced through her heart, but if this young man was actually a fan of hers, she was in no position to disappoint…

…more than she’d already done, at least.

“Y-yeah!” she said. “That pageant thing was pretty embarrassing, in hindsight… but I’m really flattered to hear you’re a fan. It hits different when it’s in person and not through a Twitch chat, you know?”

“Hey, hey…” said Majima, beckoning the attention of his Master. “When were you gonna tell me you were getting a role in my game?”

“I don’t think your Kiryu-san would appreciate you calling the series ‘your game,’ but I guess I was too starstruck when you were summoned that I forgot to tell you,”

“Oi, if you knew him as well as I do, you’d know that he’d love to hand the lead role to me if he could!”

Strangely enough, Kson was glad Majima was in a chipper mood again. She knew her Servant was chaotic by nature, and that stacking Mad Enhancement on top of that was going to be a pain in the butt to deal with in the long run, so the more she established a sense of mutual respect with Berserker meant it’ll be easier to get him to listen to her, and she could avoid wasting her Command Spells on getting Majima to perform what could be a mundane task.

“I’d love to stick together, but now that you mention it,” said Kson. “There should be two other VShojo members wrapped up in this mess. Do you know Ironmouse and Haruka Karibu?”

While Kson and Christopher discussed semantics, Majima tried to strike up a conversation with Lenneth. “So, what’s your deal again?” he asked. “Ya grow really big or something?”

Kson cleared her throat and gave Majima a bombastic and criminally offensive side-eye before correcting her Servant. “Wrong Valkyrie, baka yaro.”
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Cu Chulainn:*tck* To reveal your true name so carelessly. You really are a arrogant bastard *cu back away for the spining cyclone of swords. Every attempt to spear though was batted away, there was no weakness* shit, am being push back.

Sorcerer 124: (Cu!)

Cu Chulainn: (got it) *Cu leap away and draw a rune, quickly forming a barrier. The spining swords clash against it but the barrier held strong, it was meant to defend against Noble phantasm afterall* what was that about teach me a lesson *Cu mock his opponent*
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Tengen looked shocked. " This barrier of of his repeled my attack. Not good at all." He said to himself.
"This guy is just as full as both Shinazegawa and that boar headed kid." he said to himself.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said about me!" He spat back.
Lucy watched from the sidelines. Cu's master could be there any second.

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