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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Ricky was seven beers deep by the time she showed up. He’d been there for a couple hours, waiting to see her and just trying to occupy his time in the best way he knew how, smiling a little when he finally saw her walking out from the back, waving towards her

Carmen sighed a little, wandering around downstairs and picking up after last nights gathering. It hadn’t been anything crazy but still they knew how to make a mess. She relaxed a little when she saw Noah walking in with coffee and smiled. “Ugh. Lifesaver. Did they have any banana loaf?” She asked, setting the trash by the back door for them to take out in a little bit.
Max smiled some when she saw Ricky sitting at his normal table when she came out of the back. She made her way over to him and sat down by his side leaning over to give him a quick peck on the cheek "Hey handsome, how long have you been in?" She asked gently.

Noah smiled and gave a small laugh as he handed her the coffee "Oh yeah they tore into that. Don't worry I made sure some was saved for you." He said as he saw her begin to pout. He watched her a bit and shook his head some "Ya know, I'm not sure how I got so lucky."
She smiled and took the bag off him, going to get a plate before sitting at their kitchen counter, wearing one of his hoodies and a pair of sweats. “Go sanitise your hands.” She reminded him. It had been hard going from being somewhat casual, in a relationship but still very independent to thrown in a house together with no other contact but they had made it work and she was glad for it. “So my father is throwing a party for his 60th… the witch has been ever so kind and invited us.” She rolled her eyes, referring to her dads wife who was only a couple years older than her.

He shrighed and glanced at his phone clock “Couple hours. They had some kinda deal going on for drinks and I’m heading towards the end of this paycheck.” He muttered. “You starting work now or you got a little time to relax before you go on?” He asked, smiling sloppily at her some.
Noah gave her a small salute before sanatizing his hands real quick. Once he had done so he went and wrapped his arms around her from behind "Mmm have they now? Are you wanting to go? I mean, I don't see why they're doing that with the way the world is." He muttered before nuzzling his face into her hair. Although they'd only been casual for years, he wouldn't deny that he really liked this with her. It was nice to not be alone anymore and to have someone to come home to.

Max gave a small frown as his sloppy smile but nodded some "I've got some time, my set isn't for another hour and all I have to do is change. I did my makeup before I got here." She murmured before pushing some hair behind his ear "You want to get a private room or booth?" She asked knowing he always liked to have his time with her if he could before she would dance. She'd met Ricky almost a year ago now, he'd come in with a few friends just to have a fun guys night out. While she had served them that night, Ricky had stayed behind as the others left and asked for privacy with her. After that it seemed to be every week he'd come in, and now it was almost daily that he was there.
she shrugged a little. “In their eyes the lockdowns have lifted therefore everything’s fine.” She muttered. “I don’t think we have a choice really.” She told him. “What time are you streaming today?” She asked him quietly, leaning back against him. Noah had been her way of rebelling when they were kids but now he was the person she felt safe with and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

He smiled and just watched her, a little dazed already, not paying attention to what she was saying at all. “You know how beautiful you are? I’m not talking about your body even though it’s perfect… I mean you. Just you.” He smiled sloppy at hee
Noah rolled his eyes and smiled a bit "Mmm at three, you wanna join? I had a lot of fun having you on last time." He said happily to her. He'd met her by chance in a record store when they were teens. While he had been smitten almost instantly, their differences in social status had made things hard, plus Carmen not wanting something serious also made it difficult.

Max blushed at him and gave a small laugh "Oh stop it, come on lets get you some coffee." She murmured before kissing his cheek again and going to the bar. She came back with a cup of black coffee "Here drink this and sober up some." She said gently "Then maybe we can go do something together."
She smiled and shook her head "I have a naruto binge with my name on it planned for this afternoon." She smiled, kissing his cheek, "But you tell me if they're not playing nice." She smiled, "And for the love of all that is holy, keep your outside shoes off the bed this time." She told him, shaking her head. She got up to throw away her coffee cup and put her plate in the dishwasher before cracking on with some household chores she'd been putting off for a while now

He shook his head and smiled again "I don't need to sober up sweetheart, I'm all good right now." He promised her "I'm good, honest... I'll be alright." He tried to reason, spending the whole evening just watching her once she had to work but towards the end of her set, disappearing out the back door to the alleyway, trying to call someone to come pick him up but he was alreadyswaying on his feet anyway and eventually he just passed out on top of some trash bags back there, his phone still in his hand, trying to press dial
Noah let out a hearty laugh and smiled at her "It was one time! I don't see what the big deal was." He teased before he went off to go do some writimg before he decided to stream. He found her in their room bundled up that evening chuckling to himself seeing how comfy she looked "I got some time at the studio coming up, you wanna come down and take a listen to the new stuff?"

Max gave a small sigh but nodded some "Alright then." She murmured before going on with her evening. As she worked she always tried to keep an eye on him but when he disappeared she began to worry. His drinking had becomr increasingly worse as of late, she didn't know why though. Her guess was his band but he never talked much about it with her. After her set was done she made her way backstage to freshen up but frowned hearing some of the girls talking about some guy passed out in the alleyway.
She nodded and stretched out a little, reaching for him. “Yknow that voice you do for me doesn’t sound like me at all…. And I don’t know where your headphones have gone but if you lose mine in the process of finding yours I won’t be happy.” She smiked, pulling him to her. She always watched his streams, always keeping an eye on the chat after a couple incidents of people being incredibly inappropriate.

The manager of the place knocked and announced himself before heading inside. “Max. Hey, sorry but I need your help. That guy who’s been coming to see you? He’s passed out out back, he’s not in a good way.” He told hee. “I just think you might be more help.” He told her, waiting til she was ready to follow him out back “Floyd found him bout twenty minutes ago when he wa taking out more trash.” He told her
Noah laughed lightly as he fell onto the bed cuddling into her "Mmm I promise I won't loose them. People liked them on the stream." He murmured before nuzzling her neck "What do you want for dinner?" He asked softly letting his hand go up her shirt and just resting it on her stomach.

Max frowned deeply and got her robe on quickly before she followed him to the alley. She sighed heavily seeing Ricky laying there "Oh Ricky..." she said softly before crouching beside him "Ricky....Ricky darling I need you to get up." She said before slapping his cheeks gently smiling when she saw him waking up "Come inside, I'll call you a ride."
She shrugged a little. “I thought I’d make some Mac and cheese.” She told him yawning some and scooted closer, “I missed most of the last episode… I don’t speak Japanese but my brain told me I do so I was just listening to it not watching it.” She smiled up at him.

He groaned a little, too out of it to do much protesting, leaning on someone to get inside while they sat him at a table and handed him some water, sipping at it slowly through a straw but still swaying even when sat down.
Noah smiled down at her and then glanced at the TV "Well then we'll have to watch it together then, after we make mac n cheese. I'm starving." He told her before lifting up his shirt and smacking his stomach playfully "It growls at me."

Max helped him inside and sighed heavily as she sat at the table with him "Is there anyone I should call for you?" She asked softly never taking her eyes off of him. She cared for Ricky, she saw him as more than just a regular customer, she hoped that maybe he thought of her the same way, but he never tried to take it outside of the club.
She smiled and shook her head. “Honestly, it’s like living with a child. I’m gonna give it a little kick by the way.” She told him, pecking his cheek and getting up to go make some food. “Oh the shelter callled. They said no again. I just wish they’d pay attention to the fact that having the cat inside is healthier for the cat. “ she grumbled.

He frowned and looked up at her, handing her the phone with it unlocked on the number he had been trying to dial. “He… hell come get me.” He slurred to her.
Noah got up to follow her and gave a small shrug "They are wild beasts that need freedom from the confines of a house." He said in an over dramatic voice while he sat at the small island in their kitchen "I'm sure its not all that bad for the cats to be outside."

Max took his phone ans gave a small nod seeing Chris' name pulled up. She'd met him a few times by now when Ricky needed a ride back. "Hey Chris, it's Max down at Babydolls...Ricky needs a ride home, we found him passed out in the alley." She explained
She smiled and rolled her eyes "When we get our cat, they're staying indoors. End of." She told him seriously, about to continue when his phone rang with their manager;s number, watching him go to the other room to answer it and sighed a little, getting on with dinner.

Chris sighed and shook his head "Alright.... How bad is it this time?" He muttered, getting sick and tired of getting phone calls like this but also incredibly worried about one of his best friends
Noah gave a small chuckle and let her have the last word. He looked at his phone as it started to ring. "Hey Mark whats going on? Everything set for the studio tomorrow?"

Max sighed heavily as she glanced at Ricky who was still swaying in his seat "He is barely sitting up right." She explained before saying goodbye and going back to sit with Ricky "Come on Rick, lets go lay in a booth." She murmures as she helped him to one of their private booths so that he didn't distract any other customers or dancers.
He nodded and frowned. “Yeah it’s all good. Sorry to bother you so late…. I thought you should know that Joel is back on his bullsjit and this things blowin up on Twitter a little. You got a bit of storm headed your way online. But you’re a grown up. You can handle that however you like you know I got your back on it.” He warned him.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be over there.” He told her. By the time he arrived Rick was laying down and they were still having g him drink water through a straw, “come on man. Thanks. I’ll get him home.” He sighed, helping him up and nodded to the girl.
Noah frowned a bit "What the hell happened?" He asked having not seen any updates from his twitter in the past few hours.

Max saw Chris as he came in and waved him over "I'm sorry I had to call....make sure you both get home safe." She said gently before helping him take Ricky to his car.
“Joel’s being a bitch again about the whole cancelling the tour thing and he’s not being very responsible. I thought you should be aware before you’re caught off guard. I’ve called the others too.” He told him. “I’ll leave you to it.”

He frowned and chucked him in the back seat. “No I appreciate it. I just wish he would get his shit together. He doesn’t come here to be a creep yknow. He’s not like that it’s….. it’s complicated right now. There’s some shit that went down…. Be safe alright?” He smiled. He knew Ricky liked her a lot, talked about her a lot too, but he wasn’t sure it was a good idea for Ricky to pursue her if this is what goi f to that place did to him
Noah gave a heavy sigh but nodded some. Once they said their goodbyes he went straight to twitter glaring at his phone as he went back to the kitchen shaking his head some "Asshole." He muttered giving a heavy sigh.

Chris got Ricky to his place not too long after they had left. He sighed heavily as he lugged him through the front door and put him on the couch "Rick, Rick wake up man." He muttered as he tapped his friend's face seeing him waking up a little and looking for sober now.
Carmen frowned, passing him a drink. “You okay?” She asked, crouching by the spice cabinet and rooting around until she found what she wanted and stood up again, going to add extra flavour to the mac n cheese.

He groaned a little and looked up at him before closing his eyes again “Shit… what do you want?” He muttered, covering his face with an arm
Noah gave a heavy sigh and nodded some "Yes, just old shit coming up again that shouldn't. I'm going to have to release some sort of statement, I don't want to, but this is all bullshit." He muttered while he typed away at his phone.

Chris frowned deeply at his friend and gave a heavy sigh "You're at home now, Rick you gotta get this under control man. I won't always be able to pick you up."
She nodded and finished up food, setting a bowl in front of him and made him put his phone down. “Come on. Finish it in the morning. Food and bed.” She smiled, taking a seat and digging in. “You going to the gym tomorrow?” She asked, watching him a little. “I just… I don’t want you burning the candle at both ends and youre always exhausted at the moment.” She sighed a little.

He grumbled and shook his head. “I’m fine.” He muttter, just about pulling himself up to go lay down in bed.
Noah sighed heavily and gave a small nod as he put his phone down. He ate with her before giving a small sigh "I was going to, but I think you're right. Maybe I should take a night off from the gym." He murmured before going to bed with her. He woke up the next morning and groaned softly as the light from outside poured into their room.

Max sighed softly as she woke up the next morning sending Ricky a text to see if he was doing okay. They had each other's number, yet he rarely ever responded to her.

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