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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls Online (IC)

Lucy Carlson
Location: Reality falls
Tengen looked shocked. " This barrier of of his repeled my attack. Not good at all." He said to himself.
"This guy is just as full as both Shinazegawa and that boar headed kid." he said to himself.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said about me!" He spat back.
Lucy watched from the sidelines. Cu's master could be there any second.
Location: Reality Fall

Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15

Cu Chulainn:*smirk* sure~ *cu tease* hmmm,got to admit, Am impressed. I never thought an assassin could give me a good fight,kudos to you. But...Untitled49_20230521140721.png
*cu suddenly drop all casual demeanor and revealing a massive amount of killer intent* this fight gone on long enough.

Sorcerer 124: (*eye widen* cu? Are you going to use.......!)

Cu Chulainn: (not yet) still, i have a proposer for you.... If you interested.
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"What is it about?" Tengen asked,arms crossed. He heard the two cat girls on their way. " Speak,what do you want?" Tengen asked Cu.

"Are you alright?" Lucy turned to face the catgirl master in front of her. " My servant is coming to aid yours." She told Lucy. " Thanks." A surprised Lucy replied.
Location: Reality fall

Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15

Sorcerer 124: (Cu! This is bad. We going to be outnumbered)

Cu Chulainn: (relax master) it simple, what you say to an alliance?

Sorcerer 124: (Cu?)

Cu Chulainn: like i said before you are strong for an assassin but to be blunt, how much chance do you think you have against all remaining 49 *look at the catgirl* sorry 48 servants. Even for someone like me would hard press to cope. So i figure we could join strength. So what you say? *cu ask lazily, seemingly unbother by the prospect of being outnumbered in this battle*
"An aliance you say?" Tengen replied. He thought about it. " I guess it would be a good strategy." I thought of the very same thing." said an acented female voice. The second cat girl showed up, " Well,look what the car dragged in!" Tengen replied. " Judging by your attire and your staff,you must be a Caster servant. " That is correct. My true name is Y'shtola Rhul." The Caster servant replied.
Lucy came along with the cat girl master who hid behind her.

  • fjgneplwyaeh70l_5.jpg
    Haruka Karibu
    Location: Reality Falls
    Mentions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Redworld23 Redworld23

    Haruka and her Servant observed the clash between the Lancer and the Saber from behind a tree a safe distance away. "Hey Caster," said Haruka. She let out a nervous laugh and asked the tiny Servant. "Are you sure they won't spot us? Your dress is really frilly and flashy, and my avatar's antlers kinda stand out too."

    Caster let out a cute giggle. "Don't worry, Haruka-neesan. Everything's going to be alright. My Personal Skill, Magical Girl, makes us unnoticeable when we're not using prana, even when we're dressed like this!"

    Haruka's eyes developed a sinister glitter in reaction to Caster's words. "Woah, so I'm invisible right now?" she asked. "I can just stand in front of one of them and no one would notice?"

    Caster let out a soft, nervous chuckle. Scratching her chin, she corrected her Master, saying, "It's more like you're blending into the scenery. If you step right in front of someone and block their vision like that, of course they're gonna notice."

    Haruka's shoulders sagged. "Man… that would have been so cool."

    "Sorry, Master." Caster pursed her lips and hung her head, but her sorrow only lasted a moment when she realized something. "Wait, I actually have a card for that! I'd have to transform to use it, though, and that takes a little while, plus I can't keep that Personal Skill up while I'm transformed."

    "So we just need to take you someplace safe so you can take the time to transform?" asked Haruka. "It looks like that Saber and Lancer are done fighting, so we should be okay to skedaddle without becoming venison skewers…" Haruka squinted and noticed the presence of another Master and Servant pair—both of them catgirls, much to her surprise. "Shoot, looks like more company." She turned to Caster and asked her. "Can you search the surrounding areas to find one that's not this busy?"

    "Alrighty!" exclaimed Caster. She made a mock-salute with her right hand, then closed her eyes and began to concentrate. After a while, she opened her eyes and smiled. "I think Greasy Grove is pretty quiet right now. Just take it slow, and don't break your co--"

    Before Caster could finish her sentence, Haruka had started sprinting towards the southern border separating Reality Falls from Greasy Grove. "Hey, wait a minute!" exclaimed Caster. She sprinted as fast as her tiny legs could carry her, yelling for her Master…


    (Assuming nobody stops them, Haruka and Sakura will cross into Greasy Grove after 3 posts.)


  • Interaction: Topless Topless Funnier President Funnier President @TiltedTowers

    I can assure you, I have no weapons at hand. But I’m afraid I can not disarm myself in a literal sense.” Aigis assured, or at least, attempted to, signaling her Master to put his gun away. “Then my Master shall do the same. Those terms are acceptable. Please, begin your approach.” She instructed, her eye lenses squinting in a glare like stare, trying to zoom in and get a good look at one of the Servants of this war.

    Meanwhile, outside of the building, a Master Servant pair of women approached the building these four are in...(Kronii & Nero)


Location: Condo Canyon
Mmentions: Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Snipe)


Ironmouse had to crane her neck up to look at her Servant, who stood at least an entire head taller than her, in the “eye”. She squinted at the man and pouted, saying, “Listen here, you little bootleg Power Ranger lookin’…” She huffed. “I am a lady. A grown woman. A full-fledged, 100% Puerto Rican mamizonga, you hear me? Don’t make me hear you call me a kid again, or else you’ll be the patient out of the two of us.”

With that said, Ironmouse let out a sigh. Immediately after, she giggled and straightened out her frilly skirt. The bat wings on either side of her head twitched as she stared up at her Servant. “Now that that’s settled… You’re my Servant, right? Like, a magical bodyguard? At least you look more dependable than—“

She cut herself off, and her demeanor shifted entirely. Her eyes shot wide open, her skin grew clammy, and she started shivering. “Connor!” she exclaimed. “Oh my gosh, I forgot he’s here too! And Kson… and Haruka!” She tried reaching up to grab Archer’s shoulders, but awkwardly enough, her avatar was too short to reach. “Mr. Archer, Servant, sir. I need to find my friends. You said my safety is your top priority, and I’m gonna hold you to it. Please…” She looked down at the ground and blushed. She craned her neck back up to stare at her Servant and asked, “Please be my shield. I’ll take back my comment about you being a knockoff Power Ranger if you do.”

Location: Reality fall

Mention: Trystan1295 Trystan1295


Sorcerer 124:........*running toward Cu location* (*sigh*well as least the fighting stop but damn it Cu,i forgot how fast he can run, i been running for like hour and i till haven't catch up *goan*.....still the alliance is a good idea especially with all masters and servants running around. Last thing you want is to caught by surprise)

*unfortunately it seen the universe was out to get me. Because out of nowhere, a green hair girl with a antenna?run into me, knocking us both down*

Sorcerer 124:.........!? *goan*
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Location: Shuffled Shrine
Rider was going full speed ahead, Destiny laying back on the bed, hoping she doesn't get thrown off by Bedman(?)'s reckless.... driving?
Destiny saw a couple of people ahead, and she wanted to tell them to move away, but considering this was a battle for life or death, she couldn't actually tell them that or else they'd start shooting at her.
One of those people was a blue haired Fox Girl. The other was encased in heavy armor, and.... might also be a girl?

The Fox girl's ears wiggled, as she looked at the Knight, and asked if there was someone approaching them. The knight turned around just in time to get ran over by Bedman(?), along with his companion. As Bedman sped off, Yukari yelled "Sorry! I can't control this thing!"
The wolf girl was on the ground, here eyes spinning around from the dizziness. The knight had parts of his armor chipped off, and he had a wheel print on his face.
(Determine how much damage this pair receives Topless Topless )


Meanwhile, the epic gamer known as Nuxtaku had reached the Shrine, with Marik next to him. Nux looked to Marik and smirked as he asked,
"You wanna Knock to see if anyone's home?"
"How can I knock when there's no door to knock on?"
"Get creative."

Marik pulled out his glock and approached the entrance of the Shrine, before he shot blindly into the dark. "Ow!" A female voice yelped, before Nux and Marik saw a savage looking woman run out after them, with her club raised.
Nux immediately turned around and started to use the secret Jostar technique of Nigyurundayo.
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit! How many One Pice fans fapped to that monster?!"
He was yelling, with Marik following close behind him.
"What are you even talking about? She looks dangerous and I definitely don't wanna fight her, but what the heck is One Piece?"
"No time to explain! Just keep running!"

(Nux and Marik are currently engaging Yamato and Jaiden. Anyone, feel free to engage as Yamato if you want)​
R00k & Caster
Location: En route to Greasy Grove

"We're lost, aren't we Master?" asked the cool beauty of a Caster at his side. R00k just kind of shrugged. He'd never played this game before. All he could do was pick a direction and go towards it. Having gone south-east from Synapse Station. R00k and his partner hadn't really seen much of anything so far. Perhaps this was a good thing as they hadn't encountered any players. Which meant he wasn't gonna die yet. VR games like this in media normally have really difficult learning curves. His assault rifle required some getting used to as everything just kinda felt different in this game. Caster may have thought he was wasting ammo. She was likely correct but that didn't mean she was right. R00k couldn't take any chances. A weird cyber guy and an idol walking in the desert may have made for a pretty cool album cover. According to his map which was a thing that totally existed. R00k was going someplace called Greasy Grove. Hopefully there was something there they could use as shelter before the player killer storm thing that all these zoomer games had closed in on them.

Haruka Karibu
Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: Redworld23 Redworld23

Haruka landed flat on her back after bumping into the hooded Master. She gripped the side of her head near one of her antlers and groaned. "Ow..."

It didn't take long for Haruka to realize what had happened, though, and her eyes shot open. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she wailed. "I'm such a klutz, I swear..." Even though her head was still spinning, she managed to stand up and offered the other Master her hand.

"Haruka-neesan!" called Caster. Within seconds, she'd caught up with her Master. "I was gonna tell you, running away ruins your cover..." Caster gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, having realized what had happened. She turned to the hooded Master and leaned over, asking her, "You're one of the Masters from earlier, right? Are you alright? Where's your Servant?"
Location: Reality Fall

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295
Sorcerer 124:.............*rubbing my head, i was still recovering from the knock out when the girl(magical girl?) Asked that and i turn to her and considered my opinion. Telling an unknown master/servant pair that i was currently without my servant was suicide, no matter how harmless they appeared to be, so i kept quiet as usually....still, i offer handshake and a disarming smile to show i mean no harm.*

Sorcerer 124:...........? *still, i gave them a curious look, they said masters from early, were they spying on us?*
Haruka Karibu
Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: Redworld23 Redworld23

Haruka didn't realize how suspicious she sounded until she received the silent treatment from the hooded Master. As soon as she stopped shaking the other Master's hand, she touched the tips of her fingers like an actual anime girl would. "Sorry," she said. "We were watching your fight from afar, but Caster here needs to transform before she can use her powers as a Servant. She's basically a regular little girl at this point."

Caster let out a nervous laugh. She looked up at her Master and squinted before reminding her, "I'm right here, you know... and I might not look like it, but I'm actually 13. Isn't that too old to be a 'little girl'?"

Haruka placed a hand on Caster's head. "As long as I can do this to you, you're a little girl in my book." She laughed, then turned to the hooded Servant. "My name's Haruka, by the way. Haruka Karibu. You don't have to tell me yours, but I figured I should let you know since so many of us are streamers and know each other." She placed her hands on her hips and leaned towards the other Master. "Your Servant was suggesting an alliance with that Saber earlier. Would you like to make a temporary one with me? You're just a deer in the headlights as long as you're away from your Servant."

Caster sighed and facepalmed. The vtuber with literal antlers on her head made a deer joke again. "Can you stop making references to deers getting hurt...?"
Mr Beast and Comrade EMIYA
HP: 100%
MP: 99.9%
Charisma: ACTIVE

To the Golden Archer, the images of the opposing servant and master would be rather vague, though some details could be picked out, such as that one had orange hair and a primarily gray color scheme, while the other one seemed to have a far simpler outfit in a black hoodie and some kind of hat. Facial features would be much harder to identify.

So, Comrade, what would you like to ask for?

For now, lets not try and push our luck. Let's ask for a temporary alliance until either one or both of us vacant Tilted Towers?

That could work, it isn't asking for a lot...

"For why, why don't we enter a temporary alliance till around... hm, either of us wants to leave this Tilted Towers area? Then, we can part ways. That way, we can attempt to eliminate all other servants in the area, if those terms are agreeable."

Yet again, Charisma was active as he spoke, flowing through his words. And then suddenly, the Master spoke- without the utter terror in his words, he would sound a lot more familar... and any English Youtuber would didn't live under a rock would recognize that iconic voice.

"Do you guys hear something?" Indeed, it appeared if footsteps were approaching... another Master and Servant pair?

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Topless Topless

The Youtuber of the Animation Variety and the Oni Princess
HP: 100%
MP: 100%

When the shot had been fired, the white haired servant had reacted at once, blocking the bullet with her club much to the suprise of her master.

Raising his club in an offensive position, the Berserker prepared to charge.... only to find the enemy was already in full retreat. Maybe they knew of her from this story of the "One Piece" her master had talked about.

Regardless, they wouldn't be leaving unscathed. The ground suddenly began to break under his feet, before he suddenly charged in what was practically a blink of an eye, his club turning into pure black as he swung upward, directly at the retreating servants back

Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27
And that was the last Nux saw of Marik, as Marik was sent hurtling into the air, and dissolved into data after the attack struck.
"Son of a bitch! She one shotted my guy! What am I to do now.... can I even kill her master before she does anything to me?"
Nux saw something fall from the sky and plop on the ground in front of him. It was the glock he gave Marik. Nux rolled towards the gun and grabbed it, before getting up and turning around.....

Nux felt his eyes widen, before he fell back, butt first into some kind of vehicle, and behind him, he saw a girl with blue hair, who seemed to be in a panic.
Destiny yelled at Bedman(?) To slow down. It did so, but not before spinning around and wheel kicking Berserker off into a puddle near the Shrine they were at.

Destiny was struggling to breathe, as Nux got up out of the seat and onto solid ground.
"Did anyone else see that coming?"
He asked, to no one in particular, as he looked to the girl and his eyes widened.
"No way, Tsubasa Kazanari?!"
Yukari blinked and realized the man was talking to her. She looked away shyly and replied, "No. I'm not. I'm not even supposed to be here.... its a mistake."
Nux seemed to understand her situation, and rested his primary weapon over his shoulder.

"Well, I lost my servant, and I believe I know what you are riding, so I suggest we truce until we kill the Guy who's actually a girl, but not really, or their master."
"The big woman Bedman(?) Knocked away?"
Nux nodded.
"And if we do well, we might maintain our little alliance until the endgame, where we either have to kill each other, or fight a secret boss."
He said, winking as if someone got the joke. Yukari seemed to be unable to understand the joke. She however did know that people were out for blood, and that getting a chance to have a friend to fight by her side would never come again possibly.
"Wise choice. Now get out of Rider'a chair. I have an idea....."

Nux and Yukari got up onto the roof, where they had a good sniping position, as Bedman(?) waits for Berserker to approach. Nux's plan is simple, shoot at Berserker while Bedman(?) Distracts them. If the owner shows up by then, focus all attention to them, while Rider restrains Berserker.
"It's a messy plan, but it's all we have."

( Funnier President Funnier President )

Location: Reality Fall

Interaction: Trystan1295 Trystan1295
Sorcerer 145:....................(*whistle* to reveal her servant weakness so plainly.. Am getting the feeling that hakura is the type to act without thinking....till she reveal a interesting fact, most of the master are v-tuber. Which raise the question, why would someone create a fate style tournament to slaughter streamer?)

Sorcerer 124:............*thinking pose* (still, it always good to have more alliance, so..).............sorcerer 124.

  • ViperKiller1337
    Location: Sanctuary

    "Yep, fans of them as well." Christopher answered before asking "I'm guessing we should go look for them huh? We might as well be, but let's look for some other people around here first. We can't be the only ones around this place." Sanctuary has a few structures around the area, all of which are homes. Of course, when he said that, unbeknownst to both Master and Servant duos, another pair watched them from the shadows.

    On the other hand, Goro made a rather suggestive question towards Lenneth. Grown bigger? What could he meant about that? Unless... "Hold your tongue, mortal!" She yelled, visibly disgusted by his word "You are under the presence of a Divine Spirit! It is a blessing that my Master can be this merciful, but I do not. Make one more vulgar word and I'll-"

    "Saber, that's enough." Christopher intervened "We're going to look for other people in these houses. I'd say we split up to cover more ground. Understood?" Lenneth glared at Goro, even after he got scolded by his Master. She looked back to her Master and said "As you wish." And thus, they split up, searching each house for at least somebody.

    Trystan1295 Trystan1295

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  • Interaction: Topless Topless Funnier President Funnier President @TiltedTowers

    For the Communist Emiya and his Master, they would see a blonde woman with short hair and strangely designed headphones with a hint of a fully white bodysuit covering her chin and neck down, obscured by her black trenchcoat and red tie. Her gloves have silver tips for some reason. Her Master was equally strange, sporting extremely pale gray skin with turquoise hair tied in twin tails. Her eyes and nose were marked with red face paint forming an OwO on. Her eyes had red sclera with green pupils making them a little more noticeable. Her hands were large, gauntlet like mechanical gloves. Her outfit was a little more than revealing, her zipper exposing her chest and upper stomach, which was fortunately covered by a black sports underwear. Her pants are pretty much nonexistent, but at least she’s got shoes.

    “Those terms are agreeable, but I would like to extend our truce if our partnership proves to benefit both of us in our future encounters.” Aigis spoke, activating her Beautiful Appearance skill, which works similarly to Charisma but moreso in negotiations. “I say if we ever clear out this area, we travel together in a squadron for a minimum of 2 days before we go our separate ways. Maximum of 5 if the situation calls.” Aigis suggested, “Seeing as we are dealing with 100 competitors; with their numbers dropping as we speak.” She spoke, seeing the notification pop up in the corner of her vision; a Servant offing another already.

    As the other Servant’s Master asked if they heard footsteps, the wall burst open in a fiery rain of brick and debris, as if cued in by the black clad Master's words.


    --{[Servant #40]}--
    The Dramatic Emperor of Roses​

    Enter me!(she says in parentheses) Bellowed a red clad woman, leaping through the hole she made straight between the two Archers in a spinning slash, her blade letting out petal shaped flames that dance around her, fireballs orbiting her to force the two Servants to keep their distance before leaping towards Mr. Beast, intent on slashing his chest!

    Peering through the side of the wall, a black haired woman took aim and fired her weapon wildly at the room, wanting to hit literally anything at this point.

Location; Sleepy Sounds
Interaction; Open

After receiving his servant he smirked with joy, lifting his heavy machine gun onto his shoulder as the flaps of his button t-shirt flew with the breeze that went through the air. Smirking he laughed,”So this is my servant? Yoruichi!” He said grinning as his eyes laid upon the beautiful ex-shinigami. Admiring her robes that she wore at the moment.

Seems like I am your servant for this….battle. So, what do I call you, ‘master’?”

“You can just call me Care for short.”

He said as his odd shaped head gave a smile, the two buck teeth shinning brightly as his pink matter of a head stretched a bit forming a friendly smile.

Then the two found themselves at the poi called Sleepy Sounds, being relatively calm.

Alright let’s do this!”
VShojo Girls Triple Post
Haruka Mentions: Redworld23 Redworld23
Kson Mentions: Topless Topless (Christopher)
Ironmouse Mentions: Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Snipe)

  • IMG_0081.png
    Haruka Karibu
    Location: Reality Falls
    Haruka and Caster exchanged glances as the hooded figure told them their name and nothing more. Rubbing the back of her head sheepishly, Haruka greeted her new ally. “Nice to meet you, Sorcerer 124. I was just looking for a safe place for my Servant to transform, then we’re headed to look for any hints of my frie—“

    Haruka was cut off by the sound of a notification popping up on her HUD. She hadn’t even finished reading it, and already all of the color had drained away from her face. Her hands began to quiver as she read it out loud. “Servant #2… Bludgeoned Servant #44… For this message to pop up on my HUD, that means…”

    Caster tugged on the sleeve of her master’s garments. “It’s okay, Master. That Servant may have been eliminated, but losing your Servant doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve lost. Odds are, if the Master wasn’t specified, then all the Masters should be alive and kicking.” She took a heavy breath and closed her fists tight. Leaning forward, she spoke in a high-pitched, alarmed tone, saying, “That does mean we have to hurry up before something happens to your friends, though!”

    Haruka winced. “I know, but we can’t just leave Sorc here hanging… I think our priority should be looking for their Servant.”

    Caster rubbed her chin. “I guess there’s one way we can do this, then. If he’s still nearby, we can lure him over by having me transform.”

    “Caster, you’re a genius!” Haruka exclaimed. “Plus, if you transform, you’ll get access to all your powers as a Servant! So please do, Caster. I can do the chant with you if you let me.”

    “I’d be honored!” exclaimed an excited Caster. She gripped the key dangling from her neck, and it started glowing. “Follow my lead, okay? One, two…”

    “Key which hides the forces of dreams! Reveal your true form before me! RELEASE!!”

    The magical energy released from Caster’s—no, Sakura’s—transformation nearly blew Haruka off her feet. Sakura no longer wore her school uniform, and was now wearing a brilliant white dress and a tiara. “Look at you!” Haruka exclaimed, unable to contain the smile on her face. “You’re almost as fancy as your Master! Though, it’s funny… I’m guessing it’s usually the other way around when it comes to this kind of stuff.”

    Sakura giggled. “Well, in a sense, vtubers are no different than magical girls. They make people’s days better while hiding their real identities behind a frilly, cute persona.”

    Haruka joined in on the laughter. “I never thought of it that way. You’re just as wise as I expected, Sakura-chan.” She turned to Sorcerer 124 and reassured them, saying, “Now, it’s only a matter of time before your Servant senses Sakura’s magical energy and rushes to your rescue.” She turned to Sakura and asked her, “Could you prepare for combat? We may attract more attention than we’d want to.”

    Sakura nodded and gripped her staff tight. “I’ll protect you, Haruka-neesan. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Location: Reality fall

Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 , Trystan1295 Trystan1295

Cu Chulainn: *observed the new comer y'shtola rhul* huh? A caster and cute one too. Well this alliance just keep getting interesting. Now-! *before cu could finished, he eyes widen at he sense it. A servant, and judge by the location it was near his master* shit!!! *look at assassin* sorry to leave all of a sudden but i got to go now! *Cu practically rocket to his master location*

Cu Chalainn: (master! can you hear me!)

Sorcerer 124: (..........Cu?)

Cu Chulainn: (*sigh* that a relief. Hold still i be there in a sec)

Sorcerer 124: (Cu! Wait!)

Cu Chulainn: *burst into the scene and spotted the servant and master pair* hey! You why don't you pick on someone your own size! My spear will end this in one move!!! Gàe b-!Untitled48_20230520093543.png

Sorcerer 124: (Cu! Stop! They not our enemy)

Cu Chulainn:*stop in his track* (seriously?)

Sorcerer 124:*nod*
Mr Beast and Comrade EMIYA

"Very well, I suppose that it will work about... but just so that we can gain an understanding of each other, what class are yo-"

Suddenly being cut off by his Master, he looked mildly annoyed for a second... before he registered what his comrade had just said.

As the wall shattered, the Harbringer redirected the wall of hydro so that it was now faing the red-clad servant. While her blade certainly cut through it, Vaporize was triggered, leading to both the flames of the blade and most of the fireballs vanishing alongside the wall- while they may have just lost a defense, he hoped it would buy time for his newfound comrades to retaliate.

And as she slashed towards his wide-eyed master, he used up the rest of his pre-conjoured water to form blades, throwing themselves at rapid speeds to intercept the strike! Additionally, he charged straight into the melee, a dual-bladed lance made of water pointed straight for the attacking servant!

Meanwhile, "Mr. Beast" was currently panicing from the shots being thrown about by the enemy Master, and how he had almost just lost his life! Ina fit of panic whie hidding behind the wall, he pointed his revolver out blindly without showing his head, shooting all 6 bullets!

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Topless Topless
A Youtuber of the Animation Variety and The Oni Princess
HP: 99.5%
MP: 98.5%

Unfortunately for the new-found alliance, the Berserker had chosen a temporary retreat, heading back into the passages of Shuffled Shrines where her Master presumably was.

While Bedman(?) and his Masters were now plotting, sudden hail of bullets were shot directly for the two Masters! While the Bedman was certainly able to protect them, he wouldn't keep them quite safe...

From the giant-serpent like beam headed straight for them! In hindsigth, their plan would simple. The Master would attack with bullets, focusing attention on them while the Servant charged up a powerful attack to deal devastating damage unhindered! And they clearly weren't done, as from below, Berserker appeared..."Narikaba!" Swinging his club upwards, a vertical projectile was shot straight for the group of 3, alongside the wind force from the strength of the attack!

Looking back to the area where the Master had been would reveal them to have vanished, presumably have retreated already.

Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27
Bedman(?) Immediately realized the danger and drove over, picking Destiny and Nux up and hold them close to its body, as the attack struck its body. Bedman(?) Tumbled and rolled down hill, before repositioning itself to move on forward. This is when Destiny saw 2 familiar people had approached. It was the blue haired Fox girl and her servant. Bedman leaped over them and Yukari looked towards the girl and her servant, as Nux recognized them.
""Sorry Wolfychu!"
He yelled as he sniped the fox vtuber, getting a headshot. Her servant was wide eyed and screaming when this happened.

"Put me down Bedman, I have a plan!"
Bedman pulled to a halt as Nux ran to the knight and declared,
"I'm really sorry for killing her, but there may be a way to get her back! And we could really use your help with taking down the big titty prince coming at us right now!"
Nux was forming a pact with the knight, as he looked to Destiny. Destiny understood what he needed, and she nodded.
"Let's buy them some time bedman!"

Bedman raced away and soon saw Yamato in the distance. Yukari was sitting in the bed part of Rider and had her gun ready to fire.
"This isn't a real person. This is someone I can kill and not be sad over."

Funnier President Funnier President
(Am needing someone familiar with the knight Nux is forming a pact with to play as that person.)​
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Haruka Karibu
Location: Reality Falls
Mentions: Redworld23 Redworld23 , SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Haruka fell flat on her butt as the blue-clad Servant rushed at her with that blood-red spear. The fact that she had the time to yell out "Oh my gosh!" was proof enough that she'd been spared at the wish of his Master, but that didn't stop her heart from almost bursting through her chest and her life from flashing before her eyes. She covered her chest with her right hand and started breathing heavily. "Wh-what the hell...?"

Sakura turned to the other Servant and smiled. "Welcome back, Mr. Lancer," she said. "Thanks for not turning my Master into a venison skewer."

"Hey, first off: uncalled for, secondly: read the room, maybe?" asked an annoyed Haruka, completely ignoring the irony in her statement. "Also, why didn't you protect me like you said you would?"

Sakura giggled. "I know his Master wouldn't let him hurt you," she said. She then closed her eyes and spoke to Haruka telepathically. ("To be honest, I had my card, The Shield, at the ready, but Cu Chulainn's Noble Phantasm isn't something that can simply be blocked... Long story.")

("I see...")
thought Haruka. ("I'm glad they're on our side then, I guess. How did you find out his True Name so easily, though?")

("He said his Noble Phantasm was Gàe Bolg, so it was either him or Scathach... and Scathach is a girl.")

Haruka's eyes widened. She let out an "oh," but that word left her mouth rather than her mind. Looking up at Cu Chulainn, who was discussing the situation with his Master, she asked him. "So, Mr. Chulainn, it sounds like our first objective is complete. Now, Sakura and I need to find my friends before anything bad happens to them, so we really need to get moving."

"Yep," said Sakura. "You're free to come with, of course. Both of you. If you're looking for more buddies, I'd say this is your best deal for the moment!" She turned to the Hashira's Master and the catgirl Master, and she waved at them. "That goes for you two and your Servants as well!"
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Tengen and Ys'htola watched as Cu dashed to his master. "That was quick. " Tengen said. It seems there is another master and servant pair." Ys'htola replied. Lucy and the Miquote Caster's master. came out of hiding as they noticed Haruka and Sakura.
"It would best to investigate who is behind this. We must avoid bloodshed." Ys'htola suggested. " Agreed." Tengen replied.

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