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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Max frowned softly and moved to stand infront of him "Hey, talk to me. What happened?" She asked gently cupping his cheek making him look at her "Please talk to me." She murmured getting more worried about him.

Noah gave a nod and smiled some "Yeah the guys are great. Ricky can be an ass at times, but their new guy Justin is a cool dude. They've all been really good to us, and teaching us things too about being a band." He explained happily. He noticed her looking displeased at the menu and gave a small frown "If you don't want anything don't force yourself okay? I'll share mine if you want."
“Ricky has always been a little on the nose but I know he struggled a lot with the whole debacle…. Chris still messages me sometimes. I have band friends too yknow.” She told him when he looked confused. “No I’m gonna get something but just to take back with us. I feel kinda sick right now.” She told him, about to reach for his hand when someone came over and stood at their table for a moment before explaining that they were a big fan of Noah and could they have a photo by any chance.

He frowned and shook his head. “I can’t… I should have known something was happening. I should have fucking stopped it and I’m not gonna be complicit again in people getting hurt. Especially you.” He told her, his hands twitching again, wanting to just go grab another drink
Noah gave a small nod to her but frowned when he saw someone stand by their table. He quickly corrected his face when she said she was a fan and gave a small smile "Uh yeah sure we can take a quick picture." He said softly before standing up and taking a photo with her "Have a good rest of your day, hope to see you at the show later." He said nicely before sitting back down thankful that she seemed to actually be a sane fan.

Max frowned deeply and shook her head softly "Baby none of that was your fault. I'm not going to get hurt, okay? Its going to be okay." She said softly taking his hands in hers trying to get him to calm down "Come on, lets go get your mind off of this."
She smiled and watched him some. “So much for going incognito.” She mumbled, rubbing at her face. “After this tour is over you and me are going up to the cabin at Tahoe. Isolated and quiet.” She sighed. “Just a few days.” She murmured, “did you see the NME interview got published. Surprise surprise it was very critical of me as a person rather than talking about the music.” She muttered, “Nick was saying you guys got an NME interview in this city. Here’s to hoping you get someone nice.” She muttered, taking his hand again tightly.

He just nodded and walked with her, not wanting to be on tour anymore. Not wanting to do this job anymore and that was scaring him. He loved the music and he loved the band but right now all he could think about was quitting all of it.
Noah laughed quietly and nodded some. "Yeah atleast she seemed nice though." He murmured while he went back to looking at the menu "Tahoe sounds really nice and fuck that NME guy, if we get him I'll give him a piece of my mind." He said shakimg his head a bit still upset that she had been treated that way.

Max went on with her day with him having a nice time just relaxing with him. By the time they made it back to the venue Ricky was needed for signing things before the meet and greet again. She just hoped he attended this one unlike the previous night.
Vinny had come to find her later on, walking onto the bus and frowning, "Hey... You seen Ricky anywhere? VIP shit started fifteen minutes ago and no one can find him or get ahold of him." He frowned, worried sick about him at the minute, "He said he wasn't feeling good earlier but his phone is still in the dressing room." He explained, walking back into the venue with her, walking quickly past the Bad Omens guys and had Max help the backstage team look for him while Vinny went back to the meet n greet.

Ricky eventually heard his name being called after a good half hour of throwing up what little contents he had in his stomach for the past half hour, standing shakily and heading out of the bathroom, trying to walk without swaying but the flourescent lighting wasn't helping the nausea until he heard Max's voice behind him, scolding him for making everyone worry until he turned around

Carmen smiled a little, giving his hand a squeeze. She spent most of the day huddled away quietly with him, just taking comfort in his presence until they had to go start getting ready, letting him pull her up from the couch and just grabbed her stuff, following close behind, talking with Nick a little. It had been nice having him as a friend again now her and Noah were back together. It had been rough losing that as even though there was nothign romantic between them, he was still one of her best frineds from over the years. She frowned as she heard squabbling up ahead until she heard Folio snapping about Carmen never being more than five feet away from Noah and why had she even been brought here when none of the other girlfriends had been able to come, letting Noah handle that one.
Max was searching everywhere for him when Vinny had come to get her. She was now worried sick and freaking out a bit. She was yelling his name up and down the halls until she finally saw him coming out of the bathroom "Ricky! You had us fucking scared, where the hell have you been?!" She scolded but soon her demenour changed when she saw how pale he was "Ricky? Babe whats wrong?" She asked softly going wide eyed as he swayed a bit before collapsing in her arms "Shit! Logan! Get some help!" She yelled out to their tour manager who had been searching with her.

Noah was having a nice day with Carmen, just hoping this was helping her feel a bit better. He frowned deeply as they started to go inside and Folio started to run his mouth "Shut up right now Folio. Right fucking now." He said seriously and glared at him "She's going through a medical problem which I will address later, but for now? Shut it."
Carmen frowned a little, never wanting to be the cause of the band fighting but sometimes Folio could get a lot shittier with her than was warranted. She went to find a quiet spot in their dressing room, out of the way while they all got ready, thanking Noah when he placed an energy drink in front of her and she pulled out her laptop to try and get some work done, contemplating calling her mother to tell her what had happened while Noah and jolly had been taken off for a couple interviews real quick.

Logan had turned around in time to catch him passing out, nodding to her quickly and going to get someone from the medic team at the venue, nudging Chris out of the meet n greet for a moment. “Ricks not gonna play tonight. He’s just fucking collapsed. Fingers crossed it’s a virus or something.” He muttered but the look they shared told both of them that neither believed it was something so simple and fixable.
Noah sighed heavily as he walked down the hall with Jolly just trying to keeo his mind off of the current situation. He was staying strong for Carmen, but this had really hurt him as well. He frowned as they saw the medic team rush passed them and into Motionless' green room. He and Jolly shared a confused look before heading in the opposite direction to the interview.

Max was helped by some of their techs to the green room to get him settled. She got out of the way when the medics arrived and took a deep breath trying to answer as many questions as she could for them. Once they had done their look over of him they'd decided an ambulance would be needed so that they could come administer fluids to him through an IV and see if that could help his condition.
Matt met them at the other door frowning some. “Looks like there’s something going on with the motionless crew… first one is NME. They’re just.. alright they’re ready for you,” he told him, opening the door and letting them in.

Jolly went to sit down and shake the guys hand, noticing Noah stiffen a little. He’d been off since yesterday afternoon but he knew better than to pry and that he would talk when he was ready but when the guy introduced himself as Josh he just snorted, looking to Noah. “This the guy?” He muttered.

Logan nodded as he listened to the medics. “Can we try and do this a little discreet?” He asked hopefully. “For his sake. Not the bands.” He explained, helping max up as they were bringing the stretcher to take him. He hadn’t regained consciousness yet either which was worrying. “I’m uh… let me drive you down there, I’ll get Bryce to explain everything to the guys.”
Noah scoffed when he heard the guy's name and gave a nod to Jolly. He sat down and went into the interview, but not even five minutes in he was up amd shaking his head "I've got to go." He muttered

Max nodded softly and followed Logan out thanking him quietly "He's relapsed...I don't know what to do." She said quietly
Josh frowned and shook his head. “We have a whole fifteen minutes left? I got scheduled for twenty minutes.” He frowned, watching Jolly get up. “Is it something I’ve said? If so I apologise for pushing you.” He told them.

Logan nodded and frowned. “We know. There’s not much that we can do until we get home though…. I’m thinking maybe we cut him from the second half of the tour.” He muttered, grabbing the keys for the car rental and took her down to take her straight there, fielding calls most of the time they were waiting.
Noah shook his head glaring a bit at the guy "No, but you said some very rude things to someone I care very much about. And I don't take kindly to that, so this interview is over. Next time you talk to people get some respect." He told the guy before leaving the room.

Max frowned deeply and gave a heavy sigh not saying much else. It was about an hour later when they called his name and let them go to the room they had him set up in "Whats happened?" She asked the nurse quietly
Matt frowned seeing them both walking out, hearing jolly explain what happened while he watched Noah storm down the hall.

Carmen frowned when she heard Noah calling her name, getting up and following him outside, recognising the look on his face, “what’s wrong?”

She frowned a little and set the. Hart down. “Moderate to severe dehydration but we’ve taken a couple blood tests, it’s likely that the liver damage is beginning to escalate, he should be waking up shortly, we would like to keep him overnight though.”
Noah just pulled her into his arms once he saw her outside and began to calm down a bit "It waa that same prick. Took everything I had to not start something." He muttered before hiding his face in her hair and letting a few tears fall. He had finally boiled over and needed to just release his emotions.

Max thanked them quietly before turning her attention to Logan "What do you want to do?" She asked him knowing that if this kept up he wouldn't make it through the rest of the tour.
He frowned and shook his head. “Miss the next couple shows, I’ll call in someone to cover him…. I need a decision from him by Friday. Maybe after this tour he takes a break.” He told her. “I’ll get all your stuff sorted and dropped off at your hotel room and we’ll extend the stay on it alright? I’ll catch you later.” He told her, leaving her to it with him when he started waking up a little.

She frowned and shook her head. “You would not do well in prison pretty boy, I’m glad you restrained.” She murmured, rubbing his back and just held him tightly, gently nudging him to move somewhere more secluded when she noticed a couple people at the fence line watching them, pulling him in tightly again though. “Talk. Cause it’s only gonna get worse if you don’t.”
Max took a deep breath and nodded some "We'll get an answer to you." She said softly before thanking him when he said he'd get their hotel situated. She sighed softly taking Ricky's hand in hers just sitting with him waiting for him to wake up.

Noah followed her to a more secluded area and sighed heavily. He let his hand fall to her stomach and took a shaky breath "I just....I know we didn't know, so the hurt probably isn't as bad as to if we did know. But we'd talked about kids, it would have been nice I think for us to have one....guess it just wasn't meant to be right now."
He started waking up and looking around confused, trying to get up until he was a little more awake and looked over at max frowning. “Hey… where are we?” He asked her quietly, reaching for her hand.

She frowned and nodded, leaning into him and sighing quietly. “We’ll get there love…. I guess… right now just wasn’t it.” She mumbled, rubbing at her face, staying with him for him to calm until he needed to start getting ready for their set, following him back inside.
Max frowned as she watched him and took a deep breath "We're in the hospital. You're severely dehydrated so they have you hooked to an IV." She said softly before squeezing his hand "Rick your liver is getting worse; they want you to stay over night. When we leave...do you want to to home?"

Noah nodded and held her to him until they needed to get inside. Once he was dressed for the show he gave Carmen a smile and pulled the ski mask down before puckering his lips "Come on, come give me a good luck kiss." He teased
She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “You have issues Sebastian.” She told him, slapping his ass and grabbing her bag. “I’m gonna go to the hotel. Matt gave me a room key for yours. I’ll see you there.” She smiled

He frowned and watched her a little before shaking his head. “No… I don’t… I wanna stay. I wanna get these shows done and then when they are done I want to take an extended break.” He muttered, rubbing at his face.
Noah laughed some before giving her a salute and heading out. By the end of the show he was heading out with the guys to the hotel "Listen guys, we need to talk about why Carmen is here." He said giving a sigh.

Max gave a heavy sigh and nodded softly "You sure?" She asked softly while pushing some hair from his face. She didn't take her eyes off of him just replaying that moment he collapsed on her in her head.
He nodded. “I’m not a quitter. I’m many things but a quitter is not one of them.” He mumbled, “you okay?” He mumbled. “Babe if you wanna go home I won’t complain. I know this is all a lot to deal with right now.

Folio scoffed as he dried off, shaking his head. “Are we just getting excuses as to why you two always end up getting nicer hotel rooms than everyone else?” He muttered
Max shook her head and took a deep breath watching him a bit "No, no I'm not leaving. Especially with you like this. I'm just worried about you, you collapsing on me was not on my bucket list." She told him softly

Noah shot him another glare "Watch it. Listen, Carmen....Carmen had a misscarriage yesterday. I brought her here so she didn't have to be alone through it." He explained to them.
Carmen herself was sat up in bed by the time he walked through the door and frowned over at him. “Why is folio suddenly sucking up to me over text?” She asked him, making grabby hands for him though. “Did the show go good?”

He frowned and squeezed her hand again. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare ya.” He mumbled, glancing over when his phone started ringing and reached for it right as they were coming in to tell max she couldn’t stay the night and visiting hours were over.
Noah went over and collapsed on the bed with her "I told them why you're here." He muttered before pulling her into him "Mmm yeah crowd was really pumped." He said softly before kissing her gently

Max frowned deeply when they told her to leave and gave a small nod "I have to go....I'll be by first thing in the morning. I love you." She said softly before kissing him lovingly and leaving him to it.

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